The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia on February 20, 1971 · Page 128
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia · Page 128

Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1971
Page 128
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i i ! i I i I 128 The Sydney Morning Herald, Sat Feb 20, 1971 128 BIRTHS ANDERSON (Tasker), Alan end Peuuy Anderson, late of larlwood, announce the arrival (eremeture) on February 12. 1971. ol Tim-othy James. Both well. Present address: Baptrat Manse, Sans Soucl 2210, A&WBROOK (Vldullfh). January 2B. IB?!, at kurralftna Comm... nttv Hospital, to Carolyn, wile ol night lieutenant Ian Ash brook a son iMicnaai Antnony), uro ti,r.,lfl-r.uind Amanda. ASHWORTH (Rhodes). Fhru. rv ,16. .at St. Margaret's, to leryl and Peter a ton (Travis Benlam In). Both w L AULD (nee Hughes). February 17. at Nepean District HosplUI.I to Margaret and Bob a daughter (Joanna Maroartt). A sister for BALDERSTON . (Swadllng). roared, w ion (Ad HoiDltal tar Woman, to Smart no jonn on iraier Artnurj, BAMPTON. February 16. 1S71 Waverley War Memorial, Judy tnd Darrell a daughter Nicole eanne). Mother, daughter both ANGWIN (Gallant.. Pabruarv 18, 1971, at Auburn District! noapiiai. v kuh ana j?n-nene a daughter (Nicole Edwins). Sister to Adrian. Both BEANEY (nee Umhauer). February 12, 1 971 , at Mater Misancoraiae Hospital, New castle, to Ann and Noel i dauahter (An It Louise). BELL (nee Ellis). February 12, pltal, to Annette and Harry i daughter (Etlta Jane). Both well BENNETT (Bovce-Monaohan). February 14. R.H.W.. to Vvonna and Michael a son (Mat hew I v.nrioi jonn. a oroinir ior Paddlngton, to Diane and Don a aausnier irvieiinaa mnsieyj, Sister (or Murray and Lorln. BRACCG1RDLE (net Green). Feb. ruary 16, 1971, at Sutherland Hospital, to Leah and John a dauahter fSarah Anne). BRACKENBURY (Gosling). To paroara ana ian udo a gin qi chosen daughter (Karen Anno), a lister for Steohen. BRICE (nee McGee). To, Janelle ana uencK a aaugnter (Jennifer Margaret). Both well. BRIDGE (nee Zllko). Pebruirv 15. 1971. at St Margaret s Hos pital. o jonn ana rauiine a son (Robert Gordon), A brother for Greg and Jenny. BUDD fnea Dixon). February 1fl. 1971, to Janice and Richard a son (Jason Edward). Both well. BURGE (Swanson) February 13, 1971. at Mater Hospital, Crows Nest, to Geoff and Diana a son (Craig Richard). Brother for Bruce and Miles. BURTON (Green). February 17, 1971, at Women's Hospital, Crown Street, to John and tenia a son (Ricky John). Brother or .Vark. BUTCHER (Garllck). February .17, 1971, to Denlse and Bill a aaugnter (Keine), sister tor Blake. BUTTERFIELO (Hlnrlchsen). To Valmae and Eric a son (Brett tritj. Droiner ror Mm. CALLAGHAN. February 13, 1971 ft Royal North Shore, to ol and lerre a daughter (Pieta larjoucllne). CARNEY (Swalnson). January 19, 1971, Bev and Brian, happily announce the arrival ol a dear chosen son (Jonathon William). CASEY (Keogh). February 14, 1971. at St. Margaret's Private nospitai, to joan ana uwtn a son (Manln Vincent). A brother tor Donna Thr. Both well. CHAPMAN (nee Davidson). February 11, at Royal Newcastle nospnai, xo jenny ana lerrv a son (Peter Clive). 8 pounds 10 ounces. CHARLES (Batkind). February 15, at Paddlngton Royal Hospital for Women, to Jacqueline and Phillip a son (Scott Balkfnd). A brother for Steohanle. All weir. CHURCHILL (nee McConaghy). ror nnns ana onan a son tiYiainewj. COLLINS (Wood). February 17, at P. ova! H did It a I for Wr.mi.rv Paddlngton, to Carol and George a son (Matthew Glen). A brother for Dirron. hnth wall CRANMER (nee Crulckshank). February 14, at St. George noipuan to raarene ana ian Botrt oaugnier, . iswscy janej. i welf. CROSS (nee Hill). February 1971. to Bob and Jennv a son (Matthew Robert), Brother to Follclty. and Gregory. CROWLEY (nee McKay). February. 15., 1971, at King George V, to Joy and Fred a daughter .(Belinda Jane). A sister tor snaron. aii wen. CULLEY (Dunn). February IS, to Wendy and-Ralph, a daugh CURRIE Omry)r February 15, at Crown Street Women's Hospl- nam and;HObert- v CURTIS (Carta IchaalV Fehri.jirv 13. at Manly District Hospital, to! DAVIDSON (Jlronc). February 13, 1971, at Frankston, Victoria, to Sony. and. - Don a daughter (Donna Lee). Sister for Jason. DAWSON (Chambers). February , in. konaon, .. io. . u ran am ano Barbara a. second .(Son (Gregory James). , r n.-vt ., DICKEY (Wood). February 17, at Sutherland Hospital, to Diane ana ' jwaicoim.' a, son (jason Kane). Both we I Vy -DUNCAN (Barrett), February , 16, -1Q71... R.N.S., to Marilyn, Ross a son (Matthew Craig). DUNSTAN. w. fobruarv IS. at St Margaret's,, to, Jennl and John a oauBmsr ilucp janej-EAST (nee Cole). . February 10. at Bowral and District Hospital. to Robyn' and Richard a son (Lachlan .. Richard). , Brother for Hamlsh, ILLERY. February' 15, 1971, at Newcastle, to Val and Ian a daughter (Joanne Mary). ELTIS (nee Pears). February 14, 1971, at the Poplars Hospl-tal, Epplng, to Gerald Ine and Ken a son (Matthew Char res). FABER (Reid). February 16. 1971, at Blacktown Hospital, to Susan and Denis a daughter (Elizabeth Anne). A sister for Geoffrey. FRASER (Gold). February 13, 1971, at Ryde D.S.M. Hospital, to Ian and Gay a son (Warrick Geoffrey). Both well. FRENCH (Farrell). February 15, at Hornsby Hospital, to Susan and Ernie a dauahter (Nicole Therese). Sister for Bret end aeon. GAFFNEY (Whltm ore). February 16, 1971, at King George V nospitai, nrsi enna corn v Rhontida and Michael a darllni daughter (Joanne Maree). Botl weir. GALLAGHER (Carty). February 17, 1 971 , St. Margaret's, to Pauline and John a son (Rory GRAHAM (Mortimer). Febru. arv 16, Manly Hospital, to Gwen ana ivticnaei a son muncan ttaroioj.. a orotner tor Louise, 10. Marie and Alan, God's gift to us a son uraig mnonvi, HAMMOND rPatmanV February 16. 1971, at Nepean District Hospital, to Lvnne and Bob a daughter (Jacqueline nn, aisicr lor ian. ma ano Kaui. HARRIS (Ward). February 1 B 1971. at St Margaret's Hospital, . to Wendy and Gregory a son (Shane William). All well. HARWARD (Cop h Ian). February 14, to Judith and Brian a son mninony urosvenorj. MEIDEN (Sweet). February 17, at nooart, to margarex ana u ter a son (Derek Paul), bi ther for Ruth. Richard and Karl. HENRY (McCarthy). February ib, at ax. .Margarets, Darling hurst, to Carole and Jim a HENRY (Hardy). February 1 6, West. Australia, to' Paul and joan a son lurcgory jonnj Brother for Gavin Paul. HOLLAND ' (nee Dowswell). February 16, 1 971 . at Poplars Hospital, Eppmg, to Sandra and Terry a daughter (Melissa Ian) HOLMAN "(Clark). February 15, lbyi, at uown street Hospital, to 'lanlc and Ron twin otrlt HOUGHTON (nee Gtedhlll). I reoruary ior at K.w.a.n., io jan and Ken a son (Gregory Ron- am;, m oroiner ior rninip ana HOUGHTON (Vella). February t, it 1, at ninr iviis-rlcordlae, to-Antonia and Keith k ann frimulfl I lulliihl HUGHES (Hohnhorst). January! ai wnrerogry nospiiai, w Chris and Jennifer a son (Brad- 41, 1970, to Arthur and Ruth a son, Jeffrey Arthur. JENKINS (nee Reld). February 15, 1971, at Poplars Hospital, Coping,-to Jenny and Bob a oaugnier lAngeia rrancesj. ootn wen, JOHN (Thornberry). February 14, 1971, at Nepean District Hospi tal, to Jeanette and David a son t iMfln OavlriV Both wall. JOHNSON (nee Cole). February a, ivrona vaie ui strict nospitai, to Anna Mae and Gordon a Slaughter (Tracey Anne). A sister or Stephen and Dale, KARAOLIS (nee Leveleky). reoruary 14, 131, at at. Margaret' Hoioltal. . to Judith and Andrew - a daughter (Sophia auzaoetn Miconej. fCATHNER fBuchananl. Fahru. ary 14, 1971, at Wentworthville Hospital,' to Barbara and John a son (Robert John). Brother for Jenny and Annette, KELLY (nee Aooletonl. Fahni. ary 10 1971, at St. Margaret's nospnai, to jonn ana suunne-dauahter (Simons Lou m. KENNEDY (nee Brad shew). Feb. John. Helen Mary. KERR. February 19, 1971, at Mona Vale Hospital, to Sandy and Bill a daughter. Both well. KOCZKAR (Phillips). February IS, at St. Francis Xavler Cabrinl Hospital, Melbourne, to Faleiry end George ion. Both well. LANDER (Harvey). February io, o rvieg ano nooney son (Benjamin Richard), brother for Nicholas, LAWS (Dawson). February 12, 1971 to lanla and Tnnv son (Andrew John). Brother for wicnaoi. LIE (Pearson). February 18, 1971, at Liverpool District Hospl tat. to Marcfa and John a ion (David John). LUNNOX (nee Marsh ill) Febrtl- Jry 11, at Poplars, Epplng, to Mr ley and William a ion (William Scott). Brother . for Jenny. Both well. LOWRY (Kerr). February 16, at Hornsby District Hospital, to Robin end Chris a daughter . (Kathryn Ann). Sister to Sean. LUCK. February 1 7. at Royal North Shore Hospital, to Carolyn y ind Rob a son (Nathan David). BIRTHS McCOY ( Young ). February - 18, at K.n.a.n., to Margiret in1 John a son (Michael Richard). A brother for Belinda end David, McLlAV InN PlaUra. ttUrti. kv IB. at Royal North Shore nvwith i mtmn mnu parsara a son (Greeor Camobein. MACRIJ .(Wpthrsooon).--Fel ahru. arv 12, 1671, at Aoya Hoiplul, Paddlngton, to Dell and John daughter (Samanthi jane), Both MEAGHER (Brudanatl.WnodiV February 17, at Crown Street, to jyari ana tnri son tjoraan Christopher). mills (Carmagnoia), February 6th, 1971, to Luce and Tony a daughter Danlela Eliu. A lister for Graonrv. MILLS (nee Coad). February 17, 1971, at Armldele and N.f, noipuai, id margarei ano nicn rd ,. son (Andrew Scott). Both will. Carol and Jeff a son (Chrlstoper MUELLER (nee Stive ni). Febru arv 1B. at Manlw Untnlt.l t, Gweny and pes e son (Nich olas joiyon nowaraj, eromer tor MYATT (Jackson). February to Pam and Eric God's gift of a uauiinicr laronwrn ciisaoem;. A sitter for Stuart. Both well. NANKERVIS (Chambers). February 12, at Wahroonga Sanitarium, to Sue and David a ion (Richard David), Brother for Jane. O BRIEN (nee Cuneo)-February i, at Gunned in, to Noel and nnette a aon. Brother lor David, Mark and Andrew. O'FARRELL (McCaulev). Fabru. ary 19, 1971, at Canberra Hospi tal, w nouyn ana jonn a daughter (Kate). A fusty young hellion. O'KEEFB (Waters). February 8, t Pamela and Patrick, Kuala umpur. Malaysia a daughter, Both well. rnnjvnj inunn, noiuirr i a. 1971. at R.N.S.H., to Coleen and Ron a eon (Drew Francis). Both well. PEARSON (nee Mansfield). February 11. 1 971 , at Crown Street Women's Hospital, to Bar- oara ana uvnii a aaugnier. Sister tor David and Kathryn. PENNELL (nee Stockman). February 16, Albury Base Hospital, to Suxxanne and Keith a . son. - POLLOCK (Headon). February 15 at R.N.S.H,, to Dlanne and Geoffrey -a son (Benjamin John). POWELL (Stafford). February 5, at Royal North Shore Hospital, to Joy and Ian a daughter (Joanna Mary), Both well. RAYNER. February 14, at R.H.W. Paddlngton. to Jeanette end Peter a daughter (Joanne). Sister to Carolyn, Julie, Penelope and Stephen. REDDEN (Cox). February 14, at Wentworthville Community Hospital, to Mick and Judy a daughter (Susan Gemma), a lister for David. REID (O'Brien). February 12, at Hornsby Hospital, to Reg and Marilyn a son (Andrew David). A alft from God. ROBERTSON (nee Klrkham).. To Anrte ano raw a aaugnier iLoannej. tOSS (Sharon Merridee). Febru ary is, ei nnaicr nupni. ia Alan and Merridee a daughter, liter tor David. RUSSELL. February 16. at Mona vaie nospitai. to vaierie ana John a son (conn Stuart Norton). RYAN (McNIcol). February 12, at rairneia District Hospital, to laroi ana Ken a aaugnier, Both w1l. SAINSBURV fnee Stokes). Febru- ary ia, at mater naspiiar, Lrowj nest, to sue ana hod a son fpau Konerti. uotn raouious. SANTOW (nee Frankel). Febru ary i . ac King ueorae v nos pitai, to Leonora and Kim a son William David). SIMPSON (nee Walker). Mar- jorie ana Rooert welcome witn ove tnetr cnosen son mattnew John. Born January, 24, 1971 1MITH ffunnlnaham). Febn 11, 1971. to Janice and Grahame a daughter (Angela Rae), sister 5MITH (Inglls). February 15, at Bemesaa nospitai, iviarricK-vllle, to Robyn and John l son (Brian John). SMITH (Sheridan). January 27 to naire ana uranam a son (Brendan Oakley Graham), a brother for Tara-Jane, Katlnka, Kim- SPITER1 (Walker). February iz, at St. Margaret s Hospital, to, rtoiivn ana vieorge a aon SPITZER (nee Kohn). February iu. at Koyai nortn snore mospi- iai, to iviaya ana worge a daughter (Karen Jacqueline), Both well. A sister for John v-nanes. 5PRATT (nee Staff). February 16, isI, ai mvna vaie uistrict nos pitai. to Colin and Lvnne a son iMicnae naricsj. orotner io Kathv. Both well. STEIN (Knapp). February 1 97 1 , at Camden Hospital, t Jean and Bob a son (Andrew). SUTER (Dunne). February 14, i i, ai Duinesaa nospitai, mir rlctcv Me. to Carol And Kon a daughter (Catherine Mary), Both TENNANT (Bovd), February 4, at manrcwiai nowrcai, Luaington Michigan, U.S.A., to Janice anc Brvan a aon (Kilnftl Bavlrt V THOMAS (Del ton). February 1 5, 1 971 . at crown street womens nospitai, to irene ana veorgo aaugnter i Merry n Ann). Both hAautltul. THOMAS. Terry and Wendy wn to announce ine arrival or neatn Kicnarci. orotner tor scon. "Etlerilla." Coolah. N JR W. at oxroro, U.K.. to Megan and (.live a son (Aniony .r Mawelll. TURNBULL. February 15. HawKesoury District Hospital Maternity Unit, to Joan and Rus- 1971. at Roval Brisbane Women's Hospital, Patsy and Phillip proudly announce the birth of a son (Andrew), 61b Boa. Both WATSON. ry 1R 1071 Mng ueorfle v, to oaroara ano o a rry a son ( uav io ua rry j . p brother fnr Dean. Both wn l. at Poplars, Epplng, Carolyn and Cllve happily announce the arrival ot Brett Andrew, brother of Michelle and Craig. WENTWORTH (Milne). February 13, 1971, at Mater Hospital, Forbes, to d'Arcv and Janette a son (Mark d'Arcy). WEST (Frith). February 12, at Hornsby Hospital, to Lynne and Arthur a daughter (Megan tej. sister ior Mnorew. WHITE (Forrest). February 16, i a 1, at rarramaiia nospitai, tc Elisabeth and Fred a son (Stephen Frederick). WIGGINS (Bovce). February 11, 1971, at Mater Hospital, to Claire and Jim a son (Adrian James). WILKIN February 17, at Crown Street Hospital. To Michael and Marilyn a son. WILLIAMSON (Huckel). February ia, at oiacKtown nospitai, iu Wayne and Lyn a precious daughter (Lynne Marie), Both well. Thanks he to God. ' WOOD (nee Parker). February 6, 1971, at Queen Victoria Hospital, to Brian and Jan a son (Martin). Brother for Karen. WRIGHT (Pickering). February 19, 1971, In London, to Brian and Beth a son (Andrew Peter). ZANCANARO. Yvonne and Ar- noio wisn to announce tne arrival ir tneir aaugnter mm a;, a sister Cralo., ENGAGEMENTS AUS PRATT. The Engage-ment Is announced of Susan, daughter of Mr and Mrs A. S. Pratt, of Merrylands, to Robert, son ol Mr and Mrs S, Aus, ol Belmant. BENEFIELD WILSON. Mr and Mrs P. V. Wilson, or Putney, are happy to announce the En- aaaement of their vounaer laughter, Marie Nina, to Robert Mrs H. G BERGHUIS CAMPBELL. The engagement is announcea oi ine ryl. eldest daughter of Mr and to -Kees. second son of Mr and Mrs c. h. oergnuis, or GouiDurn. BOND HALL. Mr and Mrs F. A. Hall of Northwnod are hanov to announce the Engagement of tneir aaugnter, lcsicy, to uavio. son of Mr and Mrs B. W. Bond or seaioro. victoria. BOWDEN JACKSON. The tn. gagement Is announced of Mar-, fa ret ayivia jacKson, oniy aaugn-sr of Mrs Isabel Bond. Five Dock. to Vincent Bowden, youngest son or ivirs v. tomns, oriSDane. BRADEY ATKINS The En gagement Is announced of Helen ana mra r. v.. AtKins, or loiius, to Colin Sydney, younger son of jvir ana rviri a. k. oraaey, o? .elchhardt. BURTON TRACY. ; The engagement is announcea ot Vicky Tracy, eldest daughter of rrorcssor ano rviri u. u, Tracy, of Longuevllle, to Paul Burton, youngest son or Mr k. i. Burton, of Seaforth and the late Mrs W. Burton. :AIN HOLLAND, Vic kl, young, est daughter ot Mr and Mrs N, C. Holland, of EoDina. to Edward. eldest son ot Mr and Mrs E. wain, oi ebsiwodo. CHANT GRIBBIN. The tnaiDMiinr announcea or Elizabeth jane, twin daughter of Mr J Grlbbtn and the late Mrs Grlbbln, of Earlwood, to Russell James, only son Of Mr and Mrs n. j. .nanc o (.anterourr. CHESWICK TOULMAN. The engagement ts announcea OT cne-ryl Ann, second eldest daughter or rvir ana rvirs w. u. louiman, of Parramatta. to Alan Stuart, eldest son of Mra P. Creswlck and the late, Mr N. R. Creswlck, Of CHRISTIAN WHITE. Mr and Mrs Harold White, of Roaav Ilia. announce with pleasure the engagement ot tneir oniy oaugn- Jer, Margaret Lesley, to Kennetl .hrlstlan, second son of Mrs Bebt Christian and the late Mr Nicholas Christian, of Norfolk Island.. COX ROBERTSON. Mr and mtc j. m. Kooertson, or syivania Waters, have pleasure In announcing the Engagement of their secona aaugnier, Anne, to or Peter Cox. only son of Mr and Mri F. H. Coy. nf OunWai. CRANE LANGSHAW. Rev. n. n. ano Mrs Langsnaw, or Hurstvllle. have olaaiura In announcing the Engagement Of inwir aaugnier, Hiisa. to KOOerr, son of Mrs M. A. Crane, Of Brisbane, and the late Mr F. . W. Crane. . KNGAGKMENTS CROOK TtL. Mr and Mrs Aorian ate at NOrttibr oae. have pleasure 'i announcing the Engagement a their deuohier, Roslvn, to Jan, younger son of Mr na Mrs Tea croon, ot Norm, br da. CUMMINS PURTILL Mr and announcing the Engagement of their dauflbter, tynette, to Darrvl, ion, of Mr and Mrs R, Cummlni, ol Lana Cow. DALZIELL , MACE. The Engagement Is announced of Llndee Elisabeth, daughter of Mr ano Mrs a, w. Mace, Duaenm, nioanalsnrf n Uirinltk Aluin. aer, secona son of Mrs and Mrs A. C. DalilefT, ol Oranoe, N.S.W. uai viih, ine engagement Is announced of Elleun only daughter of Mr Gibson-Orr and the late Mrs L. Orr, of Belfast, Ireland, to Reginald, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs C. Day, of Quak art Hill OERHY G1NSBURO. Mr and Mrs w. Ginsourg, or Potts Point, iogether with Mr and Mrs A. lerhv nf Olrwat Halm Haifa. Israel, are happy to announce the engagement or tnetr cnuoren, Julleanne tn Riohilt (Raohv). DEWICK CLEAVER. Mr and Mrs G. w. cieaver, of seaforth, have much oleasure in announclna the Engagement of their twin aaugnier. cnristme tuen, to Kenneth John, elder son ol Mr and Mrs G. Dewick. of Klngsgrove. FARRALL CALAHRO. Mr and Mrs G. Calabro, of Bossley Park, are happy to announce the Engagement of their youngest daughter, Vanda, to Michael, only son oi Mrs i. rarrau, oi iam worth, and Mr W. Farrall, of v.nenir, cngiana, PEKETE MACFADYEN. Mr am Mrs Nell Macfadven. of "Glam organ," Manilla, are pleased to announce the Engagement of their emesi oaugntor, tnnsune, to Steven J. Fekete, pf Queenscllff, Svdnev. FIELD DAVIDSON. The Engagement is announcea or war- Fraret Jean, only daughter ot the ate Mr and Mrs L. S, Davidson, of Eastwood, to David John, younger son of Mr and Mrs H. O. Flpld. nf Bllanla Platoan. FITZGERALD BATES. Mr ana Mrs rt. r. sates, or funcn-bowl, have much pleasure In announcing the Engagement of their eldest dauahter ludlth Mm. to William Joseph, third eldest aon oi rvirs ana ivira j, j, nuge-raid, of Beverly Hills. FITZGERALD SHIELS. The En gagement is announcea ot Leonne, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs K. F. Shlels, of Clifton Gardens, Sydney, to Martin, youngest ion of Mr and Mrs E. Fltsgerald. of London. FREWER MCDOWELL. Mr and Mrs Harry McDowell, of Wahroonga, have pleasure In announcing the Engagement ot their daughter, Virginia, to Gregory, younger ion ot Mr and Mrs Charles Frewer. of Mosman. GARDNER WEBBER. The En gagement is announcea or susan Carol, younger daughter ot Mr and Mrs S. H. Webber, of Sylvan la Waters, to Graeme Lynton, younger son of Mr and Mrs J. L. Gardner, of Sylvan la Waters. GOETZ RYAN Mr and Mrs L. u. Ryan. Guildford, nave pleasure announcing . the Engagement of their daughter. Janet, to Peter, only son ot Mr and Mrs F. uoetz. or tjuiioiorg, GOULD EVENNETT. Mr and Mrs t. c tvennett. ot Marouora, have much Pleasure In announclna the Engagement of their only aaugnier, susan. to mcnaro. youngest son or Mr ana Mrs w GRANT GREENTREE. Mr and Mrs G. Greentree. of K nasorove. have pleasure in announcing the engagement ot tneir eioest aaugnter. Lvnette. to Robert, orlv ion of Mr and Mra E. Grant, of Hen lev. GREIG DOYLE. The Grelg, of Neutral Bay and of the GLOVER VOGET. The Enaaaa. ment is announcea oi Cheryl Lvnette, only daughter of Mr and mil ri. n. vouet, oi Mna sa rove, to Wayne, eldest son of Mr and Mrs W. H. Glover, of Balmaln. HARVEY LEAHY. The Engage- ment is announcea ot Marie Alicia; younger daughter ol Mrs Leahy and the late Mr Leahy, of Mosman, to Lindsay Ernest, eldest son or Mr ana Mrs Harvey, K tarrtev Helahtc. H ASS AN CLARK. Mr and rvirs u. j. l. iarK, ot tasiwooa announce with oleasure the Engagement of their youngest Or Hassan, of Akram, Engadine. HENNING GOUGH. Mr and Mrs R. Gough, or Gvmea, have pleasure in announcing the Engagement of their only daughter, Roslyn, to Dwane. second son of Mr and Mrs T. Hennlng, of Strathneld. HIGGINSON LEES. The Engagement Is announced of Tracv. sec ond daughter of the late Mr j. l. j. Lees ana Mrs J. L. G. Lees, of Klllara. to Michael Andrew, younoest son of Mr and Mrs R. L, Higginson, ol Llnd-field. HODGKINSON RUDD. The Engagement Is announced of El-sbeth Mackay, elder daughter of mr ano rvirs in. u. kuqq, oi mii-ara, and John Earnest, only son of Mrs E. A. Hodqklnson, of Woilstonecraft, and the late Mr Hodnklnson. HOSKISSON GUINANE Mr and Mrs a. t. Csumane. ot Marouora, wish to announce the Engagement of their daughter, Veronica Anne, to Robert James, son of Mr and Mrs S. J. Hosklsson, ol Klngs- HOWARO THOMPSON. The En gagement Is announcea of Jeneiie, youngest daughter of Mrs Alison Thomson and the late Mr Aubury Thomson, of tnverell, N.S.W.. and Ramsey, the youngest son ol Mrs Lennle Howard and the late Mr Thomas Howard, of Stafford- (hire Fnalanrl HUNT TINDALE. Mr and Mrs Kon r indole, oi west como, nave pleasure In announcing the Engagement ol their eldest daughter, i Roslynne, to Barry, only son of Mr and Mrs Roy Hunt, of North-bridge. KEMP KEMP. Mr and Mrs J. a. Kemp, ot Kyae, nave pleasure hi announcing the Engagement ot their second daughter. Coral, to Chris, only son of Mr and Mrs A. E. Kemp, of Albany, Western Australia KING ABSALOM. Mr and Mrs k. Aosaiom, oi taring Dan, are nappy to announce the Engagement of their only daughter, Lynette Ann, to Terry John, son of Mr and Mrs K. King, ol Bankttown. KNIGHT DUNSHEA. The engagement is announced or Robyn Jann, daughter of Mr and virs k. v, uunsnea, to uraeme, eldest son of Mr and Mrs A, Knloht. Merrvlanrfa. KUCY EDWARDS. The Enaaoe. ment is announcea ot Kerry, only daughter of Mr and Mrs G. H. Edwards, of Harbord. to Rudl Allan, third son ol the late Mr j. Kucy ana Mrs Kucy, of St. Michael. Alberta. Tanaria. LAMBERT SMITH. Mr and Mrs o. a. amitn, ot severiy hims, are happy to announce the Engagement of their younger daughter, Diane, to Colin, only son of Mr and Mrs K. Lambert, of Peakhurst. LAMONT STEWART. Mr ana Mrs Koyce h. Me wart, ot New Lambton Heights, nave pleasure In announcing the engagement or tneir aaugnter, second son ol Mrs Phyllis Lamonr; and the late Mr C. W. Lamont, ol Revechv. LANE ENGLAND. Mr and Mrs Cs. England, ot St. ives, nave pleasure in announcing the' engagement of their only daughter. Sandra, to Richard eldest son of Mrs J. Lane and the late Mr Lane, or Maciean, N.b.vy. LEACH MONTGOMERY. The engagement is announcea or Susan, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs K. Montgomery of Hornsby, to jonn secona son ot Mr ana mrs s. leacn. or nornsoy. LEMON MORSON. Mr and Mrs j. Morson, or Kinamev neignts, havA much oleasure In announc ing the Engagement of their younger daughter, Jenny, to lan, only son of Mr and Mrs W. Lemon, of Llndneld. LEONARD KENNEDY. Mr das. have much oleasure In an nouncing the Engagement of their oniy aaugnter, aanora, to Brian, younger son of Mr and Mrs J. Leonara, ot iornmai. LIGHTFOOT HALLIDAY. Mr ana Mrs i. mmaay, oi Harbord, have pleasure In announcing the Engagement" of their daughter, Judith, to John, only son ot Mr and Mrs R. Light- toot, or marouora. LUNNEY BEVE5. Mr and Mrs K. eeves, or oatiev, wisn to announce the Engagement Of their only daughter, Nada, to Victor oniy son of Mr G. Lunney ana tne tate Mrs m. uunacy Ennlsklllen, North Ireland. MCCARTHY Wl LLI AMS. Mr end Mrs r. u. Williams, or terna via Dubbo, have pleasure In announcing the engagement of their secona aaugnter, Annette joan, to Robert Frederick, younger son of Mr and Mrs H. A. McCarthy. of Darralume via D'tbbo, and formerly or Pine mage, upntr Koaa, Hstnurst. . McCOY WILD. The Engage. ment is announcea oi neien Mary, eldest daughter of Mrs E. Wild. Hlllvue Road. Tamworth. formerly of Coonamble, and Llghtnlna Ridge, and the late Mr A. r, vvna, to inanes jgnn, elder son of Mr and Mrs C. A. McCoy, Yamballa, Collarenebrl. McDIVITT ROBINSON. Mr and Mrs P. Kooinson, oi nunters Hill, have pleasure In announcing the Engagement of their elder daughter, Ann Maree, to. Mai rnlm Rrlan nnlu (on nf Mr anr Mrs B. R. McDIvitt, of Carllng- roro. MANLBY McCORMACK. Mri no Mrs a. k. MciormacK, Of ' Brlno Park," Lee ton, have much pleasure) in announcing tne En- Ragement of their third daughter, osaHnd Janet, to Stuart Leslie, younger, son of Mr and Mrs H, G. Manley, of Collaroy. MATTHEWS HOGAN. Mr and Mrs u. u. nog an, ot pymoit. announce with pleasure the Engagement of their second eldest daughter, Victoria, to Peter, ttie uiny aw ii ui mr ana Mrs W. Li Matthews, of Rosevllle. MELLOR WILLIAMS. Mr ana Mrs m. . Menor, or syivan a Heights, have pleasure In announcing the Engagement of their only daughter Jeanette, to Morton, second eldest son of Mr and Mrs D. S. Williams, of MERLINO CAVANAGH. Mr ana Mrs C. W. Cavanagh, of Ela-nora, have much pleasure In announcing the Engagement of ENGAGEMENTS MW fcoWs'ETtT ina Mrs H. Goodtell, of Frenchs For est, have much pleasure In announcing the Engagement of their elder daughter, Penny Anne, to Peter Norman, youngest son of Mr and Mra A. Matter, ol North Narraheen. MISCHE NORTHRIDOE, Mr Sna Mrs w. a. Nonnrioge are appy to announce the Engagement of their youngest daughter, Carol, to Rolf, only son yf Mrs Hflde Mlsche and the late Wilhelm Mlsche, of Bottrop, West Ger many, MOFFAT HOWE, The En-gagement Is announced of Marl-.anne, third daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Howe, ol Earlwood, to John, only son of Mr and Mri 1. Morlat. of Bevarlv Hllli MOOR1 BAXTER the Engage.' daughter of Mr and Mri Harold Baxter, of Farrer, A.C.T., formerly ot Eastwood, to Michael, son of Mr and Mrs D. M. Moore, ol Deakln, A--C.T. MORAN RAGGA. The Engagement It announced between Cynthia Vivian, only daughter ol Mrs H. Ragga. of Five Dock, to Mr Michael John Moran, elder son of Mr and Mri M. L. Moran. of Haberne'd. MOTTEK HAWKE. Mr and Mrs S. Hawko, ol Lakemba, have much pleasure In announcing the Engagement of their elder daughter tynette Helen, to Paul Leo, elder son of Mr and Mrs H. L. Mottek, ol KlrrlblHI. MOUATT BROUGHAM. Mr and Mrs B. H. Brougham, of Nambucca Heads, have much pleasure In announcing the Engagement of their elder daughter, Janice, to Keith, the second son ol Mr and Mrs E. G. Mouatt, of Ryde. MOYNIHAN KEEBLE. The Engagement Is announced ot Diana Patricia, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Gustave Keeble, of Klngsford, to Michael Bernard, only son of Mr and Mrs Martin Moynlhan, ol St. Ives. OAKLEY McCREADY. It Is with pleasure that the Engagement Is .nnounced ol Margaret Helen, only daughter ol Mr L. L. McCready and the late Mrs A. M, McCready, of Artarmon, N.S.W. , to Michael John, second ?f,A,..Mr ,anaM1 A' w' Dkley, of Eri thual. V rtnr O'BRIEN HERTEL. The engagement is announced of Roslvn Olive, daughter ot Mr W. Hertel, ol Gunnedah, and the late Mrs Hertel, to John Simon, younger son of Mr K, O'Brien, of Warren, and the late Mrs O Brlen. O'SHEA JOHNSON. The En gagement is announced of Patricia Claire, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs A. G. Johnson, of Harbord, to Desmond Paul, younger son ol Mr and Mrs J. J. O Shea, ol Brisbane. OWE N-SCH WIND PRITCHARD . Mr and Mrs W. A. Prltchard, of Dubbo, wish to announce the Engagement of their daughter, Jill, to Mr Bert Owen-Schwlnd, only son of Mr and Mri B, Owen- aiiiyyino, qi Mvaion, PALMER KIRKNE5S. The En- Eagcment is announcea or Gall ynnc, youngest daughter of Mr biiu mi j, n. rvirKiiess, oi utr- raween, to Kenneth Stephen, elder son ol Mrs I. F. Palmer, of anu in me mr a. e, Palmer. PARSONS McHALE. Mr F. I ivicnaie, or nunters mim. has pleasure In announcing the Engagement of his younger daughter, Julie, to Leon Michael, only son of Mrs L. Mitchell, also of Hunter's Hill. PEARSON IRWIN. The engagement is announcea of Glenda. daughter at Mr and Mrs J. Irwin, of Brunswick Heads to Kenneth John, son of Mr and Mis A. Pearson, of Lis more. PERC1VAL MUNRO. Mr and Mrs Jock, of Sylvanta, have much pleasure In announcing the Engagement of their eldest daughter, Sheena, to Kevin, youngest son Of Mr and Mrs marry rercivai, or ironuua. PERCY MILLS. The Engagement Is announced of Valda, youngest dauahter of Mrs Eva Mills, of Eastwood, and the late Allan miiis, to lan, only son of Mr and Mrs Max Percy, ol North PRICE EDWARDS The Enoaae ment Is announced of Elizabeth Grace, daughter of Mr and Mrs N. H. Edwards, of Ferntree Gully, Victoria, to Ivan Reginald, eldest son or rvir ano Mrs k. a, trice, ui ucKiana. new .eaianq. PROVIS BANKS. Mrs D. Banks, "Eurobln," Bor- acn, w.a., nave pleasure announcing the Engagment their only dauahter. Wendv Ma Ine, to Stephen Charles, elder son of Mrs A. Provis, of Pambuta Ave, Kevesoy, RABU PENOERGA5T. The engagement is announcea ot ioi-lecn, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs C. Pcndergast, of Rand-wlck, to Dominique, son ol Mr and Mrs P. Rabu. of Noumea. READ PRUDAMES. Mr and Mrs William Charles Prudames, of Cammeray. happily announce the Engagement of their youngest daughter, Jllllan Jane, to Alan Kevin Read, of Mosman, only son ot Mr and Mrs Alan Read of Mt. Elka, Victoria. REES SAVAGE Mr and Mrs L. savage, or trmington. announce the Engagement of tneir eldest daughter. Colleen Therese. to my son oi Mr ana ot Wentworthville. IUTLEDGE CLEAVER. Mr and Mrs J. A. Cleaver, of Fern Street. Gerrlngong, have much pleasure In announcing the Engagement ot their youngest daughter, Lvnne, to Peter, youngest son ot Mrs I. Rutledge and the late Mr Rut-ledge, of 30 Belinda Street, Ger rlnaono. SALIER LACKEY. Mr and Mrs j. a. LacKey, of croyaon, have much pleasure In announcing the Engagement of their only daughter, Catherine Many, to Peter Geoffrey, only ion of Mr and Mrs G. E. Sailer, ol Croydon rar. SCRIVEN BOYLE. The Engagement is announced of Marilyn Louise, only daughter of Mr and Mrs F. A. Bovlc. of Ed- ping, to Kenneth Robert, younger mi ui mr ana rvirs u. r. striven, of Eastwood. SHAKESPEARE HEAVENS. Mr ana Mrs t. n. Heavens, o Sutherland have pleasure tr announcing the Engagement o! to Stephen William, son. of Mr and Mrs J. W, Shakespeare, of Blakehurst. SHEPHARD BARAN, Mr and Mrs J. Baran, of Guildford, wish to announce the Engagement of their only daughter, Christine, to Aiian Neai, oniy son ot Mrs m. j. sncpnara ana tne late mr n, 3hfnharri. nf Crontilta. SHORROCK WEBB. The Engage ment is announcea oi Kooyn Leigh, only daughter of Mr and Canberra, 'to Neil, eldest son of mt ana Mrs t. n. hnorrocic, ol "Slap-up," Jerangle. SINCLAIR CULVER. Mr and Mrs I. Culver, of Wllloughbv. have pleasure In announcing the engagement at tneir secona aaugnter, uiane, to ennstopner, eldest son of Mr and Mrs K. Sinclair, of Rvdalmere SLOPER CRAMP. Mr and Mrs R. T. Cramp, of Raymond Terrace, have much oleasure In announcing the Engagement ol their only daughter, Pamela, to Robert John, only child of Mr and Mrs W. H. Sloper, ol Rath-mines. SMITH VOYSEY. Mr and Mrs noei voysey, ot Epping, nave much pleasure In announcing the Engagement of their elder daughter, Helen, to Lance, elder son of Mr and Mrs Albert Smith, of SNELLING WEATHERSTONE, Mr and Mrs N. L. Weath- erPltnn. nf fanlnv Vain hawa much pleasure in announcing the Engagement of their only daugh ter, noDyn nciena, to micnaei John, only ion nf Mr and Mn C J. Sneiiing, of Palmers ton North TRAILL AGHAN. The Engagement Is announced of Robyn, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Murray Agnan, or notara, to Richard, eldest son ot Mr and Mrs R. J. Traill, of Hamilton. TUMETH SIBLEY. Mr and Mrs J. C. Sibley, 28 Bellew Street, Wynnum North Brisbane have much pleasure In announcing the Engagement ot their eldest daughter. Lynette. to Leo, only son of Mr and Mrs P. Tumeth, 22 Merton Street. Roielle. TURNBULL MILDWATER. Mr ana Mrs 5. Miiawater, at ouiwtcn hiii, wisn to announce tne en gagement of their younger aaugnter, juaitn course, it Geoffrey Graham Turnbull, youngest inn nf thn lata Mr D. Turn- bull and Mrs J.- Turnbull, of Wentworthville. VANDERBLOM EVANS. Mr and Mm S. Evans, of Chatswood, have pleasure in announcing the Engagement of their elder daughter Valerie, to Bernard, younger son or mt ana Mrs n. vin- aerotom, or lonte, w.a. VAN WYHE HIGHTON. Mr and Mrs F. Hlghton, of Llndfleld, have pleasure In announcing the Engagement of their daughter Karen, to Hans, elder son of Mrs P. Van vvyne, ot rvjosman, ana ins late Mr I. L. Van Wvhe. VIEUSSEUX WAKKER. The Engagement li announced of Carln, daughter- of Mr and Mri J. Wakker, to Robert, son of Mr and Mrs N. J . Vleusseux, of wanroonga. VOWLES BARLOW. Mr and Mrc Lan Barlow, nf Ourlmhatv proudly announce the Engagement: of their daughter,' Glenys, to Geoff, elder son of Mr and Mrs WALKER YARN OLD. The Engagement is announcea oi Lyn, the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Max Yarnold. of Kill-abakh, and David, the second son of the Rev and Mrs Alan Wa liter, nf Bntavllln. WARD CLARK. The Engage ment is announcea or Judith, daughter of Mrs G. Clark and the late Mr j. Clark, of Blake-hurst, to Graham, second son of Mr and Mrs B. F. Ward, of Jan-all . WATSON HINDS. Mr I. mna s, m kugarno, is nappy to announce tne engagement oi ner only daughter Valerie, to Law- and rvirs J, Watson, formerly of WEST SMITH. Mr and Mrs B. j. rt. smith, or West Ryde, have pleasure In announcing the Engagement of their elder daugh- in, nit Eiiflucut, iu junn, viucr son ot Mr and Mrs G, J. West of Lan fnua. WILLIAMS MCCALLUM, ! Tne Engagement is announced of Reamer, youngest aaugnter or Irs E McCallum.of Sydney and ine iai mr j. Mtv.aiiurn, to vves- lev. v Dunce it too of Mra A. In gold, of Brisbane and the late Mr CI. Wl liam WOLR1GE GOBBE. Mr and Mrs u. uoddo, or BiacKneatn, nave pleasure In announcing the Engagement of their second daughter, Coral, to Allan, second ion of Mr and Mra R, F. Wolrlgc, ol Blackheath, ?i ENGAGEMENTS VTSSbiJ ON fTMr ad Mrs I Jones, of Blacktown, have mud bleaiure In announcing the En yiuimini or imir nmv oiuinur. Linda, to Dennis, the fldesf ion ol Mr and West Rvde it Mr ana tvus j, wooai. oi MARRIAGES -itnui" mary 29, 1B71, In Colin Lindsay, only son of Mr and Mra S. 1. rfarba. to lannllar Lee, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs A F. Stone, of 14 farragundl SILVER WEDDINGS COAOYMURPliV. Pal HahnTil Totn, 1H40, at Sydney, by Re t St. Marv'a North lay. Father Galrfan. wuuuias Artnur. o mary, rresani address. S Westminster St.. Schoheldi. SHEARING BYRNES. February DIAMOND WEDDINGS RODDINGTON PAULlV. ruary 21, 1811, St. Saviour's vainearai, uauiaurn, r.3.vv., m Archdeacon Bartlett. Frank Nerl to lonsiance tucy. freseni aO' dress: Burnle St. Clovellv. DEATHS ADAMS. Aanaa Clunaa February 19, 1971, at her residence, 104d wans street, nvwtown, oeiaveo wtle of Frank, loved mother of Vllma. Elaine, Betty. John (deceased), Fay and Judith, dear mother-in-law and grandmother of tneir lamines. See Mondav'a "Herald" Funeral arrangements or telephone oi auar p.m. ALLAN, Arthur tfdgsr. Pebru-ary 9, 1971, at Brisbane, late of 7 Meleleuca Street Newport Beach, beloved husband of the late Mabel Allan, and loved i airier or Murray ana reter, ageo is), at nospitai, oi iai uio western nignway. oiacKtown. oe-loved husband of Dora, ano beloved father of Theresa, Jean. Nicholas, Angelo, George and Marv. loved fatherlnlaw of AI. fred, Mick, Maria, Grace, Marcla and John, and fond grandfather or tneir cnuoren, rteguieicat paca Funeral details will be i nounced In these columns. ATHANS (ATHANASOPOULOS) Maria. February 1 9. 1 971 , at hospital, late of S Calliope Street, Guildford, dearly beloved wife ol Dfonlslos. loved mother and mother-in-law of George, Peter and Marguarette, John and Sharon, and Vivian, and fond granamoiner or Aaam ana oenis, aged 59 years. ATKINS, Norma Freda. February is, isi, at ner residence, 14 uavioson raraae, iremorne, beloved wife nf Thomas Mervvn. loved mother of Ronald Nelll, renin viviau ana uaii t,nntina. BARR, Lindsay Lyne Spier. February 18, 1971 (suddenly), at roreix nange, somn xustrana. BIVIANO, Glovannlna. February 19, 1971, at hospital, of Ryde (nee Rando), late wife of Angelo, loving mother of Jack, Katie (Mrs Rotondo), Tony and Angela (Mrs Russo). mother-in-law of Lilt, Andy and John, fond grandmother of Mlnette. John, trev. John. Robert and Jenn aged 60 years. May she rest In peace. BIVIANO, Glovannlna. Loving sister or Glacamo, Michael, Mary (Mrs Courtney) and Kittle (Mrs Boyd), sister-in-law of Lena and Maria. Ron and Ken, aunt of Nancy and Ross Lagudl, Jeanette ano reier kigenn, stepnen ana Lena Rando, Ann, Nancy, Sylvia anu jumi, ana Breat-auni Jinny, BIVIANO, Glovannlna. Lo niece ol Bob Rando, Sam Ellena Rando and family, and tnnia and Annrllni Ranrin family, and loving sister-in-law of joe ano maris lauro ana family, BLANCH, Ernest. February 19. 1971 at a hospital. late o( Strathneld. formerly nf I limnra dearly beloved husband ot Mary Caroline Blanch, loved father of t.onn wiison ana aear tatner-In-law ot Joyce, aged 93 years. At rest. For funeral particulars see munuar a neraio. BLAU, May Flnlavson. February ia. ot to waiiaroy Koaa, Wool I ah ra, dearly beloved wife of the late Robert, dearly beloved mother of Vllma Katherlne, beloved sister ot John (deceased), Robert (deceased), Frank, Harry, Clifford (deceased), Allan and Ralph Dexter. For Funeral arrangements, see Monday's "Herald." BOYCE. Lucy Thelma. February is. iwi isuaaenivj, at ner residence, 105 Wod Lane, Gunna-matta Court, Cronulla, dearly loved wile of Ronald, fond sister of Jean (Mrs Farmer) and Mar lorle (Mrs Stiff), aged 69 years. For Funeral details . phone 51 7266, 51 558a. downe Motel, 161 Hume Highway, Ca bra matta (formerly of Newcastle and New Zealand), dearly loved husband of Daphne, loved father and father-in-law of Shirley and Rod Catt, beloved grandfather of Graeme, Warren and Catherine and loved brother of Jerry, Bill, Katie, Bella, Ivy, Mona and Mar-Jorie, aged 69 years. Requlescst In pace. ol the late Arthur Victor Burton, dearly loved mother of Melba (deceased), Betty, Victor and John, dear mother-in-law df Neville, Jean and Jewel, fond grandmother of their children, aged 62 years. At rest. . BYWATERS, Margaret Watt (Maggie). wife ol Robert (deceased), beloved mother of Keith and Margaret, grandmother of Richard. Julie, Phillip, sister of William, Alex (deceased) and Robert. Aged 79 years. At rest, COOK, Reginald Kllroy. Pebru- ary 18, 1971 (suddenly), late of lorth Parramatta, loved husband of Evelyn and loved father of Jim, Ronald, Reginald, Gloria and Betty, and a loved father-in-law and grandfather; aged 62 years. At rest. CORLETT, Minnie Lsvlna, February 19, 1971. at hospital, of 1 Minnie Street. Belmore, beloved wife of Robert Corlett, loved mother of Jean, fond nan of Robyn and dear lister ot Alice Wood. In God's care. COX. Annhroathltla meat). Fh. ruary 19, 1971, at hospital, late; ui uruva street, vuiwicn nni, oe- loved wife of the late Samuel Cox, aged 93 years. In God's care. CRAWFORD, Mary Morris, February 19, 1971, at hospital, late ot Oundas, dearly beloved wife of the late Robert Crawford, and loved mother of Marlon, I nnes, James (deceased) and Donald and fond grandmother and freat-g rand mother of their faml-les. With the Lord. DAVIS, Laura Ellen. February 19. 1971, at hospital, and late of 36 Harbour ni Road. ICtnacfnrH. dear second daughter of the Tate Robert and Annie Davis, of Forbes, and dearly loved sister of may, aiso lcs, joe ana Miriam (all deceased). Requlescat , In DAY, Georglna Emily. February 19. 1971. at hospital, late of MHner Avenue, Hornsby. beloved wife of John- (deceased), loved mother of Glad, Reg., and Paul, and fond grandmother and great- iiranainuinar or tneir lamnies, Dl RUGGIERO. Geralde. Febru. 197V htPtli of 1 72 Macquarle Road, Grey-Stanes. dearly loved huhanrf nf the late Gerardlna, loved father nu, nusuia ivirs flviioj ana Filomena (Mrs Arlco), loved iainer-in-iaw. granatatner ana great-grandfather of their fami. Aged 76 years. Requlescst in pace. In these col DONNELLAN, Walter Patrick. reoruary ia, isi. at hospital, of 16j Gosportj Street, Cronulla. beloved husband of ports Don-nellan, and loved father of Margaret (deceased). Patrick, John, Maree) and Peter, laved fathar.ln.' law of Mary. Helen and Les, dear grandfather of their chldren, aged years, mar ne rest in peace. For funeral arrangements in Monday'i "Herald." DUNBAR, .Adelaide Esme' Febru- ary 18, late of Wether I II Street, Narrabeen, beloved wife of Harry, loved mother of Jean and Leslie. fond grandmother of Rochelle, SiMireui, marine ana uianyi, t rest. DUNCAN, Robert. February 17. 1 9 i , at nuspiiei, latv ot Snowy Place, Green Valley, beloved husband of the late Jean Duncan, loved father of Gllmour, Robert, Alex, , Grace (Scotland) and Jean (Scotland), dear father-in-law, grandfather and great grandfather of their famllM, Aged 2 years. At reit. EASTWOOD, - Helen Mary. reoruary io, isi. motner ot Allan and Joanne. Ryde District .nospitai. rrivate cremation. ELKANj Julius Edward. Febru- t hncnltal. Cwri. ary i, isi ney, of Sawtell, dearly loved resDected father and fathar.ln.Tawi nusoana or wynne, lovea of Gerald and Barbara, Richard ,,u mnuii ci, nrnni ana Egg, and devoted grandlsther of NelLI end Richard. Privately cremate DEATHS OANI, May alrlci; 1071 (suddenly).' at her resl denca. 1 1 Junction Rd, ffrrleal dearly lowed friend1 Tom end Tommy Cumtmnei, Unti or Tfiiari we meat again. m 'abruarv IS. 1071 at hoanltal and late of Francis Street, last ayunay, ratnar oi ratir, a oren, OARNSfY, "mum KHilake. reoruary ia, t y pwiwvva nuaoam il Ruth lie. brother of Ken. Pete. Mai Jprit, Lyn, Beryl, , Brian end GRAYSON Mabel Kill a bath reoruary id, iui, oi or neison Street, Umlna, beloved wife ol the late Robert Grayson, loved motner oi Mvra. Keith, Antnonv, Aiian toeceaseoj. ineima, cii Arnoiq ano conn and lov- GREIG. Frederick fturreck, "Scottle". February 16, 1971, at hosplta I, late of 77 Pine Street k ano wick. Beloved rather and father-in-law of Joyce and Ted aero ano granoratner pi Kooen, Kiun ana juue. Ageo oj years. HALLS. Roland Gordon. Fehr. ary 18, at West Wyalong. result of accident. Dearly loved son of Mra Jean Halls and the late Brlce Friday, February 19, at Grentell. HARDII. Violet Reaa lana. Kah. ruary 14, (suddenly at hospital In Melbourne), widow, of the late jumi,. oi buioio, new uuinea, lOVed mother Of Jean (Mra Cow. dPw of St. Ives), and , Marlon (Mrs Stewart of Glen Iris, Melbourne), loved grandmother and great-grandmother of their HAWKRIDGB. George. February i tsuaaeniyj, or J Morgan Street, Klngsgrove. dear- r unwrtn nuaoana oi to I in t HEWBS, Florence) Lavlnla Fehru. ary io, iwi, at nospitai, late of 28 Graharn street. Auburn, and formerly of Sutherland, loved muiner ana motner-in-iaw or Phvllls and Bill (Sutherland), Ken and Elsie (Wentworthville), Gwen and Jack (Sutherland), Jean (Auburn). Amy and Bill (Miranda), devoted grandmother and great-grandmother ot their Aged 87 years. Loved by all. See Monday's Funeral notice. 'Herald" tof HOLLOWAY, Florence Annie. - reoruary id, isi, at ner son's residence, Ryde, formerly of Etta- loiTH, idvco wire oi tne late Alfred George Holloway, loved mother ol Neville, Mervyn and Reg, dear mother-in-law ot Kath and Mary, fond grandmother and yiMi-wraiinmuiner oi tneir cnn- Charley, Annie and Doris, aged" j Funeral Notice Insertion Saturday February, 20, 1971. 1971 (suaaeniyj, late or SB Read Street. Waverlev, beloved husband wi mora, lavea tatner oi unriS' tine, loved by. all members oi his family. HUSH, Aide Bessie. February '' nospitai), late ot nauovwitK, oeiovea wue ot aianey. IRWIN, James (Jim), February io, is, i tsuoaeniyj, at nospitai, formerly of 65 Henry Street, Penrith, loveri hrnther nt M lul Patterson, Surrey (England), and dear friend of Mrs Margaret rarxes ana tamiiy, agea years. KOKOTOVIC. JoslR February 19 ian, at n s son residence. Wen two it h Road, Strathneld, dearly loved father of Maria, Marko, Nikola (deceased). Mllka (deceased), llila (deceased), Ivan, rniiKa, ivairuia, JiKgv, jeiena, Anton, Stieoan. dear father-in- law and grandfather ol their lamines. Mav he reit In oeare. Please watch "Herald" for Funeral arrangements or telephone si aij arter p.m. KUCHARSKI Kara). February w, iv i, at nospitai or jw tarK Road, Auburn, dearly beloved husband of Anna, dear friend of Peter Mackow, aged 65 years. Requlescat in pace. For funeral nmiLc ice mona ay s neraio. LANGFORD, Walter Christian. reoruary is. i7i, at hospital, ;ic vi 3 mwnion street, DiaKC-hurst, dearly loved huchanri ni Florence Emily, loved father of Allan and Grahame, loved brother oi winnie. atena, neroert (ae-ceased). Edna fdeceased). Godwin Elaine and Raymond, missed by us all. For Funeral arrangements water, tnese columns. ary 19, 1971, at hospital, late ol Klngsford. Dearly loved husband of Minnie, beloved father of oeveney, tunc Tatner-in-iaw 0 Barry, devoted grandfather o Tracey and fond brother c Horrle. Aged 62 years. At rest. LEINASARIS, toodors. February late of 49 Sllverdale noao. anveroaie. nusoana Of tne late Mllda Lelnasaris. loved father ano iatner-in-iaw oi aarmi ana noansy, agea os years, ror rune- ral notice, "Marald " see Monday's LIPSCOMBE, Frederick John. reoruary is, i 1 , (suaaeniy;,, of 20 Croydon Street, Petersham, dearly loved husband of Nora, loved father of Kevin and Rhonda (Mrs Smith), fond father-in-law ot Aiian, aear granatatner of Kerren. At rest. For Funeral LITTLEWOOD. Mvrtle Alma. February io. 1971, Balgowlah, loved stepmother of Rosle Caro, Melbourne, Underneath are the McGARRIT Y, Sidney John (Kid Toungj. reoruary io, i71,i at hospital, late of Enfield and Ettafong. beloved husband of wamii, oeiovea latner or ateven, Bonnv and Mandv. McGARRITY. Sidney John. reoruary io, 1971, loved brother uncle of thelrl McPAUL, Eileen Mary. February is, 1971, at hospital, of 55 Mel-ford Street, Hurlstone Park, beloved wile of Lyle, loved mother of Nola, Blllle. Pamela, Patricia and Lyle, loved mother-in-law of Norman Klngsland, Norman amoacn ana lw rvraiKin. ana loved grandmother of Philip, itunaiu, riui aim marytrii. Aged 69 years. At rest. MacGREGOR, Alex Phillip. Feb ruary w, isi, ot nunters hiii. beloved husband ot Jean, devoted tamer or margaret ano neamer. At rest. MADDOX, Alice Edith. February io, ii, at Leura, formerly ot Warrawong, dearly loved wife of tne lata rreaericK tviaaaox, lovea iiiuiiitr ui Artnur taeteasea;. George, Walker, Leonard and Ton), fond mother-in-law. dear grandmother and great-grand- ihuihvi ui uieir tarn i iiea, agea 99 years. At rest. MADDOX Alice Edith. Febru ary io, is,i, at Leura. oeiovea grandmother of Alan and Barbara and great-grandmother of Craig, Scott and Mark. 99 years. May iiw rest in peace. at hospital, of. 37! loved father of Constance (Mrs C.I Exton), John and Male, fond father-in-law of Cecil and Vera, loved grandfather and great-grand lather of their children, loved brother of Joe, Annie and MANSFIELD, Jessie Constance. February ig, 1971, at hospital, of Ashfleld, dearly loved wife of John Haydn Mansfield and loved mother oj John, Beryl, Margaret mna uavio. MAVHEW. Catherine Brown. February 18, 1971. at hospital, of Rosevllle Chase. Privately crem- ato. MELINZ. Adolf Anton. February 18, 1971, at hospital, of Lot 15 and 16 Sydney street. Black-town, dearly loved husband of Ingrld, and loved father of David, dear son of Florlan and Anna Mellnz, loved brother ol Joseph, Edward, Felix, Slavko, Slavka, Trudy, and Sister Mary Florin ne. Aged 38 years. Requlescat In pace. MINHPNNITT. Ronald Andrew. Ana raw. at hps-Victoria, reoruary in, ii, Pltal. of Glen Iris, In vino father ot Rarfiara , or isia. Bronwvn, loving father-in-law Chris McAlolne. fond a rand. father of Megan, Cameron and Rowena, dear brother-in-law of rranK Maimews ana Kenee Nil-bet, aged 64 years. . MERCER. Jean. February 17, widow of James Mercer, and loved mother of Thomas, aged 89 years. Privately cremated at Woronora on 19th Instant. NAY, Edith Barbara (Peggy), , vw, wvi j ,9, 19 1, at nuspitai, pf Waratah Avenue, Liverpool, beloved wife of Benjamin, dearly loved, mother of Derlk, Betty and Martin fond daughter of Mr and Bill, Jean, Bob, Brian and Beryl,, ged 47 years, At rest. OLDB, Lillian February 15.1 1971. at hospital, formerly of Homebush, beloved wife ot John (deceased), loved mother of Enid (deceased), Bernard, Lottie, Bessie, Aubrfe snd Bonny (deceased), fond grandmother and oreat-ora ndmo ther of their ch lid ren, ovlng sister of Ethel, Mauris, Marlon, Percy and Gladys. Privately cremated February 17, DEATHS OLIPHANT, ,Peler King, Febru ary io. i7i. at wsveriay. hul r.Li. band of Rublna, father ol Nancy aiaw'" PAINI, Edward Donolai -Airaa, ta. 'Febru- at hospital, late ot Mt. Prltchard. daarlv oved band of the late Miry llliabeth iian ly cremated Febru' PATRICK, Gladys. February 1971. at hoioltal. ate ot Canto. bell town and ManlFdra, beloved wile ol the late William Harold reiricK, lovvo motnar ana motner. I il Man ui Bertram ana may, Arnold and Irene, Clarence and Innlt. William and I lent, Barry (deceased) and Bonny, and grandmother and greit-grand mother ol tneir cnuoren. PERKINS, fthel tarah. February 18, 1971, at hospital, late ol Fiat Iso Kentucky rtoaa. ki HVUUt UV1MT IU(W TfllB ui fneui- tce Thorn (deceased), dearly loved mother of David and Anne, fond mother-in-law of Bob. much-loved grandmother of Tracy and jaynie. At rest. PILGRIM. Arthur. February 19, 1971, at his residence, 3 Badgery Avenue, Homebush, beloved husband of Alma, loved father of Haxel and Ray, fond jather.ln.1aw of Neville and Norma, oevoieo granoratner or Bromwyn. Glen, Susan and Julia, I years. ai rest. PORKOVECH, Slavka. February 19, 1971, suddenly at her. resi dence, io Liiyneid Koaa Leicn harrit. Relowed will ol Mitre and jpved mother of Alex, Trlua (Mrs irpiinvu, ivko ang taearge, Milan, Mlra and Tina and loved granamoiner at tneir ennoran Aged 70 years. ary ia, ivs i, at nia reiiaente, 75 McCaulev Avenue, Bateau Bay (late of Lakemba N.S.W.), dearly loved husband of Florence Emily, beloved father of Dorothy (Mrs Ansty), Alan, David and Sydney (deceased), dear grandfather ol their children. Fond brother-ln- aw or irene, eiaina ana jonn. in viva a lavntg care. RADESKI. Anne. February 18 iui, iate or eaniakes, oeany loved mother of Carl and devoted granomotner oi nil lamny. Privately cremated, Botany, February 19, 1971. loved wife nf tha lata DlrharH aipn, step-motner oi trie, Harold, Colin and Ron, mother-in-law of Marg, June, Beryl and Gwen and sister of Mln, Mary and REDMOND, Eleanor Ettle, Febru ary i,in, ai wniaourra noaa, Cronulla (late of Lakemba), dearly oved wife of Bernard Edward (deceased), loved mother of Bernard (TfJnvi.. Margaret (deceased), Lilly, Eileen, Lorraine and Shirley. Fond mother-in-law, loving grandmother and great grandmother ot tneir tnnaren. Agea oj years. ROBINSON, Donald Perclval. reoruary i , 191 tsuaaeniy), at his residence, loved husband of Grade, loved father of Margar- and Ross, loved tather-fn-law of Anne and Brian, dear poppa of Peace perfect peace. ROBINSON, Hilda (Nurse). reoruary n, 1 vi , at taivary nospitai, rvonaran iate OT naxei- orooK ana Arncime, agea si years. Privately cremated Febru ary 15, 1971. SEARLEY. Michael Eisworth. reoruary 13, iszi. accident at Taree, formerly of 7 Garrlck Avenue, nunters run, oeiovea son ther of Jim, loved (lance of Helen' mar srtan, 01 Kenoaii, ageo years. R.I. P. See, Mondav'a "Herald" for SHELLABEAR, Henry Alfred Sar sent. reDruarv 13. 1971. a hospital, of Victoria Parade, Manly. Dearly beloved husband ol cusa, icvea tamer or jonn, Dorothy (U.S.A.), and tather-ln-law of Eileen and Ken, grandfather ol jo nn, cnzaoein, Antnony ana Beth and great-grandfather ol Adam, aged 82. Privately ere-mated February 16, 1971. SIMPSON. Robert Warren Feb ruary is, 1971, 01 Llndneld, for. merly of Knox Grammar school, dearly loved husband Of T SMITH, Frances Lydla, Febru ary is, at ner resiaence, PenrHh Road. Anni Rinli dearly loved wHe of Hugh, dear mother of Delia (Mrs R. Green- tree;, agea oi years. At rest. STAINER, Herbert Leslie. Febru ary 10. ii tit nospitai), beloved father and father-in-law of uorotny ano Aiian luinoertson, or lanoerra, granoiatner 01 Patricia and John, and g rest-grand - iimn 01 uavia ana jatqueiine, aged 84 years. Privately cremated February 10. 1971. WADE, Alfred Marston. February ) (, at nuspitai, nanowiCK, N.S.W., loved husband of Sarah Anna Wade. Rrwal Street. Maroubra, loved father ot Doug Bess and Beryl, beloved grand- ia liter ui jim, margaret, Mye, David, Lvnette and Jennifer, In his 62nd year. Privately ere-mated. . WATSON, Clifton Eric. February is, 1971, at nts resiaence, 21 lllaroo Road, Nowra North, dearly loved husband of Ida May, loved father of Lval (London), Warren fCvdnev) tfeuln fAri. lalde), and loving grandfather ol tneir cnuaren, agea 1 years. WILLAMS, George Marshall. January zs, 1971 (suddenly), at Canterbury District Hospital, loving brother of Queen le (Mrs Tyler, deceased), Dick (N.Z.), Sid (Denlstone), Ivy May Thurecht (Petersham), Fred (Lakemba), Jack (Punchbowl), Bob (Lane Cove). Interred, Woronora Ceme-tery. February 3. 1971. At rest. WILLIAMS. Eileen Maud. Febru. ary iu, igi, at nospitai, of 41 Rons Street, Peakhurst, dearly loved wife of George, loved mother ol Eileen (Mrs Johnson), Frank, Colleen (Mrs Jones) and George, fond mother-in-law ot Merv, Kaye, Richard and Chris, dear grandmother of Glen, Scott, Terry and Klmberley, loved sister of Frank, Sidney and Shirley, fond sister-in-law of Evelyn, John and Auntie Em, aged 56. At rest. For Funeral notice, see Mon- day's "Herald." WILLIAMS, Thomas William. Feb ruary io, 1S71. at K.G.H., concord, late ot 4 Mooculta Street, Five Dock (formerly of Newtown), dearly beloved husband of Emily (deceased), loved father of Bruce, Noel, (deceased), Brian and Beryl, fond father-in-law ol Edd and Richard and dear grandfather of Christine. Agea li years. Lest we forget. WILSON, Bronwyn Lee. February; 1 a, 1 9 1 ii nuspitai, iate OT Hillsdale, beloved daughter of Max and Leonle, dearly loved sister of David and Melissa, loved granddaughter of Mr and Mrs T, Hazelton and Mr and Mrs C. Wilson, loved niece of Jack, aged 8 months. At rest at last. 1 WILSON, 'Catherine. February 10. 'ij at nnr aaugnter s re B dence. 3 W rr Ida Way Poreat, Vllle. Of 139 Northcot Street. Kurrl Kurrl, beloved wife of the late William Wilson, loved mot'-ar of Jack, Evelyn and Nora. At peace. Privately crem- tvu on loin instant. WILSON. Reginald. FebruarV 17. of Balmaln and formerly of Rose Bay (King Edward's Horse R..U.U.K., ii4-i!Ji9, oeany loved husband of Olgs, loved latner or oetty, juay ana Jim, Angela, Jeremy, Richard and uenevieve, agea 01 years. . Privately cremated. WOODS. Nellie Miller. rebru' arv 1. OT HI Twvnam Street, Narrandera, beloved mother of Pat (Mrs D. Dltcham. of Narrandera), and Betty (Mrs A. Farlelgh of Camden), loving grandmother ot Anne JIM. Pam auu mi, greaegrona motner or FUNERALS ACKLEY, The Relatives and rnenos ot Mrs 3anara ACKiey, of Marrjckville, are invited to attend the Funeral ot her dearly beloved Infant daughter. RACHEL ANNE ACKLEY. to leave the Boland Funeral Home, corner of Llnd-thorpe and Brown Streets, Newtown, on Monday, alter service rommenf. Ino at ? 4.4 n m fnr tha nvae uaraeri, unurcn or cngiana vmetery, rieia or Mars. E. BOLAND AND SONS. 51 2109. Sydney. . 51 8272, ALLEN.- The Relatives and Friends 01 tn iate amia all en. 01 is Gloucester Road, Hurstvllle. are Invited to attend his Funeral: to leave OUen's Chapel, Princes Highway, Sutherland, Today (Sat urday), after a service com mencing at a.m., tor tne crematorium, woronora. H, N. OLSBN PTY. LTD., Sutherland Shire. 521 2396. A.F.D.A. 523 SSI 2, ATHANS (ATHANASOPOULOS), The Relatives and Friends ot the iate m Am a aihan. Of a calliope Street, Guildford, are Invited to attend her Funeral; to cave Amos joannis ureeit unno-dox Church, 11 Haisall Street, Parramatta, Monday Next, on conclusion of service commencing at 2 p.m.. for the Greek Orthodox Cemetery, Rookwood. FUNERALSF DISTINCTION FAIRFIELD and CABRAMATTA, I 72 5408. A.F.OiA, 72 3093. MJNKRAI.S ATKINS. Tn Relative! and rnerwjs 01 ihi late . NORMA rnauA aiktn, aie invited tt attend her funeral: to leave oui Chanal. fnr. of Mill anrl lalriu. Streets, .North Sydney, naat Mon. day, February 22. 1971. at B.1S a m. for the Crematorium, North! m euowroa, tt WOOD COF FILL FUNERALS, North Svdnev. A-t-.D-A. 62 1109. aldwin. The Relatives tnd Frlends of the ate GEORGE BALDWIN are kindly Invited to fttend his Funeral; to leave our unersl Home, 266 South Terrace, Bankstown, This Morning after service commencing at 11.30 o clocK for St. Saviour's t.nurcn 01 angtano temetery Punchbowl, LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS, 266 South Terrace, 'Bankstown. Phone 51 2777 (4 lines). BRR. The , Friends of the late birtwaAT Like sriCK BAKK, late of Forest Ranee, S.A., ex Z7746IJ Fit. Lte, R.A.A.F.. ire respectfully advised that his Funeral service 'win be conducted on monaav reoruary 42 at 4.15 D.m. In the Sir Inhn Mri mmv Chapel, Centennial Park, Crema-atorlum. Floral tributes to the CLAUDE TREVELION, A.F.D.A.. S6 Maglll Rd, NORWOOD. BIVIANO. Requiem Mass for the repose ot tne soui ot tne iate MRS GIOVANNINA BIVIANO, of Ryde, will be celebrated at the Ho V Solrlt Church. fn'( Road, North Ryde, on Monday nu mat. at am. Relatives snd Friends are In. ylted to attend the Funeral to iot tne tnurcn alter Mass ror tn nunncrn auourDS Lemetery, THOMAS DIXON PTY LTD 249 Crown St. Darllnohunt Est. 1636 . . 31 4102 A-r.u.A. BRIEN. Requiem Mass for the! Mr Horace rov brien oi 'Lin downe Motel, Hume Highway. Ca bra matta, will be celebrated at the Sacred Heart Church, Park Road, Cabramatta. on Monday, February 22, 1971, appointed to iummcm.v at I U a.m. Relative and frlenrlc ir Inulr. ed to attend his Funeral; to leave the church at conclusion of Mass, for the Pine Grove Memorial Crematorium. Great, Western High way, eastern ureex. KEITH HOY, 13 Alan Street, BURTON. The Relatives and rnenos or tne iate Mrs many ELLEN BURTON, of Hornsby, are Invited to attend her Funeral service, to be held In the Chapel at the Northern Suburbs Crematorium on Monday, February 22, at 1 1.30 a.m. ALLAN WALSH Pty. Ltd., BYWATERS. The Relatives and rnenos ot Mrs margaret WATT BYWATERS. late ot 4 Robertson Street, Campsle, iro inviira 10 audio ner runerai; tc leave the Presbyterian Church E val Ine Street, Campsle, Monday neat i reoruary aner a sen vice commencing at 9 a.m. foi the Presbyterian Cemetery, Rook' WOOD, WOOD COFFILL FUNERALS, A.F.D.A.. CAMPSIE. 78 3173 COOK The Relatives and Friends oi tne iate KtuiNAuo kilkuy COOK are Invited to attend hi Funeral; to leave the Parramatta Funeral Home, 93 George St, Parramatta. on Monday next after service commencing at 9 a. for Prospect Cemetery. METCALF & MORRIS LTD,, A.F.D.A.. COOK. CltV nt Parramatta BUI suo-orancn ana ciuo. me omcers Snd Members of the above sub-ranch and club are respectfully requested to attend the Funeral of their esteemed fellow-member ncumALu r. iuuk. (ex zt 10th Batt). For Funeral partlcu-an. se family nntii-0 F. E Lyshaght. pres.. Sub-Branch a. t. ourcnan. Kres. nuo. CORLETT. The Relatives and rrienas 01 tne iate Mrs MINNll LAVINA CORLETT, ol 1 Minnli Street. Belmore. are Invited tt attend her Funeral. Mnndtv February 22, 1971: to leave our ruMcai nume, naii way raraae, J.OHCIHOB, aner service .ippointei w tuinmence at p.m. ' At the rnnrluilnn nf h ... vice, the Funeral will leave for , us mtiiiogin cemetery, kooic DIGNIFIED FUNERALS. LAKEMBA. FIVEDOCK 47 4911 COX - The Relatives and Friends! l" "ate, fn f nKUE 1 MIT1 E COX are kindly Invited to attend her Funeral; to leave our Funeral Home, 36 North Parade, Campsle, Monday Morning Next, after service commencing at 11 o'clock e-Jr.". '1, Ul Engiana Lemo Ei j, nwmnugg, LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS, A.F.D.A., 36 North Parade, Campsle. Phone 51 2777 (4 lines). CRAWFORD. The Relatives and rnenos or the late MARV MORRIS CRAWFORD? are "vlted VhM a n V JrA,nef?1: leave Road.Dundas, on Monday. Febru ary 22, 1971. after a service commencing at 2 p.m. for the vm'smi juuuiui wrEinatonum. CHARLES INNES & SON. A.F.D.A. 93 George Street, Parramatta. 635 9259. DAV. The Relatives and Friends DAY. of Hornsby, are Invited to c y"3.-"'' 01 tne norm' TV" J-uu"1 01 -remaiorium, C Monday Next, at 10.10 a.m. ALLEN MATTHEWS PTY. LTD. CREMORNE JUNCTION. 1 1 , Tne Funeral of the DONLAN J"L.. ni .cvALIwe MAUDE 11 leave inn Memo- gist Church, Pittwater Rnad Boronla Parle ThU n-.w day), after a service appointed to At the mnMiiilA. aI - v!cei..a Chiatton will take place at Northern Suburbs Cremato- By request no flowers. Dona- cnar,lv wouia be ap- GREGORY and CARR , 49 4455. A.F.D.A. 49 4422, DUNCAN The Relatives and Friends of the late Mr ROBERT DUNCAN, of Green Valley, are inviieu 10 attena tne service; tc be held on Monday at 11.30 a.m. In the Chapel of the Eastern Suburbs Crematorium. Relatives and Friends please By request no flowers. E. BOLAND ANO SONS, MAROUBRA. PAGE WOOD GARNICKI. The Relatives ind rrienoi or tne lata u rum ai NICHOLAEVITCH GARNICKI. of FrancU Street, East Sydney, are Invited to attend his Funeral to leave the K nsela Chapels. Taylor Square parllnghurst. Today (Saturday) after a service commencing! 7S .ior tno KUS Orthodox Section of Bo Cemetery. Est. 1830 31 4136. ' GAR NSeV. The Funeral of the GARNSEY of 81 Burn s Street Lyons, A.C.Tm will take place wt oiwinini iiw iiiran ino reo- ruiry. A Service will be held mi Aiiarew a v-ainearai. for- rest, commencing at 9 n.m.. i the conclusion of the Service the wood Park Crematorium r.n' berra No Bowers by request. In lieu of flowers. Please send dona tion . to the National Heart DAI DIRECTORS. A.r.D.A. 78 Canberra Aye. GRAYSON. The Funeral of the SRAYSON, of UnSnarwtiriy. Stra, Goiford, on Monday N aftsr s.rvff. cnfnin.nriiii. 11.30 a.m. for Point dart Cm- R. H. CREIGHTON, Ctntral Coast Funeral Strvlct. Goilord. 2 0JJ37 MJN1 PAIS ORKIO, The Relatives and friend at the lala f ntDFRI! K S1URROCK GREIG. are Invited 10 atiena nn runerei; to leave ir Chaoel, This (Saturday) ornlng, on conclusion ot servke commencing at 10 o'clock, for the lastern Suburbs Crematorium. WALTER CARTER Pty. Ltd., .292102 Oxford St, WOOllahra. 30 1OOB. A,''0,A' 38aiB2. ol Petersham, to atiena nis runerai service to ie held In the chaper of Northern Suburbs Crematorium; appointed to commence at 3.30 a.m.. Mon. day, February 22, 1971- Friends viraav assernoia at crematorium. MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED, 30 City Road, Chippendale. HAWKRIDGE. The Relatives ind Friends or the late GEORGE HAWKRIDGE of 67 Morgan Street, Klngsgrove. are Invited to attend his Funeral, to leave our Chanel. B9D Canterhnrv Road, Lakemba (opposite Haldon airectj alter service commencing at 9 a.m. Monday noxt, for the Rookwood Crematorium, 560 9990 759 4044 HOLLOWAY. The Relatives and Friends ol the late FLORENCE ANNIE HOLLOWAY, are kindly Invited to attend her Funeral service: to take Place at the Northern Suburbs Crematorium (Mon-day) Afternoon next at 1.40 o'clock. Friends kindly meet at the Crematorium. LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS, A.F.D.A., 389 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest. Phone 51 2777 (4 lines). HOYNES. Requiem Mass tor FJ" '.rfirr1. .I .ino 50U ot tne ate Mr WILLIAM JAMES HOYNES, ol McMaster's Beach, formerly ol Blay ney, will be celebrated at the Holy Cross Catholic Church, Kln-I cumber South, on Monday Next at 10 a.m. After Prayers following Mass, burial wjl take place In the ad-Joining Church Cemetery. R. H. CREIGHTON, Central Coast Funeral Service, Goslord 2 0223, Street. Waverlev. will be held In tne Eastern Suburbs Crematorium Chapel (Botany) next Monday menclno at 2.45 o'clock. ' WALTER CARTER Ptv Ltd. 292-302 Oxford Street, Woollahra. A.F D A 38 3009. UA 38 2182 e s h I h "embers ol Invited to attend the Funeral of FR A N K HUGHES. mMr' For details see Family notice, A. A. WRIGHT. Pres. R- L. WHITE. Sec. Mar. IRWIN. The Relatives and Friends ! I! JAMES (JIM) IRWIN, of 65 Henry Street, Penrith, are kindly Invited to attend hk Funeral; to leave St. Nicholas's .-.mum, nurtn, nion street, Penrith. Monday 22nd, aftei Dravers rommenclnn r o tn . for the Penrith General Cemetery. JOHN PRICE AND SON, ST. MARYS. I PENRITH 22020. SPRINGWOOD 51 1280. LINDNER. The Relatives and friends ol the late Miss CLARA ELIZABETH LINDNER, ol Kings Cross, are Invited to attend her ruuera, io nave ine Boland ruHcifli nume, torner oi Lin-thorpe and Brown Streets, New town, on Monday, at 1.15 p.m., for the General Cemetery, Field E. BOLAND AND SONS, St 2109. Sydney. 51 8272. McGARRITY. The Relatives ana rnenos ai ine iate alUNEY junn ivi lUHnit i it, or ttiaionQ and formerly of Enfield, are Invited to attend his Funeral: to leave the Chaoel of tha Metro. politan Funeral Home, Railway February 22, after service commencing at 2 p.m., (or Rookwood Crematorium. Parking at rear of runerai noma an nan way raraae. McGILL, Requiem Mass for the repose or ine soui oi tne late LUCY ISABEL McGILL, of Hurl-stone Park, will be celebrated at St. Paul ol the Cross, Catholic Church, New Canterbury Road, wuin.i.1. nni, luuay yaaiuraay, Mass commenclno at 9 a.m. At the conclusion of prayers following the Mass the Funeral will leave the Church for the nuunwuuo wainunc Lawn (.erne- wry. McPAUL. The Relatives and rnenos or tne iate eilccn mary McPAUL. Ol 55 Mclford Street. Hurlstone Park, are Invited to attend her Funeral: to leave our Chapel. Richmond Road, Black- wwri moar siauonj, aner service commencing at 9 a.m. on Monday, proceeding to Prospect Cemetery. THE GUARDIAN FUNERAL HOME, A.F.D.A.. MacGREGOR .The Funeral ol the late ALcA PHILLIP MaCGHEQOR. 1 ot Hunters HIII will leave the Presbyterian Church, Woolwich Road, Hunters HIII Next Monday,, February 22, 1971, after a service appointed to commence at 3 p.m. At 4he conclusion ol tha Mr. vice, a cremation wilt take place at the Northern Suburbs Crema torium. BY REQUEST NO FLOWERS. In lieu donations may be sent to Tne nouse wun no steps, Dei-rose, or Frank Whiddon Masonic Homes, Glentield. GREGORY and CARR, Pty. Ltd., 49 4455. A.F.D.A. MacGREGOR. Hunters HIII Bowl ing uuo- rrestaent ana Members of the above Club are Invited to attend the Funeral ol their late esteemed Member, ALEX PHILLIP MacGREGOR. I For Funeral details see family notice. - H. R. THOMAS, Secretary. MADDOX. The Relatives and rnenos or tne iate alice edith MADDOX are kindly Invited to aueno ner runerai service; io take etace at tha Crematorium Woronora, Monday Morning Next at 9.45 o'clock. Please meet at crematorium. LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS, A.F.D.A., 4 Car ring ton Avenue, Hurstvllle. Phone 51 2777 (4 lines. M alone. - The Relatives and menus or ine iate JOHN PATRICK MALONE. are Invited to attend his Funeral; to leave I I t. "e" rnonaay iviorn- ii ycuiuiiy at 11 O CIOCK, for the Botany Cemetery. WALTER .CARTER 292-302 Oxloi-d St',' Woollahra. A.F.D.A. 38 3009, 38 2182. MALONE. Members of thel th ttneri' 01 their Tate esteemed Member iohn PATRICK MALONE. For Funeral .iii.aiw, ... i.miir nonce. T. ABERNETHY, Sec'. and flmll. .7. ii.JIl ffi.nine ! attend the Funeral ol their dear $iV8d .MoTcr JESSIE CONSTANCE, to leave the Baptist Church, Oalhouile street HaberA.ld. N.v' unM... 17..J service commencing at 2.3b D.m . for Northern SiAurbi Oeheral LESLIE S.' ANDREWS, 7S6222. . " 7g.u,2. uf pj TMhvterlan Church, .j mna , MarKnam Place, . j FliNFKALS MCLINX The Relatival ne Fnvnrls art Invited to sttend Requiem Mats tor the eternal remote of the soul ol the late ADOLF ANTON MILINZ ol Cot lb and 16 Sydney St reel. Black, town, to be Offered In ft. Patrick's Church, Patrick ftjreet, Blacktown at 1.15 a.m. Today (Saturday). After prayers following Mast, the Funeral will leave for Pine Grove Memorial Park, tsitsrn Creek. Richmond Road, Blacktown. MENHENNITT. The Relatives ana Friends of the late Mr RON AID ANDREW MENHENNITT of Glen Iris. Victoria, are Invited to attend his Funeral Service to be held In the Chapei of the . Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Tuesday Next, commencing at 2.20 p.m. By request no flowers. ERNEST ANDREW5 CHATSWOOD, A.F.D.A. 412 1344 (3 lines). MUNCE, The Relatives and Friends ol the late STUART CHAuLES MUNCE, who was accidentally drowned at Maroubra f leach on January 27. 1971, are nvlted to attend a wreath laying ceremony at Maroubra Beach on Sunday, February 21, 1971, at 10 a.m. NATOLI. Requiem Mass for the) eternal reoose ot the toul ot late GIOVANNI NATOLI. of 12 Bur- rell Street. Bevertv rlilis. will : ottered In Rcgina Coell Catholic Church, Ponvara Road, Beverly Hills at 9 a.m., Wednesday next. February 24. The Relatives snd Friends are nvlted to attend his Funeral; to leave the Church alter prayer following mass for the Vault Sec tion. Catholic Cemetery, Botany. DULWICH HILL and LAKEMBA. NAY. The Relatives and Friends or rvir wiiuam i Benjamin? rav and Family, of Waratah Avenue, Liverpool, are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral oi his beloved Wife and their dear Mother, EDITH (PEGGY) NAY; to leave Wheatlev's Private Chapel, 10B Waldron Road, Chester HIII, after a service at 9.15 a.m., Monday, for the Rookwood Crematorium. JOHN D. WHEATLEY. ' OLIPHANT. A service for tha late PETER KING OLIPHANT, of Waverlev, will be held at the Eastern Suburbs Crematorium, on Monday (February 22), commencing at 11.30 a.m. Please meet at Crematorium. WALTER CARTER " t Pty. Ltd.. 292-302 Oxlord St. Woollahra, A.F.D.A. 38 3009. 38 2162. OLIPHANT . Bondl Junction-Waverley R.S.L. Sub-Branch Officers and Members are Invited to attend the Funeral of their late Member. PETER KING OLIPHANT. For particulars see Family notice. J. SAILER, Pres. B. DAVIS, Sec. OLIPHANT. Bond! Junction-Waverley R.S.L. Club Officers and Members are Invited to attend the Funeral of their late Member. PETER KING OLIPHANT. For particulars see Family notice. R. T. WARD. Pres. F. H. McCARTrHY.Sec. Manager, DATES. The Relatives and Friends 0l the late WILLIAM EDMUND OATES, of 159 Taren Point Road, Taren Point, are Invited to attend his Funeral; to leave his residence, 159 Taren Point Road, Taren Point, Today (Saturday), at 11 a.m., for the Crematorium Woronora. H. N. OLSEN PTY. LTD., Sutherland Shire, 521 2396 A.F.D.A. 523 5512. OATES. Miranda Sub-Branch - R.S.L. and R.S.L. Memorial Club. The Omcers and Members of the above Sub-Branch and Club are Invited to attend the Fune- rat of their late esteemed Member. WILLIAM EDMUND OATES. For Funeral particulars see Family notice above. F. JACKSON, Pres. ' M. PHILLIPS, Sec. Mgr. OATES. The Members of Taren Point Bowling Club are advised ot the passing of their late esteemed Member, WILLIAM OATES. See today's "Herald" . pa Funeral notice. W. MacLACHLAN Pres. M. WALLIS. Sec. OATES. Members of The 1Bt. ueorge Master tsunaers ui vision . end Club are Invited to attend the Funeral of their late esteemed) Member, WILLIAM EDMUND OATES. For particulars see Family notice. G. H. VVARDMAN, Pres. T. G. HOGAN. Sec-Manager. PATRICK. The Relative, and rnenos ot tne iate Gladys pat-rick are Invited to attend her Funeral; to leave St. Peter's Church, Campbelltown, after a service commencing at 3 p.m. on Monday, for tha Church of England Cemetery, Campbelltown. P. E. BUTLER & CO. PTY. LTD. A.F.D.A. Camden 6 826S. PERKINS. The Relatives and Friends of the late Mrs ETHEL SARAH PERKINS are Invited to attend her Funeral; to leave the Chapel of Walters and Son, Funeral Directors, 890 Canterbury Road, Lakemba, Monday Next (February 22) alter a service commencing at 1 P.m. for tha Woronora Crematorium. . WOOD COFFILL FUNERALS,' A.F.D.A. CAMPSIE. 78 3173, PILGRIM. The Relatives and rnenos oi tne late ARTHUR PILGRIM, of 3 Badgery Avenue, Homebush, are Invited to attend his Funeral. Monday February 22. 1971: to be held In the Chaoel of the Rookwood Crematorium. Service appointed to commence at 9.10 a.m. Relatives and friends please meet at the Crematorium office at 9 o clock. ... DIGNIFIED FUNERALS. FIVEDOCK. LAKEMBA. 747 4911. 759 2512. PpRKOVECH The Relatives and rrienui or ins iai ivirs aLAVtvA PORKOVECH, of 184 Lllyfield Road, Leichhardt, are kindly Invited to attend her Funeral; to leave St. Klro and Metodl Church, Dalmeny Avenue, Rosebery, on Tuesday Afternoon, 23rd Instant, atter service commencing at 1.30 o'clock for the Greek Orthodox portion of Botany Cemetery, A. O'HARE, A.F.D.A., . t 13 Norton Street, Leichhardt. -56 6046. 56 1995, POWELL. A service far the late CECIL JEFFERY POWELL, of "3 McCaule Avenue. Bateau Bay. will be new in the Chapel of Northern Suburbs Crematorium. Mon.4av next February 22, at 10.30 a.m. Relatives and Friends kindly meet at Crematorium Chapel. LAKES DISTRICT FUNERALS, Coronation Building, j The Entrance. Phone The Entrance 32 2333. W9" 7 . The H.latlve, anal Friends ol the late IVY RALPH. L Canterbury, are Invited to . funeral: to leave the East Chanel ot the Metropolitan Funeral Home. Railway Parad., Burwood, Monday Next, alter aer- Independent awn Cemetery, Rookwood. Parking at rear of Funeral Home orr Railway Farad.. METROPOLITAN BURIAL AND CREMATION SOCIETY, A.F.D.A.. BURWOOD. 74 2lVsT 74 217B. "fDMOND The Relative, and Friends ol the late Mrs ELEANOR ETTIE REDMOND, ot Cronulla. Ite .of Lakemba, are kindly Invited to attend her Funeral) to leave the West Chapel of the Metropolitan Funeral Home, Rlckard Road, Bankstown, on Monday, February 22, after service com- TJ " a'm or Rook- nwuu -.rem.iunum Parking at rear of Funeral Home. MoEJ.R.9Ki!TAN BURIAL ANO CREMATION SOCIETY, A.F.D.A. Bankstown. 709 5044. ROBINSON. The Relatives and r,r'enps ot the late Mr DONALD PfRCIVAL ROBINSON are In-v ted to attend his Cremation Ser-i !? !? ""'li J" the Chapel of tf.e Northern Suburbs Cremato- t1"".. Monday Next (February 22) commencing at 1 1 e.m. , ''lends please meet at the Cre matorlum office at 10.50 a.m. WOOD COFFILL FUNERALS, nvn. .A.F.D.A., Continued on page 127 Pnnceo and published sons Limited, Jones - Street, Broadway, ...mi, Bruaoweya, if i ' aaaiiieeeuaaaUeaksatMi -.iie..a.j an.

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