The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 1938 Questions And Answers Explain Functions Of System ; WASHINGTON, p. C.—The following questions and answers explain how prosuective liorae buyers and Home builders may obtain Jeans under (he Federal Housing Administration's Insured Mortsngc System. Q. Who may borrow under the Insured Mortgage System? A. Any person wlio has a credit Etanding satisfactory to the Ad- ihinlEtratbr, so long as the property securing the loan meets certain neighborhood retirements ;ii)(l construction standards. O; What is the sourdc ol mortgage., funds? A. 10,000 private lending Ht'cn- clos,' such as coinmei'ciiU banks, building arid Man associations, mortgage 'companies, life 'insnrnncc companies, elc., which have been approved by the Federal Hous'inn Administration as lenders. . Q'.: What Is 'the fimcttoil of the Federal Housing -Administration? A. The -Federal Housing Administration insures arivaiiccs of Hinds made by private lending agencies and enforces certain basic requirements in regard to the iriortgmje, the properly, and the borrower. Q. What is the maximum loan • obtainable? A. $1'6,(WO. * Q. What down payment is required? A. Amounts ranging from 10 per cent, to 20 per cent of tbe appraised value depending upon th'e siv.c of.the mortgage loan. Q. What down payment would be required for a house valued nt 56.000-; : A S10;000; at '520,(K)0? A. 'SGSIO; 51,400; '54;COO. 'Q. \Vhat form must (he itowii pavTrient. 'take? A. Cash : oi- its equivalent. Q. How is the loan repaid? A. In cqunl monthly installments which, in a large number of cases, closely approximate nnio'unta formerly paid m vent. Q. How .long may : lhe borrower take to repay his loan? A. Up to 20"years for nil loan's 'except those, of $5,400 O r less, on single family, newly constructed, ;0wner-occupiod houses.: For these loans, the maximum period may be for as long as 25 years linden- certain circumstances. Q. Wliat do the monthly payments include? A. Payments include a share of the principal, interest, mortgage insurance premium, taxes, special assessments, fire, and liaia'rd insurance. . ' Q. What is the interest rite? The mortgage Insurance pi'cmltunv •A. Lending institutions may charges as much as 5 per rent, interest. The mortgage insurance premium amounts to K per ccm of the decreasing balances of the mortgage, except 'for mortgages ainauntiiig to $5,400 0 - r ] C5S on which a >,i 'per cent premium oil decreasing balances is charged. Q. To whom docs the borrower apply to obtain a loan? A. This will depend on certain conditions. The possible sources of primary Infoima'fioa arc lendin" institutions, real-estate dealers blinding supply dealers, architects' contractors or builders, subdivision clevetopcra. In some instances the borroVer 'may wish to make preliminary inquiry at the office of the Federal Housing Administration nearest his Iiome. Tiie FHA. is always willing ( o give advice ami any other assistance within Power. Q. HoV does the it. 'Mpti&fn Simplicity The r'edcral Hoii!;iiiK Adinin- islr.itiim issued a commitment in insure a $1,800 mortgage on this liousi>. TliD property, lo- csti'il in A'tlimta, Ga., was vol- ikrt at $6,000, iin'd 'monthly lir.ymen'ts o'f $52.'69 VM11 amor- ti/.c tile loan in a 'period 'of 111 years ji'n'il care for zrifeurjiiifo ••M\ interest 'jfitiy'mpn'ls^ aiul n'llib'v fixetl charge's.. The 'hoii'su is of a I'llciisirife design ami jiiovKlt-s adequate hViuj> facilities 'fur n siii'al'l "fa in ilv. cum cin S flfilGI Club Oi'ges Steps To HaVe •Streets, Vacant Lots'Cleaned 'ours etaoiu shrcllu 'cmfwyp mbm lilytheVillc is to become a cleaWci 1 •ily, if plans taken up at the mcc't- HB of the Garden club last nlflit, nalerlaiiJ!c. '| Members unanimously voted to call upon Mayor Marlon Williams, ildcririen, bujdnra men and prop- irly owners In an effort to get ilreels. alleys and viicant lois :fcarmt Immediately. Tlic 'session was climaxed by n dU'etLwion with loe Martin, who now operates ft private garbage disposal .service. It was also decided to have another Arbor Day, 'within life next two weeks, to plant other shviibs and flowers at Walker park. A spe- lal committee 'will plant several things tomorrow and will also supervise the cleaning out of tnc ditch nl the Kentucky avenue 'entrance. Reports showed that four large ruck loads of evergreens, shrubs, limits and bulbs wei'e contributed ; by Blythevlllc people 'for "the first Arbor Day held Friday, in addition io the smaller plants taken to the park by individuals. The group voted appreciation to C. H. Hall, the school band ami other friends who assisted,the members in obtaining niid planting. Anyone having oilier plants may call 088 before th'e 'next Arbor bay. The club also voted to attempt Io keep the park clenn during (he summer, provided Inner could be secured from 'the city engineering- department. H was announced that the junior Garden Club, organized in the city high school by a group'of girls, will plant a bed of verbenas on (lie t'chool campus with' the coop- crnlion of the older organization. It was also announced that 'tliu Miss t;olftn.aii Is N.liiroti dvavmvan OPfteiter Homes' home owner bcnolit from financini; his home under th'e Insured Mortgage System 1 A.- (1);. Thg 'convenient nnd nll- fnc)u&iYR..«rno'ri(hly payments; (3) I lie 'Miin'llVdfiwn payment; O) (lie longer term of tl:c uiortBiigc; HI the careful apprnlsal, inspection of construction of properties and neighborhood by field Insuring offices; and (51 the frc'eilom from hidden charges, fo're-knowlcdgc of amount of charges, payment of principal, etc.; the knowledge that the mortgage will lie handled by n'n able and substantial financial Institution, etc. Box Repair Lo'ai Dwelling Insured Bv FIFA prospective In compilini; a list of improvement'! to dwelling; units that may IIP financed under the Properly Improvement Credit. Plan of tlic Federal Hoiisiuf; Administration, no attempt lias been made by the Adriilnlstration to Include all" elig- itlt- rcpa'frs or improvements If the application to n lending Institution develops any Item about which it may be in doubt a prompt riiliii!; will be supplied from Washington. Included in ('he li?l of rlijlblc" repairs arc thp followim;: Eoilrrs. as a part of tlio system, coal stokers, door.s < including storm doors), driveways, fences, hcatinj systems, heat-control cic- MCCS nr- n part of the system. KmdarapiiiE. ||i>iiliin: fixtures if :i |:art of the system, linoletim when cemented to the floor, oil burn- Q. I have liutll a new home-, and there are n lot of tree slumps on the ground. Svhht, is llfc sbnplest mcthorl of rc'iubvi'hg thcin? A. 'if the stiimiv, nVe 'no't 'loo h'l'Bfi 1 . the-smiplest.mctlio'd is to dig ino'und llirm and cut (heiii nut with tin. ax. They crfn be pulled out with a block and tackle usim; horse cr tractor, or contractors will Do foiind W'liA have a stt'unp puller. Vfliich can remove [airly large-sized Etiuhps. V the stumps" arc very large, they may have to be dyna- inilctl. Th'is should 'not be done by an amateur but should be haiKlled by a qualified man, arid ca're should fee taken to iVro'tec't nearby stnic- liires agaiiist nj-ing pieces of the stump. Q. The' click of (lie electric switcl In the nursery wakens the baby Isn't there any light switch lira j is silent? A. Yes; a new light switch has been developed which is silent ii operation and easily installed ii the usual standard box. The actuti 'switching contacts «re two meta diKB sealed in glass with mercury. There is no spring to become broken nor arc there any blades to wear away, assuring longer life. (re. plumbini; systems, radiation; ii part of the healms? system; VoiHilaliiig systems, private walks, water heaters us si part, of 'ihc water system, water softener!; as n part of (he water system, wells nnd 'cisterns. The item.'; n'p'pe'ar.'ris In this list arc also eligible for commercial and miscellaneous properties when they bccbntc a structural pa-t of- existin<; buildings WE HAVE EVERYTHING for Kuildwfj o If You Arc ahtotwy To Btittd—Coiisiili Us fiirst Let us 1ic!]> "yon oblain A' Title One. loan (o nnance .your work. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Cart to* Dftht's, Sptfuts Gtlttei's Is Emphasized Kiiliiccl walls ahfl ceilings are Miss Cora 'Lee C61emari, h'o'mc 'demonstration agent, has a'ccep'tod .the chairmanship of the Better Homes in America Committee 'for Mississippi Comity for the 1934 campaign, which will end in 'the 'observance of National ijc't'lcr' Kpn'fes Week, April 24th to 30th. Bet'teV Homes In AmeHcrf, -as the 'name implies, is primarily interested in bringing "better homes" within the reach of all cltlnens, •ind to 'that end' is conducting ah 'cdilca'llbnal campaign in 'eoojiera- t'16n with volunteer local eo'tninit- Wes to bring kn6wlecliic of better and more economical forms or iicSiisc arc'liltcctm'e ft'nd House 'ftir- nfshirig's to 'the attention of the people in America. 'The strength of this movcmciVt lies in the 'fact that it Im's th'e'c'bpperation of a number of gbver'riinent, agencies, national find local civic organiiCT- llo'iK. (hat ft. Is working toward ii liii'Wj 1 educational end, a'ud that it is wholly non-commcrcin). The movement is trying 'io reach th'e wage-earners and low-salaried population by well-balanced demonstrations. The ca'iiipnlg'i! siresse.s not 'only the best in new housing of moderate cost, but also the remodeling of old houses, the Improvement of premises, llie "rc- fmisning of 'furniture, the development of home recreation, reading, music, health, child care,' and community benutiflcat.ion programs, as well. T-eaky, cbrrodctl. loosened flashings, gutter:;, and dowiisjxmls cause serious damage 'to buildings, and it is therefore 'most important that'these elements of a house be kept in good condition. Flashing over window or door openings and roof Intersections and arrtuud chimneys, pipe Vents, urn! oWir openings or projections should be checked ami necessary repairs anil installations made Gutters And 'doiviispouts should be cleaned of dirt anil Utter. If 'intl'lln? leaves arc Mot removed, they will rot and clog the downspouts. Uetoribr'a'tloii of metals which are subject to 'corrosion may be retarded by the 'use of sditable paint or preservatives. 'Colcr'fu'l VeUe'tian blind tape is on the iiiarke't 'that will clip to the blinds' tapes and can be taken off «iKl K'.-ishocl. This may be bought 'in : a variety of colors a)id designs to lit any dec6rative scheme. During 1928, the United States imported 56,301 parrots. :> programs rest .'with the local Better Homes .committees, for these groups are best able to plan program's which We suited to the .specific needs, 'of tlic 'community, it has been pointed out. Plans for Mississippi county will be announced within a short time. Bbotery Building Is Undergoing Repairs residential sections c'leniied once n month by the city tering ileparlment. Tlio group will meet jBeauHfication Q. What stain )s. most satisfactory for use on plaster? •A. staining of plaster is not a very common prnc'ticc, but when it is done an oil stain will most, likely give the best results, ifithc stained client is desired to imitate \vooci or wood panelling, this Yniiy be cb:ic miitc successfully by •painting. The 'pafnt. wh'i'lc still wet, is combed, dragged, or otherwise figured in imilation of natural-'wosd jrauiing. When dry, the work may be finished by wiVxfhg or 'varnishing. IVescn'cs Vnrnishing or lacquering new linoleum will help to preserve it nnd will also simplify the cleaning process. ALWAYS ON DOTY A'mere turn of your water faucet at a'ny lioiir of day or aiglil nnd this constant, obedient scvvanl \vill fulfil! your wants. It requires a gvcal deal of [banning, an ever iiicrcasiiiir irtvcslinctil and ; n highly Itained personnel to pvovidc a dependable, safe and economical water supply. We pledge ourselves (o llie continuity of such service. HVTflEfflJLE WATER CO. Coi.Hcou5, Vcisonal Attention to Ev'rry 'fustomcr t'hdne SO 113 So. Broadway Lawns Bljth'evlllc residents are cont'in- uli'iB to bca'iitify .yards of their hdmes with the plantiiij,' of evergreens and shrubs. Among those which bavc been landscaped dunni; the past week arc the George Muir hOtise nnd the residence 'of Dr. •Stevens. The Carroll Blakemcres frcel^ 010 ,? U l ? cin S r '™l'«» ; cd follow- cc llg thc Accent Site, which badlv !>">- damascd the second (lior. Work is •xt Men cs , 1 "" ctc ' d ,.'? bc completed this week, e ci s 'ateJ, QIC floors redone, a new ceiling made and the display \vln- 1 tlon-s redecorated. The rear room cf the do™ stairs is lieing ii'rran"Kl for storage,- as it was bo'lort the •fire.- ••••"- •••' The upstairs lias 'been converted 1 into one room, 25 by 140 'feet, which have also added to their planting At , , was rebuilt ami redecorated. Bbiftm's Drug Storft Is Being Redecorated 'fhc interior of Bonim's Dni- store is being redecorated in white. to replace the beige color formerly total Insert, and general repairs arc being to the drug, store and the _thc end of 1935. the .„,„.,...,„... capacity of all freight'cars owned | made ,. „.„,. .,„ by v .CTnss 1 American railways 1 upstairs of the buildin- which afitounlert Io 88.677.106 tons. owned by Ectgnr BorunT' RE;ROOF! You H be amazed atihe And Easy Payments INSULATE YOUR ATTIC WITH RED TOP MINERAL WOOL- !| s the best insulation money can buy and only 8c per sq. ft. Lot us-figure your requirements. Low Cost P. H. A. Financing. E.C.ROEINlON LUMBER CO. We Do The R^er • CUMBER -IOQ. AttfANSAS i '' Bl'!LD-fi£WODEL-REPAIR Witli A "'1'ITLK ONK" LOAN You citii be one 'of the proppvtv owners who will benefit as result ol' this easy 'credit. This money is available Tor improving your home of for new construc'tioh up 'to $2500. COMPLETE BUILDIIVG SERVICE ARKMO LUMBER CO. — PHONE --10— LET YOUR FANCY tOlRH TO- THOUGHTS OF Bnghtc-n your home with the fresh bloom of spring." 1 Borrow color schemes from Mother Nature and spread new beauty-inside, outside, all around'the house. Keep in i step with the times. At little cost you can make your f , home far more valuable and attractive! /^_ i *» «"Eft.STO£ Pl T-rseuROHS^ PR°« (hnOT . , a t ta ^^^W.n^. Wscco _ ess I o i -,- »5J6 }• \ HARDWARE CO. PHONE 32 10 Years of Sc'rvict anr] SquiVe belling BY N ATURE- PA I NTS BY P ITtS B U » GH

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