The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 30, 1967 · Page 32
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 32

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1967
Page 32
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•IHIIIINIKIIIIHIIIIIIIII^ ..*y | Evelyn I Algona has been shaken by so many deaths of such well known persons the past two years, it begins to seem like a different place to we older persons. And to have two prominent men die one day after the other is quite a shock Ralph Elbert who died of a heart attack while in his car, March 20; followed by the death of John Glsch, who died the following morning. Well, it is sad and depressing as well. Both men were regarded highly and will be greatly missed. My sympathy to both families. And in my own family, all I have left are four cousins in California. A letter from one yesterday was all bad news Glen hospitalized with a torn retina, (I don't know just what it is, but he sees all right and has no pain so will probably be O.K. - which we are all praying for) another brother nearly blind and very deaf, a sister who was told to get to a lower altitude because of a heart condition. She has had a cottage in the mountains at 6000 feet and the writer, Lola Swinney, has hyper-tension, a Henderson tendency. Melvin WELCOME St. Joe Trojans RICHARD BERTE President The Security State Bank 1 E. State Algona Phone 295-2487 WELCOME KOSSUTH 4-H MEMBERS FENTON PROGRESSORS will be guests in our store this Saturday, April 1, during the annual 4-H Day in Algona. You are invited to stop in and see their display. Gary Laabs is president and Ernest Wolter vice president of the club. NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Complete LP & Natural Gat Service 10 E. State Algona WELCOME GARFIELDGEMS OUR GUESTS MARLENE VERNIA WEST BEND V-PRESIDENT DENISE MONTAG WEST BEND PRESIDENT MRS. RAPHAEL MONTAG, LEADER WILTGEN JCwwELERS had it, I've battled it for years, and Lola wound up cheerfully, "I guess all we can do is take on swallowing pills". Much of her letter was on the bright side however, as the grandsons would soon lie with the family for Easter vacation and she feels after all, all of us can count our blessings. * * * Thank you, Mrs. Mathison, for your note and kind words about my "Tidbits" I hope you are in good health and enjoying life. * * * Years ago when Mrs. Gilles was housekeeping for mother and me and Myrtle St. John was with Mary Johnson in our apartment, Mrs. Gilles said the place should be called "The Hen House". It certainly was apropo- and Margaret Hof master has a home which would qualify too, except she has one less woman under her roof. * * * Rev. Davies distributed leaves Sunday in commemoration of Palm Sunday of Bible days. When my telephone bill came this month I was astounded to find it covered February and March. I NEVER have let a bill pass without paying each month and I KNOW I wrote a check from the February bill. It has not shown up at the bank, the phone office or the main office. Frequently, I have a caller or one of the women here take my bill there. It is possible I gave the letter to someone calling and they have forgotten to mail or deliver it, but since I have many callers, I don't remember who I may have given it to. It has probably slipped the mind of whomever I gave it to. I am not worried about the loss, but am concerned about where it could be. I blame myself for being careless and absent minded. If anyone has it, will you please phone me. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miller have returned from a five week vacation In California and her report of it to me would make a good travelogue. She mentioned all the places I have seen and 1 could have added a few she missed that I have seen. But there is so much of interest it is hard to cover everything. Having been in Indio too, we had a comment to make on.ttie sand .and storms the residents endure. I merely drove through there, which was quite enough, but it is of interest to know it is a date growing center, as well as areas near Palm Springs where mother and I spent almost a week. Mrs. Ida Chism, former Algonan lives in Indio. If I am checking my notes correctly, she is now Mrs. Frank Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Harley Hoeck, formerly of Bancroft, now live in Pomona, and Dave Miller lives at Chino. Chino is a small town a few miles from Pomona. An entertainment they enjoyed very much was "The Arabian Knights" pageant. And one thing they had over me, they talked with Lawrence Welk at the Palladium and when he learned they were from Algona he said, "I used to play for dances in Bancroft." My I What a long way he has gone professionally. Of course, there was' the usual visr 1 . to Knotts Berry farm, a trip to Hollywood, Pasadena, San Diego and all the other highlights. And enroute home they saw Fern Drone and Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Young at Denver, Colo, and a stop at Grand Island, Neb. at the John Cox home. The Youngs were Algonans until a few months ago when they sold their acreage south of town. * * * I am not a basketball fan nor a sports fan for any game. So Saturday night when the main channels carried only ball games, I hunted around for my beloved Welk and caught him very well on Omaha and Minneapolis , it came in well. News which many Welk fans will welcome, come next seasons games. * * * How true it is, the fashions seem made for the young only. A friend and I who lay no claims to being young, were discussing this the other day. But, thank goodness, the pointed shoes are OUT and the round or rather square ones INI I have been waiting for that. I felt certain it would come soon. What I find hard is to get a size 4- wide as a barn door! * * * When I read the newspaper coverage of the Ada Miller- Frank Black wedding, written about the marriage 50 years ago, I am glad we have reached the more simplified trend. It was printed in the Preston, Jackson county paper and the couple were pictured as of today. I was reminded of the item in Mrs. Marie Murtagh's scrap book which she loaned me and which I got a kick out of - and enjoyment too. The wedding of Irma Dee Clark and Henry Adams was covered in a flowery way too, and I suspect Ben Reed was the reporter. I was most amused at the description of when the couple came down the open stairs. Mart McCall on harp and Joe Powers, violin, "struck up the music." Mention was also made that the American ship Algonquin had been torpedoed by a German submarine which set off World War I, the united States declaring war April 6, 1917. It exploded into a large fracas, small in comparison to the situation to day. Don Smith Jr's "Periscope"last week gave my ideas exactly. But he expressed the views much better than I could. A pat on your back, Donniel * * * Another "bubble busted." It seems our Pocahontas did not save John Smith's life after all, and we've been brought up on that -shall I call it fable? And it seems she was quite a gal with a goodly following of mas- ucline admirers. Well hurrah for good old "Poky". However, she DID marry Rolfe, but in England it was spelled Wrolfe. But I'm going to string along with the old tale of her flinging herself across good old John, which was probably, O.K. with him, and thus his life was spared. We have to stick to SOME of our hanky- panky don't we? * * * Earl Rich, a resident here, has had a yen to go back to Sycamore, ni. and nearby places of his youth, so this morning (March 22) he took the bus and his relatives predict he will comeback in a week or so, satisfied and content. Spring gives all of us a yen to go somewhere. Oh, the men are turning their thoughts to fishing, too-and women are thinking about the closets and cupboards that need a going over.- Yep-spring is in the air and the fever is rising. * * * I had such a darling little caller yesterday, a golden haired little miss who was two years old in November. She is a coy little lass, smiling and sweet, but who didn't carry on any conversation with me, though'she chattered a lot when taken to the window to see the bird feeder, the violets, and a certain pretty in a box interested her. She was still more interested when I had it opened and she found cookies in it. She took Thursday, March 30, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper De« Moinei-7 one and smiled her thanks. Her name? Carolyn Black and she came with grandpa and grandma Ed and Velma Hagg. I hope she comes again soon. I'd like to get really acquainted with her. She's a lovely little bit of femininity and as the Maurice Cheve- •lier song says, "Thank heaven for little girls." This I believe! "Middle age is perhaps called that because that's where it shows up first." St. Joe Folks Grandparents Of Little Boy ST. JOE - Mr. and Mrs. Lee Nepple, Iowa City, are parents of a son, Michael, born at University Hospital March 25. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Wagner, St. Joe, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Templeton, are grandparents. - o - PANCAKE SUPPER The St. Joe Trojans held a pancake-sausage supper Tuesday evening, with their parents, families, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith and sons as guests. Bernard Thilges is club leader. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Klein and sons entertained Easter with a dinner in their home with the following guests: Mrs. Annie Geischecker, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Loebach and family, Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Dodds and family, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ringsdorf and Michael, Centerville, Jean and Danny Owens, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Kohlhaas, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kohlhaas and sons, and Mr. and Mrs. Milford Plathe, all from here. Mr. and Mrs. John Thul were Sunday evening visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Eischen, St. Benedict. Sister Carol Anne, Dubuque, arrived here Friday at the home of her parents for a week's visit with relatives. Accompanying her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Berte and brother Edward, the Easter weekend was spent with relatives at Dell Rapids, S. D. Eldon Erpelding, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Erpelding, Ronald Frideres, son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Frideres, both of St. Joe, Richard Frideres, son: of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Frideres, Lu- Verne, LeRoy Thilges, son of Mr. and Mrs. Felix Thilges, West Bend, and David Nail, Cor- WE MY MORE! Quick financing ... low-cost payments Whether you expect to buy, build, re- model or refinance your home, we have a low-cost loan plan to meet your require- ments. Why not phone or come in today for information about flexible financing? I Jl 4 / /W Current RaU ! f'/w 4Vl% £«,. 5 Current Ratt Par Year on 6 Month Home Federal Savings & Loan Assnl All Account* Fully Insured to $15,000 Passbook Savings - Save From The 15th -Earn From The 1st Savings Certificates-Earn From The Day You Invest SINC11917 — ALGONA, IOWA All Passbook Savings Accounts and Savings Certificates Insured up to $15,000 by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C. with, left by plane from Ft. Dodge Saturday for Fort Campbell, Ky., for their basic training in the National Guard. They are members of the Guard unit at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ringsdorf and Michael, Centerville, spent the weekend here with Mrs. Ringsdorfs parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kohlhaas and family. Joe attends Centerville Community College. They spent the first part of their Easter vacation at the parental Wendell Ringsdorf home. WESLEY I By Mrs. Viola Sfuder The Dennis Vitzthums of Esthervllle were March 19 guests in the parental Lee Goetz home in honor of Mr. Goetz's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Giddings and family of Council Bluffs, spent the Easter weekend with his father, Gordon Giddings, and with her parents, the Ted Hinders at Woden. Mrs. Floyd Armstrong and family have rented and moved into the Wm. Hrubes house at the northeast edge of Wesley. Mrs. Hugh Licktelg was brought home March 20 from St. Ann hospital, Algona, where she had been 2 1/2 weeks for medical care following injuries received in a car accident. The Dave Williams family of DeKalb, m., spent the Easter weekend in the parental Ben Schrauth home. Other Easter guests were the Bernard Schrauths, Emmetsburg; Floyd Byrnes, Moorland; and the Geo. Lickteigs. Mrs. Justine Becker returned March 21 from a week's visit with her son Mark and family in Dubuque. She also spent a week with her daughter and family, the Greg Augustines at Cresco. Mrs. Becker accompanied Mr. and Mrs. James Becker of Bancroft and Mr. and Mrs. Anton Becker of St. Joe to Booneville where they visited the men's brother, Father Luke li»lilH>tff WELCOME AS OUR GUESTS BLUE ft WHITE CLUB KATHY MURRAY BANCROFT PRESIDENT VIRGINIA WELP BANCROFT HISTORIAN MRS. WM. R. SHOENHAIR, LEADER WELCOME PLUM CREEK BOYS IN OUR STORE MARK MAWDSLEY FRANKLIN L. BECKER PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT LEADER: EUGENE DRAGER Sears Catalog Sales Office 115 E. State Tele. 295-3549 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••4 FINAL WEEK! 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