The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1930
Page 6
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 1930 ULYTI1KVILLB, (AUK.) COUlUttU MCE'SEVEN CLASSIFIED Tito ceim a word lor flrst In- urtlon uid one cent • word (or etch iubi*;utjit inser- tlOD. No lAvtrUumentUken for l«ss tliin Ho. Count the' words and fend tb« cub, Phone 306 •• FOR SALE COPYRIGHT 1930 ?oa SALE—Baby Chicks. Custom hatching each we«lc from new on, Marilyn JIaUliery. . 28cfc-t| * NEA SERVICE //zc> r Story fly.ERNEST LYNN/ )UR BOARDING HOUSE By Aherv Our policy of selling: Vsed Car strictly al cost to us, is your assurance of more Dollars for dollar value. All makes and models lu stlcet from 1330 Model Ford Tudor Sedan $1351 11930 Model Kotd Tudor Sedan $495 I Mode) Chrysler Coupe $210 Model Ford Sland. Couix: $«5! 11028 Model Chrysler Sedin.. $375 11929 Model Ford Iloadstcr $295 11928-Model Ford rick-up.... $265 Il928 Mod. Ford Business Coupt $295 Il928 Model Ferd Tudor Sedan $235 i 11936 Model Dodge. Panel.Truck 5 95 IIKIilN III-IIIK TUUAIf Thruink « IcMltr (kill kc rt- fflvi-« fniiii u friend In Ktw Vurk, DA.V HOHIMMU. l(oll)«u"il ««- iinrlii "rllcr nnd furucr NCI" VorK nrithiiuiicr tnnn, nierl» AXNK WlNTIJIl, «Ku hn» comr (rum Tulin, Okln., In frx ti> Cfl film mirk <ji Ihe movlci. IJan end* li*r clilLTiMln^ nni] inkoi n itvrp InUTi-kt In her, hhr lrorn> (nun dim tlinl ht »urk> ul t\ni1lnent^l Plvlurri. She IIIT* iiurkfd unl; one iliir n« un t'xlrn hrrnel(. but B few cU)» uf<rr Ihc-lr mrcllnB »Uc gf l> r\lra ivutk nl Crniirt ITnllcU. llrr Nrm Jnr (hrrr nhp iin-ctn a Klrl namril MONA >I01IHIS<]N, unil Innurdlnfclr Ilkri kcr. Miinn h HiJiiK "Illi IIVA IIAII1.I-:V, ami Anne llrrn nloni', nnd Mimn hn&- t;r«t« thnt Ihr tlirrr ui:vnt)X a liun- Knlim ili:i( khe nnj l^in Imve •rfii. Thcx cto lhli>. Jljm lvnrn« (rnnt Mn«;i Ikitt c:,Mll!Y M.IIAN. Ih: IciMiitaji dlrri:l(ir, lu-funllT hna tin- tlxed Anur, nnd fchc ninr Nt 1 ulvro 1 "Ml 1 lljin. mil Ilkhip Slomi, nllkimck he hnt> nrtrr uclunll? met Him, Is (I lill n|i|!rrhtt!Elvr. Annf KCI-UM KM Emlliitlmi* Ilinl lie IJi.926—Model Chevrolet CuuHe $ 94 f.VSO Mode! Ford Thaclon.. $205 1. Sec our slock loday and nuke i)'ou r selection, your car accepted |as part payment. Used Car Dept. l>HILLH'ls MOTOR CO. Aulhorittd Ford Dealers 1'HONE 811 TODAY nd he dnm Hnnir linif, Hnrlry on IFOR SALE--1927 Chrysler 52, 9,000 miles, five new lives, practically |nc*', S325 cash. R. S. Gatti, call |603 before 6:30. FOR RENT Jl-'OR BENT—Front bedroom adjoining balli, [irivalc home, call lilO-W ^8 BFOrt, RENT—Two downstairs front bedrooms, 719 W. Asli. 4pM WANTED I WANTED - Family Waslilngs-i Washed and ironed by compe- Itent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 1104 S. Lake St. "<*-« I WANTED—Room and board m I private residence tor couple. Ad-, I dress Box B, Courier News. 5pk8| I WANTED—Practical nursine uy I lady with fourteen months expc r - Slcncc with trained nurse. 110 W I Vine St. 7 P k14 miUrn.i-c- of bli-n-ll. mil vnll <in tirr fur 'I'htn dni* »l:i.» tic *cr Ilir Cnlilliiriiliit lol. .vow no o.v WITH THE STOKV R ORlMJi'.it ,'iad cntei-c<l the vsiaiira.i>. with Mnrtln Collin .-. the diruclor, and Jim Donnelly: but at sight ol 15va Hurley sitting alone at a corner table, he excused himself and hurried ovcri to her. . ' [ "Mind if I loin you?" tie asked, and Eva. looking iip. Bald. "Not a bit; glnd to have you." She was la makeup; her cheeks bright red. lips carmine, darli' ilue eyes intensified aud enlarged by .purple Bhadov:s. "Technicolor?" Dan asked. , taking a chair. "Yes." lie followed hsr switt downward glance at. her costume. IIci coat covered bare *hilG arms unc shoulder.!, and ,1 liw-vnl, light- waisted gown of another era "I'm supposed to be a Flonidora Klvl." Ev;i e.tplolncu briefly, parked the hat." "I sec." t)an, looking about the restaurant, noticed ollu'r girls siinihirly jirrnycd: h:it these woro their old-Casliloncd hats without tvacc of self-consciousness, or. as ill one [able he saw. tbi-y made a merry joke of it. "How long hnvo yon been at ContinentiLl?' Dan asked, nnd l!v;i nnsiuiliugly informed him thai slid was just there fur the day. pityingly: "I'm ju.opoW (o fcf n l : lorado;a girl." I'.i'a explained briefly. ' 1 •orbed the. hot. ly?—and a little mysterious." H« mulled. ' I (ell Unit you Uldu'l like 1110—and lh:it'» nn unoomtorlabl* sort of (CC)|IIR to have." Eva l".ilted tit ill m, luoked him Dlrultlil In Ihc ryes until Dan felt wkwanl ami 111 at cute: ani b« oncludC'i then that J£vn llarlc; voulil bu the wrong pen-on tu lie '.-. Hccausp." ho thonghl, "llioso cye« [ hcra wuuld thid U O'H." She s-^lJ iircscully, "You're all •ight, Dan Horlmci-, and 1 do IIn« •oil." "I'm vciy Rhiil," Dail uttlil. "1 Ike yon. Kvu." lie tliiMiijlit. walehiug her: "V i hearlbrfaklng smile!" "I'll till you nbout inyBclf," i!va said. "Ynu've heard—ovevyboily lieiirj—ul whnt liappcncd to BoiiiQ ft Ihc stars when pictures Blurted to talk. There's Ihurcii lor In*i:mcc—Tlie (Jrent IJarrctl lie's tin :ufli :iml lio doesn't kiun It. liui all Hollywood knows n. And &K* uinnlluiicd others he ha card of. Hut there were hnmlrcil f other (.asei-, no less trngii: by r<; on ol their obscurity, thai Hi vorlil never would hear about. •She ^:iitl, "I've gol A voice like a nightclub hostess; ll's about a- plcasnnt ami musical as sciuLiinr. your tingci'-nail along a whrlot.- lane." lietuic the in nil rush for uilklng picture;, she went on, sho Ji.-.-i roiiufl fairly steady employment.'"'I liad 301:10 pretty decent bits, lou. lint noir—well, if joti'ra inctty enough and sinnll enough; If ywi can 9ln^ n little and do n tap- dance routine without fulling on your face, lliere'u jobs to bo hail in the revues . . . That's not my style." A shaft ol sunlight threw an Ir- J> Mou-rv! so we.x^ A IS -frlAf i\ COULTJ ueT IT. ,Y HAv/li f COM& our OML.V ABOUT" A unteia irfe )t<*Jy f.- ',- . \ Kit*"* ^ JLx ^y^" AS fe>U. v w^>~; $5 <^;V • \; .A' ' t/\ he induced his cisurc'.s and said, "bul you're not fair to yourself, or to Moi'.a." "Oh. yes 1 am." She paused while Rorimer held n light to her cigarct. "Mona," alia saiil. "Is one sweul kid: hut she doesn't kuow what It's all about. She'll havo to bo awfnliy. Hicky if-she ever gets auylhins better than extra work." "She's a mighty i>retty girl." Dan saia. "1 Ihoiishl she was jrctty clever." Eva's bvlef smile came and wenl. "What ol it?" she challenged. ioi dclhim-e and n touch of billcr- ness. "Thnl'a not nil," blio ad. milted, "but It's one reason. Another. It you care to know It, Is lliiH .Mona'j just n kid and she nenis vninrhoily around'who knows what's eoc:l tor her ami what Isn't. Yon don't sco any ol these \vould-l>c ahelkj hanging around licr. do you?" sli" demanded, ami Dan said _ be hadn't. won't, as -long as Ami yrji! Ivan t, as -ions JMona's willing to listen lo me. I norimer thought that Eva liar- Icy was dangerously cloee to tears. regular shallowed tviiuigle on her throat nml cauglit and hold Ihc jel- low golil In licr lialr, so Ihiil ItorL* mer's eyes smarted at It3 lu-lRlit- ness. i-:va, he tlioujibl, In her rlccollclc cnsluino o( early-century vintage, run! her cxnggeraled uiu^e- up, was like a study In dlslllnston- inenl a-i the b!e\v muoke ;'crosd |:CT shoul.U-r fiitm tlie side of lier palnl- od month. She was like those full- bloivii-.ntid facling crefilurcs lie had seeri E'o often on the Ecrecn as scar- ilet!\vonicn of rough western d.incff lalls; womci). he veticetcil. whnsn slhs'oeiulracnlal directors Bcncrully washed away In » KreaL rcBeucrat- ' ' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin SHE COULDN'T TELL A LIE! WARNING OKDEll I Chancciy Court, Ohickasawba District, Mississippi County. Arkansas I The Union Central Life Insurance Ico., el a!, Plaintiff I vs. No. 4785 I M. Koss el al. Defendant \ The defendant Franklin Bond fc I Mortgage Co., J. C.. Thurmond is I warned lo appear within Unity I days in the court named in me Iraption hereof nnd answer the j I complaint ol the plaintiff The Un-: Ion Central Lif3 Insurance Co., j el al. ' I Dated July 31. 1930 I W. W. HOLL1PETER, Clerk. ] By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. j Cniirch & Gannaway. Attys lor I'lainllfT Aug. 1-8-15-22 , -Chicago is the greatest railway 3 center in the world and the great' est waterway center In the interior I of any continent. MULES For Sale 6 to 15 ywn-s old, K outl condition Phillips Motor Co. bring anoihcr job. In the nam° of heaveu, how does sue stand il!" - _. "How .are Anne and Mona?" : he asked casually, and Eva said they bnlh were fnie. '• '•Keening busy'.'" "Not just at present." Mona. she elaborated, bail u-orksd ono day since. L)an 'had seen her last, and Anne lind been rt-lievncl of further duties in "Marrit;! in May" nearly a week ago. "Haw did she make cut?" ho asked. "Anne? All right. Anno would," she added with some omphasis. He said. "Just why did yon say Mint, IDva?" and slio told him It was the way she fell about Anne. "You uw see it in her—a blind man could." Eva adtled, billerly: "She's uol an ordinary ham like the rcsl ol us; Elie's a real actress; if she gets any breaks at all she'll make a fen ol lhe=e alleged stars look sick.' ityOU really think sol" he •*• asked—a liltlo loo caL-nr ly, bo Ibougkt— ani M Era's ^,,,., — sir! iri 1 Hollywood; but." she added, enthusiasm coming into tier voice and kindling her eyes, "It wishing could do It for her Mona would be a star. Yon wouldn't lind It hard to remember lhat girl In your prayers If yon knew her the vay 1 do." Her swift ardor surprised Fiori- rucr, left k;i;i u little embarrassed. I'm sure you're right," he murmured to fill In the silence. liva, blowing on nsh from ber clgarct and turning her ga?e toward he sim-filleil window, remarked llial if it had not been for Mona Morrison she wonhl have left Hollywood long ago. "liut Mona." she said, "makes you feel a litlle ashamed ot the [bought of giving up." "And you mean to say," Dan demanded, "that it's Mona's cheerfulness and optimism that aro hold' ins yon here?" His lone carried skepticism, anil Eva, though she met his eyes calm ly enough, colored more deeply be neath her makeup, and Rorimcr re marked that her hand trembled a; it closed on her water glass. And her reiily canio v.-JUi u quality liiat be felt might border^ I on hysteria: and he welcomed the'' arrival ol the waitress with their Kucheon. Hut he knew an Increased pei-t for Uva Hnrley; and if he had entertained any rtoul!l« con crnlng her suitability as n living ompauiou for Auuo..Winter, they iow were gone. He thought: "There's a story ^omewhere down deep in liva, and ber heart New York Cotton NEW YORK, Allf. 8 Ion closed slcudy. Open iliBh Oct loldl 1328 1330 Oct (new) 1302 1302 1340 1322 NOTICE May I to September 1 3u r dental oftlces will be closed :ach Thursday alternoon. Dr. I* H. Moore. Dr. H. A- Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis- Dec (old! Dec (new) Jan (old Jan (new) Mar ..... May ..... jul 1340 1322 1345 1345 1327 1323 1347 1347 I3G8 1302 1309 1369 Spots closed quiet at, (UI')-Col- Low Close 1250 I25G 1227 1232 1268 12CD 12« 1249 1218 1278 1258 12CO 1291 1294 1287 1293 1293 1300 1255, off 50. V. R. W ASH AM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT | He Makes'Em Set 1 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 8 (UP)-Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Oct 1303 1305 1223 1231 Dec 1330 1327 1270 1219 Jan 1333 1333 125S 1259 ir 13-18 1348 1274 1275 May 1355 1355 1290 1201 Spots closed quiel at 1211. off GO. Closing Stock P ic Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor ' Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 53 Bldg. Bljtiieville, Ark A. T. and T Aviation Chrysler Cities • Service Coca Cola Fox General Electric General Motors Grigsby Grnnow Montgomery Ward — I. T. and T Packard Radio Simmons United Gas U. S. Steel Nowadays modern machinery ci ablcs one needle grinder to poi 100,000 needles a. day. love, ur who'nxiiiutcd llmlr pssis when they plucgcil the 1 man and thus saved Iho heroine'for a nobler passion. E sal.slinlyiiig her fur a while, ^rcscnlly.. Eva 'iu'rncd hltOjicaln. cxtln&yjlslitn;; el. aiiil Informed him Unit was Ihe firut motion rV=> OUER. r\ER.t WfttSiE. WE CAM UOWKi ^Ki' tU. ^U-V NOO PvSOQX \\ a mouth. Dan ilioiisln: "How can they ivo?" Ills mind ran back tu Paul Collier's speculi lhat nislil about t's uol very plcnsnnl. It's tearing the extras of Hollywood. ia<l tald boniclhius; alwul their 'Imnging on nml hoping that, by the grace of God or RESENTLY he reminded \vouhl strike them some- tall, blond girl silting across the OM v 60 AR.OOMQ Tr\' And Collier had saiil some , table from him llial. (hough she thing about the glamour of Holly- given her reasons for think wcod and its irresistible f>iEcin;i- ing that Nona's cliences for Holly l):in was tliinkins wood fame were smalj, she had not, Collier and what the , after all. said anything about her called "The Hollywood Htury," us He knew that ho would be interested now in anything she "Eva; how do they manasc to set nlong, nnywny?" fie hoiwl, bo told icr, that she wouldn't regard Iho (luesllon as personal. "It's my said about herself. "You don't mind, do you?" asked. Eva shrugged. "Why should I!" newpapcr curiosity. 1 suppose; "Because," Dan siiid, "yon gave HES. U.S.PAT.'Of _.__ I,V O ] «» »r.NE/S SERVICE. INC.ST >! M IJ haven't outgrown it. me Ihc Impression when I met you it BIMCS a nHin wonder. 1 ot being very i|nlet and selt-effaclnE and—do you mind it 1 sueuk frank FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ^ IS ^ ™~" ^fc^ 6£T VO'JR PAV BO_L BACtc, Looii Foa IT WER£ OM T& . ' I Fieoaeo GOT TPAT '.T I DIDN'T TUltJX. VoO'C SS.SIA TO TMIMk TrliS HOLD-VJ? pl_<v. VJA.S' PULLED OF ^HIPE BLADE THAT ViS \ if <woOLOHT =QE / JOST HAM6 CW I V)I,!S IPS OSS Tfl^i STOcx."TU£fA < T- . ,^ •op oo -voo?? MO...L ) - £VJF - 10 GwesTioiwe DiOM"""- J VOO... I 1 P&LO (JP VIAS To DO WITH ^^^^ SVK'Ll. HfS AGW. VUV-SO \-t\l E.RT nOOKSlMUC«P«O. . THE POOH KVB\ 1 "TOV-tl «.« I "3WCML5 HAVf f. MUTT TO HE.W. 5HC v;^s^ CUTE KID.HUI1-

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