The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1936
Page 2
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BLYTHEVH,LB..(AKK.)..COUIUEU,^EWa.. Social Calendar THURSDAY'S EVENTS of First Church of the Niizarcnc liavins all day inc vKtli Mrs. A. O. Dunlvnu at Blcele. Jifrs. P. n. Joyncr liavlng dsy Contract club. 'Mid-Week Bridge club mecllm; wjth Mrs. W. L. Hornor. ^Country' club liavlng picnic, j>: M. ,,'. . , Mrs. Geraldlnc Mntthews Greene living bridge party, 8 P. M. N«7arenc Women Girt FSircnell Shower, .The Nnzareiic Woman's Missionary society gave Mrs. Owen Doss a'fwcwell shower last .nlghl at Hie liome of Mrs.-Eddle McGreuor wiL'n J8 present. Refreshments were •sandwiches, cake and iced tea. She received a number of gifts. llold Sunday School Council. rriie, Sunday scliool council ol the First Baptist churcli was held lost nlghl at the church with Superintendent Hurry FriUilu-s In charge Judfo Spurgeon Clark nnri thc Rev Dow Heard of Joncsboro were Btieatfl aiid the ncv. Mr. Heart addressed Hie council on "Thc Ideal Together." •In reviewing the work of two months tho superintendent • pointed out the fact thnl the school has ftnd lie grcalesl growth In its history, having reached an cnlisled w'cnibershlp of 706. •In the extension mcctiiij; conducted by U. W. Mulling, associate sii'Dc'rlnlcndcnt of the Sunday school, Ihe Rev. Alfred Car|»enter pastor, inlroduced three new teachers w'no have begun their work this month. . The primary licimrtmcnl of thc school served supmr to Ihe »wv- ers.fuslng new bphQiiel fables wlileh the ;cliiirc3i has recently purcbnsix At (he conclusion o( the mccllil plnns-nnd annoimcements concerning, the, vacation Bible school which is to begin June 8 were- made. The school will b?' Under tlie supervision of._Mlss Minnie Foster, who last year conducted one of the mosl successful schools of its lilnd ever held in the community. : :-' * * * Circles HJcef. j Circles if Ihe Woman's Mission-, flry Union, of the First Baptist churcli had meeting Monday afternoon. The first group, which had U members present, met with Mrs. C. W. Aftllck Mrs. cassldy led thc devotional, • from the rjfn chapter of i;porlnthlans, and prayers were offtrcrt.^by .Mrs., J, o. 'Fullcrton, Jirr %"-Wi!l-::R«ig<Bi»tf,,m!».Mr.s. Roy Head. -Mrs;:.rJo}-d;..siickmon ghvc the mission less'on'arid liie meet Ing was concluded with n business session,'presided over by Mrs. A. c Blayloek. Circle a met at.the home of Mrs. B.:\V. Simmons when 14 attended Mrs. Walter plsliop jiad the business session rind Mrs Theodore Lo- 8811, the mission, lesson. Mrs Charles Newcomb offered prayer Before the'sooim hoiir during which ice. cream and cake were served •Mrs. B. E. Blaylock was hostess to circle 3. -I'na ten present heard Airs. Odis Shepherd B | V c the devotional from .lhe.2411, chapter of Galatians. Mrs. W. M. Williams conducted the mtaion lesson, which was concluded wlUi prayer by Mrs. C. E. Wilson. The 14 members of circle 4, who •Mended. lT,c meeting a t Ihe ho,',? M-c rS ' utI H ' S ' nar1 ' hC " rd Jtrs from the sixth c'iiapU-r ot Matthew' A report of the recent convention w T , uls wns B|VCU b >' Mrs - T °in W. Jackson, who also conducte.1 the business session. Mrs. O G Gillian and Mrs. Outlaw offcred'pray- er.s. .• , Strawberries. fo|»p:d will hour cream, and an tho food Ofrl Sr' J i C a ' " l thc hojnc of Kendall Berry, included five m'h hs ', R ' Ijk Rocdcr '•»' l«h chapter of Matthew for devotional period in' which pra er% C nf f ^ b5 ' Mrs ' E ' "• B' cr and Mrs. c. E, Edds b Sta ^ S !°" WSS '""»""« <^ ci^Yoi"" ? a l' iy ' Dllri "S "K nal hour, chicken, salad snndw <a. Jdlo and cpkc^-cre served. Second Bapiist ' Church U'omcn M Included, in tho the meeting of th c ' by present it ^r.*• >t -, • l - A1 - ^*cnt M™^™ Blld M rs- Heath. Mrs. Charles Doacr used the - f«™ F if }m - f 1 r (llc dcv otioiwl be Jore the installation of offic conducted by the R CV . Carpenter, p^ior of the , •aaptfcl church. First officer , -—--"• fllst vfcc president; =• '• i. Seay, second vice prcsl- iavft!?' ^ Cm ' XTl - tllir rt vi« icspondliig secretars-; M^S' uis Lunsford,-recording secretary; Mrs Pannell. pianist; Mrs. Charles Doaer, singing'leader; Mrs. uicli- ards, social chalnnau; M re virci : Holt, re|>ortcr. Mrs. Dozlcr .presided.'over' Ihc • business-session. Mrs. Thomas 13o- 8&n said the closing jiraycr. .Has;Club '''-;.' '. • t Jlrs. M A. Isaacs entertained the--Tuesday Bridge club when Mrs.! .Harry Brown, formerly of i hert-ahd'now of Phoenix, .Arizona Shoes for Contrast 86 Will Receive Junior High Diplomas Thursday Afternoon Y; --JJAY--27,- Number Nine News Junior Cooteie and Albert Uoyd lihcdes are seriously ' 111 with colitis. The 811 members of the kmior7«ivn fit , nn . .^ , Mr ' '""' Mrs - E - Bradshasv and hlfih school Briidimth'ir class wh^,' W "" Rt> I5 °" w »"<"»>. fll " lllv ' of Mythevllle, spent Sallie lirrwtitol their diplomas In i : ,T Wail| ''"« (0 ». Johnny Young-,' " r(ill >' '"S 1 "- with Mr. and Mrs. program Thursday afternoon 2-30 '."" y UeKlcr - Jc " n TrohaiiBU. ; Pcrc y P*«vall. They drove lo Mis- o'clock at the city rauditorlum ' I y Jenn A ™t*- Irene Andcr- j so " 1 ' 1 Sunday lo visit Mr. and The program will, be In 'the , Do """i' Cros s, Margaret, Du-' Mls ' Clmrlcy .BrlBBlns. form of n play "Arknnns Garden ^' tC ?'' LolB , M "' ie EIIL ' i ' Earllne' M ' 1 O' Collins spent Sunday with Pete," written by Miss Marv 9'' ai "" n - Uett y Grimes, r/,,, Maxiiie Boronr, o.' Puxico »""v j u Hurgflt, •'-••• Collins 410111. Sunday in J'uxli-o with Mrs. O. J. Whittle. Mrs.'Bud Jame's. and son, James Eurl, have returned from a visit, with relatives In Tennessee. Tlie world's heaviest meat cat-- ers arc Hie people of (lie Argentine. Tliey annually average atoul 'US iKnimls of meat, a person. T ' 1L ',j"'. l;1< ' sL '." 9 IlillCE<> nlt ""fl'iestionably Inspired' the color..and rtcslyn.-ijjf',these new rtlimer shoei. .Of lacquer red, 'with' "flBiirliips of birds 'niUI'-'flowrs In phis '• liirrivnlsc and gnlrt. the siW feature Ihc ncv and popular wall last with Chinese tos. They arc worn with a simple dinner dress of pale gmy net, trimmed \vilh a wide .Chinese holt with curved buckle. (Shoes from Dolman, New York) Mrs. Kdllh McCool and heriilecc Mary Adah RoWnso;i. Mrs' as I Barnes, her son, jimmlo, and (liniBhlor. Nina, will leave-June l lur Ammpolls, Mel., whore they will Kpeml Ihe sninmcr. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stanley had as their guests for the weekend •' Dr and Mrs. Youngr, of Joncsboro. Mrs. Herman lii^licn'rs aiid chll- <tien. of Oklahoma City, Oitla '-.will amvc Sunday to -spand .thi-; aum- iiK'i- with Mr.'iind Mrs. Fred" San- •lefiir and MI-: nml Mrs/, n G Holder. Mrs. ncs'.iears is n' sister of Mrs. snndofur and iv of-Air. and Mrs, Holder. Mrs. R. B . Calvin, of siKeslon i Mo,, Is .spending Uvo weeks with tier parents. Mr. and Mrs. 13. If. MJ'I. Mrs. j. A. Leech will lirrlvc home Hlday from a five months world cruise. She left Ihe boat at lyj., Angeles and hits been vlsltln B .licr father nl orange, cal., for n few "»J«. Mr. Leech and Mi.w Pcfi<ry Mi-Keel arc continuing their trip )«> New York nnd will arrive home in about two weeks, •. : . • •• Mrs. George R. Calhoun anil Mrk J. If. linKer, of Nashville Tenn v,ill arrive today to visit Mr. and Mrs. Russell Phillips and family until Saturday. Mrs. Calhomi -\? Mrs. P'nllllps- mother. .• ( *"'• 1tlll<l Mr - s - S- J- Cohen will spend tomorrow In Memphis. ,". ' Mrs M. A Isa . lcs WC||1 t() Mim '_ There will DC preaching at the FOli IHSTINOTIVK •HHAUTY SKUVICK Call IOC • • MAItCJAKUVS . S1JOI' I Bids. Phis today to,attend the Brau im- Uun exercise*. for her niece Miss June Thorn, she will return iw- Mlss Knlhcrlnc Rcvicrc. of L\IX- orn, Is iv patient at the Eye Ear phis 0 "'"' ' 11lr ° H hos| " til1 ' Mci »- Ml'ss.Dalia Kfiy, of Keiscr, lias bi'en admitted 1 0 thc McnipnTs iiiiptisl, hospila|. Mr. nml Mrs. -w. E. Armstron- formerly of i, rr c and Jioiv of ulu? »ock, w in spend the weekend hero niey will be accompanied by Mrs Armstrong's sislcr, Miss orne Hutcmns. of Manila, who attends Siy" 1 St9le T "" !hens '""&>• Mr. and -Mrs. o. Shonyo nre ex. r ,','° am ' vc llomc ^morrow 'rom Hiawallui. Ran.. w lier u they were with Mr. shonyo's Dl-ycur-bfd molncr, who died Sunday nigl,t''a'i. er Inlying- been struck | )y ail nil. Icfcs*'.^'"'.""-'''.' ^ !ncral sfe «- Ihe giiuluale.s. Loudlnij characters In the play are: Mary Jean Affllck as "Apple niowom Queen", Jean liourlund as "Miss Arkansas", Don Wilhelm as "Governor Piilrcll," J. c. liaker us "Pmidenl noascvcll,"' Glint WhcnW as "DeSoto'," A. n Hilton-' bc-rry as "DcTonll,!' Mclvin Hal, sell as "I.ii Salic-,"; Fred Boycll as "Marqiietli!," Lorc'tta Eubank'; us "I'c'tii. Jean." BCD Sunders as Chnrle.s Abliott, P. l,. Lunylcy Jcniictlii Jean Scbaugli, 'Josephine' EluMcy mid class choruses will furnish Ihe music. A wallx and a ([iKidnllc, under Ihe direction of MIs,s Mary Emmn Hood will complete the progrnin. Miss lloo<! and Esuiry, Uji-cttn Eubank.-;' Cictaldine f'Yi'cman, Hetty Sue Kiiiu, Jeaneltn .1. Scbaugh, Josephine .Shipley, Hetty story Olive WaJil, iJetly /Irlinc Wallace, Mary Mildred Esther Riciiarrison, Jewell • . • " : —-••••*• llWUYt llllll • AJiss Annstrong are directing the' SllOW. j ifiM-.-; Announcement of Hie winners of' fi'X awards will not he made until 1 '"'•* Thm-sday. Tho American legion Auxiliary citizenship award Is given to the (jirl who Ls found lo possess, among others, "those high qualities of c'liarncler, honor, coiir- aye, eomimnionship, scholarship, leadership and service ivhieh are ni'cessaiy to the preservation and protection of the fundamental in WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- alor.el-M You'll Jimp Ouf of Ecd in Ike Moitiing Raiin' la Go , l.i_lho Inwxk UH» bloals „,; 111 UlQ \\III\ll Irtoilfl Illlllk. ' 'lavl'it'™ ,!'"•''• l ""'" S ' li " 1 ' * mrr ° I,..™- >.o.«t, *l"<,r*» IJU™"r?;.iJ K«Ulir>e l«n l-..l,,.1,on,ik.|l u «,r,m LIU! rtin^^yoilfpt'J-'iutftmlHp", Jlflrju- !«. Kc-iilk-. >ct nnifliintf til infilmin l.jlft (tow i'ly. ABk r»rR»rli'r'ii l.iUlu I.iver r'ilh Ity inc. Slubli-irnly rcfiirto HnyUiini; c l s - l- DINE IN COMFORT l» the Only Air Comliiioncd Dining Room in Blytheville Main diniiiP Kooni: l-'cnlurinjr ;t Ilusincss iMcn's Lunch For . —_=§^ DINE AND DAN('K TONIGJIT (i::iO to n - - No Cover Charge BLUR PnnM ALSOi A IR .U i-l L-l J_j J\V-/ \JLVL CONDITJONlSir A(lmi8Rion After 0 1'. j\l. - - 75c Por Coll|)1( , HOTEL NOBLE i .- honyo 1 ; were viicatlonin; ,'fu and Nebraska when; the ac- ''' '' cident occurred. .. . r-rihn M C "" nn Cross »nd Mrs. Dill Crlnncld were h, Osceoln ycstor- fo Edward Scgrnvcs Crihneld. sivc " ^ "~" , , """ A "' s - Lonnlc Stone and Mrs, C. A. Cunningham. Mrs. A.-were week cud gucsls of Mrs. "'"'S'Hor have returned to thch- ... Little nnd Mrs. Walker H. Holmes' mollicr, Mrs. Ella Ruy ' homc '" °--'--"--- -- 5:iker were nlso her guostii. Mrs.'nnd other rclalivcs ' Drown Is the liotiscgucsl of Mr. I Mrs. Jewell Uay' has gone, to iml Mrs. C. M. Buck. | liirtalcy. Tcnn., for nn extended Mrs. Edgar .."I;,™V" S - L< "'»fc Stone and r have returned to their In Springfield. Mo. after S:""L,.^™' <"»'* "HI. Mrs. Miss solutions of our government and the mmlllic-s of good citizenship" The first prize is a medal and six tcrlineates will he given to that, I many outstanding girls. There Is 1 nlso a-dollar nniinl to the writer! of thc best essay on "American-1 Ism." Mrs. C. G. Redman, prcsi-1 dent of the local unit, will nmke' these awards. i The outstanding citizen, selected' from the boys will nlso be present-1 cd a certificate. The Dud Cnson post .of the American Legion will present n medal for history honois. "Miss Junior High," who is to be elected tomorrow, will be introduced. : The 51 boys and thc 35 girls In the class 1110: Howard Bcslmrcs, Jiick Bishop, Carl Blackard, Fred Doyelt, John Charles Bright, James Cozart, •larold Dozicr, C. D. Ellis, Russell 'air, William Guerin, Melcin !l!il- sell. Pat Harrison, Bedford Ktmf.s. James Long, j nines Ma xwelV, Jot- Billy McHnncy, A. B. Uittenberry; Ben Sanders, Paul Sanford, Lloyd Ward, Fred Wade, Hubert Wade, Mansfield Wnshbuin,' Billy -.Woolen, Edward Workman, Charles Abbott, J. c. Baker, Archie Bates Buddy Baxter, John Ulackwell, Marvin Edwards, Malcolm Flake, Beverly Flinn, Lloyd Florman, Clifton Forsytlie, John Hampton, Cnrthol Hyde, Natlinn Klines, F. L. Launley, Harold Medlin, M". J. Parsley, Blandc Perry, Charles Pnrllc, Lee Uicliardson, Raymond Penney s SENSATIONAL End Of Month Bargains Limited Quantities. We Advise Early Shopping S^X'l =.o-^. i'SL ^; Mrs. Bill Perkins, llriilc Complimented James Merrill, of lilplcy. Miss., Mrs. Dick Watson, who was ls "'c BHcst of relatives here. formerly Miss kucile liuurlnnd, ilcle ,vas finest of honor at a kllchcn ' . . Mcnant Jr., wlio ntlends Arkaiuws State College at Joncs- boro, has arrived home Ralph Harp, who Is. a student nt boutheast Missouri Teachers LollRce, Cape Cirardciiu, has re turned home iliower and bunco party last nighl P,.,J., r r-- at the liusiio inn when «,., , ^aduallOn. ExcrCISCS "sSt 8 ^ S 'luT-caiiied 1 al lc ^ [o Frida y N ^ ht - - — ™1" B °ti,i ln Z™ &™i E -' LE ™ TO - ^~-'commence- ^te Marable Will Play played. Mrs. James sandci-s won '"['", '' sr '' ci '"-' i {m I'dmnlo Iilgli ' ~ the hifih score prize, the travel-i"'" 1 mul •""" or nlBil sdlno1 wl " itii. nti-mvi „•„.,i t., ^.._ ,. .. i "e ncfd I-'richtv nit;hl at. ins award Aboard President (Monday TOO LA-IE TO LE<!)NARn refrigerator, 75-lb. T*EN. NIS ncl. ELECTRIC sett'ing mn- chnnc. Call '2m or -I98-W. 27-ck-30 New Walnut, Veneer dinette suite at a bargnin for (juick sale. Bess Godwin, 21H Henley. 27-ck-30 Meke the *ST.CHARLES you* ., A/e ew ni ho •iud cakes from a prettily dec- ' orated table, presided over bv' ^ • ~ Mis. A. M. Washmirn and Mrs 'B™"" Ncivs Classified Ads Pay. C. S. Stevens. They were assisted Il/Uril by Misses F.Hwbelh Ann Wilson WHtN Mary Eunice Lajwin and fitnces Mi-HiHicy. Mrs. Chester Niln.-s Mrs. Llcyd V. Wife. Mrs. India Green Simdi-rs and Mi-s. John G Mcllancy also asslsti-d In Ihe af- Danring was rnjoycd ilmlns Ihc tea. from 4;:io nnlil G o'clock. Huffman News j Mrs. St, r i, p rcry w , )s lu , 1|(xl lo Ihc Wyihoville hospital Saluv- Iny nllei-noon after Iniviuc been Wl en I'-ridny MM , „ -, telievcd to i lavc , H , cn n ^ widow. Her condition bcgau to show improvement Tuesday. ^ r wm lralc Bolcs ' ct Bl > th cvi!le. ».)rl Will D. Hatfield were married Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs; union .Holmes nnd [Tastefully furnished rooms Beautyrest mattresses Simmons beds Comfortable chairs Restful bed lights Well lighted bathrooms ..Those comforts arc yours Miuablr, a"la™'i t ' K for vo,r, !„! ^^ Y ?" ° CU W an CJt v Orira,,, '" P cnslve sMa °' 3 minimum priced room. And the samo friendly and efficient service goes to EVERY guest. Direction • DINKIER HOTELS CO INCORPORATED CARLINC DIHKLER The Ansfey ATLANTA The St. Charles HEW ORLEANS The Savannah SAVANNAH i:vi;uv HAY i'ui(;i;s Kotlnk njii.sliin s _ al , y S i zc Sk . ,, finished complete, Me- !>os! ran plioloyraphs. a r or 2f]c or S.I uci ten fie,,,.,;,-,, c toi . 10o - »" Wylie Picture Shop Across Vtam Rosy Theatre i ••"• •<"" "us: luuon jioimes nnd 4 ! daughter, nillie Jeari,' of dsccbla/G Gee Whiz! Holy Smoke! Gosh A'Mighty! Somcliunn's gonna happen. What? Well just watch page 10 of (lie Courier News Tomorrow You're, going to get $10 worth for SOc Jefferson Davis MONTGOMERY AndrewJackson NASHVILLE n I'ick-Ups! For i\Icn anil TENNlS ; SHfl'ES| 45 c mr Famous Firestone brand. Heavy weight, first qua Just Received! Men's I're-ShrtinU MESH SHIRTS Sensationally I'rira! Rayon Panties 14.c Value liil! w Summer inches wide. Fast, to '^hing. I-.argc. .ii5-s,o.rt- ^nt. '.' /i; Solid colors only. All sues. Also fancy broadcloths with non-will collars. Special! Floatinj; Casiilc SOAP 3 24 c Laiue 8 ounce bars. Cellophane wrapped. While 3 cases last! A Gratul liargain! Collnn Crinklu Slripcrl BED SPREADS 63c 80 105 Inches. Fast colors. New summer shades. A Value Hit! Men's IShirts & Shorts 2 ror '25c Fast colons! Big Savings! Frll cul! II A 1 Quantity! liollc Isle Pillow Cases IOc Kach •12x36. Nicely finished. A Bargain! Special Offer! Cannon Made TOWELS 2Sc for IfixTO. price! Unustinl ,it this Limited quantity! THE ST. CHARLES, NEW ORIUHS Again We Hov.V OlTcr Oxhide Overalls] 43 c 1>air Sensationally priced! You know th2 qnalily. bizes 1 lo 16. fit Uic I'lit-u! I'aif Linen i'laid Lunch Cloths Siv.c .SOxSO. day plaids colors! Hummed, in several Priced; Sc Yi ard Sbirrerl frilling l i-g in. wirin with iiiccl- edge! Buy Now! Clcan-Up Men's Hint 35c HargHlii prlccdl (hey last! All s (]lcan-ll|) liargains! Of Ladies' While Canva.s Dress Oxfords. 49 c tl:liv Medium heels! Od'.ls and ends. Hcpriccrl To Clear! Summer ANKLETS 5c''"" tVlds .inrl ends. Mw,lly small sizes. Limited quantity! Yes There Arc Lois of Unadvertiscd Rargains Too

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