The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1930
Page 5
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THUBSDAY._PEOEMBER <.-• 1930 _BLYTBEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS •Two cents a word for'flrst Ififertkm and one cent a Writ for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken tor less than BOc.' Count the words and send the cash.. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Cute worth $300.00, *15.00 Cash will buy, owner go- inj to Hlo Grand Valley, Te:(as, 41)7 West Ash Street. 3P-K8 FOR SALE—Two Walker hounds, I'fo and five years old. Onu trained on deer, otlier partly train, cd. Both for $75. W. M..Taylor Kelser, Ark. 2P-K11 FOR SALE—Fire insurance agency, pays ?200 to $250 monthly. Largest company In world. Terms if dojircd. Address "B", f 0 Courier News. 4P.K11 FOR RENT FOR RENT—Fiirnishcd rooms for lijht housekeeping, 700 Walnut. Also unfurnished flat, 1013 Walnut. 24C-K8 ROOMS—Rent one month free »14 Heirn. 23C-K5 FOE RErfT—Furnished apartment, garage. 305 Ixmgan. -'P-K-£ FOR RENT — Six room modern stucco residence. Dr. J. A. Saliba Phone 410.-' ' 28C-KO FOK RENT—Two rooms, .furnished for light hoiisekeeplng,' 625 Walnut St., Phone 521. Mrs. S. P. Cavendar. . - ic-TF t FOR KENT—Nice bedroom, steam heated, garage. 1100 West Main Phone 114. 2C-IU FURNISHED APARTMENT for rent—E. Davis." Ave. Nice .little apartment at $40.00 month. Thomas Land Co. Beautiful'residence out east, all conveniences. One of -prettiest homes in' county. • $35.00 rent Thomas Land.Co. • 3C-K8 AM MOVING to Osceola. : Have for rent my 4-room bungalow with bath and garage. Just 2 blocks from Court House. Apply 216 W Davis St. 2P-K4 FOB HENT—Five-room, house and bath, newly decorated and nicely furnished. Servant/; house garage. 1306 - Chickasawba. Ca!; 83 or 280. ^ c-k-7 LOST AND FOUND STi_/i,EN—Light bay home, one ' eye, white hind legs, weight about .900;- smooth mouth. Reasonable reward;"" Phone H. B. Mullen Cooler, Ma. ' 3P-KC WANTED WANTED — Family Washings Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brow.n, 704 S. Lake St. 11CK-TF WANTED—To rent or purchase small farm, forty 'to eighty acres. Responsible party. Address "C". % Courier News. JP-K5 WANTED—Two men or ladies to work in established territory. Writs Mr. Rogers, No. 2 Sturdevant Bank Bldg., Cape Girardeau, Mo. AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Permanent positions; labor, clerical, mechanical, salesmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries $25.-$100. weekly, transportation furnished. BOX 1115. CHICAGO, ILL. HAY One bale «or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on, B8c bu. Shuck off, 8«c' per bu., in car lots. Cotton States Sales Co., Inc. Blytheville, Ark. . Phone 174 or LD 1806. PAVING TAX •• Time to-pay Riving Taxes is jutting short. The penalty Is :no high for anyone to neglect ;aying before the books Close- Better Pay Now— C. J. EVRARD. THE BEST HOT PIG, CHILI AND COFFEE GOOD STEAKS AND HOT flSH TOM'S SAFE Paving ant i Sewer Taxes District''No 1. Now Due G. CAUDILL, Collector. '" Farmers Bank Bldg. Why Pay More Than Half I'rice For Auto Paris? JACKSON AUTO PARTS 2020 Main Phone Gti IIIXilN HCHK TODAI »l'i:< 1*1, INVK3TIQATOUDIJK- IIKK, itt Ikf k»M M JUANITA sl-LIH. kllltl .1 . kill*. *.rlr, itrilrn Ikr •;•»<• lu lake (kr ••<[{)»«» |ktj tirU nt 1k« tin i, »f ikrU "*c.ik bind- wkrc Nll> vtu kiHrd. . '• a>rMl>pl»c (LIVK HAMMOND and SI. t**rrr. POLLY BE.U.E, »ki> nrrr <• Ikr »liri>«. D«ir« Irnrn* ikil Pull? r*«ie |> Kttx't ANNE' AUSTIN (Maityi/ty .HIE BUCK PIGEON* THE AVEN9NQPAKOT* " MURDER BACKSTAYS" II.VMUOMl. itka *•» |krr< ro tn nhnBI rriarJrllpK Ikt «ltle •! tkt r,ou«r. rnllrd • » Ml> |« krrak Ikr lunrhriw r>cutrj>r»t, ••< k>4 Nrllbrr rllir Bor r«My «H1 Rdiull lUnl tkrrr !• nnrlktaf MBtrr l)i lln-lr rimdirl. or lk>l <krr knu.i tvkr Hnl|>k did »t lira •» f.r i-iK-klnll.. . [>»4r* brllrTni I KM inrlr nrllun* bait leMtlktar »• d'i nllk Ralnk-. nrk>onl<>Kt4 IB- r.Mnaiinii for ,vir«. MII.K*. llundrr Irani. «rcrr *i might In thr br>*ji* md rume In- JUIHiK MARSHALL r». ilrlvr* ikrrr fcy • tttfnt, ttmi»m In »«>N nflrr Ikr -<r«lk km- bt. linn. Mr uw in »»r. JOHN nilAKK, irnlklan from Ikr Coon. ' irf ClT-h cmur In Iram Ikr rn:rd. • i-rlnir • • „,,. DRXTKR M ll.«(lllf\ Ikr won nwrxn •! ittr-^ Kroap. look Ihr kn a»tf .IAXKT RAYMOKD,' «T«!lo'ii[I°n» Ikr front irarrb. rnmr !• wllk klra. nrru.r. ,Mln> ranlt iYDIA?°'f llir marilrr. y SOW lilt (I* WITH THE STOUT . CHAPTER HIV ityf/HEKR is the maid now. Cap tafn Strawnr Dundee, asked. "1 tias'en't seen her yet—" '.'Recaiise she'a, in her room In tlie basement, Bonnie." Strawo an svv£rSii.--"Sort of forgot about her, ilida't you?" and the chief of tbe Homicide squad chuckled at tb« younger man's discomfiture. "But f got her slbry out of her, you bet! Notlilug ib It, thougfi. One ot raj . boys—Collins. It was—found her ID that short, dark ball that runs bo- cween the Selira woman's bedroom and the kitcliea. Slcfecr'n-a pup she n-as. Said sbe'ij—" "I'd better hare her up and que*. tion ber, If alie'a able," Dundee. Interrupted,, as tactfully as. possible, "It seems that she had an abscessed tooth out today, wltb gas and a local anesthetic. ... Now, Miss Jiaymond, will yoa tell me exactly what you meant by saying It matt iare been Lydla Car? who killed her mistress?" "1 certainly will!" tha red-haired girl cried defiantly. "What 1 can't see is why Tracey and Lois and Dei— Jlr. Spraeue didn't'tblak of it. too. It's as Plata as—" "Yes. as the nose on my,face," ' Dundee cut in grimly, but *lth a 'glance'at Strawn. "Just stick to the facts. torfe7er, Miss Raymond,'and maybe we can all,agree with'you." "Well, when »Ir. Sprague and I vent into tbe dining room, there were Lois and Traces; cutting up like a couple of ehtlilfen." hc^an. determined to ia»e her time. drluk ^om» outlaudlib, cbucoctloB he'd mixed in n glass;and Lo)» wa» laueblog autl Uglittnn him. oft. Wb«n we camo lu. l.oio eald, 'Opod Lord, Tracey! t',et lius'y! .Or your Job as bartender ivlil t» takeo away from you.' and .Tracey began to tet awfully busy at tlie «ldeboard—" "Guess I'd better l"(l U, 'Janet. r wbat It's worth," l»|i cut In impatiently. "It'a nothing'. more nor less than tbat l bad to ring twlc« for _POCT Lydla betor« ibe came," she explained to Dundee. "Tracey la ful\ of original Ideas about cocktails, and wanted come sort ot bitten. II« was going to shout for Lydla. but I stepped on tbe button under the dining table, and tbe poor tiling—In tb« basement nursing ber Jasr, probably— didn't bear. Tracer and I got to kidding, ai Janet eaya.. and bad scarcely noticed bow long Lydla was In coming. 1 raug again, and she came. . . . Tha't's all!" Isn't all!" Janet denied angrily. "I uas there when came in; and she was looking white as a-ghost—eicept for her swollen jaw: Wbat'i • more, ibe acted to duipb Tracey had to tall her twice what he wanted, and then spell It for her. . . . And abe (aid Nita didn't bare any ot those bitters anyway." 'Ao open-and-shut case ayalnst poor Lydia!" Penny Grain cut In derlsiTeJy. "Go 'pluck daisies, Janet! You'd of ".•'• lot por» "Here's your bald, BonnlB," Captain Strawn announced lailly, a one of bis plalnclothesmen appeared In tbe- arch between, dining and tiring rooms, dragging by tbe band a woman Who was resisting strangely, her apro- pressed to ber face. ..".'' "You are Lydia CaTr?" Dunde* asked, his Tolce kinderlban it had been for many^ mtontefc: "Don't be afraid. And I'm BoVry about the tooth. .-. . Come along in. I'll not keep you Ion*" .".i".' The woman's kneei-stemed about to fall her, but witb a •sadden effort she released th» detective's grip on her wrist. Very tall, yery bony in her black tdtton dr«ss. Pathetic, too, with her tbla. Iron- gray hair, and that apron conceal- 'ing : the left bait of herface. It was odd. Dundee tbongbti .that it was not the swollen. Jaw ohe chose to cover. . . -, ' :" : •"-• .Mrs. : Dun lap-sprang to her feet and huiri.ed across the room to where Lydia. Carr ttoofi. : "Don't mind,''Lydia, please. Ton must not. be so "nnalUVe," she said gently, and ereh-more gently pulled 1 down the concealing 'ipronl' .'". '--. "Good God!" Duu'deb breitued, and Strawa nodded his understanding of the younger man's horror. • For. tli 8 left'ha if of Lydla Carrt face was drawn and puckered and ridged'almost put.of-huinah semblance. Even tbe eye was ruined— a milky ball wbicb.tbe puckere*. agija, 'Poor Lydla Is aaban^d of t»r scarred face," Lota' Dunlap «• . . . . her-arm,iUU about-th« maid's sboulder. "She Isn't qnlte . .to It yet, but Bone ot «i mind—" "Vou were burned recently ydla?" Dundee askeu pityingly. "Tbtl'i «y butlMw!" tfat woman jtousded him b/ letortlnc harshly. "How dtd • It h»ps*o. Ly41»r Dundee peralttcd, putxlid. "I had AD accident. It waa my own fault." • • • • TOIS DUM1JU>'8 kind gray eyea ^ caught and held Dundte'i Crujly. "1 think.. If Nlta eould speak to yog low, Mr. Dundee. Uat sue would bee foa not to try to fore* Lydla'i eoDfidtaee OB thla aub- Ject. Nit* WM dcrottd to LyiU- we eu all Mttit* to tial!—e.Bd one ot the iveetett mica ako»t ber was her eoiitait effort to protect Lydla from 4Mttton* and euri- ous glance*. 1. for ene. know that Nit* often faeggi.1 Lydfa te nOt.rt to a skin-grafting ' operation, re- gardlesi ot expense—* When tb*t kind folce choked on tears, Dundee abruptly 'tbaidoned his Intention to preu the matter further. "Lydla, your iniftrtM bad DMD married, or »4s iaarrfed, wasn't The woman's ilngle,i!ate-gr»y eye stared Into hla^xptetfllonteasiy, had 'lira. 1 . !• front of. her name, to use when she telt like lt- That's all 1 know. I never'saw her husband—H "she bad'OB*. I only worked tor her about Are yeani". "You say .she iued ber soarrled naraa 'when she felt like It. 1 What do you mean by tbat, Lydtat" . "J mean she-«?«H »n ft«tres9 f And used. ber stags- name—Jnanita Leigh-pronounced like It wai spelled plain 'Lee'; but ibe wai mostly calle* liltsi Leigh.'" "An actress, you sayr Dnndee repeated thougbtfnliy. "I had beard of her only u ulrector of the Forsyte School plays. .- . ,' What shows was she luJ" , , "She was what they call a specialty dancer la musical conwdy," Lydla answered. "Sometime* • she bad a real part and sometimes she only danced. She was » good hoofer and a good trouper." she added, tbe Broadway .terms falllttj strangely from those austere lips. "And when she wasn't in a show she sometimes got a Job In the picture*.' She airrer bad a.real chance In tne awits, though, bcciuse they mostly wauled her to doable far tne long shots, where lancing cone into the or in cloce-nps.wbere they just show the legs, you know." '' "I see," Dundee agreed grarely. were yoa during: tfiV'lS luies or so be-fore yonr mistress was shot, Lydia?" . ..-. •' "I was flown In my rood- to the basement," the womaa answered, mean Miss Nita—wai go- to ttli th» to get Judf* KanbftfJ to me a roont on the top floor. Slio bated ma to bare to sle«p la tbe tut, but I dtda't mind." toty for tli* i "No." she a... •** "OICCi tu UAVM M*^ BBBlUUlf It LJU9 ud ^ut oat tb* U^tiort tor the cock[•Hi-set them all oat oil the din- log room table and sideboard, ami Miss Mita bid told m* to go and 11* down as sooa M 1 WM through. 80 I did. I had an abscessed tooth pullo 1'ils morairg, tad I n- OJ f««llng sick." . . "DW you hs*r the kitchen bell »t all!" DundM weal oa,. . nnoW'E.U olf to .slecp-iljat fool dentist bad shot nia full of dopa-but 1 din hear the bell oud J come up to answer It. Mrs. Bun- Up taia she'd rnag tirlcf. jnd I »ald l wa« sorry—" "I-ydli, did you go into your nils- t»ess' bedroom before or afioi you 8,054-ered tbat belli" Dundc" nskcil itb «ndden shatpnesa. "1 did no(l I didn't c?en fcnoif sue »as In her bedroom, mull I saw her sitting at ber drfjsluu in. Wo-iead." .ITte harsh volco hfpl- tatcd orer the last word, but (t itlil not br.fek. ' ij);'jMt when did you Orst see nor—letter ihi wii dead?" "1 Jis sitting In the kliclien, tliinklng soracthlns else n«ile'4> My. Jaw had heeuii to ache sonielBlng fierce; ! »nd I dou't tnuw just now long l.set there.".Then t »'scream. It sounded like' It come from Nlta>—Hiss N]t.V« bed- room,'intf .t.-.ruii along t'lie lack hall that Irads from the kitchen <o her tiedrc,_Ti. I heard a lot ol u«u- Pie rUtinlng 'and 'yelling. Nnlioily paid any attention tb me.' 1 .r "Von came Into th' room?" ."\o, sir. 1 did not. .[ stopped In the doorway. ( heard Mr. Bproenu "say die.was dead. .1 was sick nun dizzy aiiyway, and L couldn't tno«F fpr a liiinule. 1 sort of sllppeil to the. floor, add I guess 1 murt li.ire passed out. And tlien i was my sldmncii, oca—1 didn't seem to care II I lOTfd again." "Why, Lya|ar, Dilndee asked geutly. -Mine she was tlie only frl«nj 1 had In the world, and I coulilu't have lofed her better If atio Im.d been my own child," Lyilla answered. And tbe-stern rplco uad broken at last. "1 was stjlltliere in the back hall when a cop «ai« and uked me a lot ot questions, and then that man"—and she pointed to Captain Strain—"said 1 could go and lie. down. He helped down tbo basement stairs." Dundee tapped lifs teeth with tlio long'pencil which he had kept so busy that evening—tapped tnetn long and tbpughtfully. Then: , "Lydia. did you see anyone— Biivone al all/—from your basement, room window bcfoii you »»- awered lira. Dunlap'a ring?" ' (To B« Continued) OUR BOARDING HOUSE . ByAhenj VQU -THAT WILL KEEP VOU Iki 3>URIM<3 V&UR OLD SHARES OF .GOLD MffVie ' . . Atftfecs rfA^e 'MIMED H HAD A -rHe -TIME CSF PAPeR '• swet-u A iKl AM am s<ric& ' —. OUR MADE A ?/AMo 60CJ) CEKf!FJCATe$ FULL oF sibck MV Boo, I AM 60IAJ6 -fa PROVE -Trie Aifecs WERE oMce BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES . WELCOME, STRANGER! By Maf dp WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT; CHICKA- SAW3A DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. ' Missouri State Life Insurance Co Plaintiff, No. 4819 . vs. W. S. Ciowder, et al., Defendant. The defendant, George White, Is warned to appear within thirty days b the court named In Kie caption hereof and answer to complaint of (he plaintiff, Missouri State Life Insurance Co., and J. H. Singleton, Trustee. Dated Nov. 12th, '1930. W. W. HOLL1PETER, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Ivy W. Crawford, Ally, Ad Lit cm. 13-20-28-4 * New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 4 (UP)-Cotton closed steady. " Op?n High Low Close Dec (new) 1037. 1044 1033 1037 Dec (old) I037n Jan. (old) 1C4<( — •- io)4 n Jan (new) 1047 1053 1043 1047 Mar 1072 1079 1068 1072 Miy 1086 1105 1082 1KH? "Uul ...... 1112 .1120 1111 1114 Oct 1133 1137 1130 1130 Sf cU steady at 1045, up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 4 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Clcse 1038 1045 1036 1037 1049 1052 1044 1048 1073 1080 1070 1074 1101 1104 1095 1097 1110 U20 1112 1115 ..... 1137 1140 1131 1134 Spots closed ateacly and unchanged at 1011. Deo Jail Mar May Jul Oct Cardwell News Notes Raymond Williams of Maiden spent Thanksgiving with his parents here..' Misj Christine Tinnin of Horn- eisville wat a Cardwell visitor Sunday evening. Grovcr Flyman visited in Hornersville Saturday evening. Miss Evelyn Francis of Flint, Midi., is visiting in Cardwel). Dr. Wheeler Davis, of the Dunk- iin county health unit, at Kennelt. had business In Cardwell Monday, ' Mrs. J. J.: stires, Mru J. W. Qra- lam and Sirs. Royniond DiuiEcoml), p.ll ot Kcnnctt visJled n!a'4v«» jn avclwEll Sunday. Mr. and MIT. ChmUsi ASasoq Mrs. Beckie Lou Gorhwn,- Misses Lena and Grace Johnson, all '• of Cardwell, and MiEsTOIa Rose of Senath were HorriersviUe. visitors Sunday evening. . Miss Ola Rose of Seriath is visit- Ing in Cerdwell (his..week.. Mr. and Mrs. StinflH "visited relatives at Buccoda Sunday. .Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Tatom and sons of .Broofeland, ArkJ visited in Cardwell Mcnday.' Mrs. Avis Ray Jias ..installed a lunch room at her husband's filling station at tlie junction of Highway 25 and Stain. Street.; The lunch room has very neat .appearance, and with Mrs. Ray.'s capable man- agement should be a'surcesa. '•. . Mr.'and Mrs. W. D. Tatom and daughters Ruby iuid Irenei visted near Senath JViday evening. Mr. and Mrs.MiDert Brewer and son Larry spent 'Sunday at Geneva, Ark. . L. S Brannum had business iu Leachrille Friday.. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Smith of Sshath visited in Cardwell Sun-' day. ' . Half-Moon Honor roll pupils for the month ending Friday Nov. 28th were: Juanlla Gaines, Ora Lee Hawkins, Mildred' Vinstc-n, Maxlne Holland, B. F. Gay Jr., Jimnilc Buck, Primaries — Virgil Shnnncyfelt, Euln Jones',-o. w. Holland, J. L Holland,- Russell Delbridge. Visitors—Kenneth McNally, Bcrti[ Snider, Mary Sue Willuighani Ome Hodges and Mrs. Holland- Teachers— Elvu Hodges and Cassie Caldwell Hargett. The average African .elephant is somewhat larger than the average Asiatic elephont 1 _wclBhlne about 9500' pounds 'as compared with about 7000 pounds for the latter. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IF THAT OLD WDIAM WAS spooeins so FAR,i oourr THAT LOOVS LIKE ATONNftL...' \MEU-, H£B6 *«!£ ABS AT, TVS TV1IN TC££S THAT 7H6 To TVS SECRET rr, •fe.LOOK AROWD A, LTTTve,;.. M, M .6000 TRfvtt, HO* CrtNRM \ AM Tb S6£ S'OO. H0»l HOttOR I ECS. «V coOMrRee. / WEUCoMe To CO^TA, 1 . « HONOR OP.rrv\t>«SiE MERvCftJrn, IS (VBRlU'ANT 8 < <eOt.-*> 1 &n^HOE'S VACST BEAVJUFliL VJ wouvo Ncrt zt. ORE6A\0 rt. CwWTWfsD> SOW MJD 6S IW OUR. WOSV ••/• Wrc*} toOttUt««3. "W •f £'---y'j:siS B 5-»¥' i ' y S •• a * 1 S^^W^^^^; ATHIRD PARTY? __„., '._ Bx:Btoss« ; MIHAT VJA5THAT?? SOW.S FREciiteS A^D TrlG OLD BG£H DOUSJS-CROSSED 8Y.THE A GOOD SttOOl KTCAh) U'M., IF \)OU WHWT F\UvRM COULD ucv, /EoucMiQN.soNiausT-rw i A .CAR LOADf* POWN H6R6 THEV CftLl HIM UIV,"= rfHE BUTCHER", HJ.'S THE — - Jstk rMJir\Ttft OF THE FAT wf\fc'rAW\iTE.K. OIJVNCES Of A, CEUTAIM "

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