The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1967 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1967
Page 15
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Clear Picture* - Mer« News - Iar0«*» Circulation BY RUSS WALLER Sinatra iJpper JWotnesi ESTABLISHED 1865 Entered it iecond eliM matter at the poftottlce at AI«ona. Iowa (50511), Nov. 1. 1833, under Act of ConlreM of March S. 1S70 AlOONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 1967 2 Section* - 18 pure* VOL. 101 NO. 29 One of the current lads on radio Is the open forum session, with listeners calling in and discussing whatever thought of the moment occurs, and stations are finding it quite an attention getter .... Jim Zabel, for example, probably best known for his sports broadcasting, has drawn the assignment on one of the WHO sessions, and it is to his credit that he can handle a big discussion on recipes as well as a sports event, although it does sound a little out of uniform at times. * * * The tomato crop out at the new agricultural enterprise just west of the Directory Service Is about ready for its first picking .... the tomatoes, carefully nurtured with "feedings' at 9:30 a. m. and 3:30 p. m. these past months, are reported as uniformly round and also tasty, although at the moment we don't recall just who it was that swiped and ate an early addition. If we did, we wouldn't tell, lest other members ofthetomatotrustjump down his throat I * * * We don't vouch for this, but Bless Rusk says a small boy rushed into the store and breathlessly said, "Quick, my father's slipped off a ladder and is hanging by his pants from the roof." Bless asked what he could do about it, and the boy replied, "You can put a new roll of film in my camera." * * * With all the discussion about the vast quantities of mail which is causing the postoffice no end of troubles, might we make one suggestion: our own flood of useless 'and expensive material from branch after branch of various federal agencies and bureaus is rapidly increasing... cutting it in half would immediately be a big help to the P.O. and save hauling it away after being dumped into millions of wastebaskets. * * * 'Tis springtime, and with it, residents of northwestern Algona are once again taking in the fragrance of the Algona municipal dump, as it wafts its enticing and interesting odors over that section of the city .... surely, tucked away among all of the numerous federal aid giveaways, there must one that would provide a fund for moving the dump to a new location .... or perhaps provide a sweet-scented chemical that could be applied from timn to time to improve the smell. * * * Sometimes people call us instead of the proper authorities about little things that annoy them. . We pass on a couple for what they're worth .... motorcycle groups disturbing the peace on State street in the evenings? hot rodders gunning their vehicles around town with nary a care for life or limb, their own or others ? Truck Strike Has Impact In Local Area Like all other areas of the country, over-the-road trucking was practically halted in Kossuth county this week as a result of a lock-out, ordered by Trucking Employees, Inc. against drivers, but settlement was in the process Wednesday. Consequently, little or no freight was arriving here via usual truck channels as first the drivers, then the employers, called for action that resulted in shutting off highway freight. According to reports, drivers (Teamsters Union) are asking for a seven percent wage increase one that would up their hourly pay from the $3.25 to $5 per hour category to $3.47 to $5.35 per hour. Meanwhile, the employers have offered a five percent Increase. Dick Post, operator of Post Transfer here, reported the strike by Teamsters and subsequent lock-out by truckers hasn't yet affected his business, which consists mainly of moving. In fact, according to Dick , most of the merchandise still going over the highways in trucks is being moved by Independent outfits. None of the truck lines which normally serve this area with freight delivery have been hauling freight to its destination- and Post pointed out that a railroad strike, which is also in the wind, could provide the nation with a real problem, especially if the truck strike is not settled first. It was reported that at least one local store owner, Frank Salter, was going to haul in his own freight in a large U-haul trailer from Kansas City, Mo. If Ihe' strilfe 8'oiitihues, others may have to do likewise. On the national scene, talks between the Teamsters and truckers didn't seem to be making much headway Algona Senior At Drake Named To Honor Society An Algona senior at Drake University, Tom Waller, was one of 19 students "tapped" by Helmet and Spur circle of Omicron Delta Kappa, men's national leadership honor society, in a ceremony that took place Monday evening in the school auditorium. Mortar Board selections from among women students took place at the same time. The selections were made on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service. Tom, a journalism major, received three varsity letters in football, a freshman numeral in basketball, is a member of the campus newspaper staff, a member of Sigma Delta Chi, national journalism fraternity, and Alpha Tau Omega, social fraternity. He also has been working part time for United Press International the past winter, in Des Moines. Nome Fenton Candidates For Annual Girls State FENTON - Jacquelyn Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Jones, has been selected by Ranney - Weisbrod American Legion Auxiliary as their delegate to Girls State. Jackie has been playing clarinet in the Sentral High School band for 5 years and plays tenor saxophone in the stage band. She has been active in chorus and Glee Club for three years, This year she is president of the Algonquin Chapter of Children of the American Revolution and treasurer of the State C.A.R. Teresa Voigt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Voigt will be the alternate. She also has been active In band and chorus, is a member of Future Teachers of America and is president of the junior class. Teresa is a member of the student council and assistant editor of the annual. She is active in basketball, softball and track. Both girls are on the honor roll. They are both members of the Fenton Methodist Church where they are active in the church choir and in the M.Y.F. Annual Meeting Fenton Co-Op; Elect Three At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Fenton Cooperative Elevator Co., held April 1, two old directors and one new director were elected. Re-elected to the board were Wilfred Bierstedt and Harold Elmers, and Harold Wehrspan is a new board member. Hold-over officers are Paul Voigt, Norman Larsen, Gerald Jentz, Bennie - Berkland and Darrel Dreyer. In board reorganization, Bierstedt was named president, Voigt, vice president, and Larsen, secretary-treasurer. Curtis Lura is elevator manager. In the annual report, current assets were given as $997,096.67. The last fiscal year showed net savings of $60,766.98 with allocated patronage refunds of $52,000. Fraction Of Inch Rainfall Helps; More Needed Every little bit helps I One-tenth of an inch of moisture has fallen, as of 9 a. m. Wednesday, as reported from weather station KLGA, and while it wasn't a cloudburst, it helps. There is a moisture shortage thus far this spring, after a comparatively light snow cover The week's weather: DATE H L R April 6 64 40 April 7 59 27 April 8 57 41 April 9 55 46 .11 April 10 51 25 April 11 58 26 April 12 — 39 .1 There's a clergy man in Indiana who has suggested that the nations senior citizens be drafted instead of youngsters .... take those 65 or over, he says .... someone has said with more than a grain of'truth, that, the older people make the wars, the younger people fight them .... the clergyman's proposal might bring a quick solution. * * * Then there's the fellow who on his 102nd birthday, asked to what he attributed his long life, replied that he'd been taking vitamin pills since he was 99, * * * An optimist is a man who after a good run of business says it's a wonderful world. A pessimist is a man who after a good run of business complains because he fears the hinges will be off his door in a week. * * * Famous Last Line - Why I thought YOU were making out those tax returns which are due Saturday. Wed 55 Years Mr. and Mrs. Herman Zumach of Whittemore will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary, Sunday, April 16, with an open house from 2 to 4 p. m. at St, Paul's Lutheran church parlors in Whittemore. The event is being sponsored by their children, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Zumach, Mr, and Mrs. Donald Gunderson, and Norbert Zumach. No formal invitations will be sent, but all friends and relatives are invited. The couple request no gifts. JACQUELYN JONES TERESA VOIGT _.._ Faces Larceny Charge Here An 18-year old Blue Earth youth, Eldon Hatfleld, was returned to Algona from Blue Earth Tuesday afternoon to face a charge of larceny of value over $20. He was arrested Thursday by Blue Earth officials, but did not waive extradition at once to face the charge here. A preliminary hearing of the matter will be held In Justice Delia Welter's court here at 10 a. m. April 25 and Hatfleld is to be represented by a court- appointed attorney. Bond of $500 was posted and he was released from Jail here Wednesday morning. He allegedly stole a number of household goods, including an electric range, oil burning heating stove, electric water heater and in incinerator from a vacated house owned by Harold Decker. The theft apparently occurred sometime between March 1 and March 26, as Decker discovered the items missing on the latter date and notified Sheriff Lindhorst. Other items are also missing, but Hatfleld denies knowledge of them. The house is located three miles west and two miles north of Swea City. Hatfleld is married and he and his wife have a month-old child. According to Blue Earth authorities, the stolen items were found in Hatfield's house there. Eight Fined Total Of $175 In Court Here Eight persons paid fines and court costs in Mayor Bill Finn's court this week Thomas Arndorfer, Corwith, and Antone B. Becker, Algona, each paid $50, possession of beer" by minor;'Henry B. Schneider, Fenton, $25, intoxication. Driving charges resulted in five fines, all for $10. Roger A. Ditsworth, Bancroft, stop sign; Allen J. Kahler, Bancroft, and Joseph J. Kenne, Whittemore, speeding; Robert D. Elbert, Algona, failing to have control; and Janice F. Stoll, Fenton Acount Case An account matter was filed in district court here during the weekend, Stone Wholesale Co., plaintiff, is attempting to collect $495 from Nola L. Jongberg, defendant. Sen. Murray To Washington On 1-35 Route State Senator Don Murray of Bancroft, and two other Iowa state senators, were in Washington, Tuesday, for a conference with Federal highway officials with regard to the routing of Interstate 35 through northern Iowa. Other senators on the trip were Joseph Coleman of Clare and John Buren of Forest City. They had a scheduled meeting with officials from the U. S. Bureau of Public Roads at 10:30 a. m. Tuesday. Murray and Buren were sponsors of a resolution approved by the legislature asking for a reversal of a federal decision to run 1-35 on a diagonal route across the heart of several counties. The original plan called for a route closely parallel to exisiting U. S. 69 which would pass just east of Garner. The Federal change with the diagonal would route the road between Clear Lake and Mason City. Land owners in the diagonal area, whose farms would be bisected by the proposed route, have fought the route change successfully thus far in Wright and Franklin counties by refusing to allow highway commission crews access to survey the proposed route. Murray said he requested the meeting with Bureau officials but did not know exactly what officials he would meet in Washington. The Kossuth senator met recently with the Iowa Highway Commission and district engineering for the U. S. Bureau of Roads and asked if the commission would consider changing 1-35 to put any diagonal Involved near Garner. He said this would be of much more benefit to northwest Iowa, if a diagonal is necessary. He was told that a change would have to be requested from the Iowa Highway Commission to the U. S. Bureau of Roads. The State Commission has been standing firm on the diagonal route in Wright and Franklin counties. 3 Injured In Mishaps Here Late Tuesday Three persons were Injured in separate mishaps within 30 minutes of each other here Tuesday afternoon. None were hospitalized. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur T.Court- ney, both of Algona, sustained back injuries in a 2-car mishap on State street at 5:30 p. m., a half-hour after Roy R. Stou- gard, 22, Algona suffered a groin injury in a car-motorbike mishap at the intersection of State and Minnesota streets. Mr. Courtney, 44, was driver of one car and James A. Busch, 17, Algona, driver of the other in the latest mishap. Ironically, there was no damage to the autos, according to police who investigated after the Busch vehicle struck the other from the rear. Stougard and a car driven by Lovern A. Johnson, 56, Algona, collided, resulting in an estimated $40 damage to the motorbike and $125 damage to the auto. The latter was charged with failing to yield after making a stop. Police investigated. One Driver Is Charged; Two Minor Mishaps Two minor auto mishaps were reported here during the weekend. Damage to four vehicles involved totalled $475, according to city police who investigated. The first occurred Saturday at 12:10 p.m. on State street. Cars driven by Sharon E. Arndorfer, 20, and Virginia R. Buscher, 33, Algona, collided. Sunday, at 4:15 p.m., autos driven by Clara M. Cronan, 57, and Rachel W. Arndorfer, 16, Algona, crashed as the former was turning and the latter passing. Miss Arndorfer was charged with passing at an intersection. Study Proposal For Junior High Addition To Garrigan Immediately on the heels of the announcement Sunday that there would be no first grade in operation at St. Cecelia'i Academy here during the 1967-68 school year, early, and as yet unformulated plans to construct a junior high ad- dltioh were outlined by Msgr. P. P. G«aren, pastor of the parish. Announcement of plans for a new Junior high addition came after a meeting of 200 parents and school officials at St. Cecelia's School hall here Monday night. First , Msgr. Gearen made it clear that as yet there is no certainty that a junior high will be built - but he indicated most of those present at Monday night's meeting seemed to favor the Idea. Most favor the addition of a seventh and eight grade junior high at Garrigan High School - and at present, at least, such an addition would serve St. Cecelia's students only, with the parish to pay for the structure. However, a junior high for all five parishes In the Garrigan set-up is feasible. Whether built at Garrigan or added to the present St. Cecelia's building, which was last added to in 1959 (the year Garrigan High School was completed), it seems a necessity for the local school. A meeting of the five pastors from the five Garrigan parishes is slated to be held Friday - and the junior high idea will be discussed at that time. Parishes in the Garrigan High School area are St. Cecelia's; St Joseph's, St. Joe, Fr. L. C. Schumacher; St. Joseph's of Wesley, Fr. R. M. Phillips; St. Benedict, Fr. Nicholas Ruba; and St. Michael's of Whittemore, Fr. Philip Dailey. It was pointed out by Msgr. Gearen that the other four parishes are not suffering from overcrowded schools. If such a junior high addition were built at St. Cecelia's, the structure would use up much- needed playground and parking area now being used, so that plan did not meet with much favor. At present, it is not known If the other parishes would be interested in a Junior high addition at Garrigan or not. Decision to build the addition must receive approval of Bishop Joseph Mueller, Sioux City, and members of the parish (or parishes If more than one are Involved). At any rate, there is a lot of planning still left before an addition is constructed. St. Cecelia's over-crowded building resulted In the decision to send 65 first grade students to public schools here next year. It will alleviate the problem for that length of time, but the parish wants to have all its students back In its own schools if possible before the next school year gets underway. St. Cecelia's officials met with public school officials before plans were finalized to close the first grade. The decision was completely agreed upon so necessary steps could be taken to hire necessary teachers, etc. for the next school year : : : ::::::::;>W::A^^ Wayne Keith Named As $ Crash Here Injures 3 Mo. C.D. Head Wayne Keith, well-known Burt- Algona area farmer, was appointed to serve Kossuth county as Civil Defense Director by the board of that organisation at a meeting at Burt Tuesday night, Mr. Keith will serve on a part-time basis, and his salary has been set at $300 per month. The appointment is a permanent one. An office, possibly in the courthouse, will be provided for the director, as soon as arrangements are completed. Mr. Keith will supervise and attempt to line up all matters pertaining to Civil Defense in the county - whether they are the result of war or natural causes. Members of the Civil Defense Board naming Mr. Keith Tuesday were mayors from each town in the county, with the exception of Titonka, A. J. Kollasch, county supervisor, and Sheriff Lindhorst, Also elected and installed during the meeting ofthe Kossuth County Municipal League were new officers for the coming year. Jim Mallory, LuVerne mayor, replaces Bill Finn as president ofthe group, while Gifford Smith, Swea City mayor, Is vice president, and Dave Smith, city clerk of Algona, remains as secretary- treasurer. Tuesday night's meeting was well- attended. This Is the second year for the County Municipal League. Fireman Battle Blaze Along Tracks Here Algona firemen were busy for some time late Tuesday afternoon, battling an extensive grass fire along the Northwestern tracks northeast of Algona. The department received two calls, one at 4:27 from the Cecil Long farm northeast of town and the other at 4:30 when the blaze crept toward a Champlin storage tank near the intersection of highway 18 and North Main street here. A passing diesel freight train engine was blamed for igniting the dry grass. The same area was burned off several times last year, also. Latt Cookie Coll BURT - The Burt Junior and Cadet Girl Scouts are busy delivering the cookies they had taken orders for some time ago. If anyone was missed and would like some Girl Scout cookies, they may contact any of the girls or Mrs. George Becker as they have several boxes of the various kinds left over, Three persons, John J. Meyer, 27, Algona, Mrs. Rilla Vieregg, 27, and her son, Michael Hagen, 3, Sioux Falls, S.D., were injured in a car-truck mishap at the northeast edge of Algona at 10:07 a. m. Saturday. Mrs. Vieregg and her son were passengers in the auto shown here, which was driven by Mr. Vieregg, while Meyer was driver of the truck. A complete story appeared in the Tuesday edition of the UDM. (Sheriff Ralph Llndhorst Photo) ^ Clarence Blome Of Ledyard Is Found Dead Services for Clarence C. Blome, 69, Ledyard, were scheduled for 2 p, m. Wednesday at Bethany Evangelical Reformed church In Ledyard. Garry Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Mr, Blome was found dead at his home at 4:30 p.m. Sunday. He was born Sept. 2, 1897 at Hubbard, Iowa. He worked in Davenport and lived there until 1962 when he moved to Ledyard. Survivors Include a daughter, Mrs. Robert E. Fairow, Sr., of Duarte Calif.; four grandchildren; three great - grandchildren; and four sisters, Mrs. August Klinksiek and Mrs. Lou Meyer, both of Lakota, Mrs. Jack Kennelly of Clear Lake, and Mrs. Lawrence Westerlund of Bricelyn. Glad Society Plans Another The North Central Iowa Gladiolus Society will again feature a division in their 1967 show schedule for 4-H There will also be an adult amateur class for those who grow less than a thousand bulbs. This division will be classed as the "back yard growers." No entry fee it required. There will be special awards for grand champion and reserve champion in both the 4-H and amateur class. Licenses Are Issued Here Six wedding licenses were issued at the office of County Clerk Alma Pearson this week. They went to: April 6: James L. Zaugg and Barbara A. Grelnert; and Lamont E. Junkermeier and Judy E. DeBoer. April 7: Harold E. Bratton and Janis F. Goetz; Kenneth J. Krapp and Helen Weydert; Robert A. Kruse and Patricia A. Wagner; and Robert L. Koppen and Elaine Johnson. Two Matters File Here In District Court An account matter and a divorce petition were filed in district court here this week. Blue Earth Farmers Elevator Co., plaintiff, is seeking to obtain $247.75 from Larry Anderson, defendant, to settle an account. Gregory L. Miller, plaintiff, is seeking a divorce from Jo Anne Miller, defendant. They were married in California Oct. 1,1966 and have no children. Cruel and inhuman treatment is charged, Honored On 84th Birthday LONE ROCK - Guests last Sunday at the Art Person home were Mrs. Ruth Hoppe, Fairmont, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hoppe, Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Reinhold Person and family, Swea City, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Bane- brake and family of Winnebago, Minn., and Art Philip, Burt. The occasion was a dinner in honor of Lee Person's 84th birthday.

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