The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 1, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE 'TEH BMTHBVIUJB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 5, 1949 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uoi ca*rg« P*t 1UM Jlc a Una* p«r nut per daj .... • UBM pei lto« per any ...... . 1c tt um«* pet 'in* pw u»jr ..... *c Uonto per Lint ...... Me Count ri?» KY<>iJ-x« wnicln to tb« i)n« *<t ordered tor three or *l* time* «nd *u>pp*d Mtor* explrailOD will kw chiut- ** lor t£* Burnt*; ol tlm«* tfl* ad *ppc*i»4 and Adjustment or t>lji mid* All CUwmed AdferMFlnj? copy nub- Kiit«d 05 persons ce&lalLg nut5ld« or to* city muBi M accompanied By c*sh HatM may «*slly b« computed from the •bOf* WdJ« AtfTertiain* or4ei loi uregulai inser- iioiu ttk«« tb« oae time IE. bit. Ktt r**ponsJt>ll!iy will o« t*Ken lot • or* rflan oo« incorrect motion oi • ny elft&sjntd id. All adB ai« rpfttrtcten to ineii piopei •lAULiicatloD $tyl« «.nd tjp* Th« Courier reserr** th« rl?hi to *dh or Mjeet *ny *d Nolio :e Factory tialned tuner and builder of JPI»uo for OFer tweuty years GERALD IV. FCKiLE 101 West Keutm-lt? si TrlODft 3109 Apurtm*nt lot Rent Service* At Berrlc«, sir Timmy O'Buff, «red blond* Cocker Blra. Wot Id ien- nv n Ki ttux-tda l* »Loodit AM Tweatjr • ID* Ubamjjloai, four generations, ?h Unlablni M kour urrlu 'b STUDIO J!l-ek-ti MOUHIN FLUMBIKG FIXTURES No uowu payment iOQ% >\H.A. 1, O R01U8ON Choi). «3J5 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2028 Blylhevill* or 407 Osceola 5-2 pk 8-2 UkK* your nnm* pictty foi spring fcxpcrr KUJ LMpsnlnj gerrtc* l» ynurf "PEERLESS CLEANERS for all tcpM plumblnr work cull Harry MyerH J'ii 63*9 ^-room ritrn)sn«<i apartment, newly rtecoiatcd. Ga.s equipment, flflctrlc rt-- irigerAtor, good iiimlture. f\ Simon. ph. ;(192. 6.^9 ct it J-'2 room, 1-3 room apartment, Prl- Tifo Oatb, electric fUcvae, Frig 1(3 alie 114 W'ftSt ish rhone 2951. 3 room furnished Apartment, bedroom. Close In. Fiiune ^06^. room moo^rti unfurntnhpd cl'tplei on« 215V. H R St-hm\ick 6.27-pk-7,6 2-room furnished bo tine I7C8 West l«ln, PH 204fl. 8|15-ii.:-7j5 »miU rurnUbed ApatLnient UtUUlcs I\\rnlsht<i Clost tn, Phone 6306. Modern a room f.irnlshcrf apartment Co\ip]» only, Phone 54$ or 2595 Uncumlahed apirtmeni, large. 4 rooms, screened poich. Chtap, 901 N. 2 -room ritrDfehed «pt. R«Irlger»tor and MtUc lin. Coup]* only Ph 4152 or Business Service Directory Auto Supplies mnd Services CiirtAtQB laundered »nd .\LrPlched 5"' *"*• ».21-pt-7|Jl Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. w» c«n mi <n jour ne*OB iiet cenum* part* from oui cam- pi*[« lint ».l,U-i POOL*. OWNKK «; OPKHAIOH South Highway m ,i steels ifo Pbnn. 3t«-l» W i'flcei- Reduced Beltfl. Aitctles. Btlt- ions, and Buttonhole* Ph ^5^a 60C N Mn f;4 p^ 7[4 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS KoyjLi. riniitc Cornnii *na Kerning- nn t'nrnoj* DON EDWARDS I'ne r\j)e*Tllei Man till N Second tit Phone M& for Sale. Hardy »itt AW berry i)]RDta T22 Janoi- on 6J17 pk 7|17 ROOFING .AND SIDING Get Ward's low (trices! Top quality m ft low price VVard'r flijuirtit tooting and suhng is [atx>i«lory tested (ilves lonif. Hard flerrlce slajs tui^tii RIKI colorful Convenlen, ruootb- jy terms KooftnK. • wide variety ol AtylM. colors »ud weights Ohoos* ioda> ior f.ii Rtirncllvx nous* at low cost, MONTGOMERY-WARD s;i5 ck tt Tort] iUwjer palat iur duality ROI.IJHON LUMBUR CO Noitn lUth &. Camp Mo Lit trie Drire 6 : B ck 719 CHAPMAN SZJtVIO* STATION Mam *. Division Phon* 25*3 iion ( endanger y«n; faxuHy with l«u]ty tire.—BOY LC Loans Money to Loan i>> jou neea a loan tn rtpajr oi rc- KOdei? No down payment no mnrt- C«K«, no red tkpe PHA APPHOVED RATE i£, *SK FOR DBTAIIJ3 Max Logan, Realtor Pi>oa« 2034 Lynch Bulldioi Blytbevlir* Art AUTO AND fURNlTtlRX LOANS Proiapt Personn e«r?Ic« WenrraJ Contract (;otp IOC South 5th Phone HQ'.t 4115-ck-ti Ga« A: art welder, electric forger, MJ Jb Atrip Juuitner, drill press Jc emery, band saw unrt rip saw. plan- ing macnlne, J ptins« 5 h.p. [iiator, J ti. motor, and Jots of 8 [nail tools. Will £«]| aoy piece or nil »l a. rjargala SCR Henry Edgln. i'roitt Street Leach- Thor Waslier. .illRhily used. Just like new. JCxcctent condition, priced reasonably, Call 4MB. 6,30 ct 7[3 4-tooni house In Pride Addition. Price remicKl to »1500,W for quick sale. See or call CftteR-Wonhlngton Co,, 115 So,. Jrd St. BlythcTtlle, Atk. Ph.. 2751. Window fan; 24 In encased, MU on ou[slde. Kucellent lor cooling beilroorn or Rinaii apfntmeot. Dtck White. Ph. ' HAVB >'OR 8AI.V nice rwUauraul In R<XH1 location. OUA equipment, wood tnctllres. Phone 2fl32. Complete sec batli-ioorn fixtures, vcitcneii sink, water ttinlc wllh butane -sme ftrm Durner. door casing windows Bill VIHIIIK Ph 6222 6;28 |>k 7;6 PUimn for sale. Mrs Har?» Lewis north of Fair Grounds 35c per Ralton 5 nnrner ia,blt top Florence oil sL07« 'none 2533. 6 25-pk 7 7[2 Buy your 4tli of July Ftrewor^R on tway 61 South. 1,1 clc 7.^ ^•section tllah washer with trap, cast leuci grill, steam iftbl<> 6-hole, dishes. six stools, metal hood, uaa stovr, 3 tnuntr. Apply Jonts" Bwrber Bhop. \9H W. Main. 7.1 pk 7.6 Fryer* 209 Lake Si. Fh 3319 . 7,1 pk 7 L 8 your eyes over these buys! DeSolo -1-door Serlun, a one-owner, city-driven c»r. . . .equipped with radio, heater, and new tires. 1947 Sturlehakei 4-rfoor Sedan, lully equipped, a cilj- driven car with very low mileage. 19J2 Dodge I '/i -Ton Truck ---- will give you U>ls «f good service. 1940 Inlernalional 3 /-I -Ton Pickup. . . .priced very low 1941 I'lymotilh ''-door Sedan, has healer. s*Ht covers, and a new engine. Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, equipped with radio, seat covers, and s<>od tires. 1939 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, new enK>"« and new tires.... in (ruly excellent shape. "When Belter Cars Are Built, Buick Will Buifd Them" Op«n 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a We«k Salesmen Otho Stonf.eld W. J. "Bill" Wund.rlieh Langston-Wroten Co Walnut at Bro.dw., 555 ,„, SerTlct Hr • toy m toil («ri fey **• . THE PRICE IS RIGHT WHEN YOU BUY A CAR FROM PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. • See These Cars, Trucks 0 1918 ford Super Del.uxe Fordor, nice maroon finish, has radio, healer, and 1949 Arkansas license ... an •ll-arouiid good car . . 1917 Kord Super OeLuxe 5-passenj(er Coupe, maroon color, has radio and heater, in excellent condition . . . $1295. I9lfi ford Super Oel.uxe Tudor, i»ltie, has good heater, 19-19 Arkansas license . . . $1095. 1911 Ford Tudor, original black color, equipped with good heater . . . $795. 19-10 Ford Del. live Convertible Coupe, has radio, heater, and 19-19 Aikansas license . . . $1550. 1916 Ford One-Ton I'ickup . . . $995. 19lti Ford Pickup . . . $815. 1911 Kord Long Wheelbase Ij/j-Ton Truck, in extra fine condition . . . $(>95. PAY ON CONVENIENT TERMS 5-room house and 2'/2 acres land on Highway 6J. South. fhii is a real fine country location and the land is Super Fine. Would make chicken ranch or truck farm. House it vacant and ready lo move into. Beautiful three bedroom home on Ash Street. Rent house in rear for $35.00. Servants house rents for $20.00. Have very nice house on corner lot South 16th Street. Price $4250.00. New 2-bedroom brick on large lot. This is a fine home. H«/p Wanted Salesman with car. Unlimited amount of pay, home every night. Write Box QRS, c-o Courier News. 6-30 pk 7-8 f Of Rent Modern apt* mrmtb Car* « oj •«•( «• Bfty Cnun* KIU-pk-7110 Wonted to Buy »L5O more lor your car when you trad* lor a new Hudson at GUn Harrison Motor Co. Now you bav« tbi perfect opportunity to drive Amerlea'a | finest BIG Car. the '49 Hudson. Also oi i-, • onnr^rt i\t\ /•« L i tt'Kneat prlcea paid now for lat« model Sale Price |8000.00. Can be _ ,,^a car« . but we must hay. d«- financpr'l F H A nr G I ' i'»«T soon 'or July telilnst. OI-IN imantea r. n. A. ui vj. i. MARR1SON MO TOR co. in we»t A>n Sth at Walnut ompany Phon, 4453 mnK Ideal lor too] aiied or pump . S6U.OU. Ph. 6222. 6,23 pk 716 STEP to the phone and ask for FJna Foam ru« and upholslery cleiiner. Uaal'a Valnl Store. 6,29 ck 7.29 t"OR BALK CHEAP. ONE SIXTEEN INCH WHIRL WIND PAN WITH AO- .IU5TAULE STAN[) GOOD AS NF.W REAI, aAFUSAIN UROOKS MlfSIU aiORE. TELEPHONI 811 628 ck- t[ National Window Guards furnish silent, sturdy rial's against 'burglars. Ask Fo)- an estimate at BUI1.DKRS SUPPLY, INC., ph. 2434. 6-28 ck tf Priced rlithi, DemmlnK 295 gal. auto- xatlc electrlo waier pump With 40 BJ tanl: Jnhn5On Blnclt Co 61 lliway o Ph 2380. 625-ck-7|2 rIj? TcooJ n.Ec. bedroom suite, couch, oil riealcr. Sue Connell, 1H W. Ash i De seen any time alter 12 noon 6.29 pk 732 b-H.P. Kea-Klnp outboard motor '48 one], W5. Remington 12 gnage pump in. |55,00. Ph 3062, tfj29 pk 7H (Garbage cans 21 gallon size G*T- anlzed 60 : s to list Cor years Meets icy requirements. J2.97. Montgomery Vard fc Co. 6,29 ct 7j? for Sale. Real Estate Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOAN.? Gill Agency REALTORS Jeeil Rarls - F. B Joyner Jlcncoe Blclfir. Phone 819 For Safe, Real fitate BARGAIN HOMES BRAND NEW MODERN 5 room bungalow, floor furnace automatic attic fan, disappearing stairway, large closets, concrete walk and rtrive- •way. Lot 75 x 190 ft. COUNTRY CLUB DRiVb ADDITION. If its a nice liume you want, we have it Priced !>10,000. Terms FHA GL H layge room and bath on Rast Kentucky. Extra wide lot, 2 screened porches, garage and outside storage, nice yard, back and aide fenced. A GOOD BUY. Priced ?8800 lOO'/'i Gl Loan. Good 4 room house ant bath. All rooms extra large and A WHALE OF A LOI 69 x 320 ft. Will accomodate a cow, a pony and 4GOO chick ens at 51.00 each will pay tor this place. 100% Gl Loan. See or call JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 or 2596 112 South Second St. Loans, For 100/i;. Modern 3-bedroom home in best part of town. This home will go 100% loan to G. I. Price $6460.00 Seven room home on Main Street. Has two fine lots, corner location. Paved on two sides. This home must sell to settle estate. 5-room house and bath on South First Street. Old but very livable at the cheap price of 53750.00. Main Street building for sale. Excellent location on corner lot. Tourist Court and Cafe and living: quarters. Income at present on tourist court about ?800.00 per month. Can be handled for 'A purchase price own. Balance monthly. Fine Grocery Store and darage and Filling Station Equipment and fixtures all or 55500,00, Lease on build- nj?s. We have several farms rom 40 acres up. 100% G. 1. Loans We are building several louses now and have for sale louses that can be bought by paying only the closing costs. See us if you want to buy or build a home. F. H. A Loans 100% G. 1. Loans NOBLE GILL REALTY B. Joynev Cecil Earls J. E. Stevenson, Jr. Phone 819 66-30 ck 7-3 FARM FOR SALE IIS acres In south east Mo. nil In cultivation-well located near town anti KCKHI High School. Sandy loam soil Rflequate Improvements and priced reasonable Possession Jan 1. 1950. See or call Catex-Worthlnpton Co. 115 So 3rd St BlytheTllle, Arlc. Ph. 2751. 630 ck NOW! New Low Prices on Good Used Cars & Trucks! 1947 Plymouth Special I)cLuxe Tudor Sedan, equipped with brand new tires, seal covers, radio, healer. 1917 Chrysler Coupe, radio and heater, new set of tires. 1916 ChevroVet, 4 door, black, with excellent rubber. See now! 19.17 Chevrolet, 2 door, new painl, complete in every way. 1937 Ford, 4 door sedan, come in today and see this bargain at $225. 1947 Dodge 1 '/ 2 Ion. green color, excellent rubber, cab and chassis, 1S1 inch wheel base. I94fi Mack, 2 Ion I ruck in excellent condition, good rubber, 181 inch wheel base. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Rhone 2122 n Hlythevllle <st price paid tor CHICKENS— Afth Street Grocery ft Utrket A.ih 8,7 ck a Production of canned meat more than tripled in t j 10 years between 1937 and 1947. Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection m w Anb at GLENCOA MOTK1 BULUHNO occasions 415-r.k-tt Private Rooms room. Air conditioned. 1H West Astt. Phone 29*1. 6,29-pk-712 4 window bedroom, Innerspring mat- teas, Single niau preferred. Call 3 Two u n (u ml shed jooraB Neat and Modern Five Rooms lx>cated ',', block, off Hollr Street this ts efficiently arranged, well omit and the back yard la completely !iiced, HardwooU floors, of course, am lat 4^-Inch attic fan really helps Li mis hoi weather Ooort terms tor Gl or non-reteran, E. M. TERRY Realtor •lerry Abstract <fc Realty Co.. Inc. I'lione 2381 213 W. Walnut St. Mea.uti.ui .i-oedrooui nonte on A dlceet Call F B JOYNER pft 3205 «;i? pt Tr 'the licst almanac in this country came from Bradford Press In Philadelphia in 1687. 5 room mooeru home, rental house In :ar Extra large lot located In tvest- •n part ol lowii. near Central Schoo on 10th Ktreet Good location. Plentj o[ snade and I mil trew. Price cut V'i.ibO Terms can b« hact. C room modern home located In HEW K\ i b til vision with three 50iI50 ft lots. Has beautiful snade. plenty o: I nut trees, grape arbor. Priced To: quick .sale, ».500 House and on* loi priced at J3.1MV Terms. See or call, I.OTHER IRAK. REALTOR Pnone 5CJ 120 East Sycamore B]5-thevllle. Arkansas Arthur Boot. Salesman Phone 3535 BUSINESS FOR SALE Bec*»oe of HI health owner offe; > sell complete business and liome rocery store, bldg. Mock fixture* teAtaurant i\na nxturea. und four room noiise All on I,ot 58x190 feet- Well lo -ated and dolnR excellent business rni* property will si and ^ood loan "or rurther information see or cal ;mes-VVorthlngton Co. 115 So 3rd St ))ytherillB r AiJc. Ph. 2731. «.30 cfc 7j Personal minut* pnnu*tatic nemce Large, cool Walnut Call 2A5J. 6; 29-pk-7(7 Men only 310 618 pk TIB Cnmfortable Bed mono Call pk 112 foi Rent, Houses room, house with bath. 2113 Caro.. Pnone 3944. .Small J-room house, utilities (urn- sned. 112 West E>aTls, Ph. 2904, 8;30 ct for So/e, Cars & Trucks 19*6 Nash 4-door Sedan. Hadlo, heat., while sldt waH tlies. J200.00 do' Save Aloney on These USED CARS 48 Jeep Station Wagon wit Overdrive. 48 Jeep 4-Wheel Drive—A Bargain. 47 Kaiser Sedan with Radio & Heater. 46 Chevrolet 11/2 Ton Truck —A good buy. 41 Pontiac Sedan with Radio & Heater—Very Clean. 40 Buick Super Sedan with Radio & Heater. 41 Chevrolet Sedan — A Real Buy. 41 Ford Tudor — A Good Car. 40 DeSoto Coupe. Also several others priced to sell. 61 MOTOR CO. North Hiway 61 Phone 2142 6-16 ck tf WM t'ottl Dtl.nxe, rad\o. heater, new tires, tnirns no oil. Priced to -^«11 Wl N. 6th. St. 6:30-cfe- Lost Losi 2-Walker Fox Hounds. Color Dlaclc A; white with some yellow spots. Both male No collars. Lost near city or Mo. State Une June rith. Call or see H W. Mahan or Russell Oalnes 6;30 pk 7,8 (Continued on Next Page] CABOVERS—CONVENTION ALS—SHORTS LONGS—PICK-UPS—PLATFORMS—STAKES USED USED CARS-TRUCKS $50 to $2100 19;i(l—Model A Ford Pick Up. Runs Good. 1937—Kord 2 Door 19.10—Ford Vi Ton Stake Body. Looks good, runs good. 191(1—Kord '/z Ton Pick Up. Price is right. T9.V7— Ford Vi Ton Pick Up. Priced to sell. 191S—Ford 4 Door Sedan, Heafer, Seat Covers, Good I'aint. 1947— Kord 4 Door Sedan, Heater, Seat Covers, Like New. JS17—Dodge l /i Ton Long Wheel Base. 194fi—Dodge 1 Ton Panel Truck 1947—Ford Sedan Delivery Track. Many More to Choot* From Blytheville Motor Co. Broadway A Chickasawha Phone 4422 CHEVROLET SERVICE You th« Protection of Reconditioned USED CARS - ON OUR LOT TODAY - ' 1942 Chevrolet Town Sedan, has heater and a 1949 license. 1942 Chevrolet Special Town Sedan, beautiful blue finish, equipped with radio, outside visor, and 1949 Arkansas license. 1937 Chevrolet Coupe ... at a price you shouldn't miss. 1939 Ford V-8 Tudor ... the motor; tires, and appearance are excellent. See it today. 1937 DeSoto 2-door Sedan, has 5 tires that look like new, spot light, fog lights, and 1949 license. 1929 Model A Ford 2-door ... a good fishing car at a give-away price. TRUCKS.. . 1940 (o 1948 models, large and small, long and short, 2-speed axles and regular, some with bodies, 'A and '/j-Ton, stakes and boxes. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always itlake a Good DeaJ at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company .101 West Walnut Phone 578 You're making a wise investment when you let us install this new Oldsmobile engine in your car. It's surprisingly low in cost—less than > major overhaul! And it's available now, on our easy Budget Plan! In addition, this factory-guaranteed enftine—prerision-tooled with new materials throughout— assures you of increased operating economy and lower maintenance expense. Call today for an early installation appointment. AVAIIASLI FOR '37 — '47 MODELS LEE MOTOR SALES 309 East Main Phone 2056 Announcement We invite you to come into our showroom soon and ^>ee an extraordinary automobile. . . .a relic of bygone days. This 1923 Model T Ford Touring Car was a wonderful thing in its day. . . .but most amazing of all. it is slill in excellent operating condition. It's now on display. USED CARS & TRUCKS 1940 Packard -(-door Sedan, new paint... .$595. 1948 Ford 2-door with radio, healer, and white tiies $1495, 1942 Plymouth 2-door, has new paint. .. .5745. 194(1 Mercury 2-door Sedan, new painl, new motor 1895. 1947 Mercury Coupe 11445. 1941 Ford 2-door Sedan a real bargain. .. .$B!5. 1942 Dodge 1-Ton Truck with new motor 1615. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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