The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on November 13, 1911 · Page 9
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Page 9

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1911
Page 9
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THE SIDNEY MORNING HERALD, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1911. r to prevent th. Chauvinistic utterances from Injuriously affecting Germany's foreign relations. jfli GERMAN SWORD rjOWN PRINCE ASSERTIVE, moroccan nojtes published. ippUUDS CHAUVINIST UTTERANCES. SENSATION IN BERLIN. LONDON. Not. 11. BERLIN, "Nov. 12. Notes that have passed between . nerr Klderlen-Waechter, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and M. Jules Cambon, the French Ambassador, elaborating the Moroccan agreement, hnve been published. Franco welcomes Franco-German syndl !cr.tes to execute public works In Morocco, w. Mnn created a sensation by '. . thut th unnhzen should open Jtotfbt CbuuvlnUt utterances during Agaillr tQ (oniga ZitttU on Morocco in the Reichstag, i isputeg not settled through diplomatic " . aa f Rerlln V EOT- . '. .. . . UK,m.l Ttki leading nwou..- 'channels are 10 do menw w miuuu. w- 2h protest agalost the unpredecented ac m. r., Prince, who applauds !, word uttered asainst the Chancellor, totmn Betbmann-Hollweg, every refer-Z to the German sword, and every utter-11 .plant France ond England. They S uurt that the Knlscr has expressed 'ine Hague model. ' A HINT TQ SPAIN. PARIS, Not. 10. M. de Selves. Minister of Foreign Af fairs, referring to the Moroccan crisis, said MOUNTAIN FIRES. SERIES OF OUTBREAKS. BUSH ILLUMINATED, ARMY OF FIGHTERS. BOUGH TIMES FOB SNAKES. (FROU OUR SPECIAL REPORTER.) A TEAMSTER'S PERIL. CAUGHT IN FLAMES. THRILLING BACK-BLOCKS EPISODE. COOGEE COLLISION. NINE PERSONS INJURED. CAR AND STATIONARY TRAM, BRAKES FAIL TO ACT. ICR, M'GOWEN'S FIND. VALUABLE CITY SITE. HIDDEN BY A HOARDING. The Stat. Treasurer. Mr. M'Oowen, has Just . i,..Miin. Hlar.nva.rv. Just at YERRANDBRIE, Saturday. h tb f,,.rl,meI1i u much In need An old resident of the district, Mr. John ,,OBs or .if., for nubile buildings the Premier bas Murdoch was .aught 1 J 1 bush. r;! occurred foUn a valuable block of land In-th. city SS2Ss mists siswai swBarJrjas when a lew mile. out. h. found hi. progrea. .treet. Co.g... ..,.. . ,"'"! .m..! ha. owned tb. land for 27 blocked by den.. m...ea of .mow. wr o. J"" . " Ou.y " Nnhodv aeem. to nave known of It. he mad. this startling oiscov.ry w. was prucecuiui 10 "W"' - - h. ,,d Th. big CHAOS ON WHARFS-petty STRIKES. SHIPPERS IN A WHERE,' LEADERS HELPLESS. FLIGHT FROM PEKING PREPARING FOR ATTACK. SHOPS BARRICADED. BRITISH BLUEJACKETS LANDED PEKING, Not. 10. A quarter of a million inhabitants have fled from the city. Ball cartridges have been serTed to the .1 1 .. I .hAnlrumW. AM ueguiiuu KimiuB, m in. BI.ACKHEATU, ouuw Before be made mis .wruius - p....-. . . a " " k .m. . hr eared. beginning to erect barricades. ., .., of last week brought in te,m,ler, .fur th. msno.r of bullock-onv.r.. id enarg. oi unver """'""" "uu 'l ... iUi.i, hi...t. - nrdlnz the1 n4 bot T"." 1.,.,. hr..t.ned th. de- ' .,', .,- bor..back bahlnd hla conductor William and when near- hoarding appear, to have covered """"" -,a ' ""'". :" . the out- I ; .h. .mok. ahead b. m th. B.lmor.-ro.d .topplng-plac. comae". ot th. utility ol tne una -"W - "- exasperation. European ..traction of a aVH1ll-ro.d. "ked hi. pac. 7d rod. on in front of with . .tatlonary car and trailer. No.. 169 ,, for . boarding. ' They worked th. cargo of .cm. .hip.. Th.y guns have been landed. Urt. of Blackheath, along the Hai ?"'ct"f w. J fir. waa. H. .h im hich had drawn up at the B.lmore- i)l!nt the other day. th. Government having nf lo vmk other lh PEKING. OT ia I .urted among joUna hlmi, ,rf ,b. midst of a raging roid d Arden-.treef .ectlon. Driver , Blnd ex.rclMd over th. quwtlon of ci.y 0 , wharf they iaBlMi knocking of. General Yuan-Shl-Kal has Informed the , tw. road on TuMdsJ"'Vmany house.. bu.a Or. which "a. burning on both aloe, of ompaon applied th. brake, with th. in- 5,te.. . for tea at . p.m. and resuming at o'clock. Government that Bis ill-health prevented night there wa. grav. danger to many bm ih in wnic a w.. in p 'J .avanclng car to a Th. lateat aUg. reached in th. negotiation. ,n4 WOMl Uey refUie(1 , iUrt bor. him from assuming the Premiership. lit was only ny in. " rtcd- (or a w)nli carried th. .parka everywhere while unliitlll. but for .ome reason thoy fallen between the Government ana in. ... In accordance with their agreement tn.y resioenu . . . , inten... to arret tb. .peed of the car. Tne anver a company m reguru i " .aia "uooa-nignt," notwitnsunaing wm ERRATIC LABOURERS BLACKHEATH, Sunday. ' VT tJTtSZ rE d- rbuTalh". Conductrr Wl.Tiam MlU.n. and when near- harding appear, to have covered up ... Idea drov, ,hlpp. UmU f a bushtlr., .h. .ok. ahuul h. in. th. B.lmor.-ro.d .topplng-plac. collided ot th. utility of th. land except aa a fln. operation. Th. erratle behaviour ot th. wharf-labour are on Saturday demonstrated the utt.r belpleunes. of their leader, to control them or make them observe tbelr eigned " . . .k prince's con- lairs, reiernng to uie v.. , ttnttofaction at the Cronn Prince a con necell8ary tuat Fl.anc8 gh0Uld (, snvs the Chan- negoUate with Great Britain before pour-T" parlers passed between Spain and France. ji Mnds for the tmperor s policy, ana i ' . w .... ,,vi,. ji MttHa for the Emperor "" . . hla ills. Hi Crown rnnce u .i 'SivLkinrtfr ZeltuDB" remarks that it Crown Prince's intervention in politics rffl (ratify so party. -It casnot be denied," says the "Post, jit toe Prince, in common Tf 1th patriotic Gamins, a hint which prevented Spain occupying South-eaBtern Morocco. THE CROWN PRINCE. Twenty-nine year, of age, the Crown Prlnoe1 has been brought up by the Kaiser with an rtu7 ' " ,,-, - almost Spartan training. Some time ago He condemned the Moroccan agree- becluae a Junlor clerk ln lb. Department ot tne Ministry ot tne interior, nou w. I"1' win- I ammin. nt hnnr. ANfV da. for & Whole orwaerts,- tne . . ""-ioac; nours he was not free.l tfgl that the acpon oi me "ifor he bad to take home documents to study jjttt an injury on Germany. wfiDrTBD WITH PAN-GERMANISM." f1 BERLIN, Not. II. I ... M anonaM hall thA ' TM Fan-liermau ucnn- - town Prince as one of themselves. He "Vossiche Zeitnng" asks for an im molate and forcible ciemai una me riime k Mated with Pan-Germanism. We condemn the Chancellor's policy." rrri lie "Tageblntt," "but we by no roenns ,ttin an offlcers' club 'fronde' in a Crown Manly party." - A PASSIONATE CHANCELLOR. He Chancellor yesterday sm-priscd the Sejcastsg by a passionate condemnation of Dr. von Heydcbrnnd, the Conservative Infer, "A strong man," he said, amid tbcen, "does not need to be for ever carrying i sword In his mourb. The impending tlectloH had more to do with his speech feu Morocco or the Congo." every evening, and sometimes wa. kept work' n. rnp mi. in. ni.nt. i ner. in ao oiu-vaiau' lished tradition that every Hohenzollera Prince shall learn some kind ot handicraft, and the Crown Prince chose turning, at which art he is remarkably adopt. Engineering, to-j, he has studied thoroughly. Not content with A' DISQUIETING SYMPTOM." SPEECHES IN THE REICHSTAG. Robbers are burning and looting Foo- chow. nanynng, which was captured by the rebels, Is now being bombarded by the Im perialists. BUTCHERY AT NANKING. GARRISON RUNS AMOK. THOUSAND PERSONS KILLED. SHANGHAI, Nov. 11. The Imperialist troops nro burning Nanking and looting private houses. Fifty thousand persons have left the city. Th Tnrtr eorrlson. with the idea of self-preservation, ran amok In a demented manner, killing men, women, nnd children. All students who were found without K,,fni,ri. Even Deople in attending lectures on the subject, he has I" , owing to their undergone a practical course In one of the mourning were murdered, owing to leading German engineering works. The Prlnco whito mourning domes nunc u..o - immensely popular mboi o( revolutionary sympuuues. olpally owing to hlsi . ...- , .. .rR killed. At least a muusumi . JAPANESE TRANSPORTS. TOKIO, Nov. 10. mu. nv.1,1. nrrcsnondent of the "NCW vt Hrnld" says that transports with MOO troops have left Yokohama, presumably for North China. SUCCESS OF REVOLUTION. SINGAPORE, Nov. 10. n-w r extraordinary rejoicings among the Chinese In the Straits Settlements over the success of the revolution. REPUBLIC FOR CHINA. LEAGUE FORMED IN SYDNEY. high wind fanned the names. .,,. . ' t.rrned. and tbelr ..a. , attemnts to stop the car. but rMnmpUon of th. property of the latter on being paid 2. fid per hour. Communication was i ' were plungmg hither and thither .oon got , h t aTall. Tne pM.eng.r. sitting 'n 0arng Harbour la that the oOces of the Th, mcn on the next wnarf did th. wry by telephone. na'e'ly ,0Prthcomlng. Tbelx badly mixed up, tb. -rlv.r having hi. f the car MW ,hat a collision wa. Water and Sewerage Board .hould be banded oppMlte. They worked till S.30 p.m.. took iipd for. Those were reaaiiy lucul . . . ... . ....hinv into V . . . k. tin,a in . ..A., T.iir manv other - hrt i,ai .n nnrf and called for. Those were k . ,rom rushing Into ....,. hu, hefore anyone had time to and were conveyed to tne w-ew ' ,,... .hat roared and craci-.ed , , ... v.hiri the eolll.lon occurred. Soon an army ot .. ----- """"----:,. h.llowlnlt f th. ".-" : ,.i. ,nd both th-. .trlvlng against to. m.-. on ootn ... ...t' nni. LONDON, Nov. 10. " CommeDuns on the speech of Dr. Ernst miiHeidebfand, the Cormcrvntlve lender ln the German Reichstag, in reference to the speech of Mr. Lloyd-George during ihe Moroccan crisis, some newspnpers consider Hut inch speeches are a disquieting symp tom. has been described amonft the Germans, principally owing kindness of heart; and many are the Blorles that are told of his geniality. His favourite hobby 1. motoring, and ho ha. more than onco figured In an accident. Latterly be has suc cumbed to tb. fascination of tne nying machine. TUEKS REPULSED. DESPERATE FIGHTING. LASTS FOR SEVEN HOURS. TRIPOLI, Not. 11. The Turks have been repulsed, after a desperate attempt to recoTer Fort Haml-dich. The fighting lasted for seTcn hours. EFFECT OF THE WAR. ARAB WOMEN REVOLT. SLAUGHTER OF ITALIANS. and coaches. and youtb8 were -k7.K h. ti nm were working up from tne frightened animal, auaeu " 'moving and stationary ii to the Hat Hill-road. Bight In th. th. old fellow found m, . damaged. Considerable contusion pzew. charge ot operations, reall.ed that . It the.. were to be saved, a nreoi-e ... n.. v.nt steadily at their work ZdTt the .moke and the beat. B, - W UU other are., and getUng ln amongst it, beat ng it out, wherever practlcaoie, mojr .-.- hre. and won. nkA ununflnli Of On. COtta.c, burn and two children, bad an exciting experience. The Hamea came rushing towards their home, and for a wnuo -.v. mt id. Just tt the erltl- cal moment a break was burnt, and the are Mrs. Cock- r.h. nr.'. advance were a number of ll7 aet to work to unyoke hi. warn. tbe window, and part of th. woodwork wer- "n.; t. tJ clZ Macintosh, who wm murky cloud, of .moke and th. heat from and paaeng.r. w.r. thrown about the burning bush and grai. mu. ""-".with considerable violence, about blm an inferno, in th. midst of whicn NumDer, of tassenger. were stunned, be toiled with frantic baste to release tat canoTy examination soon revealed tb. maddened beasts. As one by on. th.y were , leTera, of thein had been more or let loo., they .campered away through 'ho. seriously Injured. Th. police were smoke. . , quickly on th. acene, and Dr. Jamea A. uick. So exhausted was th. teamster with bi.1 ,.;, and Dr. A. P. Wall, ot Dai-nerve-racking work amongst the bellowing bulUe Belmor.-road, Coogee, were com-and struggling bullocks that .Murdoch col- munlcaUa wlth, ,nd. assisted by several of lapsed when at last th. .Ixteenth wa. ". . the members of tb. St. John Ambulance, reused h. had to leave th. waggon to ""'Idcred Br.t aid. It was badly burnt by th. onruBblng names j Tb( 0 lh0 trallerj wbcb was attached that soon .wept cro.s It. 1 13 car No. 1S9. from tbe Ultimo depot, ana . . a Malfl fin tO nl DJ.I DtllniVaV Q Tlfi (.OD" was stayed. The position looked 'l toniiTnJrt.. w.r. attsnttod It Hbt Fabey, was completely that most ot the furniture bad mov not Murdoch's Brst cxp.rieno. ot a bush 8maEcd. . Drlr Thompson, who had his outside, opposite tbe cottage 8bm ", , N"t long .go be wa. caught In one, r t oot seTerolT onIshed and cut. had a rldence.: Vangoora. owned by Judgo, nro. not ous .d an eye-witness of ........... . Mr. Kltt. wnicn oeairoyeu ' .. ' - . . , . ika anrioent aesennea it K.h tha driver and oassengers in the front that the offices of the over in part-payment. -----Governmental Institution. In Sydnoy. the Water and Sewerage Board has found Its business outgrowing the Bpace available fo-oftlce accommodation. It was eugge.ted at one tlm. that rte vacant piece ot land ad-Joining Its premise. In Pltt-.tree, ; should b. secured and built upon, but thl. Idea did not apparently recommend Itself to th. Govern ment. Then in tne coume . - Uons with tbe Gas Company, wuen vu. of the acceptance of Government bonds waa under consideration, Jt waa ujomsuw company, being ln want of offlee. to replac. those about to b. given up, wold nnd the Water and Sewerage Board premises adaptable. Should this part of the scheme be brought about, tb. Water and 8.wmge Beard will probably be removed to a building somewhere on th. Government-owned land , . . ... FAHiimDtlott area. in m " ' . u. It waa In the courae m -r- country resiueuco. . . Slmnson: Redclyle. tbe property ot Mr. Kltt, ot Dulwlch Hill: and he nronerty ot Mr. Kltt,! wblcn oestroyeu vu. -- -- t . omf.or Woods, of the University. The sparks showered across the road, but nothing caught. ON WATCH. During all Friday night Constable Macintosh and .there kept watch to proven t lur-ther outbreak. The end w.. not yet. Ba ly on Saturday morning the Bame. again ? th " . Aoramenced to work JP from In. creek' towards St Elmo, the rc.ldmco of Dr. Godson. There were only a few men now available, hut mey ' - while some lady resldenta did great work in keeping those la the Bre-llne Hon On this occasion i lockB were badly Bcorched. A NIGHT ON OVERTURNED BOAT. TWO YOUTHS BBOWHEB. THREE OF CREW SWIM ASHORE. hour for their tea, and resumed and worked till 9 o'clock. In other words, they carried out their agreement with the companies. Thus there wa. th. picture on Saturday ot tb. men fusing all day to do any work on one wbart, knocking off la the mlddl. of loading a ateamer on another wharf, and walking away without even putting thd hatche. on, while on the third wharf theyj worked to the agreement la an honourabl. manner. "Now, what ar. w. to do with men of thaK stamp, aaid an old wharbnger on Saturday. He added: "Th. steamship owner, to-day ar. In th. position of a man who has a cook-that doea Just as she likes. The employer la fri.'htened to aay on. word. If he doea th. cook disappears, and tber. Is no cook to taJul i..., place." . CABGO LEFT HEHIND. ' The trouble on Saturday atarted on tb of tho moving car were not .killed. Many of k. n..nn nresented to ghastly appear ance, being out about tne face, wun u.w streaming flown their blancneo """ Broken glass and splintered wooa iittereo car and trailer. ' Attention waa Brst devoted to the Injured, and they were removed from the car Immediately after the accident. - It was early apparent that their wounds wero of such a nature as to necessitate their romoval to St. Vincent's Hospital. All the Injured were travellers bv car No. 932. Fortunately no- hodv wa. in the rear of tbe trailer work that Mr M'Oowen made bis discovery. Adelaide Company's vharf. This company, and It haB astonished blm. On Bridge-street, SMlDg the men refused to work overtime oai where the tram lines take a sharp curve out Thursday night, kept Its gates closed on Frl-nf Phllllo-stroet, stands a large hoarding, day. Tho men took this aa a lockout. It was; tL land behind this advertising picture dls-; not so. However, the wharf labourers In-. 1 '" .. .nd very tended to have their revenge. When me if weatherboard cottage, completely hidden I were wanted on Saturday for -unloading th. Z ..T ...,.r.,r A terrace of four houses. concentrates of this company th. manager, f tfhlch .e offices of th. Statl.Uclan. 1 Captain Ellis, got all he wanted: but wh.d n which J Treas- he called for men to work general cargo oa 1, on the Y""-"'"' ,2, Iand ha. been th. wharf at tbe Marloo, which should nav. Ur0rTJ he 7 tor or 27 year., and ..lied th. prevlou. day for BH.ban. theM owned by the Stat, for o v r j was no response When th. nan.. Marloo wal ha. been lying wasting all th. DJ mentioned the men laughed and walked away, onnosltc. and In various other pans ot me .i,... r Ma rm- clty. rent la being paid for office.. -- . . wKan ma ttaiiwar time of tbe accident. Several .'--."nded more room this oDraniMl. Sunday. 586 in tne nxe-une . ..rr! . - ... nti a junn'ni hnAi mir biwiush. . .. sii vsst . piresr- n -;kU '-i'',Sfer1wrnoS.re5 as tb. house must gc , if these ugh, -- t Sandgate, their resmou. T . , - drowned. prior to tho collision. Had there been any hodv Blttlna- at tbe oaca, it la tiuuuuui .u. ,n,n,.hl But the areflghters won aga n. drowned. Rameay together tber thoy would have escaped alive. Many of gUendeTby lXi " the scrub to prevent further Inroad.. J Pnk Buckley, .. was held in the P otea.a-t , la nral congratulation. It ert uiioeri. . nn nil. . nu Koirt in the . I.K th. nhlo Saturday nigut, " " V-i f 'nV. e'tab- and there was general congratulation, it gandgato. went out sail- aanch of b7voung China .e was felt that aao "n 0ro7. the bay on Saturday TUNIS, Nov. 10. A revolt, among Arab women spread like wild fire, und soon ttaero were thousands of rioters- Tbe Zouaves wero called out, and a con- 1 ilTi.f nncllnrl nwiie " 7 or ! Meanwhile the Arabs killed all the buj, and emphasise the fnct that present J,,, , k, , , sweeping Socialist ' . " " be turned ln " tiouMt-'B were luruuu upeu, uiu luc w cupunts butchered. The bodies of 30 Arabs and 24 Italians have been found. A great number were also wounded. ' TUNIS, Nov. 32. Eleven hundred arrests have been made in connection with the revolt Mhonk. but ' The wounded admitted lor ireaimoai iu ot. Vincent's Hospital were: Stanley Sncll (25), residing at 107 Livor-pool-a treet, Sydney, injuries to hand and shock. Ethel O Dea (33), 110 Olenmore-road, Pad- IneM? J.Chuey. Of Junee, presidli;. further tho road would have been crod. ' Sportsman. The in Sydney, Mr. J. . dell!Bates :r-m .... , .,.,.. r homes and weok-end cot- f""1". " " ,. .... , . -rulslna race ar- tho Melbourne branch of th tages opposite must have been v nugeA Dy th Sandgat. Oordon Club, and waa . KWrZ handa of the Manchu.; tho threatened, rurtner aiong " overturned ln a heavy a and wind. Joyce., alngtoIli nceiyei asty cuts about tb. face, ki.J.. had been the victims of mlsrulo ana owroa Dy a jnamy " Gllbort, and Buckley, wno were goou -.".- and aUfferlng from snock. SiiinJion Th. Manthu. v.. o Onlgn a fow minute.. During Saturday morn-, lmmedlatey ,urted to swim to Fisher- Caroline Shav. (40)i 110 Olenmore-road, t?Pih. Chin... proper, and what they wr re , ae acopo ot th. are was conflned to a na , , bltter strul!gi. Paddlngton Injured ey. and d now lighting for, in a wort was toobt-la hunorcd acrea or, ,. .J lasting three hours they reached the shore KMJ. William. (19). 110 Glenmor. road, ' '"k.1," : mado b tho Mnch.a n- Early ln the alternoon a irc.a -- in an exhausted condition. William Ounthor (20), Commercial Hotel, ebcyed the las mad. tno . . A nr0 Bad started near Prj.e so: h .ooorlntendent ot tbe ' nn,..tr0t. svdnev. cuts on head and ahoul- proBent nuei "-"-';--- .j ,..., It h.n.H hv a .let ". ' t. ... .i, " til the Mens foreshadow gains, unless the tide enn dioar of tlie so-called Soclullst National prtifs. lie Berlin correspondent of the "Times" isarkfl that Dr. von Heydebmnd an-BMnced that If the Government pursued a forward policy the Conservatives would abandon resistance to the death duties, thereby implying an invitation to Uie Government to go to the country with a stronger policy and proposals for increasing the navy. u. k. Caotaln Ellis with the assistance of hi. rwu . . . . . , i . . i .... K. n,,lrf 4m ccuiated that th. loss In Interest on the wna nua capital value of this Und run. Into many Vloo went off. leaving her Seael cargo demanded more room this . behind. , J nifca was ollerea as a uuuuma -i v ug uu , j - Commissioners, however, did not think It I worked very smoothly. It was tb. only com-suitable. Incidentally, tbe tramway yard . plny that had gPantcd the demand of tbd at the back ot the Treasury waa also jug- men to the, tea houT (rom 5 to , wttB Bested 'J' XntS1! Railway SUtlon overUm. to start at tho lastnam.d hour. TbJ ".'.lum up W companlo. kept to tbe agrmt .B rte railway .dm"nl.tratlon housed there. Th. th. week, and would not allow tb. men t Treasurer now Intends to dispose oi toe commence overtime oetor. u p." The Union company got ' . . loaded and away to time. Tbe other conw panleB wero delayed for hours, and aoma o tho steamera after all had to go away half loaded. I Prom the Union Company's wharf th. Win rlmoo was despatched at noon for New Zea land, and tho Tofua at 10 p.m. for th. Islands. Both steamers wero full ships. At Huddart, Parker's wharf very little was) doing on Saturday. Tho was nnloaa Ing, and the Westralla arrived from New-. 'T"yir' -n Inni leSSS. Or tO OUt It n unuBw " . ,, , , . to some use. He eonBiaera toe ' the past Governments In leaving It unoccupied an Iniquitous waste of money. THE GLEBE MURDER. POLICE STATEKEHT. REWARD INCREASED TO 280. The following statement of the position of castle hut overtime was not reauired, so that the case from a police sianopoint THE STORM CENTRE. t 'ITALIAN AMBASSADOR'S CABLE. TURKS DRIVEN BACK. THE DEBATE CONCLUDES. fcu conclnded, the agreement being re-, tered to the Budjret Committee. Hen Frank, a Socialist member, said uh me wown 1'nnoe s action empna-tUed the necessity tor the complete de- mocratlsatlon of tbe Gertuun Kmniro be fore the Crown Prince cumo to the throne. ' Heir Bobel, the Socialist leader, said Dr. Morano, Consul tu Italy for Sydney, received the following official cable on Satur- I day nignt irom tno Italian Ambassador in BOOIALIST V1PAV OF CROWN TRINCE. i London: ''Tripoli. Nov. 10. Yesterday tht 18th in- : fantry regiment and to-day the Uth Borsag-BKRLIN. Nov. 12. Uerl made very effective counter-atuicka. The dohate on tho MornPcan nereement ?sed l.he'a entrenchments, and west. An infantry batallion advanced toward Zanxur without oDPosltion, and on tho oontroajodi squadron made a reconnalssanco toward Ainzara, "Troachprous Arab 'Attacks are daily ro- norted. AlooHSide the troops our navy mado u t-pmiiinaiBBunce towards the coast of lunls. discovering and Bcattoring several caravans Diocesan Association, declared escorted by tho enemy. Troops have de wn. h Riiiiont of ftiRhoa. there was no proof that England had aji- ay Turkish and Arab troops with their artll- 'the certain sequel to the European Labour K would have been content to obey tbose WCEterIy wind. A break was cut down c. boat a nO rescue of the other St80 " iuws stiii, and U " lwSTt TSiS one Bide' and tbi8 iS5 three lads. A high wind and heavy sea, I WUy?' Residing at 114 Dowllng-never have occurred. If cnina was u wht ,h. moirooolltan firemen wouli .. , ul. ,vi-h -if,,mnt ..:. j a nlace In tbe front rank of tbe nations, one - - ft ice aro,o i?'.?" " , Mh...t,M. flrr, M, n... must have a strong navy ana army, ou -"" "- .,.7-", ,was maoo at uayorea., "-"--- "r .Ztf. ,rri .ha ; T.. .T. " ,, a s N. ComnanT's wharf, , BhMrmchin 'Xttat th. maJo-.ty TaVT the afternoon the wind. T225: t. ..JViill.m Thompson, pedrlrer of cttr N. , - , the police of New South Howard Smith', wharf where th. troun ot tho cninese nopea m.v mo ""'""'"''": had Been mowing irons ine nonn-wesi, nw turned, ano mey nau vo tuna - Te Wounds of Mr. Stanley Snell, Miss Wales. of a republic, They wanted Bov?.nmut of aon.n ,h. ,.. 0, . r0 t0. Meantime word was sent to Brisbane, and KTwore" being governed l?Wu ward, some houses which had so far . tl.ni5S5i 0 Ti.'wJSf 'wr, . l Mr' wh --t w T'"8 .V JSS? . . - .a 1 nt . .. .... . I Vmnm hntll IhnRR WharfS. I The wounds of Mr. Btanloy Bnen, miss waies. i - - : - - . i ..v .... 0u .uiinal,B nA iiriDar . , ..a-a in tha .omh! atatenient. hut aavArai aipamnm were timed to sail that dayj Thompson were of euch a nature aB to neces- t,eB6 wju D0 communicated privately to the xt the A.U.S.N. Company's wharf ine mens and tho methods were absolutely tyrannic .1. ed. By dint of hard work on tho part of IKl8t iD the a,aroh for the missing nova. i"e,0?ou' i. oroCTesslng favourably. Addresses wero also given by Mr. Sun tie volunteers, it got no further, and n th. a Customs launch started out, and a launch Poriea to ne pronres-ius , A DAYLIGHT BLAZE. .inhnnnn and others, and it was unaMmnu iy i mt'.t h.irf nthMw tmm thn Water Police iolhed In the worn. decided to form a branch of the leagiw -n At daylight the men on the polloe boat, Sydney, and to forward BUbscripttonB tJ siBt the revolutionary cause. CHURCH AND LABOUR. C0-0PEBATI0N DENOUNCED. AUSTRALIA'S PERIL. A REMARKABLE ADDRESS. LONDON, Nov. It. The Rev. William Ralph Inge, D.D., Dean of St. Paul's. In an addreBs to the Women's that democ-Tho trans fer ot InduBtrlal wealth to Eastern Asia was quell u. . k.,wn Fiaherman's Island and St. The hush, at night presented a beau'irul Hona 6aw what was at first thought to illumination. Many visitors from Sydney DQ a broken beacon. On getting .loser the who had arrived by the afternoon iralna overturned Sportsman was made ont; but viewed the scene. .aboard It was but one lad, not three. It The fire-lighters were prov.ded ,ith 'SSS S? freshments by the lady residents ot the dis- joner t0 rouln his hold to tho overturned trict some of whom for a time were In craft great fear of the flames. There wero tber. To his rescuers Groth explained that whon proached Germany in a hostile spirit So- dillsts, tie Bald, had always pleaded for cooperation with Hugland. The "North German fiazctto" states eokfflclally that it uecanic the duty of tie Chancellor, Hurr von liothmnnn-Uoll- weg, to ueliver his second speech. In or-1 INDEX. lerv attacked our left wing, and were com pletely driven back with Iosb. TURKISH NEWS. "OUR TROOPS VICTORIOUS." movement A worse fate, said the Dean, would probably befall Australia, which was within easy reach of tbo "far moro efficient" yellow Industrial workers. Purthor, he said, he was unable to ioln'ln tho chorus advocating the co-operation of BTJILDINQS DESTROYED. GOOD WORK BY THE FIREMEN. them to their plain-clothes stall and apeotal which usually sails punctually at noons bub omcera:- lowing to the amount of ca-go which had "Saturday, 11th November, 1911. I accumulated on the wnarf during the past .u..t a. uanPV Trnvflapiifl nn or about frtiir weeks, whon the mon wore out on Btrlke, 31st ultimo, at No. 1 Olebe-road, Sydney. and the fact that tho men rcfuBed duty on "Special efforts should be made to trace Thursday and Friday nights, tno now oi san-,annn,iMn fnr thla orlmiL I inar of the Kanowna was postponed till 4 p.m. "Known facta to date are: Tho men were paid the usual overtime rates "1. Monday, October 30, 1911: About 6 p.m. after noon of Is 101d per hour up to . p.m.. a young woman, 19 or 30 years of age, 5ft high, and from that hour onward thoy get .s 60 v.,.iij j...... i. j. inaL- .nnka r hour, it was a quarter to 5 p.m. when ' with a distinct Scotch or Irish accent, called th. last of th. Kanowna'a cargo was put on OOULBURN, Saturday. A. h. H.A.1 l1i,IE,.A,lfl flfAB h- hltf. BTt-t. . ,, k-i. ... v... aIa..1.1v n .. j aaafa anA 1 ha vniuinl. a IU1I BOIP. CiearOQ iur . , , . j.j j ' . K (Vl aao Ula wtj m uuuiuuru, ninu i, mo. atuAu.a. .j . on irrevaacoB 10 BOll suiuo .uiu. - , ot the town, but they were not of so h a omdne0dw(1 'hJ the groater fortunate in regard to conflagration., occur-1 ..2. Trovascus's daughter visited him about Melbourne. The wharf . waa .taq clear and serious nature. This morning the Hat Hill- ?t7B Jtah goods that had been lying about for thre. and road fire had pretty well burnt ri't daylight. He succoedod in holding oa, Auburn-stroet j "3. At about 8.30 a knock was heard at four woekB were on bnard, and everyooos w. Some excitement was caused by snakes In though almost dead from cold and exposure. Tne flr. waB flrst SMn in the sheds at the the front door. Trevascus went down, and pleased. Alongside the Kanowna aooui io seeking retug. from the fire rushing amoi.g As the sun was 'lB'n'5u"1 rear. It then spread to J. Cralg'B furniture let a man in. Tho two went upstairs, and on men were loading the Mai ina all day. no those engaged in .putting it out SoTcrul possible for him to be rescued. He mlMi;. ,,,.., no,,lh,irn Haad and Nur- learnlna that Trevascus was not alone the is a cargo ship, and was timed to aall at 10 uw ame i a, a . . . a.aa.1 vaiau R,n. n. visitor left hurriedly, giving as an excuse nay or oi a paesing .mauler. black snakea were killed. THIRTY DESERTERS. IMMIGRANT STEAMER DELAYED ATS 0RDEE RESENTED. NEWS, Pugc. "aiemtntr 10 A leunttu't PerQ.... wU tj Billoonbt K11IH .... 10 CipiUl tnd Ubour (l Olj ltaua OkMuuta m Wtkct 6 Wliiitm ( C'oogra 0 &Mdiin Elrctioni .. 0 &nrch and Labour ., 0 Emiic Ubourere .... 1) Flisht (rom Pekin ... 0 fflebi Murder fl Bttdvlck'i Fine &rim 10 Jmperiil Cricket .... 7 Uw Katie 5 Ubour Troublei .... 7 utn Tnnf n wtirt Immlpantj ., 7 t Ljdl Mrliie io ano Com- -,eniil U iif IntelliKcncc .. 11 Mr. M-nowpn'i Yind 0 Mountain Fires Unnlcr Sensation 10 News of tlio llav .... rt National Insurance BUI 10 Un the UnU Tick He-milatiom Itural Workriu' Union .... Porsotiul nine shootine Shipping, Mctoo., etc. SHn ing Slory Storms in America .... Ttnrty Deserters .... Tin- Malls The Kangaroos' Tour .. The (Uriuan Sworii The Nobel Prize .... Tiirka Rrpulwil .... Cnity of tbe Navy .... I'nioniin Leader .... Y.H.f. McrliiiR Woodpulp Paper Knnor Nassoor Boy. Consul for tho Ottoman L. i.k t va... Kmplre, haa received the following cable from ... . ,. , . , the Ottoman Embaaay In Lonaon:-"Our Socialism, ho said, itr conclusion, might suit tmona continue victorious In spite of tbe a country like Now Zealand until tho British resistance at Tripoli, where the Italian army Qeet ceased to safeguard It; then the yellow IB surrounacu. iua news ui iu suuvilicb and massacre by the Italians has been offi cially conflrmed." vtcn world make short work of the pampered trade-unionists. THE KANGAE00S' TOUR. A SECOND DEFEAT. OLDHAM WIN BY 14 POINTS TO 8. ADVERTISEMENTS, Pase. WemtnU iputmentg. Board, ,M RnidfDee .... II Aneiion Silrs 3, 13 rtlB, lUniige, and 8 Bwil(a and Motor " Ctn a ildiatj Mairrini, ... 6 AtUKWOt. iwtitt 2 lor SjIc or Md 3, ;s "trjr Beaorts l t JWrtli 7 titnw, etc. a WOTunnt Rtilwar. 2 J 8tk 1 S0"11 U J? M Und lor ,J g ". .Und, etc. WttUd 13 Page Legal Notlees ... I-oht anil Found .... U Mai'lilnrry la Sioutinft 2 Medical, Chemicals, etc 3 niiiceuaneoun 14 Municipal Elections.. Miinieai Instruments.. LONDON, Nov. 12. Tho Australasian football ieam was defeated 10 by Oldbnm to-day on the local ground by 14 0 points to 8. There was an attendance of 9 20,000. 0 The opening spell proved "very fast, with q tho Australasians showing the superior pass- u tng. The defence of Oldham, however, was brilliant. H. Hallett and H. Gilbert scored tries for the visitors, A. R. H. Francis cover ing the latter's. At half-timo the Kangaroos led by 8 points to 4. During tho second half, ln which play was of a hard nature, Oldham scored rapidly, A. E. Anlexark scored one try. The Austral asians failed to score. Tho final scores were: I Oldham, 4 goals, 2 tries, 14 points. ' Australasia, 1 goal, 3 tries, 8 points. UNIONIST LEADER. 10 BE SELECTED TO-SAT. . LONDON, Not. 10. Mr. Austen Chamberlain and Mr. Walter Long will stand aside In the selection of leader of the Unionist Party to succeed Mr. Balfour. It is understood that they will propose and second the nomination of Mr. Bonar Law on Monday. LONDON, Nov. 1J. It Is understood that Uie selection of Mr. Bouar Law as leader of the Unionist pnrty, In succession to Mr. Balfour, la due to the Influence of Mr. Joseph Chumberlain. The newspapers comment on his. Canadian blrtb. Sir Edward Carson declined nomination, CANADIAN ELECTIONS. Perkonal ami Mimfntr i v 14 Ab OWham scored only two tries and two rroiMMons, -l raaes, eto 4 "" -""i "-" -- .... Public Notices 4 However, Oldham Is a very strong club, hav- maiiia Wanted.. 13, 14 iDg won the Northern Union Cup twice ln sue-1 iilSu UD i cession. When tho latest mall left It had Wiiiatinni'Vanted"!!! 14 won three of the Ave games played, being bo-Statfbtu and Karma (or i low St. Helena, Wldnes, and Druughton Rang- n.8-1! ers, whom tho Kangaroos have beaten. A. K. 8t2s' Bht,M Md .'Auletark. the ex-New South Welshman, and Tenders ia Oeorgo W. Smith, the one-time Aucklandcr, are io it houucs, etc.. 13 njcmuum ui iiuhiu, ine lorioer Doing oapiain. THE CONSERVATIVB MAJORITY. OTTAWA, Nov. 12. Tho final returns of the general election gave the Conservatives a majority of 32,310, the actual votes being aa follows: Conservatives 628,248 Liberals 596,938 Wanted to Purchase. 2 T0-DAT. J" lUlntj-i Tlmlrt: "Th. ChoMlit. Soldier," & Thtitm: "Tlie Oltl In the Tnin," a. Tl! "Allu Jimmy V.lenllne," s. . JPM Iheitre: "Sweet Countr Keny," s. J "Mttei "Beiuty and Ihe Btrge," 8. " vauarnile, s. Last tour Oldbam defeatod tb. Australasiaos by 11 to B. . Saturday's p.rformaace, however, I. a mucb more merltorlou. one. The Kaa-garoos' record to date la: Defeated Cov.a. try, 20-11; York.hlre, 83-13; Brouxbtoa IUdk- era, is-s; iaaca.Dire, an-iz; wale., 28-20; Wldnoa, 2S-0; St, Helena, 16-5; Knilaad. 11-6: drew with' Huaslet. S all; defeated Northern League, 16-3; lost to Wlj.o, 2-7; defeated Swiolon, 28-a; Hull, 2.-7; Northern union 19-10; lost to Oldham, 14-1. Th. neit lama Is atalnat Lalgh at Lelfh, on Wednosday. J"! amphitheatre: Viuderllle, a. I.. y""' Vkton, . rr ,u' Spencefe Theitraeope, S. " Thutrei Veuderllle, S. JWiire Morln, WeWret, 11 u 11. Wlt-rtw. Movlt,. Plctatei, 11 t, 11. 0v,. .ao to s p.m. tSUZ! U'1"" " iMUni: School H.ll .j - "a TwM.- r-"-. " I . Tmrai. a.,,, a nlmMf Manulacturet, I tasi year toe nooei pris. ror literature was i,Sm, 1 Eockl,l p"l" Hill, Ii Rochdele awarded to Paul Heyae, th. Oerman poet .aa.. a- a .. . . I aim .uinor. in isui, ii went IO HCima laaor' T RwfUl, 111. audyi Jiint-m i00f, the Swedish sntW-. "or THE NOBEL PBIZE. STOCKHOLM. Nov. 10. M. Maurice Maeterlinck, the Belgian poet ana aramatist, Las been awarded tho Nobel prize for literature. I IHEE mHT IN PARLIAMENT. A REMARKABLE SCENE.. THE PASSENGEHS CEEW. AND THE here was about :t waa ui. r'nmnanw'a mm m a-Alav Rrnn ' nrn- viaiLur uuinvuiy, kiviuk as hu ucuae iduv n'RIOCK D.m. tor me J.-J. h. with ill.llihr J.. IT D. h.n.M'a M.,1. ,Knn an "D u.b uaB tau ..a ..u.uabua nnilll InnM OI CBlEO IO KU ,u.w Uer. was" hfope for him. H. tor. a pUco o'DoumII'. hoot .hop. I .r.w'tllT'i'p ra ' Teaalnei at ou tho wharf, and tho four sling, wore , golnj cloth from the Jf tta boat and mart. , , m,suaderst,dlng a message,' .'"h",'. rughtP leK about 0 ram. 1 " Th! w" TVh'.n 5 o'c?oS SBgho?th.. ;im.lVdlst?MS. "" ana runLlni to thNBro-.Ullon, Instead ot: "5. Alfred Burn.t Cecil, a lodger lu tho to what tho mea wouW do wh.n , 6 o clock ho hoisted this signal oi uistress, j.,. ..... honan . nlavnd dr.niihta wiih i..,UH ran, Aa that rrltlcal hour approached Cap- ana wnen-' loi.paomuB, uuio was umy iu a.iata.- ,.,,., ,,. : .,.;, ,, .' " ; , . , ,1,. wharf I . K.",. uu., u if.ui. tuln smitn, in VU,.a "eweer. I?"'- r,. -ttaf to see what th. ea WM fed tn splto of a Btrong wind. The brlgado lowing his daily practice, procured a half- doing. The tea hour is o.ju, ine w. completely subdued tho lire in losa than an, loaf of bread at a shop near his residence. being paid zs 6d per nour, n "j nroih was a strong swimmer over washed off the boat during hlB long inr the fire. On reaching the scene the brl- weary night he was always able to regain ga4le gne work, a great save was effect-j us siae. y, Samuel Law. one of the drowned lads, wsai mnmbAr of several Brisbane bands, and promising musician. His father, Mr. T. fl. Law. is the bandmaster ot the Railway Band. . DOCTOR DROWNED. PERTH, Sunday. to continue her voyag. to tho eastern States ' STOFEIl'S ATTEMPT AT RESCUE. on Friday night a most extraordinary scene took place. The vessel's gangway had been drawn up. and tho moorings were on the point ot be ing cast off when ono fireman was observed to throw his bag on the quay and then lower himself over tho side by means ot a rope. His exit was the signal for a general TREACHEROUS BEACH. Tho surf olaimed another victim at llona Vale beach on Saturday afternoon, whon Dr. nharlrta Murray Woods, lately residing at Arnott House, Wynyard-square, waa swept wonP j "7. About 9 a.m. a man from 22 to 24 years 0n7 As the Town Hall clock struck 5 the " I lf rt twn Kt filn litrk thin V...1 1.1 I a. . 1 .1 ..... - - Mr. Craig was tho worst sufferer, his pre- "1'fc ." , " ' . mm looked at eacn omer, someone """" . . . . . , , .(complexion, clean shaved, well drcsaod, smart ... - iU aia w.t Vnnw what mlses being completely gutted. Ho had lust appearance; EOod-lookinff. dressed In a dark something, and tho men did not know what removed to the shop. Only a few articles were Buit of clothes, soft shirt, no tie. erev soft to do. It only wanted a leador among tnem- saved. The premises contained over JB700 vorth felt hat turned down all round, called at Eld selves to say "work," and they would bava of stock, and It carried 600 Insurance In tho riage s nnop on ino grouna noor tt Trevascus- WOrked on until tho proper tea nour, South British Company. The Goulburn Seed and S?dfnnCtVsoDoU WmTo VoT whlohh! d alB0 worked aBa!n at nlBht al 28 M PW SIT'SZS AiT- & uS he hour, until tho Malllna was loaded, but th. Aachen Munich Company. " n'ZiZ luL -1 "lw: . H knocKea on. Foley Bros.' stock suffered considerable h . lh a. ovn ,TrAVa "7 damage, but Is covered ny insurance. . Mr. Pursehouso removod moat of his stock which was Insured. exodus, not only amongst tho firemen, but also the deck hands, and in less than a quarter of an hour over 30 men hud 4 sorted. The affair caused considerable excitement amongst a large crowd assembled on tho quay, ! officer which evidently Included some sympathisers' Vale. out by the current, and drowned In full view heard In the room above (Trevascus room). Soon after the man returned, and asked for larger piece of paper. It Is said ho was Mr. O'Donnell, whoso stock was affected by "B"?""":,,r" "pT" no"ou Tk T?JS'TSM- - nn,,wnocnrd.. I.SJCS 1 wk. i. . a.a.. deceasea sevorai times netore tbla. Ho can of his companions. lively small. Tho British Piano Company re- '"E, , -....i, ,v. ., Tho deceased was 82 yeara ol age. and a '.J, 8th.,. ,tock, but th. lire did not reach .fcl.8 TSira?ii".h iil. . . il" ..l 1 Ua waa la ha hahil at VlffltlnK . . - All Ih. holMlnae wan ln " ' " aiuBc . . r . .. . . ..... ----- - iiniaiin(F that Trevascus had gone ARBITRATION. MEN DISSATI81tED. Th. decision, of Judgo Scholes in the. ia dustrlal Court on Friday to Hat th. matter ot tho recent strikes of wharf-labourers for a futuro date, has caused dissatisfaction the spot on trips, being th. medical sured in tho. Aachen Munich Company. Th. d "Clrn ..Tyd, f ' ,h mn; BU.m. " a. S.!.- MOna Wll wom uawBO Thin not.- -van fnnti.n1 nn thm nntolH. .f u- "u oaiuiuo, . tha Of1iffa.lli-iwa' lafiilffn at. He en-ered the water In company with "nn w1"-"""" X B".8?: deceased's door. with tho deserters, judging by the cheering several others about 6 p.m., and, ! being a good of nteror woodwork wa9 n"ot dam. which greeted each man's exodus, and the ac tion had apparently been carefully pre arranged. The captain and his offlcers were powerless swimmer, ventured well out into tho break' ers. Mona Vale beach Is rarely used by visitors, and Is considered at times to bo treacherous at several places. The doctor was seen by bis companions sua- to prevent the whole affair, which was serious, denly to disappear under the water, and. on Tho ship bad over 600 immigrants on board r'8ln' SE"? S SSXSSt'w -tSmf.T?!J , , . , i Lloyd, who was ln the vicinity, attempted to for the eastern States, and tho owners wero render aid, but could not cross the swirling put io ine cosi oi Keeping mem on noaro. current that separated mm from- the Strug- The trouble appears to have originated with 8'ng swimmer. live malcontents, who have resontod what theyj regarded aa the too rigid enforcement of discipline. When spoken to late last night Captain Thornton said he had had to see that dls- aged. It assembled a week ago thoy decided to go Wednesday. November 1. 1911: lo. ". an "oy gv mm uuyurumom. "9 A Knit t A am vmin wnman sn.olr Until tno IDllOWing r Tiaay id se. nBM ing'-wla m.?ked ScoTchDSorW Wsh' S2& Board con stltuted. hut th. men arj afraid called to see Trevascus about a key which now that the wholo caso will be hung u she stated she had left In th. room on her on Qeatlon ot Jurisdiction, and that It previous visit. Thla Is no doubt th. woman lllt0 Newcastle Miners' Board pro- who called on Monday evening. Mr.. Watt, Posal, end In a fiasco. It seems likely that wife of another lodger In th. house, ans- tho wharf-lahourora will not agree to tho wered tho knock at tho street door. She delay In the getting together of a board to d- called out to her husband to see If Mr. Tre- clde the questions In dispute. They made) vascus was In. Mr. Watt want to his room, It very clear on Saturday that If tha saw a notice on the door, and called out to Government did not do Its duty tha Premier that effect to his wife, who told the visitor, would havo to take tho reaponslbllrlr for was common talk amount bluaiacketa Bne. then loft, saying she would call again. anything that might happen. Tho union waa common taia amongst niuejacxeta ,.Wait and hi. wlra la tha ,a.i. 1 .m ...h.M. h..i ant. ,h. a.n.R CALLED TO THE WAR. WABSHIFS LEAVING. clpltne was maintained, and certain firebrands amongst the crew resented thla. He had is sued Instructions that members ot the crew m the district, and prior to settling down In were not to consort with the passengers, and Sydney he had travelled a good deal as this was probably one of tho chief c uscs,niert,CBl offlcer the P. and O. Company's for the dissatisfaction that existed. Tbero had been certain breaches of that order, and be had, ln the interests of all concerned, to log the men. Since their arrival at Premantle the men had endeavoured to enlist tho sympathy of tho passengers, and had circulated a rumoui amoagat them that the ship was unsafe and woulC never cross the Bight. They also stated that she was now drawing a foot VIENNA, Nov. 12, A remarkable scene occrred ln Parlia ment. Hrr Malik thrloe slashed another more water than when she left Capetown. memoera iaco vim a dogwnip, and Herr Hummer thrashed Malik. TO PROTECT BRITISH INTERESTS. On the other side of the channel was a I sandbank, and tbe unfortunate ' victim waa I in.liorl an ml thla Kill- till ,i I reach him failed, and Lloyd himself had to yesterday that the object of the visit the afternoon of this date, and went to the .week, be taken out of the surf ln an exhausted ,' H.M.S. Prometheus and H.M.S. Pegasus to country. These people have been traced and state. China Is to protect British Interests at Han- Interviewed.! The body was washed ashore some hours Unw. Th. PrnmihMi. t. ..m n k "Thursday, Notfember t, 1911: later, and was taken charge of by Constable : orders to leava on Thuindav Th Pm..... "11. Trevascus' daughter visited his real-Hewitt. The deceased was widely respected 1 1, "Jfi ?JL f7' ' "id "w the notice on the door. ..... , .a -. hi "Saturday, isovemoer 4, wilt- ready by Thursday, the Pegasus will follow "12. Miss Trevaacua again visited tbe with as little delay as possible. Both will bouse, and, procuring a key, opened hbr carry full stores and ammunition. The Frome. father's roc-m ond found his dead body. . . ... . . "Rntrlnl Nntlr. TB-i fortnln la fAmM. .nous, in onarge 01 oramanaor warieign, wno i,h Zm'l little disturbances to the work of tha wharf JSR A'rjlV. ..k. SSLS dor-that ev-r. ollort ma, V Ku. 35 union oBc. h no .mc.a, kn.wl.dg.. Th. ateamers. CAPTAIN COOK'S SHIP. AN ANCIENT RELIC. DISCOVERY IN NORTH QUEENSLAND. MACKAY (Q), Sunday. What Is claimed to be a cannon from Captain Cook'a vessol, the Endeavour, haa been 'And, to a certain .stent. I find that those discovered locally. absurd rumours have galjed some credonce Tho rello waa fouod In a beche-do-mer cut- INNOCENT OFFICIALS. NO KNdWLBDGB OP ANT BTRIKB As far as the offlcers of the Sydney Wharf labourers' Union are concerned, thera la no) trouble at present on the wharfs. Of the many mo senior amp. ino regasuo win lane omcers , i .'". . L" X. A(n.iai. nrnfM. tn rn, tlw.1-. "2 rviV."h?,..a.b,!r,? ."ha''.." oonvlcton of .ho guilty person or per- dally ,.po,t. In th. pre... A. .far a. th. - w mm in inn ru oi in inrnrmatinn im ntv ouicern oi Lata union mm c once mea. uiani mrm received telephone or telograph Immediately not likely to be any developments until tb centre. t wnnanlna. tk. i i FBCflVCU iBirpuwiir; r lTj:fi rniril I UlUltTUIHlPIT ao s-iiiuFiiiUU until tu enter, sir o. f. King-Hall, back to Svdnev on Friday several days ahead of the flagship in.m.o. ruwenui; wore orougnt aoout Dy the ter streets, Sydney.1 A free fl-ht nR...ri .nri th. -ittin. -J,-,1h 1 amongst a section of tbe immigrants," said "".I ban"i '! to ktch Pt "ders from the home authorities, . o h M nt a In Uftft. Wnicn WHS OOUKOL DV W became a pandemonium, was suspended. TEE HEW FLAGSHIP. ceeded to tbe Sailors' Rest, where they Indulged In aa Impromptu concert, where tbe pro' co-dlngs were continued until a late hour. Altogether 88 warrant were Issued, and early utTt,nniiRNR q..nntf uB o4uray raommg oi men were arrested. Taklne- hr i of .hi.' r-,,r tn I The deserters were brought before the Fre- fl.g.hlp. H..M.S. Powerful. , sailed yesterday nlft!,"V?n Z5? r'f the capUln. ua,Tt, which waa bought by William McCut-1 wno nau Men PPald to by the British Most of the deaerters subsequently pro- cnoon Irm japaoeiie, wno saia DiacKooys i n-nw ior proteciion. In company with H.M.S.' Encounter, both cruisers being bound to Sydney. According i? present arrangements tbo powerful will leavu for England towards tho end ot tfc'. yenr, At Colombo sho will meet H.M.S. Dmko, tbe new flagHblp for the Australian atutlon. and thn liittti nritltinl will thnn nn. Itlnue her voyage to Sydney, probably ell ling at Melbourne en routo. and ordered lo be nlaced on board. Twn.i. four ot the men decided to proceed with the vessel, but throe refused, and were brought ashore again, and sentenced to six weeks' Im prisonment. During the hearing of the chaVge tho rap-tain stated that the delay to tho ship cost about 600 per day. The Belglo rtiumtd her voyage early this moraiAc, found the eannon on a reef off Cooktown. It Is supposed to have been Jettisoned from the jsnaeavour. STOIEH SAFE RECOVERED. BURGLARS' EFFORTS FAIL. BRISBANE), flundav. The Commissioner for Police has received American blue Jackets have also. been ordered to Hankow. The flagship and H.M.S. Encounter (due to AT THE PICTURE SHOW. Walter Sydney Smith, S3, was, on Saturday, It la said, fl or, in default, ono month's Imprison ment, tor nenaving in an offensive manner In the colonial Tneatre no. i yesterday. Ac- night FARMERS AS VOLUNTEERS. TO WORK ON THE WHARFS. KEMPS ET. Ratnpdav. The Farmers and Settlers' dlatrlot eounott day) are to do battl. practice, procdlni P' " aub-m.nag.r stated toTil'l ded lr Jl.w of mBI iiJ'.l$h to New Zealand. .that. In of tbe conduct of oor- ft? hranehe. .Vo..?d,iM..0 ...J"..'!.!-!!1-! ORDERS PROM THE ADMIRALTY. "S.nd two small shin.. Chin, atatlon. Im. tn.dlatly." This was, In effect, the coded Ina Into their faces. Oao woman left the tain natron, of th. Picture show, about whleh Z'Sl. r complaint, had been a watch wu Maria. " ' " vj Mia wuwainia AUCUB.U WU HOllCOd tO aMaaaaaBMaaaaaa paaa ma arm aoout in. waists ot women leaning nis neaa on tneir shoulders, and gas a telegram .inllng that tho station esfc, message which Vlce-Admlral Klag-Hall, Com- thootrc. Smith wa. then given In charge. .!? ?nU,il. tb. n.nder-ln-Chlef of Iho Australian squadron. "as stated by Sergeant Mankey tb.t Smith ' , ' . -, ,uau raoeivea I uai ine nritlHn Smith A YOUTH'S SUICIDE. PERTH, Sunday. Jamea Andrew Smythe, aged to year., blew p.rtly hurled close to th. atatlon. It bad B.turday the Commander-ln-rhlcr h.d . ani, ilMnse. of a hotJi whiah h. ... ilecJ .?? lb" ,OD nl" h"l off with a bresehloadlng not been op,n.d. Th. oonfnt. w.r. tauSiSlSSS iSZ n.l.L.: TL'.A.ZiZ"1 L' - M'd.n attuhed to a Durdlng-hou.: .t u. MM. .1 IM Ml. u kfwtotv . ,ao.r. at twiii Bou.. uiiTi . ." :" 0r

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