The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 23, 1967 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1967
Page 12
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Shop HOOD'S Super Valu for... v/.i*. l/.'t v.\.'M r . '.'; '.*.' 6V. ';! '.->: v ~^- wr i.v. wi.i :••.»:« r.<%s." '••'. V' <_•..'. i/.'t f:;'i >'^.w: tv! !.j"vt ; V.'. :".&'. ,'.".'•• l fu, Af> v';* Vi* i.V.fl'jt-'. i iVM M " .-'-i-' L> r?,r: v v"VK.*&V.*, vct Jit.rit V.L6V. e-.i-'V. (.• '.-'< :".'. t^ 1 -;:;* ::i*. v ^•tk :*'. '•..' '>."''.A: v.v W: i.'i'. X.*i L.i«'. : ti'.sjt ?.%_:ir_ p i« . i/r CC KM Jv:/. '.-.&-,: V.r '. V.j-2.. V.lll '- > L/t.'- v 14 Xr i.w, u ;•*: Kr:t.ii? Jvrr..*.' '.:*: l_r_<- U.-£.:.•-*: ~-e:_M W: C::t«t* t-fc 1 ! r Kt u KiUirif v%r> ivXr v;i-.t w.v. j i.', 1 '. r. !&'.:.—.£, "ji vt :/.•:.: i ivr < vr.t.' Vi* •.•c.-t-'-i Kr. t-v. «-vi W.'t. ly.>..t ;; •.* A OKOV? V.' i-t Kv:.'.it-s .'t'^.'j i-t tit L.1.V} i K -j'jr.t} s. T^% W.'. i-'iC K:E. LLv: ,:.r.t.'. 'J.. '.: tt* , wil: i^ L«-i.-,%: *:.',. r i'i%: vJ W-'. i^i'. W:E. F/x^r. <-•••; Or.'.; It U; T'.M tS.-<; 'A /J>'JJ WWi. ^ to KiitJJ Kvnk for K v/i U: '' < /r.';'_M:.', Wrt. D' wt:,, Ht:..'/', E.'.'^bl Uj6 'rvtraj •vttk.s sa Fo.'t /i. K//VA I'j'ii \ff Urn. It UU. AJ('U MKIi. Kowi/'j a/yl JtJJ are ijo tiix t/j si/tart U/6 Eajsttr e/MJ vdUi Uit j/artntB, Mr. Mre. A/tl/ur G to Oj3/;vv, Si-Sk-irtchfeWii, Ca.';. J'j.'j)' Ji'aylor ha£ t/;tn horn% lor i brlfef visit witfj h<;r j/Ait. r it£. Kht is tfnjloyt'j ai Ainfefi at the .'•'atiwiaJ Mlmul D1.6feaj>%£ lal^- r)'. Oar/ Saylor, Btiyitata LIES. f-HAJCK Kohl a letter Irva her sleier, Ys^i^ Mrs. Lyle E11U, &a;.l^g that £i»e <j^c her rrj^bi/i-: Dr. Lyle ElLiE are hea-ciw; io: home a.t Kart- iorc, Cvrrj. alter Ejjer/iirjg tie v/J//t*r a Jekyli Jjsla.'j'i, Oa.' Dr. a^v! Mrs. Ellis 10 me here wtch Eumr&er to te v.1th Mrg. Kohllisuts. \j> MJ<. AJi' v/fe/4 t/j Ct^ir FaJJ/s 12 t/j vlalt Ujc- laUtr'e l/t-li.Vf' a//J elfclfef, Mr. Wid Mre. E. L. IteVx-rt. Mr. a;»«j Mre. Ki.-k.fcie ar<: j/srfcntfc •;/ Wre. Gtr- aJ/1 V/il tittujri -at A Mrt. Fort I.^Ji'k-r'laJfe, Fla., vrfOi a >;;ouj; o< stu<lwjt6 wtio will aU tfc/i'J a ^^LS^;balj clJ/Jc. He It ft this wetk. V/EATHEK j/trrnlUl^, Gt'/- jg<: Fferetl a/td Mr. a//i Mis. lyjuls Fferstl will U vlsltftd over Uie Ea>Atr v.-eekeri*! ^y Mr. and Mrs. Clem Jfe£&o;j, Jolk-l, 111. Mre. Jfctt/;fi Is a diJiiifiter of at Ct-da; Fails. M;. MI<. A.'«'D M/^. Sam ha/j as guests Eonday the latter's tootfier a\ad wife, Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Dittmer, TtoraU/ti, ajid Mrs. KitJierlneStldwell, Jei- Jersori. LajrtThur&day, thieGra//- z/jv,'6 were rtEttfl by Rev. Lira, PATRICIA, daughter of Mr. and Mre. Les Kjenyori, sbideat at Ma/Jtato, Mi/ifi., State College, will gf/ei/J the Easter va.';aUon here. FARM AUCTION A* I have rented my land I will hold an auction on my form located 8 miles south, 1/2 mil* wett, and >/4 mile touth of Algona. or Vi mile west of Kollatch station and '/« mile south on ip.m. Wed., March 29 Ip.m. FARM MACHINERY 1952 Oliver 77 gas tractor w/hydra-elec., almost new tires, completely overhauled. Oliver 4-row cultivator for 77. John Oeere model B tractor. John Deere 490 corn planter w/fertilizer, in good condition. John Deere 50 ft. wide type grain elevator w/truck hopper and PTO. John Deere drive-on wagon hoist. John Deere 3-14 in. plow. John Deere IB ft. straight disc. John Deere endgate seeder, used only 2 years. New Idea 12A manure spreader w/new apron, good tires. 2 good farm trailers w/almost new tires. 6x10 ft. Heider box, like new. 6x10 ft. barge box. Old farm trailer w/wood flare box. IHC semi-mounted 7 ft. power mower. 4 section drag w/folding steel evener. 3 section flexable drag. BUILDINGS, etc. 14x18 ft. 6-pcn hog house on good skids 10x14 ft. brooder house. 120 bu. feed shed on wheels. 500 chick electric brooder stove. There will be no tools or small items sold, so be here at 1 p.m. SOO gallon water tank on wagon. 150 ft. */t in. water pipe. Some long pole* and used lumber. TERMS: Cash, or make arrangements with clerk before sale. No property to be removed until settled for. Not responsible for accidents should any occur. GEORGE WAGNER, Owner Auctioneers: Quinn & Leek Clerk: First Notional Bank, Humboldt Fully Cooked, Smoked No Fust, No Muss - HONEY SUCKLE - Boneless, Waste Free TURKEY ROASTS.. WILSON'S CORN KING JeTl Shank Portion BUTT PORTION I (No Center Removed) • i ib, Ib. ft CANNED HAMt 5 Ib. can LARGE, ROUND ANGEL FOOD CAKES ALL MEAT GEN 1 1 • V t I % [E b b L SHANK H LB RSLI JTIHA ALF.. LF... CES . , Ib. ft SLICED BACON 59 i Colby LONGHORN CHEESE. Ib. 49c ~ These Prices Good Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday - STORE OPEN THIS THURSDAY EVENING FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE TO 9 P.M. SUPER VALU ALUMINUM FOIL "»•- Fresh, FAMILY PACK FRYERS • i LAMB-TURKEYS-CAPONS Approx. |L 26 pieces IUt 33 WESSON JELLO Large 48 oz. Jug ~ All Fldvors ON FACIAL AR£ FAIMtiG 200 Count Boxes Bfe ,. „ _ KRAFT'S MINIATURE MARSHMALLOWS Large 10V4 oz. plcg. I THREE DIAMOND MANDARIN ORANGES $1 GEDNEY'S SWEET PICKLES Splits - Sweet Whole or Sweet Chips 3 pint jars $] 6000 KING ALFRED (Washington State) DAFFODILS 2 doz. OCEAN SPRAY - Strained or Whole CRANBERRY ** NO. soo SAUCE * eans 2^39 DREAM WHIP* GRANDEE STUFFED OLIVES barrel jar 49° ALL FLAVORS - FLAVORITE BUTTERNUT k 18 42.. 2 Ib. can CREAM FLAVORITi FROZEN FLAVORITE - Brown or Powdered SUGAR 2 '/2 i F^ <\^ •;'\ .«' **>i *r>- .» BERRIES ERRIES The Store FLAVORITE FROZEN DOLE'S j (i 1 / I SHOESTRING 174 Crushed Sliced Chunks Tidbits »M(kVVVl^ cans ..POTATOES NEWFLAVORKIST COOKIES Cello Packaged RADISHES or REEN ONION 9 Calif. Sunkist Navel EXTRA LARGE ORANGES 59< Dozen ••••••< POTATOES RED PONTIACS 20 Ib. bag 69 C ee**ee«*e*»**e«e*e«**««****« MINNESOTA RUSSETS 20 Ib. bag '••••••e««**«««« FANCY, RED RIPE Cherry Tomatoes basket 29 Baby Watermelon Rainbow Sunday Yellow Jelly Cocoanut Bondon 3 pkgs. $1 CRISP CELERY IN ALGONA Progress Club Of Portland Guest Day PORTLAND - The Portland Progress Club met Thursday afternoon, March 16th in the home of Sarah Stewart with Flossie Bartlett assistant hostess. Fifteen members answered roll call. Program, a relic or heirloon I treasure. Members attending were: Grace Trenary, Mary Rasmussen, Stella Wiskus, Elizabeth Kennedy, Arlene Wood, Ethel Smith, Vivian Dutton, June Sparks, Marie Parsons, Viola Becker, Hilma Carlson, Eva Shipler, Edith Jandl, Flossie Bartlett, Sarah Stewart and Vera Fitch. Guests were: Loretta Waltman, Virgie Smith, Virginia Becker, and Ruth Trunkhill. Aheart film, "A Candidate forStrokes", was shown by Marcella Chapman, assisted by Virginia Becker. The film was very interesting and educational. Old and new business was taken care of. A beautiful Easter Lilly was presented to Edith Jandl for their 55th wedding anniversary wh!U they celebrated, March, ,th. A bill was presented and paid t: \r- lene Wood for $5.35 for plant and $2.00 for a gift for Mrs. Chapman. The Club also gave $2.00 to the Heart Fund and $2.00 for Easter Seals, Eva Shipler had the surprise number. She read an old column by Grace Sigsbee. MaryRasmussen is It for next time for the surprise number. The next meeting will be held Thursday afternoon, April, 20th, In the home of June Sparks with Mary Rasmussen assistant hostess. Roll Call: Plant or blub exchange Program: Home-made Easter Hat. A cancer Film will be shown at this time, by Mrs. Randall Clark of Algona. - o - Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Marlow were Thursday evening visitors in the Jay Steven home. Mrs. Bernadine Ophelm and children of Burt were Sunday visitors in Steven home. Mrs. E. C. Schwietertattended her bridge Club Tuesday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Jess Dugan of Algona, and Mrs. Elmer Erickson were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Larson were afternoon visitors. Mrs. Jenny Whalen of Titonka was a Saturday afternoon visitor in the home of Mrs. E. C. Schwietert. Mrs. Whalen and Mrs. Schwietert visited Mrs. M. E. Polhemus to help her celebrate her 86th birthday. Mrs. Polhemus has been making her home with Mrs. Gertie Ackerman since Mrs. Lulu Ringsdorf went to the Heritage Rest Home in- Bancroft. Eugene Melster will not be home for Easter, as he is on the Upper Iowa University pitching staff and is going on a tour for training into Tennessee and Arkansas and will play Thuridoy, Moreh 23, 1967 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moin«i- Algonan Weds March 11 \ Marie Louise Wegner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wegner, Lamberton, Minn., and Gerald J. Studer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Studer, Algona, were united in marriage Saturday, March 11 In the St. Francis Xavior Chapel, Mankato, Minn. Mrs. Arnold Uhllg, sister of the bride, and Steven Studer, brother of the groom, attended the couple. A dinner was given by the bride's parents at Michael's restaurant following the wedding ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Studer are both attending college in-Mankato. Mr. Studer is studying business administration. The couple will reside in North Mankato. Tennessee State and Arkansas State. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Larson were dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Effie Teeter, Saturday. The Larsons and Mrs. Teeter visited Harvey Larson in the St. Ann Hospital. Harvey went in Tuesday morning with Bronchial Pneumonia but is expected to come home, today (Monday). Mrs. Robert Lovstad and Mrs. Edmund Larson attended an organization meeting Friday morning at the Burt Methodist Church to organize their Circles. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Harms and family and Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Peter went to Thor Sunday where they attended open house in honor of the 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Olson, aunt and uncle of Mrs. Harms. Mrs. Edmund Larson and Mrs. Robert Lovstad attended the shower,Friday evening, in the Methodist church, in honor of Francis McDonald. "Prayer will drive sin out of you life, or sin will drive prayer out". Five Fined Five persons paid fines in Mayor Bill Finn's court here this week following preliminary hearings of a variety of charges. Ralph Schneider, Fenton, $10, drinking beer on a highway; Joan E. Tripp, Algona, $10 improper registration; David Berendes, Algona, $10 faulty mufflers; Roger L. Hendrickson, Algona, $10, failing to enter safely; and Robert Thilges, $5, violation of restricted lens. Court costs were assessed In addition to fines. Miss Movick Of Ottosen To Wed April 15 ELEANOR MOVICK Mr. and Mrs. L E. Movick of Ottosen announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Eleanor Ann, to Arlo G. Beitz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beitz of Algona. An April 15 wedding is planned. Miss Movick is presently employed by Buchanan & McClure and Mr. Beitz is employed by Algona Vault Service. PERSONALS EASIER SPECIAL! WILSON'S CORN KING DISPLAY 5 Ib. can HAM '3 79 HOOD'S MR. AND MRS, L. E. Martin plan to attend the National Intercollegiate Wrestling matches at Kent, Ohio. Their sons, Dave, of Iowa State U., Ames, and Bob of Cedar Falls, will accompany them. MR. AND MRS. Richard Burt were called to Cedar Rapids by the recent sickness of the former's father, Neal Burt. MR. AND MRS. Dick Wilhelmi and family will bt Easter weekend guests of the tatter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Stebritz. The Wilhelmis live at Rock Falls, 111. DR. AND MRS. John Morrill and daughters of Williamsburg, Va., son-in-law and daughter of Judge and Mrs. G. W. Stillman, are going to Sarasota, Fla., where Dr. Morrill will become a member of the biology department, H e has been on a leave of a year from William and Mary college where he is a faculty member. MR. AND MRS. Don Hemmingsen will be visited over the Easter weekend by their daughter, Susan, who is a student nurse at 4 St. Barnabas hospital, Minneapolis. At present, she is having three months of psychiatric training at Moose Lake hospital. LINDA PARSONS plans to go to Staten Island, N. Y. during her Easter vacation. She will first visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vic Parsons, and grandmother, Mrs. Mabel Samson. MR. AND MRS. Leighton Misbach are home from a vacation in Fort Meyer, Fla. The trip was made via plane. Dr, and Mrs. F. E. Sawyer, former Al- gonans, live at Fort Meyer.

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