The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 11, 1967 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1967
Page 14
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To Wed In June LINDA LOCKWOOD Mr. and Mrs. AUwin. D. Lockwood, Lone Rock, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Linda Lou, to Oscar J. Froehlich, son of Mrs. Evelyn Froehlich, and the late Francis E. Froehlich, Algona. A June 24 wedding is planned. Miss Lockwood is a graduate of Sentral High School and is presently employed at the Upper Des Moines. Pub. Co., Algona. Her fiance graduated from Garrigan High School and is presently engaged in farming. WASHINGTON Meny-Go-Ronnd The chief speculation in the Deep South is whether ex-Gov. George Wallace can take a big enough bite out of the Democratic vote as an independent candidate to defeat President Lyndon Johnson in 1968 and whether his present move to block Alabama school integration will help him do it. There is no real doubt in the mind of any political observer but that the Wallace family's move to thwart both the federal courts and the federal government on integration is intimately tied to George's plan to run for President. But will it help him ? Has not school integration progressed to the point where most Southern voters regard battling it as a lost cause ? Won't the current furor stirred up by the Wallaces hurt George's Presidential ambitions rather than help ? -o- ' - WALLACE VS. MADDOX There's an interesting comparison between the South's two jnost headlined politicians, Governor Maddox of Georgia and * b DREW PEARSON the man behind the governor of Alabama. They're good friends, and one of the first things Maddox did after his inauguration was to invite the Wallaces, both Lurleen and George, over to Atlanta for a state visit. These two men, if they agreed, probably could swing the South for or against Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic party. However, they are having a hard time getting any agreement. When the new governor of Georgia went up to Washington for the recent governors' conference, Lyndon went out of his way to be nice to him, and Lester came back singing the President's praises personally. He said, however, that LBJ must become more conservative. George Wallace, on the other hand, cooled his heels in a hotel room across from the Treasury while his wife, the governor of Alabama, conferred with other governors and made friends with the President. George went back to Montgomery looking dour. But what Maddox doesn't seem to realize about his friend George Wallace is that, aside from inte- gration, Wallace is Just as liberal as Johnson. "I feel that strong conservatives such as Wallace should remain in the Democratic party," announced Gov. Maddox last week. "Pm suggesting that conservatives could do their best by not bolting." This indicates that Lester doesn't know what a conservative is; for George Wallace as governor built more schools, spent more welfare money, and did more for lower-bracket citizens of Alabama than has been accomplished any place else in the United States outside Washington. - o - - WALLACE WILL RUN - As it stands today, George Wallace is not going to take the advice of his friend the governor of Georgia not to bolt. He is almost certainly going to head up a third party. But two important questions are • 1. Will he take votes away from Johnson or away from the Republicans ? 2. Will he run strong outside Alabama ? On point 1, most observers believe Wallace will cut more heavily into the Republican party and will help Lyndon Johnson rather than hurt him. On point 2, ifs significant that in 1964 Wallace polled a surprisingly heavy vote in Maryland, purely on the issue of segregation. But two years later, in the race for governor of Maryland, the Democratic candidate, George Mahoney, who campaigned on the slogan, "A man's home is his castle," lost to a Republican, Spiro Agnew, who campaigned for open housing. And only last week the Maryland legislature followed this up by passing an open housing bill. Maryland is a traditionally Democratic state. So the man who pulls the apron strings behind the new governor of Alabama may have a tougher time winning votes in 1968 than he did in 1964. - o- - PEACE AND OUTER SPACE - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is about to award a contract for peace- planning to a company which does 68 per cent of its business with the Defense Department. In addition, one of its executives is a former Central Intelligence official. The contract is for $283,000 to survey the peacetime uses of satellites. The space agency wants to demonstrate that satellites are not going to be stationed in outer space as military outposts or espionage units. It's true that some satellites are now used for spying purposes and take pictures of Russian military bases as they orbit the earth. But the space agency wants to get away from this and demonstrate that satellites can be used not only to transmit radio, TV and telephone messages, but improve agriculture as well. Despite this, NASA is about to award the "peace" contract to the Planning Research Corporation, which admits that 68 per cent of its business is with the Defense Department and whose manager of economics, Norman H. Jones, was a deputy at Central Intelligence. - o- •» -NOTES FROM DDOE- Watch for Bobby Richards, former second baseman for the New York Yankees, to run for Congress against Democrat Tom Gettys of Rock Hill, & C. Gettys Tundoy, April 11, 1967 Algona, (la.) Upper Des Moin«»-9 has cut no ice in Washington, aside from voting for the big bankers against Rep. Wright Patman of Texarkana, Tex. . . . Jimmy Byrnes, ex-governor of South Carolina and former Secretary of State under Truman, differed with Truman over Russia at the end of the war and eventually resigned. Byrnes went to Moscow to try to patch up relations with our important wartime ally, but Truman scolded him immediately after he got back .... Today, President Johnson is following, in effect, the Byrnes policy of friendly relations with Russia. But the two South Carolina Senators voted the other way when it came to ratification of the USA-USSR Consular Treaty. They were against this move to improve relations. - o- - CAPITAL CHAFF - John Connor has told friends that he resigned as Secretary of Commerce because President Johnson never included him in the meetings on economic policy .... President Johnson complained wearily to aides the other day that his time is taken up by too many people who ought to be talking to his staff. He has figured out that 117 federal officials now report to him .... LBJ has laid down the law that the Vietnam war is costing so much money that foreign aid increases are out of the question .... The Viet Cong mission in Cairo has been stepping up its activities among the Palestinian Arabs. Several have been recruited for combat training in North Vietnam. Class Play The Ledyard senior class play "The Skin of Our Teeth' will be presented April 25. The 3- act comedy by Thornton Wilder had a company of 40. The 23 members of the senior class are taking these parts. The play is under the direction of Mrs. Elaine Sine. CHAMP-OF-CHAMPS "Ringo", a black and tan coon hound owned by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fryer, rural Villisca, was named Champion of Champions at the All-American World Show and Coon Hunt held at Green Forest, Ark., last month. 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