The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1944
Page 6
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BIZ ^LYTHEVILiLE (ARK.) CO.URIER .NEWS . .WEDNESDAY,. NOVEMBER. 1. 1944 -^-'-- ' ' vi> • • •'•-''i -'•• ' -..i CCbming Election ' ,' 'WASHINGTON, Nov. 1 (UP) — . President'Roosevelt ssld (oday hc '*had/made'one election bet, 25 cents veverumoney on'the outcome of the election. 1n a certain state " He said he made Die bet icccntly *on 'his' campaign train ' • Mindful of the law in New York ^'tale*'designed ' to prevent i voters 'from belling on the election,'a reporter asked whether hls'bet would disqualify tlilm in'the balloting. I Kc,' the President said, liuijjV tliigly, the bet was made outslde-of ••New. Yofk-'State.- To- reporters who, wanted 'to' know* how and with )>hom he bet, the President cupped .his hnricis around his month In n -mock, stage whisper and said it 'ttUs'ti'dnesof tlieir'business. >!•He siild lie had not yet made his • usual secret guess on ihe outcome iii'electoral votes but would write Oklahoma Town Plans Way Memorial ALVA, Okla, (UP)-A, $10,000 war' memorial Is'being planned in Alvn,' Okla., civic leaders, nnndunce'd ;| re- ! cehtly as a campaign) to'.jralfft •'the funds '.uctired the,, halfway mark and Is eVpected : to' be concluded In October. The ; fund Is-, being raised by'donallons. , •' •' Iv . The memorial building, besides containing the list of war heroes of World Wars I and II, will be so constructed as to provide i\ band shell with the capacity of a IIOO- ptece' bnn'dton' one sine.of the.<cx- iterlor,. inside, .the Memorial building -will have U«phy cases'andifec- ognitlon.•niches, :nn<! 'the names lof the hero servicemen and women; ' Two''Svlngs off'the 'Wain' blilldlng,' tinder .'Ui4,,'pro)x>sed building plans, will house "rest rooms for the public.; ' ' ., >' ; Flier Realizes Big it soon and lock H iii Ms top drawer. ' . DON EDWARDS *• ' "The Typ«wrIter--»Iah"*- J > ' ROYAL; SMITH, CORONA, >AND REMINGTON PORTABLE! IB f> - -' ' TYPEWRITERS" '''.''. !'r>''"-. j 118 N.'2nd STREET , PHONE 338? I ' Transaction Must B« Satisfactory)'; • .> t- '; ' \ • • " ' '••,' •••'.•• J. LOUIS CHERRY ' " Beprewnilnj; NEW YORK UFE INSURANCE CO. "* '" ' Blythertlle, '*»&. "" " ' WASHINGTON, Nov. 1 <UP) —, fisls'n Carl Smith of Houston, Texas, was In a : rcal supei'-jam-a while; ago. He was out, on a combat-mis-: ;i niKl Ills plane became so banged up by the'Japs that lie couldn't release Ihe bombs or operate the tail hook for a carrier landing.' • , As Smith says "no hook, no radio, and a big bomb sticking llo me like n leech—il was very embarrassing." So ' einbnrrnsslng, in facl, that Smith got orders lo hull out. And here comes Ihe catch about, the feet. 'Smith kicked himself clear, pulled the .rlpcord »nd waited.(or the Jerk. ' .. . : .."I jjot It all right," he explains, "but It wasn't like the book said, I WHS jerked by my feel. My harness had been yanked otf .my shoulders but IL miraculously caught around my large brognns." And as Smith floated gracefully downward he had plenty, of, opportunity to look up at Ills feel and decide that they were just about (he most, beautiful dogs in the world. .• . •. ••:' Lieutenant Saueressig Receives Assignment " ''• f'..i v (,': 'f:!.'"t\.;'-'r.'.'ti'. SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Nov. 1 —First; Lieut. Tina B.. Saueressig, n member of the Women's Army Corps, . whose honle is at .2838 Seine Avenue, Artesla, Calif., recently -'reported -for duty :-at the Sun"' Francisco Port, of .Embarkation and has been tiE-slgried to the Port .Transportation Division. Lieutenant Saueresslg,- a former studemV'al Arkansas State College, enlisted in the WAC In March 1943 nridiWas an administrative'off leer at the Hampton., Roads Port, of Embarkation, Newport News, Vn., before.'coming to Ihe San Francisco Port. 'She is :i daughter of Mrs. Le!n C: -Drantley of Luxora, /.rk. ... :•••.-. . •• .. Monitor Will la at a quarter'million more 'tlVes, than foiyOctobcr.'But It-.eaiitloneil thnt "A"''moloi'ists .would'have to .wall until 'local boards-, .meet n backlog of 850,000 unfilled applications from "B'"and r "C"idrivers. cere as I us position Is clear. 1 ' BOSTON, Nov. 1 (UP) Tlie R. W. McNew To fjead , Real Estate'Association, UTTLE nOCK, NOV. 1 (UP) — U. W. McNctf of .Pine Bluff has teen elected president of the Arkansas • 'Real, Estate lAssoilatlon,- succeeding W. -V.' BodlnTlglit • of Fort Smith. Other officers 'elected Include: Christian Science 'Monitor has endorsed the presidential candidacy of Governor Dcw'c'y, the paper says.-i G. L. Alexander of LHlle Rock, vice horses'Is the best way to I president,,and H. L. ,Utley of Fay- eUovlllc, R..S. Choatc of Walnut nidge, H. W. Anderson of Dcnton and Fred w. Mahle of Stuttgart, district-.vice presidents. •The group, at Us annual.convenr lion Monday^,adopted four resolutions including, one endorsing, the plan by tlie U. S. engineers for development of the : Arkansas, White 'and Ouachlln rivers. i get across 'tlic -stream's ; "ah'ead." In .1940 the Monitor •* favored Wciulell '.'Willkle- for 'president. The Monitor said—"We do not believe tlint Frnnkllh Roosevelt l.s golnsj to make himself .a dictator," it added (lint nevertheless • "long tenure smothers allerhatlvc leadership. The third term -was advocated . ns :t necessity in a crisis. So is a fourth. Will there .be no .grave . national problems in11948?" .. >.•• The. paper :wcnt on to sny "Mr. Dcwey , hns shown- ; a : tremendous eronlli .In underst!UKllng::of world affairs. , We .-.have .good reason to believe tliat his-purpose is>as sin- "B" and "C" Motorists To Receive Tires First WASHINGTON, Nov. 1 IUP) — The outlook, for new .automobile tires for motorists with "A" gas ration books still .remains dim despite a 250.000 increase In tire rationing quotas for November. The .OPA set the November, quo- ;.Vi»'i/- r :''V^>' t '^>V^Vri•' ;- ; I '•g,-'''-:< : --''^'mi : '-''' > '^f' : Buy Your Winter Supply or Vfhile It Is Available. PLANT^TION OWNERS' SPECIAL - PRICE 6N 100 RANK LlDtS! ;B/kRKSDALE MFG. CQ. BJythe'vllie, Xrk ' ' ' .' ' Phone 2911 DRS. MIES OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCfRi • : • r '. i i „> • ' . • ' • -• ."• i . ."•-; / . OFFICE HOURS. 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 614 M*li Ark. Wade's November Specials For The •-,,;?;> . . '••'•'•.-••• t -,'...• , B i ,• , ' ; j . . "'•'"- Arkansas' Thousands of Soldier-Sailor Sons arid Daughters Are .Counting on YOU to Vote FOR ^T * *> , , \ ' . L • .. . . r*r"" "i?--': : ...... ' WORK We Must Not—We Fail Them Now—Insure An Equal Working Opportunity For Their Return! % Read the Appeal from Charles W. \ ::-/•' Darling, ' ,$ U.S.N.rT- I hope ^heri we ffinish our job over there, there will be one ^ tate '..;. :'*!]!?* w ,f A?" , c . 0fl \ e back to and get a job without haying to pay $50 or ,$100 to some union." Charles Darling - <;•>-> ^ ^^ t. --t. v o \i :". O« • i\-\" v./ ' ; ^;< »(' ' v- .;SP If you want to help all the other Charles Porlings and their Sisters now in the service Thousands upon thousands of voters, from every county in - ' _MARK YOUR BALLOT: LIKE THIS the State .-. •;-farmer^, -teachers, 'clerks/' workers, business •••.x,^ (1 -.-- ,., v /,,' ,-..,., • ; men, skilled craftsmen, %ctcransof World Wars 1 ami 2, men COD AkiCkirUiTWIT OC and wom^n still iri''service V\-.^iave ! written in \tVKiiie'tlie r\JK AMtlN UIVltN I 6 D "" "'"" 1 * Charles W. DnrlinK, S 1-c, . Newport, Arkansas : An Arkansas Sa ilor Writes Home ' . .San Dicso, California • Ocl. 20, 1S1-4 Dear Sirst "I have just voted for 'itislit to Work Amendment.' I think if the people kick home in Arkansas ira'iHcil lo be' free :i5 much as the boys in the service that (here wouldn't be any voles against •(he Amendment November Tib. "I will he BoinK across to do what I can, in a few {lays, and I liopc- ivlien vvc finisb our job over there that TI1KKIC WII.I. BE ONE STATE OUT OF TIIK FORTY-EIGHT THAT WE CAN COME BACK TO ANI) GET A JOB WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY FIFTY Olt ONE 'HUNDRED DOLLARS TO SOME UNION! ' '• ' "I hape that by Hie time the next election is held that all of Ilic boys In the service will gc( lo. vote. There are hundreds of boys -in the service lhi(t arc •seventeen and eighteen years old, some arc jtisl sixteen,' but'thcy arc asked lo do the same thing we older ones" arc asked lo do. This nicans lo give their lives if necessary. If these boys are man enouph lo fight for Ihcir country, why aren't they inan enough 16 vdle?" ' ' : Yours ilruly, CHAKLES W. DAKI.INO, S 1-c f • • •*-•• ; . . , Newport Arkansas. (Sinned) . .\tvgiiig' tlie ad6ption of AMENDMENT No. -35> which guarantees cfverV- - one in Arkansas FREEDOM Tp WORK without first paying ' tribute ,to Sidney Hillman or a labor racketeer. You arc invited to vote and work for the passage 6f this important' Amendment! (FREEDOM TD >VPRK) Hall'Buildina * ' CONSTITUTIONAL AME MOMENT COMMITTEE Anii Ihe 15,000 Arkansas citizens who signed the original petition for this Amendment, signatures r.ow on file with the Secrelary of State. , ,. Little Rock, Ark. We're especially proud of our complete showing of full-coil, pre- wur spring construction Living Room Suites. All wanted styles in your choice of covers! PR/CFS ON 2-PIECE SUITES START AT $89.50! One .Special Group OCCASIONAL'CHAIRS 1 5' 5 These are tapestry covered chairs that have been reduced 33 1-3 percent and more. See them in our window! . 3-PIECE BEDRQOM SUITES Sturdy/ Yet Aitrqctive. Our Leader LAUNDRY HEATERS No Certificate Needed 5 95 up Just Received -— .Shipment of CEDAR CHESTS & KITCHEN CABINETS 50 Lb. Cotton Mattress 6.915 50 Lb, Plated Felt Mattress 9.95 ^Oib. Allf elt MaWress !'.!' 14.95 Spring-Aire Mattress 39.50 Full Spring Construction Studio Couches In Several Price Ranges Blytheyijle, Ark.

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