The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1967 · Page 28
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 28

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1967
Page 28
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t 6-Algono (la.) Upper Pes MolnM Thursday, April 13, 1967 Jurors Named For May Term Of District Court Names of petit jurors for the May term of district court, which begins May 1, were released this week by County Clerk Alma Pearson. Jurors are not slated to report until May 8 and Judge Joseph P. Hand, Emmetsburg, will preside during the term. Jurors slated for call are: Kathryn Arndorfer, Henry Becker, John R.Burns, Don Clapsaddle, Florence Furst, Evelyn Gates, John B. Grandgenett, Arlo Grimm, Iris Hlnton, Oran Hudson, Charles Joens, Bernad- Ine Lighter, Howard Seely, Rose Stebrltz, Florence Watson, Inez Wolfe, Dorothy Zeigler, Algona. Don Arndorfer, John Droessler, Bernard Hauptman, Edna Johannesen, Alice Weber, John Welp. Bancroft. Harold Becker, Walter Campney, Floyd Keopke, Leona Lacy, Robert Lovstad, Ruth 0. Patterson, Bertha Wlllrett, Burt. Ray Dreyer, Curtis Olson, Lloyd Sunde, Fred Weinberger, Fenton. Laura Anliker, Dean Ban wart, Edwin Stattelman, Ida Struecker, West Bend. John R. Alke, Clarlne Boyken, Alice Bruns, Betty Countryman, Erwln Glesklng, Jr., Floyd Hulsman, Titonka. Mllford Berg, Leland Davidson, Lucille Hanson, Everett Johaneson, Gladys Kluger, Fred W. Langerman, Mildred Looft, Alice Pulver, Frank Smouse, Caroline Tokhelm, Swea City. Fred Blumer, Walter HInz, Carmen Nlelson, LuVerne. John Cordes, Lakota. Theresa Duffy, Carl Ernst, Art Rusch, Louis Wehrspan, Geo. J. Winkel, Whittemore. Millie Harnmerstrom, Bernard Miller, Lone Rock. John Kelly, Mrs. Darrel Newlin, Armstrong. John Kramersmeler, Ledyard. Arvln Larson, Faye Loeblg, Frances Seefeld, Donnelle Ves- trem, Wesley. Olin Larson, Buffalo Center. Sylvia O'Brien, Carolyn Weydert, Bode, Notes Of Servicemen liwpiwiiffliiiwiwHpiiwiiimwiHBnroiiitiiiitiii FT. CARSON, COLO. - Army Private Darwin M. Engelbarts, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin N. Engelbarts, Algona, completed advanced combat training at Ft. Carson, Colo., March 24. - o GREAT LAKES, ILL., March 23 - Marine Private Robert G. Helnen, 18 USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. George M. Heinen of 414 N. Roan, Algona, has been graduated from nine weeks of Navy basic training at the Naval Training Center here. In the first weeks of his naval service he studied military subjects and lived and worked under conditions similar to those he will encounter on his first ship or at his first shore station. - o - WICHITA FALLS, Tex -Airman Third Class Russell L. Spear, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Spear of R. R. 2, Algona, has been graduated at Sheppard AFB, Tex., from the training course for U. S. Air Force aircraft mechanics. Airman Spear, a 1966 graduate of Algona Public High School, is being assigned to an Air Force unit in Taiwan for duty with the Military Airlift Command. - o - FT. POLK, LA - Army Private Allan L. Daken, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter H.Dacken, Lone Rock, completed nine weeks of advanced infantry training April 7 at Ft. Polk, La. His last week of training was spent in guerilla warfare exercises. During his guerrilla training, he lived under simulated Vietnam conditions for five days, fighting off night attacks and conducting raids on "enemy" villages. He was taught methods of removing booby traps, setting ambushes, and avoiding enemy ambushes. Other specialized training in- included small unit tactics, map reading, land mine warfare, communications, and firing the M- 14 rifle, M-60 machine gun, and 3.5 inch rocket launcher. New Hot Lunch Room Being Used, Wesley WESLEY - Beginning Monday, hot lunches were prepared and served to public school pupils and faculty menbers in the newly- constructed part of the public school. The cooks, Clara Price and TUlie Matz had been operating ia the Methodist parish hall the past year. Previous to that the pupils and others were served in St. Joseph's parish hall, with the pupils of that school. The old wooden grade school building built in 1894 burned April 10, 1965. The new addition, which has been used for several weeks, contains seven classrooms. Other things in the new addition include an elementary library, two conference rooms, a librarian's office, officers and teachers work areas, and adequate facilities for the hot lunch program. - o- A firemen training program was started Wednesday evening, April 5, and will be held each Wednesday evening during April. Paul Silbaugh, a memlwr of the fire extension service In Ames, is conducting the series, which Is on chemistry of fires, operation of the equipment, how to fight fires, demonstration of first aid and an L.P. gas demonstration. LeRoy Grandgenett is fire chief, Ed Dornbier, assistant chief, Lou Simpson, treasurer, and Dave Klein, secretary. - o - AUXILIARY MET American Legion Auxiliary held a regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening, April 4, with Joan Grandgenett, president, presiding. She announced that a 4-county Legion and Auxiliary meeting will be held In Lone Rock Wednesday, April 12, beginning at 1 p. m. She also announced that the spring Legion and Auxiliary conference will be held In Webster City, April 23. Members voted to give $10 to the supply shelf In DesMoines. Many members have made hospital bibs. Mrs. Jo Meurer will send them to Veterans hospital in Des Moines April 15, and Is asking that all bibs be left at her home by that date. Emma Olson and Irene Muehe served lunch. 500 was played. VI Studer and Laura Klein were prize winners. Wednesday evening parties sponsored by the American Legion In the Legion hall will begin at 8:30 p. m, for the next few weeks. The public is invited to attend. - o - ANNUAL BALL The annual firomen's ball will be held in the Duncan pavilion Saturday evening, April 22. Board Proceedings • BOARD PROCEEDINGS FIFTH DAY MARCH 1, 1967 REGULAR JAN. SESSION The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were Charles Plathe, Chairman, & Garry McDonald, Lawrence Newbrough, A. M Kollasch & Andrew Relsing. Absent: none. Motion by McDonald & seconded by Newbrough that the appointment of Eppo Bulten as Deputy Sheriff at a starting salary of $5250 be approved. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Kollasc.h and seconded by Reislng that fourth quarterly report of the soldier relief comm. be approved. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by McDonald that Homer Downs be appointed Weed Commissioner of Kossuth Co. for 1967. Ayes; all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by Newbrough that refund In amount of $6.80 be given Elmer A. Schneider for duplicate payment. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Newbrough that refund In amount of $.50 be given James V. Elmore for over payment of dog license. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Reising and seconded by Newbrough that refund in amount of $25 be approved for Oscar Simons on over payment of cigarette license. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by Relsing that refund In amount of $5.62 be approved for Ethel Potter on Dr. #9 tax. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by McDonald & seconded by Newbrough that statement of 8. 4 L. Store In amount of $50.90 be approved. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Newbrough that resolution of Co. Treas naming depositories In banks be approved. Ayesj all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by McDonald & seconded by Relsing that salary raise by the State of $20 be approved for the county nurse. Ayes all Nays: none Motion carried. DISALLOWED BILLS Richard A. Brown, Medical Expenses etc.. .3,762.00 Alex Reefer, Rent 43.00 It was motioned that the following be allowed and paid by the Co. Auditor. SOLDIERS RELIEF FUND LuVerne Clinic, Medical.. .30.00 Elmer Phillips, Rent . . . .50.00 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Fuel 35.35 Standard Oil, Fuel 22.20 Alg. Mun. Util, Utilities 19.95 Bancroft Oil Co., Fuel . . .19.87 Welp Drug, Medical 9.25 Van Norman Drug, Medical 3.45 University Hospital, Medical 35.50 Lutheran Hospital, Medical 133.53 Dr. T. J. Egan, Medical 10.00 Dr. J. R. Camp, Medical 21.00 Walker's Croc., Food . . .95.80 J. C. Penney Co., Clothing 8.96 East End Groc., Food . . .25.00 Luth. Home Find. Soc., Keep 97.72 Everett Attlg, Keep . . . .65.00 Kenneth Salveson, Keep . . .65.00 Howard Andrews, Meeting 44.00 Lee Davidson, Meeting 10.40 David Smith, Meeting 5.00 Marvell Immerfall, Clerk 25.00 Leonard Warner, Mileage 17.40 SEC. RD. FUND Arnold Motor Supply, Parts 560.59 West Bend Imp., Parts 36.15 Elbert Chev., Truck . . .2,770.00 Frederick Hdwe., Supplies 1.19 la. Pub. Serv., Electricity 7.77 LuVerne Bid. Co., Supplies 260.37 Jerry's Gulf Serv., Fuel 15.30 Algona Welding Works, Repairs 1.60 Lone Rock Tel, Tel 15.69 Cowan's Corp. Supplies . ..17.25 West Bend, Elec 8.07 Barclay Co., Supplies . . . .23.95 Central la. Tel., Tel . . .19.84 Coates Mfg. Co., Supplies 100.00 Dennis Lunn, Snow Removal 21.00 Whittemore Water Plant, Water 1.44 Ron Freed Sales Co., Supplies 163.97 West la. Tel., Tel 7.94 Carson's, Supplies 6.75 Titonka Tel., Tel 6.30 la. Elec. Light & Pwr,, Elec 16.13 Ken's Serv., Fuel 13.20 Hazelhoff Motors, Supplies 6.05 Gary's DX, Fuel 29.41 Ledyard Lumber Co., Supplies 187.47 C. J. Hagedorn, Supplies 15.00 Jeremiah Sullivan, Labor 161.00 Gordon Jones, Labor . . .21.00 Hancock Co., Taxes . . . .8.68 N. W. Bell Tel, Tel ... .65.68 All Wheel Drive, Parts 237.98 Nielsen's DX, Fuel . . . .2,00 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 22.55 Veco., Parts 699.65 Zep Mfg. Co., Supplies . . .94.08 Standard Blueprint Co., Supplies 4.31 C. & H. Co., Parts 287,50 Dahlhauser Machine Shop, Parts 66.23 Miller Lumber Co., Supplies 17.00 Brown Supply Co., Parts 1,518.03 Glbbs-Cook Equip., Parts & Repairs . . , .1,901.24 Greejiberg Auto Supply, Parts 593.50 Herman M. Brown Co., Parts 407.14 Hilda Fosgren, Right of way 392.00 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 206.04 Alg. Mun. Util, Utilities 37.31 Kossuth Co. Treas., Taxes 13,611.36 Payroll Fund, Road 13,903.09 RIGHT-OF-WAYS Gertrude Hamilton .... .788.00 Virgil Blomster 384.00 Oliver Blomster 64.00 A. F. Kennedy 168.00 Walter O'Green 168.00 Arthur Anderson 396.00 Weldon Brandt 196.00 Daisy Engstrom 168.00 Mancll Hurlburt 168.00 M. L. McCormlck 168.00 Abbo Mein 398.00 Harold Jones . 200.00 Ida Nelson 168.00 A. C. Pavik 336.00 Rowlett Plumbing, Repairs 8.00 M. T. McGuire & Co., Proj. 574 1,139.26 M. T. McGuire & Co., Final: Proj. 575 3,599.42 G. J. Van De Rlet & Sons, Final: Proj. 592-B . ...6,304.08 Mason City Blue Print, Supplies 24.12 Faber Cons. Co., Final: Proj. 579 . . .23,738.19 Great Plains Supply Co., Supplies . 19.47 Coop. OH Co., Fuel 417.93 Hilton Super Serv., Tires 82.75 Shilllngton Hdwe, Supplies 18.43 Eco Mach. Co., Parts . . .28.75 Fergle's Thermogas, Fuel 303.08 Barclay, Supplies . . . .265.25 Dukehart-Hughes Tractor Co., Parts 103.56 Arnold Motor, Parts . . . .65.72 Swaney Equipment Co., Parts 273.37 Blanchard Lumber Co., Supplies 106.28 Thermogas Co. of Algona, Fuel 216.10 Craig Thilges, Labor . . .334.00 Algona Imp. Co., Parts . . .33.32 All American Transport Inc., Freight 4.00 Cook's Welders Supply Inc. Supplies 85.75 Sieg Ft. Dodge Co., Parts 30.94 Snap on Tools, Parts . . . 12.58 Snap on Tools, Parts . . .25.08 Kenneth Rowlet, Labor . . .19.00 Fangman Welding Shop, Repairs 36.75 M. & M. Motor Freight, Freight 4.00 Sunray DX Oil Co., Fuel 665.76 United Bldg. Center, Supplies 18.76 United Bldg. Center, Supplies 43.70 James H. Merryman, Labor & Equip 3,682.15 Welsbrod Imp. Co., Parts 23.41 Gulf Oil Corp., Gas 849,85 COUNTY FUND Alg. Mun. Utility, Utilities 172.10 Alg. Mun. Utility, Utilities 31.88 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 65.04 Payroll Fund, County.. .9,640.93 Payroll Fund, County...3,160.75 Lavon Lindhorst, Sheriff's Extra help 67.50 Ken Harris, Sheriff's Extra help 4.50 Ralph Lindhorst, Bd. & Lodge of Prisoners. .68.70 Eppo Bulten, Mileage . . . .38.80 Ralph Lindhorst, Meals & Mileage 289.69 Lynn Forshee, Radio Installation ..... .25.00 Heck Ross Uniform Co., Supplies 26,50 Greenberg Auto Supplies, Parts . . . .2.30 Hoffman Hat Shop, Supplies 12.95 Doris Culbertson, extra help 80.00 Joyce Hayden, Mileage 70.16 Culllgan, Soft water . . . .6.50 Coast-to-Coast, Supplies 2.18 Glenn Larsen, Meeting . 4.00 W. J. Stewart, Meeting .4.00 Donald Ringsdorf, Meeting 4.00 Lloyd Bartlett, Meeting 4.00 International Bus. Mach. Corp. Supplies 5.12 Post Office, Postage 25.00 Koch Bros., Supplies . . .5.05 Alg, Plb. & Htg., Parts 31.95 N. Cent. Pub, Serv., Gas 284.19 Alg. Plb. & Htg., Parts 7.95 Koch Bros., Supplies . . .21.40 Pratt Elec., Repairs . . .4.26 N. W. Bell, Tel 400.87 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Supplies 397.25 Advance Pub. Co., Supplies 7.15 Modern Methods Co., Supplies 30.59 Iowa State Bar Assoc., Supplies 18.00 Boone Blank Book Co., Supplies f . .86.20 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co,, Supplies 26.80 la. state Bar Assoc., Supplies .12.00 Kllpto Printing Co., Supplies 108.53 Xerox, Supplies 76.00 Koch Bros., Supplies . . .39.85 Hutzell's, Supplies 8.75 Friden, Supplies 62.00 Rlcklefs it Geelan Ins., Insuranqe 409.54 Rlcklefs & Geelan Ins., Bond 10.00 Valley Forge Flag Co., Supplies . ,16.08 KLGA Radio, Announcements 21.00 Burlington Truck Lines, Freight 8.94 Jos. M. Rooney, M. D., Blood Tests 12.00 Drs. Schultz t Schultz, Blood Tests 40.00 Dr. Schutter & Koob . . . .10.00 Lois Kloster, Extra Help-Tress .... .90.00 Mertle Huber, Subscriptions Paid in advance, 15.00 Advance Pub. Co., Proceedings 351.28 Bancroft Register, Notice 16.80 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Proceedings 308.50 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Notice 12.60 Advance Pub. Co., Notice 7.55 Advance Pub. Co., Notice 19.00 Walter B. MacDonald, Expenses 210.40 Co. Treasurer, Bounty 78.68 DRAINAGE FUND Ethel Potter, Dr. 9 5.62 Michael Wagner, Dr, 84 ...10.00 Michael Wagner, Dr. 91 .. .20.00 Kruse Engineering, Dr. 96 98.91 Michael Wagner, Dr. 132 34.00 Michael Wagner, Dr. H. K. 3-46 10.67 Curtis Peterson, Dr. W. K. 68-136 21.98 Curtis Peterson, Dr. W. K. 68-136 21.98 Clarence Osborn, Dr. EPAK 84 71.56 STATE INSTITUTION State Comptroller, Institute Exp 2,158.58 Iowa Children's Home, Keep 56.30 Tommy Dale Hosp,, Keep 420.00 Helen Zaugg, Keep 118.47 Alma Leegaard, Keep . . .100.00 Guest House Rest Home, Keep 127.50 L. A. Bascom, M. D., Medical 248.00 COURT FUND Wm. J. Finn., Mayor Fee .79.00 Ralph Lindhorst, Mileage 3.90 Payroll Fund, Court. . .1,817.37 ROAD CLEARING FUND Payroll Fund, Road . . .3,437.69 Dr. Richard Snyder, Medical Examiner 61.80 Janice Funk, Auditor-Extra Help . is , .120.00 Maxine Momyer, Treas. - Extra Help 18.00 Kathryn Myers, Treas. - Extra Help . . . .219.75 Wendel Warwick, Co. Home 225.00 Alma Warwick, Co. Home 225.00 K. C. Kern, Co. Home . . .200.00 Rosetta Kern, Co. Home 200.00 Kenneth Richardson, Probation 148.58 L. C. Rovn, Probation 176.00 Charles Plathe, Meetings & Mileage . . . .631.75 A. M. Kollasch, Meetings & Mileage . . . .639.60 Garry McDonald, Meetings & Milleage . . .579.10 L. A. Newbrough, Meetings & Mileage . . . .647.20 Andrew Relsing, Meetings & Mileage . . .520.70 H. M Smith, Engineer 1000.00 John Fraser, Asst. Engineer 650.00 Marilyn Schneider, Clerk 350.00 Tommy Aaron, Inspector 450.00 M. Edw. Blanchard, Labor 402.00 Raymond Baade, Labor 436.80 Clifford Blanchard, Labor 414.00 John Bauer, Labor . . .406.00 Delaln Blumer, Labor 442.00 Alvin Ewing, Labor . . .422.00 John Eller Jr., Labor 413.00 Don Halnzlnger, Labor 400.00 Dale Helmers, Labor . . .412.00 Richard Hoberer, Labor 240.00 Earl Johns, Labor . . . .430.00 Geo. Kockler," Labor , , ,400.00 A. J. Kollasch, Labor . , .506.00 Ralph Markla, Labor . . .404.00 Ben Metzger, Labor . . . .420.00 Urban Neuroth, Labor . . .420.00 Elmer Ricks, Labor , . . .416,00 Leo Ramus, Labor . . . ,400.00 Fred Stecker, Labor . . .454.00 John Schueler, Jr., Labor 420.00 Charles Thompson, Labor 400.00 Gerald Wlbben, Labor . . .406.00 Orville Weiland, Labor.. .420.00 George Weringa, Labor 424.00 C. E. Zaugg, Labor .... .516.00 Melvin Baas, Labor 410.00 Clifford Holmes, Labor 400.00 Clarence Hentges, Labor 410.00 Delmar Plathe, Labor . . ,412.00 Marcell Reding, Labor ...310.00 Erich Wlllrett, Labor . . .418,00 Cry 11 Wagner, Labor . . . .410.00 Henry Zweifel, Labor , . .416.00 RETIREMENT FUND Sec. Road, Refund . . . .4.80 Maxine Momyer, Refund . . ,4.73 County Fund, Refund . . . .4.73 T, B. FUND J. Harold Ricklefs, Indemnity 44.47 John Ubben, Indemnity 49.57 BANGS FUND Robert Heifner, Indemnity 12.50 Geo. Licktelg, Indemnity .25.00 Dr. R. D. Guss, Inspection 20.50 Dr. E. J. Capeslus, Inspection 27.00 Dr. J. K. Hill, Inspection 8.00 Dr. A. W. R. Lichter, Inspection 49.00 Dr. Andrew J. Gotten, Inspection 3.50 Dr. J. T. Walte, Inspection 12.50 Dr. Jay D. Rush, Inspection 15.50 REFUNDS Oscar Simons, Cigarette Refund ..... .25.00 James Elmore, Dog Tax .50 Elmer Schneider, Dup. Tax paid 6.80 POOR FUND Louis Bartlett, Rent: Glen Parcel 25.00. Grace Kouba, Rent: Myrtle Weig 30.00 Mary Copp. prop, Rent, Rose Hahle 35.00 Wm. Boettcher, Rent, Roelf Miller 40.00 Jefferson Transp. Co. , Mileage: Carol Heneman 13.25 Marvel Immerfall, Mileage, Several 43.88 Hamilton Funeral Home, Mileage: David Hllbert 200.00 McCullough, Mileage, Floyd Newvine 100.00: Otto Schaller, 10.00: Harley Scott 55.00 Alg. Utilities, Util. Louis Lynk 8.41 la. Elec. L. & P. Co, Util.: Myrtle Weig 11.53. N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas, Wm. Gustln 29.20: Myrtle Weig 35.00. Interstate Pwr. Co., Util, Floyd Relbsamen 14.79 Town of Bancroft, Util. Joe Rapp 2.78 Town of Whittemore, Util. Mr. Jones 5.11: Myrtle Frost 61.35: Betty Kramer 11.05 United Bid. Center, Fuel: Kenneth Summers 16.34. D. E. K. Elec, Util, Tom Marl ; ' tinson 21.65. Swea City Lions Club, Glasses, Larry & Lonnle Rippentrop 43.00. University Hosp. Med. John Hardgrove 16.25: Tim Mogler 18.00: Alan Wittmus 76.75: John Gramenz 160.62 Dr. Schutter & Koob, Med., Glen Parcel 7.00: Art Mueller, 10.00: Ken Summers 10.00. Dr. Camp, Med., Gladys Isebrand 48.00 Park Clinic, Med., Ella Govern 66.20. . T. J. Egan, M. D., Med., Roelf Miller 10.00 Hancock Hosp, Med., Harvey Isebrand 206.35. Isabel Kunkle, Med., David Hll- bert 25.00 Ernest Ruske, Dental, Adolph Pertl 15.00 Roy Turner, M. D., Medical, Robert Jones 10.00 Miller Pharmacy, Medical, June Jenkins 28,50 Rusk Drug, Medical, Audry Frye 25.85; Tom Devine 5.55: Mae Ramus 26.93: Pat Thompson 2.55: James Walker 10.65. Honsbruch Drug, Medical, Mary Ladehoff 4.25, Lucy Wessels 25.60 Thuente Pharmacy, Medical, Mary Hentges 106.70: Mae McLean 6.00; Leatha Redemske, 26.05, Marvin Grisham, 5.25. DR. R. K. Richardson, Medical, Audrey Frye 47.00, Mae McLean 14.50: Jim Alvey 6.00; Helen Johnson, 24.00 Lutheran Hosp. Medical, Stella Decker 297.46 Hutzell's, Supplies, Relief office 157.02. Doris Culbertson, Salary, Relief Office 66.25 Eddies Food, Food, Jerry Kling- seth 20.00 Intermlll Groc., Food, Floyd Rel- bsamen 40.00 Cerro Cordo. Co., Keep, Robert Jones 127.60 Hoods Super Valu, Food, Larry Reefer 15.00: Robt. Jones 60.00 Ralph Miller 75.00 East End Grocery, Foodj Wm. Gustin 40,00: Audry Frye 19.65 Ron ii Jack s, Food; Glen Parcel, 10,00 John Meyers, 25.00 Ken Summers 40.00: Albert Ladenhoff 38.00 Lucy Wessel 15.00 Dunn's Sure Save, Food; Glen Parcel 30.00: Inez Lamb 25.00 Tony's Food Mkt., Food, Ella Govern 25.00, Joe Rapp, 20.00: Bertha Busch 15,00 Vogel's Store, Food; Bernard Leeper 69.70. Fareway Stores, Food; Mallnda Jennings 97.00 Standard Oil, Fuel; Floyd Reib- samen 31.40 Thermogas Co. Fuel; Mae Mc- Lean 58.11. Coop. OH Co., Fuel; Tom Martinson 36.86. Bancroft Oil Co., Fuel; Byron Hauge 15.90. Farmers Coop, Fuel, Ken Summers 28.91 McCarthy's Plb., Heater; John Govern 34.00 Bane. Oil Co. Fuel, Mrs. Lloyd 51.23 Fergle's Thermogas, Fuel; Joe Fox, 52.75: Mrs. Boeckholt 73.18: Ella Govern 7.50: Joe Rapp, 14.37 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Fuel, Louis Lynk 15.00; Doris Culbertson 15.99 Mrs. John Grotte, Keep, Rose Westllng 70.00 Turner Nurs. Home, Keep, Helen Widdel, 186.80 & 158.80 Morgan Home, Keep; Paul Mulligan 34.45: Law. Mulligan 140.00 State of Iowa, ADC . . . .2724.73 State of Iowa, Blind . . .439.58 State of Iowa, Emergency 233.93 State of Iowa, Disabled 94.23 Payroll Fund, Poor . . .1251.65 Madella Walker, Labor.. .205.00 Algona Locker Plant, Rent 12.00 Sunray D-X Oil Co., Fuel 267.84 Sunray D-X Oil Co., Fuel 185.38 Lindsay Soft Water, Supplies 33.00 Thermogas, Fuel . . . .44.70 Big Bear Inc., Supplies 5.64 Coast to Coast, Supplies 292.61 Vic Blair, Supplies . . . .8.25 N. W. Bell., Tel ... .29.21 Dr. L. A. Henriksen, Glasses 75.00 Honsbruch Drug, Medical 442.31 Dr. L. A. Henriksen, Glasses 10.00 Dr. Schutter & Koob, Medical 5.00 Keck Inc., Freight , . . .6.51 'Pratt Elec, Supplies 35.21 Big Bear Inc., Supplies 8.12 Pioneer Mfg. Supplies . . .59.25 Arwell, Spraying 11.45 Des Moines Register, Subscription 5.40 Hood's Super Valu, Food 44.63 Finn's Bakery, Food . . .97.68 Ervin Emlck, Food . . .15.90 Consl. Creameries, Food . 143.66 Chemco Co. Inc., Supplies . 58.00 S & L, Clothing 67.00 Gulf Oil Corp. Gas . . . .46.16 Dr. Shey & Cotten, Vet Fees 127.28 Algona Produce, Supplies 49.30 Whittemore Elevator, Supplies 87.43 Marvin Kollasch, Hay . . .273.60 Elmore Nursery Co., Trees 71.00 Dept. Health, Education & Welfare - Insurance 9-00 CONSERVATION Roeber Bldg. Serv., Construction 1,200.00 State Conserv. Comm., Bldg 326.00 SEC. ROAD Ray McWhorter, Tile . . .50.00 On motion' adjournment was taken until, March 28, 1967. CHARLES PLATHE CHAIRMAN, BD.OF SUPERV. ATTEST: MARC MOORE, KOSSUTH CO. AUDITOR BOARD PROCEEDINGS SIXTH DAY SPECIAL JANUARY SESSION MARCH 28, 1967 The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were Charles Plathe, Chairman, and A. M. Kollasch, Lawrence Newbrough, Garry McDonald & Andrew Reising. Absent: none. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Newbrough that property of Torsten & Edith Lagerstrom be condemned on tract in N 1/2 Sec. 4-96-29 for Highway purposes. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Newbrough that the S. line of SW 1/4 Sec. 33-9729 be condemned on the property of Johanna Recker Licktelg. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Relsing and seconded by Newbrough that the property of Torsten & Edith Lagerstrom be condemned on the NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec. 5-94-29 for Highways. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Reising and seconded by McDonald that the property of Bernard & Susie Zeller be condemned on the NE NW & NE 1/4 Sec. 5-94-29 for Highways. Ayes: all Nays: none motion carried. Motion by Reising and seconded by Kollasch that contract for 600 copies of financial statements be awarded to Titonka Topic in amount of $214.80 Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. On motion adjournment was taken until April 3, 1967. CHARLES PLATHE CHAIRMAN, BD. OF SUPERV. ATTEST: MARC MOORE, KOSSUTH CO. AUDITOR BOONE RIVER RING BOLOGNA FOR THE LION'S SHARE OF GOOD EATING The next time you're hungry try Boone River Bologna. Plump and juicy with a natural hickory smoked flavor it really "hits the spot"! We're not "lion" -you try it! Tastes Betfo

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