The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1967 · Page 34
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 34

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1967
Page 34
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8-Algona (la.) Upper Dei Moino* Thursday, Moy 4, 1967 . .by Evelyn April 18 - Well, here we are back in the "dust bow]" era again. Remember back in the 30*5 when the midwest went through a very trying ordeal. Farms abandoned, shelter belt trees planted and everything possible done to relieve a bad situation? Alter three dust storms in this area within a past week or so, we are about to think up some new words appropriate to the conditions and the women who clean here are keeping even- tempered in spite of it. Yesterday Jane Smith, H.N., gave way to her sense of humor and had white pieces of paper about two and a half inches square with swirls of ink representing the dust and a little slogan written thereon and these "badges" were pinned on the women who wield the mops and dust cloths, etc. All of us had a good laugh and the cleaners went merrily at work getting rid of the latest accumulation. The TV magazine cross word puzsde was simple this week and Kitty Phillips and I compared notes. Each of us went through It like a breeze. Sometimes they are stinkers and a bit far out in our judgment, but between us we conquer them. What a vocabulary we should havel Marie Lamprlght is home from a wonderful vacation near Washington, D. C. with her son Bob and family. She saw all the high- lights, Mount Verrion, Lee's mansion, the Naval Academy, the changing of the guards at Arlington cemetery, the cherry blossoms arid oven brought home a plant which she hopes will become acclimated to Iowa and flourish in her yard as beautifully as in U. C, P<i love to duj>- licate her trip. A miniature cyclone hit rny room the other day. Things went crash, bang - and two nurses can)'.- running in to see if I had fallen. No I hadn't - but it was a scene of havoc. Somehow I hadn't propped rny crutches against my radio table nearby, they had leaned over and hit my bridge lamp which fell forward, it's weight knocking against my telephone cord leading from the baseboard, the phone landed on the floor, the receiver was thrown under another table, and when the lamp was picked up, the bulb was hanging to a part of the dingus that fastened to the wires. I expected to have a broken shade, but It was not even dented, the light bulb was intact and the cords, which showed, were pushed back in their re- ceptical, and since Helen had taken the precaution to disconnect the lamp cord from the base board, when she plugged it back in all was O.K. It was as though nothing had happened. I was grateful too that the lamp hadn't hit my walnut arm chair. Henceforth, I'll watch the crutches better. + * * I have been concerned about an eye trouble my cousin Glen Henderson has been having - a torn retina. When I saw a letter from his sister, Lola Swinney of Yucaipa, Calif., I asked the person I was talking with over phone to let me take time to read it. Thank goodness it contained good news. His eye is healing nicely and no surgery will be necessary. Our bodies are so complicated, and there are so many ailments of opposite nature & if we could divide certain compositions, we'd be O.K. I know two friends who tiave a lack of calcium which makes the bones easily broken. In rny case, I have- too much and it has collected between some of rny joints and fused them. Now if we could mix the two conditions, we'd probably kick up our heels once more. * * * Or we might do as Mrs. Ingeborg Anderson, 83, Story City, does. Get us a three-wheel bicycle. Hers had a basket on the back to carry parcels and she goes all over town as she pleases. She has been on her feet so many years in her nursing career it has affected her legs, hence the three-wheeler. A woman in Norway has one like It and she Is a young woman - 91. * + * Remember, the three-wheel tricycles girls used to have back in my girlhood? Two large wheels at the sides, a seat between, a small front wheel we steered with a rod-like arrangement. Florence Patterson, Ruth Walston and I used to go many blocks with them. There were pedals of course to propel it, was large enough to seat two easily, and sure was fun to manipulate. * * * Oh I do hope we keep trains! I guest Pullmans are no longer A savings account... "' The installment plan that pays...YOU! CARRYING CHARGES, the postage, the cost of the checks you write. Add it all up, and buying on time sometimes hardly seems The one installment plan that is worth it ... that gives you more than you put in, is your savings account here. You save every payday. As you save, your money grows earning at our substantial rate of return. You end up with more money to do more things ... buy more things with cash! Start now. on the installment plan that really makes sense . . . the kind of plan you can spend! Start saving today! OUR OFFICE IS AS CLOSE AS YOUR RED, WHITE AND BLUE MAIL BOX—SAVE BY MAIL AT HOME FEDERAL. 2 KINDS OF SAVINGS PUNS ON NEW 6-MONTH SAVINGS CERTIFICATES These certificates are issued in amounts of $1,000 or multiples of $1,000. Th«y art perfect for the investor with larger sums of monay who wanti t« «arn a hlfh r«- turn with maximum safety. They earn from the day you invest, farnlnfi «r« paid each six months from date of issue. ON CONVENIENT PASSBOOK SAVINGS This is the best all-around savings plan for everybody — the (Mft way t» kav» money available when you need it ... the best way to build small iwmi into Urf«. Dividends are paid twice a year. Put any amount into your account . . . any tlm«. Save by fhe 15th of any month . . . earn from tha lltl Home Fedbjljaymgs & Loan Assn. All A«aunt, Fully Insured to 911,000 PMibook ferinci-tara From Tbi 18th - Bwn From Tha lit CartUltttai-ltn From Tha D»y You lovaat IINCB 1tl7 - AlOONA, IOWA Saving's Accounts insured up to $15.000 by F ecleral Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation | in existence. One has to have a roomette or drawing-room. But how cozy it was to have the bed made up of one's seat - two sets of curtains drawn, and there we we re-in our own private bed, lights to read if one wished, and a hammock to tuck garments in and out of the way. It seems Cupid's arrows fall on the young and old, the noted and the humble, but this one beats anything I've ever read. We thought it remarkable that Col. R. H. Spencer became father of twins at 75, and another pair a year or two later. But he was a mere lad compared with Sylvester Magee of Hattiesburg, Miss., who at 125 years of age is divorcing his 66 year old wife. A daughter was born to the couple when he was 109. She lives with her mother in Poughkeepsie. N. Y. The man should be put in a glass cage and exhibited as a freak or as a man who has observed all the health rules! Never smoke, drank strong liquor, ran around with ladies of shady repute - which adds up to a story I read, a little quip which said, "Man, you haven't lived. You've merely existed." A letter from my cousin Julia Cady of Mason City gave a glowing report on her recent vacation and she was so happy to be able to spend a few days with both sons and families, Pat in San Francisco and Dr. Jerry at San Diego. Uncle Sam is a fussy old man, but we love him neverthless. Years ago I knew a young man who tried to get in the navy but was refused because he was too thin. Now I know a girl who applied for training in medical and social welfare work, but was not accepted because she was too heavy. However, she is being given a chance to reduce and apply again in a few months. * * * And diets-some can't have sugar, some can't have salt and it has recently been discovered that cranberry juice works wonders in kidney ailments. The odd thing is that in a family, each member eating the same foods, one will develop one condition, one another. Seems odd our bodies do not take care of the chemicals. * * * When I read Ethel Gardner's ad for her farm sale and household goods, I almost didn't read the small print which we are warned about. She stated in a candid manner that she is going to live in a rest home. I couldn't get her by phone but a relative confirmed it. I have known Ethel many years but haven't seen her in quite a while. I am sure she will enjoy the home, the freedom from planning meals and that everlasting job of dishwashing 1 * * * I had a recent letter from Myrta West. Her husband was the late Miss Bierstedt Of Lone Rock Is Engaged MARGRET BIERSTEDT Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bierstedt, Lone Rock, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Margret Elaine, to Richard Elbert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Elbert, Algona. The wedding will be held July 22 at St. Cecelia's church, Algona. Robert West, son of a Bancroft doctor. The young couple lived in Algona many years, went to California when we did, then came back and she has been making her home in Perry for quite a while. There was a daughter Virginia who married and had a son, Steve. When Myrta mentioned he was a junior in high school it makes me realize more and more that we are growing up! She had major surgery some time ago but has made good recovery. She goe& to Rochester at intervals for a check-up. These are no longer frequent and she hopes to get to Algona this summer to visit friends. Mrs. West Sr. and my aunt Eva Cady Goddard of Bancroft were very close friends. * * * Diane Jensen, an aide here has lived in Arizona and when she saw my April issue of Arizona Highways, she looked at it and showed me a place where she had picnicked many times. She said there are such beautiful places and she loved the desert when the cacti were in bloom. She agrees with me that castus candy leaves much to be desired. * * * Goodyl Another program canceled - "Gilligan's Island". I wish they'd have Bing Crosby in "Little Boy Lost" and Audrey Hepburn in "Love in the Afternoon." I'd stay up till midnight to see them. * * * For which, praise the Lord: "There's one advantage to the music the younger generation goes for today - nobody can whistle it." Miss Haupert, Burt, Plans June Wedding > *w j£t'-' PATRICIA HAUPERT Mr. and Mrs. John L. Haupert of Burt announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Patricia Ann, to Gerald B. McGuire, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard McGuire of Bancroft. A June 10 wedding is planned. (Glenn Studio) MODERN RUSTLERS DENVER, Colo.—Horse steal- Ing has changed a bit from frontier days. Thieves stole a one-ton pickup truck and four- horse trailer from Miss Jean McHarg's home, then drove to her ranch and stole four of her prize horses. Miss McHarg valued the horses at $25,000 and the truck and trailer at $8,000. FREE gasoline offer during May! give you our best deal on 4 Atlas Plycron tires ("TheRoundTire") Standard will give you 30 free gallons of gasoline (Our famous Super Premium Gasoline) All that gasoline just for equipping your car with four long-lasting Atlas Plycron Round Tires-the ones that roll up to 3000 miles farther than most new cars tires. (Or you get 50 gallons of Super Premium Gasoline when you buy four Amoco' 120 Super Tires- torture-tested at 120 mph to give you greater safety wherever you drive.) 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