The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1949
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 1049 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.)' COURJEK NKWS PAGE ?nhB lerchanfs Hold imaller Stocks 'Very Conservative' Inventory Policies Cause Loan Drop . WASHINGTON, March 31—(ffl— Iprchants, taking a cue from their lustomers, are going light on buy- Tig. "Very conservative inventory and buying policies" were cited by government officials today as the chief lause of a drop in business loans lince Christmas. This drop has putdone anything of the sort In pre- 'ious post-war years. These loans are used hi large |>art lo finance purchases of stocks ft goods. Officials said merchants liot only have cut back buying for Inventory—lest they get caught In l< nhase of declining prices—bu |ilso l)nve been paying off old loans is fast as possible." The business loans drop, as mea- hurcd in Federal Reserve Board re Jiiorts from member banks In the •nations leading cities, has run un •broken for the last ten weeks. I parried the volume of business loan •down $670,000,000 from the Decem |ber 22 peak. This drop of more than four pe •cent in three months is clue to lac lof demand rather than to newl •tightened bank lending policies, of Ificials said. They added that report • reaching here show no sign of un • usual calling-in of loans by th [banking system. Called "Healthy" Sign ying caution by merchants \va I rated a "healthy" Ltgn. The officia I position Is that the country woul I be better off if such buslnessme I guard against building up such bi I inventories. Such heavy stocks o I goods might later have to be dump led in forced selling .something thn I has accentuated trouble in pai | "boom ond bust" cycles, Nevertheless, the conservative bui linn policies clearly were a link i 1 the chain leading to factory lai | offs. Officials said retailers in generi I put the brakes on inventory built I ing about the middle of 1048. Aft Christmas sales proved a .sharp di. appointment and when subsquei sales lagged, they began sellit stocks of goods without fully [ placing them. Government data showed retail I stock.? of goods were $295,000.000 | lower at the end of January than at the end of December. (fVcrni's Club Plans for 700 At Breakfast Plans are near completion today or the Kiwanls pancake breakfast o be Held tomorrow in the Blythe- ille Motor Company aulo show- oojn. Tom A. Little. Jr., chairman of ue breakfast committee, told Kl- :anlati!> at the luncheon In the lotel Noble yesterday, that addl- lonal tickets had been made after first 500 had been distributed, nd it was believed that be- wecn SCO and 100 would attend. ' Mr. kittle explained that pro- eeds from (he breakfast would be iscd for the underprivileged child- en's fund. The Hlytheville Klwan- ans will prepare and serve thepan- ukes. fiom 6 a. m to 11 a. m. tomorrow, and will be assisted in by (lie home economics stu- lents yt the high school. Cecil Lowe. Dick Watson, Stanley jreslcy and A. L, Sullivan arc working with Mr. LHtle on the jreaktast committee. Prior lo Mr. Little's report a play- et, entitled "Dolls on Dress Parade 1 * WE, THE WOMEN * 'Keeping Up With Joneses' Proves Unsatisfactory By Kuth Milled NEA Staff Writer was presented by 18 members of the Brownie Troop u of the Girl Scouts The musical accompaniment wiis furnished by Mrs. J. R Man- and the presentation was announced by Mrs Ltonarci Johnson Troop leader During the business session three row mfjHlxr.s ivere introduced bi Roscoe Crafton. They Included Aclolpn Hcink'ke. Blythevillc architect; Ualpli Phillips who has recently joined the staff of City Electric as an electrical engineer; and Thomas Jefferson, who was recently named manager of Blythevllle's Sterling Store. Ones.s included Poy Etchleson Johnnie While and J. p. Holland. "Keeping up with the Joneses" is a rut ruce many couples slirte into without quite knowing wlitit Ihcy iirc doing. Sometimes they don't even know liey're In the never-ending race. Ml Ihcy know Is that tliey always vtuit more than they have, and lolhing they get siilisfles Ilieni for one. But any couple can stay oul of the race if they want to, by sticking by few simple but sound rules. One. Don't choose your friends from a group tlint is financially above you. Trying to "keep up" with people in a higher Income bracket is an unnecessary strain no manied couple lias lo suffer. Two. Don't let others set your pace for you or decide what things you must have In order to be happy. A great many women make themselves miserable and keep their husbands' noses to the grindstone for years simply because they have to have whal somebody else wants. Three. Enjoy life ns it Is untl (lie things you have, Instead of thinking constantly of what you want to have and what you want to do. Pour. Build for permanence as you go along. "Tilts will do until we cnn gel somelhing better" is philosophy that doesn't make for contentment. Be Yourself, Foremost Five. Don't be afraid to be yourself, lo like what you like and to put first the things that are really Im- portant to you. Some women can't make a move without lUiding oul If all their frlcmfs approve of (lie slep they are about to take. Six. Don't envy other people because of what they have and what Ihey are able to do. Instead put youv mind to figuring out what you •an have and whiit you can do, and enjoy tlie tilings lhat are possible to you. Seven. If you aren't happy, don't kid yourself that it Is because you don't have this or don'l have Hint. Some women are always one Hem behind what It would take lo umke them happy. Eight. Rcnlt/.e lhat a man has enough competition in his lite just In making his way in the business world, Don'l make him compete socially, loo. Servants Moving HAMBURG. Germany. (API—The British military government report* that 2,345 German women have KOUC to Britain as domestic servants. 'Kicks' Ball Two Miles BLACKPOOL. Bnulnml. (AI>!- Elcvcn-yeur-oM ac-ullicy Kny kicked » football and It ciune to rest two miles nwiiy. The ball stuck on « car bumper und look a lonu rUlu before dropping oil into « sireet, The finder lunii'il it in to police. OcoHrcy retrieved It Hie next iluy. Read courier News Want Arts. BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidney. When iH«ord*r of Vtilncy function ptnnMa poisonous matter to remain tn your Uoo.1, It may ciiviie liRKKlnK bnckiu-W, iru-HinaUo pvns. lea jwljw, loiu of [vit «nd out'rjfr ti't- IhilT un nlRhU. vwi-Ulnar. i>m»ur h > uilller the tytt, ncAiiacKes unit dittliu-.ii, VV<iiucnl or ICarily i>rti»«Kt-» v-'iUi Miuirliuc jntj lnunlliu lometlnifa »liowa ihero U HIM lst for liijtii tvrmtir iyourneyflorn.- llon't w»K t Ask vour FILla, » iMiiiiilnnt ilun-'llo. uj(i-,l by millions for over 60 y^nra. Poan'n nfva J>»Ppy rctlcf «Tiil nil! help i]iu 16 nilU-B of kidney tul,t» flu»h d\il i<»>1 sum uu» wtulo from rout bloott Gel Uuatt'* TilU. iron amcc, *c**ooc o« SPECIAL-Triday and Saturday Only THE NEW PLUNQEI1 FILLER—VACUUM TYPE—ZIP—ONtY OWE PULL AND IT! PW.L. TIO» KOILU 200 par c<ml itiora ink Ihjir* any ordinary lutMttln PM •« th« ntJrtcrtl You e«« Wto 1w mOMlht on o*i» riillnol No repair bilk*. No L«v4r flM«rt No PMIMJT* barl Cv*ry »«n Utitd and QM teed to b«'ir lor lilr. Get your. NOWI Thl> e«rlllic«M teod «>ly wMk «<)v.rtt«l«g M4* ______ This offer good Friday & Saturday only! .. , 3JL Kirby Drug Stores Miiln S(— Mnln & Hroadwiiy—Main & Division ^•^•••••••••••M BOY HOW WHH-E AVAN-AM.C IMH^BHH ThU P«i WUI B« U.OO Ulfe Grts In on Act CllILTON, WIs. (UP.)—Mrf. Elva Pngel likes her husband's Jol) so well she decided to try It herself. She is running (or the Uepuohcan nomination for sheriff of Ciilnrnet County In the fall primary. Ted Paeel is serving his second term and won't be elglble for re-election. There arc more than 800 species of native North American birds. Polish Army Officers Tofr? to Be Marxists [ (^WARSAW, Poland — W) — Polish 1/my officers have been told they must be devout believers in Marxist-Leninist principles. Furthermore, they have been ordered to use all "propaganda devices" to sell that doctrine to all men under their command. Col. Leon Grosfeld, writing in the Polish army newspaper "Polska Zbrojna", said: "Our officers must come to realize that to work on the broadening of his mental horizon, to definitely shape his outlook upon life, that U> study Marxism-Leninism Is not something remote from the army and having no connection with it. "He must realize that the better he has mastered Marxism-Leninism, the more rapid will be his progress along the path of military excellence, the better will he perform his professional duties, the better will he serve his country." If Alaska becomes the 49th state in the union, it will also be the largest. COME If you have b**n dreaming About driving * srwppy looking . , . well running car . . . turn your "dream" into a reality by having your tar completely overhauled and refimshed by our EASY PAY PLAN Oor slock room is bulging wlrh GENUINE CHEVROLET NtW PARTS, so now vrt cm rapljc* old wo'n ool parts m your Chew- roler Car or Truck - give it ne-r p«p and power and longer life. Our sVilfed and faclory trained mechanic * are rcjdy wifh ihe proper Tools and equipment t» do ihe job right, S*e ut now for » check-up ai>d «ihmatr. Your cdrii*rxlh money. , . and by our *JSy payment plan you tan now gel rrvore economical performance from VOur car at low cost. Phone 578 Sullivan-Nelson CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut OFFERS SUPER VALUE Weather-Bird Shoes for Spring? Delta Cafe SPECIAL FRIDAY LUNCHEON & DINNER 60c FRIED CHANNEL CATFISH with tartar sauce American Fried Potatoes Green English Peas Hot Rolls . . . Butter . . . 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Heuer's Shoe Store Main St. Blytheville RIGHT FOR EASTER Hcinemnnn's 1ms concentrated effort In lh« budget price range lo bring you (he fincHt spring fashions at the lowest possible prices. Whether it's a perl little topper, a garden- fresh print dress, or u carefully tailored suit . . . you'll look smart, and you'll Peel smart when you see how much money you've saved. So come in lo Hcincmnnn's this week. Dresses $8.95 to $14.75 Toppers from $16.50 Spring Coats & Suits from $29.50 AI.I, SIZES FOR YOUR LITTLE GIRL Ho\v cute she'll he (his Raster in a pretty .lack Horgcnicht Dress. We have an excellent selection in chambrays, organdies, Swisses, and rayons ... all in delightful new colors and styles. And you'll like the price! Sizes 3 to Gx 7 to 14 S2.95 to $7.93 Department Store Across the Street from th« Rita Theatr* 305-307 West Main Phon* 3149

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