The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 11, 1967 · Page 36
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 36

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1967
Page 36
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Cancel Evelyn 8-Algona (la.) Upper Des Moin« Thunday, May tl, 1967 America - The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. NUTSI I often think our legislators sit up nights to conjure up ways and means of making laws to complicate and disrupt things as much as possible. For instance, this ambulance law which takes away the very necessary transportation to and from Uie rest homes, the hospital, and sometimes private homes - and in most cases of accident a corps of "trained" persons - sort of interns, are not needed. In my nine years of residence here at the Good Samaritan Homn I wisli I had kept an account of the many, many persons taken from hereto St. Ann for tests, x-rays and some times oxygen -- thenbrough back here after recovery and for convalescence. A rest home is composed largely of elderly, bed-ridden persons, unable to sit up and an ambulance is necessary. April 2G - It won't be long now) The powers that be said "Let there be daylight savings time", and there was daylight savings time, and Powers said "It is good." Personally I am on the side of sun time, but who am I to argue. I guess It shouldn't make much difference in my young life. It rather nice last summer when Lizzie Post and I saw "Mary Popplns" and the "Mad, Mad, Mad World" to come out of the threatre in a sort of twilight instead of darkness. We talk about this being a peculiar spring, but I can remember several of them. It does seem as though we should have nice, warm weather now. Pd like to shed sweaters and get into some summer clothes. * * * It was anything but spring like when the Lawrence and Roy Hutzells came home from Earlham. They spent some time there with relatives, then went to Wlnterset and Des Moines. At Des Moines, it was snowing heavily but they were grateful that the farther they came this way, the snow grew less and less. * * * It would have been fun to see all the girls attending the Junior -Senior Banquet in their formals. It changes them from gay youngsters to charming young ladies. I did see Diane Reefer and Cherie Baker In their gowns and they looked beautiful - hair piled high. Both gowns were lovely. I saw a picture of Betty Walker and she too looked lovely. Along with her picture, her mother Mrs. Mabel Walker had some of her granddaughter, eight week old Debra, being held by her son Mike. The mother of the infant is Mrs. Dennis Fritz, Wesley. There is a son Dennis Walker, too, which makes tilings a bit confusing at times. We had three Marys in the family designated Mary Frank (Henderson) Mary (Pat Cady) and Mary (Francis Cady). * * * Annabelle Elbert (Mrs. Melvln, Whittemore) brought color pictures of her new grandson, whose parents are Mr. and Mrs, Terry Behlmer, Hunting-ton Beach, Cal. Terry is an areo space engineer for Douglas Aircraft. There are two girls in the family, Debra, II, and Kathy, 8, so the son Scott Is extra special. He is a redhead like his father and so Is the little girl who was holding him. There was a very good picture of Terry, a fine looking young man. Well, well - we'd hardly look for this from New York, a den of Iniquityl But topless waitresses are banned in Albany and other cities will follow, I hope. + * * The latest thing is the ten inch above the knees mini skirts. Just out of curiosity I took a ruler and measured where such a garment would reach on me. Pd l)c in a bad way, really in trouble, for my leg length is far too short to qualify. From the bend of my knees to the hip bone I am just a bit over 12 inches! The tall and stately might get by, but a "shortle" "just can't be in style! Looking back on my own Junior - Senior Banquet days, I rem?mber they served strawberries with the little stems left on, then the berries dipped in pulverized sugar - first course. The year I was a senior, Ixmllion was the first course. Many mistook it for coffee, though I should have thought their noses would have told them differently - and some put cream and sugar in it. The poor ladies were left in quite a dilemma, but managed somehow to provide the extra soup needed. Leave it to church women to meet emergenciesl They have plenty of practice over the years. * * + We didn't go in for "formals" nor the entertainment afterward. Our frocks were quite simple, but pretty - ordinary length - but we did wear long silk gloves. I remember my dress was a pale green flaxon - rather sheer cotton material, but a favorite at the time. It was made princess style. My small waist line could lend itself to such a style, but alas - that 21 has extended to I won't tell what! * * + Thank God - and I mean this prayerfully, Mlndy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kuhn, has come through miraculously from her head surgery, removal of a nonmalignant tumor from the pitu- tary gland. It is a very delicate operation and the doctor showed her father the growth, the size of an almond, and taken in little shreds. It would have even- taully caused blindness, but it was taken in time and her vision will not be impaired. It is thought she will be dismissed this week, but of course will go periodically for check-ups for awliile. She is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kuhn and Mrs. Leota Halpin. * * * Pat Dobbins of Germany, who teaches arts and crafts to the army is a civilian but has served his quota for Uncle Samd and once a year goes on maneuvers with the Coast Guard of which he was a member, is in the States for a visit at San Ansel, Calif., with Ills mother, Mrs. Leo Dobbins. They came here for a visit with his mother's brother and family, Dr. and Mrs. John Kenefick and Naomi Kenefick at Ea- GREEN CHOP? BEDDING? SILAGE? STALK SHREDDING? WEED CONTROL? THIS ONE MACHINE DOES IT ALL! BRADY MULTI-CROP CHOPPER Chops and Loads or Chops and Shreds BRADY Multi-Crop Choppers Will Do More Money Making Things For Your Farm Business Than Any Other Piece of Equipment! Rugged, foolproof, a good investment in profitable farming. See them today at- BUSCHER BROS. IMPLEMENT 1015 NORTH MAIN ALCONA gle Grove. He is Irish and has a bright Idea. It is to purchase a home In Ireland and kindly "allow" all the Kenefick clan help pay for it and visit it as often as possible. I am Irish, too, and maybe if I'd spell my name Kadee I could get in on the deal. His aunt Thelma Kenefick was not able to join the group here. She teaches in St. Louis, Mo.,but I am sure the visitors will manage to see her there. + + * I was looking at some old Kodak pictures the other day and in a little box was a collection of stamp pictures. I wonder how many of these you readers will remember. Mabel Brown, her brother, Harry Brown, Cora Marlett (she had a brother Charley) and the two were being raised by their grandmother Marlett, the mother having died when the children were quite small. Mr. Marlett traveled and I don't recall ever seeing him, though I know he was home as often as possible. They lived in the house on McGregor street which the French family owned later. Cora had a doll with very long curls, but I always liked my Dorothy better with her short brown curls. The last time I saw Cora was on my 14th birthday and I was getting prettied up to go to photographer Al Peterson to have my picture taken. Lloyd Anderson and his sister Hazel, Nan Wooster (Ward), and Hazel Fellows (Keen) taken together, May Danson (Fox) Maggie Platt (Pannkuk) Earl Wallick, who was drowned one Sunday in the Des Moines river, Bertha Cowles (Quarton) Zada Branson (Davis), Mary Benjamin (mcDade) Lucille Crose (Andersen), Melvln Henderson, just a little shaver with 'his beautiful curls, Lola and Lottis Henderson (my cousins taken together), Reinhold Heise, Florence Patterson (Howard), Nina Roney (Baker), Lena Pompe, long deceased, Edna Norton (Ferguson) and some of myself of course. * * * I have made mention of Diane Jensen's change in plans of going to Fort McClellan, Ala. for two months basic training, indoctrination and then to Texas for 22 months in medical career group 91 training for social work. She is going later, but was not accepted at this time. She will report about June 1. An observant person! "The sap runs in the spring but the girl catches him anyway." * * * On the run again. " Mini skirts have some advantages. Girls can run faster in them-and when they wear them they need to be able to run faster." * * * We had French toast for breakfast this morning. Thanks to Chester Schoby I had REAL maple syrup for mine. I gather from remarks by his wife Bernice it is a hobby. I can remember my grandmother Cady telling about "sugaring off back in Ohio and how it was done. Of course, in her estimation Ohio syrup was MUCH better than the Iowa variety. Anything from Ohio was superior and she never outgrew her homesickness for her native state. Personally, when I was there, I couldn't see why she was not content here. We have just as lovely woods and Ohio and Peninsula is much like Algona - surrounded by trees, river, but there was a canal used for transportation and was a favorite spot for lads to swim, my father being one of the "fish". the Bill Koppens attended mass in St. Cecelia's Catholic church, Algona, April 30 in honor of the first holy communion of the Bob Licktelg's daughter, Kim. Others who joined them for a family dinner party at Van's Cafe were A. J. Renger, Bancroft and Mrs. Eugene Flagg and baby of Algona. They all spent the afternoon in the Bob Lickteig home, Algona. Mrs. Herman Bode, District Deputy of the C.D.A., wasaguest of the Garner court at their Mother-Daughter banquet, May 1. Herman Bode spent the evening with his son-in-law, Kenneth Prohaska, while his wife wa* at the banquet. //WJECTVT WESLEY § By Mrs. Viola Studer Mrs. Joe Meurer, town chairman, and her crusade workers report that $172.75 was realized in the recent cancer drive in Wesley. Mrs. Elmer Doughan and Mrs. Herman Bode attended a meeting of the Jolly Dozen club at the Emmett Sheets home in Britt May 2. Mrs. Tillie Matz spent the April 30 weekend with Mrs. Isabella Hildman and other relatives at Plymouth. She left Just before the tornado struck that area. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hauptly attended the funeral of his half- brother, John Hauptly, 87, at Dunkerton May 1. Frank Hauptly' s sister, Mrs. Emma Edsonof Britt, accompanied them to the funeral. Joyce Becker, daughter of Mrs. Justine Becker had minor surgery at St. Ann hospital, Algeria, May3. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Lickteigand WATCH YIEU& ORTHO NH 3 gets right to the root of a growing corn plant's nutritional needs. Injected into the soil with pressure equipment, it quickly attaches itself to soil particles, and stays in the root zone where it's readily picked up. It's a highly effective source of nitrogen-and economical too! Use it along with ORTHO Starter Special Fertilizer to achieve a planned yield goal, and watch your profits grow. SEE YOUR LOCAL ORTHO DEALER NOW! ORTHO [CHEVRON CHEMICAL COMPANY ORTHO DIVISION, Ortho Way, Fort Madison, Iowa 52627 Part of the great group of Chevron companies .TM'S: ORTHO*, CHEVRON ".CHEVRON DESIGN ". CM ALL CHEMICALS, «EAD DIRECTIONS AND CAUTIONS BECOHECSE. Untuttka !.MAK| F •, 'H INK Mil L. ROGER WUBBEN MAW. AN kWOMINGA Mil,. .n« EORGE ROBERTS UPEHINTENDENT WICHAEl. A PEARSON CLASS PRESIDENT TEPHENCOSGROVE VICE PRESIDENT JAMES MAYLANt ALAN ASA JON >N'I £ Ft Mi I. L KAREN RICKLEFS The TITONKA SAVINGS BANK Proudly presents the Titonka Class of 7967 A GOOD BANK'A GOOD TOWN'AND GOOD PEOPLE ••SAN ROBERTS

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