The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 30, 1967 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1967
Page 4
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f I ****•» i-enf an I "*S£ I I I I I I T&C Qub Hosf To 4: >;.;-.•• At S^Blrd Fw Jterth 3! A,. A';jt-,< i/vi'..v <•».•.* f-JFf,jri 1/-IA -V,' : v.. y,»t. j£w,v.v <••('. W.-a, .Vi >•_•: .v./ t^v; W/t- i,as/s. /uAi'' i/y; /ife, 1 ;/, ;>..•% (X;, i.v; K/ U* I •'/',!; i-/ciY.-fiS. *1S, toilMi, Ml, 'us, w/ft, //i/A '/v;^i *.'/; /i/.-.ij/, 10 Teachers In Sentral khool System Resign To Shov/ Slides Of Hospital Ship Activities i'!.-. i^.: l£:2. Et-. lli/.j, ~l,'a^ '-i--'-} ^''-l-il1;*::.'j j". T^ "« ',.•! ;. . T i-ZUlI; i." '.'u^ £^!,sZ.c EOrc'li "Xu— Mr. i.v; Mrs. Vir.:r D:%;. 5 .- , J/.-,,.vi« 'tis, «:/<! WfK. z.'AMm. tiw., Mr. Mr. iiri Mrs. P-aai Euder i^i Juviy -were Mw/Uy e"V5uiig aimer gy%sts a th.e home of Dr. azc Mrs. E. V/. Ryske. Wayne Elmers, Derusoa, Perry Eiders, Esti-erville, are s"per.d- .... ., , . , lag teeir spriLg vacation at the r.rt W;^s;tej p.r.A is »;/,(!- horce ol t^jj. fiarentS) M ,_ 2^ " " " ""'' f: >' ;; ' J "* r ^-^y< Mrs, Harold Eiraers. 7 ;,iJ/,;, Ui, -us, Um. I, /it, Units* us, 1,'H'i, *//; I/ilk \>'in j(ii/,y , 'i'i<itfti '4>, M/, Wl M/fc, /./.-:.*, HA Ml. i//i 7.liiiit&iit,u,, ft. {;.'!! 2 a C ;>. m. !;i Li-.'; F'.!/^- t'y; H!;;h 'x;!/x^lsjj/;itoriu;.-j. Tht In '/i City, ftjA/it fiaturrjiy it th<: K/s.'jw; |I.'/HJ<:. Mr;;. 11'; It:' ill 'ttiii M/c,. Y.t'.>ill'.'; ir<: M-ol/i.t;;;. :fii.%<j in a /;/«.- /ti/, W/i-., f/v/i-/ •My f.iiil'.-< :i '-.ill '/I '.ill M|/l; I'll Illi; !)(;•// I'^i l!l:,tlll||l/P" 1-lllUtllU Illllll llllll,lluiltl 1:1 lilt, llll'-IIVH i,/ll/ll I t,h,H I,,, alll/Wllni-H UiitJIII^IIMllI,!,!! lifft (/in llnltliuillnli Hill limit Mitt i,i, WOOD I * 2 '^ FENTON LUMBER Phone IIUV-VHU1 teuton, luwu M/, sv! M/r,, )'/<;') J i«//l )'x.-/>liwl, )/,, ^ W ] MIC, , M/R. />.,/) Mine, M/«. l,oi~ <I'i(J)j.|/t «il/i* (H /J'J /i/Jay .)l/i;nr/ j ill is Kl<l/ili /»,, ]i;ll/^; ( Mo. ('.':'/, :.(!/) MIR. K'l a/i/J /;nn]l/, MIii/i';;> //OHJ M'/(i/l;iy UJ1 V/ Wiij Mo/ •;))} MIW.'.-II 1 M/s, J :it til'; llO/IH; 'yf ||(;( J,ai":(lt/;, Ml. ;i/i..) M;B. ('<<;.] M'/<t';ii;;on. KiiAttir /{iliclsy 'Iliiiii;; ^,|i:/;t/j :il tli'j J-;adk M'.-1'.-ill homo •imea 1 Mr. ar/i Mrs. Harold Elmers, Gary, DehUe and Tamray were Suwiay 'lirui-er guests at the Gus Kraij.% horae. Suwiay filmier guests at the Lyndon Kerber home v.-ere Mr. anrj Mrs. Charles Feye and ., .., family, Mr. a/id Mrs. Harold M/ w..'].Mr;;.J'..o;/,rtl:uf>:;;r [ ;n, F ,. ye a/ld j irnil) . ( _ Mr . ^ Mrs _ r I ! .7.'| tf ; I/:flt M '' fl ' J ^ W:/j Carl Feye, Mr. arid Mrs. Harold ui.-wiay Yl;;ltl;i-; J;K;; ; 'j.-; ^ V/l^hman, Ruthven, and Mrs. and M:/,toi, Mr. an.'J Mr/;, fiurk;;/...,, Mrs _ rjarj , Jajlsrna and Grant _ w:;<: ln«tni'.-^i'K In th'.- fJ< : nt;;,-J Mr> Wl ,j MrSi Hov/ard Rabey '"''"' and chll'lren, Cedar Falls, and .//'. ;.iid M;H. Arl<;y Ijo'.-Lla Mr . ari ,j Mrs. Bob Johansen and ;.;,'! dilJf n..;,, ;'rlm;;i, ;i r, .',!/>.. clilldron, Minneapolis, spent the H:rf]lnan'J Muf,.|l< ; r ;,;,d Kveiett Easter weekend at the home of v/f:»«: hwitfcj .Jim,':; |;uf : ,-;t.-. a Ui< ; MrKi E _ j Frajjc> M? SK'",T h :T^ C1 ' iiir Mr. and Mrs. Art Swansea, I I,.,, t, ' . ''" /; ' ; " Taylor Falls, Minn., Mr. and i,i»i /i;(..|i tioiiK; on a 2-week Mrg _ C j aur j e stiaw Mr a d M urlo^l, f,o,n l, ? :;avy. i!, ha, L le „ De ' s mi ^ I-,..-i.«l^/,r ! ,J a tta I l J i l!K( ,r; :t ilf. Mj , UJ1(J Mrs< mk , Ro ' Mr. a»,«J Mr«. H-nllnai,,! Mi,.;ll, : r Amfcs/ spont t ,, e Easter weeke| ^ .A. (STANDARD Prompt delivery of all your Ag Chemical needs! Another Uiy, Dividend in Quality f rom si an djrd Oil Wi-i'iK ,HI.| IIP..-, I-, , ,ni , ,,,i yuu || l;n ,j r ,. { |,, ,,|- ,) (1 ||jrs in ll-llll. rll yi.'l.l.' Vi.ll l .HI -,l,,|, 11,,.,,. I,,.,..,.., iu! |, , ny (1 V,"' 1 '!'' 1 " '""' '" -'I'l'i"'.-.! .'.,',',1 kill,.,., ,, n ,| „,,(.< i,,.i(k-s. I II ilrhii-i nulil In '.DIM I inn ,,i I,,, ,.,,,,, , ,,.,, I ' •!" l»'l|' MMI v.Hli pi,.,In. | ,,,, ,,iiiin,. n ,|.iliun>. Km. Mv ici ,ii,< l,,i.,.,l ,„) Hi,. I ,| iniuim.itioM iri)'in An "' 1 "'" 1 t" 1 I Ml,.III,,I,,);,..!,., n ,| H,.,!,,, „!(• SpiMljllsIS, '""" " | l" 1 ' Inilir.liy MIDI, i",. ,,,„( ||,,, ,,,,.,,11,, ||,,n other '•I'lll-'l 1 - HI III!' M ll,,.,- Ullll III,-..,. | JM ,llu( h. '•" ili'H I li'l iM-dl'. ,iii,| i,,.,., i, ,.,,, U| , >ull| .,, (lia J 0 || ar5i ( .ill, I, .,1,1',. K,l 1,1,,l,ii,l ,/r/,,,,.,) ,„ ,,,/., .i|;ii' M|IMI.,| i limii, ,,l iirril. NEED EXTRA SEED FOR EXTRA .. ACRES NOTICE Or ANNUAL MEE'TTNG .,-..'.,. Z ' * - *- i ** f f ~ . ' ' ' '». - U - ! «* * » i.;. v c r 'ss. Thsrs vrii! b>£ s~.^£ r ~v,' : r3 fc r c'c-cr cri;.£-s end by ths Ssn'rol Sera errg. P!ea$.e pier, to cttsr?d. Norman A. Lai-sen, Secretary for The Fenton Cooperative Elevator Co., Fenfon, Iowa Y,-,,. MELVIN POMPE PM-H -CT3 — VThiaerr.ore f 23EOVI'"* s THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL Fenten, lowo Experienced Embalmers and Funeral Directors Reliable 24 Hour Ambulance Service Funeral May Be Referred To Us With Confidence Phones FENTON 23 RINGSTEO 21001 21006 20216 SHOP in your HOMI COMMUNITY Farvton Buiintn & Profwkna FRIENDiY FENTON INVITES YOU FENTON PRODUCE - tbyd Sund« Goldtn Sun F*»cb GERALD VOIGT INSURANCE Ftnton, Iowa HANTELMAN BUILDING SERVICE For Building • Rcmodillng PHONE 889-2281 Fanlon, Iowa FEN Dr. E. W. Ruike MNTIJT Offiw Ftw-rw 1*9*2241 Rttldenc* (11-2154 FENTON DRUG T*V Saki A S*rvl*« Phertt U9-2713 C RIENDLY TON. IOWA WOULD EXTRA CASH HELP? ME Fonton Phone aav-296'J Stcindcnd Oil Tank Wagon Service itcinUcncJ Ull Tank Wagon Service ! April is the cruelest month of the year. Just as you're getting over those holiday expenses, tax time arrives. 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