The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1934
Page 4
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PACK FOUR BLYTHBVILLE, (ARK.) (RUBIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' TUB COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS .••••• 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor ' H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager TU1-JSDAY, MARCH ti, Bole National Advertising Rcimfciitatlves: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, ettvlt, 81. Louis, Dallas, Kavsfis City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second dfiss mnllcr ill Ihc post office at B:yl'ievlllo, Arkansas, under net ol Congress, October 9, ion. "served, by the Unllcd Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier 111 liic City or BlvlUnvllle, 15c per week or 5050 per year In artvnnro. By mall within a radius o{ 50 miles, $3.00 per year, f!.5i) lor sis months, 85c (or ll.rce months; by malt In postal zones two to sis, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven am" eight, {10.00 per year, payable in advance. Shall We Clear Tariff oj Local Politics To KU!. UK'. UiU-kKiwiiwl fur I In- |n'»- |x>*nl thai liiriiY 1'iiU.Miiiikiiin l>u |nil in I he liiuuls of the pi'e.-iiik'iil, it is IHTCS- sary lo go hack a full hitll'-wiilm-y in history, ID Hit- iliiy when ;t ciiiididiilc Hint tin 1 reni:ivktil larilV wa con- a il, WHS nn ex- liul Ihc years presidential temptuously local issue." That, on llio face of ceedingly silly I'einarli. of lurid' wrnnglinjv since it wits uttered havu gone, fur lo in'ovc Hint il was pretty largely corrwt. A lin-ifl' liill, in t'ntwy, mmlil '» I)U fnimeil on broitd lines of national in- -U.TO.-l. In adual pnicliir, il never is. Whether it In' ii hill to mist- the tarill' or one lo lower il, il inevitably tleKen- cntles inlo a great ( ratline; (,'anie in ..CoiiKri'Ss — with a welter of loral in- !tcresls ultimately deciding (he issues. However regruttalilo Ihis miiy be, 'il is only nutiii-al. The individinil Con- •'jjrossiuun is put uiuler terrific prcssuri;; he is, Curtheriiiore, iicluated by it Itiud- able desire to do what he can for his own constituents. The result is an endless series of li'iitle.-. Out of it clinics a larilV hill Hint seldom is eilher logical or national, hill Ihal represents the blend-. lite of iiiniiiiienible forces, a .composite of a vast number of local issues. The nqw proiwsal would remove .this, very largely, from the liands of Con- Krois. Tlie president would he empowered to negotiate liirill' ngreemenls with individual nations, anil lo raise or lower tariff rates by '.is much as 50 per cent in the, course of such Defoliations. He could not lake an article oil' the free list or put one on il, anil his power would be limited to a Ihrec-year term. * * * This, clearly, is a bill of far-reaching proportions. It would alter aun- plclely our traditional method of selling tariff rales, taking this most important function of government out of the hands of Congress and vesting il in one man. The <|iiestioii lo decide now, is whether the advantages would outweigh I hi: defects. It would give us a chance to get something resembling a scicntilic lurid' and il would end one of \Vii.shinglon's greatest log-rolling games. On the. other hand, il would give the president enormous new powers and—to all in- lonts «nd purposes—lake from Die representatives of the people one of their mosl important functions. Wo are called upon lo do n nice bit of weighing of coniptiralive advnnlagcs. — Bi'iice Cation. Keying Congress Clean Senator K'iruli is rein-wing the efforts which ltd lias been making for the liisl eleven years to gel through Congress it law which would prohibit any member of Congress from accepting employment as an attorney for anyone engaged eilhcr in litigation against Hie government ,or in inter- slate commerce In which (!«• regulative powers of Congress miglil e.Nlcnd. Aliulil Ihc only thing thai is surprising abonl Ihis bill is llic fad thai il wasn't passed long ago. The man in I he street will find il pretty hard lt> lliiuk of any respectable arguments against il. Many members of Congress remain active in law linns which draw rich fees and retainers from large corporations. Now, while a congressman's salary of ?H,f>0(! a year is not a princely .sum, il is at least enough to provide a very comfortable living, and a man who wants to be a congriissniiiii otiglil In be prepared (<» make, it do. There miiy mil, in many case:;, be anything wrung with a lawyer-congressman taking fees from outside interests; but il's a good thing for a public servant to avoid even the appearance (if evil. W ur Rises SlrMiijje., lunv the rumors of coming war can lie fell in fitr-olV places and in the most, peaceful of luirsuils! Steamship (rall'ie Ihrough the Panama Canal is heavy, these days—-mil the imminence of war is largely responsible. IJimni; the lirsl three weeks of February, for instance, 12 steamers passed through the canal bound for Europe with Chilean nitrates—nitrates from which hij,'h explosives are made. At the name time, many ships are going'through the canal in (he other direction, bound from the easl coast of the United .Slates for Japan with scrap iron, lead, ;ind c<|ttoii—com- nuidilies which also are di-sliiial lo be transformed inlo the munitions of war. Knsly steamers, deeply laden, busy on llio most peaceful of errands . , . but grimly foreshadowing the fear of war which lO'ips the world! We cannot but, respect the biavcvy Huclalists; null the loyally to their — Chancellor OolUuss 0( Austria i-.llev tlyn uf the iriirtli Souutiit. Thirty Days That Rocked the Nation the Crash—One Year After £ • V @ TUKEO1ESK SIDE GLANCES By George Clat 0 r - i. ••. Answers on Back \Vhi n all Lvtnki clostdj orr. :u;itliibli; ---- Depft&flurs In U. litre uUtulriLxving caul inrcc of currency continued S. postal bavtags accounts Arc (lining (.he hark holiday. to Twenty-First Day, March 6 BY Wll.US THOKNTON : In iinolher tniyic word out of Ihc NKA Service Stiff Correspondent .south. Terms of the lialioiuil tank Invh-[ Mayor Anton Cermak. of Chl- <Iuy i.TOChihned l;ito Iho Smul;i)'| Ciigo, victim of the Zaiigarii bul- CHURCH EXCUSES By Geo. W. lUrhjin l>cfoie nitcrcd throiiMli . (lie |H.'oi)le on Mondiiy, March ii ] t r roin March 6 to fl inclnsivu, no banks were to pay dcpwus in gold, silver or curn-m-y, tltouuh scrip or oilier evidences of credit were permitted. LOHII Hues formed ill postal MIV- G« banks, which sUyed np;-n. ol eold or .silver was pei- mUtcil only under license. Were we oil Ihe gold standard! Dc.spltc oltlclfil assurances, mast |)5o]>le fell we were. Thai lindn'l l>upj«ned wlilnn memory o( most living pcopli-. jusi In Ills had . lie nny money e happened . .to pockelbook. Bills conliln't be paid. Stotei hastily oxlciulcd ercdlt to known customers. And as word came from (ier- iniiiiy of Hitler's triumph in [hi elections iheru. and Fascist, (lictu- torslilp mere became assured, ever this yrave devclopmciH iixs[ let intended for President Roosevelt, hud tost al last his 19-day buttle vvlch deatli. It served 10 deepen the atmosphere of .soinlwrness that was lightened only by a slaicmeu.t by cheerful and chinner Secretary Woodin to the cflcel that "I think we're on the bottom and will nut 10 lower." NEXT: lief. nr^s give limited re Jim—thut'.s my luiibMid—has not returned from his business til]> ,'et, though he should have been back long ago. It sceins from what says in Ills occasional letters, that he has been attending a ineetng of some kind. I'm not sure it's a church meeting but lie lias so much to say about a slny- er nnd says when he returns home we must start In going to church. He beeins terribly interested and wants to arrange for this young woman to come and sing for our church. I can understand how he wdulcl be interested In any real good sineinir for my voice was what attracted him, but I can't understand just, why he is xo nnx- ious to have her come here. I often thluk of the advantage my wonderful voice gave me over i\ "There trouble is your mother, ma'm. She's always o| here in our way." .some ol (lie others thai worked in our choir. Bui as llioy wore j only orclinnry singers, Jim—that's my husband—pairt no auenlioii to them. Alter we married anri T had, so to sneak, bnuslied him up as to manners of approach and depart, j he became very popular and one or more occasions I foundl necessary lo call his attention the Inct that he was even jmlnJ outside of a janitors' galhcril Negroes (let Signatures KANSAS CITY. Mo. (UP) —A "book of -,i million names" is be- IIIK circulated throughout the .: tlon by'negroes 1 in connection wiLti n uinnpnlgii for :iu endowment fund for ' WilbeJorcc Univ/rsity. oldest negro higher education Institution in the country. The book is now three feel high nnd weighs m iiunmls. Fiimnclii] and military Intercuts deliberately are planning a u-ar in Euiow. —Kinma Goldman, liiiicd ;utiU'clii.H. ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nens has Ijcen au- thorised lo iiiinoimct the following ny candidates for piiblic ofllcc, subject to the Democratic primary ntxl August: For aiemlicr CLINTON L. For Sheriff CLAHENCE For Ue-elecllon OT Ctuiprcss CALDWElOr anil Collcrtnr H. WILSON for Bcconil Term The uKist |xx»rly tuiined Icucli'.rs ;ire jjetuni; Ihe juhs Uiday they an> the lowest biddrts. —-Prof. Arthur iJ. .Mui-liliiian, Univcr- pily "f .Micliiijau. ol tnc ideals. esccu- OUT OUR WAY Hv Williams If '"OH, NEVER M1MD. 1 MY SON WTUL TAKE THEM OUT TO TH' CAR." — THEY THINK YOU'RE A VERY ^4ICE LADY, WITHOUT MAKIN' A GOAT OUTA ME! THAT'S FREC SERVICE-AN' YOU MAKH ME EARN THAT GUYfe DOUGH SO THEY'LL SAY, AIN'T SHE LOVELY! VBH-LOVtLY TO OTHER PEOPLE. NO- I'M MAKING v-.THEM THINK MY SON IS INDUSTRIOUS/ IT'5 THE ONV.YCHAMCE 1 GET. THl- NEIGHBORS KNOW THt TRUTH. Fnr County Treasurer ROLAND GREEN- JOE a. UILLAHUNTV I-'CJT Circuit Cnurt Clcik HUGH CRAfO SMITH For County Court Clerk FRED FLEEMAN Tor Re-Election tor 2nd Term For Asstisoi I{. L. (DlLLYi GAINES V. C. (IKE) HUDSON Fnr t'onbtablc uf OhickVAWba Toni^Uiji JACK ROBERTSON FOB CITY OFFICES Election Tuesday, April For City Clerk S. C. CUAIG n. L. MCKNIGHT ROSS BEAVERS For City Atlomcj SAM MANATT Ads. urt . Dred Scott decision .. i :Iy*»- 1 ^w > "~ .^--:---:- ^"~ 1IKRI.Y IIKKB TODAX r/UII.IT». • knndMme 17-jfat- old yBulh, nutkn at ihe inlatlnl (••InrlJn bone ft millionaire Jill riKI.II. nnd r. >rrv>inl flrl, rnl/lll. ki>9«» mnthlitu of nil pmtBi». \Vken H jrarn (ilj he rno nrrnf from AMilH.A. Ikr krarllnn alt crone In whtiic rare he wan left. Sloe* Ihr.-i h* nn* lived itllh NUHIIfS l-'lrlcl'" rtrrnncrd vrltr ant their lb<- I lorii):, 'lion'iF.' ritlltn nee* I'.ttlrllr ntid nlmnnt m oner fall* tn Inir trlfh lirr. He htnrm Field irll hlv riauchlrr fee in planning n manquernn'c part? In k«t h*nar. MIVV i;i> OS WITH TUB STOUT CHAPTER V PKTHI.I.E snld rather shyly aa '••' slio stepped lo tli» dock, "I llilnk you run this boat beautifully." "Von nro very kind." Pahlito answered in an undertone- that ^ it lltllo rough. Ho looked up ut her—;t Blender figure with wind whllined skirts on the dock above him. Kslollo'3 E'M» met bis clear, now darkened, blue eyes. It was s cnrious feeling she hart about this v"iiii£ man. she realised. Sbo did llho him so very much and yet she had hardly heard his voice Slio bad never before had any feel ins thai was nt all like this. Only a second slio looked Into Piihliin's eyes, although It seemed Ion;; to her. Sliort ns it had ac liially been, II wns Wo long to Jliu I'iehl. "Couif alone, clilld," he said i trifle shorlly. His women must no forj;L't ihfilr social plane, tils own furKCiilnj; was .mother mailer. "Vu:i needn't tbank tho servant for their services." bo slated ivitt a not too pleasant Binita as tbe made tliclr way toward land. "I'd umcli rather." Estelle »a swered In tlm tentla manner wl always ninris licr seem a little Bhy Some time, slio rellocted, when sh knew her father hctler sh» w( cxplnin lo hit'i Ihat she felt oMisation to ihsiilt Ihoso wb innile her life fleasanter by attend IHR her licranso ot the very fac Hint It « not necessary and because so many iieoplo forgot sue tilings. Slio did not know the bow successfully and brutally ho father could slleuca words Us not wish to bear. "Some of your mollicr'a non sense." he s^ld acidly after a shor mirthless laugb. Kstella reveaie her snrorlso by a sudden chaos of ejpresslon. "Well, never mind! J-'leld added shortly. He did no want tbe girl who looked as Norm had to show, as Normti had, th fact that sbs naa startled an amazed. A little later iCstcllo asked her mother's maid to learn Iho name of llio young man who had run Ihn "Silver Dart" thai aflcraoon. As she dlri this: Tablllo, OD a soap box, was lelllog Xoyes about her. Noyes vpas troubled. It might ho a young affair tail to Pahlito It was evidently most Tea!. Pablilo was a bit incoherent »nd thera isas a Hush nnJer his deep tin. Noyea rernetnlxired the feeliog. "I'm cnm^ to town," ho staled aud stood up. ra hi I to woiideved what had made Notes declds to go to town. He bad been quits •Irmik only two days before. Al»"•,! luvarlably at least a week o! tcfol-stv sr;d 3neetiu:ei n roouth «AC.'V bslwten N'oyts' trip? In tofln. lie looked up al her — a jfoiJcr fgurc tcith Kind-whipped itfitls, on {lie Jock above him. ! He watcbcd Koye3 off—a d.irk . do Ibis, oven for I'jhliio. : shad9 that swayed against Ida sil- | "i B , t fa j rr | 10 ti emAn r]cil even '\ ver anil gold of tbe still, twilight- i mo ro loudly. Then. sfiaiiio-fa..-ed. echoing waters. Sober, Noycs piled i | lu nulled the nal high on a , a flat boat well: drunk, be clnus j sandy heacli. lie bad no sympathy! obstinately to tho pole anil cnme! W ith Dies that bu/zert on window i both willioiii Head Courier News want Ads| tv KATHARINE HAVILAND-TAYLO3 © 1024 NEA SERVICE. 'UC. pendiUK doom. They may C;IU.SG<I D; a sluggish Mvcr in i underdone pork chop tiui one ways lh!^ks Ihis pariln:lnf rj:n may be a premonition t>; whni t^ happen some hour ffepk." "We've done well Ihis season, Pnhlllo said slowly. "That 'wo' Is kind." Noyes rr mured. "No. Wlist could 'l liavti ii without you? 1 tlou'l forget evei it you do." "1 have given yon some erliii lion, some lasics. srid an exnnit ot what a gentleman may hccome.' N'oyes said. "But as capli.-il don't know how lai Ibese ihii will take, you." j "Without yon 1 would nave h!\ nothing." Palilito s;iii] anil then b went Into tho shack to set a pi of water on the stove, to kin and light the lire and lo measur* cofto'- They wouM have lor ihel : meal fried esss and hnro nnd sinne course ljrea<l. And \\nv- way .a hit. .1 blark boy in wall Itaea was protiably offering I &tellc Plehl fond from a dla rat rested on a twinkling ell7*< tray. He had high -vails to seal Pahlilo knew. Inn Iho young nn not disniayci! by such UioiiEhls. In Eomo vrays he reckoned—an ho hart done a deal of reckons^ —lio had everything that e~\s cbuld never sire his riaughu True, tbe tlilnss be had n- c rc di cult to diagram 50 Ihat Iho eye; of tho world could read tt:ein. EStelle's gentlo rearing would her from sensing that n-hic Pablito bad tliat her father so cotn| pletely lacked. Kstello's motbe would and did know the diffe ! cnre. Pahlito was sure. Her tire' J eyes lold Ihlj. i • • • : f~\& T on tiie rounded, higlier ^ of the isl.ind faclos toward Ihd n]'?:ri sf-a Nryes started lo rise ariff then I3io:;i;hl tatter of It. Runnl away always hrn::ded oae as bafi afrairt anil hcinc alraid tola t home wot, both willioiii and . |, an(!3 n 0 i]j u iseU, ami with rea-1 "nln»ker that uno hart reason within. j sin, had not done mucb iiazii:is | tl ' ar N ' t> S <!i ' own trluniDliant Pabltto <5ecidfid that Iw wnir.ti so on tlia cosmic vine, bin tbe ' ca l le fr °m t'isiice had been mnd. for Noyes at 10 or 11 .Meaiilinir lie J Ihoiigltt of Pahlilo heing hurt— j'">' seillini! In Hie land v could sit ajone in the silence. Kor i X 0>C3 [, U rrled toward Jake's'" 1 tb« flrat tims In bjs life bo iliil uoi: Diiini) as If his devil were M bis : wiat Koyes vl'& him. . ncols i ns t ca d ot ahead of him. Ha thought of the afternooa and ; ... the way Est»ll«-bad smiled at him. i , Sudtolr ha decided. "I'll go to T"^ soiiluern season \v. !3 draw-) that pirtj!" He know a way to! l«S to a close. Soon the car.ijs creep • into tbe sronmls ami. would ha closed and birds and men masked,-he could tatW with tier a s j would make their way nortliward. casually ha n«rer could without a mask. | The sun weuld grow steadily hoi- lor and tho mollons of tbose who remaiucri wnnld be slower and N'or- rls Noyes would not he afraid to wander Key \Ycst. wben bo liked. " Noyes murmured, pol- j •*-' ing Ws way lowanl ihe i tracks which he ~ would follow, toward the mainland and town, j What chanco had Pablito to E« —anything of that sort? The hoy was Tinusually decent, fairly well educated andUnnselfisb, But those ' assota, Noyes knew, would count (or ;little. "Cajnn ever-ytliiufi^" ho said loudly and clearly. He couldn't bear tba thought of Pabltto being hurt that way. Slowly hs considered the fact that ba could perhaps make Pablilo ladependent. But be knew that, thousb he could perhaps make PMiliio ludcpendeut, tUdl v.-<ss seller tbio ll"d over JMn] 1 ' Then, ai •:M. I n i;nt UE ^i5 tVtp n;rin .•it am! he « coming." "I'm glart summer's N'oyes salt! one- night. Pablilo was not glad. SUe would ba golns nortb; perhaps Ibe ne*t season the Fields would go abroad or to Sout'u America and visit tbo camp for only a week or so—If at att. Then Pablito would bare only bis dreains ot her and tbo blunt, cold facts that mads dreams such a mockery when be came back to earth. Tf« bee.n nervous—oddly nerv- ow tills ECUEOB," Noyea west .ou, "Liftryrjus." b? coptliiu^d. "has drlnklDg~haU would cot lei hlmitbesd umriect; of feeling is Ira by =e ere was a tmt =i^.irch for hln A boat nr,s liea'flng toward, bl Island now. He iifnil hfs head bit and waited lanriilly. Some one l:i Hie s'e" 1 5 aug ot;;, "(live U3 R liaml. u ill 1 Eii:o trouble:" -No."- < bis shoulder, "P-i f 5 Il9 Cl to stroll toward tnlo it. i!» had;iii ' the wl-.eel ot tun; li. { certain Ilia htm. Years b?/.irc N'.iic- .ioii' I newcomer h-id fijd n:;-';n.'i. one oilier In New Vnrh ami Philac phia auction ri>n::s. NHJOS didnl think Jcffrits v.-nn'.ri sptnlt of Ing senn him h-.n he couldn't sure. In the shark lie slof"! ' Ing In a dark corner, eyes fl«d "t>l the slove from which rose ictj thick, blue-gray fumes °' bacon. Afler a bit he in"»eil ratbsr numbly across tbe tbe skillet. The tmnke nade him cough. He 6tlSe<l the cn'jgti ln a again crept to Hie (To H-

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