The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on February 3, 1990 · Page 67
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Page 67

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Saturday, February 3, 1990
Page 67
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Saturday, February 3, 1990 SMH Commonwealth Games 3C 67 the Games- ! The keep nerve to win fours 'AUCKLAND: Australia's unprecedented Commonwealth Games success on the green continued yesterday when the women's four took out a thrilling final over home side New Zealand 21-18 to collect the gold medal at Pakuranga. The four . Marion Stevens, of Victoria, North Haven's Daphne Shaw, Audrey Rutherford" of Queensland and Dorothy Roche, of Rosehill won on the final ' end in an enthralling exhibition of the bowling art The victory brought Australia's bowling medal tally at these '-. Games to three golds after wins by ' Rob Parrella in the singles and Ian Schuback and Trevor Morris in the pairs event . .. . The women's pair Maureen Hobbs (Qld) and Edda Bonutto (Qld) won a silver medal. - - No other Australian touring ' bowling side in the 60 years - history of the Commonwealth .: 'Games has brought home a better swag of medals. Relay team is disqualified from 400m From Page 33 "I'm raining really well at the moment and I guess it transfers into all my events. I was able to use my speed off the board. I just can't believe it has happened." She will , aow towards higher goals; like winning a medal at the 1991 Tokyo World Championships and 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Her AIS coach, Craig Hilliard, said selectors would be patting themselves on the back because they picked Flemming in the long jump, though both he and his charge were unable to dismiss the fact that they had failed to select her for the heptathlon because she was injured at the trials in December and did aot compete. , Hilliard believes that ff Flemming maintains high 6.60-70m jumps, her heptathlon score would automatically jump to the 6,800-point range. . "We'll be looking for a little bit of improvement over the other six events, which is quite an easy task over the next two years. So realistically, the 7,000 point barrier is not out of the question and a score in that range is enough for a ' medal at the Olympics." Flemming's leap would have placed her fourth at the 1988 Olympics and ahead of Sydney's - Nicole Boegmaa who jumped 6.73cm for fifth. Her score of 6,695 would also : naveplaced her fourth in Seoul. Kerry Saxby, now that she has won a gold medal in the 10,000m road walk, plans to use her success to lobby for a cause close to her heart. ' ' ; Saxby wants Australia's greatest snorting groupie, the Prime Minis- - ter, Mr Hawke, to push for a dual carriage highway between Newcastle and Brisbane. -"I'm going to ask him about it when he visits the athletes' village and now that I've got the medal, it might help," said the Ballina-based athlete who regularly makes the trip from her home, via her grandmother's house in Newcastle, to the AIS in Canberra. 7 The road conditions for the 10,000m walk were appalling Hilliard described the course as deplorable but didn't stop Saxby completing her mission in 45min 3s, ahead of New Zealand doctor Anne Jndkins, who won silver in 47min 3s ' tad England's Lisa Langford, who was third in 47min 23s. ATHLETICS MEN - - 4X400M RELAY . . M WoHd Hcocd 2i5Cl 6 Gum i Record 3:02-80 . - ?AT 1: 1 Kenya 3:03 55. 2 Jamaica 3:05.26. 3 Canada 3:08.69. 4 Scotland " 3:10.89. 5 Seychelles 3:18.57. -HEAT 2: 1 New Zealand 3:08.18. 2 ' Pakistan 3:12.95. Australia DSQ. England DSQ. Trinidad DSQ. i " " DISCUS - ' i WorM Record 74XW 4 fiMnai n. in ni ... nNAV 1 Adewale Olukoiu (Nig) 62.62. 2-Y&2FJi'F!rJIHto 6' -56- 3 Paul Nandapi "f.5994- i Bradley Cooper (Bah) 58 98. 5 f u' Mardle (Eng) 5876. 6 Raymond Lazdins " '?r- ' uranam savory (tng) 57.44. 8 &'X,n M2Ir,$, iS-SP 56.10. 9 Robert ' SK,5f.(?inL5s6t 10 Mark Robinson. (NZ) 53.64. AbiEkoku (Eng) NVT. POLE VAULT WorM Record 6.06m flames Record 5 -Mm ' FINAL: 1 Simon Arkell (AusO 5.35GR. 2. ' Ian Tullett (Eng) 5 25. 3 Simon Poelman (NZ) 5.20. 4 Neil Honey (AusO 5.20. 5 Paul Just - (Can) 5.10. 6 Adam Steinhardt (AusO 5.10. 7 - Paul Gibbons (NZ) 5.10. 7 Robert Ferguson . (Can) 5.10. 9 Douglas Wood (Can) 5.00. 10 Matthew Belsham (Eng) 5.00. 1 1 Derek' : MctCee (NZ) 4.80. Andrew Ashurst (Eng) NVJ. The National Australia Bank proudly supports this coverage &frfr4M'of the Commonwealth Games.4 ladies their BOWLS JIM MCMENAMIN The final of the women's fours, which lasted three and a half hours, was described by Kiwi international and former World singles champion Peter Belliss, a commentator on New Zealand television as "the most exciting bowls game I've ever seen". The last seven ends were so closely contested that there was never more than one shot separating the two teams. Scores were level twice 14-14 and 18-18 on the 20th end. The 21st and final end was killed by Kiwi third Adrienne Lambert when Australia held game with two shots. On the replay the Kiwi four Marlene Castle, Lyn McLean, Adrienne Lambert and captain Rhoda Ryan were showing the strain of the intensely fought, contest Jane Flemming after her 1500m World Record 3:29.46 . Games Record 3:32.1 6 HEAT 1: 1 Peter Elliott (Eng) 3:42 88. 2 Anthony Morrell (Eng) 3:43.28. 3 Wilfred Kirochi (Kenya) 3:43.46. 4 Peter O'Donoghue (NZ) 3:43.54. S Patrick Scammell (Aust) 3:44.22. 6 Alan Bunce (NZ) 3:45.52. 7 Mark Kirk (N Irel) 3:46.50. 8 Neil Horsfield (Wales) 3:49.34. 9 Colin Mathieson (Can) 3:50.66. 10 Wilson Theleso (Bots) 3:50.83. 11 Melford Homela (ZimtO 3:50.89. HEAT 2: 1 Joseph Chesire (Kenya) 3:43 03. 2 Simon Doyle (AusO 3:43.15. 3 John Walker. (NZ) 3:43.29.. 4 David Campbell (Can) 3 43.39. 5 Ian Hamer (Wales) 3:43.55. 6 William Tanui (Kenya) 3:43.62. 7 Mbiganyi Thee (Bots) 3:44.39. 8 Linton McKenzie (Jamaica) 3:48.74. 9 Gary Barber (Can) 3:53.76. 10 John Siguria (PNG) 4:05.49. 30KM WALK 1 Guillaume Leblanc (Can) 2:08:28. 2 Andrew Jachno (Aust) 2:09:09. 3 Ian McCom-bie (Eng) 2:09:20. 4 Francois Lapointe (Can)-2 12:41.5 Mark Easton (Eng) 2: 1 4:52. 6 Chris Maddocks (Eng) 2:15:07. 7 Simon Baker (Aust) 2:19:55. 7 Paul Cooeland (Aust) 2:19:55. 9 Stephen Partington (I of M) 2:20:1 1. 10 Shane Donnelly (NZ) 2:24:01. 1 1 Martin Archambault (Can) 2:29:22. 12 Sean Sullivan (NZ) 2:35:40. Moetu Tangitamaiti (Cook Is) Did not finish. TRIPLE JUMP WorM Record 1737 Games Record 1647 QUALIFYING GROUP 1: 1 John Herbert (Eng) 16.86. 2 Marios Hadiiandreou (Cyprus) 16 63. 3 Paul Nioze (Seyc) 16.58. 4 Edrick Floreal (Can) 16.57. 5 Jonathan Edwards (Eng) 16 50. 6 George Wright (Can) 16.44. 7 Vernon Samuels (Eng) 16.38. 8 Brian Wellman (Berm) 16.23. 9 Mohd Zaki Sadri (Malay) 16.09. 10 Andrew Murphy (Aust) 16.04. 11 Festus Igbinoghene (Nig) 16.00. 12 Matthew Sweeney (Aust) 15.97. 13 Craig Duncan (Scot) 15.81. 14 Ayo Aladcfa (Nig) 1533. Paul Golden girls ... from left Marion Stevens, Audrey Rutherford, Daphne Shaw and Dorothy Roche, the winners of the women's fours at Pakuranga yesterday. With Australia holding game again with three shots Kiwi skipper Ryan attempted to kill the end a second time with a powerhouse drive which failed to move, any of the Australian counters and the exhilarated Aussie women hugged each other in sheer delight For the Australian captain Dorothy Roche it was a world record fourth gold medal in gold-medal performance in Sirnensen (Aust) NVJ. Oral O'Gilvie (Can) 4X1 OOM RELAY World Record 37.83 Games Record 39.15 HEAT 1:1 Nigeria 39.21. 2 Jamaica 39.36. 3 Canada 39 96. 4 New Zealand 40.53. 5 PNG 41.16.6 Bangladesh 42.47. HEAT 2: 1 England 39 35 2 Australia 39 81 3 Scotland 4021 4 The Gambia 41.87 Ghana Disc. WOMEN LONG JUMP World Record 7 S2 Games Record 6.73 FINAL: 1 Jane Flemming (AusO 6.78GR. 2 . Beatrice Utondu (Nig) 6.65.3 Fiona May' (Eng) 655. 4 Chtoma Ajunwa (Nig) 6.48.. 5 Jayne Moffitt (NZ) 6.46. 6 Shonel Ferguson (Bah) 6.41. 7 Mary Berkeley (Eng) 6.33. 8' Sandra Priestley (AusO 6.32. 9 Kim Hagger (Eng) 6 27. 10 Sharon Jaklofsky-Smith (Aust) 625. 11 Lisa Ball (NZ) 621. 12 Euphemia Huggins (Trinidad) 6.19. 13 Donna Smellie (Can) 5.73. 10.0OOM World Record 30:15.74 Games Record 3 1 -41 M FINAL: 1 Elizabeth McColgan (Scot) 32:2336. 2 Jill Hunter (Eng) 32:33.21. 3 Barbara Moore (NZ) 32:4473. 4 Carole Rouillard (Can) 32:49.36. 5 Jane Ngotho (Kenya) 32:54.20. 6 Susan Hobson (Aust) 32:54.92. 7 Jenniferlund (AusO 32:58 68. 8 Jane Shields (Eng) 32:59.42. 9 Lizanne Bussieres (Can) 33:16.65. 10 Susan Lee (Can) 33:22.63. 1 1 Anne Audain (NZ) 33:40.1 3. 1 2 Karen MacLeod (Scot) 34:24.71. 13 Anne Hannam (NZ) 34:42.62. Angela Tooby (Wales) DNF. Wendy Sly (Eng) DNF. 10KM WALK 1 Kerry Saxby (Aust) 45:03. 2 Anne Judkins (NZ) 47:03. 3 Lisa Langford (Eng) 47:23. 4 Lorraine Jachno (AusO 47:35. 5 Janice McCaffrey (Can) 48:26. 6 Beverley Commonwealth Games and in Women's World Bowls. She had won a triples gold at WWB 1985 in Melbourne and' captained gold medal winning, teams in triples and fours in the 1988 WWB at Henderson, Auckland. In yesterday's other event involving Australians, the men's the long jump yesterday. HOT Hayman (AusO 48:50. 7 Helen Elleker (Eng) 49:51. 8 Alison Baker (Can) 50:54. Ann Peel (Can) Did not finish. Betty Sworowski (Eng) Did not finish. Jane Jackson (NZ) Disq. 1500m World Record 3-5247 Games Record 4:06.34 HEAT 1: 1 Lynne Maclntvre (Scot) 4:10.57. 2 Karen Hutcheson (Scot) 4:10.65. 3 Angela Chalmers (Can) 4:10.67. 4 Shireen Bailey (Eng) 4:10.71. 5 Christine Pfitzinger (NZ) 4:11.07. 6 Sarah Collins (AusO 4:12.26. 7 Ursula McKee (N Irel) 4:16.44. 8 Anne Hare (NZ) 4:2025. 9 Khanyisile Lukhele (Swaz) .4:48.65. HEAT 2: 1 Christina Cahill (Eng) 4:1476. 2 ' 'Debbie Bowker (Can) 4:15.29. 3 Beverley Nicholson (Eng) 4:15.50. 4 Yvonne Murray (Scot) 4:15.67. 5 Michelle Baumgartner (Aust) 4:16.10. 6 Robyn Meagher (Can). 4: 1 627. 7 Carolyn Schuwalow (AusO 4:1 658. 8 Deborah Sheddan (NZ) 4:2 1 .42. 100m HURDLES WorM Record 12.21 Games Record 12.91 FINAL: 1 Kay Morley (Wales) 12 91 GR. 2 Sally Gunnell (Eng) 13.12. 3 Lesley-Ann Skeete (Eng) 13.31. 4 Jane Flemming (AusO. 13.37. 5 Glynis Nunn-Cearns (AusO 13.47. 6 Jenny Laurendet (Aust) 13.52. 7 Judith Robinson (N Irel) 13.55. 8. Helen Pirovano (NZ) 13.61. Louise Fraser (Eng) DSQ. HIGH JUMP WorM Record 2.09 Games Record 1.93 FINAL: 1 Tania Murray (NZ) 1.88. 2 Janet Boyle (N Irel) 1 .88. 3 Tracy Phillips (NZ) 1 88. 4 Trudy Wood head (NZ) 1 88. 4 Vanessa Ward (AusO 1 .88. 6 Jenny Talbot (AusO 1 .88. . 7 Deann Bopf (AusO 1.85. 8 Leslie Estwick (Can) 1.85. 9 Diana Davies (Eng) 1.80. 9 Jeannie Cockcroft (Can) 1.80. 11 Nkechi Madubuko (Nig) 1.80. 11 Linda McCurdv-Cameron (Can) 1.80. 13 Sharon Hutchings (N Ire) 1.80. 14 Michele Wheeler (Eng) 1.75. 15. four of Ken Woods (ACT), Dennis Katunarich (WA), Denis Dalton (NSW) and Rex Johnston (NSW) collapsed in a heap against New Zealand in the play-off for bronze and went down 13-21 to give the exuberant Kiwis Stuart McConnell, Peter Shaw, Kevin Darling and skipper Phil Sko-glund the minor medal. In a crucial section match the ' Colin mind AUCKLAND: Four months before Colin Robertson left for the Commonwealth Games he was told he had an uncanny ability to focus his attention on a single object Yesterday, the 32-year-old shooter from Melbourne reaped the dividends of bis single-mindedness, securing Australia's seventh gold medal at the Ardmore Range in a triumph of mind over matter. Robertson, a psychology graduate, was placed under the sort of pressure which is rare in his sport, forced into a shoot-off with England's John Maddison for the gold medal in the 10m running target It had been an unexpected turn of events for Robertson, who had earlier believed he had won the medal outright Maddison, the bespectacled Englishman, had won the toss and was given the bonus of shooting first Robertson stood within a few metres, but refused to watch as Morrison produced an excellent score of 86. Standing behind a bench and aiming an air rifle at a single card measuring 26cm by 15cm from 10m away is a difficult task at the best of times, but when the card is moving and stays in the line of vision for just 2.5s, then the odds lengthen considerably. Maddison, however, demonstrated an impressive resolve to score consistently close to the mark, a five in his first shot the only real sign of nerves. The Englishman had the added advantage of posting his score first It was during a psychological profile he received at the Chisholm Institute in Melbourne last year that Robertson learned he had a great ability to narrow his thoughts to a single object, and it was a lesson he Corbett's team AUCKLAND: Australia's netball team trounced world champions New Zealand 53-35 in an aggressive demonstration match at the ASB Stadium. In front of a 3,000 crowd Australia dominated proceedings and were ahead after each quarter. It was Australia's first win in seven matches against the Kiwis and partly compensated for a New Zealand whitewash of last year's Trans-Tasman Test series. Mew Australian coach Margaret Corbett was surprised at the result. "Usually there is only a goal or two difference between the two countries,'' she said. . o JACQUELIN MAGNAY nCgfiMB Jo Jennings (Eng) 1.70. Dionne Gardner (Norf Is) NHC. First place decided by iumpoff. BOWLS M FOURS: FINAL: Scotland 19 N Ireland. 14. For bronze: New Zealand 21 Australia 13. W FOURS: FINAL: Australia 20 New Zealand 18. For bronze: Hong Kong 21 Scotland 20. BADMINTON MS: FINAL: Rashid Sidek (Malay) b Kok Keong Foo (Malay) 15-8 15-10. For Bronze: Darren Hall (Eng) b Stephen Baddeley (Eng) walkover. MO: For Bronze: Bryan Blanshard-Michael Bitten (Can) b Miles Johnson-Andy Goode (Eng) 15-4 15-5. WS: FINAL: Fiona Smith (Eng) b Denyse Julien (Can) 11-7 12-9. For Bronze: Helen Troke (Eng) b Deepti Thanekar (India) 11-0 11-0. WD: FINAL: Fiona Smith-Sara Sankey (Eng) b Gillian Gowers-Gillian Clark (Eng). For Bronze: Johanne Falardeau-Denyse Julien iCanui Sumoon Tan-Siew Choon Lim (Malay) MIX D: For Bronze: Andy Goode-Gillian ' Clark (Eng) b Stephen Baddeley-Gillian Gow-ers (Eng) walkover. National 'previous day against Northern; Ireland, there were ominous signs1 of cracks in the Aussie men's four; weaponry. I The fours Games gold medal went to the Scotland team Denis Love, Ian Bruce, George Adrain and Willie Wood who outplayed Northern Ireland 19-13 in a one sided final. keeps on job SHOOTING MICHAEL COCKERILL was to put to good stead. When he walked to the bench after Maddison had completed his round, he had no idea what score the Englishman had managed, nor did he want to know. "I am a firm believer that it is not my job to think about winning or losing, it is my job to aim at a particular object, to squeeze the trigger and follow through," he said. "If I do that properly, then everything else will fall into place. I rehearse it all in my mind. "You live in pressure in this sport, so you learn to accept it I didn't know what he had scored, and it wasn't important My only concern was to find the perfect line to aim at and then fire.' In the end Robertson achieved what he set out to do, although a five in his penultimate shot raised the prospect of a last-gasp defeat The Australian needed an eight from his final shot but while his teammates watched on anxiously from the gallery he called upon all his reserves of concentration to shut out the pressure and shoot a perfect 10. "Fantastic, I am really enjoying this," he said afterwards. "I just hope I can get something concrete out of it They say you go broke, representing your country, well I can tell you I'm flat broke. It would be nice if there was a sponsor out there willing to support me." stun Kiwis BOXING BANTAMWEIGHT FINAL: Sabo Mohammed (Nig) b Geron-imo Bie (Can) on points. LIGHT WELTERWEIGHT FINAL: Charles Kane (Scot) b Nicodemus Odore (Kenya) on points WELTERWEIGHT FINAL: David Defiagbon (Nig) b Gregory. Johnson (Can) on points LIGHT-MIDDLEWEIGHT FINAL: Richard Woodhall (Eng) bt Raymond Downey (Can) on points. MIDDLEWEIGHT FINAL: Christopher Johnson (Can) b Ashiao Joseph Laryea (Ghana) on points. SUPER-HEAVYWEIGHT FINAL: Michael Kenny (NZ) b Liadi Alhassan (Ghana) on points. JUDO MEN UNDER 71 KG ROUND 1: James Hallett (AusO b Siao-CNn Chong (HK) by Ippon. William Cusack (Scot) b Stephen Corkin (NZ) by Ippon. Maiemite Omagbaluwaje (Nig) b Eok Tan (Sing) by Waza-Ari-Awasete-lppon. Andrew Jenkins (Wales) b James Sibenge (Zimb) by Ippon. QTR-F: Roy Stone (Eng) b Hallett by Ippon. Cusack b Sandeep Byala (India) by Ippon. Omagbaluwaie b Colin Savage (N Ire) by Koka. Jenkins b Roman HatasNta (Can) by Yuko. SEMI-F: Omagbaluwaje b Jenkins by Yuko. Stone b Cusack by Yuko. REPECHAGE: Cusack b Hallett by Srado. Savage b Tan by Ippon. FINAL: Stone b Omagbaluwaie by Yuko. Australia Bank Limited A pretty pickle in Auckland and Fenech tops it off The Australian team at this Commonwealth Games has had more controversy than half a dozen other nations put together. There was public squabbling about the size of the track and field team, another selection fight in cycling, Village streakers, sexual harassment of one of our female runners and then the swimmers won a bagful of medals before launching their scathing attack on head coach Don Talbot for his alleged autocratic ways. That was surely enough. But then came the added indignity of triple world boxing champion Jeff Fenech being tossed out of the boxing tournament by policemen after he'd tried to remonstrate with an official involved in Thursday night's bout in which Australian lightweight Justin Rowsell lost a gold medal chance. Fenech's Games accreditation was then withdrawn. While Australia will have well over a half-century of gold medals when the Games finish this after-' noon, we're right at the bottom of the medal table for public image. Might I ask what the bell Fenech was doing with accreditation in the first place? I'm led to believe be had accreditation as a television commentator, but if he ever appeared to tell us, "I loves yous all," or offer any expert advice, then it was so brief that most people missed him. It just seems that many areas of our team selection and management have to be considerably tightened to have our image equal our medal-winning performances. WHO would have ever thought womens bowls would have people on the edge of their seats? But many thousands of people all over the nation were riveted to their seats yesterday as the girls took the gold medal in the fours, which goes to show that Aussies like a good contest and a bunch of triers even if it's not in a major sport, just as everyone also threw their weight behind the women's hockey team at the Seoul Olympics. THESE Gaines have struck me as being very much a family affair for our team members. At every turn we've seen our athletes with equally prominent husbands wivesfiances making a name for themselves. I would have thought that having one sports person in a family was enough. After all, who does the housework, buys the groceries and . walks the dog if both family members are out on the road or in the pool training? There was Lisa Curry Kenny in the pool, with Grant leaving his kayaksurfboardsurf ski behind and taking two-year-old Jaimi-Lee along to watch her mum's successes. Incidentally, a word of advice for both of them. None of the world's top sports would ever allow their child to be seen in public nearly as much as she was. I'd have thought the less recognisable she is by members of the public the better, for fairly obvious reasons. Then there was marathon gold medallist Lisa Martin and her Kenyan fiance Yobes ("bless his cute little face") Ondieki, who toppled over in the 5,000m, the shock winner of that 5,000m gold medal Andrew Lloyd and his wife, 1,500m runner Carolyn Schuwa-low, and finally, yesterday, we had the two walkers, Andrew and Lorraine Jachno. Now we've just got to wait and see what the offspring turn out like, or whether heredity is merely a word we confuse with hereditary. Trotter takes out bronze Peter Trotter, Australia's best ever wheelchair athlete, collected a bronze medal in the mens paraplegic 1,500m race. "He finished behind two Canadians, Marc Quessy and Jeff Adams. The two Canadians led from the beginning which suited Trotter because he relies on a final, furious burst of wheel and rubber. The Welsh wheelie, Chris Hallam, however, unintentionally blocked Trotter's path when the Australian went for his run on the bell lap. Hallam moved over but the leeway was too much to overcome. ROY MASTERS UNDER 65kg RD 1: Tilak Thapa (India) b Wai-Keung Leung (HK) by Ippon. Mark Preston (Scot) b James Mafuta (Zambia) by Ippon. Mark Adshead (Eng) b Ciaran Ward (N Ire) by Ippon. Elias loannou (Cyprus) b Desire Wong (Seychelles) by Ippon. QTR-F: Jean-Pierre Cantin (Can) b Tilak Thapa (India) by Yuko. Mark Preston (Scot) b Darren Fagan (Aust) by Shido. Mark Adshead (Eng) b Dafydd Thomas (Wales) by Yuko. Brent Cooper (NZ) b Elias loannou (Cyprus) by Ipoon. SEMI-F: Preston b Cantin by Koka. Cooper bt Adshead by Yuko. REPECHARGE: Fagan b Mafuta by Ippon. Adshead b loannou by Ippon. Cantin b Fagan by Yusei-Gachi. FINAL: Cooper b Preston by Ippon. WOMEN UNDER 56kg RD 1: Suzanne Williams (AusO b Nathalie Gosselin (Can) by Ippon. QTR-F: Grace Osagie (Nig) b Sunith Thakur (India) by Waza-Ari-Awasete-lopon. Loretta Cusack (Scot) b Moira Sutton (Wales) by Koka. Williams b Lai-Wah Law (HK) by Ippon. Ann Hughes (Eng) b Leah Watson (NZ) by Waza-Ari-Awasete-lppon. SEMI-F: Williams b Hughes by Yuko. Cusack b Osagie by Yuko. REPECHARGE: Sutton b Osagie by Yusei-Gachi. Gosselin b Law by Ippon. Hughes b Gosselin by Ippon. FINAL: Cusack b Williams by Ippon. UNDER 52kg RO 1: Sharon Rendle (Eng) b Lyne Poirier (Can) by Koka. Lisa Griffiths (Wales) b Wai-Seung Yu (HK) by Ippon. Claire Shiach (Scot) b Catherine Grainger (AusO bv Yuko. Tania Moore (NZ) b Anita Tokas (India) by Ippon. SEMI-F: Rendle b Griffiths by Ippon. Shiach b Moore by Shido. REPECHAGE: Griffiths b Poirier by Yuko. Grainger b Tania Moore (NZ) by Ippon. FINAL: Rendle b Shiach by Yuko. W THE WEBSTER FILE ONE of the more intriguing sports we've seen at these Games has been rhythmic gymnastics. Spend a few minutes watching it and you come away in absolute awe at the physical fitness, immense skill, hand-eye co-ordination and dexterity of the competitors. Some may disagree, but I feel it's a sport in every sense of the word and more than welcomed its presence. For those who might not know a great deal about gymnastics, allow me to note that rhythmic sportive gymnastics, as it's officially known, is a blood relative of the more familiar artistic gymnastics, of the vault and bars and beam, which we saw last week. Both have been around for a long time, rhythmic since the 18th century. Maybe the best way to distinguish between the two is to remember that aside from the floor exercise, artistic gymnasts perform on equipment and rhythmic ones (women exclusively) perform with it. Like most, I was fascinated to see what the rhythmic gymnasts were ' able to do with those magic ribbons. The ribbon is a two-inch-wide heavy satin strip, 5.9m long, connected to' a slender wooden wand. During the 60-90 second routine, the two elements, the woman and her ribbon, work as one, through stag leaps, plies and dazzling spins. The ribbon is used to italicise the gymnast's movements, to accent every motion, and the eye sees not the woman, or the ribbon, but both, as a unit, in a single flowing composition. I found it absorbing.. The only problem with gymnastics is that the judging of it must always be subjective, as in boxing and judo, and that immediately creates an environment for controversy. Oh, that machines could judge these sports for us. THESE Games will all be over this afternoon and then we only have to wait for July 25, 1992 to see just how good all our champions are on the truly international stage. What happens then? The Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Barcelona. - There we'll hear more of Glen Housman and Kieren Perkins (1400m freestyle), Steve Monegh-etti and Lisa Martin (marathons), probably Hayley Lewis (400m freestyle) and Andrew Baildon (100m freestyle), some of our shooters and maybe Darren Clark (400m) once more. (I'm presuming Debbie Flintoff-King will be hurdling kids in the kitchen by then). But after that, our store of potential Olympic champions just about dries up, particularly with the decline of our cyclists and not many budding stars in other sports on the horizon. Just to emphasis the difference between Commonwealth and world standards, Simon Arkell won the pole vault gold medal yesterday with a Games record of 5.35m, yet Soviet Sergey Bubka's world record currently stands at 6.06m, 71cm higher (and that is more then the length of a page of this newspaper). JIM WEBSTER SHOOTING INDIVIDUAL FREE RIFLE PRONE 1 Roger Harvey (NZ) 591 GR. 2 Stephen Petterson (NZ) 590. 3 Philip Scanlan (Eng) 590. 4 Barry Sutherland (Can) 590 5 Barry Sturgess (AusO 590. 6 Michael Ashcroft (Can) 587. 7 John Dallimore (Wales) 586. 8 Robert Courtney (Guern) 586. 9 John Knowles (Scot) 585. 10 Stewart Watterson (I of M) 585. 1 1 Robert Jarvis (Eng) 584. 1 1 Alan Smith (AusO 584. 13 Stephen Le Couilliard (Jersey) 583. 14 Alister Allan (Scot) 582. 15 Henry Creevy (I of M) 581. IS Daya Raiasinghe (Sri Lanka) 581. 17 John Hamilton (Jersey) 580. 18 Joydip Das (India) 578. 19 Clifford Ogle (N Irel) 577. 20 Howard Danino (Gib) 576. 20 Martin Mace (N Irel) 576. 20 Colin Tomlinson (Gib) 576. 23 Terence Wakefield (Wales) 575. 24 Timothy Seeto (PNG) 574. 24 Paul Simpson (HK) 574. 26 Peter Rull Jr (HK) 567. 27 Nicky Gabriel (PNG) 565. 27 Hans Rama (India) 565. 29 Barry Markowitz (W Samoa) 541 . INDIVIDUAL RUNNING TARGET 1 Colin Robertson (AusO 539. 2 John Maddison (Eng) 539. 3 Anthony Clarke (NZ) 535. 4 Mark Bedlington (Can) 534. 5 David Lee (Can) 532. 6 Paul Carmine (NZ) 528. 7 David Chapman (Eng) 527. 8 Bryan Wilson (AusO 524. 9 John Schofield (PNG) 395. INDIVIDUAL CENTRE PISTOL 1 Ashok Pandit (India) 583. 2 Surinder Marwah (India) 577. 3 Bruce Quick (Aust) 576. 4 Michael Jay (Wales) 576. 5 Phillip Adams (AusO 574. 6 Collin Greenhough (Eng) 567. 6 Barry O'Neale (NZ) 567. 6 Gregory Yelavich (NZ) 567. 9 Derek Bernard (Jersey) 566. 10 Yiu-Kai Leung (HK) 565. 11 Richard Pirouet (Jersey) 563. 11 William Thomson (Scot) 563. 11 James Tollan (Scot) 563. 14 Gilbert U (HK) 560. 15 Stephen Pengelly (Wales) 557. 16 David Levene (Eng) 556. 17 Ian Redmond (Zimb) 555.

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