The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 4, 1967 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 4, 1967
Page 14
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don smrth A couple of clairvoyants (or ESP) have been in the news lately. One is a Chicago woman, the other an Englishman, and both say everyone has a certain amount of ESP. They apparently spend most of their time predicting things, in many instances for clients who then set their coarse for the future. Both the woman and the man have chalked up fine records with their predictions, percentage-wise, but of course some of the items they have predicted could have been predicted by you or me. Others, however, were much tougher. For instance, the Chicagoan predicted the snowstorms that hit that city this winter. She also says President Johnson won't run again, but here is another thing we could predict. She says there will be no peace in Vietnam this year. THE Englishman on the other hand, appeared on Johnny Carson's show the night of March 28 and said the Vietnam fighting will end in late April or early May this year. He also said President Johnson will no longer hold that office by the end of 1967, but offered no reason, saying HHH would then serve the remainder of the term. The Chicago lady predicted Johnson would suffer poor health by May, that George Romney will be the nr xt president of the United States, that Charles DeGaulle would disappear from the scene and that California will experience earthquakes this year, leading up to one in 1979 that will cause great loss of life and land. She says the Democrats will nearly nominate Robert Kennedy to run for presidency neit year, then switch to someone else. Anyone for Ouiga? WONDER if there's anything to the rumor that Fritz Nielsen, Driver's Education instructor at AHS, has a crash helmet that he wears when students drive in the county! THE death of Ralph Miedke, 67, former Algonan, at Oshkosh, Wise, recently removed another one of our friends from our midst I worked for Ralph in 1948-49 when he was manager of the Country Club here - and he certainly was a fine boss. He had been manager of the Algona Hotel prior to that and he and his wife purchased a hotel at Neenah, Wise, which they have operated since leaving here in the late forties. DOES anyone believe in the honesty of pro boxing any more? It is doubtful if they have seen any of the so-called top-flight heavyweights battle Cassius Clay. Mohammed's latest "fight" in Madison Square Garden, with 34-year old Zora Folley as his opponent, was a prime example of the type of thing that would get the participants an Oscar if they performed in the movies. We'd be the first to admit that Ali is a great boxer, but just can't figure out how the higher-ups in boxing are able to fool fans the way they do. -'l- "DO you really think a woman would believe you if you told her she was the first woman you had ever kissed?" "Yes, provided that you were the first liar she had ever met." ED Wolf, genial owner of the Coast-To-Coast store here, had a problem recently. He has one of the largest toy stores in this entire area, so when a salesman came through with a new, small gasoline engine that attaches to the front wheel of any ordinary bike and powers it to speeds up to 16-20 miles per hour, Ed ordered one. Then, after hearing the salesman's pitch about who could ride them, licensing, etc., he started thinking about Iowa's laws - so began checking into it right away. Don't know what he found out about the legalities, but he was sure having fun riding the rig when we last saw him. A British psychiatrist has come up with an anti- snoring machine which has been tested - and it works. It consists of a tiny throat microphone connected to a small power unit and attached to the snorer's arm. As soon as he snores, an electrical impulse is sent into his arm and while it is not strong enough to wake him - a mental block against snoring is set up. Not only that, after a few weeks the machine can be taken away because the arm will automatically twitch and stop his snoring. The twitches stop after a few days, but the effect remains. WELL, the Minnesota Vikings lost not only their head coach, Norm Van Brocklin, but also ace quarterback Fran Tarkenton (a name which announcers insist upon saying Tarkington. Tarkington, Booth was his first named, was an author). Fran was sold to the Giants and thinks he will be happier. I suppose it would get a little rugged, mentally, to engineer your team's touchdowns during a game, then have the defensive backfield let down so the opposition can score four touchdowns in the last period to win. Most of the excitement in the Vikes 1 offensive show is now gone. o . ^^ SOME educators say it won't be long now before they will teach without books. Then you will really see some football teams! GOVERNMENT (at least in the United States) gets more ridiculous every day. Taxes are forcing businessess out of being (especially the smaller variety), or making it tougher to keep going - and despite the fact we are supposed to be a democracy, some of the things that have been going on in the past 15 years or so make you wonder. Practically everything the lawmakers come up with any more seems to make us more socialistic - and that's not far from communism, if we remember our book learning. TAKE your wages, for instance. Did you get a raise last year? If so, figure out how much of the raise you actually wound up with in net pay. The various governments probably chewed up most of what you should have gained. And the government agencies don't give " your boss any t>ed9f rose fl, either (more than likely they get the thorns). Right here in Iowa, for instance, the withholding tax kicked-off last year knocked the heck out of the check - then the state has to turn around and refund (at the cost of how many thousands of dollars?) much of it. Not only that, the state got the use of the money, which should have been put to use by the taxpayer in any way he saw fit. EVERY time a government agency comes up with some "bright" idea, the taxpayer gets sliced. And the only answer given is "somebody had to pay the bills." Who has always paid the bills? The poor suckers with enough drive and energy to work in private industry or business - and they certainly never expected to support millions of leeches now on government payrolls. THE way things are going, I think any young man would be taking a step in the right direction if he went to work for the government. The hours are short and the pay certainly can't be matched in similar jobs with private firms. So, step up young men, grab a soft job. THE average enemy doesn't know what to do if you suddenly forgive him. Education Ass'n Life Membership A life membership in the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA) has been granted to Mrs. Florence Blomker Hayden, a retired Havelock school teacher. The announcement was made today by the ISEA headquarters office. Mrs. Hayden, who resides at 204 South Harlan, Algona, taught at Havelock for 13 years. Prior to that she taught at Vernon and Lost Island townships tn Palo Alto county and Weaver township in Humboldt county. The life membership certifi- Atgona (la.) Upper Dej Moines—3 Tuesday, April 4, 1967 cate entitles a teacher to regular membership privileges in the ISEA without further payment of dues. It is based on at least 20 years of active membership DIVERSIFIED SERVICES INC exclusive national distributor for FOUR MUTUAL FUNDS pension and profit sharing services For a prospectus-booklet WHOLE HOG SAUSAGE DINNER Thursday, April 6 St. Michael's Hall, Whittemore 6 TO 8 P.M. SPEAKER Msgr. Lewis J. Miller Head of National Catholic Rural Life Conference, S. Dak. $1.25 SPEAKER Rev. Bruchlacker Pastor, American Lutheran Parish, Florence, S. Dak. (25-26) fl&Kf man or clip this complete advertisement and send It to your INVESTORS man. BILL STUDER 700 E. McGregor Algona, Iowa Phone 295-2705 i Also inquire about < a planned approach ' to life Insurance needs v SYMtfCATK I.IFK , l.NSIIHANCK AND ANNUITY COMPANY •^ * WHOLtv OWNI O auaSIOIAIIV or y, IHVI a oa • u vi Rtiru u stpvictt. me. HARMONIZE WITH US! 8th ANNUAL PARADE OF QUARTETS SATURDAY, APRIL 29 / ALGONA HIGH AUDITORIUM PRESENTED BY THE ALGONA CORNBELT CHORUS Tickets for the annual parade may be purchased from any of the chorus members at the boU°om PeOPle tL"" "*»* t0 contact * member « «" " can «* «» harder form Your order con be mailed to: "Ticket Chm." CORWIN PEER 921 S. Minn. Algona, Iowa 50511 Algona Cornbelt Barbershop Chorus TICKET ORDER BLANK ALL SEATS RESERVED Enclose ths order blank with your remittance in an envelope Reserved seat tickets will be mailed to you. All Seats Are $2.00 Tickets @ $2.00 each $ Mail tickets to Chorus Member's Name: CUT ALONG DOTTED LINE

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