The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1967 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 21, 1967
Page 19
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12-Algona, (la.) Upp«r Des Moln« To«*day, March 21, 1967 gnmniiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnininiiinnniHtinniiiiimiiniiii 1 LuVERNE sniiHiniiiitiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniinnnimmnnitnnt LU VERNE-The J. J. Club met Friday afternoon, March 10, at the homo of Irene Hefti. Ten members and one guest, Mrs. Rov Franks, w-ere present. 500 war; played for entertainment. Lunch was served by the hostess. The Kossuth County American Legion meeting will be held at Lakota at 8 p.m., Thursday, March 16. Patrolman James Bonstetter of Milford will be the guest speaker. Thi> American Legion Community Day Sale will be held Saturday, March 25. Anyone having items to be sold on the sale should contact Lewis Block, Harold Trauger or Edward Lind- hak. Mark, Roger and Angela, children of Mr and Mrs, Bill Hardcopf, are ill at home with chicken pox. Linda Rngg. student at Patricia Stevens' Modeling School inChic- ago and friend. Miss Claudia Brudon, of Ann Arbor, Mich., spent the week end with Linda's mother and sisters, Mrs. Audrey Bnumgartncr, Cindy and Vicki. Mr. and Mrs. John Kubly were NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the qualified voters of the Sent ml Community School District, in the Counties of Kos- sutli and Palo Alto, State of Iowa, that a special election lias been called andonlerodtobelield in and for said School District on the 18th day of April 1907, whereat there will l>o sutiniitted to the voters ol said Sentral Community School District, to bo by them voted upon, (lie following proposition, to-wil : "Shall Iho Hoard of Directors of the Sentral Community School District in the Counties of Kossutli and Palo Alto, State of Iowa, issue bonds in an amount not to exceed One hundred sixty live thousand dollars ($lGT,,OOe.OO) for the purpose ol carrying nut a school building program consisting of improving and remodeling the existing lii^ 1 ' school building and constructing and equipping an addition thereto in and for said School District?" The polls for said election svill be kept open from 12:00 o'clock noon until 7:00 o'clock P. M. of said day and for said election the whole of said Community School District lias been consolidated into and will constitute one voting precinct and the polling place therefor will be at the high school building located in the NortheastQuarter(NE 1/4) of Section Twenty-one (21), Township Ninety-seven (97) North, Range Thirty (30), West of the 5th P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa, in the district at which time and place all the qualified voters of said School District are hereby notified to appear. This notice is given by Order of the Board of Directors of the Sentral Community School Dis- tr ct pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 296, Code of Iowa, 1966, and to a sufficient petition with the requisite signatures in accordance therewith and as ordered by a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors on the 13th day of March, 1967. Dated at Fenton, Iowa, this 13ili day of March, 1967. /s/ Lucille Seegebarth Secretary, Board of Directors (22-24-26-28) week-end guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. MelvinKubly. John and his wife moved their furniture that had been stored at his parents' while he was on active duty with the National Guard to Zumbro Falls, Minn., where they will make their home. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kubly were Mrs. John Kubly's parents and brother, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lenning and Doug of Humboldt; Mr. and Mrs. George Solbeck of Dakota City, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson, parents of Mrs. Melvin Kubly, of Humboldt. Mrs. Beata Tew of Lu Verne and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Johnson and Debbie of Hardy were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Ridge in Algona. Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Ridge are sisters. Kossuth Sets New Library System BANCROFT - Kossuth County Board of Supervisors has approved a library tax levy this year. This tax will be levied upon everyone in the county, both rural and town people. Prior to this time, towns had levied taxes for local library services and townships could be taxed only it the township trustees agreed. Now, any library facilities in the county are open to any county resident without cost. There are identification cards available at home libraries which will entitle the bearer to the services of all of the libraries In the county. INJURED Mrs. R. W. Lind of Laurens, mother of seven children, received injuries recently when she roared off the floor at a basketball game in pursuit of the ball, hit a door frame and then the floor. She received a black eye, a bruised nose, a cut lip, a bruised arm and a hurt finger. Tax & Ins 428.13 Sun ray DX Oil Co., Fuel 4,001.54 North Cen. Pub. Ser. Co., Gas 6,164.60 W. S. Nott CO., Supp R. V. Anderson, Supp Fram Corp., Supp Duluth Filter Co., Supp Cook's Welders, Supp .191.34 .330.40 31.64 228.80 .1.69 .5.47 . .12.12 . . .3.43 .357.00 . .11.67 753.35 , .103.37 , .163.08 . .11.32 . .58.59 . . .44.37 . .94.80 . . 38.60 . .800.00 R. J. Funk, Supp . . . Frederick Hdwe., Supp Coast to Coast, Supp Burmeister Elec., Supp West. Elec., Supp. . Iowa Elec. Supp. Co., Supp Elec. Materials Co., Supp Crescent Elec., Supp Sieg-Fort Dodge, Supp Taylor Motor Co., Repairs Schultz Bros., Repairs Behr's Standard, Gas Carpenter Mfg. Co. Supp Treas. of the State, Sales Tax Bohannon Ins. Ser., Ins. Prem 582.05 Hutzell's, Supp 10.57 Advanced Sys., Inc., Supp 42.41 The Algona Reminder, Adv 40.04 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Pub 65.12 Advance Pub. Co., Pub 148.38 Penney's, Supp 6.92 T. James Palmer, Exp 71.05 Ira Kohl, Exp 49.71 Charles Volk., Exp 14.24 N.I.M.E.C.A., Dues . . . .66.42 N. W. Bell Tele., Ser 93.89 Petty Cash, Misc 32.14 Greenberg Auto Supp., Supp 4.86 WATER FUND base bid . .$2,493.00 . . with air conditioner . . $2,467.00 Kossuth Motor Co., base bid . . $2,543.00 . . add $275.00. Dau's Garage, basebid . . $2,182.00 . . with air conditioner . . $2,370.00 Ken's Auto, base bid . . $2,567.00 . . with air conditioner . . $2,867.00 Percival Motors, base bid . . $2,560.00 . . with air conditioner add - $295.00 The Board then considered and discussed each bid separately. Motion by Bay, that the low bid of $2,370.00 by Dau's Garage be approved and accepted. The motion was seconded byHarmes. On roll call, voting "Aye" Harmes & Bay. Voting "Nay", none. Motion carried. The salary of Marcia Strange was set at $220.00 per month and the salary of Jerry Parsons was set at $1.75 per hr. A list of uncollectible accounts to be taken from the active ledger and placed on the inactive ledger, then placed with a collection agency was approved. Municipal Utilities A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Algona Municipal Utilities was held in the City Hall. City of Ale«»a, la., Mar. '1, 19G7. at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Present were; O. B. Harmes, Melvin Hay. T. James Palmer, Supt. , Ira Kohl, Sec. Absent was: Allen Buchanan. O. H. Harmes was named President Pro Tern, The minutes of the meeting of Feb. 10. 1967, were read and approved as read. Motion by Harmes, seconded by Bay, that the vouchers payable be approved and authorized paid as audited. Roll call, voting "Aye ', Harmes and Bay. Motion carried. LIGHT FUND Sunray DX Oil Co., Fuel 677.18 Postmaster, Supp 120.00 Pay Roll, Pay Roll . . . .2,804.23 Milton O. Bilyeu, Labor 238.42 Wilbur E. Brunei', Labor 180.04 David T. Van Ginkel, Labor 128.02 Jerry Parsons, Labor 41.11 Marlin Meehlhause, Labor 106.92 Iowa State Bank, Tax 1,050.70 Treas. of the State, Tax 148,89 Soc. Sec. & Ins., Next meeting date was set for Mar. 15, 196? at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Meeting adjourned. Ira Kohl, Secretary O. B. Harmes President Pro Tem. Only Hi-lex has Ingredient X CONDITIONS WATER FOR SNOWY-WHITE WASHES SEMI-ANNUAL SETTLEMENT OF THE BOARD OF OF KOSSUTH COUNTY. IOWA SUPERVISORS With Rosella Volgt, Treaiurer oi laid County for the period from June 1. 1966. to December 31. 1966. inclusive Pay Roll, Pay Roll 493.50 Walter Peterson, Labor 186.39 Maurice Krebsbach, Labor 154.29 Marlin Meehlhause, Labor 17.10 Iowa State Bank, Tax 177.40 Treas. of the State, Tax 18.01 Soc. Sec. & Ins., Tax & Ins 67.87 Thorpe Well Co., Repairs 15.00 Anderson Brass Co., Supp 326.16 Brown Supp., Supp 178.34 Neptune Meter, Supp 161.41 Reding's Gravel, Ser. . . .212.00 Bohannon Ins., Ins. Prem 1,112.65 Homelite, Supp 16.25 Cook's Welders, Supp 82.00 Donn-Adamson, Supp 104.00 Behr's Standard. Gas 29.05 Petty Cash, Misc 2.40 DEPOSIT FUND G. J, Donavon et al, Refund 75.00 The Supt. of Utilities then presented bids solicited from local car dealers for the purpose of purchasing a new car. The bids were opened, read and tabulated as follows: Taylor Motor, FUNDS Overdrawn Payroll Korean Soldiers' Bonus Special Courses Soles Tax Automobile License --Assessor Use Tax General County Court Expense Poor State Institution County Insane Secondary Road Co. Mental, Health Irttt. County School General Retirement School Retirement Soldiers' Relief C. H. Bond Funds Domestic Animal Bovine Tuberculosis Bongs Disease Teachers' Institute Bd. of Education Drainage Assessments _ City Special Assessments Corporation Funds School District Funds _Township Funds District Library County Fair Ag. Lands Ag. Extension Service Comp. Union Slough Srldiers' Exemp Advance Personal Kossuth Co. Civil Defense //eed Eradication Twp. Fire Conservation Road Clearing Net balance on hand _- Balance Ou 40,033.19 483.15 C9 01 159,261.37 12,200.37 1 1 ,448.56 151,289.17 4,424.09 45,409.83 -3,018.21 18,944.22 174,912.87 8,052.62 3,804.68 3,750.42 19.469.65 1,064.78 9,302.51 13,335.06 23,077.29 1,351.25 28.443.16 -1,132.23 1,088.24 14.092.93 110,844.31 219.18 1,999.07 280.70 162.37 945.18 916.09 271.47 3,133.50 4,933.00 9,192.81 1,402.97 62,983.19 21,997.14 960,489.67 tstanding Overan 6.31 384.93 350.17 246.41 271.08 3,844.06 154.95 43.50 732.41 95.850.27 6,730.50 108,614.59 swn oaiance 40,033.19 483.15 4.21 53.81 159,261.37 12.206.68 11.448.56 151,674.10 4,774.26 45,656.24 -2,747.13 1 8.944.22 178,756.93 8.052.62 3,804.68 3,750.42 60.26 19,624.60 1,064.78 9,302.51 13,335.06 23,120.79 1,351.25 29,175.57 94.718.04 1,088.24 14,092.93 110,844.31 219.18 1,999.07 280.70 •162.37 945.18 •916.09 271 47 1 44 3,133.50 4,933.00 9,192,81 1,402.97 69,713.69 21,997.14 1,069,104.26' Algona, Iowa, February 28, 1967 I, Marc Moore. Auditor of Kossuth County, Iowa, do hereby certify that the statement given above, correctly shows the condition of the funds in the hands of ROMS'lai Voigt, Treasurer of said County, at the close of business December ~~ 1966, as shown by accounts in my office. 31, MARC MOOR? County Auditor. ASSETS IN HANDS OF COUNTY TREASURER AT CLOSfc Of BUSINESS DECEMBER 31, 1966 Total Amount Ccsh in Bonks (See Treasurer's Balance in Schedule Below) - ..... ---- * 817,575.69 Cosh in Drawer ....................... ------------------------ '• ,5'nS Cash Time ,n Item (Treasurer error carried forward) --- ......... ----------- 'i'22 Certificates ..... - ............. - ...... - ..... -------------- 250,000.00 Total Cash on Hand and in Banks ---------------------- $1.069,104.26 Balance In Depositories «t Close of Business December 31. W6* Deposits Cash-- Checks Treasurer's iers* Net in Transit Certifi- Out- Balance Name of Bank " Town cotes standing Farmer's & Traders Savings, Bancroft Farmers Trust & Savings Lakota Swea Qjty State, Swea City State Bank of Ledyard, Ledyard First Trust & Savings, Fenton — Exchange State 'Wesley Net Amt. on Deposit in Banks at close of Business Dec. 31, 1966 .. 1,913.41 1,191.89 1,213.75 803.23 413.75 279.50 2,110.75 7,926.28 299,969.33 162,634.94 37,067.45 37,439.28 33.121.79 39.214.12 29.390.23 29,389.63 36,847.66 33.371.69 41,758.76 29,729.29 250.000.00 250,000.00 809,934.17 259.72 299,709.61 25.04 162,609.90 38,980.86 38,631.17 34,335.54 40.017.35 29,390.23 29,389.63 37,261.41 33,651.19 43,869.51 29,729.29 250,000.00 250,000.00 284.76 817,575.69 Algona, Iowa, February 28, 1967 We, the Board of Supwviwn of Kaauth County, tawo, do hereby certify that the foregoing statement correctly shows the assets in the hands of Ratdla Voigt, Treasurer of said county, as counted by us, on the 31st day of December, 1966. ANDREW REISINE

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