The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1930
Page 6
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(AKK.) CJpUUIKU NKWS Stairs On Eastern Gridirons r| Prefers • Perform-i ;--\. aiice to Tradition for AS1-. •Star'Test. '.,'. , : "•':.?•'•'• , All-Star Eastern'Team ••" tv«itlon' First Team -Left End .... .Yudlcky, -Dartmouth .' Lett^Tackle ...:.!,... Price, Armv ''"''Left'Guard ... Bromberg, Dnrtm'li Center Ticknor, Harvard ,Rlght Guard .. Wlsnlcmkl, Fw'm .Right Tackle ... New ton, Syrac ure -•Right End.:......... 'Orsl, Colgate ~Quartorback ... Baker, Pittsburgh .*.Halfback' .;.,'....... Hart, Colpatc Halfback ,:..; pressman, Riilgers '.- Fullback" ;.'..... Macaluso, Colgate Second Team Left End :.,..;.. • Mc&lngcr, Army " tftl Tackle ...... Bowstrom, Navy . lift'Ouard ....Lombnrdi, Syracuse Center ...:....; Bcrrta r, Syrac use .Right OuBrd ....... Llnclian, Ynli! : Right Tackle ....;.; Tully, Pitt , Right Enc« Rpsjnzsvelg, C. T. 'quarterback .... ,'HewKt, ColumWa Halfback — Eyth, Carnegie Tech Talfback I.-......'...,* Kirn, -Navy .Ful|back ./.... BartruE, Weit Vn. -,u-'-' ; BY WILLIAM BRATJCHF.R : - ..NBA Scrylte Sports Editor Here are twp'AI'l-Eaister'ii football : teams'wlthc-ut-either Barry AVoocI, 'who passsd Harvard to victory over : Yale, 'or ';Alble Booth, the sllppory- Slpped hlfof New Haven. '..,^If "you" think.ihey both oi'ight to 'OQ on there; pick yourself an All- •JEaste'rn team and put.them there. ;'if this be treason make the most ''of It," we have Jus:t begun lo fight '••'ifjA you can lead a''horse to wnter. :- :^1A'great number of -conches have .'tqld. me 'that Alble: Booth ami V.BarrY,W'oc4.''prb 1 >au!y will be plck- ; M on the all-star team but I ccnld ; r name a dozen halfback's in tire cast ^wh'o,are -better than- either of •v them.". These claims i have tried to iVerify. persbhally, and I guess -tlv? coaches are ris1\t. Publicity doesn't .. rriake : oiH! football player better ' ; thi|ri: another, arid one gnmc does .not/mate'a season; '":,"Shall we pick buir stars by Iradl- 'tibns or performances? •-.:'..'?Biit. where-.did you get., the Tiinies of all tfibse strariEers In the >b'a'ckfleld?'.''ls the'-question that IE ; goliig to be bsked by certain people. It -Jusl/goes Ip'shov thnt the >vorld ..Is'ii. big, place, and not n small'place, all. There are lets and lots of .. ... of ' HarvaYd, of THURSDAY BEGIRD:-;;; Jo.^ BRUSHING^g SPORTS /~^ V ^ ~~^Z . '- ~ "~^" - -<• LlNt-UP T :.TrtE CLEvELkNO.'INO'lAsNS-' '.lootiall teams. . : ' Ticknor _' _ -;Coursi,in¥'.on(js.--;He : is ono of the flhest;|p<>lt>al! . . players of the year. rjndoubMly'he will te" "the first : choice on U\e, "Al(:Araericn eleven? it- center. .' '"- .. . . -But Ticknor has .honestly carn- ;'ed., rjITi"' honor. /Probably 'there are "better, backs fiian the r.ien named above,"bul the backs T iiave chc« : eiij.slike, Ticknor, hive wm\- their Lpcdtiohj. by work both' enduring airt-brmiant. ' v>: ; : X.'". •'.-,- •'* •* >. ; ' •' ;.V Grossman of Rutgers? Is he tet- ,"«n/ Booth cr .\yoodrihe .only .iuainrer I know.ts that I think he " ' is, "and it I must hlrie a'lRM^r to fleiend myBClf, I.wlll. I alip think ,-^ddle Baker; of Pitt Is the smartest quarterbick In the east! Jock Sulh- ertirid calls htm the best-all-round : back he haia coached at Pitt In 13 'yeirs'J He'"' passes', iccolves. punts, • pl»c?-kicb] and runs and he is the •whole show en defense. He is con : Elsteht.':'- ? , - .• "y.-Hart and. Maciwkb of Colgtitc . .did more and tetter work, tnr my opinion,' than ' : Booth and . Wcod ; Hart'is tt'strong runner, a trlple- . threat performer, splendid on de' : "Knse and a "sparkplug .for the best ieain Colgate has had In years. Ha ib 'not .only, a star individually, nc- crTding to 'Andy Keir, but a nne team player as well. Likewise the deeds -nf • Macaluso stand out. I you don't telleve 'it,' see the scores •I wonder if sentiment- shouU play any' part, in these selections' Columbia rose frcm the depths; to towering heights and Hewitt was , tbe orie man without whom victory could-not Wave been attained. Klnt '• of the Navy Is the star of a team ..that has been bruised arcund, but his work for that reason seems all . the. brighter, Eyth was great In the game against Notre Dame, but no better than he has been In half a dozen other games. During the last three years his defensive work bas been consistently good, Bartrug 'cf West Virginia? Must we ra- " We Vole With George Fiom Phllndclphln c?me .atlvices that George Earnshaw .would like (o. have $30,000 to pitch : " barebnll r-ext year for Mr. Mack. : If Mr. Mack gives Earnshnw that much. ItV. n clnctv that Lefty .Grove will not be satisfied with *29,obo.. And f Mr. Mnck. gives those two fcl- ows $60,000 between them, what <!"• -you siipi>os3 Mickey Cochrnne will \\-ant for catching , both of .hem? Being tlic manager. ' of a world championship ball 'team" Is lot always n bed of rbccs, at that. Bill we; voto wllli George. The itiig scclal reg Merits', from Swai-llunore liU $50,000. worth ol ork In three clnys ; during the vorld series' Give", him- |30,000, ,fr. Mack, and next fall 'let him pitch the whole world series. » • - « : New Faces In Pliilly : . . .. During at least part of next sea- ion', 'new face; will : appear in.Uie Athletics lineup. Thrrie reserves seem to Slave established themselves. Thy are .Frank-Hlgglns, hor(st"p. Higgins will have - a third baseman, and Dlb Williams, chance to play 1C either Dykes : or. Forx Is hurt, i\s Dykes would be shifted lo first base in of an Injury to Fosx. Though Joe Brfey still has. a lot of great baseball -left in his system,' he cnnnot go on "forever, and William!.' has shown s?me pretty nice stiiff at Short. • • « Tale of a <5as Tank In the outfield, besides Simmons, Haas, Miller and Suriima, the team has Jini Moorj, Rober Cramer and Bob Johnson. Bob Is a brother of Roy Johnson of the Tigers, and comes to the Athletics with Catcher Palmisano from Portland. • There Is a story that Palmlsano got into the big leagues because mode his annual visit to the coast"; He wai> riding around in San -Francisco wllli a friend wlien the gas supply ran low, They m'adQ a gas stallon and the friend introduced Shibe ns one of he owners;of the Athletics. A young man In.greasy overalls, standing nearby, picked up, Hie wcrds and approached Mr, Shlbe. . " . " Ito introduced himself as ; a -former Georgia Tech quarterback who wanted to 'gel .a job in .organized baaetall as a catcher. Shibc was Impressed by, the young man's eagr crr.;3S, took his name and asked Tom Turner, president ct the Portland club,, to give the former quarterback a tryout. Palmlsano made good with Portland, and now is to have his chance with ijie A's.' ' Mnck is, for the most rJart, standing pat with the team that won the wcrld championship this year. But he is working new faces into the background, and when ttie old guard falters, there .will be arhbl- tlous youth to takers place. •' . Razorbacks After uccessive Basketball tjtle , PAYETTEViLLE, Ark. , * : Dec . '41~The • University of Arkansas bas- keteers will go gunning successive Southwest Confercnce'tl- lle'thls year, minus their sharp- shooting aces : and double-barelled atta'ck; We»r Scriooiiover ah'di"'fioy Prewitt. .>' : . -.- •" .-.- •-.. •'-. : Wlth the .loss.-of • these two six- footers, the Razorbacks find; themselves In the same situation as -the hunter who seeks game on- the Texas .-plains -.with only a big ; . stick In his narids. ;Arkansas-cah well, take care of Itself with an extra -.supplr if guatds, .but' the 'big tack i on 3pach Oh.irle? Ba^sett's 'shoulders Southern California D e- pends On Baker's Toe for Extra Points. By CLAIBE BDRCKY NEA Strvfce Spgrl* Writer This Is the time of year wh;n fans begin that game of guessing the name of the yciing man from Southern California who will be "put"-on the spot" In the annual football game with Notre Dame. In other words,' those of you who are Interested may tegln wondering who the Trojans will nominate'to miss the tying or winning point after touchdown, if any. Slncp, 1928, Howard Jones, the "head man" at .the Los, Angeles school,'has seen his team defeated In five, Important ' gaijies. because there one handy who could kick a '• football between a couple of goal posts at. the .right time. Stanford and Notre Dame won from the Trojans In 1928 by 13 to 12 scores; Notre Dame d}d It 7 to G n 1921 and 13 lo 12 again In 1929- Washington State College" turned back the Thundering Herd 7 to 0 only a few weeks ago.-And-all this is causing Howard Jones to become gray about the temples. " " ; * • '. » • If 'it actually comes down to the joint where.a kick' or'two,will de- Ide the Issue this semester, young Johnny Baker, 'stocky running suard, Is.going to be the Trojan hero or goat.,He's:the best in the dropklcklng business on "Jones' squad, and-has been doing all of he booting' : on klckoffs and touchdown conversions. Baker Is a good' dropklcker—no Jrlckley, nor Glpp, nor Frosty Peers, .though! by a long way-^and ms a fair average for this season. After •missing his first three - at- empts','he registered six boote for wlnts after touchdown In Southern California's 74 -0 slaughter of California. That, kind of kicking, however, prooabiy won't do the Tro- ians a .world ;of good In ihe Notre Darrie-game,- for Baker may not be given'the.'warm-up'kicks he took against the Golden Bears. "'•.'-'" **.'.• Notre Dame's -topheavy victory Orchid Collection • .''- j'; Valued sit Million NEW ORLEANS ..(UP)—Orchids^ the world's rarest' and "costliest flower',". 1 are produced! ori'ayqu'an; tlty ar)d/quality'basis by E. A';-'I*ar-. ley, of GtenUUy.i'; .' . . • .'; ' : -; HIs collection • of orchids '»re valued at more.- 'than $l,oiX) r 6oOi' A blueprint'•'-location : syst«m enables flnd his many varieties, from- .Burma, 'Sl»m and?.closer tropical and Latin countries.-' • . g-to-flnd<aip*lr pi goal shooleriu .Early season. -workouts. -reveal e»- ietly..nothlnjr.'Ba»sett'-has celebrt- ies,-ne has 1 niediocreitnatcrlal, nnd has ;potenUal'.. : pQwtr. But how wll^rtUX iheja ,'lria-- cardinal machine'- thls,T»eaw».fthat nobody knows, but jJjer.s(ltnt:'Pllot On e ' RITZ THEATER Thursday and Friday. Purely A Laughing , Matter! / John Shlbo's car ran out of gas in San Francisco. Last fall. Shtb;, vice president of the Athletics, There may be a few quarrels over the line selections, lop, hut other• wise I think the team ought to be received peacefully. 1 haven't added iip all the bruUea and fractures Inflicted by each of those linemen. In several of the selections I have • been guided alone by coaches' advice.. • And If the coaches of threa '•*choc4s other than Dsrtmoulh tell me the best fnot to mention the . most victous) end they have s?en Is "Yudicky of Dartmouth, what U; a .'man to do? Droofkt Reveals Coal ;. V«B in River Bed •/; ;CHARLEROI, Pa .(CP)—The" drooght, causa of suffering and .;.Jjarifahip here and In other cases, •3A».be«n a boom in at least one bisttnc* . .' -. ."Vlthu solved the problem of fuel - far. •erer«l; {amllies living iisar ;T*-llUe Creek, In this district, .• : B«ea)>M the creek dried up resident* .are. mining Uie Wai-nesb'urT ;,retn'."p{-'«oial where -it crops out Wong the.l^ed of the stream, using : .pick and ihoveL , t ^ ^v;j-::'^:; :-•' .-'. 1. .t HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Vaudeville! la Rainey' Colored Blues Singer In Person Having made 42 Blues Records for the Paramount Record company. Hear Hor Sing the Latest Songs! With All Talking Picture 'Pardon My Gun' with Salty Starr, George Duryea and all star cast. Also Lightning Express No. 9 and Comedy. Admission Matinee— 10-25c. Admission Night — 10-30c. . '• thlxji^ Is eertaln : Bass et must build his squad around Captain Jim Plckren,: forward; Kenny Holt, center; Milan Crelghton, guard; and Charles Trapp, forward. That's.what he-has left-from last year's:great quintet that boasted of the all-American Schoonover, the -all-conference Prewitt, the rangy Henderson, Hale, Oliver anc Backus. • : - .- ' '. . . •: " Bassett's,four -regulars are six- footera. He-has more of the rangy material graduated from his reserve ranks in.Joe Wepfer, Glen Innls, Earl -Darr and Joe Chambers. The first- two are forward candidates and the last pair ' guards. "-' : , It's good for you ! Love and .laughs on a health farm with the racketeers of roars. Even - the . honies arc funny, and SAPS WORK With Leon Errol, Rlchafd ;Arlcn, Mary 'Brian Comedy .and News. Matinee— 10 and 30c. Night— 10 and 36c. Coming—Sunday & Jtonday — Home Theatrs — Robert Armstrong and Barbara Kent in "DUMBEI.LS IN ERMINE". Coming—Saturday — "THE PASSION FLOWER" with Kay.:Johnson and Charles Bickford. Coming Sunday & Monday— "MADAM SATAN". ^A graceful, gleaming pefcplator—»n aris- .toairic ucn and coffee service to keep cdmpany with her finest silver—a convenient toisttt—or a distinctive waffle iron. Any one of these Wesunghouse Electrical Appliances will thrill her with hippiness pa Christmas morning. And any one of ;-"' - them will prove u durable «s it is attractive . -, f . will serve her ' with chum and faithfulness for years and come. Westinghouse (bleclrical Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Semce" ' R.fT. '/ ... EM &&ifeKfev <H3fef*te:: BUT M&oe 'Te^w , LITTLE LEFT HAifo. wto OAIMS TO BE A CHEER. ... M (1ASKEIL ver Pennsylvania and Southern California's runaway win.over Cal- fcrnia would Indicate.that the De- ember 6 contest at Los Angeles, be-, ween the Herd and. the Irish ,will 3C another battle ?f offensives. . Washington State's : victory over he Trojans .hus-npt. taken -away ny of their class; it has served to make them stronger. Coast fans! are ailing the Jones creation one ofi he greatest machines they ever coked at. They believe that Moher, Duffield, Plnckert, Apsit, Muick, Shaver, Klrkwood, Tipton and Maloney will run stride "for stride with Notre Dame's Schwartz, Brill, iTulIins, Carlcfeo, Koken. Kaplan, O'Brien and O'Connor. •A small Berlin theater has been given "reversible 'seats-so. that, their occupants can face a moving-pic- ture;, screen ai one end of--the building,-or. a lecture platform at tin' other. . ! Dr.PauJF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 The DOLLS Want You Tp Visit Them in TOYLAND It's just like a party every day in Toyland ... with the lovely dolls for hostesses. Dimpled baby dolls .and elegantly dressed young lady dolls invite you to come in to see them. They want to help you decide what kind of a dol! you want for Christmas. Bring' mother ... she will be delighted wi.h our thrifty prices. I C. PENNEY CO., INC 220-222 \V. Main Street Blytheville, 'Ark.

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