The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1967 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1967
Page 13
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B-Algono (la.) Upper Des Molnes Thursday, April 77, 1967 April is slipping by so fast- here it is the 12th and the first thing we know we'll be remembering our youth and May baskets. Time didn't pass so swiftly years ago. It seemed an endless time from Christmas to Christmas, and now we barely turn around and it's time for "Rudolph" and "Jingle Bells." Well, a nice April shower is in progress, though it isn't a too warm day. I'm still in one of my everlasting sweaters. A good thing I invested in four all the same weight, red, blue, green and black, so at least I have variety of color. Going back to old times, it was with a giggle I read about the curling iron that has been added to the Kossuth County Historical Society collection. But when I heard they are being used again, but with larger rollers, I wondered how they are heated, unless by electricity. In my day, we used lamps, the handles of the irons bent outward so the heat of the flame wouldn't char the wood. And what a fool I was to begin using an iron on the short hair around my face, for it had a natural curl. My pompadour went into waves and stood up elegantly with just running a side comb though it after removing my hat. Next came the marcel waves, irons heated over alcohol burners and crinkley so that several waves were put in at a time. I never did have one. I didn't need it, and they were not lasting. Have a wave, go out in the dampness, and away went the curl -AND your money. After having my hair cut, for which I was sorry and cried, I had Mrs. Morrison give me a perm. She put electric dodads on which were so • heavy I could scarcely hold my head up, turned on the electricity and I kept hoping I'd not be electrocuted, or a fire would break out in the building and Pd be held fast with all those head pieces. Ruth Raney used to have the same fears. I do remember too, that the chair was on a heavy rubber mat, so Ruth and I trusted to luck and the good Lord. These waves were spiral and much better results were obtained than when the crocinoles came in with the machineless wave. Well, I've had shop waves and home waves and now I am just as nature made me - only not so much of it. I have other resources at hand, much easier than sitting under driers, and all that goes with perms. And when the beauty operators suggested my solution, I was ready and willing. . .by Evelyn All of which brings me up to the subject of old pictures. Marg Dahl brought over some old time pictures yesterday and she looked at my collection. It was a lot of fun and it gave Us some laughs. Her son Craig Vinson was one of the cutest little tots you'd see in a long time - curly hair and cherubic face. Shirley was a doll, too. But the matronly Marg is very attractive, and her newly- cut hair is so becoming. Lucky gal - she has a natural wave and needs no beauty shop treatment. * * * I had a visit from another little cherub the other evening. If you think Martha Smith looked cute in the picture with her rabbit prize, you should see her in person. She is a wiry tot, ready to investigate everything and is sharp as a tack. She was told to lay her head on my nice pillow, a flowered affair at one end of my bed. She curled up so cute, then when her mother said "Snore" she did a perfect performance. She knows all about her features, too, and while she isn't talking yet- she's only about a year and a half old, Pll bet she'll tear loose one of these days and tell her family where to head in, in a nice manner I meaji. The boys are nice lads too, very well mannered and I was glad to have the whole family come. I hope they come again. I think Martha and Carolyn Black would make an interesting pair — both Little charmers and both so alert and intelligent. * * * From time to time I get messages from Sherm and Estele Little. My latest communication was from Sherm - a letter in which he said they attended the Iowa picnic at Long Beacli in March, They went totheKossnth Table and found the names of these lowans, he thought I might know some, but I don't. They were Floyd White, Emmett and Melvin Larson of Seneca, Earl Elbert of Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. L, D. Mayne of Ledyard, Kermit Vest of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. August Studer of Corwith and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Furst, Algona. There is to tie another Iowa picnic in August and he and Estelle plan to attend. He said it wasabad time to be there Easter, because of every kid of school age being on the loose. It was tough driving too, he said, as cars were bumper to bumper. They took in a few TV shows and"said "if you watch "Let's Make a Deal" April 2 the day we were told it would be broadcast, you just might get a glimpse of us on the trading floor. Estelle was dressed in red with a red hat and Hawaiian clothes, leis and all. He didn't say what hour or station and I looked in my guide but didn't find any such program. May 2 they are going to Montreal to the fair, so you see they are enjoying retirement and "living it up. It's later than you thing." * * * Speaking of age - We have two barbers who comn here twice a week to share and give hair cuts to the men. I have often thought there are a few things I could improve on in nature. One especially comes to mind when I see the nurses shaving the men between times. Why wouldn't it have been a good idea for men to have their whiskers fall out, never grow in again along about the years when women reach a crucial age. All in favor say "Aye." * * * A few of us were So mad at a black cat the other day. He had a mouse, would let it run up a tree, then go after it and bring it down, only to go after Mr, Mouse again when he'd try to run across the road. I don't know how long Mr, Cat toyed with Mr. Mouse but we hoped he would find a small hole and make his escape. * * * Dr. and Mrs. Lyle Ellis, Hartford, Conn,, will be here next month to spend the summer with Mrs. Ellis' (Yarda) sister Mrs. Frank Kohlhaas (Segrid). The Ellises spend each winter at Jekyll Island. They have sent me pictures of it and it is a very pretty place, and the golf course is of special interest to Dr. Ellis. * * * Ann Harvey brought me a California newspaper clipping telling of the wedding of Lawrence Welk's dancer Barbara Boylan to a Mr. Dixon. I've forgotten his name but he was baritone with the Blenders for a few programs. Barbara is a pretty girl and looked lovely in her veil. It was a head and shoulders picture and she was smiling widely. Her husband's picture was also shown. He's a nice looking lad. It is said her dancing partner Bob is her cousin. The girl who took her place while Barbara is honeymooning danced very well-in fact as good as Barbara I thought. She's a blonde, but of course we are so accustomed to Barbara we missed her - at least I did. But should the time come a substitute is needed, the blonde would be most acceptable. And of course all of you know three of the Lennon sisters are expectant mothers. Doesn't seem but day before yesterday we were marveling at little Janef s fine performances. Ann also showed me a letter typewritten by her young grandson, little son of Harry McCorkle Jr. It was all x*s and letters whicli didn't spell anything but of course, translated meant "love and kisses." * * * Fairie Kulm gave me an item some time ago about "Johnnie Appleseed" and his migration from Connecticut to Ohio and there established a wonderful apple orchard. His real name was Johnathon Chapman. A few days ago, the Register had an item in the historical column about J. Sterling Morton who in 1845, the year Chapman died, Henderson Lewelling, and outdid him. Lewelling decided to move from Salem, la., to the Oregon frontier country. Preparations took over a year and began April 17, 1847. He had loaded a bull cart with 700 young trees and shrubs, and since there were many dry areas, he carried barrels of water which were refilled when they came to rivers. Lewelling reached Oregon in Nov. and it was from his trees the orchards on the Pacific coast got their start. A generation later, Nebraska was being settled with settlers living in sod houses until lumber could be brought in from the east or south. J. Sterling Morton began a crusade for tree planting in the mid- west and it was he who instituted "Arbor Day". * * * Many years later, farmers wanting more land to plant, plowed up ground that should have been left with it's grasses. In the 30*5 there was that awful drought and farms were abandoned bv the hundreds. In 1939 mother &Iorovewestwith Elizabeth Libott and saw the trees that had been planted a few years previously to make shelter belts. Tall cottonwoods were at the back, in front were trees that wouldn't grow so high, and in front were shurbs. All looked thrifty and would safeguard the soU from being blown hither and yon. I'd like to go over that same route and see what it looks like now. We saw many of the abandoned farms, weather beaten, machinery left outside, yellowed hay in lofts from which hung doors on one hinge - a desolate area. I hope it has all been reclaimed and put to good use again. I was happy to hear from Mabel Livingston this morning. She continues to improve and was taken for a ride around Phoenix. She says the desert is beautiful now with it's many blooming cacti. She had quite a collection of small ones here. $12 Stolen According to Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst, $12 in change was stolen from the cash register at Jerry's Gulf Service at Tir tonka during the night Friday. Owner Jerry Harms reported the theft to the sheriff. Entry was gained by breaking a window in the grease room. SOCIAL EVENTS PLAN TEA Union Township Mothers and Daughters Club met at the home of Mildred Richter with 21 members and three guests present. Guests were Mrs. Wm. Madsen and Mrs. Kenneth Sarchet, Burt, and Sutira Soipet, exchange student from Thailand. Miss Soipet showed pictures and talked about her homeland. She also answered many questions. Nola Hoover, Bernice Alt and Ada Hofius, menu committee, and Delores Dodds, Marguerite Gardner and Julia Taylor, program committee, and Frances Dodds, hostess, met at the home of Mae Schenck Friday to make plans for the Mothers Day Tea which will be held at the home of Frances Dodds May 11. This is to be a Hawaiian Tea and is also guest day. Each member is asked to bring a guest. Mary Gisch is also a member of this committee but was unable to attend. Avoid the battle of the office bulge. Our office form* can trim deski o f unnecessary clutter . . . streamline filing systems . . . give you a neater, more efficient office appearance , . . ALL AT A SUM PR1CEI The Algona Upper Des Moines SON BAPTIZED Dale William, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Lallier, Algona, was baptized April 16 at St. Ceclia's church by his uncle, Father Cletus Besch, Remsen. Sponsors were William Besch and Mrs. Kenneth Lallier. Guests for dinner in addition to the sponsors were Mary Lallier, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. William J. Besch, Rodman, and Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Besch and LuAnn, STAG DINNER Women of Algona Country Club held their stag dinner April 19. Winners at bridge were Mesdames Ed Wolcott, Robert Hillburg and Roy Bjustrom, The next meeting will be May 10 for a noon luncheon. Hostesses will be Mrs. Julius Kunz and Mrs. W. E. Hawcott. A CLASSIFIED AD WILL GET FAST RESULTS Kathryn Young ENROLL NOW FOR JUNE CLASS • DES MOINES, 617 Locust • CEDAR RAPIDS, 116 3rd. SI. N.E. • WATERLOO, 314 W 4th St. • BURLINGTON, 404 Jefferson Young's School of Beauty Nobody's got a family plan like Chevrolet. PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW FOR MOTHER'S DAY And in the spirit of all family plans, you get more for your money. wilh the BIRTHSTONES of children... husband and wife... or grandchildren Plan I —Impala Sport Sedan (foreground)—First off, Chevrolet is the roomiest car in America (source: Automotive News 12/26/66). Second, it's got exclusives like acrylic lacquer finish and Body by Fisher. Third, you get Chevrolet's traditional high resale value. Three reasons why Chevrolet is selected by more families than any other car. Plan II—Camaro Sport Coupe (rear left)—The widest, lowest, heaviest adventure car at its price. Comes with bucket seats, carpeting, a fully synchronized 3-speed transmission, and a big Six competition can't match. Plan III—Chevy II Nova Sport Coupe (rear right) —Nobody's been able to copy the six-cylinder efficiency or protective features like flush-and-dry rocker panels you get in our stylish economy car. Plans IV, V and Vl-Chevelle, Corvair, Corvette (not pictured)—You can see them all at your Chevrolet dealer's. Stop in soon. Bring the family. Chevrolet's outstanding worth is another reason you get that sure feeling WILTGEN Jewelers Algona KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. 14 0115 108 So. Hall Algona, Iowa 295-3554 111 E. Call, Algona We Invite You To Visit Our Nursery Weekdays And Sunday Afternoons Fl RST in Landscape design FIRST in choice of plant material Fl RST in the largest stock of landscape trees and shrubbery in the Northwest ELMORE NURSERY CO Elmore, Minn Phone 943-3125

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