The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 9, 1967 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 1967
Page 7
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6-Algona (lo.) Upper Dei Moino Tuesday, May 9, 1967 Payers. - o WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round WASHINGTON - The Senate Ethics Committee, In its painful duty of disciplining a fellow mem- lie r of the club, Is now straining at a gnat while swallowing the camel. It Is minimizing the most Important, though most complicated transgression of Sen. Thomas J. Dodd - namely, using his position as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to influence American foreign policy in return for profit. Under the Constitution, foreign policy is conducted by the President with the "advice and consent" of the Senate. And the Senate has been extremely zealous, even irate, when the President has not advised, consulted, or even kowtowed to it. Yet the senior Senator from Connecticut prostituted his high position as a member of the elite Foreign Relations Committee by serving as an errand boy for a paid German agent. Furthermore, he worked for one of the most notorious foreign agents in the United States, Gen. Julius Klein, the well-known Chicago publicity man and influence peddler, who was bent on steering U.S. policy, not in the channel where the President wanted it but where Klein wanted It. This was far more Important than Dodo?s double-billing for airplane travel, his money spent on liquor, family vacations, repairing his country home, a daughter's wedding, and his manipulation of testimonial dinners. - o - -PEACE OR WAR?- The above are all deplorable. However, they are easy for the public to understand. But even $170,000 euchered out campaign funds which the public can understand is peanuts compared witli the question of peace or war. It's also peanuts compared with the amount of money poured into the United States every year by West German industrialists through Gen. Julius Klein to mold American foreign policy. Klein was paid $150,000 a year compared with Dodd's profit of $170,000 over four years. Klein saw to it that in every major election the money rolled in to support Senators who could do later what West Germany wanted. Both the German industrialists and the German government watched the American election returns more carefully than they watched the summer maneuvers of the Red Army. In 1960, they bet heavily on Nixon by contributing to Republican candidates. Then, during the last three weeks, they began hedging their bets. Figuring Kennedy was going to win, they began tunneling money to support him. Much of this money was handled by the fast-talking Gen. Julius Klein. Klein is a Republican, but he had also endeared himself to various Democrats through the simple technique of persistency- and cash. He used to get on the telephone, and in his usual semi- mysterious manner, ask: "Is it all right for me to talk over the telephone f Then he would pro- DREW PEARSON ceed to tick off his contributions. "I put $500 on Senator so and so. I put $500 behind Senator Blank. You can have more whenever you need it." But what he did not say was that he was recording their conversation three ways — two on tape, one on a disc. He wanted an airtight record of his contributions to be used on payoff day. - o - -WATCHING THEIR STEP- Taxpayers will be glad to know that Adam Clayton Powell's absence from Congress is being reflected in a sudden drop of spending for travel and staff personnel by the House Committee on Education and Labor, which Adam formerly headed. The committee's new chairman, Rep. Carl Perkins, D-Ky., is systematically cutting down on all expenses and for the first time has introduced a bookkeeping system to account for every penny of public money that comes in and goes out. "I want you to feel free to examine the books at all times," Perkins told this column. "They will always be open from now on. We welcome scrutiny by the press." He has told committee colleagues much the same things: "We are going to operate in a goldfish bowl, so far as the public is concerned. For one thing, as long as I am chairman there is to be no unauthorized or unjustified travel. Pm going to clear all trips, even short ones, and the money spent on them." Under Powell, the committee staff was the largest and most changeable in Congress. An estimated 200 aides worked for him in various capacities last year. They were on and off the payroll. Perkins already has dropped 18 so-called "permanent" staff employees hired by Powell, at an estimated saving of $256,000 to the tax- - SOLVING RIVER POLLUTION- Public health and pollution experts have applied a new machine to an old-fashioned system of getting rid of sewage and refuse instead of dumping it into our rivers and streams. The solution is composting, essentially the same principle used by French farmers, who for years have accumulated manure in piles to let it steam and decompose. In Johnson City, Term., John S. Wiley, public health service engineer, reports that he is doing the same thing with the city's raw sewage, mixed with garbage and other solid wastes. He is using a new machine^ developed by Herbert Cobey of the Cobey Farm Wagon Company in Ohio, namely a composter which can turn out compost at the rate of 2,000 tons per hour and produce finished compost at a cost of one cent per ton. The Johnson City experiment has been successful with not only garbage and sewage but old wastepaper. The final compost can be used to enrich farmland, instead of killing fish in rivers. Secret of the process, according to engineer Wiley, is the high temperature generated by nature in rotting manure, plus mixing the refuse by machine. - o- EXIT WAYNE HAYS - Rep. Wayne Hays, the unabashed Democrat from Ohio who chaired the committee which disciplined Adam Clayton Powell, is about to bow out of Congress. Wayne has told friends he is tired of the red tape, tired of the lack of public appreciation, and tired of the general sentiment that all Congressmen are crooks. He is also tired of getting criticized for the trips he took back to his Ohio district at the expense of his subcommittee. Hays has been in Congress 18 years and has become one of the leaders of the Establishment, though frequently a rebel. He has been loud in his criticism of the foreign aid program, even though as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and a Democrat he is supposed to uphold it. Meanwhile, he owns a farm in southern Ohio, has made a hobby of raising Tennessee walking horses, is proud of the fact that Ms daughter has won several prizes exhibiting Tennessee walkers, and wants to retire to his farm and a law practice. 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