The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 30, 1967 · Page 29
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 29

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1967
Page 29
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WASHINGTON Merry-Go* Round Thursdoy, March 30, 1967 Afgorta (la.) Upper Des Moin«f-3 WASHINGTON- Ho Chi Minh's blunt rejection of President Johnson's February peace offer has Increased pressure on the President to escalate the war. The Joint Chiefs of Staff have been pressuring him again to let them close the shipping lanes into Haiphong harbor, where Naval Intelligence claims more than a dozen Soviet and satellite ships are delivering war goods each month, including the modern artillery and rockets that the Viet Cong have started using effectively against American bases in South Vietnam. The President has argued that the mining of Haiphong harbor would injure relations with Russia and at the same time force the North Vietnamese to .depend on Red China for military supplies, and this would increase Chinese influence on the Hanoi :government. , It is no secret that the Chi- ;nese have been pressuring Hanoi ;to continue the war and Johnson :has hoped that by allowing .Russian military shipments to ;get through, Soviet influence with ; Hanoi would be increased. • : The President also is convinced that Premier Kosygin has done his best to persuade the North Vietnamese to go to the •truce table. - The Joint Chiefs of Staff are - now telling the President that, since his strategy didn't work, •Haiphong harbor should now be [ mined. This is the next big decision to be made inside the ; White House. - o - ; -HOFFA COMPLAINING- ; Inmate number 33298NE, known outside of Lewisburg Fed- •eral Penitentiary in Pennsylvania as Jimmy Hoffa, has complained to visitors that prison : officials and guards are pampering him too much. He is afraid stories may leak .out that he is getting preferential treatment. This sort of dSJSSfeJI?Kpoul^ nur *' nis chances of letting "oiit early on parole. Well-meaning friends, chiefly Teamsters who know guards at Lewisburg, have asked them to treat Hoffa right. The Teamsters chief appreciates their good intentions, but fears their kindness may hurt. Meanwhile, Teamsters around the country, angry over the jailing of their leader, are threatening to strike any company that gives them trouble. Without Hoffa to restrain them, a rash of Teamster strikes can be expected this year. Prison life is so restrictive that it is impossible for Hoffa to run the union from his prison cell. The result is that lower- level union leaders already are maneuvering for power. This could lead to a fragmentation of the giant Teamsters Union. - o - - SCHENLEY STOCK COUP - Securities and Exchange Commission investigators are taking a very sharp look at the latest success story on how to make two million dollars on Wall Street in less than 10 minutes. It happened on the day that Schenley Industries, the liquor company, and P. Lorillard, the tobacco company, went into a corporate huddle to finalize a long-planned merger. As the meeting dragged on, Schenley stockholders became nervous that a snag had developed and there would be no merger. The New York Stock Exchange, though aware that the negotiations had not broken down, did nothing to halt the rumor. Sell orders began to pour in until the exchange ordered a halt in the trading. But minutes before the close of business, the market was opened again to Schenley transactions. By this time, the pileup of sell orders had knocked the stock down eight points. Glen Alden Corporation quickly moved in and purchased 200,000 shares at the low price. Next morning when the financial world learned that the Schenley-Lorillard merger was still in the works, the stock bounced back up. Glen Alden sold out for a cool $2,100,000 profit. It took less than 10 minutes of trading time for Glen Alden to pull out this profit. Now the SEC would like to know why the Stock Exchange opened the trading for a few minutes before closing time, and did nothing to scotch the false DREW PEARSON rumor that merger negotiations had broken down. SEC investigators also would like to know whether Glen Alden had inside information or merely two million dollars worth of luck. - o - - POWELL JUDGES - Rep. Vernon Thomson, Wisconsin Republican who turned thumbs down on Adam Clayton Powell, is now revealed to have done what Powell did — namely, vacation on a British island at the taxpayers' expense. Last March Rep. Thomson let the taxpayers pay for a part of his trip to Bermuda. Easter is a fine time to visit Bermuda, but there is no more reason for the taxpayers to put up $400 for Thomson's vacation than there was to subsidize Adam Powell's trips to. Bimini. Another Congressman who sat in judgment on Powell was Robert Nix of Philadelphia, a Democrat- and also a Negro. One of the charges against Powell was that he had placed his wife on his payroll, though she did not work for her $20,000 annual salary. It so happens that Robert Nix, Jr., son of the Negro Congressman, is paid $20,000 a year supposedly to work in his father's office. However, young Nix practices law in Philadelphia, and it's impossible to find him any time working in or near Washington. This column has tried repeatedly to call either Rep. Nix or Robert Nix, Jr., but the office doesn't even answer the telephone. Nix's absentee record is beginning to look almost as badly as Powell's. But Powell's office at least did answer the telephone until he was kicked out of Congress. What's sauce for the Democratic goose from Harlem should also be sauce for a Republican gander from Wisconsin or a Democrat from Philadelphia. "•4? - MERRY-GO-ROUND - The White House has asked the Better Business Bureau to help stop the misuse of President Johnson's name and the Presidential seal in advertising. Manufacturers have been using LBJ's initials, picture and seal to advertise everything from cigarette lighters to barbecue sauce .... The Washingtonian magazine has come up with some rather alarming data indicating that ultra-high frequency television transmitters may be poisoning the airwaves with radioactivity which could induce cancer. The evidence is not conclusive, but the whole matter should be thoroughly examined .... Just before President Johnson departed for Guam, he secretly ordered a Cabinet task force under Secretary of Fowler to prepare a detailed study on how to convert the nation's wartime economy to a peacetime economy when the war in Vietnam ends. This is the first time Johnson has gone this far in planning for peace .... It's a good bet that Premier Ky of South Vietnam will not be invited to any more conferences, either in Washington, Guam, Honolulu, Manila or elsewhere. He's too good at grabbing headlines. - o - - KENNEDY BOYCOTT - A secret meeting of California Democratic Congressmen has set up a political boycott of Bobby Kennedy. They decided Bobby would not be invited to address fund-raising dinners in California - at least for the time being. Behind the snub was indignation over Bobby's recent speeches on peace in Vietnam, which many California Democrats felt were a challenge to President Johnson's leadership and were splitting the Democratic party wide open. Rep. George Miller of Oakland was indignant; also Charles Wilson of Los Agneles and Chet Holifield of Montebello. Rep. Ed Roybal of Los Angeles had suggested that Bobby be invited to an upcoming fund-raising Democratic dinner. "He would be a good drawing card," he said. This started the sparks flying. "I certainly do not like the position he's taken against the President on Vietnam,"declared Miller. "And I doubt he would be much of a drawing card right now. The chances are he wouldn't." "I don't think he should be invited at all," snapped Wilson. "It would do great damage to the administration." Roybal, George Brown of Monterey Park and Don Edwards of San Jose pointed to Bobby's contribution to the last campaign, hut they were overruled. So it looks as if Bobby would save himself some time and carfare traveling to the West Coast during the next few months. - o - ADAM'S SEAT Sentiment on Capitol Hill is veering away from any showdown with the courts over Adam Clayton Powell. Congressmen talk big publicly about thumbing their nose at the courts, but privately they sing low. They don't want to put themselves in the same position of flouting the federal courts that Adam Powell is in with the New York courts. Furthermore, most Congressmen realize they made a serious error when they did not seat Powell first and kick him out later. The Constitution is quite clear that they had no right to exclude him from taking a seat as long as he was 25 years old, had been a citizen of the United States for seven years, and was a resident of his state. It's a foregone conclusion that Powell will be overwhelmingly reelected. When that happens on April 11 you can be sure Congress will seat him - then take some disciplinary action afterward. It's long been the belief of Congressional leaders that when a Congressional district elects a Representative, he should be seated. Even after Mayor Jim "The Last Hurrah" Curley of Boston was sent to the jug, he was later reelected by the people of Boston. It was their choice, even though a bad one. The action on Powell will doubtless be similar. Disciplinary action will come after he's seated. WELCOME TO THE BUFFALO BOYS 4-H CLUB - OUR GUESTS! I Tom Higgini BUFFALO BOYS Uennis Franzen BUFFALO BOYS | Joe Bradley Equip. I ALGONA, IOWA GO FLY A KITE! Kite flying in brisk spring breezes can but it can also be dangerous. One of the most common accidents is entangling a kite/fn power lines. The Algona Municipal Utilities offers these suggestions for safe, enjoyable kite flying: 1. Fly kites in an open area, away from power lines or electric power transmission towers. / 2. Use dry string and never use wire or metallic string. and n to/re 3. Do not attempt to/remove a kite entangled in power lines. 4. Avoid the use of any metal in making a kite. 5. Keep kites away from highways. 6. Do not fly kites in wet or stormy weather. Algona Municipal Utilities Chuck Volk Public Relations KOSSUTH COUNTY CLUBS TODAY'S DREAM... TOMORROW'S REALITY To the future homemaker, farmer and craftsman, we say good luck, good health and may your future always be filled with the bright hope and great promise of living and working for a better nation. A well deserved "Congratulations,4-H'ers". . and keep up the good work! SATURDAY, APRIL 15 4-H DAY IN ALGONA 40 KOSSUTH COUNTY 4-H CLUBS WILL HAVE DISPLAYS SET UP IN VARIOUS ALGONA BUSINESSES. WE URGE YOU TO STOP IN AND VISIT WITH THE CLUB OFFICERS AND TO LOOK OVER THEIR DISPLAYS. Bjustrom FurnKure Co. Oraham'i The Chrigchlllei Store Modern Dry Cleaners Home Federal Savings & Loan Asa'n Swanson's Food Store Algona Produce Co. Harrison's Variety Kossuth Motor Co. Read'i Furniture Hutxell Office ft School S»p»lr Sheakleyi Iowa State Bank Ludwig's Cafe United Building Center North Iowa Sewing Machine Co. Bomgaars 8 & 10 Shllts BrownbUt Shoe Store Lalng Plumbing & Heating Taylor Implement Co. Fnnk Plumbing & Heating Hood's Super Valu Zender'i Thermogag Co. ol Algona Irons Heating & Plumbing Cowan Corporation J. C. Penney Co. SchulU Bros. Garage & Oil Station Jack's O.K. Tire Service' Kirk's Shoe Store Lindsay Soft Water of Algona Universal Mfg. Co. Rusk Drags-Jewelry Coast-to-Coait Store Algona Greenhouses Behr Standard Service North Central Pabllc Service Co. Post Transfer ft Storage No. Iowa Appliance Center Algona Plumbing & Heating Pan Garage ft Body Shop Foster Furniture Co. Viking OH Co. B»»cher Broi. Implement Sherwln-Wllllams Palatr Chrlitenien'i The Security State Bank Sharp's Jewelry Algona Theatre Co. Pcrclval Motors g * L Dept. Store Algona Implement Co. Ernie Williams — John Deer* Upper Des Molner Publishing Co. Salter'i Davit Paint Smoke Shop Honsbrqch Drug Consolidated Co-Op Creameriea WUtgen Jeweler* Joe Bradley Equipment Taylor Motor Ca. LeuthoId-WUllams (The Hub Clothiers) Frederick Hardware Algona Flour ft Feed

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