The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1939
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JULY C.. 1039 CLASSIFIED A0VEilTISpG USfFOMAflON .Dally rate per line for consccu'ive.Ttisortlons: .,' One lime per liiie...... 100 Two times tier liijij per day....08o Three limes per Hiio per clay...Wo fix. times.per line per day....05j Month rate per llm:.....;...,..6pc Cards of .Thanks... SOc- & fSc Minimum charge 50c , Ads ordered for three or six (lines and .slopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times (he a,dd appeared and adjustment of bill made. ( JU.l.^Classified . Advertising copy iub'mltled-by person's residing out- Bide of the ctl'j must be accompanied by cash nates may be eas lly computed from above table Advertising ordered for Irrcgulai Insertions takes tlie one tlihe rale. No responsibility will, be taken tor more than one Incorrect. Insertion of aiiy classified a'd. Welding EXI A'NR . r ,- < -,,. WELDING iji HHC mid h'eivvy welding u Barksdaie Mfg. Co. i'lumc 19 <it lies. 1810 Salesmen'Wanted GOOD ROUTE AVAILAUUi of IMO I?zuvleigh consumers. N r o experience needed. Sales wiiy nil this year. Largo sales mean blij profits. Permanent. Full time. Write Haw- Irish's,. Dept. AKG-27-HM, Memphis, Tenii. For Rent 3 room fillitlshed Tpaitiueiit. 719 ^hicka^awbi Mis namsej Duncan. 5-|)k-)0 5 room luinUlied apartment wllh tiaih: 1013 Walnut. 5-pk-10 3 rooms Unfurnished. with bath. Newly.. decorated. Private en- traiicc. Reasonable. 232 Dau'gaii. 3-ck-7 6 i l oom [urn\<sh«d house on Ken tiicky St. Rent $35. Thomas Land Co. 3-ck-ll 3 loom fiumshed ipnitmclit 509 Chickasauba Phone 84s W 3ck8 2 large, cool b'edrobnis, rated;. Mrs. Biima Walnut, ncttly dec 3 Nolen. -310 28-ck-tf Cool, south bedroom bsth 611 «' Main convenient to Call 280. 21-ck-lf Comfortable bcdrcom. Phohe 102 1017 Walnut. 15-ck-tt or 3 room furnished apirtmcnl Newly decorated 014 Hearn 3-plc-7-3 Modern 3 room unfurnished spirt merit. Mniri and Second. P. Simon; phone 764 3 ck U Office room^' Sudbury Building Graham Sudliury 27 tl For Sale Wilrt Goo>;e Films 20o Gallon W Allej North Franklin 29 Gnld fish mlnnmi^ D K L Keilh! 4!G No us, J nnd night 5th 24 pk 7 2! 21J E KctUuckj 4 loom 1 ; \\ilh bath Newly pipered nnd pamt cd ^2(50 down fAayment icmalnder to Include principal Intuctt insurance and laws pijiblo monthly like rent Har^y Morns ph nc 128. or 506 . -. ' 24-ck-7-24 Vly»Btuccli home and 2 acres. Ha.' 5 rooms and bath. Blocked hardwood floors. Phono 252 or 347. Paul Bjrnm 23 ck tl Swept -peas aw fxiis IIoooiT,- other cut flowers. Phone SOB or 7Q2. 700 dozen used fimt ji Save mbhcy. Alvlu E.'Main. . is TIIJ site Harrty, 21 n-ck-T-V Cans for Mg Fishing complete with straps. Guaranteed won't leak. • TK cents . each. Raymond Brooks, .Sleele, Mo. . ,9-pk7' We havo a number of attractive and'desirable, cottages In Blylhe- ville. well located, \vhicli wo can sell at rcarionable prices. Terry Abstract & Realty Co. rhone 617 6-ck-tf Dairy ory quality and service In Dairy.- products.. Cattle free . of Bang's piscas'c. in best of physical condition, dall Mrs. Grace l^werv. C02-J. for Halsiill's Grade A Ra* Milk. Cream. Country Butter, Buttermilk, oiitrS • at htillda.y orders. Inspection : cncmiraged.' snylime. ililseirs Dairy Promised Lanr). Route 2 Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN Room and Board Comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates, 803 \V. Ash. Phone !>93. 22-ck-lf Lost I mare mule, 7 years o]d. 15 hands . high. $10 reward. Jii'mts Monroe, Uixora Rl. I, box 131. 5-pk-li Black cocker spaniel puppy. Three months old. Reward. Call 515'. Minnows For Sale Minnows slid ftslilng cahc-1 300 E. Main. Phone 800. Q. C. Hawk's. 24-ck-7-2-l Goldfish Minnows B. P. Brogdoh, 310 ~ , COCK , IIOACIIRS" Datnoii. Cor. fiaUroad & Ky. Personal sc Sfuceish Liver, wnrli nfT hlic to rid jouisclf of constipation gas pains and (hat sour ik feeling. Take oho boit o'i , KIIJBi S ai nvf tt\m i'i[is 25(! til all Khdy Stores. No tiro Fishing License \\f POR 1OIJR Mlb PKLI'AHf>D JO 1SSW SOUK TISHING IICLSSh Al SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. I'honc 3"i For Sale or Trade Suburban grocery anil market for salr: or trade. Well located, cslalj llshed business Wnlc Box p c/0 Courier Hews. 28-ck-tt WARNING OllDKI! IN THE CHANCERY COURT Ol CfJICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPPI .COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Otto H. Rohdc, Plainlifl. vs. NO. 6937 Anna Mac Hohde. Defendant. The, defendant .Anna Mao llohdc is «11 ncd to ippeii within thntj days in Hie court named in th'e tjplion hereof md inswei the complaint cf the plaintiff Otto II. iJolide. 'Dated this 20 day of June, 19;)3. IIAIIVEY' MORRIS. Clerk B Elizabeth Bljlhe D C Etl B qook alt} for Pltf liced (ittv ad Litcin) ( 1 20 '7 5 H on Stewart, Deputy j Mississippi County, sas, at Jilylhevillc, Arkansas?, the loth day of August, lua'g. Claimant name's as witnesses: I'Tank Hall of Blythcvlllc, Ark., H. I. l)ox 3C9; Ixjiiis KbMhsmi of UlyllicvlllcY Ark,; Charlie On- of J31yll)cvllic, Ark.; Marvin Ullldliic ol Hlylhevillc, Ark. ANTOlNKTl>; FUNIi Asst. Con), of n«s;!slralion 20-21-5-11-18 County CHANCERY COURT OP TUB Chlcknsawta District of Mlsilsslt'wl Artam- I CHIOKABAWUA D I STRI CT County for liij I'dopH.." of '<•"•» '--• Shcrrimi!. oitniiit IN THE. CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA D 1 S T H I CT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AlfK- ANSAS. Waitus Garrison, Plalnliff, vs. No. 0931 Dovlc Lee fiarribon, Hefcmtant, The defendant, Dovic Leo Onr- I'lson, Is warned to appi'iir within) llilrly dnys_ iii (he court named lii! the Cftjillou* hereof awl answer the complaint of the iilalnllll', Wiiltus Garrison. Uatcil Mils 12tii day of June, 1939. HARVEY MoniUS, Clerk-. Ally, lor 1'llf. Percy A. Wright Atty. Ad Lltcm, Claude P. Cooncr 13-20-27-5 MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ANSAS, lMiOliA'1'13 DIVISION. IN Tlli'J -MATTER 1 Ol' THE) APPLICATION OF KIIAU.U A. BRKW1JH AMU UOR'O-i ' THY D. URliWKH TO) AUOl'T UARHAHA JKAN) fllKRMAN, A MINOR ) ADOPTION NOTK.T. TO ALL IT MAY CONGKItN: 'i'nke notice now on tiic Std day! of July, 1838, n petition was Hied by Klmrl A. tircwer mid Dorothy- D. DrcK-ei- lii the I'robatc Division of the Chtinccry Court for tile l):ira iiiilcss ybti - , No\V wltnin iiyonly iitiyii liriei- tlio piib- llcalloii of the notice \ mid show cause ajjiilni,! siich niJpllbillo'n th'e iH-lltlon i-liiiil be taken (is I' and a dcoicc o( udb))ilbi) ciitci'cd. • This Sid (Wy 0 [ Jiliy, IDS: .: '!', W. 1'OTTKii, ! Pi'oliiito , Clerk. , )>>' niyiint Stewart. Snlii llatlstoii's s'dir RII'CS ' the cliai'KhiB a rcccnl plcturo jsfdiiwl W» Irtine'r's life, it iic'il ust willt a cdliplc of years/ some ilier ' cdiftllniU 1 wontil make the- l-HjUOit Notice is hereuy given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas has issued a permit, No. 162, to Lee Wilson Jt Co., of Victoria, to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous honors for beverage at retail on the premises described as Retail Store 5 miles west from Luxonv, Ark,, address, Osccola, Rl. 2, Box 500. This permit , Issued on the 1st rt:iy of July, 1939, and expires on the 30th day of June, 1<MO. LEE WILSON & CO., Victoria W. E. llnrlan. 5-12 SAVERS! IY ONK UKADY TO IMUCKS AND T1CHMS 1, SUIT YOU. Nell UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OP THE INTERIOR Cciirral Uiiid Ofnce at .Wasliing- toj) D C Juno 5 1B31I Notice is hereby gnen tint Aaron Montgomery of BlitlicMllc Arkm vis who on Dcccmbci 30 1037 made homcsteitl entry G L O. No OG034 for the E'/ SW i ro;\n ship 1C N mnge 10 E "ilh Pun. Meridian, Arkansas, hns .filed notice of intention .to make- three year proof, to eslaMish claim I'o the land above described. t5cfore Notice is hereby given that the Commis.sioner or Revenues of the State of Arkansns 1ms Issued » licrmll. No. 3,'iO, lo.B. S. Simmons to sell and dispense • vinous or .siJirituous liquors for bcveraye at I'ctnil on the jncinlscs 'rirscribert ds 109 S. Division St., Blylhcville, Alk. ; This permit issued on the 1st day of. July, 193!), and expires on the 30th <1ny of June, 1!MO. .. . . ' B. S. SIMMONS. 5-12 In Iluntiiigtcn library, San Marino, Calif., is a volume of Om;ir Khayyam, thai weighs only one- fourth Of an atince. LAWN MOWERS Shanicncd, factory method, adjusted,, oiled—Picked .up, & delivered' SI Used Lawn Mowers For Sale ATKINS Machine Shop & G.-irnge 0 S. 2ml I'll one 28-1 GO. W1 "Mi CliC'v, '1)7 Fm\ Pieli-Ui) '.'J5 Chev. Coii[ic •..;.. .$i;il '.'57 Ford Tii'dov ?;i;!il '.'?7 Chev. Sertali .I5317 '3f> Ford Tudor ........$12;j '3li D()dj;e Sedan ....... ?2!)'S Visit Oiir i.ol 'Tomiii-row- Hurry For Tht-sc Sp'OciiilS" PHILLIPS OR CO. Wnliiul l'Him'6 310 I PRESCRIPTIONS Freshes! Stwk (•'iiiiruntccil Bciit Price* Kirby Drug Stored .Safe - i 'Avcurato Ydii'r i'rcscrlpltoii Unisela Fowler Drug (Gbi Mali! A riht ' rtiiiile III OBTAIN CYSTITIS (Inlliihml Bladder) A 30-ilay test of tills N A T tJ ii .\ I, MINliltAl, WA't'EU ii'lll cost yoii very "tile . . . Make tills lest yiiiirsclf :im) hole Iliii I'm- provi'ini'iil. Distributed by ' •; Crossfown Whiskey SKop IMI'OUTKI) a UOMKSi'IC WINKS, LIQUOJtS. A14CS' Ilia S. m'vhilon Si, • l.L. GUARD Optometrist Only (ir'ii'iliiiitc Optometrist In Blythcvllliv Uliiswi 1'lHfii Correctly ll.ivii Yoiii- Diijr V«r«tii«<<;il A B iiliisl Itiiblcs Or F. j. Weitz 719 W, Ash of Ilic first. Tlio -'l-scopeople, mUlvcs ilho heads of their dead ancestors, sliick together will) Wood, and dec-''' of oulcd With" fcfitflcU ' - . : NU-WA -Cleaners Phone 180 >r I'rompt Lnunrtry nn'ti Cleiinin Service Now l.oi.ilcil ut 101 Nwlli Secohcl ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU ; , lirtN klhVAUOS, I'roprlcW All Miikris nr llctmllt T)|»wrlUrs, Adding BJ,ulil)ic« mill CHluil.ilors—Ht'i'mlrlnif—I'jirh—Itlbliiins TOU-J—. • SAFETY'S SAKE! KISAp THIS Al) Si« us am) Mivr-1 S.ivc ilcljy K.i\p lrnl'ibh>! Before RohiR oi >uiir \.ii-.iUi'ii or diking moloi (rips, Id us check the fnllowlnj Points System n licit f, Hiittcfy, Klcctrieal System Bjiikcs, linikc 1'c'dnl & Clutch Sleeving Cciir, \Vhcc) Alignment I)iir<ji'<!nti;il and Transmission PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ml. Ik Wulmit l»hone 81U Wert Optometrist "HR nIAKES 'E!\l SEJ!" Over jne Isaacs' Sluro I'iinnc' S'ln | EARLY COLONIAL INVENTOR HORTZONTAL 1,4 Man who inycnled the colton gin in 1703. 8 Measure. 1! Born. 12 Haughty. 13 Biblical priest. 14 Money paid lor use of 'properly 15 Boasts. 17 Suet. 18 Ugly old woman.. 20 Piece of .. furniture. 21 Provided. 26 Part of fool. 31 Abhorrence. 32 Succor. 34 Giraffe-like . animal, 35 Organ in ., rrioiilh. 37 Note in scale. 38. Imitator.' 3!) Animal post- 41 To court. •!3 Pillar. 47 Plania .Answer to Previous Puzzle subterranean . parts, •iff In this place. 53 To eat away. 54 Epoch. 55 Pertaining to poles. 55 Mineral filled rock fissure. 57 Coin. 58 Direction. 5'J His machine seeds from cotton. GO His gin ranks among the inventions. VERTICAL 2 Learning. 3 Metal. 4 Sofl mass. 5 Sluggishness. '6 Tissue. 7 Call of a horse B Sweet potato. 10 Walnut. 12 His machine is the ,. or pattern for most modern gitfs. 53 Ever. 15 The. soul. 1C Capuchin monkey. n Thigh boho. lOMdxirn. 21 •Stir, 22 Coal box. 23 Pitcher cor. 25 To suit. : 27 Kind of srtow shoo. 28 Beret. 29 Boot finial. 30 Device toir pickinj; cotton. 33 To inflate. • 36 Lug. 40 Browned bread. 42 You and me. 14 Helmet wreath. •15 Fold of string. 46 Norse mythology. •OS-molding. 49 Venerable. 50 Otherwise. 51 Polynesian chestnut. RY KURD T R£D RVDBR. I MORGAN PAV SET ' LrrTi-E' AsiD T5A1/0 KslOV RAlM CLOUD, BUT V-ITTue _B6^s.'6«j;. I FOR. TW3, RAIN CLOUO LISTEN! THIS STUFF ABOUT- VOU BEIN6 OOOLA.THE PHANTOM' GIRL-FRIEND-BOSH! MAV A r- MOU^tAlM FALL ON ME \P^^ WELL, I FOR,rr,..,BUTI ST|LL DOMT BELIEVE IT' \r BELIEVE THAT; WASH TUBBS AVJ. V Ailtrf. 1'i'. ; u;f:i-i THEBE ARE VERY SIR. \ I.V.SAB. TELL ME, J.W 600D MAW. 1$ rf TPUE \ TUEV VWIESOW6 SEtKET-PEEPAPATIDUFO! WELL, AS.FOR ME.tilK, I LIKE mE PLUWP AW FEIEUOLV. •bOftT. G\' IK T«E t/VMg*, OF S1M.6AMBE.EUEBV Tlk*E, AMD WO CAU VEC WAIT. A " WWUTE rraw BE .TOP. HI UUOER STAND .., . We. 7HEV DO, \ AROUUR THE BUSH. THET1WE V I'VE BEEH 1 TO WPP.V / HULA. 1 \ PRE-iERVlUti TTOtfi FUKCK1.KS AND HIS FRTBNDS Their >VCalth * Two SALLON3.' TfMT WONT TAKE US 1 Guess we CAN FIND POOVl FOR. YOU A WO TOUR. I GOT wowey Too— .QUiTe A -. PASSEL OF in' Keep IT ALL IM ' owe pocxer. THOUGH/ MISHr ROSBEO / r NOBODY, Bur THIS. FRONT eor FORTY-FIVE ' ( ENOUGH V WEIGH You CAWT; USB GASOLINE / 55 Wooden pin.

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