The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1938
Page 5
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(ARK.)' COUBIBR NKWS PAGE FlVS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate jicr line Sat ccjisecu- ive injections: Due time tier line ............ lOc IVo times lier |lnp per (lay ...08c Three tiwes P*r Uiif, per day . ,OCc >ix Unjos l>er line per tiny ...,05c Honth rate per line .... ..... COc .... Cards of Thanks ...... 50e fi 15c Idiniinum charge 50c 0s ordered for tlirce or six es mid slopped before cxplvn- i will l« charged for the nimi- , of limes the add appeared and lUjiistinent of bill made. Ail classified Advertising copy 'Mbiniltcd Ijy persons residing out- ildc of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates mny be easily computed from above lablo, Advertising ordered for liTegiihir Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken fpr mprc than one Incorrect, inscr- l(ofl of any classified nd. Business Directory HARRY CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Good I'riccs AH Kinds 3cu Food Fresh Crappic Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. „ Phones fi-F-4 & 878 For Sale Kouiu and Board Etniill upright studio piano. Good »s new. Sncviflcrd for cash. Jack raitj, 310 Lake SI. H-pk-21 •)0 or 80 acres of land. O. U. Garner, Annorel. 12-nk Sleaui lirated 803 \V. Ash, room wllli 151. Nicely furnished, rooms, Doitrd if desired., piiooo Boa. 113 E, pher- MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Genuine Southern l.oreiio Soy- beims. Threshed early. Rc-dcaiied. S. 0. Dobbs Annofcl, Ark. liox •! 11-pk-l-ll To Srtlli. An Two nice houses, now renting for $22.50 per month. $500.00 down balance like rent, n. c. Campbell, Adminislralor, 11G So. Franklin. 10-ck-17 Electric . Wcslini'lumsc Civokrng stove. $25. WiUpolc Ulectric Shop. a-ck-16 VOfl BALE—12 good young mules, cash or terms, C. H, Whistle, G miles .south or Jtaschind. 8-|)k-l-8 Good flooring and lumber clieap. Jills. Henry Rcidmuii. 15-pk-3-15 Hay—Soybeans—Oats Seed Corn—Jlllch Cows Ami Tractor Work, ace W. L. Tale, Armorel, Ark. Coal My Is Black But I Treat You H'JWo. LOCAL HAULING John Huclianan Blythcville, Ark. I'hone 107 Radio Service EXPERT RADIO SERVICE Complete Line Of PARTS, TUBES, BTEKIES Hardaway. Appliance Co. 11KNKV IVKKMiK Main & 5th I'liunc '£• Complete 10 volume set or Standard Reference Books with lotss leaf binder. Call 230 or T93. is-fa-fa Leather folder with a keys. Own er can have same by paying cost of this nd. For Rent room furnished W. Walnut. apartment. 9(IC Unlurnishcrt -I room house. 005 E Cherry. C. E. Parks. 12-pk-ll Furnished apartment. Newlv decorated. 108 W. Kentucky." Phone 88.?. 12-pk-lO Nicely fwnished bedroom, reasonable rent, Phono 72G-M. 11-pk-lG 2 room furnished apartment. 316 W. Ash. I'lione 3C7-W. 8-ck-t FuniUlicd room entcnny into bath Call 03C, 818 Chickasawba. 8-da-d Modern 3 rocm apartment. Nowlj decorated. Unfurnished. Corne Main and 2ml. Also business build ing- next, to Kroger Store. Simon, Phone 76-1. Batteries BATTEBK SKRVICE ' J. Ben dune Phone 8 at Tom Jackson's " ' /-, o ~. mini, ri (..oitoii Seed w - Mai(i - DUPLEX—3' & 4 room furnlshc npartmeiils. Private baths, ca 260." 2ii-ck Comfortable nut, Call bedroom, Comfortable _bcdroon\ for gentle man. P!;one 277-J. Call at 02 "l-'cr Salir—No. 1J-A. D & PL Jirst year cotton seed, saved abso- 555 lutcly pme, S3.15 a hundred or S7p a ton. f.o.b. Caviiigton. Germination test 85%, gin liiniont -IB to -15%, staple 1 l-Ki in 1 3-32. Sacked, in unilorin 100 Ih. bags. Merrill Tallock, covirigton, Tenn." Nicely furnished bedrooms. Stcan heat. Convenient to bath. Ca 15-ck-3- Glass S^VE The Top of Your Furniture Wl'.'.i Glass AH designs eul & finished. CAtf, US hone 880 111 S. 2nd Male Help Wanted IAN for Codec Route. Up to $45 first week. Automobile Klven as onus. Write Albert, Mills, -HtH lonmonth, Cinelnnnli, o. 4-00 per day and liberal commis- ion. Must have litshl- car, and o to (ravel. Training required, ee W. O. Ouiso, Mrs. Wert A|),irl- Knls, H-])k-n For anil for rent. See Everett U. Get 10D South Second. . . M-ck-2t Fonud Lost Ulack medicnl hnmlbii;. Jnttlub on bag are c, u. s. Medical nnd Mirglrill l|).sli'i!inei)(,s were In hag. Drasonablv rnfrnicl for ivluni ID Dr. Stevens, runners lliuvk Bulld- '»K. . H-i-k-2l 1 pah- of Ciliusses In a bliio case. Please return to Courier News. , 8-da-'da Personal Bronco Busfer Rides Minute ant) Gets $100 DKNVISli UJl')-J!nro| Miilkey'Ji ability t» sliiy ilBlil-sldonii on nn him ut Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers ttoltfvr* bIMuuftQrui, ecnmM|i»1'.on • nd >u-«if(ittic», Atllvu IJrcr I'llli i-ul •! l&f real cAtiAC ctl your *lugg|jhnFAii tna onke jo" .'<'«> Illo • n«« n«rnuo. KIJ •our •yil«'iii of Hiiriilu^ iioUoQ* *!t)| Icliir Uvrr VIII.. ll«ntl.»«. goalli. Inlll «l .11 Klrli, TVuir tJIWM. Black leather key holder containing one key. Owner can Imve atnc by p.xvmg cost of tills nd. Courier News. Mclal key ring with 13 keys. Foimct near High School. Owner can have same by paying cost or thts id. Hatchet')' Baby Cbicks E'UBLIC HATCH ING. Hatchery, Blylhevillt, Ark., ll.W. 11 North, Phone 742. Indians Find Happiness In Northern Lights W111TK EAimi, Minn. (UP)— The Nnvlhcrn Lights may bo a cause of alarm to Knropean peiis- anls but to the Chlpiiewa Imliuns they Indicated the departed war- rlors lire liaviim a eooii time in Ilic happy tiimllug yroinids. Cliinf Little White Cloud, who signs Ills name ClcorRC 1). Selkirk In ordinary life, .said the Indian name (or the northern lights is "(jcc-bc-ni-ini-tli." Thai mernw a Bhost dunce done by the departed Indians. "As tliey dniu-e around." (lie cblcftnin explained, "they carry long poles on which ave faKlcM pieces of birch bavk. The bark Hflited and the northern llylils arc the rcllccUon.<i of the torches." Tlie accompanying recllsh glow, he said, "is but, the veileclion oi the camp fires In the happy hunting grounds which luivc bnnicd down to a heap of reddened ashes." bvonehu lirous'lit more than *l(W u mtinili! insl he rcvi'iiied between the Nuttoiu,) Wrslcni SllOVV lu'lT. '•'It's nice wok, If you can luko It," tin; world flmmplpn ijfinio rliler said. "^ (l . ; | Die nice tliliij; ubont it Is Hint jo|i only work )a seconds « ,iny v \ wn \\ wve - A n rcxlcn and only live tluys. u wi'i'k then." year Hie 31-your.old <:««•- pnnehrr einiuxl Uelween »5,oon mill Slfl.liiK) mid did It iill |n iitaml 6'i mtntitw of work, "Tlir »'<»WiiB lime dui'Mi't MMIIKI like miii-ii, but you .sure rnoiigli do n lot <i( rUllnu hi 13 seconds time —If you slay on," Mnlkoy .said. A rider has (o "stay on" to win nrl/e money and Mnlkcy i 5 om! of ,)„, hifhest pniil men jn the bn.s!nc.«. Mulkey wus mired on u nineh In Bnlinon, ta ( |. \\ f dors not Intend to e'vo n[i (he "In-one tHvuUuu" »s lo/ig ;is It ri'ijiiilns <is |>rolllnble us' it h»5 thus far, lie suld. "It's u Bond business," he smiled, "lieaccdii most cit (lie lime iuu| not ii cliaiur of n sil-do\vii * Archers Use (Mnun Vt* BA1.KM, Ore. (Ui'i-Oivtjoii yew Is the best wo<xi oblHinuble for bow construction, mid I'ort Orfoiil mute Die Ix'sl iirrqws, nc- f l« Hurry llopsim,' li«w son Rnld Ilial yew wood from Iho Bnntliim coinilry IK slilpixxl to all |t«rts of (|ic'comiU-y uiu| a bi||i&s DRVG CO YOUR M»h| Marilyn A tablet in Glilgwi'll Glnni-h fees, England, Is In memory ELECTRICAL Wiring WftLPOLE'S I'lioiw \VOIHCII spend move (him - $30,()(it,.(.oi) iiiiniiully .. aids. Im-ludlug creams, powcleiy, and perfumes.' on bpiuily SKKDS Field Scrds, All Varieties. Oals. Soybeans', U'spediv.a, Alfiilla, Any Qiiantlly. \Vliolesnlo & Holull W, 0. KKKVKS So. U.K. HI. mytlii'vlllc, Ark. I'hone 5D5&BBI) Vt ind Mta IUwe»t Mlvn— luiicul Also city piflpttlltn '. KASSKKMAN Land Cp. OfTtce P. 6. Box 470, 1'lione B17. Hemorrhoids-Piles CUKKI) WITHOUT SUHGKUY & GUAUANTKfcU Silt, mre and with ttst dbcomfort. AU diseases »nd condlllpiu of nrrvoBj orlfln, foot »llment» mid ikln Onccu trcitrd and curtd at «UT clinic. DKS. NIES & NIES Oslfopathlo Fhene 08 Auto Radio ONLY C1IKVUOI..KT oflcrs you itimiunlecd «clcct-O-Mallo 'run- Inn. I' a button mid Ihero's your station. Come In Today! fa're unit ifciir thin [sensational new riidlo. you too will witnl one on your cur. Aqto & Household Radios Repaired TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 381 Walnut j-lione thu prices, ILEUTKIU * ACITlTJIKfc V WELDING AT BEST PRICES : . ' PROMPT 8Hiy;o« Birksdale Mfg. Co, Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETItlSTS Over joo Isaacs' Store "\VK MAKK 'EM Htt- Phone MO J.C.EVANS nox CM Blythcvlllc, Ark. IMslrJrl Manager IIAMU/KJ.N 'J'lius'i' B|ionsqr«l lly Uaiulllpii DciwsUors Corp. Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe U l.<Mct|n( HraiiUs of Beer, >Vlilskey, >vinc, Uliu Aud t'ordlul* UllAMiK IN Con) _ ijay _ * _ 13J4o TAX I'AIU '>• pk. Zfio or $1.15 ix-r t'artun 24 Hour Service H.\V. «1, I'lionc IT Holland, Ho. Now Locked al 101 Nt^th Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON E»WAKWS, Pr»prlc(«» Calcnl»lor«—Hcpaltlnff—l'«rts—Itllibciiij AU mtku of Rcbulll TypowrlU'^ Mq nK Mnehlnri an( Ciilculstors—lli'|iai r ii)(r—I'uri.-i—uititinii Noiio The Zcllner Sliupcr Shop :;nllr, Paris FiislUou Shoes, by Wan! 12-ck-lOShoe Co. Luscious Fruit HORIZONTAL! 1 Pictured comrnon fruit. H isiriativc in all —— countries. J3 Egg-shap.eo). 14 Dewy. ' 16 A grave. 17 Fence bar. 18, To lift up. 19Qne who ' alleges. 21 Biblical ',. prophet. ' : i 23 Insurance underwriter.- / Answer lo Previous Puzrlc 28 Toward. 30 Devil. 31 Collection of i°€*^™»" 35 Godlike. 30 Wager. , 59 God of war. Jierbaccous l '' a ' f ' wind. 2 Grandparental. 3 Spike. •1 Genus of auks. 5 To apprehend. 6 Thfce, VParl of a stair. 8 Spotted cat. SSX^:«STr'«.-5aS </; metal. ; ,'-f, cn . v elo ] K:(1 in nronou ' 3 «^ "^ vSc^ 44 Kmbryo bird. I Northeast pronoun. ' *j- " 10 Company. • 11 Part of "be." 12 Pound. Shillibcer, London's BY V. T. IIAiVir,lN VEZZIE, WE'VE (JOT AM ADMIW1STGATIOK! THAT'S DOIM' TVllMG^i- &UT WE CAW'7 RUN IT WITHOUT DOUOH.' YfeOTTA HAMD IT TO US DICTATORS.' WE GET THIMGS DOME.' SHUX,THAT'S A CINCH.' VCO . A A* «-r-t GET'IT? TM 1 TREASUeV'5 PRISE-'W A 6ONE.' U5 A MES'5 CF LAW BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES . VW OOlMCb W ftLV. ^OR. \M 60 WORRIED A'dOUT HvM •- _ .. <gJ9 BV HC* SEHVICE, 1UC. T. M. REfl. U. 5. FAT. Off WASH TUB US Wlicro AIuHcrs Slancl HY HOY CUANlf IWTM JDUCEO HtW TO WEAUTHy CAROL AK'KEE UNLESS THIS TWO-F&TEP SWAWBUCKU8 RETURMSATOUCt, HE AMD M*H M«V VIEWER ?.«\N( THE WORLD AGAIkl. WOULD SETUE) GET rue OLD DOWW, 602V./BOOSTER AWRRIEQ ' AND i • WMMV* •JM.^-'y^' UHMM OUR WCE HEROVjtiLp\/f: AGAIN. FttECKLES AND TIIS FRIENDS 15 Ilov.-ing toplj 20 Proflling. 22 Satires. '' -'-| 27 To cjccl. 28 Secured. 31 High mountain,, 32 Stir. 3-1 Pertaining lo an early civilization. 3GTo rub out. 37 Preposition. 38 Musical nolc.1 >10 G-;nns to wiiicli tl)is : fruit belongs •VI Actual being •15Hugi: continent. 47 Bustle. •'9 Born. SO Drone bee, 52 Blackbird, 1?3 Measure of cloth. 55 Age. -, 5S Varnish HE'S SMACKING INTO MY RffAR BUMPER.' m LIKC HECK I r THIS IS YOUR FCUD, AMD I'M MOT'OCMNA FUR WISH THE BATTLEFIELD.' J DON'T WANT HIM PUTTING ACCORDION PLEATS IN MY fe~ FEMD&SSj Round (o HE'S GOT HIS f WELL? BUMPER. / BRACE R16MT UP r' YOURSELF AGWMST / AMD SLAM MINE", AfJO ( OW ALL HE'S SCIENCE LESSOM-MUMSER. ONE— -THE IRRESISTIBLE FORCE MEETS THE IMMOVABLE BODY.'

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