Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 6, 2008 · Page 53
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 53

Phoenix, Arizona
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Page 53
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THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC E6 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6, 2008 1FM3 SGBKH3 ( CELEBS & TRENDS ) Nothing - " ", " : t, . - 4" '! ill : IP ; f STEPHEN 10VEKINGETTY IMAGES A subpoena could be in the works for Mary-Kate Olsen in Heath Ledger's drug death. Linkin Park's LINKIN PARK Continued from El arenas? A: Outdoors is great for a number of reasons and not so great for a number of reasons. The good things are we can get a lot of bands out We can set up two stages. We have a lot of stuff for people to do, like the batting cages ... video games. The things that are kind of a drawback are, one, people are standing outside all day, which kind of turns people off a little bit. Most of the bands are playing in daylight which limits their production. Q: You've played for some massive crowds, including Live 8 and overseas festivals. Do you ever get intimidated? A: I wouldn't say we're intimidated by them because we usually get pretty pumped up when the crowd is really big. If s like, "OK, we are here to kill. Lef s go do it." But we're still like, "Holy crap. I can't believe there are 100,000 people here." Ifs impressive when you show up to a place like China and you play a stadium for your first show. Q: Recent reviews say your onstage interaction with Mike has gotten more intense and theatrical. Could you talk about your performing relationship? DEAR ABBY Cheating stirs Dear Readers: Today's column is a continuation of the one I printed yesterday regarding cheating and ethics a topic that clearly touched a nerve with many readers. Dear Abby: I'm a retired teacher. Your response regarding high-school honor students cheating shows that you do not understand the current school system. Administration is too busy with real problems and chooses to ignore this one. In fact, I had "good" students caught using drugs at lunch and nothing was done because "these students are not causing problems in school." Larry in Texas Dear Larry: Those "honor" students may not have been openly disruptive, but they were breaking the law. If there is no accountability, then no solution to a problem is possible. Dear Abby: You're right that ethics have taken a nosedive, but where does it start? It starts in the home. I've seen moms feed their children food at the grocery store and throw the wrapper away without paying. Everyone needs to look at the be to - hide Olsen not talking in Ledger probe In a desperate bid to save herself from a future of orange jumpsuits and a stint in the Nicola Richie Suite at the maximum-security Celebrity Detention Center (which we whimsically call the Hilton Hilton), Mary-Kate Olsen may be insisting on immunity before talking to the feds about the accidental drug overdose of friend and Dark Knight star Heath Ledger. The actress' lawyers have rebuffed federal investigators' attempts to question the actress, the New York Post reports. PEOPLE SUZANNE CONDIE lAMBEUT suzanne.lambert ( Olsen was the first person called after her masseuse discovered Ledger's body in a New York apartment in January. She called her, bodyguards to the scene. They arrived just as paramedics did. The Post says investigators have talked to everyone else involved in the case, including doctors, bodyguards, housekeepers, business associates and Michelle Williams, the mother of Ledger's 2-year-old daughter, Matilda. Williams was extremely nice and cooperative, a source tells the Post. In fact, everyone questioned about the Bennington on I) L KEVIN WINTERGETTY IMAGES Singer Chester Bennington says Linkin Park members "usually get pretty pumped up when the crowd is really big." A: Ifs interesting that you say that because I've been feeling that I almost neglect Mike a little bit We're so in a pocket we don't even come across each other. The whole band is moving fluidly, we've been playing so many shows that we are kind of like a machine up there. ... On this tour we broke the production down. Ifs (simply) a backdrop and lights. Ifs all about the band. Q: You got a little political-on Minutes to Midnight with songs like No More Sorrow. Any reason for that decision at this time? A: We had stayed away from politics because we didn't feel we were educated emotions havior they model for their kids and do the right thing. Debbie in Greer, S.C. Dear Abby: When I attended college, my English teacher was in her first year of teaching. A few days after the first test I took in her class, she announced that she had proof that someone had cheated. She then discarded those tests and passed out new ones. I was glad to have a teacher who didn't look the other way. Anne in Portland, Ore. Dear Abby: I teach at a state university. If I catch students cheating, they fail my course automatically. In addition, I also have the option of attaching the reason for that failure to their transcripts, which will probably make finding a job more difficult after they leave school. - S.L. in Ohio Write Dear Abby at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069. azcerttral 'f- Miss a column? Want to read a week's worth of Dear Abby in one sitting? Go to death has been eager to help the investigation, according to the source. Only Olsen has refused to speak. Her lawyer, Michael C Miller, told the feds that Olsen wouldn't speak unless she was granted immunity. The tab says frustrated officials may use a grand-jury subpoena to compel Olsen's testimony, which is expected to shed light on where Ledger got his drugs and medi cines. But Olsen's lawyers tell People magazine that the actress has cooperated and has nothing to add to the investigation. "Despite tabloid speculation, Mary-Kate Olsen had nothing whatsoever to do with the drugs found in Heath Ledger's home or his body, and she does not know where he obtained them, Miller says in a statement Hair-raising brawl Nikki Blonsky Hairspray co-star Brittany Snow is sticking up for her pal in the wake of a dustup with feral former America's Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden at a Caribbean airport big crowds, getting political o enough to really speak about it Ifs very difficult to talk about political or social things without having an agenda, without expressing your opinions on people. Ifs kind of like the idea of freedom of religion: Ifs OK to believe what you believe, but ifs not OK to force what you believe on other people. The same rules apply to lyrics, in our opinion. We're mature enough now to understand what we're talking about and do it right ... Some people believe that No More Sorrow is a direct "point your finger at George Bush," and maybe thaf s so. (But) there's a lot of people that song could be HOROSCOPE Happy birthday for Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2008: What you can achieve comes via your excellent ability to communicate and to help others feel at ease. You might be overwhelmed by a very hectic but social pace. Many new f riends could come into your life, and if you are single, you could be surprised by what moseys down your path. In the first half of next year, the right person could appear. If you are attached, the two of you might need to separate hot issues out of the relationship money, for example. Separate accounts and responsibilities. Libra loves to swap news with you. The stars show the kind of day you'll have: 5-dynamic; 4-positive; 3-average; 2-so-so; 1-difficult. Aries (March 21-April 19) Though you might feel more gently about a person in your daily life in the next few weeks, it does not mean your drive will vanish. Tonight: In the thick of life. Taurus (April 20-May 20) You might want to rethink a decision and do something very different for a loved one. Think in terms of growth and new beginnings. Tonight: Make an effort to make another feel comfortable. Gemini (May 21-June20)YOUr creativity adds much more interest and excitement to different situations. Your actions carry a deep sense of concern and caring. Tonight: Happy at home. Cancer (June 21-July 22) Your efforts need focus. Investigate new ways to start conversations. Be smart, study and understand what is motivating you before committing to an idea. Tonight: In the whirl of living. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) If you ever questioned your security, you probably "Nikki is one of my really dear friends, and she's not a person that I would ever expect to have that controversy ... surrounding her," Snow tells People magazine. "But at the same time, you know things get misconstrued in this business. "I really hope the best for her because ... she's one of the sweetest girls I've ever met so I just hope it works out and it will because she's a good person." earlier reported that Blonsky, 19, and her father, Carl, were arrested last week after a fight at the airport in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Nikki Blonsky, who is wearing a neck brace, was charged with physical bodily harm. Her father was charged with grievous bodily harm. Meanwhile, Golden, 19, says she and her family were involved in a squabble over seats in the departure lounge. Golden's mother, Elaine, was flown to Miami to be treated for her injuries. A hitch in hitching plans Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are not, in fact, planning a Christmas wedding, the actress' rep tells the New York Daily News. about, on all sides. When you're talking about crusades and trading money for lives ... you could name a number of governments and organizations and companies that the finger could be pointed at. Q: You still have ties in Arizona with Club Tattoo (tattoo studios), friends and family. How much do you get back? A: I'm out in Phoenix all the time, but I live in Southern California. Thaf s where my band lives, where my kids (four sons) have grown up. I'm a West Coast guy, I'm never going to leave. Q: Whaf s on the horizon for another album? A: We're done touring after the summer, we're going back to China for a week and a half. Then we'll go back in the studio to work on the next Linkin Park record and I'm going to finish my solo project, called Dead By Sunrise. Hopefully, those will both be out next year. Q: What does your solo album sound like? A: I think the surprising thing is how much it doesn't sound like Linkin Park. Ifs rock and roll. Reach the reporter at larry.rodgers or 602-444-8043. won't after today. You might want to respond to someone who could fill up your voicemail if ignored. Tonight: Another is testy (to say the least). Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) What could be a great day could fall to the wayside if you do not express your anger in an appropriate manner. Tonight: Gather bills. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22 You are in the pink and can move mountains. Use your well-known charm, and you'll make headway. Tonight: Doing your thing. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You may have your share of fires to deal with. Just when you believe a situation has chilled, the next episode occurs. Tonight: Run away. Don't answer your phone. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Though you know what you want, you could be taken aback by some of the reactions of others. Be careful when pushing others. Tonight: Stay focused. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Others look to you to assume responsibility. Most likely, you will. Unpredictability and a sudden change might force you to rethink a situation. Tonight: Out late. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Stay tuned to your higher self. Avoid and do not get into tussles with an associate or someone who has very different ideas. Tonight: Put on a favorite piece of music. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) You are emotional, as you could easily demonstrate today. Someone could push far too hard for your taste, forcing you to rethink a decision. Tonight: Work with a friend. Jacqueline BigarKing Features Syndicate Go to for tomorrow's horoscope and more sun-sign information. Britain's Daily Mail had reported that Gyllenhaal was telling friends he and the actress planned to wed around his Dec. 19 birthday. AIDS fight lagging Annie Lennox says complacency threatens to slow the fight against AIDS. The singer-songwriter is participating in the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City this week as an ambassador for Oxfam, the Associated Press reports. On Sat- rj - VI I urday, she urged artists, musicians, filmmakers and women to keep the issue at the forefront "This dialogue must Annie Lennox not go off the table," she said. Lennox has launched a campaign called "Sing," which includes a song she recorded with 23 female singers to raise money to fight AIDS. She also is campaigning on behalf of South African women and children infected with HIV, the AIDS virus. Aw V . t 'ft 4 ' V ' i BRIDGE Today's deal comes from Julian Pottage's A Great Deal of Bridge Problems. In six no-trump, suppose you take the diamond ace, cash the heart king and lead a club to dummy's ace. You intend to cash the ace and queen of hearts next to test the suit and to discard a diamond on each of these. You will succeed if hearts break 3-3. If they do not, you can try your luck in clubs. If West has the heart length, you will play a club to your king and give up a club. This is a safety play against the doubleton club queen with West. You do not mind giving up an overtrick if East has Q-x-x. But if East has the heart length, you will finesse the club jack. In this case, you would be happy to lose the lead to West. This covers most of the bases, but today your luck would be out if you play this line. -West has a sure entry in clubs and has a heart to cash upon gaining the lead. Nor would it help to leave a heart winner in dummy, as you then would have to lose a diamond at the end. After taking the diamond ace and unblocking the heart king, you should continue by ducking a club. You subsequently can cross to the club ace and test the hearts. When these bring no joy, you can return to hand with a spade and play clubs from the top. Bobby Wolff, United Feature Syndicate ALBERTO E. RODRIGUEZGETTY IMAGES Soleil Moon Frye, aka Punky Brewster, is 32 today. TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS Jazz bassist Charlie Haden, 71. Actor-director Peter Bonerz, 70. Actor Dorian Harewood, 58. Actress Catherine Hicks (7th Heaven), 57. Singer Pat MacDonald (Timbuk 3), 56. Actress Stepfanie Kramer, 52. Actress Faith Prince, 51. Singer Randy DeBarge (DeBarge), 50. Actor Leland Orser (ER), 48. Country singers Peggy and Patsy Lynn, (The Lynns), 44. Actor Jeremy Ratchford (Cold Case), 43. Country singer Lisa Stewart, 40. Writer-director M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense), 38. Actress Merrin Dungey (Summerland, Alias), 37. Singer Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls), 36. Singer Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes), 27. Bassist Eric Roberts (Gym Class Heroes), 24. Associated Press Me and my friend, we're blondes, and he just hangs there and (is like), 'Yeah, the blondes 'jA ft are wiin me. So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley on her horse, Romeo, to OK! magazine NICK 5AMARTISF0X NORTH A 10 8 5 2 AQ 8 7 5 2 J A5 WEST A J 9 4 J964 9 8 6 Q 10 4 EAST Q 763 V 10 3 Q 105 4 2 9 3 SOUTH A K K AK73 K J 8 7 6 2 Vulnerable: Both Dealer South The bidding: South 1 2 3 3 NT 6 NT West Pass Pass Pass Pass North 1 2 S 4 NT East Pass Pass Pass Pass Ail pass Opening lead: Diamond nine

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