The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1934
Page 3
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e, 1934 BLYtHEVILl.E, (ARK.) COURIER Formal Garden Vlds Beauty lo Givat Kahn Estate. Position Improved, vever, According lo lual Report « decreased earnings, due :se business conditions and \ictlous m seven coimuuni- > Arkiin.=as-Mi.wouri Power ( ended 1M3 in a slroiiRf sitlon than nt the end of cording vo the animal re- de public here tcdny. ting eirninBs for t-'-c V fRr JSSV.Sia^. a decline of S9S.- r 9.3 per cent fr Q1 " 1 ^ !!i more Ihnii lialf ul which > lo r. decrease In electric Coal ,,,,d ic< revenues de- W.490.13 S«j319«li. rely. ting economics inaugurated ll-e year however, enabled ipanv io reduce operating Aires'by SC3.389.49 or 9.5 per e company -*vas ^ble to hold operating loss to $52.043, ecting interest and amorti- hnrgcs on the funded debt, leral, including inn 538fi,500 in notes payable nlialcd company. On a con- i 1 income basis, the net loss j Oiur oi oinpany is o'.ily $35.280. due i ict that its subsidiary show- j ct income, alter pve(erred i ![. of $17.35G. It received no *'a from the subsidiary rtiir- year. -.lieless, the company in- ils cash by $16,823.91 in compared with 1032, and o bank loans, past due bond or other delinquent obli- out-stnnding as of December '. The company gave par- iltention in 1933 to the col-! of cuatomer.i' accounts. DC- j , accounts receivabie were horn $33.554.03 as o[ Do- 31, 1932. 10 $5,084.93 as of! er 31, 1933, a reduction of j 0, or 8* per cent. ! of Ihe communities served | Company held elections tlur- year on the question of au- g the construction of niu- slauls. The election al Keno., was carried in favor of position. i:W.a Ule proposi- s defeated by the voters of Tsvll'.e. g carried to the United Circuit Court of Appeals re- ip proceedings begun by a if stockholders, the officers actors of the company have !d to operate the company [ a filial hearing on the case, j 1 this month. : close of the year, the com- 15 servins 95 communities In stern Arkansas and south- Mteourl with electric light 'er at retail, one with water, 5« with ice. PAGE THREE Q.O § «J £V/ DAN THOMAS Neighbors l-'iiul Hotly oi CiinilluTsvillf Mini Who l.ivod Aloiu 1 . CAUU'niElii'.VIU.K. Ijmly of KM li'.nliT. Mo.-T li t . wins'. WHS lying fnco duvn AWm-cmly 1:^1 f .slurlctl Ui o. Comity Ollir.:, hud VCD for lib fyebnlls. n. i- . rai-M n lublr. Hi> fmsvnnt as A Dip IN VIS SWMMiNG- fWl atRY NIGHT fcrofir OCWIG. TO etp. so MEM. smr scwnv, lllll- MHIIO iiini>. luimls mull Ihe fln;st formal garden- i'l America graces ihe cslale of Quo KaJin. New Yo'k hanker, .sliowi liei-e in ail its symmetrical, stately beauts', photographed from the .Mr. The iniuision. \vlth Us spacious landscaped grounds, Is at Cold Spring Harbor, on me north shore o! I/>n>» Island, In Siillolk coimty. were b:i<ll\ nuuvil by nils, was vlotlv. .1 i.nly m under- llllUlT. W in :n) JVMTS old, lived •ntirely iilnol l:n:n iiHuhboi.i in his .small twi>-rn IMHISO nl On 1 «(;•<• >.| in*ii. H \vns nut uncommon tnr thow llvinu ii'inby 10 lull In --ii' him for MJV- ernl dnys in ;i ilitsi-. About $!> dor 11 piece i:f biink book on \va.s n)M> rtiM'iH llullei 1 luid di'i 111 Ifl:i2. A druivul Inler _ liiiiml hidden nn- ui in ji bnx. A on ;i Memphis hunk 'iHYjrd. shhvvint; Unit di'ikv-ltcd SI lOfl tlio-rc l.ri'ipi fin- [ho wllh- HI ih'.s sinn was nlso Fess, Jr., Drawn Into Mail Quiz Whooping Cough Parlicularly Dangerous lo Young Babies j HV DR. MORRIS FI.S1IKKIN 73 per cniil 111 children under 2 ! Kdvlwf, JttUTfial of the Ammt-im years n[ age. | .Metllral Association, and at necaiis:.' the disease Is Infections,! llvjeia. llit> llfjlth Mag:iunr ' children who huvu it uro kept 0111 '. i You probably think of vMwoplng ; °f school for nt least six weeks. I cough as a disease of chilun-.i.l In 'lie imiuv.enl of whniijuiii! I but actually it can affect persons: cough, prep.iriitiuii.-i of vaccines, of any age. Cases have been re-j a "-' ^'"S slwlicil again BS lol ported in infants 1 dny o!d und in i tllcl ' men of 90. Nevertheless. 8f| perj cent of the cases occur in the' first live years of life. Although for years there tins been great discussion as to :hc exact canse of whooping cough, we know now that a germ Is re.s|X>n- sible. Since this disense .spreads easily, you always should protect found, dud uliichilx nn- of | opinion IJiilliT had hlildcn j money nromul !!«• IHIIIM'. us- In . Duller hiis [r.r.d ii brolhri siMiT ill this stiili 1 . i in Ml.vilssippl. coun- j |ty n\il!.ovlll"'.s .-nld. lie wn.s buried !:il Hie conn:-, (unit 1 tuiiii Mnnday j morning. VTOR.1 is cRootio, AT \\-uir;u <5ne's EXPERT. _ - A PHA.CE ADVOCATE, HE VOt/1'M'PEM? i!, A 'W,a PICTUCUU. HAM. PATRICK DOES ftvERrTH'.HG- 0-c MINE?!. IT'S e, notwithstanding the , r i faci that vaccines made ut an var- L .! lier date were not slio'.m to l:e '.of pavilculnr merit. Kev^rllu 1 less, we jire framing .so inuul; "•.ore about the methods uf prt-p- ataiian of inatetiul.s of this chur- s.clr-r that experlmemalion cun- sifintly is goiny on. Gets Commission —As Private Package of Cigarets Becomes of Age KITCHEN ItV SLSTKK MAILV NKA Snvu-f SUIV WrlhT younger children and [hose who nave not had tlic disease against others who may have it. Whooping cough is much infjrO'q ( ,j| ^ dangerous to a baby, particularly t \^ ;)",, nursing baby, than to an olfltr j jpafms. We do not know tlnit any dni»s have :-,]ieciRl merit in conlrol- liug whooping cough. nlthoiiKh » great many dru^s avc M^tUil 111 hii palionl nnd l< i :i. L :enforce of Ihe couuhlna The coughs and (lie Ono of Ihe ijitj)::rinnt. :i:: cali'ijOry of fi such a variriy t -at one mL-i ferent soup i- nnd then 11:1 bilillcs. 11^: cnnsoiiiines iiiul tjnuillciis. rhe ttelt- crtte iiiticheo:i cnncni-tlfin.s, the bls- f|U'.'s und t::i' cream soiiin. l.:?r? ; arr tlir hi 1 ";'.:-..' s^ujis and savory L-si inirn.'sjln,; and /'s m the whok 1 ls is ;-D;I]>. 'I'licre's Aji \vhi^Ii tn ctiossu LLlni3si s:*rvp ;i dlf- ry tiny in tilt 1 yenr c'xhmist the (Kissi- : Assessed Against I | Ive Wee-End Drunks] i • flowed freely here over: I ckcnd the Monday police) reflected, 12 fines being as-1 n municipal court for pub| ikenness. j of Bill Bailey on a charge I il posses.sion was continued li of H. F. Splcer on n receiving .stolen proix?rty o continued. Reece entered n plea of I o a charge of petit larceny sentence was passed. ] 3rown failed to appear to a charge of distmUiug the | nd her bond was forfeited. tliargea that lie liatl been employed ti> help an air line tet mail contrania, Lelir F<JS.S, above, Toledo lawyer and enn of Senator Sfaieon D. Fesa (Hep.. O.). declared tliat he did Icfjal work for tbe company only after lh« contracts had been Issued. child, in vary Uny babies whoop- i ,, vhoops ma , lx . so ing cougli makes feeding exceed-. Fmal) henio'rrhnge.s Singly difticult. t he jkin ! Moreover, the coughing is :=sso- i cinled with vomiting, la?s o( the fowl, nnd also with the jxissibilUy of inhaling infected material and bringing about pneumonia. 'orce'iil lint-' c!lo '- vilcrs Hia: '"^i- sallsfyiiiK whole na- c'ciir I i'" ierl!s - A " (! ""'" " mf ™ llie ~ x ~ 5 CtC ' "' : '- -•" (l--:iHoiis fruit soups. Extortion Gartg'; Threats Defied n Proposes New | ivy Building Program | X3N. Mar. C. (UP)—Great todav rccosiiized the crisis d politics by oroposing to iur crnisers and an aircraft nine destroyers and three nes. In addition slightly an 2.000 men would be add- I he service. V." Denied ires in Latter Years I WOVA. Pi>. (OP)-Gcorge L.Ston was forced to forcqo Accent pleasures" of the. | luring the latter years of letter to the manaqcr of lexandria, Va., Assembly. the possession of villanova the first president exprass- | sincere regret thit l\e was to attend. I in in Washington's hand. er said: t Vernon. I2th Nov.. I7K). -men, 'Washington and myself honoured \vilh your ten nvitation fo the assemblies [sandria. this winter; arid •on for this mark of Your Flouting an extortion domain! for 525,000, under thrciH ot death if bo YCtusetl, 11. v. ifcElroy. iibovc. clly man- ;\scr of Kansas City, Mo., was iiBJiarmed \vlu-n lie spent the "deadline" night alone in his home, unguarded. lie. rticn reported the case to police. 'His daughter. Mary McKIroy, ^-as kidnaped in 1D33 and freed fur ?;0,ui>0 ransom. Proof of the great danger of v;hooping cough for liny babies is the fact that 87 per rent ol dealhs from Ihe disease occur in children under 5 years of age. and j Manila Youth Li Making Rccorrl In 4-II Club Activities Already the only 4-H club member in Arkansas who has organized a club entirely made up of Iwys and girls not attending school. Arnold Phillips. 22. of Manila, lins won us-*' laurels by forming a second club of members not In school, i s | an ,j n r,.,|| ct j The new club has 20 charier members ot boys and girls who have mnved into the Floodwny sectle- ment between Manila and Etowah. Tlie first club, organized by young Phillins nt Brown two years ago j with ten charter members. no'.v includes 53 boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 21. Although the first members were iinnble lo attend schcol because they had no money for tuition and other ex- psnses. their sponsor inlercsted them in education. Now seven of the members have pooled tr.cir savings for the purchase of a secondhand Ford, which takes them to Jonesboro dailv \vhpre t ;1 "ey attend Arkansas Stale college. Phillips, who was a 4-1f club member for seven years until hs reached the age of 21. was presented the Harvey Couch ir.ediil for ontslandinT 4-H club work in Ihe ChtckastuvSa district ot Mississippi ihroni. Au incident is n-ptirlcd in «lilch n vessel in the brain was ruptured as ti result of n couching spasm. In geiicrnl. pliysiciims like lo kec-p tln'.v patienis away fiomi, . oliier children us long as iln;! £ rhiM s\ill coughs and whoops, bu-* ' " cause there is great pnsMhllHv ol spread of the germs as lon« as ot:c and i T.-.e canned w.ips are nvnllnbli 'in InnuniiTiible ve^rtiiblcs and meats and cuinbinnlioin. Tt:c-y all ,are excelletit iincl save much time lo;- Hie b''y housewife. Conscm- jne.s an;] bouillons in particular much time and patience lo —A POKT CLINTON. pnck uf cifcm'ct.s "li hen 1 rcmilly their blrthduy In '.moke." Hack In lfil:i, Die Port CllnUin IhiiiliU'.s.s Men's AsMiclitthui held n (llnner. Kvery ipiest. u-n.s iiii-M'iit- cd a iL'ulliiT CH.M- and ])acknni' ol cljfnrcls. O. .1. Daum. niiiong those ci'lvcd, with lilt ollicr.s, a nf funs. As Diuiin didn't sitiuk?, lie Just kept tlicm, for al yi-aj-s. lle- cenlly, he ifiive tliein lo 1 1 ess here nnd told him lo "Unlit ii|>." k Cook Reported Sn(ferin(» \'mm Amnosin in Tuxas With IIIT lil-inohths-old l>:iby i,i»icil lirii- Sundny.' KJ days nf- N'r his di'Lith, Mrs. Flunk Cook li'li In-,! nliilil fur •JVxns.lo intx.'. luiMmml who Ix'i-nine n .snd- di'n ueilm <il luniiesla wlillw nn his \vuv lii-h' from their home iH'ar LdiiK llciich, Calif. MLS. Cuflk. nceDiiipaiilril by her Miuill .vin. hud Jiiiirncvcd line lo . iitti'ncl Iiiiiriii] M-rvlirs fur l,cr lluil.i". 1 , \vho diecl M-vi'inl wceh.'> |:iil<r. Whllr vhillllK ivIllllU'S 111 I Hi- vicinity ol (losnril, the Ixiy. 1 'I'liiiiiny, lii-i-iiiiu- LCrlniisly ill »1 ' iiM.iiKinlii. UP illi'd Keb. -':!. \V«:rd of hl-> bnby'.s dentli wus wind in tln> lullU'r, \\lio left iin> l.nnii llrarli :.LC[|IIII [or this elly. J)ay iKU'r iliiy MIC Miu.-jvvin^ nu>- the! 1 iivsiiltitl iirrlvii! nf the fnilicr und Ini'.lmiul. Finnlly, niter 10 duys, Mr*. Uook rm-Ucil word (hut lu'i husbniid had Lcen de- lalnnl In u Miuill commnnlly 1 ncur !•".! Past). Ti'sus nnd u'.n.s npjni 1 - iiuly Kiilh-rliiK from u Iny.s nl oiy. Pilends of the fnrnlly lion- lu-llcvt 1 C(Hik inuy have broil nl .several IXT.-OIIS (ravcllni: nn u mi** country him -,vhr) were njnri'd In 11 wadi' no.ssfnn accl,- di'iil. ni'iii' Kl 1'iiMi. in. iilxiiii. tip Hun 1 hi' WHS .supposed to be en mute lii-ie. Funeral si-rvlci'.s svcrr> held for Tommy Ciiolt ut Cohh rliiiiu-l here Hinulny altli the licv. W. .1. I.eliny, p.i.stur ol the l.aki' Slivcl Mvllw- • llf! church. nl!>lUi!(. Inti' wns inndr nl Bftivyers fr..|rn..|i-ry. The Mnrllhiic I'ro\ lures consist uf New Brunswick. Novii .Scolla. mill Prince Kihtard Islam! (UP! .s "liecnme r>i nnd, lo ci'lcbnile piiunptly ''wenl up Ingredients of VicH ii Jrwclrr here, wp.s i VopoRub In Convenlert Condy Form nUt-ndlni; und re- Stuillrd ,Sn:itHlraK<ii.H PHILADEl.I'IIIA. (UP) —The Academy of NuliiiiU Sciences hns rewnriled Dr. KfunelH W. I'cnni'lt. Cnralor of Hotiiny. for his re- seiircli on the Hndjxhnxon family of (lowcis. HI:; work extended aver ten ynirs nnd led him lo Irnvel tliuusatuts of miles. VICKS COUGH DROP SWHRaSMMMB^H FULLER BRUSHES Tlie Editor'* Letter POT New Attitude Nrnltil (To Ihe Editor:! riea^c allow me to <i\iole fvoin "America Must." by Henry A. Wallace. Secretary of Ayvicul- canned nr "cubed" vnrHie.s easy to u:.'! and may be .subsimiled a.s convt-iiient. It-Allan Oniiin S"i.|i Two medium ilwd Tk-rnnrla onions, j Inblespoon.s Ini'tter, 4 cups blown si;i;k or 4 houilliin cubes and •I ciins \vatcr cr 1 can bouillon ami t'/ual amount of water, i slices Melt bii'tcr and add onions peeled a nil'very thinly sliced, crak over a Inw'hrc mull lender and a rich m-n'.vn. Heat stock to the boil- In-! ]if.inl nnd odd to onions. Slm- nier live niliiiites. Toast bread. Put Tlio Sniillt's vnat army of colonels k!lclw ' n b " 1 tllt- 1 lost n piit-mtlal (elluw-olllccr wlitii " At I'rico.s W.T.NORMENT delivery, Hlj Ibcvlllc . H'»vrir,l lloivtmi (abuy.,) fnnul n cnloiii'l's .:oiniiil?slou on tbe staff of Florida's (iovcrmiv l a private und the ornnr uliltgcd. cereal, cream, fish hnsh. loaslKl rye bread, ml'.k. cnitec. LUNCHEON: Salt Codfish rhow- der, pullci! crackers, slewed dried Haricots, nillt. tea. DINNEK: nmlsrd shoulder of lamb, mint Jelly, creamed carrots _ and ix-'ns, stuiled prune salad,' ill!:." " IIC: |n slice o; bread In eacti soup plate Uu-nmed cherry cup puddings. "In all civili/cd Innds lod.iy we i or b.-.-.v| and pour the hot soup I cotfee. by the tragic non-, !!::• unions over It. Sprinkle! sens-; of misery and want in tlicltt^hllv wil ; : cheese nnd serve with midst of tremendous stocks of cs- ' the <lish nf prated cheese for each sential goods. Science has given] niT'on m help hiimelf to more us ins control over nature.... Bui I In- likes, attitudes, religious and economics—) s-ilt Codfish Cluuvilrr make it lm|xisstlj]r (o live with] Om'-liiilf pound salt codfish. 2 iiicdiinn <ined imiatoes. 1 pood sl/- ed onion. 2 slices salt pork. 1-4 lea- spoon pcpiXT, 1-8 teaspoon (hymc. J2 cups wiifer. 1 cup canned toinn- 't«'K. 1-8 tcasix>an soda, 2 milk. uaK-r crackers. Cut codfish in small squares and break, soak in cold water for halt an hour, by | Dice v.i:; piik and fry to a crisp brown in the soup kettle. Cover with a l;iycr of potatoes pared and cut in elites, add a layer of li.v> nn:l spiinkle with minced onion, pepper and (hyme. Conllnii2 Inyer the bnlnnced Mbiindnnce which is now ours ns .soon ns we are willing to accepl il with clean understanding hraris. \'.'l Vfirn';'deeply concernec with LhiJ bcc:ii^e : i "know that the social nWdhiiics jjct up by this new Amer- ic'aii ndiiiini.slration will down unless they are inspired men who in ttieir henrts catch n larger vision Ihnn the hnrd-driv- f ing profit motives of ihe past. "Our people on tlic street and on ~th? - c oil must change their at- curis Grizzly on Decline; Black Bears Threatened HARR1SBUHG. Pa. <UP>— "Old Silver-tip." the grizzly bear, that sagacious prize game of the hunter, is on the decline. The black bear, worthy substitute. Is liable lo go the same way unless liunt- I „„. — -- --- r jen realize his life facts. |n.—But alas! our dancing Thc liire no all :eable. <fc innocent : | ent. all the nleasure tl will nITord them.—and Pennsylvania that the plcnl Game Board or this se.i- for layer until all is «s;d. Add wa- tiludc concerning the nature of man and the nalure of human tor. cover kettle and simmer for society. They must develop the 40 minutes. Heat tomatoes, add capacity lo envision a co-opera- jscda and when effervescing slops live objective, and be willing toiadd them to crowder. Heat milk lo pnv tile price lo obtain it...." |the boiling point and add lo rhow- Prizes as the champion ijoullry; T ' as . 1 wc< ; k ' mlou?d frol » n t AfT : »'-" lc ^ nt once from tbe lire member of the cotmlv (or poW s ^ ccl1 m " (Ic by p '™ drllt Roosc-innd -wive with crackers. corn pig and nivnt the county l ' clt c " Oclofccr 21 - IM3 - in r( H l>Ilfrcd trackers fair,'hes serve*I BS icretan and! g '' lrd lo a ffilicr 'iisfibulion of: Si.lit hard round crackers, ^Ma%i^^ h J ( l»>««r nre mo *« ^"r'H^-'-^" dub in tlie counl, has won ^"^^ ^ . ~| %? ^^^ ^U^ if necessary us to get these ideas, paprika and grated chewe am trip to the 4-T1 chib congress. sponsored R community fair lor two years, and nt the lust coimty fnir. In 1931. led the club willow won prizes on every- exhibit entered. GcntU-mon )ilr Most Obedient nnd pltged—Humble Servant. O. WASHINGTON. ideal aided Inrge e.irire Tlie we.Tther wns and a fir.o tracking snow in m.ikini; the exceedingly OITtcers 11> HAVEN. Mich. IUPJ—A stolen from the squad Ottawa Coimty shcrlfr, ) e janie night a cottage >y the local fire chief was 1 to lh<? Ki-onnd. Quaker Citv Hobo Recipe Works in Iowa Town MANCHESTER. Iowa. 'IIP1 — Mayor S. C. Dillmer of Maiichcs- i ter experimented and won j with a "recinc" to free Ills town of j more thought and pro-1 lra '«i«nt.s. The formula is guar- in [n!itceri by Ditlmer—he says his clear in the minds of the oeooli WE MUST LEARN THE ESSEN-! TIAL EQUALITY OF ALL MRvl TN THEIR RIGHT TO LIVE ON I THIS-OUR EARTH. | Zeph O'Hrirn. Foils Inspectors PHOENIX. Arl/. '(UI'I— Whvii | ti(- St:ile Agriculture Coininisslcn cfu.wd to let Bert Olurk. o[ ..i-« Tort: City, drive his cnr llirnii!;!: Srlzonn \vilhonl Iniving his Vwg- ;HBO looked over by stdtc "buy In- lifclo:!,." Clark -sliiptwd his inilo- nclJlle by Iraln. Chest Colds Don't let them jet u strangle old. Fl?ht scrms (jiiickly. Creo- :'!idsion combines 7 tnuidr hetiw in one. Powerful but harmless. Pleasunt to take. No narcotics, "/our o-vn druggi.sE Is aiithorizcd ,rv refund your mo:;cy on the spot ,t your cough or cold is nol relieved by Crcotmih ,'on. iadv.1 NEW BAND-A-BLU BURNER Cuts fuel costs one-fifth. Produce* a bliic band of car bon-iree, odorlcsu flame. Provides a 50 per ctnt wirier range of cooking heat. Coieman gSR 8nstanT-Gas OPPORTUNITY toast in a hot oven until browt and pi:(Iy. These arc delicious t ?erve wilh cream soujis. Tr.moirow's Menu HREAKFAST: Baked rV.ubarb. 'ANT-ADS Read Duuner Ne-,vs want Acts ba?s tins year. Bruin be givrii tection than he has the pnst. Hie board urged. must pro- received |£tiests never return. "Give them n night's lodging, free hrenVfasl, and a free treal- , Dollj are the oldest toys known, jment of hvo ounces of caslor oil." They hnve been used in all lands explained Ditlmer, who admitted from the earliest limps. One was that lie did not originate the idea, found in estimated years old. tomb In Egypt -n to be at least 4,000 bu! read of ommended judge, when n It was rec- Phllnddplila THEDFORD'S , BLACK- DRAUGHT, FAMILY «W» ^ "CM<fanMk Of SytaA DIAL TYPE SAFETY CARBURETOR VALVE Produce* gas Instantly. Works like a ft n a p switch. Insures accurate, safe and cany operation at your finger tips. Never before sud, n stove ns tliir,! Never bcforu such a combination of beauty nnd operating efficiency! The new Cpleman In- Etanl-Gns Range performs li!;e cily Ljaa. Lights instantly. Cooks with a clcnr-blue gas flame, clean ami hot. Just strike n match, turn a v;ilvc, and slart cooking. Handsome modern finishes add new beauty to your kitchen! A wider range of models assures yon of finding one exiictly suited to your particular siccxl. New improvements assure you simpler, easier operation. 20% GREATER HEATING EFFICIENCY New BanJ-A-Bhi burner KLVCS 20 ncr cent greater healing cHicicncy. This nienns lower operating costs, cutting your fuel bill approximnlcly one-fifth. Cooks an average mcil for a family of five for less than 2c, LARGE, ROOMY COOKING SPACE There's plcn'.y of room for cooking tlic largest of dinners on these new Colcin.nn lUn^cs. Moss models have four large cooking burners and a real baking oven. And you can broil, tor>l Have delirious steaks, chops . . . easily pvcpsttU w tV.e Cotcman broiler. All kinds of Better Cooked Foods for yo:ir table. Conic in and see these new stoves today/ You'll KCC why they have been approved hy the "Supreme Court of Cookery" . . . the houscwiy" of America I Hubbard Hardware Co I'honc 32

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