The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1967 · Page 32
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 32

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1967
Page 32
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4-Algona (la.) Upper Dei Motnes Thursday, April 6, 1967 MHIHIIIIIIflMIII Evelyn ItnillltllM! Bob Reilly furnished me an evening of great pleasure recently by bringing over a few magazines printed some time ago picturing movie stars of past years under which were given their statistics. Many were great performers of mine, including Garv Cooper and his beloved Lupe Valez whom he never married, but for a few years they had an awful "crush." If I recall correctly, she committed suicide. Gary married Gladys some one, I've forgotten her name, and while there were rumors at times of their contemplated divorce, it never came off - and it was perhaps just an imaginary story by an unreliable writer who reverted to sensationalism. At any rate, Gary died leaving this same woman as his widow, and they had one child, a daughter. Then there was Rudolph Valentino, the famous "Sheik" - and so many more Mary Pickford, but no Owen Moore, an actor she married and divorced to mairy Douglas Fairbanks, then he asked for a divorce to marry a Lady Sylvia somebody, and Mary married Buddy Rogers, who was also in one of the magazines. I could go on endlessly with the "old timers", and 1 remembered seeing so many of the plays mentioned. And of course, Maurice Chevalier, whom I still admire very much. I made a scrap book years ago which I am loaning Bob and he will get a big kick out of it as it contains many of the persons pictured in his books, but with their families. Mary D;t)il sold tickets at the old Call Theatre years ago and with Bob's permission she is going to look at his magazines, too. She saw my scrap book a few years ago. Then there was a paper Bob had kept - a re-hash of items gleaned years ago. The sort of "Dear Abby" column contained a cute question ajid answer. A girl had been asked to be a bridesmaid for a couple, the groom whom she had met at a party a year previous. It was at a taffy pull and just as she was ' pulling hers to the pale tan shade as all we taffy pullers of yore know about, the young man put his arm around her waist and pressed her to his side and ogled her affectionately. The editor added "What bugs me Auntie, is who finally got the taffy that Troubled dropped when her waist was encircled by the man who also pressed her lightly tohim." Troubled was advised to accept the bridesmaid offer and forget what happened a year ago. I'd like to have some of that good old taffy. It used to be a lot of ran and the candy was mighty tasty. A good many columns were given covering the trial of some doctors over the question of who left the sponges too long in James King who had surgery in!872and died from - what shall I call it ? Misdeal ? Fashion note of June, 1880, de- scrlbcd a house dress of clel blue to add to the trousseau. I assumed it was made of a rather sheer material and took 20 yards to fashion the garment with pleated skirt, princess waist buttoned up the back (real handy for a house dress 1) kilted skirt and sash of upright folds. Sleeves were to l>e left open part way, making it easier to do the housework. To me it looked like an appropriate formal frock. Pictured to wear with it were two styles of slippers-French heels, one witli four straps and bows, the other not quite so fancy, but the same style heels and less straps. She'd have a hard time doing housework in such slippers. I KNOW because I had a pair of patent leather dancing slippers with French heels and I know they're no good for walking. I decided not to carry a slipper bag one fine spring night — just wear tiie fancy slippers but since there was a slight possibility of rain, I had taken the bay; and a pair of rubbers. The rain didn't materialize, but when we had walked from the old Woodman Hall, where the dance was held, and got as far as the Akre grocery, on the Dau garage site, I balanced myself against "Hump" King, my date for the evening, and discarded the slippers and donned the rubbers. * * * water 1" It showed a horse- drawn water tank and was an ad for Volkswagen and Porsche cars. * * * Then there was a folder of the old Barn Dance gang - the Songfellows, who sang over radio WHO to my delight, but the only two who were on radio that I remember were Stewart Steelman and Bill Austin, pianist- accompanist. "Fibber and Molly" whom I loved were pictured - other familiar persons, too, and I had such fun looking at it and recalling the programs. I am just SURE "Pepper Young" is a TV announcer now. I am certain I recognize his voice. I agonized too long over "Pepper Young's Family" to forget his voice. * * * Thanks to the one who sent me the Disneyland folder. There was no name, the town was too faint to read, but ended In M so it might be Anaheim. At any rate, thank you. It must be a very interesting place to visit. I was past Knott's Berry Farm where it is located, but at that time there was not a hint of a Disneyland. It seemed sort of like being in the country as there were no houses or buildings. We had eaten breakfast at Fullerton so we did not stop for food. I understand now the area is built up closely. Also,' thanks to Glenn Naudain for his Rock Hills, S. C. newspaper which on the front page pictured him with a group of Rotarlans who had gathered for the annual conference, held at Winthrop College. It is the second conference to be held in Rock Hills, the first occurring in 1935. Conference co-chairmen were pictured and Glenn is conference secretary. He has taken on some weight since I last saw him, though he was always on the rather "chunky" side. * * * The Sherman Littles of San Rafael, Calif, are enjoying southern California, for another message came from them a few days ago. They were in Los Angeles and the card pictured the Bellevue French restaurant at Santa Monica. So NOW I know who sent the Disneyland booklet. It was Estelle Little, for the handwriting on today's booklet duplicates that on the card of a few days ago. * * * Another ad was "Look Mai No I forgot to mention that the How to improve the atmosphere of any home... with a world-famous Grundig Stereo Add the enjoyment of precision stereo music to your home with a beautiful Grundig stereo. Grundig is made in West Germany by experts in the field of musical reproduction and furniture design. Many models now on display — and priced for immediate sale! NORTH IOWA SEWING MACHINE CO. Barn Dance booklet devoted some space for announcers. Who would have thought then that Ronald Reagan, sports announcer, would become California's governor? Herb Plambeck is still with WHO and so was Jack Shelley until recently. Pity poor "Not Kidding" who wrote "Walt" asking what to do about the rash he breaks out with after kissing a girl for the first time and the same rash appeared when he held hands with a girl. Good Heavens! What would happen if he really did a little high powered "smooching"? "Walt" advised seeing a doctor about some nerve pills or a salve. He doesn't advise the poor fellow to lead a hermit's life and says, "So relax.' Thanks to the Ft. Dodge friend to whom 1 am "Laura." He's an awfully nice person to know and certainly very thoughtful to send me Easter greetings. Truth compels me to admit I am not a romantic interest, but someone I like very much is, and I am no longer romantically inclined anyhow, except for others. You might be interested InEs- telle's message. "For miles and miles we saw hundreds of surfboard riders coming into Los Angeles. Down here it Is very warm," I knew It! Off came a blanket and for a few hours it was O. K. Then back came the usual I A barometer for sure - or else my poor judgment. I am looking forward to the Gleason program tonight-music by Guy Lombardo, Sammy Kaye, and then via ABC my beloved Welk program I What an evening 1 Next to Lawrence Welk comes Guy Lombardo, and Sammy Kaye a runner-up. The rest on the program didn't mean a thing to me - In fact, I was bored with their "NOISE." * * * A letter from Gayle Henderson Kierulff bears the news she and Herb and little Katie are moving to Glendale - have bought ahouse which sounds very nice, and Herb will have less driving to do. She sent me his picture which was In the Pomona paper. He is a fine looking man and the item reads- "Economlst Dr. Herbert E. Kierulff has been appointed assistant economic research manager of Security First National Bank. He holds degrees from Stanford and USC." * * * Yeah Man! "If God would grant me but one thing, I'd choose another spring." A fine idea, but I wonder If the man (F. E. Paul) wouldn't ask first for the ability to get around under one's own power to enjoy the spring. That would be my first wish, much as I enjoy spring. Real Estate Transfers Barnes, Robert T. & Frances M. Barnes 3-15-67 NW 1/4 9-97-27 See record also town lot's Deed Index Lot 15 A. P. of N 1/2 NE 1/4 19-99-29. Barnes, Robert T. & Francis M. to Frances M. Barnes 3-15-67 Lot, Dourte's Add. see land Deed Index, Swea City lots, 18, 19, 20, & 21, blk 6. Bjornson, Homer & Hattle to Arlle Banwart 3-18-67 N 120 A. of NW 1/4 35-94-30. Dlekman, Douglas D. & Judith K. to John M. & Ardls Lande 3-15-67 N 1/2 of E 142' Reservation 1 see rec.; Algona lot 7 blk 3. Weeks, Winifred McHose, sgl. to Virginia Weeks Rogers 3-1667 W 1/2 SE 1/4 3-98- 'O. Smith-Corona Portable Typewriters, Victor Adding Machines, at THE UPPER DES MOINES PUB. CO. inAlgona- competitive catalog prices. HOUSE FOR SALE Sealed bids will be accepted until April 14th, 1967, on the Henry Bonnstetter Estate residence and lot, Vz block south of Main street in Whittemore. Bids should be mailed or delivered to McMahon & Cassel, Attorneys, Algona, Iowa. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids. 310 E. State Algona, la. YOUR GAS COMPANY . . . the architect for modern living NATURAL GAS DOES IT ALL! FEATURING: CONTROLLED COMFORT • Even Temperature • Economy • Afresh Air • Air Movement • Clean Air • Humidity Control AUTOMATIC GAS HEAT LEAVES YOU WORRY - FREE! COOKING HEATING CLOTHES DRYING WATER HEATING AIR CONDITIONING COMFORT & ECONOMY THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME Your Guide to Home Improvement. NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 6-2484 "Complete LP ft Natural Gas Service" Algona, Iowa

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