The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 30, 1967 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1967
Page 7
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Cancel f»«O ?»w T>ursdoy, March 30, 1967 Lu Verne Couple On College Trek Have A Unique Vacation Clyde Dudley, filter of Sasinse Dudley, one of the students making the trip, and Mrs. Dudley, and tte family camper at the right accompanied the students. Here Mr. Dudley helps load the mountains of bagjaje the kids brought along. The group, from left to right are: Richard Anderson, Bill Thalman, Dave Vetter, Mrs. C. R. Dudley, John Snodgrass, Bill Dennler, Tim Gess, Gene Phelan, Betty Schneider, Judy White, Ruth Milbrandt, Dr. Marty, Dr. Ulrich, Suzanne Dudley, and Mr. C. R. Dudley, Tito took the Westmar student trip. LeMars, los-a - In order to acquaint mi( western students with marine organisms in their natural habitat, 20 biology students, instructors and two Lu- Verae parents started on a field trip as a part of a course in Field Ecology lor 1967 spring semester on March 17, traveling and camping with an assortment of vans and trailers. The first stop was at Maryville, Mo., camping there on Friday night, March 17. The next morning the tour drove to Dlxoa, Mo., near Rollo, a trip of 300 miles. Here the group toured the caves and camped near Tunnel Cave. Sunday, March 19, they left Tunnel Cave and drove to Reeifoot, Terui. March 20 they drove to Ocean Springs, Miss., and spent the night at Gulf Coast Research Lab. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Dudley of LuVerne, la., traveled with the students. Their daughter, Suzanne, is a sophomore majoring in biology. Other points of interest on the tour included Alexandria, La., where they camped, Lake Texoma, Okla., and Tulsa, Okla. They left for LeMars March 27. With one day of the Easter vacation left the students had the 28th off and returned to their classes at Westmar March 29. The cost of the trip was shared by the group. Mr. Dudley, Dr. Marty and Dr. Ulrich furnished vehicles. The group camped with kitchen facilities furnished by the laboratory. Scientific facilities were furnished by the Gulf Coast Research Laboratories, Ocean Springs, Miss. Goals of the trip were to study ecology and collect organisms". This was one of the most extended study trips done by West- mar. It is anticipated trips of a more extended and complex nature can be accomplished when Westmar adopts the 4-1-4 system, which allows a period between semesters for this type of study. EASTER EGGS Mr. and Mrs. Byron Lundberg who farm near Harcourt are presently harvesting green, blue and pink eggs from a rare breed of chicken coming from Chile. The breed of chicken is Araucana and has the nickname of "Easter Egg Fowl" because of the varied colored eggs they lay. NEWSPAPER William E. Allen, Corydon, is owner of a rare newspaper. His copy is one printed on wallpaper in 1863. As newsprint was not available during the Civil War. Council Minutes The CltyCouncll met In regular session March 15, 1S67, with Mayor Finr. and the following named council members present: Muckey, Andreasen, Cook ar.d Miller. Absent: Pelrce and Elbert. Minutes o! last meeting were approved. Class 3 beer permits were approves: for the VFW and Tall Paul's. Agreement to purchase gravel ;rom Robert Deal for 18? per yard !or the year 1S67 was approved. Agreement to purchase 1,000 tor.s of chips from P i M Limestone Co.. Kumbolct, la., for $1.75 per ton arid to have local truckers haul It for $1.00 per ton, was approved. Request to vacate alley between lots 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7, Blk. 246, Call's Ave. Add., was referred to Planning & Zoning Commission. Taylor Motor Co. low bid of 52,796.00 for truck, box and hoist was accepted for the street department. Application to annex property located at the southwest edge of the city limits by Keith, Tletz and Glsch was referred to the Planning i Zoning Commission. Request to vacate McCoy St. from Poplar St. south to Milwaukee railroad property was referred to the Planning and Zoning Commission. H. Smith, engineer from Wallace, Holland, Kastler & Schmidt, was authorized to study and design the extension of the BEST WISHES TO THE NEW ALGONA BIG BEAR STORE It Has Been Our Privilege & Pleasure To Have Been Chosen PLUMBING* HEATING CONTRACTOR For This Fine,New Aigona Business ALGONA PLUMBING AND HEATING 214 E. State Phone 295-5240 sanitary and stomi sewer in the east part of the city, establish street grades for five blocks in the Spruce and McCoy street area and to give recommendation on the sanitary sewer for the proposed new addition to the City of Alcrona. Moved and seconded the meeting adjourn. D. A. SMITH CITY CLERK GENERAL Finn. Salary 123.15 Smith, Salary 2-i3.97 Sands, Salary 134.33 Algona Postmaster, Postage 61.10 la. State Bk.. Wholding . . .66.00 la. State Comrr.., Wholding . .7.93 Life Inv. Ins., Premium ...37.18 Advance, Publishing 62.76 Arwell, Service 15.00 Finn, Court Costs 52.00 Foster Furniture, Repair Blinds 21.50 Inst. for Solid Wastes, Service Fee 5.00 John N. Kenefick, Misc. .. .15.00 Koch Bros.. Supplies 9.65 Upper D. M., Publishing 89.16 STREET Burris, Salary 199.37 Burtis, Salary 184.60 Frambach. Salary 205.12 Helmers, Salary 167.13 Lashbrook, Salary 47.79 Pergande. Salary 252.09 Sifert, Salary 164.69 Wibben, Salary 160.74 la. State Bk., Wholding .. .129.60 la. State Comm., Wholding 21.75 Life Inv. Ins., Premium .. .69.22 Algona Ins., Premium . . . .21.59 Cook's Scrap Iron, Signs. . .4.06 Cook's Welders, Supplies 281.00 Ft. Dodge Towel Service, Towels 3.50 Frederick Hdwe., Supplies 16.23 Minnesota Mining, Signs. ..36.40 N. Central Pub. Ser., Gas. .155.78 ROAD USE TAX All Wheel Drive, Repairs... 12.54 Arnold Motor, Repairs. . . .9.48 Big Bear Inc., Repairs. . . .17.95 Joe Bradley Equip., Repairs 1.00 H. M. Brown, Repairs 10.72 Cook's Scrap Iron, Repairs 16.48 Gambles Battery 19.19 Greenberg's, Repairs 3.22 Kossuth Motor, Repairs.. . .21.94 Sunray DX, Gas 113.54 Taylor's. Repairs 4.32 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary 289.83 Day. Salary 231.48 Hutchison, Salary 271.90 Jorgenson, Salary 251.86 Thompson, Salary 174.95 Schadendorf, Salary 147.88 Elbert, Salary 18.16 Voigt. Salary 245.34 la. State Bk., Wholding. .. .218.30 la. State Comm., Wholding 35.03 Trust i Agency, Pension ..20.43 Life Inv. Ins., Premium. .113.81 A. Boekelman, Expenses.. .10.00 Civil Ser. Book Sales, Misc 55 Colt Ind. Inc., Repairs. . . .15.67 Greenberg's, Expenses. ...14.04 Hutzell's, Supplies 7.58 A. Schadenforf, Clothing Allowance 125.00 Struecker's, Headlight 2.75 Sunray DX, Gasoline 83.20 Algona Fire Dept., Services 264.00 Harris Fire Control, Supplies 390.30 Hilton's, Batteries 53.50 Kossuth Motor, Service.. ..49.41 SANITATION Gade, Salary 88.84 la. State Bk., Wholding . . . .5.10 Laing's, Service 5.25 N. Central Pub. Ser., Gas. .24.45 SEWER RENTAL Gronbach, Salary 155.07 Lemkee, Salary 229.66 Carleton D. Beh Co., Congratulations BEST "WISHES to ON YOUR FINE NEW STORE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING BY UTT ELECTRIC "Wiring Connected or Corrected" ALGONA 295-2223 Interest 36.00 Sec. State Bk., Interest.. ..576.00 Sec. State Bk., Interest. .. .96.00 Engineering Ext., Fees. ...30.00 Kossuth Co., Treas., Taxes 19.31 la. State Bk., Wholding . . .27.10 la. State Comm., Wholding. .5.57 Life Inv. Ins., Premium. . .29.17 RECREATION Boldridge, Salary 155.31 la. State Bk., Wholding . . . .7.50 la. State Comm.. Wholding. .1.13 Life Inv. Ins., Premium. . .8.01 Natl. Baseball Congress, Baseballs 178.95 J. Bradley Equip., Repairs 45.50 PARKING METER Groen, Salary 282.49 Nauholz, Salary 100.06 Kossuth Co. Treas., Taxes 256.92 la. State Bk., Wholding. . . .60.50 la. State Comm., Wholding. .8.68 Trust & Agency, Pension. . .3.65 Life Inv. Ins., Premium. . .29.17 Brown Supply, Signs 195.00 Minnesota Mining, Signs 195.00 TRUST & AGENCY B. Egli, Pension. 75.00 WELCOME Aggressive Lads Our Guests KEITH BIERLE, BUFFALO CENTER, PRESIDENT DARWIN SMITH, IAKOTA, V-PRESIDENT NICK THOMSEN, LAKOTA, LEADER ZENDER'S Quality Clothing For Men And Boys ON YOUR SPACIOUS NEW ALGONA Excavation Gravel Excavaton FAIR CHARGES Algona SPECIALIZED SERVICE Diagonal St. Congratulations BIG BEAR T-~Jtf&%fSf"<- ..^'' r , ': THIS NEW 100 FT. X 80 FT. STAR STEEL BUILDING SOLD AND ERECTED BY TAYLOR IMPLEMENT & CONST. CO. OF ALGONA FOR YOUR COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS SEE REX TAYLOR - COMPLETE PLANNING SERVICE BEST WISHES BIG BEAR ON YOUR FINE, NEW BUILDING GENERAL CONTRACTOR: TIETZ CONSTRUCTION CO. ALGONA LOOKING FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDING SITE? n^^n-J*™™*™ HIWAY I* AND ADJOINING SEE US TODAY !

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