The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1949
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MARCH 31,1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS 4-H Scholarships To Be Awarded 30 Are Available To Members, County Agent Announces More than 30 scholarships are llabie io 4-H Club members who ti to enter college next (all, Keith . Bilbrey, North Mississippi County agent, said today. He explaned that applications for most of the scholarships, 14 of which arc available only to 4-H Club members of outstanding re- fords, can be obtained through his office. He Indicated that students who were graduating this fnlt should start making application for the scholarships soon, The scholarships made as state awards and available only to 4-H Club members include two $400 scholarships from Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, two $250 scholarships from Jan George, a $150 scholarship from Sugar Creek Crea me ry Co mp a ny and K ra ft Foods Company, and two expense paid trips to Camp Mlniwanca in Michifian to the American Youth Foundation from the Dan forth Foundation of the Ralston Purina Company. Give U. of A. Sclinlarshlp In addition to these state awards, $100 scholarships to 12 outstanding boys and girls who will attend the University of Arkansas are awarded annually by Sears -Roebuck Company, snd four $200 schol- tajf^hips, also for outstanding boys vmd girls planning to attend the university, are provided by the Kroger Company. State awards supplemented are by seven national awards. Two scholarships of $200 are awarded for outstanding dairy work In 4-H by Rite-Way Products of Chicago anri two for $200 for outstanding achievement in sheep work are given by International Wool Secretariat Two $200 scholarships for achievement in crocheting and knitting arc MEMPHIS and MID-SOUTH 2:30 P.M. TO 10:30 P.M., SUNDAY April 3 to April 10 SHltBY COUNTY BUILDINO MEMPHIS FAIRGROUNDS PRIIES GALORE • DECORATED ROOMS • NEWEST APPLIANCES • IDEAS FOR BETTER tlVINS • NEW CONSTRUCTION TIPJ • HOW TO REMODEl • MODEL HOMES • MODH PLANNING So/nilMnq for *rtry horn»m«V»r — »ht1h«r >ou r<nt of own your hom« Mor* than 20.000 iq. f<i! of .ifiibit Guaranteed Radio Service AM-FM Television Trunk Line Is Busy -"" -- MANILA Three-year-old Jennifer Smith thinks that if she throws a Uit]« more sugar down the hatch, she might get a longer ride during a visit with the elephants at the London Zoo. Violin Repair Experts Everything In Music BROOKS Music Store 107 E. Main. Tel. 811 vlany Thousands Acres Flooded n S. Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, March 31. W')— ""housa ids of acres of lowland were loode;! by the Ouncliltn River In outh Arkansas today, and heavy fses were reported by farmers. Elsewhere in Arkansas, there ap- eared to be no serious flood threat, Ithougn nil rivers are lull follow- ng recent rainfall. Heavy rains In the curnden area ent the Ouachita to the staf-e of •1.1 feet there this morning. That s 8.1 >et above flood level. The Ivr still was rising this morning, ml the U. S. Weather Bureau at Little IMck predicted it would crest I about 35 feet late today. Tributaries also were out of their banks. Livestock losses were bc- 'eved Iteavy. The Ouaclilta was falling at ^kad^luhia today. The Weather Bureau said the Arkansas nnd Black Rivers are lall- ng slo'.vly and that little change is ?xpoctcj on tlie While River. Teachers Meeting Held At Harrison School The spring meeting for all teachers In Negro schools in Illythevllle Special School District No. 5 was held yesterday al Harrison School. Tlie program opened with tho Introduction of new teachers by C3. D. Ptoilis, principal of Harrison School. Demonstrations In first aid were presented by A. E. Lester. A discussion on "Building a Better World" was given by Carrie B. White, followed by a tolk. "Ways to Keep Well," by T. J. Green, principal at the Clear Lake Farms Schools. Q. D. Hollls explained the procedures al fire drills for the schools. Records and reports were presented by Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, elementary schools supervisor. W. B. Nicholson, snpcrtlndent of Blythc- vllle schools, gave a summary of plans for improvements in the Uly- thevllle school system. He explained Continued 'from Pngo 1 over a porllon of the highway yesterday but traffic wns moving through. Spillway Man Prmrntfd He suld lie had learned of Ilio spillway jilun only within (he past two weeks but expressed confidence that highway department olflcinls would approach the wild life angle with an open mind. The spillway is needed, according to .sponsors of the public hunting and fishing area, to maintain a low water level of 233 feet above sea level. Tills would not be higher than the present level artificially maintained for perilous of the lake which now Is used as a fishing area and as a waterfowl refuge. The waterfowl refuge Is under the control of the U.S. FMi and Wild Life Service. This agency was represented at In*I night's meeting by W. V. Taylor ol Washington, D.O., chief engineer for the federal agency, onri E. O. Prlcdlne. of Atlanta, Ga., representing the regional office of the agency. Mr. Taylor told the Manila Ijlons and their guests that the federal Dgency Is in accord with the plans advanced for the public hunting and fishing area adjacent, to Hie federal refuge of nbout 13.000 acres, I uhlch was created In 1932 and ha; been maintained since by the U.S Fish and Wild Life Service. He said that a low water .sill, or spillway, would he needed, and sulr that It could be a part of tho new bridge, but added that It could be provided separately If a sep.iinte project is found to be iinu-liciil. Gathlngs 1'kilgw Coo|>rrallim Mr. Taylor said that he hud conferred recently with Congressmai E. c. Qathtngs In Washington regarding the project and had as surance from him that he U'oitU separate ilams liuvc been coii- structd. Jmlur Keck I'ri'sMr* G. E, Keck of Ulylliovlllc, former chairman of the Aikansns Oainc and Fish Commission and former circuit Judge, was master of ceremonies for the meeting. He oi.lllned (ho Idea which has existed for years of making the Ulg ,ake men Into n hunting and flsh- IS nrea wlilch he said would be n iisset to (he wholo state and ring tourist.-! Into Ilils section and cstcd Hint (he rrcrciitlonat rnm might be curried along 111 oiijuncllon wllh the building of ho new bridge and the building of drainage ditches proposed as a t of the St. Francis River I»i- In project. HP expressed the belief that the U.S. wild life agency should help mild Iho spillway and Unit the Stute Game and Fish Commisslov hould develop the nesv recreational area. Mr. Holder indicated that the .lute agency was willing Io pro- 'ide the hunting and fishing area f the land is available at a reasonable price. He suggested Unit t would be an injustice to .s|x>rts- men to let the opportunity ullp, ind placed Importance on the benefits to businessmen through bringing tourist trade Into the urea. Mutt B« Public Am Ho (old the group that tho urea must be kept open to the public, (hat It must be permanent, and that 1(, must be devoted chiefly to wild life If tho state agency Is to undertake Ihe project. no|ne.senl«tlves of, Drainage Dis- trict 18 were present last night and they, too, promised co-operation in making the project a reality. The dinner meeting opened with a prayer by W. W. Fowler, superintendent of schools In Munlltt. and with Herman Alston, president of the Manila Lions Club, presiding 1 . Following the dinner ho turned tho meeting over to E. c. Flee- i»nn, who Is a moml«r of the Mississippi county delegation In the PAGE TRUB ' lower'house of the General My, who *TU chairman tat tbi special meeting. , He Introduced more than M ap*i ctal guesU of the club. Tb« iM. In addition to the various itatc ao4 federal officials, Included SUt* Sen, j. Lee Bearden of LetchvllM and civic leaders representing »a- rlous portions of the north n*ir of the county. A large group attended from here. BLYTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITEJHEATRE Shuw Starts Weekdays T.(K> p.m. Saturday anil Sunday: (,'ontimiuuif isho\ying fruiu 1:00 that total into the Blythevllle School District. annexations have brought a of eight schools for negroes Blytheville High School Pupil Enters Work in Students' Clinic at (J of A The work of at least one Blythe- i!le High School Student will be bown !,? a part of the First High School Art Clinic sponsored by the University of Arkansas In Fayette- \iUe, Fticlay and Saturday. A charcoal portrait, and two sculptured models have been submitted iiy Harry Frltzius, Jr. The clinic will include lectures and demonstrations on painting and works ol more than 100 high school ,?rtZsfcs are to be on display. Oils, water color,, charcoal end sculpturing pieces are to be displayed. provided by Spinnerin Yarn Company, and A>">ia Gamma Rho, na~al fraternity, also •holarship recogniz- 4-H work. tional awards a ing oulst: Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111.. March 31. (!?)— (USDA)—Hogs 7.000; active and uneven; weights 180 Ibs up 50 to 15 higher than Wednesday's average with weights over 250 Ibs very scarce; lighter weights 25 to 50 higher; sows steady to 25 higher; bulk good and choice 180240 Ibs 20.50-21.00; top 21.00' few 240-210 Ihs 19.50-20.50; around 350 Ibs 18.25: 140-110 Ibs 19.00-20.50; mostly 20-25 down; most 100-130 Ib pigs 15.50-18.50; good sows 400 Ibs down 17.25-18.55; few 18.50; over 400 Ibs 15.25-16.75; few at 17.00' stags 12.50-14.50. Cattle 1,500; calves 700: mostly cleanup trade on light supply of cattle; small lots of good lightweight steers up to 24.00; good Quality replacement steers 23.50; odd lots medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 22.00-24,25; common and medium cows 17.0018.25; good cows 18.50-19.00; canners and cutters 140.00-16.50. cooperate In any way possible. Mr. Friedine told (he group tha the project was considered a vcv; Important one by his office am agreed to co-operate In the dcvcl opnient of the aren. Col. L. H. poote. U.S. engineer h charge of the Memphis Dislrle told the group that he hoped to sc full utilization of the whole area, but explained that he was not In a position, to pass on legal nngles which might arise In connection with the development and that he was In no position to make nny promises other than to co-operate in any way possible. Mr. Meyer asked how Ihe spillway proposal would fit into the engineers' drainage plan and it was stated that a definite answer could not be given Immediately. It was Indicated, however, that the proi>osed spillway would Lust Time Toilwy (i)OUBu; ft: ATI IKK) "MR. HEX with l.«> r.orccy ami The ISiwi'ry lloys "KILLER DILL" with Stuart Krwln anil Antic (iwynrie MM Sliuit Friday und Silt unlay (l)Otmi.F, FKATtlKK) "HAUNTED MINE" with Johnny Mark Urown ntul Uiiymoml llulluu "WHO KILLED 'DOC' ROBBIN?" with Kllcf 11 Jniissen, Virginia Cire.y and l/'-'-v Olscn Serial "Chick Cnrtrr. -dive" Clmptcr 1 Also Cartoon above the present level where three RECTAL DISEASES (All Types K: Correct PIANO TUNING Their Playground's a Poll^Parro SHOES FOR fiOYS AN,D OIRIJ Approved TO, GIVE YOU, REAlVALUil • Bop .nd gi'rU «t pi.) c.n h» mighty tough on iho«! Thu'i why ill Poll-Pjrrol ftituto «rt fri-lnlrJ b) livfty boys «nd gittj to prove thai you gei r««/ tttmr for your monry! Thtj- run, jump, ikip, .nd hop in thtm...tnt thtin for fit, for wt»r. for loola. OMI« in ind ire the rr.l vtlu« Poll-P*rrot» offer youl Say it .... With Flowers The Flower Shop GJencoe Hotel Bldg. 'hone 4'iyj or 27.17 She'll chtriih thli lymbot of your devotion forever, le «ure that her diamond it at beautiful, at radiant at tho bride henetf. Choote today. 12 Q.reMi* OtaMMMi In 14k <WU. Family Shoe Store 312 West Main Phone. 2342 and "V/"OU'RB only human if Buick style and JL size and bearing stop you on the street for a second admiring appraisal. And we knew you'd like (he broader 1949 outlook that results from expanded "seeing area" all around. But lei's be practical a minute and talk price. Here are ours, published for public examination, INow ask yourself — Where else do you get valve-in-head engine design—plus Fireball's extra wallop? Where else do you get soft, all-coil springing—plus low-pressure tires on the widest rims in the industry? Where else can you find the silken magic of Dynaflow Drive* — bailed by outside Wfien better anifomo are hntll i trill km, authorities as the corning thing in oar transmission? Where else can you get so many "extras" nt no extra cost — direction signals, oil filters, rear wheel shields, flexible steering wheel, air cleaner — all part and parcel of this Buick package! /\nd we might add — where do you find a better, clearer, fairer deal than Buick dealers offer? Pricing according to normal prewar practice—extras as you want them — trade-ins or not, as you desire — here's clean dealing for anyone's money. • Conic sec for yourself. You won't take long getting a firm order in! DELIVERED AT YOUR DOOR INCIUOING KADIO, UNDIKSf AT HIAUK, DIFXOiri*. WINDSHIKD WASHUS, MCK-UP UGHTS-ANO OTNJU1OW BftlVf ON KOADMAITIK MODUS. SPECIAL SERIES N*w SPECIALS or* now unJ»r rf«v«Jopmwif ani pric« will b» announced wrWn prodvcfMfl of this urj« it returned. 565 51 56C 59 765 71 76C 79 SUPER SERIES 2-Door Secfanat . . . 4-Door Sedan . . . Convertible .... f sf of a Wagon ... $2342.80 2441.80 2870.80 3470.80 ROADMASTER SERIES tnttutling Dyrwffcw Drive 2-Door S«dart»f .... 4-Door Sedan (HtutrtnJ) . Convertible ..... estate Wagon .... 2914.80 3033.80 3151.80 -1040.80 Sfoft flnrf /oco/ fei»«, if arry, *rfw. cptionat ol tifra corf on 3UHK mojtlt. rV*i»« tiJiwttt tirti optional of «jrfra coif en aU /noaVi. All prfet* MO- /tcf fo cta/ig. wifftovt nofic*. fricti may va/y if/o^f/y M adjoining fommtiiiititl &«ctfi/ii of innrporivttoii cA«ff*t. j? >& K Langston-Wroten Co. Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 for S*rvic«

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