The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1946
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COUU1KK NKWS FKIDAY, AI'IUL la, 1940 Qtfarm Labor Again Confronts County As Crop Preparations Get Underway ' sefcons In Mississippi 'til mind up with cotton toeing : pMced -«l«ng side fields where planting of the next year's cjrop is underway whtie nearby art radishes being gathered for market and-'alfalfa cut for dehydration.' 3",,>1' ' -." ' | Most of the. IMS -Mississippi County crops have been harvested, according^to: agricultural leaders, and farmers now' are plowing, bedding and discing.-land and repairing farm'^machinery for the n<ew crop yean " ; ; Farm -Jalxtr. again Is expected to be ~'a critical problem as much of the labor left on farms is Inefficient for ,'pne,. j;eAs^n,or another, ! ' as age, inexperience, etc. 1 ' m.« that -the i approx- [y 2500 able bodied men. lost German Prisoner of War ... were abandoned, will be ha raj? to replace." * Ma$y of tjjji''veterans who wanted Ufarra,.had" high hopes that the 91 Bill- would help them nnd a mJJority'Jjf them wanted to rent landjpr buy so.V/l)Jey could farm mech*n!ca)ljy. <„-.» -. , are disappointed because acres In 1M4. Charles Rose of Roselnncl Is planning a 40;acre cross cullivnled cotton production demonstration this year near his home, ant! on the highway, In order Ihnl It nniy be observed by the geiiernl public. Taylor Freeman of Del! plans to check plant 120 acres of cotton In 1946. Drainage and level land me necessary for mechanical tunning :ind particularly cross cultivation. Because of this and the fact that the AAA Is making more money available to Mississippi County runners in/ 194fi as i\ conservation practice for ditching, many farmers are expanding their drainage anil ditching system. The sum of $250,000 has been allotted to Mississippi County In sissippi County alone In 1945. As an example, R. U. Hughes of Bly- Ihcvlllc, has four of these me- chniilcgl choppers. Mechanical pickers nre Not expected to be generally available In 1940, but local dealers are attempting to secure a number lor sale. Other farmers have fiwl learned (o use additional electricity as <i means of having some labor around the farm. On ncx.^1, 1041. (lie Mississippi County HEA Co-operative liad about BOO customers. AL the present time they liiivt 1 near 1700. In addition In the increased customers, In 1941 the avenge customer used about 50 kilowatts per month whereas In 1945 tiiey used nenr 70 kilowatts per month. Many other farm fam- to pay n part of tlic cast ofjille.s electrically served by other .that nil of the 'practices cnrrlcrt i | vidunl fnrm will new jiachlnej:j''is^.uol available for therifc and l&id inflation and. inability of the GI Bill to assist theirf* has caused 'a majority of the Jxterarf to seek non-farm jobs.., Major relief came recently In the Jorm^or. the J2.04 per bushel by thc soil building allowance lor .^oybfl&n price support price. Some the farm. members of th c local county agents' | The soli building allowance roueh- soybfnn program-planning commit-j ly wn s $50 for each 100 acres ol tee Sfclieve th'a,t this guarantee will jiand In cultivation. Because of change l&OOO ^Sssisslppi County j these important changes it is unintended cotton acres In 1946 to ticlpatert by leaders here that n companies are using more electric current. The Ad (cultural Extension Service, which Inaugurated n farm labor supply service ns a wartime measure, will continue this work ns line ditch was $3 per station or 100 U peacetime measure for at least linear feet. This year ihiu p;iy- another year. They attempt to cn- ment hns been Increased l» S8| courage intcrslntn nnd Intrastate per station. It is anticipated also | movement ol workers here that me such soil conservation practices as ditching. This is $60,000 more that) has ever been earned In Mississippi County and S1GO.OOO more than was earned in 10-15. In 1945, the. maximum payment for n (Iran only on contact, they must, hit the difficult to nphlds, she pointed out; and It salt water, Is very difficult to make direct contr.ct when the Insects are on the undersides of the leaves and these lire curled for protection She advised using a sprayer or duster that will direct the Insecticide upward, and suggested planting- greens In rows as an aid in the treatment. * One pound of brown laundry txjr.p dissolved in six gallons of water is a good home remedy fo nphlds. This is more effective If used Just before dark. White soaps and homemate laundry soaps should not be used, she warned Nicotine sulphate Is a standard Insecticide for nphlds, KS well as rotenone dust, If it contains at least three-fourths of one IKM- cent rotenone, Mis.-; Colcman added. Aphlds are small, soft-bodied Insects which suck Juices from the' plants and cause the leaves of some to curl and be deformed If! nphlds are numerous, plant growth I Is stunted. On greens they are soyb *' soil conservation I needed to :ild in hurvcstlim, ac- out on :in indl-'cordliiK to Walter Cooper, head of b c paid for Ihls, the State Labor Program. II. D. year at thc rogulur rates, regard-1 Shc.pp.ard is maintained in the less of, the amount, whereas last, Blylhevillc County Agents' Office year In most' cases It was limited ns a farm placement officer and In addition to assisting with efficient use of local prisoner of war uboj 1 , hn.s maintained a lint of icoplc wanting labor and from time o lini(, has placed fnrm labor, rc- urned veterans, tenants, and olh- :ijs in suitable farm Jobs. off, even with tlead ones arc even hnnli-r to remove. They .spoil for food and thus cause u loss fur i" excess of the actual their feeding, the home dfinonstralion agent explained. Cabbawc plants may tx Infested at Die time they arc transplanted, end m»y cinisc n severe set-back to the plunls, from whlcli they recovi'r very slowly, slie slated. English peas are usually Infested by » liiiuc, sret'n aphid which clusters on the tender terminal growth, .she .said. Hair Nets From China j CHICAGO <UP)-The first shipment of human hair nets to reach the United' States since 1341 arrived here for consignment to a local concern. The shipment orlg- naled in Tsinanfu Province, China, from the China Trading Corp. Read Courier News Want Ads. HAHY CHICKS !t (u it ilnys nlil—$•! li> $12 n( . r [ftfl S'l-vcni.' Ijrcctls — Feeds, Founts HLICVATOK KHKI) STORK llriiailway at It. It. Tracks Courier NCWB want Kills Rats Roaches Biddl* Exterminators Member N»tO. PeM Control AM*n. 115 H. Third Bt. PhoM Z751 FLOORS REFINISHED New floors Laid and Finished. Make Your Old Floors Look New—Modern Sanding Equipment Used. Call 469 for Free Estimate Deal's Paint & Wallpaper Store Paints, Wallpaper, Slats-O-Wood Awnings IM So. First 'We Clean and Wax Floors" Phone M* Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2642 _ .s "cnrV'bc 'p r °d uce <i all d harviestcd mechanically and this additional acreage in cotton would have" been jrtijl more of a burden on we short labor supply, It has bccnw pointed out. Local Farm Bureau committeemen «Vho have worked on the soybean£ price situation and sent res- oluti«ns to Washington asking for a vefv careful study of the supply of $ls and protein feeds, before setting ,«..,s«pport price ,of $1.80 per "bushel, are Jubilant over the combination of the" same support prico.ns in 1945 and point out that this'--support price will be a net incr^se of about $6 per acre ovcr^what was promised as a sup- portiprice earlier in the year. MBst farmers'are looking to check row ^planted and 'cross' cultivated«n as a means of having .iome chopping labor. Dale McGregor, Ex- tensftn Cotton Specialist in Little Rcc^ s'urrunarlzed county agents anntml i-eports • on - this subject in 184-TJand reported to cotton leaders,; "Cross cultivation of cotton can ^MucourageaT on the level 'and most productive-soils of the stat^ as a labor sltvirig practice 'and as a method of reducing the cost ol pro- great deal more ditching will bc done In 1940 than In any previous have already ditching done year. Farmers who had sonic drag line this year include: C. E. Criugcr. Mrs. A. M. Bull, H. L. Halsell. Felix, Hill, A. C. Duclos, Mrs, nettle Glover, S. I 1 . Hog- gcss A: sons, w. W. Pepper, Sinn- ton A. Pepper. Walter U Tiilo, Mrs. O. W. Ross, Lehman J. llnl- ford. C, C. Wells. Mrs. S. !', Martin. James McWIIIInms. II. C. Knap- pcirbci'gcr, George Cassldy, H. t). Hughes. cultivators were developed considerably In 10-15 and their value and efficiency hns been tested for one or more years nt experiment, stations in Arkansais nnd Mississippi. It is understood that ill lenst one dealer will sell some flume cultivators locally this year. Information | far Is that these flume cultivntors can bc used to advantage In weed and Ri'as.s contra after the collon has readied certain height, or diameter o shnnk. Lenders here think one chop ping will be necessary before flame cultivators can bc used to advantage to finish the crop. Numerous fanners have found Aphids Thrive In Cool Weather Brown Laundry Soap Will Help Control Pests In Garden In making plans for spring gardens Mississippi county homo- makers are warned by Miss Cora Lee Colcman, home demonstratloi agent, that one or more species of aphlds or plant lice Iced on almost every crop. In thc summer lady beetles ;uid parasites control them, but. in the spring they have a field day because they thrive in coo] weather. The most dilllciilt problem In controlling nphids. especially those on greens, is hitting them with a spray or dust. Since these kll 1 duction. Its greatest possibilities I that mechanical cotton choppers at presenl£are probaWy nvreduc- arc-nil aid in the' reduction of hniul ing the han4 toVr; needed .-{or, hoe-I labor through the chopping sea- Ing. Accor^g;ta«*cnt,' reports 706 -son. Slightly over 100 22,187choppers were usc<l in North Mis- PLANTS— TiinuKors, Ic each—Flat Dutch C^tih.icr— Certified .FeUto : FUnts. KI.KVATOK KKED STOHF ItrD:nlw:i.v at R. It. Tracks •"The "Willys.,. liah rr ERE! Come in and See This Amazing 4-in-1 fTheFarm World has been Waiting For-THE UNIVERSAL "JEEP" • NOW it's a Truck . . . • NOW it's a Tractor . . . • NOW It's a Runabout . . . • NOW it's a Mobile Power Unit Kasy to Kind ;md unload. Kquiiipecl with special pick-up Imx. Will carry load oqii;vl to own weight and low a triiiii of trailers. Designed to tractor standards. Meets "drawbar pull" renuircnieiils for light tractor. Selective four-wheel drive. Replaces conventional automobile—will }i" any place in any weather. Deliver the children to school—gel the men on thc job and back again. Can operate all common farm machinery and power equipment such as balers, sprayers, harvesters, corn shellers. Around the Clock - Around the Year - Around the Farm -The "JEEP Will Do the Job! WILLYS-OVERLAND MOTORS, Inc. creators of The JEEP ANNOUNCES The Appointment of LOUIS GEORGE Appliance & Auto Co. as JEEP DISTRIBUTORS ; =. in Mississippi County Arkansas Auto Co, LUXORA, ARKANSAS Delays Are If your tractor sits idle in the field now it is costing you money. Pon't let this happen to you. You can keep that money in your pocket by utilizing Paul Cyrum Implement Company's prompt Repair Service. Accuracy ond speed is our motto. To keep 'em rolling see . . . IM IMPLEMENT CO. EXPERT^ REPAIRS YOUR ALLIS-CHALMERS Dealer 122 East Main Street, Blytheville Phone 404 KH3E NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Suitable for Sawmills, Unloadcr Fans, Irrigation Pumps, etc. NO PRIORITY REQUIRED ELLIS IMPLEMENT CO. We ore Now Contracting for Delivered Price in Pods Blyfhe¥iiie Canning Co. Inc P.O. Box 310 Blytheville, Arkansas We Are Also Buying Crowder and Purple Hull Pea Seed Fill Your Tractor Tires Now With "SOLUTION 100" Save TIME, TROUBLE and MONEY With more pull, less slip, your tractor can travel greater distances in any Riven time, or thc same distance in less time. You'll get more work done, with less fuel—am! with less trcatl worn off your tires. And you'll he less tired at the end of the day, since you'll do less gear shifting, less steering, by doing the same amount of work in less time. No ciccJ 10 icll )n >i, you Vnow joi.r John Dccrc Tracior lus ihc buili-in <iuality an strength !O deliver y«r >''" V«r scivic«, but it nccjs a ihorouph chctk-vip u> keep going J< r«k efficiency. Let John Deere iraiticd service t.ccp your uacioc running like new. He'll replace olJ, "Of" P"» ««« h ncw on " ;•' tighten erety r l-«e >h« needs ugl>icnin B make necessary Bjjujimcnii . . . P"' your iracior in firx-tliH "inning Older. He his llie "knovs -iiuw" "> " i:vk(; " form .ike new, bring back ,h« over,i,h you Phone 2492 470 W. Main

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