The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1936
Page 3
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193'6 BLYTHEVULE,. Farm News Edited by J. O. FULLERTON Comity Agricultural Agent Station n fold of com tvns illrtcl- oil Into several plots, niul citeli, plot was cultivated In a different way shallow, deep, medium, late mul some laid by early, One Mock was not ciiltii'iilod iu nil, and the weeds were allowed lo „„,„ „„„„„. „, B'ow unmolested. Another plot re- ; Citlunu'l, were weste ol iierirliel Cfiveit no cultivation except Hint, ] Halo Sunday lUlfntooii Hie weeds were kept down by) M. I, Thornberry, of Tnnirann .'ci-aplns the surface of Die soil visited ciinrley Klclinrdsoii last will, u Elmrp lioe. i week. or Hill, /''arm News Mr.",, jeir Tankcrsley ami children were supi>>. r glics ts Sunday night ot Mrs. Homer Moslcy and family. ' and jack Hoberts. o( the stock Is not more than one tssenlial (o Participation in Farm Benelils; Involves No Obligation All farmers in North Mississippi county, who may want lo lake Part l» (i, e Agricultural Coiiserva I on Program, should till out work sheets its the Hist step, according to J. o. Piillerton, county nt Pilling out a work sheet will not oblluale Hie otvncr or opera tor of Hie farm, but every funnel who Intends to apply | a i er n , tl , L year for any Federal paymen must liave a work sheet on file The chief purpose of (he work sheet, Ma-. Fijiierto,, ]x>intcd out is to aid In setting up soU-de- Pletlng bases which will be usei in determining the farmer's con triljutlon to soil conservation, lii. eligibility for payment, and Hi amount of payment due him -Bach work sheet elves a description of the farm, the crops harvested In 1935, yield of crops, am adjustment in acreage and yield! made by the operator and community - coiiimittceinen. The information will enable Ihe counts committee to establish a farm'; ige of soil-depleting Should a farmer desire to cooperate later this year or even in 1937, lie will not be eligible for payment unless he has filed a work sheet. The closing dale for filling out «-orfc sheets in the counties within the state will be set by each state In the Southern Region. Farmers may obtain help from the county ngcnt's office In filling out work sheets. base acreage crops. , Summer Js Time for Working Over Trees Wilh ..Improved Varieties Native seedling, pecans around Mississippi-.-/ county . farms may easily lie grafted or budded to Improved varieties, such as Scliley •Success, Moneymaker, and Stuart' The Ixwt time to bud is during the summer when the bark will slip, which is the common method of working over trees, according to J. Q. Fullerlon, county agent - Patch budding may. be done as .scon as the bark slips freely in Ihe spring, and building continued. throushont .the season as long as the bark sli'ps freely Irom uie W0 od. The new growth should be large enough to permit the use of good buds and to allow for strong wood on which to place the bud. . K; Reserve buds, which ore those that do not spring info growth hut; remain inactive; dormant mills, found on the commercial budwpod and removed when the tree Is dormant; and current season buds, which are found on the wood that is In the process of growth, for that particular season may all be used in patch budding according to Claude Woolsey, extension horticulturist, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. Buds found on one-year-old wood are to be preferred regardless of the system of budding used. The advantage of using reserve buds Jie.s in the fact that they can ne used at any season of the year desired, and can be removed fresh from the tree any 'ime the bark wijl slip. The best tautls are round and plump, but. "lose which have started growth >nould not be used. If dormant buds arc used, the niclwood should be kept complete- .y dormant until just before using. If cleft or bark grafting is to be lolie, the wood should remain dor- nant. W|ien the Hmo comes to do :lie budding, the wood should be llaced In a moist warm location •a that the bark will slip, wlilcli 'equlres from one lo two days. Current season hurts usually become sufficiently mature in cen- ral and southern Arkansas about he middle of July. The petiole >r "leaf stem" should be cut leav- ng about one-half inch above the iua about two weeks before use Che bud will be found in the axil >r -angle" of leaf where it Is al- ached to the t wi( ,. These bllds noulrt be used as soon as possible fler removing. On nursery stock or on young hoots that have come from the oot of a budded tree that has ed In the orchard, It Is best to 'luce the bud about 4 inches from he ground on the side of the hoot opposite the «(ternoort sun. r the shoot Is large, the bud hould be placed higher to get ettcr bark. On trees one to two icnes in diameter the bud should e placed about 8 to 10 inches rom the ground. In case of bud- lti£ over wild seedlings or trees, ne buds should be placed where n; corn needs „„ . . - 1 ' rlie comity uncut made the fol- f --;- apart m u shaped block! Icwine rccotniiionilnllom In of wood make a good bllddink'' low In cullivallnir mm£°U?H "f** i "°" 1 " be """"' l » 'V'- ch^pestmethod u , , tu>onl oiic-slxlcenlh of kccplni; down weeds before the i' I V ll ' C sllonl<im of re " tj) any size, wllhout, Injiii life should first [uiJUvuiloii. (2) Liiml « jolinnlK Mil- ->• liiehardson and cmidrcn 11R . S p»n ( |j ns |))| s WC3 j, relatives ncnj- D'yUiei'llb. k llii/ehvccxl. , of Monetlf . il "E c ;., ssiri( . u A((s 1);ly Die j apart, come side m I thai and i: corners. the patch will' i3» Shallow euliivalion not, remove' cheaper. -- -—._.„. i.tu u\n, i LTIMUVC the patch until u,e bud" Is pre-1 pared In a like manner. The should then be lifted ca (•!) When crops spike-tooth harrow and the are small, run illaeo and should be lifted lMim°cdlalclv placed where the other was re-! D ,H T f moved. The bud undeineatli should I Kealty 1 ransjers noj. be injured wiiilc lifting with ' knife. The bud should fit, closely ami i inug. u shotild be held with the 1 »•"""• ami tied firmly - will, « Warranty Denis Wiiioskie Savings Bank to Epter Davis west half of west half of southeast quarter of section 20 — - - ,v .„„„„ 'owiiship 15 north range 0 east, can of melted paraffin, Just warm ! Eost Arkansas Builders Supply ••- - ^.^ is hcli)fu] company (0 ir. I,, chambers, lote i c above method " ml 2 ' block 9 "iBhland Place •' " at'cond addition to lilythcville. ., — ~~ ....tnj cotton stung Or twine. enough to . How Variations of A small, disturbances r"suUlii(; from mar Murishment. c.irdi.j j ms ,, t ,, )e( , . • ^.lltllu JJUJj ||ii Ilimisands ,,f women .„ obtain re- "I siiirprcil n ..rrat. deal wll'n pain ','"?; - si( e n »tl a weakness In my - the pracllccd, but the general Holding the*" bud 'oT' the" ISk shoultl be cut but not removed as won as the stock be B Ins to grow enough to make It ncce-waty to irevent sjirdline. The string should , un cut on the opposite side from I ie bud," about three weeks after he buds are placed. If the buds , arc set before the first of Jitlv I hey should be forced into growth ' I Ihts may be done by gradually, cutting back (he lops, especially on young shoots. On old wood a eood practice Ls to cut n noicl, ibont two Inches above the bud ( , Ihe notch should be about, one- ialf inch deep n , 1(t two Inches Production o! cotton substitutes from wood Is Increasing greatly in Germany. "Each month 1 would suffer all 'Hr a,,,) , V01|J{| |(|W( , io go |Q be(| JUB of my neighbors told me how »rd,,l helped her, so I took II "n H hclpert ,,, c . A((or lnM ™ e $ bottles, I wns ,, etlcr , sul . t ', s . * an commend Cimlm for wenknc.-ks 'd pain. h-.m-m™^, 0 ; " Carjlli lioos »" benefit \ OU.JOTISIIII a physiclai HOT COFFEE si:itvKi>TniKni:ri"s(;ooi, llnve your ,iild-nioni(n ? cup in the AIR CONUI'l'IONBU Dining Room at HOTEL NOBLY; Method of Cultivation Unimportant ;So Long As Weeds Are Kept Down There is little need to cultivate orn, which hits been planted on round .Hint IMS ocrn properly reparcd, except to 'keep down i ic weeds, according to J o Fullcrton, county agent.' This" fiici has been proved on the experiment station farm of the University of Arkansas college of acrl culture. At the Arkansas Experiment For Your Convenience All Night Ferry Service At Cotton wood Point FRIDAY, MAY 29 To etinhli) you (o dance to Uio music of Jan Garber and His Orchestra Who I'Jjiy in f)yrrsl(iir«- ;i( (he High School Gymnasium W.: irill <lt|i:irf frcm uur usual <. HS ( om ;ln ,, civ , c .,„ ni( , |i( I'Vrry Service :I.TI.M II,,. Mlsslsslnpi on FrhHy! May 2911,. Cottonwood Ferry ^our price! Here's what Dad told us— "M.keThcWilkenF.rmly Whiikcyilnwand c&rtful —«nd it'll go fait enough «ll rightl" Il'» lure tike Dad uid. Thrrc'i ;.D.r.Pu,d,.Will;. m Wilkc'r,'. sol hi» Uclc Ibi, w«y. Tom 1 ! •or, of .lt.d,,- n j hCmicIf on it, k-rtel. AndriiMlkcrelnMna kim-tr,,f. 0 U N.t Wc.l,. ^ : ^^^^•iB«B»ae;^lr'^..?^ They're saying how Our Family's Whiskey passes 'em all—clear down the line! Those fellows \votking for the railroad company get around quile n bit ami see what's going O n places. Take Dan Purdy here. He says in pjeiiy near every town he's been at, he sees our Family's Whiskey-and in all his going and coming he's never yet seen such hefty carloads of whiskey he'ing hauled as The Wilkcn Family Whiskey. Well I suppose that's from doing like Daii said jo —always making each batch slow und careful, EO a3 eveiy bottle's got the same mildness and lastiness 'o it is Ihs olher. If OranJail Wilkcn Jha, steeled Dad •iislilling away back in '9* could see how folks go for our Family's Whiskey, I /• _-_. surebettie'dfeelgood! ?%,,.,£#.&&, BLENDED AND BOTTLED BY JOS. S. FINCH A CO INC SCHENLEV,PA.-DIVISIONOFSCKENLErpROMJCTScOINC CM. H3& JOS. S. SMOKE NEEDS H. .(. it. | r o for I.) I'lllIM' Altll'll I i\f Can IU Mull A- Hnlf <•»»' 1'allim CI rath Kirby Bros. Drug Co. MONTH END SALE '''"" lo 2;i M"l" & Hi'oiuhvay Hl.vUmili.. 2!)c . _ 50c Pepsodent Tooth Paste KOLYNOS "~™ TOOTH PASTE-Mc TUP.P LIFEBUOY HEALTH SOAP.. G ^ & ,00 W ti Special O//cr/ Clint Sl<« Peau-Doiin Shaving Cream j and 1Q Po.Do Razor Blades FOR 4'Si*' FREE! 65c Dispenser "IllitOc CAMPANA ITALIAN BAIJH $1.25 Value /•»/•',-. For only tPVjt POND'S CREAM . 55c SIZE-MEDIUM JAR tc Sun" Tun Al}^^' Oil 4if | Sun HIII n l.iition ANACIN "rbtcts—Bottle 50 HV DR. LYON'S Tooth Powdtr s> i. U.OONUJOL' •' Mineral Oil Full Pint mi «i vrn 69 c fefi FullSlic Tennis Racauet Iiiiltiinj>; Caps ICc to 38c ln>. LI,I,,, # &' < 1 ,l">/ t»Jo::,J ky W.,:,,k,l .FIEIOER'S'CLOVE '•'"OIK ••..n^l,,...l. c i,J|, 0 ,,, klJ. will, |.,,J "", ..J kull, .,., t.ll, .''•"'•'• Ckud,«l,U krMkr'iUmigim 1 Wou. u |. . | — BARBASOL Sh»»lnt Cre«m 50c «».f k,. TIDY DEODORANTS II Liquid, Cr«am or /I Powd«r ' ^m^ FULL GALLON OUTING SIZE ASPIRIN TABLETS Bottle of 100 Grain 20« JUG 4»« 1J2> Hort>hld« Cov»r PLAYGROUND BALL Package 15 PICNIC CUPS Lily f | 4 . Brand 21 '''"it Ny SM-U.V . Cedar |j;igs ],' roe Ft 60 t8 Heavy F»|t BASEBALL CAPS .. ' OQ<.-ft • ^»p c v* Unb,.,k.i,| I vilol - Ic.lli.i iwcak>nil. •,. 89 NECESSITY KIT c 4fl« Cmiteini coiion. J.inct, I'&nilllfr, IDCICUIO. fl»oli».liinJjl. u «,|.i,,. Leon Laralne FACE POWDER "Sensation SI Shade!" '' I SPEC PALS SCOTT'S < ''A-T* 60c r.mul.lnn?r.":7*.''T/C BKOMO. T^f>ln<., tOc SI,~.'*9C Colored Glasses Be to 98c- 25t BISODOL DljtitUe Powder <i^igj£X^ Oold«n Crown TENNIS , BALLS Vlscollnd MILK OF MAGNESIA | pta't ^f l« 12.Inch Utility DIPPER BAGS 7»< T)»l»ief lOOuie.l Ptckagc o( 100 PAPER NAPKINS Shades »f*' BIG VALUES PT :o.,,,.si,, "Certain Sale" MODESS Doien , ADLEKIXA ^f -7C^ si,.. ,, „;"?.. 75C DOLPII LINIMENT AQ f MENNCN'S < V".';'l|» < , LAVENDER LOTION ^ f. HAIR TONE '•* OO^' Hudnut's JHarvelous Matched rVlikcup Kit $1.00 Vilu. mr >r v All 5 Itemj oiily , I TALCUM POWDER " All-Purpot*, '' Tonic... J 4 J TALC '. Riiul.r IScSU..,. DEPILATORY 'BLACK FLAG ."" Powd.r. IScSli.... iTOOTII HKUSH MLMOLCVE --» SHOE POLISH * Lavender SHAVE CREAM Large fkfkj. Juh ° £<l*' 37c X-POSE Sun Tan Cream fiOc MUM Deodorant Now at 49c __ (JAI)I Wh^.Kidand Wh»«| SHOE CLEANER S-oi. Ill^'j E«i)r lo put on. Will not rub' iff. Tor ill kind 1 * of Mttii, 1 KLEENEX , Box ol 200 Tissues * Boxe, OT< C<l_ In lim, t a *«!ercr»ft 15-Spted Elcc. FOOD MIXER / A tp»d for ,v«ry need I BURN OINTMENT For Sunburn 33 !c >-lnch S««-Gull ELECTRIC FAN _ Str mllncc| nio INGRAM'S Mlldwetd Cream 50c / SPECIAL!/ ,25c Guaranteed'«. / TOOTHBRUSH and 5-oz. <" ORLIS Dental Perborate For muc ' 25c Dr. Scholl's Zino-Pads Slandard Whits' 23- I DELUXE, 33c Bnycr UErMKDY 19 C pRITO-HISWOI. For Sura- 1 mcr Conipbiinl White's Cod Uver Oil Caps for Rummer Use - - All (he Heal is Takeii Ou(! 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