The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE.TSVO.' ., , ... , Twice As , { >Much As Rest Of Europe f MOSCOW, June 29. (UP)-(Flom 1926 to 1939, the population »f Soviet Russia kici,ea$ed 15.9 per cent, a rate almost twice as high as the rest ot Europe, according to \ • figures'froj» the latest census. \ /The population tf the U. S S. R. on Jan IV, 1839, uas (70,467183, compared to 141,027,915 registered , on pec. 17, 1926 That Is n growth ,of l23Jper cenl each year. During that period the death rate decreased mere than 40 per cent hi , pomparta'n Viith pre-revolutlpnary • Industrialization of Hie country , resulted in a growth of urban population. In 1925 a total qf 20314,114 persons (I\ed In towns, \\lula }n J?39 their number grew (o 55,'- [ 809,906 Thus |n the course- of 12 .\cars the urban population Increased by 11,2 per cent The percentage pf urban population, which amounted to J79 In 1926, reached 338 In 1839 The Scilel Union counts nw 174 cities with population of nioro than dftCQO each, of which 82 have population cf more Uian 100.000, find 11 cities have a population of rnoje ihan 500,000 '' Moscow Parses 4 Million The population cf Moscow hns mere than doubled—from 2,029.425 >• in 1926 io 4,137,018 In J939. In blrtli rate Moscow ranks firs I among large cities of ihe world There were 117,200 children b rn , In Moscow in 1938 The "population tf Leningrad increased from 1,090065 to 3,191.304. The census registered new town which "did not exist. In 1920. including Karaganda, popu! illon 165,937; Magnitogorsk, 115870 Stallnogcrsk, 76,207, and Koinio molsk, 70,748 The population of such towns as Stallnsk, Miinn insj Prokopyevsk, Dzerzhlnsk, St-ihna bad grew 10-fcld and more. The natural jncrensc of the p p illation in th^e country In IS jears constituted 'some 18,100000 per sons "while, due to the lianslorma- tion of villages Into towns, 24 100 COO persons became city a«llers Consequently the rural pjpuhtlon of the' Soviet Union decreased from 120,713,801 In 1826 t» 114 557278'ln 1939, cr by 51 per cent No Unemployment Shown During the census of 1926 -there «ere 1,667,607 unemployed rc*is ->- tcred hi the tt S S R. Uncmploj- ment ceased to e\fst ns fnr back as m the period cf the first Five Year Plan Th« rural population has undergone a radical change during the pa^t. 13 jears While only I 7 per rent of peasant homesteads \\crc hi coljectHe farms lii 1920 this percentage reached 935 In 1938. Figures on farm production show that In 1020, 120,713601 peasants grew agricultural produ-e laluedal 14800,000,000 rubles while JD 1938 produce i allied at 165QO 000,000 ruMeswassupplled by ill bsi^78 peasants Republics Shove Grcwdi The census also shows the growth of the autonomous republics The population of the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic rose 46 per cenl, that of Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, 45 per cent- the Tadjik Republic, 44 per cent- Azerbaijan Hepublic, 39 per cent,- Uibek Republic, 38 per cent- Georgian Republic, 32 per cent and Turkmen Republic, 26 par cent, etc. A. considerable increase in population was registered in the Urals Siberia and in the Par East The population of the Sv'erdl^sk nnd No\osibirsk regions Increased 53 per cent, that of Ihe IrkuUA region by 49 per cent, the Chllla region by 73 per cent, the Burjat- Mongolian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Repubhc by 39 per cenl Ihc Khabarovsk Icrrltcry by 136 per cenl and the Maritime territory bv 42 per cent. More than 3000003 people fiom other parts of the country settled in ha eastern parts xf the Soviet during (he past 12 sears Packet Service Planned On Upper Mississippi ST. LOOTS (UP)-Revival of passenger service ;n the Upper Mis- St. Paul, Minneapolis _ ls"being considered by the Eagle Park"! company here, owner ol the steamer O:lden Eagle Officers cf the firm belike that completion of a 9-foot channi 1 ™.L?£ r *? a<BUie Prallw! SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON A Man With a Great Opporlupiiy halted In )915, depends only on demand. The Golden Eajle n QW makes regular trips o, the Missls- sippi, Ohio and Tennessee rhcts College Graduate Proves r Study Pays Dividends BY.'WIUJIAM K. GILROV,' I). I). Kflllor of Advance We liBve seen lioiv, despite the splendor of Salomon's reign nnri Ihc glory of his building projects (f*pcclaUy Ihe Temple), Ihc jicpple felt Ihe burden cl riinlutaining all this liiojj'ijflcencc. Here and there were Indications of revolt, tlml never broke cut effectively, however; until under Rchpbiam, Solomon's son. Mucli of Hits dUconlcnt seems tc have found its center in Jcr\t>cmm 'the son of Nctal, ft servant i;f Soi- on'ion, who turned ngainst his nias- ler. Jeroboam is called "a iniglny man of valcr." It Is recorded that he was industrious and evidently aiiibltlcns. Solomon apparently trusted him nnd gave him large responsibility. From nhiil occurred later on, It would seem that Jcrrbonm'was not moved entirely with (he motive o: rlglitlnp the wrong's of the people, but that he had fin ambitious anc ulterior motive In dying to lead a revolt, against Solomon. j When the pr:|)hcl Ahljali found Jeroboam in o Held and tore a new garment, hilo 12 pieces, giving 10 pieces to him, he prophesied Ural Jeroboam would rule ever 10 of the -12 tribes cf Israel. The prophecy so nttcd in with Jeroboam's schemes of'nmbltlon thul he became active In his oppcslllon to Solqm:n, wllli the result Hint, he had to lake refuse in Eiypt. )pr .Solom:n soiishl to kill him. Here In £}: M )l Jeroboam bided his time, but wp shall see hlni In.n later Ipssoii returning (.3 Palestine THURSDAY, JULY : 6, 1939 when Rchobpam became !tiii ? and tdkitig nn active part m the CN- preeskns ol dlAcontent {hal Jed to flcllvo icbelllon a;id the overthrow of ReliPboam; wltir'thc 'division of Isrnel Into pje •Noflhcrii and /Soulii- prji Klngdcms.' ' ' .'"' ' . * . f • ' llere'was'a man «lth great opportunity, a cb;iii;ioner ivltlj kindly power and 4'realness |n l!/s grasp, WJiose Arsenal ambitions coincided wllh great need In the klnecloin for a leader to five 'Die jKople jtistta: and citablisli ' n common (velfsrc. Jerouonhi . mlghi have become even n greater man than Solomon, but Jeroboam loved pimcr loo much and justice too little, ami we shall sec how he- railed In the day cf his opportunity. These lessons cmphnslw; the hit- man elements tnnt In fi :me forin jr olhcr have been present In nil history, and. that arc not absent even from nu. Amei-icaii democracy where we have ho kings. Here In our own history wp have seen men •who luwc sei-vet) their moslcrs with treachery In lliclr hcnrls, nnd who have professed to" become' leaders of popular causes .where n chief c;n- CBi-ii has been for ilieir own ng- pratidliEcmciu pnd'nower. llcrc.iilso lhmimcrnbl« men )n the junks liayc lind great c|JJ):»'- tunity for ^'reiithess, bv'it it Is the exceptional '.ones who have' risen iibo^c Iheh lo\c o[ pouei ->nd thcii schemes of peisoml ambltl u to hud Ihe real greatness in Idcnttfl- citllon £f theik aspirutious-\vllli the common cause and With Ihc tiiic 'cnice of the people Another Miss ill Wngn-r "2 ^eai olJ ^,o, i->t!i'- arollui bill (o* nd i c--die mnrl "d gicen 131 jr.a away in his cfTort to maka Iv/o co in one \ ilhm 2> houis it tlmgile Coif Club Cl ii\ 1)1 \Vacner wliol-ct£32) in 1 a new EU'O s"Oi^J In l ace .on Ui3 SOiilh shol. lcJ lo cpnnccl foi tli^ t0 .d COURTS prize ribl)0|i nl ths Ncrlhwcst y-alr unj H:rsc Show. Cleaner Used As Dandelion Eradicalpr Fr?ATi:t,EBORO, VI, (UP) _ Agent p. M. Webber of Uie Central Vermont Railway hns loiiiul a means i:f ritiding the station lawn of unwelcome dandelions. ills rfnmlelion cradlcator is nothing mere than » vacuum cleaner "Sg«l (if) willi an extra long cord WHli tliis device lie collKU (he flully Ecctls which m another year "•:«ld have sprung to lite in re- ncacd yellow lilossoms. Tlic' 'seeds then are dumped Ircin the vacwtm cleaner baj ond burjied. Cases of distill ibng the pjacc and public drunjtermess hme fea lined sessions cf municipal couil (Ms nock Ten neie fined on diunk cnncss chmgeb On en McKaj \\ns-fmel ten do] lars on a chargo of dlsUnbliig tlje IKICC bj fighting ind appeal granted with bpml set at, $Vi D Crlnei UPS also fined $10 n a similar charge. Maud} Jones nctro woman nas nnecl ten dollars on a similar elm 30 but ri'&c I no appeal A plea of guilty was given In the case of Etelvna Burns negro woman, wlp was fined ten dollar's on n similar charge. Sam Robinson -'WHS fined'(ch dollars en such a charge Blanche Bolierls forfeited n bond of $7^3 after Immg hten arrested on n simllai chaige Heruit n Pli|lliris was, Tihetl five dollars' on a slinliar chnrBe. 1 tnscs or Andrew Dwnnon 1 red l?oiil), S p Marslnll nnd Waij Hallldii chaiged \\lth slmlhr of fcnses, were cctilimied. Eddie Housclibldcr «-ns lined $100 on (i charge of drhlng «hile driin^ after he had ligurcd In a minor linfTlc aDculent An appeal was granted.'and b:nd set »t $300. Lou Holstoin, of I/!achvlltc, was 515 nnd sentenced to 30 days In j^ill on a chijrge c'J breach of jwacc ulilcli' grew "out .of a JamUy inguinent, oplccrs said. The jail sentence WHS svispen'ded pending go:d bcliavlor. , Sam TacUclt, of \Vnlnut Ridge, vvus fined ten dollars-on a charge of vlclatln^ the overdraft law after he Is alleged to Imve given a local taxi driver n bad check. Iiirtiistrlons Scnilor Vaniltnljerfi—seldom abwnJ frnm. Sen Cocktail ''Halr-Ratsing" BOSTON tUPJ—,\ new kind of cocktail, both antiseptic and liair- raislng, was revealed-with the arraignment of Iwo men before a U. S. commissioner on charges of possessing tax-unpaid liquor. Rc- porlcclly -sold at 15 cents n bottle, the cocKlall \vns comiioscd of hair tonic, bay rum and water, invesli- ' Rend Courier News wnnl aiis. BY HKUCE CATTON i Ihicc months ago Senafm Ai thin H Vanricnbcig of If lchl° in nas hartllj so much as mentioned ns i presidential possibility lo dnj he Is OIIL of the top conten 1-' eib for the Hepublican nonuna lion ' Till" I piitly bcciuse lie is po llticallj istn'c >nd jartlv btcmse lie Ins in idc ar> \ccllent rctoi 1 in his job." Fen senators QIC 111010 indu trloiis ffc seldom misses a Seno'e sCoSion 01 n committee hcnrtn;, Usunllj slis \\itli crossed Hg one ••rm 01 er llic Ijick of his chad jhemiiif fiitn—(jijl ]uymj clo^a attention alwajs He is good m :ht loiign ind tumble intercnan(,e of Senate clcb,tte His colleagues Ijl r hnii Vnndinbcrg « s Hie fust nm t :o ciltl"l2c the Inioe r oh Ing fcmd iiluch the SOCIH! --eriirlly net noiiW Unslness politically' to criticizs it, at the time now Congicss agieea with him: nnd j s ciittthg 'tile fund down. Vandcnbcrg led the flghl (!ii(t bcui Ihe Florida ship-canal project. He Is one of thr; nibsl en- erjctlo 'ci:r-noray ndvoca'lcs in. the Senate. . • . .-.,.A former Michigan newspaper publisher, he has been in tin! Senate since IW. He is 55 an.l has Ixwi acttvo m Dcpublicaii pnl- ilies since his youth! .'••''• He pnllctl tin- political coup of the year by aiinouriclng Hint the next president ought to pledge hlmscii to one term, since lie will have to do nijiny unpopiir lor things which a iiinn seeking .re-election wmild be loath to dp. I That atinoiinccmcnl, plus a dawning realization that . his Senate record is first-rate, has focusc'd new .ntteiillon on him as a pqssir We nominee. ' 1 HIS AHSKTS: political shrewd-' ness, along with considerable native nblllly; ecqgrnplilcal avallabll- ! Ity; Ihe prpbnblllly that economy i will );c a popular Issue hi 1D-10; a consistent, record In public office. HIS LIABILITIES: A speaki;)!- voice which doesn't "rnclio" well; the fact thai. he 1ms coinniitlud himself on maiiy roll-calls; his clkl; conservatism ('which, of course, will be : an asset if the swing to the right" continues). HIS CHANCES: As of' today, L'.\ ccllent. ' '-" • . : Rooster, Adopts Chicks When Mother Hen Dies CitASTOSBURY,' Conn. (UP) — It's iiot cften a rooster takes his domestic responsibilities seriously, but Mre. Lucy" Bug'tel has one with i real mothering instinat. r ^yfieii one of her liens died, loay- Jn_3.n dozen oriihaned chicks, the 1 ro'r.stcr Insisted' upon taking care of ; 'Die brood, licvering; over them «title llicy fed and slept and in- dlgiinnlly chasing an ay Intruders. rireniiin Starts Stove Hie IJEVVTON, Mass. (UP)—Mrs.- Etl- WHiyl W. Breau turned the tables on the local fire department. '-I can't-start a fire la my stove," she 'telephoned Tire headquarters. Fire- ni'aii'.WIllard White was dispatched to her home, and soon hod a cheery ;iita2c. crackling in the kitchen range. ' '..' fir-nit C'lunnr News wnm ans V BUI1.DING PERMIT - rNctice is hereby given that application has been made tor a permit to erect a one story 3ta40 .wood'"building on Lois one and two .<f Block 32 of the Blythe 4ddlt)on to the City of Blytncville, Arkansas for use as u cafe, by W. U Folkcs, at 803 South Franklin. Permit for the erection of said building will he issuedl thirty clays from dole hcrerf. unless protest is filed as provided by law. : Dated this July 6, 1939. JOK CARNEY. 6-13-20-27 City Engineer, Rrad Courier Nca-s want ads PAY THIS FftLU KS i;s ts ,'"s ; & FENDER WORK, AND PAINTING. CliARKSDALE/'Miss (UP) _ When George M Harris, Wmona, J^f',*^ ^dilated'fr«m college he t:ld his father: " "Don't gl\r ma a $1,000 automo- J",^ us ' g j >e me that Hereford bul),o>er there." '' His statement has the (an» of OrijnmV Fairy Talcs, but young Harris, knew -what, he was doing n He had studied animal husbandry ,£HJ» .bull, , Milky, ,W«y Anxiety -Xffl by ntmt,' carried off the first Fall! NO DOWN PAYMENT BUY NOW-PAY ONE PAYMENT THIS FALL TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 633 Aliraj-s Optu FRYERS and WE HAVE PLENTY OF KiCE FRYERS AND HENS YOURNEEBS. > We Dress and |)eliver Free Of Charge r - •••*J IIS STICKLER - GOODWIN CO. •ipr> R. MAIN ST. - ' NOW UNUBU THK MANACJKMKNT ()V «,JOK()K KTlClvLKR LIBERTY CASH GROCERS 1.* »-*'»..•'".'•. - ^^^ Trices For Friday and Sal unlay Cash & Carry Prices iu Town I'riccs For Friday and Saturday FREE BISCUITS Served from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. Saturday, made from Big 4 Flour, Cooked in Hot Point R a n g e, Furnished by Arkansas' Missouri Power Conipany. Miss Camille Robinson, Home Economist Will Bake Biscuits. Cooked with Swift's Jewel Shortening, Served with Brookficld Butter. FREE 8 24-lb. Sacks Page's Big 4 Hour Free fit a Drawing at 4 P. M. No Charge to Register, Nothing to Buy. Music Furnished by Hill Billy JUICE Pineapple Dole's or Libby 47 oz. Tin Sour or Dill 22 oz. Jar 9!c Fresh IJ. Grown 2c Pound. Pound 18' Wincsaps | JC< n.ozcn Iw Pcnncl Poiinil Lemons &• 15c ORANGES Snnkjst 1E C 13 GRAPEFRUIT 3 For 1fl c FRESH LIMES Dozen r SARDINES Tall No. 1 Can 2 For SPAGHETTI 2 Lh. Box 11' 1LACKHAWR f Pound Its CHEESE lb.12'c PU8ELARD . . Ib. So I BACON. In Piece. Ib.lie Thick-Ribs: Ib. 17{/,c Shoulder Clod..... .Ib. 22c Steaks. Ib. 25c Shoulder Whole..-«). IGc Ribs ......... Ib. 12'Xzc Chops-. ... .....Ib. 190 I~ Ul'Jlllll Hall or Wliole Miss Ljberty •€£« BUTTER a , 21 Quart JIALAD DRESSING 20 Nti 8 c .. ... 24 Ib. Sack JARS Itlasoii, I'inl.... Doz. 59c Quart Dtfz. G7c Yi Gallon...'. ..l)oz. 30c STEAM BOATo sv " m%lk l,Gal. -ICc; </V Gal. 2,? •iOYfil PUDDING 13 SRAPEFRUIT J ' 5 ° ™ SALT 'Square Hpx 2 For NAVY BEANS ] 0 Jhs. 38 Tea Peer] ess n o/,. Box 22c Vinegar; 12Sc SUGAR DOMINO 10 Ib. Cloth Sack 50c DOAHNO IQ <!>• Paper Sack 47c FOLGER COFFEE Mb...27c 2 Ibs.. 49c ^fflVORY SOAP Sic FREE CAKE Palmolive Soap When You Buy Medium Concentrated Super Suds IGc

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