The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE CQURIEB NEWS THE DOMINANT NKWSPAPKB OV NOliTHKABT AUKANBAH AND BOUTHBAHV M1S1HOUUI VOL XX XI11—NO. 01 BlyUievUU Courier Blythevllle D»ll/ New« HftrAld MlstiMippl Valley Leader HLYTHKVlU.l'!, ARKANSAS, WKIJNKSIMY, AIAV !>7, •!!«(! COPIER FIVE "CENTS -V s PROSECUTION FOR 11 Warns Londoners of Traffic Peril Thousands Expected for Celebralion Friday Afternoon and Night OSCEOLA, Ark.—Osccola's centennial observance will reach its climax Friday with a spectacular mile-long parade, to IK followed by an historical pageant on tha school grounds. Preparation* are being made for t'ne entertainment of thousands of visitors from all parts ol eastern Arkansas, Memphis and elsewhere. The day's program, in brief, includes: ,2 p.m.—Baseball game. Osceola vs West Plains. 4 p.m.—Parade. 5 p.m.—Dedication of IK<X post ofllce building. 7 p.m.—Baud concert and pageant at the school grounds. ,to be \ followed by a street dance in the ' business section. [ (Jiieen Will Hide Itivci Sleamer ' Miss Margaret Pope, who was' chosen "Miss Osccolu" last week, will occupy a place of honor in I'ne parade. She and her 15 maids ami a 10-piece orchestra will ride a huge float, a 40-foot lon« niodel of a river steamer. The boat,' with . three decks and pilot house, is so high that it was necessary to raise electric wires four feet to permit it to pass. Leading Cue parade will be the CO-piece Christian Brothers college band, of Memphis, which will play for the band conceit at 7 o'clock at the school grounds. Following, in nh'6'- of inarch, will be: 'Historical float carrying chief! Osceoln and his princess and 25 Indians; historical float, carrying '-, H«rnandoj,p =J Solo and his band of .DO"explorers;., covered wagon drawn by. oiori; old type log'wagon drawn by six oxen; 150 IICTO jubilee singers, followed by an old family coach drawn by two white horses, carrying Col. Robert critten- «fn and Miss Winnie Davis- float carrying 32 grammar school chil- , dren dressed as Red Cross nurses- Gen. Albert Pike, accompanied bv ABO 32 Boy Scouls in uniform; 15 horse'-i 011 ro , WARNING ' t - <PEDESTRMJt$& DRIVERS! : '. TAKE CARE ' y. s. HELP In a campaign to reduce the traffic death loll, London police arc erecting signs like IhesQ wher- ! Organization Active In Al | Lcusl 15 Stales, Pros-> | culor Declares i DETROIT, May 27. (UP)—Evi- I dence of terrirfjUc activities of Hie Black Legion in 15 '6V 1 more states j Is In his possession, Prosecutor Duncan McCrea said today in announcing lie had asked the cooperation of the federal government In , his investigation. ' : j "I know definitely that the Black Legion is now operating In 15 to | 18 states," tins prosecutor snld. "1 i know that It Is very active In the 1 cities of New York and Chicago." > 12 Sllll In Jail I Examination of 12 members of 1 the U'glon, charged with the kid- naping and murder of Charles A. Poole, 32, was adjourned today for] '- da>-< dfsulle the objections ofj ; their attornsys. i I All were ordered returned to I comity jail after Judge Ralph W. Liddy refused lo cnterUiln motion? i for bail. [ Wayne County Prosecutor Dun-' can C. McCrea, who is investigating rei»rt s of wldcsureail terroris- tic activities of the legion, rcques- rd the actjourninenl in order that his ollicc might pursue Its inquiry. He promised t'ne court tli»l 01 ELIGIBILITt Comptroller Gathers Kvi-i Planters, Refusing lo Nc- dence to Prove He Is Practicing Lawyer ' 11'1'II.F ItOCK, May 'n (UP) • "lale Cciuplroll'T (irlflin Sunlli win- f scniblir j evidence todnO >vl;lch he will present to llu 1 slate tt'iitocratlit ccmmltlee at Its June (i meeting (o determine his collate, Term Out Ineffective Walk- 'MKMpins, May 'fl (UP) — A show down apparently iicin'ed to- iluy In the "bailie ci[ claims" be- .wi'c-n the Southern Tenant I-lmii- TM Union null plantation ownci-s In ea.stern Arkansas, where the eligibility as a candidate for chief I union has culled a cotton chup- iusllce of Hie Aikansus supreme:! pcr.s strike In demand for J1.50 ™ l| rt. inn- day wages and a 10-hour duy. Emllh's cnlv comment on tin ciucsllon of his edibility to serve If elected was to point out su- - ........... ... **«,. v ,.,, „ lm , •neiiic conl decisions proving thai Union Secretary n. L. Local union heuds fi-om Ihifc-couiity strike area came IVobers Would IVoseciilc 'Mini lo Memphis today fur a meeting wlUuj ever deaths and injuries have "I,,, pr ?'" isc<1 " lc f» lr given the intersection a black ,. n . ilh " r ° llr °!' nve <">« I »"reputation. A warning to pedes- tlc 'l KUe we will be able to bring trians and motorists is emblaz- olllcr defendants into court and oncd below a grim, circular hlu ' c a bearing for all of them nt "black sjjpt." one time." "John Doe" \varrants charging 12 oilier members of the Legion with __— uincr iiiemuers 01 me Legion with I ILL llle mur[lcr of P°ole, who "knew lirr i l °° mllcl '" ntx>l| t tiie inner work- Li i I j IIMT.S of Hie band, have not ycl b"e; imp Cppcnenls of „ ....... _ ..... ••alsctl the (|iie.sllon of Ids eligibility u \veek ago which resulted in c. (iiudtlcT Chairman J. U. Head, of Toxin-tana, issuing a tail for the nirullng to clear U|> Ihe o.uostion. (^upstioii I'oi- Cmirls Head, said he believed thut Mr Smillrs eligibility Is a legal tiuc. 1 -lion which should be decided b; Ih^ ccurts. "As cliairman of the coniin'llee It is my duty lo certify dates as iiuallfled to have tliclr names placed on the ticket," said. "I do not know whether Smith Is eligible and 1 urn clearing myself of anv question re- "aulhii! his eliglulllly by callln? the committee to consider tne matter. "If Ihe ccmmlltce holds that he is ineligible, he has a right to appeal to the courts. If the coni-* mltlee holds that he is eligibl ! "ct planters generally were Ignor- coinptroller 1'iS their request.* and contending 1932. served. Meanwhile inquiries Into tile i ks chairman lo certify "him". ;; Black Lsgiou were to be extended I ' ~" 1 will., be 'acting within -my rights Black Lsgioit were to be extended I The, cpmiitroller's eligibility hni statewide in .efforts lo delermlne Wn n,uesUo~hed 'on the firbuml' whether other -mysterious deaths that lie has not Inwii "n «n r . *Mu.-Luc:r uuicr -niysierious deaths Great NfW- R|-itr<;li I inpr-Tc 'W lllre s inllicled on citizjiis. boinb- uieat new Diitrsti Lniei lb h, gs a ud arson could te attributed I Ulie to (Keach lNc\V York [ lo thu vigilante group. . Monday' ' : ' McCrc;v M:lkrs nen " at Today's examination, called to satisfy the court that the defeii- • j danls sliould be held on the charg- niay J(|,,, P r murder a'ld Md-,lulus', phis, will be mai'i'nal of the parade. The attorney remarked causti- proud Britishers cheered her on „_ -.-..•.....LI.,,, , Jt /ii mill tlUUv.' I oof Drown. Jack Goldsmith,, Saul Bleustein, Dudlay Diniias and Oeo Pace, all of Memphis. Prom 5 lo 5:30 p.m. ceremonies m dedication of the post olfice will ue held in trout ol that building. Two speakers from Christian Bros college, 150 negro jubilee singers and 400 school c'hildreu will participate in this program. The Christian Brothers band will fiive a concert at tlic school sroimds. starling at 7 p.m. to be followed by the pageant, w lilrti will present the history of ' Arkansas from its discovery by 1X« goto iu 15-11 to the pres?nt dale. her way, her nose swung eastward toward the Isle of Wight and the passage lo Ihe open sea. A favorable sea and a following wind awaited her beyond the jag- Bcd entrance of Ihe Needles, gale- Neva York Cotton NEW YORK, May 27 (UP>~ Cotlon closed barely steady. op:n high loiv close . 1147 1152 1U7 1149 miy to Southampton. Hundreds of craft -- - tied down their whistles in tribute to the newest candidate for the blue ribbon of the North Atlantic, nt present held by the Normandie, of the French line. Tliroiigh the harbor haze thousands especially lucky crowded the rails of South African and Oriental liners, cross-channel slcam- crs, yachts and row boats, almost beside the Queen Mary. The rest of the huge crowd contented them selves with vantage shore. on July Oct. Dec. •Jan. Mar. May 1018 1037 1037 1043 1050 1041 1039 1050 1045 1034 1034 103!) 1034 1039 .. 10-14 1048 1040 1040 S]»ts closed steady at 1174, up 1. Spol Average Is 11,G2 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the 10 spot, markets today was 11.62, the Bly- Ilicville Board of Trade reports. Cirowers selling their 1935 cotton today will be entitled to a subsidy of .38 of a cent iwr pound. few Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 27. (UP) — The cotton market wns very steady today, .prices were a shade higher than j-esterday's final figures dur- "18 the first half of the session but cased in the second lialf. The close was unchanged lo two points lower. open high low clos? . 1143 1145 1142 1142 . 1044 1045 1040 1041 . 1034 1038 1033 1033 . 10J3 1033 1032 1032 July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May 1038 1040 1038 !03Sb 1037b Spols closed steady at 1172, un clunged. - cally that the "prosecutor wants the delay so he can look Into his own office and determine if anyone besides himself has signed a card wit'ii the legion." "Anybody who says 1 have anything lo do with this organization ;•; a liar," Ihe prosecutor shouted in reply. The attorney's reference wns to charges made by the Detroit Times that McCrea's name had appeared on an application card found in the files of the Black Legion. McCrea indignantly denying any connection with the cult, said he would file suit against the Hearst newspaper. The been qile: that lie has not been "n I icing lawyer eight years." as re- milled' by Hie- consliti'llon as o imalification for members of thr supreme court.' : ' Mr. Smith was admitted lo (hi bar in Tennessee In 1823 and win enrolled by Hhe ArkiiiVuis supreme court as a practicing attorney in January, 1927. He has ;ervod as comptroller since llir fall of 193'.! and those who arc (lucsllcninj his eligibility .conlnrf lhat Ihe lime he has served in that ollicc shoi-ld not be counted in commuting Ihe time he ha. 1 been a "practicing lawyer." although much of his lime bar been devoted lo preparing and handling law Mills Involving stall or county funds. Slay Kile Suit Another method for testing the qualification!) of Smith was pro- rosed by Troy W. Lett is. formei Little Heck municipal judg-.-. win said that he was drafting a |ieti- Ikn which he -expected to (lie Hi Pulaski chancery court to cnjntn Ihe state committee from certifying the name of Smith as a candidate. 'I have not talked wllh cither of Ihe principals about this mailer," Lewis said, "and 1 am a supporter of Chief Justice c. K. Johnson, but I do not think that the question involved i.s one Ih-il a political committee should attempt to settle." Sues for Divorce H.ila James has filed suit in chancery court here against W. 14 [ L. James, asking n divorce on the JJJ35 ground of indignities. E. E. Alexander is atlorney for the plaintiff. Chicago Wheat open liigh low close July Si 7-8 84 3--I 83 5-8 83 5-6 Scpl. 83 7-8 84 3-4 83 1-2 83 1-2 Chicago Corn open high low close July 59 1-4 CO 1-2 59 1-4 60 1-H Sept. 57 1-4 58 57 1-4 57 5-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III. (UP)_ Hogs 5,000. Top 1000 i 17C-530 Ibs., 900-1000 HC-IGO Ibs., 900-1000 Bulk sows 8GO-885. Cattle 2200 Steers 750-850 Slaughter steers 600-815 Mixed yearlings and heifers 725825 Slaughter heifers 600-875 Beef cows Cutlers .t low cutters 350-450. Asks Congress Probe WASHINGTON, May 27. (UP) — A resolution to provide for a congressional investigation of the Black Legion was introduced in the house today by Uep. Samuel Uickstein (Dem., N. Y.) author of an earlier resolution to investigate Nazi and communistic activities in this country. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. May 27. (UPV- The stock market today consolidated yesterday's gains in moderate dealings. The list rallied after an early decline and numerous Issues held gains through the close. A. T. and T. Anaconda Cop;>er • «th. Steel CYiryslcr Cilies Service Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tank — Gen. Electric Gen. Motors Int. Harvester McKesso!) - Robbi ns Montgomery Ward . N. Y. Central .... Packard Phillips Pet Radio St. L.-S. F Simmons Beds — Standard of N. J. . Texas Co U. s. Smelting Warner Bros Eonlte 165 34 1-8 52 1-8 97 4 ivi 98 •18 3-8 37 3-4 02 5-8 81 1-4 3 43 5-8 . 30 1-4 . 10 1-2 40 7-8 11 2 3-8 . 28 . 59 . 33 3-4 . DO . 9 3-4 . C 5-8 Teacher Tired After Circling Globe 9 Times HENDERSONVILLE. N. C (UP •J. D. Moore, mathematics teach or at the Edneyville school, aft and other leaders on what 'ie had practiced luw from lime lo time since • taking Ilia state cedure lo follow In position In September. proof the be strike ineffecllve. Won'l Kci'iigni/c Mitchell Planters daily luive refused to negotiate wllh union officials, Henry Malcolm. Arkansas deputy labor commissioner, told Gov. j, •M. l-'utrell of Arkansas lodny In i report of his Invesllgatlon of nilon charties of peonage, threats mil Intimidation. "They nil refuse lo negotiate with II. L. Mitchell In Memphis they refuse (o concede Hint lie has any right to represent their employes or lo dictate terms under which they work," Malcolm said after a two-day survey. He found the prevailing wage fcalo wllh few exceptions to be 7} cents per day without regard to Ihe number of hours worked. • Mllchcll, In n statement charging threats, Intimidation and •starvation" in the area, said representatives of 78 locals In Ihe three comities would attend Ihe Memphis meeting to decide what "must be done lo meet the Intolerable-situation." •;,:,', 'Ar. .) .. ..Calls Isgrig "Inrompclcnt" He said ".vcores of workers have been evicted, many are 'starving." Iff-charged Kelly Williams, head Ihe Earlc. Ark., local, had been among those -threatened for his imlon activities. Meantime Mitchell announced receipt of a telegram from President William L. Green of the American Federation of labor who said the department of Jus-' lice had ordered Federal District Attorney ft-cd A. Isgrlg of Arkansas lo investigate the union's charges. . Mitchell, however, said today. Isgrig wns "incompetent" since ho' was a plantation owner and he i urged "someone from the outside" lo do the investigating Mrs. W. H, Tinnel! Citations Also Asked (or Two Aides in Oltl Age Pension Movement WASHINGTON, May 27. (Ul 1 ) — Tin? house old age pension im'estl- liutlon committee today voted, six lo two. lo recommend u contempt citation la Ihe house for nr.F'nm- cls Townsend ami two aides who liave refused to appear for questioning. The commlllcc by the same vole, agreed nlso lo refer the case to the United BUitcs district attorney's olllcc for court (rial instead of recommending trial by Ihe house. Those to .be oiled, besides Townsend, are file Rev. Clinton Wunder of New YoRi, and John' U. Klefcr of clilc-.igo, both dhectorh In the Townsend movement. The committee's decision to Invoke court procedure rather limn a formal house trial was expected lo mean rhat a final s'howdowirof Ihe elderly physician's dcllance will be postponed, possibly until nfi cr the -November election 1 ; Here is Dr. Townsend, Ills hands Ushlly gripping u paper, as he lulcnlly faced qi ?s(lonors a few minutes before he walked out on the house old rje pension investigation committee, which In tin 1 recommended his cttnllon for contempt. She's .Soviet Ace 01 Htlf Senate Comniillcc \Voulc Put I lut'.c^ Fund ' in "' Roosevelt Vf'Harids Unlike Amciican oflicials. who hold lliat women Ilicrs aren't WASII1NOTON, May 27 (UP)— The' flenale •committee complcloi nctlon today oil Ih'e S I,'iqs,000,000 relief [irognnn'and' volwl' to give (he huge fund lo Pri'sldcnl, 1 Roosevelt lni-lon-1 of WPA Adnilnisiialoi Harry Hopkins. ' The conimltlee also approved a plan (o imrmlt I'WA Admiiilsliutor Harold L. Ickcs lo make gi-anLs as well n.s limns from the SMO.OIKJ.OCO revolvlni; fund he maintains with Hie RL'conslructlon Finance Corp- nnillon. The relief fund was contained hi Ihe $2.30!I.S80,OOn (leliclcncy ap- •• proprintlon measure which the • ccuimltlci' voled to rejiort, favnr- i alily In Ihe .senate for action l)c- fnre Hit- end of (hn week. In deciding (o turn tile money over to Mr. lioMovell the committee reversed the house vorsloii Fire Insurance Losses in State at Record Low Ll'lTl.E HOOK, Ark—Laqres ol lire Insurance companh opernl liiK in Arkansas were Miiullu dui- Ins 10H5 than In unj jcar slnco Iflil. U. A. Gentry', state ihsm- ancc commissioner and lire ' mar shril, said yesterday upon com- liletlon of his annual aiioit I he report wns sent (o a prlnlpi To he published and will IIL nvalhblo for distribution In a few wecki The report showed that;.stock lire Insurance eompanlci tolloa .Hi $r).22;i,S2a 111 premiumsrln 1935, while net Josses nidd bj Hum dm Ing Ihe year lotaled J2l(!l.7ll This '•(•nvo n loss mtlo of 148' per cent, the lowest on record for the slnto. Mr. Clerilij said that if u similar record can ha established this year, there Is. "(jopd reason lo hope that underwriting prollts will justify and bring about reduction in Insurance rales. lie attributed Ihe Improved fire loss record to be tier lire prevention methods, more efficient rim deniuimcnts in cities and towns i ml especially to better underwriting practices of insiimnce com- >niilrs and agents. --. .......,., . - — ^.j „,..,, u jiuutru iiM(ji&eti me nuuso version Dl'p« it Facf Pr,:>/.> c •'. i1rdllo ' JS ;i111 ''my. Hie of Ihe bill. The house also had LMeS at tast I rairiCl Soviet gives women equality in j refused n, ,„„*,. nnv m-nvui™,. Mrs. w. H. Tinncll. 7 D, of Eas f, . i . "'"-FI "I1-. \n ii ic ULIJ. 11 it; i Soviet gives women equality in I refused lo make K'.l""',.^" 1 ?". MiM-ailoyna ! for Ickes' 1'WA a Kaskova (above), n youiuj mnlh- Rus- »"o. w. 11. nnncll. 79 o f E-ist Iulmm " liiuovvi, n young ninlh- Pralrlc, Mo., who was a fremient '"• llils wrj " ;1 l )1: ' c .° '" lllt Rus- vlsitor here, died at her home fnl.s Sln " milllai 'S' aviation scchool as morning. The Rev. and Mrs J i i'lslruclor of hlind llyinj(, m ~ -.. ,,^.it there today to ai- tend the funeral tomorrow Mrs. Tinncll, who is an aunt of Mrs Newsom, rile mother of Mr-; Ba Icy and the grandmother of Mrs "oil, cnmc here every summer She Is also survived by her sister.'MIS u - Ii. Lcvan. formerly of here who had lived wllh yier for several years Number Nine Child Dies Paul Cocksy, Jr.. tun V^T- ^1,1 Mr. nml Mexican Troops Rout nny pfovlsions igcnty. CoinniiUoc nu'tnljcv.s explained ekes ILOV: has ubcvt. Sfii) cash oti jinntl lo tor uscrt nl.s on so-niHcc! hcnvy con- Hunter, Karjiis' Friend, Draws Penitentiary Term Rebel Band, Killing 25 NEW ORLEANS. May 27 (IIP) MEXICO CITY, May 27 (UP)—;—Fred Ilimlcr. reputed [rain rob. wi'nt>'-Iive rebels were killed to-jber. pleaded guilty in federal court day u'lini a band of 40 clashed j today to charges of harboring Al- Kllli icdi'i-al troops near El Ccrro, jvln "Creepy" Karpis. public enemy (he nov,sp.ipcr l,u Prensa report-' Number One and was sentenced by | federal Judge Wayne G. Borah cm Otianatiialo. survivors of . the battle. ! lo two years in federal prison. Incliulin!! Iheir chief, Kl Concjo Ilunler also was under charges , (The IJabblt). llrd Into the nioiin- rirrVlnir" ii,»""VV'"""• """""" "V" ',7',"' ""' """ mrs - Paul Cooksy I lains, leaving their decide! to f.i^ "" 1e t "" L ' 5 ' " o n at "' C ftlmily homc ai 5:30 waimdrd «... the Held. uLticcn to K.(" ^fiu-Ti or M>O >JI..,,K«^ m.. i decided to settle down. Employed in a New York bank- Ing house in 1929, 'the crash camo nnd Moore was without a Job. He landed a job finally on an oil tanker headed for South America. Then lie became adventurous aud took lo the sea. Now 'ne Is back In North Carolina, his native state, with Ihrec quarters of a million miles of s;iil- tng to his credit, "After circling the world nine limes, having seen plenty of foreign nations, gathered no moss. I decided it was lime lo settle down and begin making a livina." lie said. of the Number Nil n<«i..i . c tu mniun ty. »!!< oclock this morning. His death',- i , • ALT i i«"« was attributed to colitis ' Light in Quebec Convent ' for mail robbery in 'Ohio. He was arrested In n New Or- j leans aparlmcnt several weeks jngo along with Karpis anil n wo- ; man who later was released. ---- ••wun. nun II lid - mem was made at Number Nine cemetery. The Moss Funeral Serin charge of funeral ar- vice ran — Burns for 200 Years;Exercise Habit of British Cited for Americans QUKIIEC. Que. (UP1— A lis'll! that IMS bnnu'd steadily for mole years Is tended by the "••eimcm^. : iii.iii MV yiMiA ].•> inmiuu oy u-n Surviving the child arc his par- I Ilims in l ' u ' UrslI ^ nc Convent here. -ills and grnnclpnrcnls, Mr. rind! Iho naino was orlglnnlly light- Mrs. Allxjrt Cook<iv ' ' * ''' ~'"' *""•''"* 1 "" *»«*•;- •»r_j^ii.._ NEW YORK <UP1—The British as a nationality, keep In much belter physical condition thai Americans ,in Ihe opinion Smedley Butler's Son Elected By One Straw MEDIA, Pa. (UP)—Thomas Hie- hard Butler, 24, son of the retired, fiery marine head, Gen. Smedley D. Butler, is bcUcr at I)um n 3 straws than at politics. Deadlocked at 42 votes with William Watson for Democratic county commllUmnan, the lucky straw eavc young Butler the edge lie could not score In the Delaware county primary, June 12 Closing Date for himary Ballot As the result 'of a typograph- cal error the closing dale for lie qualifying of candidates in ' ' Car ' s primary .u, n this county appeared in ves- Icrday's Courier News as June 2 Instead of June 12 By action of the Democratic county central committee at Its meeting yesterday candidates liave unlit midnight of June 12 to pay their ballot fees and otherwise qualify f or t i lc August U Democrnlio primary cd and lenclocl by Marie Madeline d<' Hcponptiijiiy, member of a pioiid and ancient French family. f hc lit . le for pcsswsliif the world's whrn s'iie entered the order nf Ur- .<i:Iliv.- following the death of her tiiimv. a youug French officer. Although a part of the convent was burned In 1159 when the Brlt- general. James Wolfe, brsiegcd Charles Alias, the man who hold the title for pcsse.ssln best developed body. He spout several weeks in England studying physical culture.! Atlas declared dally exercise Ihcre Qiu'btv. ten mms remained In the iniiiN to protect the votive fire. was much more prevalent than in Ibis country. 'Unlike Ihe i Blacksmith, 85, Spends Americans, the British are in much better condition because they exercise dally," he said. "The men are wiry and ruddy and don't have to rely on Tfi V A a •! 'heir nerve.s when 70 Years Over Anvil j iou B h. goilu: "The trouble with Americans is John Kcwer. M . claims the title of | that we take^verylhi^^iMn,' or Z ™much™we BIRD ISLAND. Minn. (UP)- j lying down. Even the day of get- t,^,™ E "'' " ' l "" mt ' IMIMJ lOU.M-ilJ, ^llllll. ^Ul-l .... -- ....^ „. „„, ' "Mimwsola's oldest blacksmith" I ting up early lo walk to work is fVwcr. \v'iio has lived here since : passing, Tasi drivers tell me that. I88r>. began blacltsmithing when Americans ha' Mrs. J. B. Wilson Is Bride of F. W. Brist MEMPHIS, May 27. — P. w. Hrist, United Slates meteorologist' hero, and Mrs. J. 11. Wilson, 'of Memphis, "Eloped" May U und were married In HI. Louis, It was revealed today. Mrs. Wilson is the widow of tin- late J. !!. Wlisoti, who served two terms as representative in the Arkansas state legislature from Mississippi county over 15 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson lived at Joiner for a number of years when? Mr. Wilson was a merchant and onr.ed it large plantation. She moved to Memphis following his death. llrlst's first wife died several years ago. Mr. Brisl and his bride, who have known each other for several years, motored back May 14 nnd have been living here since then. Catholic Church Fire •Is Believed Incendiary WILMINGTON, Del., May 27 (UP)— The Sacred Heart Catholic, church today was dama^-d by lire which police said was incendiary. Although nt first police suspected the Black Legion as possibly responsible for the fire, Howard R. Boyd, police, chief, said that Investigation convinced him that the secret organization was not connected with the affair. He was certain that the blaze was incendiary. WEATHER Arkansas — Mostly cloudy, probably local showers tonight and Thursday. Memphis and vicinity —cloudy tonight and Thursday, probably The maximum temperature hero yesterday was 76, minimum 62, ioi». iAp.'" v,.i\.noi,nviijiij5 \vm;ii *IJILI-UI<IIL:> ii.m.- iicumuy nncu ycsicruay was (o. minimum oil, 15. in* once shod horses for the St. j cabs to ect across the street or to i cloudy, according to Samuel P. Pan! Railway Company. Hide half a block. INorrls, official weather observer,

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