The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1967 · Page 30
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 30

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1967
Page 30
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8-Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines Thursday, April 13, 1967 iniiiiiiiiiininiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin •. by \ their beds. * * * Evelyn S m March 30 - Almost time for April showers which I think everyone would greet joyfully. It is dry and flusty and a good soaking rain would start the grass and spring flowers, yet there are reports on early flowers bravely coming up. Speaking of flowers, my last violets didn't do well and I called"Dr. Catherine Fisch", who took them home and discovered the sponges in the txjttom of the planter were no longer absorbing the water as they should. So, over she came with 2 new plants, a purple and a white slightly tinted, both beautiful and so perky. Mrs. Walter Morz was delivering some belated Easter reading pamphlets and brought one to me. Something was said, I don't remember just what, but she exclaimed, "Oh, YOU are the one who writes Tidbits". I entered a guilty plea and was gratified at her kind remarks. Then she disclosed that her husband, pastor of the Presbyterian church, and Dick Post were World War n buddies. Just more proof of this small world. * * * The picture of little Martha Smith and the big bumiie she won was so cute. I called her mother, Trudy to tell her what an adorable daughter she and Don Jr. have. There was no argument there - they know what a honey she is, and her big eyes don't miss a thing, I'll bet. Well, I'm sure our little Katie will be a cutie, too. Her mother Gayle Henderson, was and her father Herbert KJerulff is a fine looking man and Gayle is a very attractive woman. A recent letter from Gayle had a picture of him enclosed, but I have already mentioned it and the change of residence from Pomona to Glendale. * * * Mrs. Geneva Dodds, who has been a resident here for some time, considers herself well enough now to return to her own home. I believe her injuries were received in an auto accident, and though she uses one crutch, she seems to get around quite well. I don't believe I'd be brave enough to try and keep house by myself. * * * Two girls came in yesterday and stood in the hall outside my door. They seemed a little un- certain as to where to go, so I asked if there was anything I could do to help them. I thought they might be calling on someone and didn't know where to go. It turned out one wanted to see Mr. Nasby so I called a nurse who contacted him. In the meantime, we talked a little and I said to the smaller one "how old are you", for I know there is an age limit. I figured she was about 14 from her size. I was floored when she said 22. I said, "stand by me. Maybe there is SOMEONE I am taller than." But bless me - Hattie Burligame was here and she said there was so little difference, but I might just be an inch taller, possibly. She weighes 90 pounds. I weighed 93 in high school, but now I'm 110 and wish I were back to 100. Is anyone ever satisfied? This was in the April Readers Digest and is so cute I want to pass it on. "Ann-in-arrn, my husband and I left the altar to the strains of the wedding march. Nearly at the door, I turned my ankle and winced in pain. I felt it swelling, but it was hidden by my long gown. With difficulty, I managed to walk the few steps to the waiting taxi. I'll never forget the look on the driver's face when my husband said urgently, "To the hospital, and hurry." (Helen Mlllham, Fullerton, Pa.) There was another cute one and I phoned Trudy Smith and read it to her. Don puts a few clever bits in his column and maybe he will use It. It also was in the Digest, but was more well, we'll see if he uses it. * * * I watched the Raymond Burr (Perry Mason) premier show, "Ironsides" the other evening. It can't compare in my opinion with the Perry Mason stories, but I may become accustomed to the new cast. I liked "Delia" "Paul" and the district attorney so much. One newspaper item said Burr has been on TV nine years and felt it was time to have a well-earned rest, but I am glad he will be on this new series and I hope in time I'll learn to like the cast. * * * The men here appreciate the warmer weather for now the sun porch is warm enough for them to sit there. The view is so nice and it's a fine place for chichat. The women on second floor have a nice room, too, overlooking College and Hall streets. It also serves as dining room for those who are able to leave There are three cartoons I look at each day - "Family Circus" first, then Abbie and Slats and then Dag wood. "Family-Circus 1 is the best by far, and so typical. It takes Abbie a long time to reach the point, and I knew all the time Fritz would let the inner man come uppermost and win the race for good old what- you-may-call it school - but it took several days before he did the right thing. As for Dagwood, he must be the cleanest man in the world, for he Is in the bath tub so frequently. Noon - and when I got up to turn on my radio, I looked out the window and there was the robbin I heard a few days ago. Bless his little red breast I And a cardinal favored us with a flash into the pine tree. I wish they'd come oftener and stay- longer. They are so pretty, but flit away so soon. Two more days till the TV magazine section crossword puzzle. I should have the greatest vocabulary after doing so many and some of the words are pretty "far out", but I love it and start it as soon as I do my Sunday reading- religious booklets and a certain number of chapters of the Bible. I call it my going to church. I have finished Psalms which I think are frequently hard to get the exact meaning. I am in Proverbs now, then I'll go back over the New Testament. One can always find something new no matter how frequently read. Apparently the Littles are back home, for I received a picture folder of San Francisco and San Rafael, their home, is in that area. San Francisco is a most interesting place. * * * Did any of you UDM readers notice how much Dan Murphy, who was guest speaker at the banquet April 6 at Garrigan, looks like "Paul Drake" (William Hopper) of the Perry Mason TV programs? * * * The Thursday evening storm almost spoiled the Dean Martin show- but it didn't come with so much force till I had seen Gene Barry. Then I shut the TV off. Wouldn't it be nice if some scientist would concentrate on the elimination of storm interference rather than moon travel? * * * A chat with Fern Foster revealed that she too noticed the Drake-Murphy resemblance. She said "When I saw the Murphy picture I though, WHO does he remind me of?" I mentioned it, and she said, "That's itl' There was always a strong resemblance of Gary Cooper and Fernley Nl- coulin, which friends of the latter noticed. * * * When I called a friend today she said she was having an early dinner. Being a gourmet, I said, "What are you having?" She said "Corn on the cob," which made drool. Then another friend said she was having liver. Well, I am not fond of liver, so Pd rather be dining with the corn- on-the-cobber. * + * Remember that old gag, which was supposed to be humorous. Customer to butcher, "Take back your heart - I ordered liver." Well, be it liver or heart, I can do without either nicely, and I'm not too fond of tongrie. As for kidneys, which we don't hear too much about rxcept in lx>oks with an English setting - kidney pie is supposed to be so good, but my pet cat turned his nose up at them even though we thought we were preparing a delicacy we though he'd like. So much for "innards." BARBER Mayor E. C. Carnal of Tama retired last month after 45 years bartering in the same room where he started on Main street. Carnal will continue as mayor of Tama and is now in his 27th year. LEGAL NOTICES QUARTERLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND SUMMARY OF PROCEEDINGS School District - Algona Community; Township - Cresco; County Kossuth. I do hereby certify that this report is a true and correct statement of the proceedings pertaining to the financial matters of the board of said district for the quarter ending March 31, 19G7. Vaughn K, Rising Secretary FINANCIAL STATEMENT Schoolhouse Fund Balance from Previous Quarter 4,542.19 Total Receipts for Quarter 13,129.04 Total to Account for Total Warrants Drawn During Quarter Transfer-Bond Account Balance at End of Quarter Plus Investments *S.H. Fund sub. account - transfer account only receipt or expenditures. GENERAL FUND Balance from Previous Quarter 137,030.30 Total Receipts for Quarter 193,741.67 Transfer-Investments Ret'd. 80,000.00 Total to Account for 17,671.23 none 90.75* ,17,580.48 135,301.88 not actual 410,771.97 EXPENDITURES Regular Salaries Paid for Quarter (Teachers, Janitors, Officers, etc., grouped) Other Warrants Issued - amount Total Expenditures Balance at End of Quarter Plus Investments 196,343.24 53,359.90 249,703.14 161,068.83 none LIST OF WARRANTS (except salaries) SCHOOL HOUSE FUND To Whom Paid Transfer - Bond Account. .90.75* TOTAL .90.75 GENERAL FUND To Whom Paid Advance Publishing Co.. Advanced Systems, Inc. Algona Auto Repair . . , Algona Comm. Sch. Dist Clearing Acct Algona Floor Service . . Algona Implement Co. . AlgonaInsurance Agency Algona Municipal Utilities ; Algona Plumbing and Heating Elgin Allen Allyn and Bacon, Inc. . American Art Clay ..152.69 . .94.70 . .24.20 CO., Inc 57.26 American College Testing Program 31.35 American Education Publications, Inc 4.25 F. H. Amstutz 28.18 Arnold Motor Supply 32.01 Art Education, Inc., Pub.. .168.60 Arwell 171.00 Ass'n. for Childhood Educational International . .. .2.60 Ass'n. of School Business 1,461.10 . .12.00 . . .4.70 1,260.00 3,052.90 . .80.14 .223.58 . . .9.35 *2466 Manufacture! s Suggested Rotail Pr ce for the Cama-b Sport Coupe \vah the Standard S.v Tins Camaro shown has at extra cost hood stripe. 514.''b. st\ie trim group. S40.0b wheel covers $21.10. and! tires. 531.3b. All puces include Federal Excise Tax jnj su.jgesied dealer delivery and charge (.trani.i.'c^.jtion changes, accessories, other optional equ'cment stale .in.) j..icj| (axes Jddit.ond.'). moves you up to the head of the class. Comoro, the sportiest looking and acting: lower, wider, heavier than any other car at the price. With the biggest Six, the widest stance, the roomiest interior. Drive it at your Chevrolet dealer's and see. You get more than your money's worth. Compare CAMARO end learn why it gives you that sure feeling 14 0115 and you get the lowest rate It's as simple as that—lowest rates in history are in effect for many Long Distance calls after 8 p.m. daily and all day on Sunday. During those periods you :an call anywhere from coast to coast for 90c or less (3-minute station rate). Additional minutes each 25c or less. Northwestern Bell DIAL DIRECT> Fast. Personal, Easy Officials 20.00 Audiovisual Center Division of Extension and University Services - Univ. of Iowa 238.22 Mrs. Joan Baas 19.50 Baker ami Taylor Co 61.61 Everett E. Barr Insurance , 779.00 Barren's Educational Service Corp 4.55 Wes Bartlett 360.00 Benson's Weldin? 14.52 Bjustrom's Furniture . . . .17.05 Dick Bllck 148.02 Blossom Ins. Agency . . . .12.00 Mr. Henry Bormann . . . .17.12 Bowman's Small Engines . .1.50 Joe Bradley Equipment . . .3.36 Harriett Bullock 228.00 Bureau of Educational Research & Seiv 31.30 Business Education Films 36.00 California Test Bureau. ..190.70 Campbell and Hall, Inc. . .193.47 John Capeslus ,8.28 Carleton Stewart Music Co 103.30 Carpenter Paper Co 404.81 Carson's for Color 50.08 Glenn Chally 10.00 Children's Music Center, Inc 5.95' Mrs. Julian Chrischllles . .19.50 The Chrischllles Store .. .116.96 Churchill Chemical Co. . ..34.26 City College Audio- Visual Center 11.01 Coast to Coast Stores . . . .19.95 Collins-Beler Co 2.66 Cook's Welders Supply . . .85.85 Cowan Corporation 399.33 Grouse Cartage Co 23.02 Culligan Soft Water Service 85.70 Dau's Garage 13.00 Dean's 12.00 Decker Brothers, Inc. ..1,232.42 Dictaphone Corp 586.00 Dietzgen Co 44.40 Druggists Mutual Ins.Co. ..77.00 Mrs. Millie Elbert 8.00 Ralph Elbert 3.00 Electronic Specialties . . . .86.60 Mr. William Fandel 8.00 Fareway Stores, Inc 39.28 Finn's Bakery 2.95 Mr. Frank Foley 8.00 Follett Library Book Co.. .267.84 Foster Furniture Co 22.60 Adolfo Franco 30.00 Frederick Hardware 61.71 R. J. Funk, Plumbing and Heating 4.85 Mrs. Amy Geerlng 19.50 George's Body Shop 45.00 Joyce Graham 246.00 Greenberg Auto Supply . . . .1.23 Wayne Hanson 3.00 Hanson-Bennet Magazine Agency 494.95 Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc .31.94 Harrison's 3.43 Ray Haugen 53.25 Hawkeye Truck Equipment Co 6.30 Hedrick Brothers 46.45 Herbst Ins. Agency 5.00 Hertzberg-New Method, Inc 108.17 Hilton's Super Service. .2,200.36 Hood's Super Valu Store .. .54.97 Houghton Mifflin Co 61.50 Huntington Laboratories, Inc 18.66 Hutzell's Office & School Supplies . .701.02 Mr. Herman Illg 19.10 Indiana University 12.10 Industrial Electronics Corp 169.56 Ingram's 17.33 International Business Machines Corp 1,355.30 International Film Bureau, Inc 44.94 Iowa Ass'n. of School Business Officials 5.00 Iowa Employment Security Commission 8,637.13 Iowa Public Employees' Retirement Sys 6,708.92 Iowa State Bank 9.00 Iowa State University . ...122.45 Iowa Testing Programs . .. .6.50 ISEA Library Service 102.83 Jack's O.K. Tire Service .. .3.00 Nellie James 234.00 Paul James 3.00 Jenkins Music Co 100.04 Johnson Service Co. . . . 29.64 Helen Kelley 13.50~ Keystone View Co 423.75 Kllpto Printing & Office Supply Co 22.33 Kossuth Motor Co 1,863.38 Krafft Music Co 175.27 Phyllis Kuhn 246.00 L. H. Kurtz Co 24.89 Otto B. Lalng 196.63 Lang Distributing Co 20.50 Langan Paper Co 28.56 Library of Congress 20.85 Mrs. Casey Loss 19.50 Marshall and Swift, Inc. . . .4.00 Math-Master Labs, Inc. ..556.44 McGraw-Hill Book Co 8.24 Metropolitan Supply Co. . .300.23 Arnold Meyer 150.00 Midwest Shop Supplies . . . .5.15 Midwest Visual Education Service 1,199.80 Miller Lumber Co 8.43 Minnesota Mining and Mfg. Co 13.00 Modern Dry Cleaners and Tailors 23.60 Mrs. Dorothea Moulton... .19.50 Naden Industries 35.00 National Cash Register Co 19.00 National Education Ass'n. of U. S 20.05 National Geographic Society 9.80 G. W. Naylor 3.00 Mrs. Ralph Nichols 8.00 North Central Public Service Co 6,176.24 North Iowa Printing Co. . . .7.75 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co 765.84 Mr. Hubert O'Brien 8.28 O'Brien Trucking Service 73.75 Paragon Industries, Inc... .15.09 Percival Motors 112.66 Mrs. Marge Perkins 16.00 Mr. L. H. Pertl 16.00 Petty Cash 172.31 Pink Supply Co 175.50 Pratt Electric Constr. Co 287.04 Prentice-Hall, Inc 8.89 Publications Distribution Service 2.10 Jon Putnam 64.16 Random House, Inc 30.56 Reader's Digest 3.50 Reinhold Publishing Corp. .14.37 Ricklefs & Geelan Insurance Agency 3.00 Vaughn K. Rising 87.50 Joseph M. Rooney, M.D... .11.00 Sailer's Davis Paint 6.50 Scnultz Brothers 2.84 Science Research Associates, Inc 754.41 Scientific American .... 28.90 Scott, Foresman andCo... .12.50 Kathryn Sorensen 43.00 Thayer Soule 50.00 Standard Oil Co 616.91 Stansi Scientific Co 4.50 Stromberg Hydraulic Brake & Coupling Co 49.92 Supt. of Documents 5.30 Swanson's 77.73 Taylor Motor Co 352.78 Texas Refinery Corp 58.80 Thermogas Co. of Algona. .24.00 Mr. Bernard Thllges 19.82 Tom's Radio and TV ... .26.90 Trupke Electric Motor Service 62.06 Mrs. ThelmaTschetter .. .825.00 Charles B. Ullom 5.00 United Building Centers, Inc 991.22 U. S. Government Post Office 85.00 University of Illinois 55.45 University of Minnesota .. .44.66 University of Nebraska... .23.50 Upper Des Moines Publishing Co 136.77 Utt Electric Service . . . .302.63 Mr. Herman Vaudt 3.00 O. G. Waffle Book Co. . . .146.33 Cecil Wattermann 24.98 The Welch Scientific Co... 110.13 The Whlttemore Champion 62.38 H. W. Wilson Co 33.58 Ella Zumach 8.00 Total . . . .53,359.90 I, Vaughn K. Rising, Secretary of the above named School District, do hereby certify that this report, pages 1, 2, 3 and 4 is a true and correct statement of the proceedings pertaining to financial matters of the Board of said District for the quarter ending March 31, 1967. /S/Vaughn K. Rising Secretary Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7th day of April, A.D., 1967. /S/Mary F. Ag-ard 'Notary When you save with us our office is as close as your nearest mailbox... and it's open 24 hours a day. So save five percent of your take-home pay the convenient way by saving with us. *»vln|t Currant Ritt Pir Yur on I Month Inviitmint Cirtlflcatts Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. MJiMBJjlt OF THE SAVINGS AND LOAN FOUNDATION, INC, All A«MwnU Fully IniurMl ft $11,000 KuUwk artoft-im from Ttt Ittfa-Bun From Th«ut IwtaM CtrUflotUi-Iin From Ttw D»y YOU fevMt IINCI If IF - AlOONA, IOWA All Passbook Savings Accounts and Savings Certificates Insured up to $15,000 by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C,

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