The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH 6, 1934 BLYTHEV1LLB, (ABt) COURIER N1WI PAGE SECTION s Wants Daily rote per ime tor two. Insertions^ n . Jt)r .^^ j (five average w<?rqs <,o.» /" One time per l«' e VAIU linn- t"'* j fljtf Vonth r»W R ei !i,'r'tv ?,'•'• "wi'MiiTO FOR SALE -; 'one' * pJaAUi,'<»i* l .4'row'Vultlvator .li) by. 20'disc rjiifqw, one 1 row'.'bmfe'n-iwith -marker. 'AJ|-»ln first class condition. 'Gay and Billings, inc. '• ' «-ck-tf TWO 'good mules, priced reason ub!c. H. A. Smith, ,510 W. Main Oft m ,.A^"ordei«t, tim;e. or t'lifcs ; and' stoplwd before cXpira- I'on -will be chaisc-c for the number• of< Hi|>i*6 7Hw t #4; • appears d u/ia adjustment ol 1 biU'«riadc. ' FUFUN6HEU b voom house, \wlh, W 1 Wkf)9 < r^WH^to t 4^"4^! l £ *i^w^^7$,, FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W. Wtlnut, Mrs. Ed,H»rdln after' 6 '. M. " ' lo kll FURNISHED a' or 3 room apartment, lights, water, etc., fiee Private batli. Kcaaonable. 610 W in J«l, W I1KDTORU, Victor D«i|ior»uvHU\ i>crha|»S 0>'<! ii)<xA /imitated ,jmm in 1 tlw world, was Joblts$; 'Itnnxfy, '< cold a^d homcltts. so'he decUK'd tire ou'V way out. ot U nil wus to get into jail somehow. Ills »t u. large Marc window, ' tjut to s umnzcnitnt U\u brick broke und not (he window. Disgustedly Di'mortinville lo!d Hit' |>n>iM'ICI(>r, bin dio owntr saJd thai ho would liol do anything about It. ' y ho went to the i and pleaded B«l|ly to VB- Bimicy. They, too. Burned u dos( suitoiv hgwwv. Iw still loh- s, told, houu'lcsa, but not liuii; (ry. A poilccimin look him to lunch mid then sent liliu on his way. The Treiisiirt building lit liitjloii was Will between IBM nt»l low «nd Is Uio oltol ol Uio cm on him beams* they couldn't | government oltko InUkllugs In tha niovc Hint ho had done uny hurin. Ex-Juitice Asked ' For Jail Sentence CADIZ, O. (Ut 1 )—HirmiT .liis- llco ot Die I'l^ici; Kdviml NU'liolfi wen I io Jail lifts recently IHTIUIMJ lie uskcd to be locked \i]> In ;\ ti-ll. tU lold I'losmilor lllciivy It. lie liutl chopped uj> the lurnituta In lilu • home -ami threatened hte fnmlly with n fcnlfc. "I've punished other mciv for ll\e sumo reason," he told Fottsy, "nov, 1 I wiint tlic stuuo punish- Intnl." Prosecutor Pollay grunlcd put 1' hu deserved nt Icual u $100'of Ills ict|iiest, but, Nichols' family lino und JO rtiiys In Jnil in-causi- rtfiiwl In lllc un udlilnvlt. * . submitted liy 1 pcisorif residing outside, ot Hie,_.c)ty uufl be. a^cpju- paiiied!'by rash. > -Ilates iimv ibk tatily' computed from fco respond loll I iv will be' !oi more than one incorrect 'hi sertion ol any classified ftd. Advertising orfieica lor jar Insertions take the one liin tale. Phillips' Bargains Every Car Clean & Mechanically Right '30 1'OKU TOWN SK1>AN. A Iteal Buy ill '30 CIIEVKUI.CT CO AC 11. Kurt Guud Bargain '3:1 AUSTIN COin'K. 1 brick und llirew I (JUAN1> SLAM TIlltKATKNlvD! OUR BO AIDING HOUSE G. C. Hawks Fruit Stand, Cor Lake is. Main, topen Sundays) 7-ck-3- .OOOLA,, Mt.tV OOP AMI) HIS MCN COMPUTELV ROUTED THAT AWFUt. OLD KlMG GUZZLE, *NO THS ARMV/ WOK ATTICM «UN.' GEE, THAT BEAU-ICWR OF YOURS 5UOE IS SOME MARWOR / i THINK HE'S JUST VJHO.T YCW.'boOLA/ IT LOOKS AS If YOUI3 Clli\ttceS Of QUECN OK MOO A«l PRE~HY GOOD.' UOW10UELP |^'VEH-AN UP l'^ ^ r A. WC.RT'S ONt AUTOMOTIVE Sfiberlinf Tires 4: lutes, Btpl»«- . p»it»- »n« aoetMoriw - toids to" 'inj' make 1 of; car.'. N\\LUONS AND A lUXU ON cmZEN& WHO ALLTW&ROWN TEETH tA WtYD TUT ATA,>: OH V.OW\H<flV All Klfldt InsUlle* The irt-Sjto Inmter Co. lOC-M-lO OVEH S\K TEET New I Ktntji TIKE ROM ME OUTA W PAlM: r j, AN" 1 IE UP IN ft Fimw OVP C/vVf, vjiu HE ^ SEBDS & PLANTS I SEED Potatoes, soy beans, lie! 1 mas and altulta seed. Qet m FlU'EW? I'LL PUT ft STOP TO REVOLUTION BUSINESS prices. £arj Hatcher. Cull B3&-J. seed with us now for Marcli and ftpril delivery. Tliey are sure u M niylier. iluiibiua Hardware 5c For Trade:. City property for farm Thompson, Ca- 8pk3-8 . . . like rent. Ethet Mo, IJUY NOW WH;LE CHEAPI 40 acre furm aid home, near Blythcvillc, all in cultivation. Roland Green Co 'TRUCK rm'.VKOi.vvr i WONUKR WHO 1)11)? BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES FOR f?ALE OR THADE Jersey HEIFERS, 7 fresh; 33 to be fresh at once. Will sell cheap for cash or will trade on other cows, llaynes Men's shop, 206 W. Mate. Plwas'ail. IC-ci-tt WANTED TO BUY Philli Motor Co. ONE Pair Mules and farming tools J. W Bader, Blythevllle. 23c •fM Ea.s! Main Slrcct \Ve Psy sa per ton ior Scrap Iron. A'-r-i bi'.v bi-'.<;5, iT-'w, Conner, l".ad, c'.c. Wclf *ti«a, Phono 176, 1?H J!. Mfi.n. 26-ck-3-26 BUSINESS DIHECTOKY We 1'ay 5V- Crr.ts for No. 1 Bn! Uittes Store, CM N. 6th SI 'JoticUlere'I arc chearer. the c-! 1 .! ncv ?t;ain. Fi'ne csllmstcs. Comp!';':-: lu-o r^.rr.i'le 1 . V.'crl; nnleeci. cii'imi & 5-:^, 113 Chlctasswbsi .£_.v.••!•?.;. 10 m* »r.«^> m 01,1) MAN UIVKKS! POULTRY & EGGS TUBBS BV TIIEV,AY, YOU BOVS DIDN'T HAPPEN T OLP NftW RIVERS, PIC VOU? HK COM6 BV AWHILE AGO .LOOKIW' ^ER SOME HEXCUHS. /• LOOKS LlKi TM6 O1D MrtN COMIM'.NOW. VCXI ROVS lKE STOTTS IS SHE«IFF OLD MAM RIVtRS OWNS 1HC DIAMOMO-WCK-T. THIS HERE'S TWF NAWH PASTURE. on! A ,'W/tt.,HE THINKS I* IS |A BAD SORT PER AM EftST- £HHE«,THO. OWNS 1-AlMD PLUMB TO we BORDER, Highest cash prices MINUTE. I F1GQUR Ht'Lu 6C WANTtM 5ET STILL "" 0 "' paid. J. S. Fisher, corner Vine & Second. Across Jrom Nazarene Church pk-3-I4 speciaiirc in Klonr Sweep iipetial kintls for special Hoots . Ci. 12-A-3-12 AND THEN SOME. • Setting eg(s from world's best Rhode Island Red Strain, Fran daily dii-wt from htnn^ry. Pickard's Grocery, Wll Chlcka 8 pk3-8 ?"rro tkurn iliT^noi's In you!' bo!E'? •M s. J. J. Mavis, VhOM ^cr Corscticre 26c EXl'ERT Typewrittr and Machine Ittpaitiiig. U. S. Blank- »0\V ABOUT SAMMY? SALESMAN SAM CAMfc '(O THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE FROM -(, TM T Poofi &i3-/* HOUR. OM 5£ST ONE. oF'ec<\ so Vft FiiJ^LLV hfto sewse Se.p LixsT WKSHAT ft «Me'6M -YfvMiCeo ; HUHi J sevew OP DID . Tuo&e-TeeTH is! TU'KJGHT -STILL. •^f' oofonnw,uiu i rccu SOfiKi PER W 1 0€MTtsTl t ^M^[CH, WHEN TRANSLATED LITERALLY "TO DOWN A DRINK AT A SINGLE ' GULP!" (N BELGIUM, A CAT AND TWELVE PIGEONS WERE RELEASED 2O /VUES FROM HCWE, AND THE CAT REACHED HOME. FIRST. rfv^v-rf-,- ; i i9 ili •!! 3^ SCUTTLK HAS PLANS! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS DW;T =* AS DUMB AS YOU LOOK !! IF YOU Mfc'Nno! THIS To AMYoNE, BE OFF! BESI&S5, You sisvER CA>J TFLL Agoirr. on. EVEN IF YOO CAN, YOU SUOUUDMT '.! MS |k), SUM-'- I TEI-L HIM WHAT THE TEST SHOWED •2 NUTTY COOk CAWE TO v ME WITH SOME IN A BOTTLE.,. WE PiDMT 1OOOW WHAT IT WAS AND WANTED IT TESTED 1 KNEW RIGHT AWAY/ THAT IT WAS A PINE C)ID YOU OUT ABOUT 1O ONE -TENTH 'OF AUTHE CROPS 1 PLANTED IN fHE UN1TEQ STATES. In 13VV .in fXiKiiiiitiit was made in Belgium on ihe ability" ol to iclurn lioinc from distant places. Thirty-seven cats were a distance of 20 miles, and all returned within SI'hours. (lie. HvitiK snake. IK? NEXT:

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