The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 30, 1967 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1967
Page 2
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— Jii|c.iiit ,'c. Vtainim "tiirsdiyi. Mitrrft y. IT ocvct-v? - i.n: u 'I.i.;ra - .: vwitamt riH.'if-j .iiv: ;r.n- Ji-ai v uu: iiuurMty.. i'L*. i.u: V/7J. "_,i-v.-;!u::= V'.>-.r. 5at. A.i:ir.'. H«m uu: ~-\~:.".*:~i. vi.'.inii- i.'.r.i...;. i : ir.i7M.:;ii!: VL'. uu: ifrs. 3".n Il'.:i»'7t :'.' v ui'.-ur..:n. C. C . mit ledyard Man Receives Army Service Medal - i«<:::nt'. LL ir.n UK- :rY.L;3 '-itf. ..u;r ?-u>!;ii;iv '!£- ini;:u.r;!rmnt :.• iV.r.n v ;u: tut v ;:;_:iir i:*:, VLJ C.:m:~ jUi uili 7'iii Afe^;ot:.;r. "".£.•"..1. ^u-.;- \C- >-'>._< iL-ro. A,-.i:.:rv Su^a. i:fv; v;:."i ic i[.ti-.n '.7.7 t-::_:u; ."xtr.. 3-:i:-_:-"..tV -7.i J . •, \lz. Men's Underwear and Tee Shirts a»i '.--.CM. .''L.AY 2'5_X ; £ - -. - 1C?.. .O'Q IC-o. CM--US M.-£. :.;.^ lf:::.«y vll ;e 2--.i.«^7 Llii iiTT..!; v;:-; 7 ~::i-.:-i-.S. <'-.&£•.£ r.;::: >:.%r.r^. V;.-. v'l. tj.suvi.i -.ii.-ji „-. E^-7'HTJAV D2>~yi?.. 1C?-. .-OC 1£?5. Hir-;L.i Aoisr- •'r/.ii t.'* ?•:«., 1173. .". S. A5a. ; s.;c 7 ?.-.7il, -jiTT..* :.: sjeai Z.L?:c7 I-..VA ;•:»:;., Wr?. 1. 1. x;tA7; Mr. sr.d Mrs. .;*.;» ^..ri7. ^-.i Trie. ts7 ;g.7sr.-^, Mr. ir.d Mrs. 7T.*•":'*_ "."•i. 4. TC A 1 5 ••.I'.c.-i.'al^ur .1; Ciiirr? Sin, 7-; •;: "£r.i:i. liSTMiiii'isI? fcilyvvrjj 'In; i:4.-j.tii:a7, -.voici: -vu itisatei iy r.:.5 'vLii, ?L.~i5i.i. Dii3os7 iirpi.r- "5>i "1". '.AiT's .~7".i'.7 ".;; l£&.t^n£££ iir'MOi. Let. ITUi J'l7'5. L.i777 D'S- 3o;7 -v«nt "..: 'ferrule., D. C. •vi'57-i 1173. D<rHi:*7 sui-E-irr.sii a isir. ?:7j377 sarlis: tils -.cdr X StlF-lii/ 'iis'/ i77t~'5if tT. L.'5<i7i7'i t: steoi si~c.; ii^is vlifi W.i:;>..:s Sails iei::* is Uaras ALGONA FLOUR & FEED CO SO. PHILLIPS AIGONA WELCOME RIVERDALE RUSTLERS II Our Guests F 7i7s; I'-ciy ci;ni^is^.;s. i", 35.- C7*: Eeaj": Ca£clic dbircc v2i :* S;:.i<iiT, A-ril 1~, Mercers <?. tl: Ci«5 iT'r iToiil 32..7tOlC, Sta- '-X ,'i' ^±TIZii.wu, -jCCT. %iC7T'57-£cil 5 Public Notice Offices in the Kossuth County Courthouse will be Closed All Day Each Saturday Starting Saturday, April 1 it * * * * * * •fc * # * * * •fc * •fc •fc •fc # •fc fc •fc •fc * •fc •fc I •fc >7 Me Community Concert Series Membership Campaign April 3-8 Admission by membership only ! ADULTS $7.00 STUDENTS $3.00 ALREADY SIGNED TO APPEAR; 4 1 Headquarters: Bjuslrom Furniture Open afternoon* Phone 5-5183 "For the bcnl in wnk it'j C'/xi/ii^ni £ * * * .Uir. Mi-o, KlriierIyCgT£u,7=r- ''/V/7.S i^h i!.o :%•*,-. U er.i£7- ftviag dab Mor^lay. BRIDGE HOSTESS Mrs. Hertert Haas •- as iosiess to her bridge dulo v/vi"ssds.v •* * •* I * # * * * * •* # * I * * # I # •* - o - MR. A:rD MRS. Loyola. O'Brien have beer, at V/averly -nsiting their son-ifr-lav.- aid daughter, Mr. and Mrs. David Stewart. The latter is oa the 'fashua school ficidty. MR. AifD MRS. Carl Morck had as Eastar guests the tatter's brother- la-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. OUtord Strutters; Perr/. The Morcks recently returned from Oakland, Mitn. where they visited Mrs. Merck's brother awi sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Anderson. MRS. CELIA DEAL had as guests her grandchildren, Becky, Tirn, Lucy and Larry, Des Moines. They are the children of Al Coleraan and the late Mrs. Gwen Deal Coleraan. ?/Ir. Cole- rnan remarried last September. MR. AM) MRS. Gene Koob, Forest City, '.vere weekend guests of Dr. and Mrs. Dean Koob. The men are brothers. MR. AM) MRS. Gilbert Hargreaves had as guests last Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Nordeen Strand, Jeff and Mike, Marshalltov/n. Other guests Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. DonElbert, Natasha and Ralph, Dayton, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Elbert, Washington, D. C., Mrs. Ralph Elbert and Mr. and Mrs. Dick McGinnls and family. The Don and Ron Elbert families were here to attend funeral services for their late father, Ralph Elbeit. MR. AND MRS. Arthur Mallory of Hampton carne here Monday and took Mrs. Mallory's sister, Dora Mitchell, to dinner with them. ;i%7 ii::^iar' Mrs. Harry Mc ' 1!?.. A^S 1C5S. Toe Ensct'Sr the User's trother aid sister- IT.-UV, Mr. =7.d Mrs. Tom Zvis- f^i, Fiimir.*. Tiuy sJso speat rr.uch. ;i felr time -.itii U;s pars:.:s, Mr. ar.d Mrs. Kenry Z-sie- M?.. AitT) MES. Rot-srt Speich £i.i liinily were Easter guests of tne former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Sp°ich, Ottosen. MB. AliD MRS. Jerry Seller came from Storm Lake to speM the Easter weekend with the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Bartlett and Mr. and Mrs. Julius Seiisr. • MRS. THEQJLLiTCjnSQ?? had ,. as gue'st Eastet her son, Tom, • Des Moines. ;•' MR. AND MRS. John Dutton had their sons and daughters- in-lav/, Mr. and Mrs. Jerr>' Dutton of Omaha and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dutton and families as Easter guests. MR. AND MRS. Harold Roth, former Algonans, visited thelat- ter's brother, Pete Haag, at the Good Samaritan Home Saturday and other relatives and friends here. From Algona, they went to Rolfe to spend Easter with Mrs. Roth's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. William Kemna. Cresco Chums The monthly meeting of the Plum Creek Elite was held Mar. 11, at the home of Jane Walker. Roll call was answered by 13 members. Talks were given by Jane Walker and Marnie Miller. Demonstrations were given by Norma Bode, Lorelee Keith and Sandra Zwiefel. COACH' "Orv" Madden, Alton, head basketball coach at Floyd Valley High School recently ended his career there which began 29 years ago. "Orv" had coached 1,103 games with a record of 702 wins and 401 losses before resigning. WELCOME SWEA-HARRISON BOYS Our Guests DENNIS HANSON, SWEA CITY, PRESIDENT DARYL HOLCOMB, SWEA CITY, V-PRESIDENT CECIL THORESON, SWEA CITY, LEADER STOP IN - VISIT THEM SATURDAY ALGONA PLUMBING AND HEATING . Till meet April 4 lithe hsli. Mrs, Ksnr-ir- Rs«se vOI te hossss. Tee Led'/ard LaxaberCompany •rill hold thsir Appreciation Day Aprfl 5. Tcsre -sill fcecuiaerous door prizes, merchariiise displays and sale items. Lijnca will be served from S until five. JOAN REDING PRESIDENT JtAN REDING V-PRESIDENT MRS. HUBERT O'BRIEN. LEADER FINN'S BAKERY 120 E. Stale PUBLIC SALE As I have rented my land I will sell my personal property on my farm located 3 miles north of Bancroft on Highway 169 or 4^2 miles east and 3 miles south of Swea City on — SftTURDftYrAPRIL 1st 10:00 A.M. LUNCH ON GROUNDS 21 4 E. State Phone 295-5240 97 Purebred & Grade Black Angus Cattle 29 Angus cows coming with 3rd and 12 Angus heifers coming with 1st 5th calves. calf. •9 Angus heifers coming with 2nd calf. 1 Registered Black Angus Bull. Three Registered Black Angus bulls turned with these cows and heifers June 15 and it looks like some will be fresh by sale day. 24 coming yearling steers. 22 coming yearling heifers. All females are calfhood bangs vaccinated. MACHINERY 1950 Model Super 88 Oliver diesel tractor, complete with hydra-electric, fluid in tires, tires are like new, tractor in excellent condition. 1952 Model 77 Oliver gas tractor with hydra-electric, good tires and overhauled. Ford Model 8N tractor with high speed transmission, with Shawnee back hoe. COMBINE 1965 Model 2890 M.M. self-propelled combine with 13 ft. header and hume type reel, auto, header control, 2-row corn head used 1 year. Either Head will fit the Oliver 525 or 535 Combine. CORN DRYER Behlen 500 bu. cap. batch corn dryer like new, gas heat. POWER MACHINERY 1962 Gehl offset field chopper; M.M. 4-row rotary hoe; Kelly Ryan tractor manure spreader with single beater; New Idea hay conditioner; New Idea 7 ft. semi-mounted mower; McD. 4-bar side delivery rake on rubber; M.M. 4-row planter with fertilizer set in for 30 in. rows with minimum tillage; M.M. 4-row planter with fertilizer 38 in. rows; M.M. 14 ft. 6 in. wheel tandem disc with greaseless bearings; Oliver 3 bottom 16 in. trip bottom plow with hydraulic lift; Oliver Raydex 3-14 in. plow on rubber; McD. model 55T baler with PTO; Brillion 21 ft. land roller; 9 ft. Graham Home field cultivator on rubber with hydraulic lift; 10 ft. Ezee flow fertilizer spreader; Oliver 4-row new type cultivator; Oliver 4-row older type cultivator; 6 section lever flexable Noble drag with steel evener. FEEDING EQUIPMENT 7 ton rubber tired wagon with 900 X 14 in. tires and Geh! self-unloading box; Gehl hammer mill with PTO; Heavy duty Heider rubber tired wagon with 11 in! 6 ply tires and 285 bu. auger unloading box; M.M. heavy duty rubber tired wagon with 15-in. rubber, 6x10 ft. steel barge box with 2 in. floor, complete with 5 ton hoist; Mandt 4 wheel rubber tired wagon, 15 in. rubber with hoist and 6x10 wood barge box with 3 way endgate; McD. rubber tired wagon with flat rack; Viking 42 ft. wide type elevator, underslung derrick truck hopper PTO; 2 Tpx-O-Wick cattle oilers with stands; 1 Tox-O-Wick hog oiler on platform; 2 Pax 75 bu. round hog feeders, new; Browser all steel calf creep, like new; Little pig creep feeder; Wood mineral self-feeder; 2 steel water tanks; 2 — 14-ft. feed bunks; One hay bunk. BUILDINGS Doan type 2 piece 20x30 ft. hog shelter; 12x16 ft. 4-pen hog house; 1000 bu. cap. steel bin; 2 good steel floors for 18 ft. steel bins; 6x8 ft. hog shelter. MISCELLANEOUS 40 ft. 12 in. airation tubes; 3 H.P. single phase motor with transmission, speed jack; Extension ladder; Bale fork; M.W. 4 H.P. 24 in. riding lawn mower; 16 ft. 4 in. grain auger with % H.P. electric motor; 2 wheel weights for Oliver or M.M! tractor; A.C. sub-soiler; New Idea single row corn picker; New Idea 4-bar side delivery rake. FEED 200 bales 3rd cutting alfalfa-brome; 1500 bales 2nd cutting alfalfa-brome. All the hay was conditioned and stored inside. There will be no small tools sold so be on time at 10 a.m. sharp for a good sale. TERMS: Cash, or make arrangements with clerk before sale. No property to be removed until settled for. Not responsible for accidents should any occur. ALBERT (BERT) KOLLASCH, Owner Autioneers: Quirm o & Clark Clerk: Farmers & Traders Saying Bank, Bancroft

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