The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1967 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 21, 1967
Page 11
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4-Algono, (la.) Upper DM Moinm Twttdoy, March 21, 1967 S 3 = Evelyn There are times when things are hoodooed, and this is one of them. Flu has played havoc with the routine, nurses have had to change hours to take care of us, but we are hoping for normal times in a few days. Many of the patients have had it, and the flu bug Is a meanie. - o - One of the residents had to have an impacted tooth removed. It seems odd to me, for I thought he was beyond the age of teething troubles. In fact, I assumed from his age that lie had dentures. Which all goes to show you anything can happen - and does. He is a wiry little fellow, supposed to be quiet in bed for a day or two, but with combined efforts of several of the staff as well as the good intentions of some of us residents, he pops out of bed and saunters up and down the hall and we've about given up - and so it goes. Not serious of course, and in a way amusing. - o - Those few days we had that were forerunners of spring proved it really is on the way. I saw children with a jumping rope and it will soon be time for marbles, - o - I had some interesting callers Tuesday — Mrs. Uhr of Swea City who said she reads my column regularly and was always interested in reports of Mrs. Gilles, whom she knows. Alas, she did not go to see her, for my little Mrs. Gilles wouldn't have known her. Such a pity that so fine a person grows senile, a thing I never thought would happen to her. She was keen of mind and was a wonderful companion-housekeeper for me. But she stays sweet and neat and easily managed, - o - The otner callers were Mrs. Nancy Morrall, her daughter, Mrs, Harold LeVier, and daughter, Nancy, Torrence, Calif. They will soon be leaving for home. I hare mentioned them many times when they lived in this vicinity and came to visit Mrs. Morrall and a brother at Armstrong. - o - A chat with Hattie Hieter revealed that she had recently received a letter from her niece, Meredith Raney Holy-hammer, and she had asked about me. Her parents, Glen and Butt Raney, were aniDng my dearest friends and I have never ceased missing mem. Her husband, Rev. Bob Holzhammer, is rector of the Episcopal church at Iowa City, and they like Iowa City very much. I have other friends living there, Pete and Kay Parks. It has been ages since I have seen them, though our paths have crossed very closely a couple of times. Meredith reports the Randy's beloved dog Foozer is in the pink and doesn't show nor act his age. - o - We read of bomb scares and shru.c it off with a "so what, nothing happened and no bomb was found," but when it concerns someone from our own tovu it's different. Mr. and Mrs. John Gisch have a daughter, Madonna, who teaches at Windom, Minn. It was reported there that a bomb had been planted in the school. There was a hasty but orderly evacuation and the building searched carefully. It was another hoax, for which one can be thankful, but what a mean thing it is for some crack-pot to perpetrate. - o- From Glenn Naudain's regular Rotary News comes this witticism - Now they are proposing a sequel to Medicare - "Elder Bury." - o - According to his accompanying letter, Rock Hills, S. C. is not a paradise, either, as a few weeks ago there was a heavy frost that damaged many of the shrubs and flowers. The plum and cherry trees are in bloom (well, ours will be too in the not too great time, and we'll be enjoying ours when theirs are gone. You will notice Mother Nature evens things up pretty well!). Having read my item on the changes made in the name Quisley, he has come up with the change in his name from Naudin to the present Naudain. He says his father's family were French Hugenots and in the church in Charleston, S. C. there is a plaque to Elias Naudain, who came to America in 1696. When he was in service in France in World War I, he came across many "Naudins." - o - Speaking of France - I think the nation is despicable. We came to their rescue TWICE when they were in dire need — now they want our men out of the country. If they ever need us again, which may well happen, I hope "Uncle Sam" turns thumbs down. - o - I wish someone would start a campaign collection for me so I could give 30- some thousand dollars to a lot of folks I'd like to - and still leave me a huge amount so I could live in the luxury to which I'd like to become accustomed. For the most part, what a ROTTEN thing politics has become, or maybe always has been, but we hear more about it. Come Judgment Day, I hope I can sit in the bleachers and see who goes where. Oh, if I had that vast sum I just wished for, I'd have a box seat! - o - Travelers vote Hawaii a beautiful, exotic place to visit, but Iowa is the good old substantial place to make a home. And I suppose Hawaiians would shiver and hurry back to their sun and poi. Anyhow, I'm glad she is a part of these good old United States. - o - Green rates high among my favorite colors and I was so glad when the house built on the little store across from me to the north, had for its second coat a lovely shade of green. The new home north of it is also green, a more subdued shade, but just as attractive. Pve always worn green a lot. Still love it and have a few garments mat color, but I discovered I can no longer wear gray. Tne first two I had were in high school days, the third a few years ago. Time does things to us and what the last gray did for me was by no means becoming. And red and pink, which witt auburn hair I always stayed shy of - they still are a taboo except for a cheery sweater I wear just around here. Red is so warm and cozy looking. As for infant's attire, I still think blue should be for girls and pink for boys. Remember when Jerry Lewis had a song, "Think Pink" because of his flock of boys and a girl was wanted. But alas, thinking pink didn't do a bit ol good. HE arrived soon after the song. Maybe the ditty wasn't started soon enough. - o - Mrs. Laura Hough and Mrs. Gertrude Woith, Owatonna, are very well acquainted with the south having returned recently from a 5,000 mile trip on which they visited so many places of interest I couldn't begin to relate them. The first stop was at Iowa City where they saw Mrs. Hough's son, Bob Holcomb and wife, and from there they headed for Florida, the Keys, and stopped in the various states to see things of interest. They were in Sarasota and were across from the hospital where the late "Grace" was a patient. They did not know just how seriously ill she was, and inquired and got the sad news that see had passed away the previous day. The travelers went to Cape Kennedy, took in New Orleans and all the points of interest, followed the coast to Jacksonville, well, to say they had the "works" is as expressive as I can make it. Td like to duplicate it. Enroute home they stopped again at Iowa City. The climate in Florida is wonderful, the south very beautiful, but like every traveler, home looks good. The worst part of an extended trip is the unpacking and getting garments back in shape to be worn, and of course the car always has to be serviced and gone over thoroughly for further use. The stop at Ft. Lauderdale was pleasant as they were guests of Mrs. Hough's sister-in-law, Mrs. Russell Griffith. Also a nice feature about the south is that when it rains it POURS and cars are washed by Nature, tt all sounded so nice, Idon't wander many Algonans spend the winters in Florida, some even making permanent homes there. I have in mind Mary McDade, Alice Benjamin, Lorraine Crammond Seward and Dutch and Twilla Lorenz. - o- Sorry. The Nasbys were at Albuquerque, not Tucson. I should remember as Albuquerque is etched in my mind because when we went there years ago we stopped at a filling station surrounded by shops a block away, looking like a town. I said, "I thought Albuquerque was a BIG place." The attendant smiled and said, "Wait till you get on a little farther." True- we discovered the city and since it was near noon, we didn't find a parking place near a cafe, so drove on through to the other end of the city where we located a very nice place to eat and plenty of parking space. Smith-Corona Portable Typewriters, Victor Adding Machines, at THE UPPER DBS MOINES PUB. CO. in Algona- competitive catalog prices. NING tlUIDE Eat Out Often In ALGONA THE JOHNSON HOUSE ON SO. PHILLIPS SMORGASBORD Sunday Noon and Friday Night PRIVATE DINING ROOMS SEPARATE COCKTAIL LOUNGE CHARLIE'S SUPPER CLUB SO. ON 169 DINING ROOM OPEN 5:30 - 1 1:30 P.M. COCKTAILS LIVE ENTERTAINMENT PRIVATE DINING ROOM Tato. 295-9152 VAN'S CAFE JCT. HI WAYS 18-169 OPEN WEEKDAYS 10A.M.-1 A.M. SUNDAYS 8A.M.-1 A.M. CLOSED MONDAYS PRIVATE DINING ROOM COCKTAIL LOUNGE LUDWIG'S CAFE DOWNTOWN ALGONA BREAKFAST A NOON * SPECIALS * Opm 6 A. ML - • P.M. WMkdays Chad Sundays BLUE & WHITE CAFE FEATUKING: ORDERS TO GO HOME-COOKED MEALS SANDWICHES - SHORT ORDERS OPEN 14 HOURS A DAY 7DaysAWMk 4^1 •

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