The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1967 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1967
Page 15
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O aw, ii.fc£ ife-fl; r. fe iserriK: Ivr Tue Trunaa. Jaaafoat Yisii*c '£.'. tiife Ofcyiorc SVJU&JL -O Joiinswi iwza&i; a*. ti»fc L Mr. JUiC Mi't. JUsaati. oF visiU:': nit taivet, Jt> 'oivwai, •<u& ISA Wit. 'awa&xix., Sunaay stuc ti* lex'aut; Sjuriiuwit < iautUy wfert Sim^.y gifesu. a-, M;-. aw; j«l:t, >aj iisiiUAv wni wfcife Suucifc)- ' a', Gi% iiytofc vi twi; l&JieUlt, ti* l*fj t I For that real got-up-cmd-yo I rely on the wholetorne I • vided by freih milk « ^£±. KI'SH ' -UAIIY WHITT6MORI - ION! ROCK - 5WIA CII/ i i I I i I 1 I I 1 I T»I**«•«*•••«•**•«*•«»•• • WE f^SKVE THE RJGHTI • TO U»A(T 'OUANTmES I '••••••••••t CURTISS MINIATURE MARSHMALLOWS Thursday, April 20, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moin«#«& MR. FARMER: WHITE BLOCK SALT 50 Ib. block iv/anson meat department manager Ray McAfee takes particular pride in his decc't-ncr.i for three basic reasons: it offers a huge variety of all types of meat, fish, poultry end cheese in convenient displays; all meat department products are of the finest quality at the icwest possible prices; and the trained personnel in this department are always friendly c^d ccurtscus. We think you'll agree that shopping at Swanson's is a PLEASURE ! U.*G=S7 VARIETY OF GROCERY ITEMS IN THE ENTIRE AREA ! FARMBEST FULLY COOKED WHOLE OR SHANK PORTION THE LOWEST HAM PRICES IN YEARS ! Ib. t gct 19' AN EMPLOYEE OWNED STORE PLENTY OF FREE PARKING I PLAIN OR IODIZED asMs- 1 *"" SALT box OPEN NITES ! LIBBY PEAS 10 ; $100 HI-C ORANGE DRINK Robin Hoo Flour ROBIN HOOD FLOUR can '-ESKIMO 6 45* RECIPES INSIDE DISCOUNTED HEALTH & [BEAUTY AIDS : / GREAT SHAKES 59* SQUIBB ANGEL Reg. HAM BUTT PORTIONS Ib. <*••••»•••••••»••••< HAM CENTER CUT SLICES Ib. ALGONA'S FINEST - IN 3 LB. PKGS POUND _ TOOTH BRUSHES S5 MICRIN ORAL ANTI, VASELINE HAIR TONIC 3for$LOO .'.Hj ' '-At. ' • ••^i.iivi.ftii'ifarT^'ji vi;j^ FALSTAFFBEEI AD PRICES PLENTY OF FREE PARKING ! BONELESS HAM QUARTERS Ib. GOLDEN POPPY . ' .'. . ..:. -:, ;•...:-:••-,. v :_;-....v'r. : T Siwnwns ,™P •'•• r .', .-'.-.- - : .' ; /;v:;-'- ; ;^V;W ICE CREAM ALL FLAVORS SALTINE P "CRACKERS full Ib. box GOOD THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY. CHECK OUR STORE MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY FOR SPECIAL PRICES THAT WILL PLEASE YOU! PONTIACS AND COBBLERS CERTIFIED SEED POTATOES 100 Ibs. GOOD FOR SEED OR EATING! ••••••••••I Russet POTATOES California Navel 88 size IWANSON'5 - WHit ORANGES ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• TEXAS RUBY RED GRAPE- 1A FRUIT 10 Plan Athletic Banquet For Wesley School WESLEY - The commercial club met Thursday evening in the Legion hall. Guest speaker was Will Frieden, principal at the Corwith Public School. Plans were made for the Athletic Banquet which will be held in the V/esley gym Tuesday evening, April 25, at 6:30. Tickets are available now. - o - NOW OPEN Hillside Golf Club opened Aprir 15 with Jack and Irene Lickteig as managers. The driveway and parking lot has been covered with crushed rock. New carpeting has been laid on the floors of the club house. A quonset building will be constructed for storage, replacing the red shed which was, or will be burned down. Steve McCall will be giving lessons by appointment. - o - HOUSEWARMING Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Glawe were honored at a housewarming by a group of neighbors Monday night, April 10. The self-invited guests were the Geo. Gla- wes, Cecil Glawes, Don Karlo- vecs, Albert Johnsons, Dale Johnsons, Art Plathes, Vic Youngwirths, Geo. Rickes, Don, Merlin and Mark Studers. They brought and served lunch and presented the couple a gift. 500 was played with Don Karlovec and Mrs. Vic Youngwirth prize winners. Mrs. Karlovec won the cup prize. The Glawes moved lately from Corwith to the farm vacated by the Philip Studers. The farm is owned by J. P. Studer, Algona. - o - ATTEND WEDDING Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Lease attended the wedding of her brother, Melvin L. Gesme of Tipton and Pearl Holder of Stanwood April 10 at the Little Brown Church near Nashua. Rev. Utterback officiated at the ceremony, which was attended by 20 relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Lease were witnesses for the couple. - o - RECEIVE MEMBERS C.D.A. held reception of new members Tuesday evening, April 11, in St. Josephs parish hall. Mary Brady of Belmond, District Deputy, assisted local officers in the ceremonies. New members are Josephine Meurer, Mildred Bauer, SharonDrummer and Jane Eisenbacher. A tableau, "The Blessed Virgin" was presented by a group of members. Marion Youngwirth presented a panel of officers for the election to be held May 9. On the nominating committee were Marion Youngwirth, Carol Youngwirth, Helen Koppen, Rita Ricke and Madonna Studer. Mary Bode, a trustee, read the semi-annual report. Mrs. Root announced that the mother's Day mass will be held Saturday morning, May 6, followed by breakfast served in the parish hall by the officers of the court, weather permitting, memorial services will be held in St. Joseph's cemetery for deceased members. Father Phillips gave a short talk to the new members. Marilyn Grandgenett's name was drawn for door prize. On the serving committee were Rita Youngwirth, Mary Joyce Haverly, Helen Johnson, Pauline Pfeffer, Karen Hanig, Ruth Mary Hrubes and Madonna Studer. On the entertainment committee were Marilyn Lickteig, Joan Vitzthum, Viola Studer, Catherine Seller, Viola Kollasch, Mary Forburger, Eileen Johnson, Justine Becker and Irene Hanig. The next meeting will be May 9 for election of officers. Mrs. Pauline Pfeffer entertained her contract bridge Monday evening, April 10. Mrs. Mary Forburger was a guest. Donna Fox was honored at a surprise 13th birthday party Tuesday evening, April 11, in the hone of Sue Ackerson. Twelve girls entertained her. Mrs. Dora Perkins of Britt is employed in the office of Bauer Implement Co. N. F. Weber was taken to the Britt hospital April 10 for medical care. Mrs. Leon Gardner and her mother, Mrs. Fred Seefeld, visited Mrs. Camilla Engstrom of Algona Tuesday in honor of the latter's birthday. Pupils of 5-6-7-8 grades of St. Joseph's parochial school held a yard-cleaning bee on the school grounds one day last week. The civic club held a candy sale Tuesday. Mrs. Tom Becker and her daughter, Mrs. Roger Doughan of Clarion, drove to Des Moines Tuesday where they met the former's daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mark Becker, who had spent the past 2 months with her husband who is stationed at Ft. Bliss, Texas, as an army mechanic. Mrs. Mark Becker resumed her employment at Weidenhoff, Algona, and lives with her parents, the Robert Gillinghams, Algona. The Wesley township Homemakers met April 18 in the library at Titonka, with Barbara Lickteig and Neoma Hanson hostesses. Opal Nygaard gave the lesson on "You Ought to Know Your Farm Fureau" and told of her recent trip to California. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Gardner and Marlene had a family dinner party honorning their son and brother, Sp./4 Richard Gardner, April 9. Richard left the next day for Ft. Hood, Toxas for the remainder of his service. The Gardner's daughter, Mrs. Larry Tobin, and her husband of Charles City spent that weekend in her parental home. JAYCEE SAND BOX SPECIAL The Algona JayCees will again run their annual sand box project. We will furnish a tractor tire filled with clean sand or will fill your present sand box. Price is $2.00 for a tire, and $1.00 per wheelbarrow load for the sand. Please fill out coupon below and mail to ALGONA JAYCEES, Box 454, ALGONA, IOWA, or Phone 295-5424 or 295-2379 after 5:30 P. M. NAME ADDRESS _ WE WISH : TIRE & SAND I I SAND ONLY I I Delivery to start April 24 (30-31)FOR RENT GARDEN TILLERS BY DAY OR HOUR ALSO \ LAWN ROLLERS \ LAWN SEEDERS I FLOOR SANDERS COAST TO COAST STORES Ed Wolf, Owner Algona

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