The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1934
Page 6
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t'AGE SIX BLYTHEVJU,E, (ARK.) COUWBH NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH Hopes Fade as Left Fails Hooks and Slides V'Biil Broacher Satisfied He Has Men lo Win If Their .Morale Is! Right. i BV GEOKCiE KIRKS£Y Vnltrd Frvis Stall C'uirrsiwnili-iil CHICAGO i UP)—Failing to finish first with a pcinvjin-winnlns team hus taught Charlie Cirinini, manager of the Chlc'.ijo Cubs, u i few things ubo'.it handling nj bunch of b'.ill ptiiyci.s. \ tirimt!) look ov<r the Cutts' fhurlly nfu-r mid-wuMm in HO. 1 iinil piloU'il ihi-in iii i\w ix-miiiHt.l l^ist yeuv, hov.vviv. ilif Cub.-' tin-; i.shrd'thlul. "I kartud move about 111:111.IK-, ing H tenin l:u>l year thun 1 ti:'l! whin we won tlv. 1 pennant." wild; Grimm. "1 hopt \o put Iniu practice two of the important !hiir. le-arneil last year during the com- ir.K reason." Grimm .snid lie \vonlil .••irivi 1 itr.> :-f.v>on to: '!i Kic-p his players h:ipjiy. mm I'-'J Keep them hiistlin;;. "A piuyc-r v.on't Klve \a:i his );<?it unless lie respects Y<KI mu thinks yc:i r.ic innnuiilng ihi- club for the bi'sl rnterosts of all con- | cernccl." said Gtiniiii. "You can't ; )ii3h hni the players, cr.ick the | whip over Ihein. or try to p!:iy tlie: iiuister-nilnd. 'Ilie players makci the manner, and uny lime the! nianagen thinte he imiki-s thcj players nnd the tenm he is hcatl- !n "t learneT^t w-^on Dint I w>.s! llls vamitol lefl hllml llBvl "B !ost M lte s:Mm "' lhc ' enrly rolin(JS n littlo tuo lenient with fomv i>fj° r the nglil.- Tommy Lougliran fell easy victim to Prlmo Camera's the players. 1 <liclii'( keep ilicin' chr.rges in the dying moments of their championship BO nt Miami. KiU'illg (iMK 'I'hc tur/ prominence huld by w 1'Miflc const, in (.he Uaya \A ] •1-ucky" Baldwin and James nwi | All Haicgln Is again In tSie mnktm. • For horse racing, dear reader.; Is on Sis wav aguli). lU'rc-j turn to the scale of ycslcryear ' ;, mm muiTonn ml Wancr, Martin, Cro- iii/i On His Hard-to-Get- Oul List. They're Poison to Pitchers of bettlnjr In CalJJoi nla, Oregon, and Washington ant by Die evidenced luterrtt in restoratto, of tht »por" by lolaWes. The BY CARL New York OUnts' fltuher • Copyright, 1934. NBA Service,' Luc.) All batters are dangerous. The only time a player nt the plate isn't likely t<i cause, (he. opposing . pltnlier trouble Is when he keeps ., | his luit on Ills shoulder—anil who .can it'll when lie's goliiK to do I 1 inil *J iiml MaJ. Svcii Chrlsu-n-. JJ;^, ,li!i«!«in icam. s hitler on I told lilm flral start under ^ClaWe colors. An OH Hard - • has been In the aim, i"b. bnt c has been hiterested in tie. oV='- allon of trairte thcmscte bil,,,,-: the head man at revnmpil ««d succewful Agua CPllente. ! i Fjrsl j, d pia .. Rpm ,.. Dav| _ s Qf Iilr PlilUlcs last, year, and now " lc c " f<illl(lls ' " S I J """ w(>i « lls hustling enough. We have leservc strength Ihis season lt> permit me !o bench nn\ plnyer, Isn't glvliu his best hmt- liiiK for all he's worth. No L-allj club oier von '•> pennant iin!?ss It was ImsiHnx all the Unie. 'J'ne Giants Inst fcnsoii are prcof thai % the hu.stliiig tall club is the be.M bull club." Criiinii Is niijilous to prove tliat Ihc' late William Vecck nuule na mistake when lie ousted Hortisby. nncl made him maimKcr in a flaring slinkc-up ciinht',- the 1932 pennani race. L'iKkr Grimm Ihu -Cnb-s catac on tn \vj"n thr [X 1 !!nan;, but there are n to:, of cill- ics niitl funs who tlml they v.'ould have '»-oii ii anyway under Hornsby. T^ist .season the Cuus Imd a potentially chnmplon- iliip team \viilcli never quite cunic up to espmniions. Dt-rlni; the winter, the . Cubs' owners nfked Oriinin !o naitio ihs players he wanted *o . Cue (cam, and then tney wen; om «nd got them. "I told njy ixtsse-s tliat T was perfectly sutisfled with the players . (hey have given me for the i!v-l season," said Grimm, "and it is now up la me to siiuw them thai I ci:n siHjcc.ssfully mniin'-f; a leneue club." Here Ls Tommy, nt left, trying to reach Cnntcni with iiis left n.s lhc yiont churned. . " <1(;W11lls of(cn , (or ™ lrfl bfl " s 1 " '^ ««"•«*''* w<1 " over .30D. " ,M, ca " ft Is the latest, to enter the Nig with Dr. Chnrles owner OS the San Francisco Sen- 1 - ieball cluu, lioach has orgnn-' Iv.ed the Los Angeles Turf Clui)..' ll ' lne but somehow " fnlr " unll)er " i °' Te ' ]cats Smilh; Knichel anJ Slolc Toil Willioiil Fall to Hour Draw. to Hayti Cagers Win Both Pemiscot County Titles CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. —Both teams of Hayti high school won first places in the ninth annual Pemiscot CounVj- Vaskelball tournament. The vicioi-y carries with it the right lo represcin Ihis section in the district tournament to be held in Cape. Gtravdraii March 7-10. Hayti boys, pluying in the finals, defeated Dccring. 44-21. The girls' learn brat Slecle girls in the seini-r»rals. then trtumiihed ' ° rer Ucc '' ins srrls '" " IC ter, lie's probauly on (he "most clauseroiis" list ot every pitcher in Saralogn, Arlington, am! Bel- !!'L^'^f 1 - "*' hns CaUSe " monl Park, In Los Angeles counly. 1 !™', ,„ V™ ^^^^l^^\^-^ «-e Und- under construction: ™. k ^'f^^^j^K any rate, Roy Welch, the Canadian. malned ilic unpopulai- kiuj wrestlers iipiioarlng heie when M J dis|MXsfd of Raliih Smith, o[ J san, Tcm\., two out of tince at the armory last night I a well filled linuse, Fred Knichel and Johi:iiy S',o\i| wrestled to ii draw in a <ii\e preliminary that for Cast. auio;| coi\sWtvftbiv c^ccUetl ihc main vr, H was tin; first Umo iwo SVI-I.M lers went tin. 1 full dlsiaiicc «: ; match without dtlicr srairini! ; full since mat .shows weve vevi'.i i lu're last summer. Hlole, credid- nilli oil eiivllcr vitlovy over Kn'.v hel, local favoviie, Wf-iglied ill atom thfi same )X>nndai;e Knlclu'l who ordinarily lins (\i\ing away consuiernblc wcixht| in his malclies here. Welch look Smith over Uie hnr-| dies for ihe first (all. polisliim liiin n!f wilh a Ixxly .stum. Siniliil returned Ihe favor 1>>; jjivinK WeleliJ a series of face lifts followed an aiiplane i-pin ana a Ixxlyl straddle for the sccmul tall. ajipeaved on ilie way lo the fall with similar taciics bul Wclcul look it on the shoulder when Sinii'nl released him from the spin suit"! jumped up to ctuch Smith oil! giiartl and smash him to ihe nr,u| fnr ihe final fall. Hasten "Kiki" Cnyler, Cubs' out fielder, above, and Virgil "Spud" Davis, Cattlx' catcher . . . classed by Carl Htibbell. Giants' slar screw ball pitcher, as the two toughest tatters In the National League. tin: novrUst, and his brother. WH- ' •• i , ,. M«m P Kyne »'""«••> w" ; ji n always doubly cautious when ' Add Longacres. nt Seattle, andl 1 ™'" " l Ule P lnlt . cr ' . Tniifonin, the latter a rattier doubtful slnrler this year, and it Paul W.aner is left hn'mled, nut would nppenr that west, coast. that old belief that n left-handed ler nnfls a southpaw haril to i tha lj!ul our games In Sportsman's Park with any great joy. But, as I have written, all batters are potentially capable ol spoiling an earned run average and I confess that both Mancuso and I spend a lot of time plotting against them, trying to find weaknesses that sometimes don't, exist. We know, by the crack of the hat, that we've, guessed wrong again, ere tor , Too As for the breeding end of It, California should have \vs trouble regaining Its lost prominence. The northwest can offer stallions services well could b» desired by the be-st. equipped breeders In the country. This yrar the grcnl Mio D'fttw.- zo, who has one of tlie most remarkable pedigrees in tiny- stud book, was Imported from Oer- mnny. This stallion, who has two lines (o St. Simon, one through the peerless broort mare, Fe.sla, and a line of Flylnc FVJX, the fame 5ine that gnve us Die Immortal Giillanl Pox, is among the test in the land. : tlonol League, although not as jiiard as Davis or Cuyler. • "Pepper" Martin of the Cards, is nother Oklahoma boy who is bad icsvs for me. With both Martin •«id Davis with tlie Cards next summer. I don't loo.k forward.:to SKXT: The (rials of Hubbfll us A new record ocean depth has been discovered off the coast 01 Puerto Rico—44,000 feet. Old Library Records Kill Washington Legend WASHINGTON. (UP) — Proof thai George Washington did not have the theory of the relation- lips oi the White House and Capitol in mind when the Federal Government erected its executive und legislative branches more than a mile apart has been established. Library of Congress records of a meeting of commissioners, and land owners at Georgetown, July 2, 1791, presided over ny Washington, revealed the sites were selected for their real estate values and not, fin the legend goes, lo maintain separate offices in fact.I The records disclosed theWhitcl Housu stands on land, once occii-[ pied by a portion of the village of I Hamburg, while the Capitol! grounds fire near the location of I Carollsbiirg ig the 18th Century.) Minutes of the meeting indicated the agreed arrangement sat-1 isfied each interested individual] as well as [he public interest. Tlie (nresi area oi the United! States is about 500 million peres, I or approximately four limes HIP] area of Prance. . Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance rhone "97 ROXY Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. Q •!/> Tuesday -Weds. Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite 6:45. 10-35c IT HAPPENS lN THE BEST OF FAMILIES! Ircd Tommy Ixiiighran, repulsed iu his first crack at Uic heavy-1 weight cvown fcy Prlmo Camera, proved himself a thorough sportsman I when he plmltled across the ring alter the fight mid congratulated the) Italian. Here lie is. nt left, slinking hands with the clunnplon. youttt fi»nt«— while father pays Ihe pip»r. A YiMrt-warmhiK drama, with Lionel Harrymore tiring I n his most lovable pottraya lo (lie screen! Town Moved 50 Miles To New Copper Camp ELKO, Nev. (UP)—Except for n few scattered buildings and grizzled prospectors, the former go!d camp of .Jarbidgc has been moved "lock, stock and barrel" to the booming copper town ot Mountain City, described as one of the richest copper fields discovered in thf United States. Most of the 150 former resi- j y.idgmwl rendered In said Court, dents moved their homes, piece by Jon tlie 29th dnv 'o( Jtmuavy, A. D.I piece, over a narrow and winding i :B34. i:. favor OS R. L. Bradley, mountain road. The task of inov- j Kc-cciver of I-'itst National Bank, 1 ing a single building required several days. The two towns are Sfl miles apart. NOTICK OF MARSHAL'S SALK j I'nUtil Slatrs of .\mrrical Iss: I'jrtein DIslrirt of Arfcicsas) Publire notice Is hereby given. '.I'M by virtue of n writ of Fieri Fncins (or execution), dated Feb. ?.. 1034. issued o\U OS the District Ccmt of the United Slates lor the basterr. District of Arkansas on a d real estate for sale at public .•endue to the highest- and best h'dder on credit oi three months p"rchaser to . furnish approved toiid for purchase price and in-' forest all the right title, interest, and equity of Mrs. C. H. Benn. at the South front door of the Mississippi-Comity court house'at Bly- thcville. Arkansas on the 24th day of March at 1:30 P. M. The pastime ot following the linunns. or fox hunting, 'involves an auuvuU expenditure of fronie $50,000,000 to $60.000.000 in' Gresil Britain. ' NSWEPS Blvtlieviile, Ark., and against Mrs. C H. Bean. I have, on this 2nd tl.iy of February. A. U. 1934, levied i.pon the tollowmg described real state, situated in the County ol Mississippi awl Slate of Arkansas, South HaU tS'i) of Southeast quarter tSE'i) section Twenty- feven 1271 Township sixteen tlCi North. Range Twelve (121 East. (Eighty acres) North Half IX 1 :) of Boutncast quarter (SE'i) of S;ction Twenty- seven '271 Township Sixteen ( 1C) North, Kan^e Twelve <12> Easl. (Eiglity acres) East Half IF. 1 :-) of the East Half tESi) - 4 nd Northwest North east Quarier tNW NE'i) Section twenty-two t22i Township .Sixteen (16> Range twelve 1121 One hundred eighty G. I,. U. S. Marshal. Eastern District of Arkansas. By L. P. WILLIAMS, Deputy. C. A. Cunningham, Plaintiff's Atty. 28-6-13 WARNING ORDER Pulilzer prize for tlie t't<< novel publistied in 1!>33 !>>• sr, American aufhor went lo T :>. STRIBL1NG, author of 'The Store." Fire damp is kriou n common!)- as COAL MINK CAS. Capital of lilaBetoU Is ST. Northeas! Quarter (NE'.i) or Seetion twenty-seven (27i; Township sixteen (IG) Range Twelve (12>. NortlwSsI Quarter (N\V.). of Section Twenty-seven 12?) Township Sixteen (16) North. Range Twelve 112) East. One l"imdre<l thirty-four acre.i. ,:.lil that 1 u-ill nerorilinBly ofTfr W. L. Brown; Eddie Brown; The 1 New England Securities Company; ! M. S. Gibson; Josephine S. Hall; Bank of Leachvllle; Marlon Wasson, as State Bank commissioner; K. A. Nelson, as Trustee for Bank of Leachville; W. W. Young; Dlcie Young; J. S. Layne: Mrs. J. S. Layne; Elvn Hodges: Opal Hodges; Elgute Uayne and Mrs. Elgule Layne arc warned "to appear In (he Chancery Court tor the Chicfcasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within three months alter the date hereof, lo answer the com- platn.1 which Jias been filed aga\nsl them by S!. Louis Union Trust Company. Witness my hand as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on Ihis ; 10th day of February. 1934. R. L. GMSES, Peld, Evrarri <fc Henderson. Attorneys tor Platntlft. 13-20-21-6 Courier 2:30, 10-25c 6:45, 10-25c THISS1 HEAVEN With the fo>« lh« world In hit handi, did court rile Favon of th> wickodoi women in PaH»? |B THI AFfAIRS Of YOITAIRE MUSICAL -SHORT With The BOSWKU. SISTEUR ,„;•. &** wilh Fay Rainier, Mae dark Tom TJrown, Una Merkel 51« r y Carlisle and Onstow Stevens Willie Hopper Cartoon "HelVs Vire" Musical Short— "Hot From Petrogi-ad" with Dave Appoiion and Orchestra. 4 Day SHIRT SALE Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Our Entire Stock of MANHATTAN - ENRO - IDE SHIRTS WHITES.... SOLID COLOKS .... FANCY PATTEKNS.... This sale, includes,all our fall shirts .... We find our stock much too large arid as .new spring shirts will"soon,arrive we must make room for them. Replenish Your Shirts at these 2 Low Prices .95 Shirts ) 3 $ A .50 $1.55 ) for .35 Shirts 3 $ for 3 $1.15 New Mead Clothing Co

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