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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 31, 1949
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOUTHEABT MISSOURI VOL. XLV—NO. 7 Blythevllle Daily Kewa Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 1949 SIXTEEN PAGES Landlord Income 'Survey Ordered By Housing Head Expediter Asks Data To Determine Rent Hikes Under New Bill WASHINGTON, March 30. (B>) — Housing Expediter Tighe Woods today ordered a surveyor landlord Incomes. The findings will determine what rent increases are to be granted under the new control law. Announcing the order in n statement, Woods declared the 15- month extension is a "considerable strengthening" of the previous law and does not mean "a general rent increase for all tenants." The new law does require that rent ceilings allov; landlords a "fair operating Income." The survey Is to obtain information for carrying out that part of the law. Shortly after Woods announcec his plans, President Truman took another crnck at what he called the •f.eal estate lobby. ~ The rent ceiling bill he signed yesterday must be a good one, the President said, in view of the criticism of It In a telegram he has received. Under questioning at his news conference, Mr. Truman said the Telegram came from the Nationa Association of Real Estate Boards He wasn't releasing the telegram himself, he said, but the sender a Mr. Nelson, was at liberty to do so. Tlie exchange started with Hit: question: "Mr. President, would you can to comment on the reactions of thi real estate lobby to the rent con trol law? Cites Real Estate Protest Mr. Truman replied, with a traci of sarcasm in his voice, that hi had a long-winded telegram fron the real estate lobby giving liim al sorts of what-for for signing th bill. So, he added, it must be a gooi bill for that very reason. Herbert U. Nelson, exccutiv vice president of the Real Estat Association, was not Immediate! ^available for comment, on Mon ~day, however, he sent the Presi dent a wire urging him to consul with the real estate and housin; industries before signing any ren bill. Word is spreading throngn th industry Uia.t^t. \f, .tinje to-stop in vesting In rental housing.* V 'hel5b told the President then, becaus "the administration is unfriendly He added: ;:"H is respectfully suggested, Mr President, that you stop, look a listen before driving this giant in dustry into the ditch, thus creat ing mass unemployment, housin shortage and a general business de pression." ' Associates said they did not kno' whether Nelson had sent a late message to the White House. WooVj* said a new regulation wi be isi'j.. $ 'ng rent boosts un der the - iii~ Income" clause after the survey is completed. Meantime, rent offices will continue to handle landlord petitions for increases on grounds of hardship. A spokesman said Woods within the next week or so will also remove the ceilings in about 100 of the BOO rent areas of the country. Woods agreed to do that If Congress gave him power to restore ceilings in case of need. Truman Insists Congress Pass : oreign Aid Bill WASHINGTON, March 31. OT— resident Truman Insisted today tiat Congress provide the full $5,80,000,000 sough 1 by the admlnis- ratlon for the European Recovery rogram. The President declared at his ews conference that this amount & necessary to run Die program. le said it had been worked out ery carefully. The iec.ove.ry program, lie said •luiitly, should not be cut at all. The President made his obscrva- lon when he was questioned about fforts of Senators Taft (R-Ohio) Mid Rursell (D-Ga,) to cut the mount sought by the admlnlstra- ion. business Census Planned for City County May Show Number of Retail Outlets Has Doubled A census of business, which is being made by the Department of Commerce on a nation-wide basis, will include Blythevllle and it was indicated licre today that the survey nicy show the number of retail store.-. In this city has doubled since tlie last business census was taken. The survey is the first to be un- dertasen by the department's Bureau of the Consus since 1939. and that check represented conditions in 1935. At that time Blythevllle was shown to have 201 retail stores in operation and that they did business grossing $4.510.000. Gains Estimated Worth D. Holder, secretary-manager lor the Dlytheville Chamber of Commerce, which is co-operating In milking the surrey, has estlmatec that Blytheville now has between 370 ard 400 retail business concerns No estimate ivas made of the volume of business handled by these firms last year. The 1939 busines: census showed a national income O: S56.4CO.OflO.000 for tlie nation for the year covered by the previous censui and this figure bv 1948 had increased to $224,500~,000,000, accord ing to government estimates. If the business volume in BIy thevllle follows closely the nation al trrnd in income, it would meai than transactions .in retail store. here last jgiMlbaid,have been nea ., - - ?*^^^^-.- ^ not be .the. results of th cen ,U;i are made known by the UJ3 Census Bureau but it will be in tcresting to learn whether the here are higher than the averag for the rest of the United States. Population Jumps 50 Per Cent Blytheville at the time the prev ions business census was made wa shown to have 4,200 people gain fully employed out of a total 10.1CO then residing in the city. / special census, made by the federa .bureau last year, gave Blythevill an official jwpulation of 15.C91 fo an increase of 50 per cent over th figure used for the earlier busines. census Tlie number of wholesale business firms is expected to show a gain of 50 per cent over the 30 listed in the 1939 census. Mr. Holder estimated the number of wholesale firms operating here at this time 46, exclusive of cotton, commodity food and May Also Return Ceilings ,^ Tlie idea is that these 100 or so fl^'areas there is now enough housing so that rent ceilings are not necessary. Woods will take them off. But if rents pop way up, Woods will put ceilings back on. Housing officials said the survey of landlord incomes probably will require several weeks. Until it is completed, no landlord will know whether he qualifies for a rent boost. Woods said the "fair income" section of the law "leaves it up to the housing expediter to determine what is a fair net operating income." HE added: "It clearly does not involve an administratively unworkable plan of fair return on some valuation, nor does it mean a general rent Increase for all tenants." In signing the extension act yesterday, the president Issued a statement calling it "an effective" law, well equipped with enforcement teeth, and a "crushing defeat for the real estate lobby." Bonds Are Forfeited In Cigarette Tax Coses Connie Modinger of Blytheville, forfeited cash bonds totaling S135.75 in Municipal Court this morning w! n he failed to appear lo answer three charges of cigarette sale law- violations. Mr. Modinger was charged with selling untaxed cigarettes, posscs- ing untaxed cigarettes and selling cigarettes without a permit. He had posted S-15.25 cash bonds on each chnrge. He was arrested Monday by Stale Police and Billy steed of Lenchvtlle, a district representative of the Stnto Revenue- Department, who confiscated 42 cartons of untaxed ""weltes at Mr. Modlnger's serv- Arkansns-Miss- Ihis stallon at (he o"ri state line. In other action m-i-iil „. ... _ .,n 01 Hlythe- vllle was fined S25 and costs on a charge of reckless driving and "a cl">rge of driving on the wrong _ „,. iide ol the highway was dismissed.I Texas Co SINGLE! COPIES PIVB CENTS /2,000-yAcre Recreational Area Discussed at Meeting in Manila Efforts to develop a 12,000 to 13,000-aere public hunting and fishing' area at Big Lake nder control of the State Game and Fish Commission were discussed last night nt a meet- ig of the "Manila Lions Club, civic leaders of North Mississippi County and representatives t four state ami federal agencies. Nearly 100 attended. Co-operation with sponsors of# he wild life project was pledged y officials representing tlie rj. S. Engineers, the U. S. Flsli and Wild Jfe Service, the Slate Hlghwny Department, and the Arkansas Same and Fish Commission and epresentatlves of Drainage Dis- rlct No. n of Mississippi County. B. A. Lynch of Blythevllle and W. Meyer of Wilson, two of lie commissioners for District 17, vhich owns much of the land be-' ween the levees In the Hlg Lake rea, expressed hope that liie en- Ire pro^i-ani could be carried out. and Mr. Lynch suggested lhat It ippears that the sponsors have tarted on the right load. Slate Agency Ileuily T. H. Holder of Little nock, wild life co-ordinator for the federal agency In the United States epartment of the Interior, was spokesman for tlie Arkansas Game and pish Commission, and he Indicated that the state commission vas willing to develop the new area f title to the land could be obtained «t a reasonable price. He suggested that the area could be developed If the land can be pur- sed by (he state agency at Its appraised price. One of the commissioners of Drainage District 17 suggested that It was not wholly a matter for the commissioners to decide on whether to sell the land sought for recreational purposes since most of the Ittnd in reality belongs to all the property owners In District 17. Value of the land hinges on the extent of damages which may result from the proposal by the U. S. Engineers to construct a new drainage ditch inside the east levee around Big Luke in order |o take cure of flood waters above and to the east of (he lake. Sponsors of the project nre hoping tlmt a plan can be worked out to enable the Arkansas Gniue and Fish Commission to develop the area and correlate the program into the plans of the State Highway Department to build a new bridge on Highway 18. Don't Want Bridge Delayed Construction of a spillway as a part of the bridge project has been suggested, but It was Indicated by several attending last night's din- Truman, Calling Price Drops Only Temporary, Again Asks For Price Controls, Tax Hike net meeting In the cafeteria of the Manllu High School lhat the bridge project should not be de- Isyecl If tlie combination bridge and spillway deal would result In delays. Assurances of co-operation from the highway department were given to the group by J. B. Lambert of Helens, e'islnnnn of the highway commission, and Fred Curler of Lake city, commission member. Mr. Lambert attended HS tho personal representative of dovcinor McMuth. Air Johnson, ohlcr engineer for the highway department, told Ihu group that lie had recommended construction of the Hlg Lake bridge every year for the past rlghl years and thai is now appears thut action may be tnkcn on the project, possibly ut tho next meeting of the commission, Mr. Johnson wild that n JljOO.OOO structure Is planned, it will bo n UOO-foot span with one^iiid one- half miles of waving to bring tho highway above the high water level between the levees. Water was See MANILA un rage 3 Senate Democrats Point to 'Healthy Readjustment' in Opposing Controls Playground Site Proposal Okayed Attorney General Says City Can Use Funds To Make Purchases Action to give official status to n year ago. the newly-created park commission and acquire for the city three playground sites may be taken at the April 12 meeting of the City Council, it was Indicated today following receipt of K ruling by Attorney- General Ike Murry that the cl'ty has authority to use general revenue lands to buy such property. An ordinance empowering tlie five-man park commission to function as such and a resolution authorizing expenditure of the general revenue funds for Ihc sites must be voted by tlie council to allow the playground project to move ahead. Attorney General Murry's ruling, received yesterday, stated that the City of Dlytheville has statutory authority to "acquire and hold real estate...and such property, real and personal, as is necessary and proper for the administration of the affairs of municipal corporations." Gist of the ruling was that i general revenue funds can be used j for this purpose. The ruling also said that other statutes "definitely determine" the cily^s authority to acquire, operate, equip and maintain recreational facilities. Commission Created March 16 Action on the playground Issue, brought before the council by the Playground Committee of the ;hamber of commerce, was delayed at a special session Mar. 16 when City Attorney Percy A. Wright said the ruling was being sought to make certain the sites could be Notion's Traffic Deaths In Early '49 Up Four Per Cent Over Year Ago CHICAGO. Mnrch 31. M'j—The nation's traffic deaths during the lirst two months of 1940 totaled 4.400, four per cent more thnn In the same period in 1948, the National -Safety Council said today. The February toll for the nation was 2,000 or three per cent more on a dally average compared with brokers. The wholesale firms in 1935 were found to have a seed back sale.? volume of $1.100.000. Tlv; earlier business census listed only nine manufacturing plants The number ha s increased to 17. and this figure does not include 24 processing plants. The Rice-Stix Diy Goods Company has established a garment factory here since the other business census made, and only last year the plant was expanded after construction of an annex had been completed. City Grows Industrially Within the past two years another large factory, the Duro Chrome Corporation, manufacturers of res- tnurunt fixtures, has begun operations at the former Blythevllle Army Air Base to give the city two major Industries. The nine plants listed in the earlier census had an annual output of ,50005 estimated at $570,000. Tha new census is expected to show a total many times this figure. Mr. Holder said lhat operators of business concerns in the city are beini! urged to co-operate with the Census Bureau representatives in making the census. Pamphlets have been mailed ex- plalnm; the methods used in obtaining the information and explained that the government em- ployes have been sworn not to reveal datt, furnished by the businessmen except In thj form of totals which apply to the whole city. New York Stocks 11:30 P.M. QuoUlions) Am. T & T Am. Tobacco Anaconda Beth Steel Chrysler John Deere Gen. Electric Gen. Motors Int. Harvester Montgomery Ward .. Lockheed National Distillers .. J. C. Penney Radio Repub: . steel '.'. Socony-Vacuum . .. Standard Oil N. J. .. Sears. Roebuck .. 146 1-2 67 7-8 31 3-4 32 53 35 1-2 38 59 5-8 24 3-4 56 5-8 21 1-8 purchased funds. from genera! revenue Of five sites under consideration, two have been donated to the city for use as playgrounds. The Park Commission was appointed at the March 16 council meeting but until an ordinance is passed empowering it to buy and operate recreational facilities, it has only "de facto" existence. Rosco Crafton is chairman of tho commission. Other members are James Terry, Alvln Huffman, Jr., R. A. Nelson and Russell Hays. Missco Teachers Meeting Called Here for April 9 Mississippi County teachers will meet at the Blytheville High School, April 9, for the spring teacners' meeting, John Mayes. county school supervisor announced today. .Mr. Maycs said that plans were stUl incomplete, but that Charles F. Allen and Clifford S. Blackburn, both associated with the Stale Department of Education, were expected to be here to address the group of teachers. Mr. Allen, executive secretary of the Arkansas Teacher Retirement Fund, will explain the retirement program to the group; and Mr. Blackburn, director of the Certification Division of the State Department of Education, will discuss license regulations for teachers. The business session will be conducted In the morning, and the meeting will extend Into the nftcr- noc,n. following a luncheon at the Hotel Noble. Red Cross Drive To Be Extended Both Blytheville anl the Chickasawba District chapter of the American Red Cross today crossed the half-way mark in the drive for funds, which was scheduled to close todiiy. .T?lie^drlve will be continued, according to Jack Plnley Robinson, fund campaign chairman, until the $13,743 quota has been set. Lntc reports today show that $7,232.02 has been collected In the -chapter and that $4.100.22 has been contributed by Blythevllle residents and business firms. W. P. Pryor, chairman of solicitations In Dlythevlllc, said that $777 was added by yesterday's contributions, $083 of which came from the section from Second Street to First Street, where R. L. Wade and Harold Thompson were conducting solicitation. An additional J50 was reported from the area from First Street to Lake by Chairman C. M. Smart and Bob Coleman, $25 from Lake Street east, collected by Bud Wilson and R. A. Nelson; and $9 from Ward One, collected by Mrs Earl Buckley. According to reports received by William Wyatt. chairman for collections In outlying, districts, (2,350.80 has been reported by the various community chairmen. He announced the following reports: A partial report from Lost Cane, where the campaign Is being conducted by A. J. IxjR'Is. $175; Number Nine, by chairman Charles Langslon, «10; and Flat Lake, $32, reported by chairmen Mrs. Essie Davis and Mrs. c. M. Abbott. Chemical Firm Head Killed in Plane Crash LONDON, Out., March 31. <if>— Dr. Wiliard H. Dow, 52. president of the Dow Chemical Co. In Midland, Mich., and three others were killed when their plane crashed and burned near here today. 19 1-81 Among the victims was Dow's 47 1-2 wife. Martha. 12 7-81 Police Identified the other vlc- 24 1-2 thus as the Pilot A. J. Bowie, and 16 1-4 Mrs. Calvin Campbell, 45,'of Mid- 68 5-8 land. 38 1-2 | Mrs. Csmubell's husband, 46. was ,..„ „ ,. ,„„ =2 1-41 taken to St. Joseph's Hospital. Normal mean for March—51-J. 746 Obtain Chest X-Rays As Four-Day Clinic Opens There were 146 chest x-rays made yesterday by the mobile unit of the State Health Dpartment, which Is conducting n clean-up survey on the mass survey conducted here In January. Yesterday was the first-day of n four day schedule here, and the second of the survey in the county Previously 186 were x-rayecl in Osceola lo supplement the other si *. Mrs. J. P. Oarrolt. Mrs. Ray Hall Mrs. C. A. Tant, Mrs. W. D Cobb Mrs. T. I. Seay. Mrs. W. P Pryorj Mrs. Aubrey Boyd and Mrs. B. P! Klger were registrars for yesterday's clinic. Tlie clinic is sponsored here by the Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association, and the work done <n checking on positive x-rays Is done by the workers In North Mississippi County Health Unit. City Betterments Are Reviewed Data Forwarded to State C. of C. Dealing With Clinics in 1948 The Illythevllle-Chambcr of Commerce, which sponsored a community development clinic here last August, has forwarded to the Arkansas Economic Conncll-S In t e Chamber of Commerce In Little Rock a report of 11 projects completed since the clinic was conducted, it was disclosed today. The report was prepared by J. L. Gunn, chamber president, and Worth D. Holder, secretary-manager. It was explained that the report covers community projects and represents the activities of various organizations. Listed among the completed projects -was the Installation of 132 traffic lights and Installations of parking meters on Main Street and adjacent streets In the business section of the city. Health Services Expanded Other projects included: Inauguration of a city health pro- nnd the selection of a health officer nnd adoption of a neiv ordinance requiring health certificates for all foodhnndlers. Placing of street markers at 207 intersections. Extension of city bus service to Include a North Side run. Reduction of fire insurance- rates through reclasslflcatlon of the city from Class 1 to Class 6 by the Arkansas Inspection and Hating Bureau. It also was disclosed that the city's garbage disposal system has been copied by seven other cities and towns. The system was inaugurated here about two years ago. Creation of a Fourth Ward. Organization of the Blythevllle Civic Music Association which has presented four of a series of flvo concerts for the 1948-4B season. Portions of three streets paved. School Program Launched Welcome signs erected on three highways leading Into the city. - Course on "Tourist Courtesy Information" conducted for all persons meeting the travelling public. Start made on long-term school WASHINGTON, Mnrch 31—(/!')— Key Democratic Senators tweed today thai iha nation Is In a period of "hcullliy readjustment" tlmt probably has removed any pivwnl need for Urn standby controls asked by President Trillium. "Thoro can ho no doubt lhal recent pi'lco di'U'i'asi's havo mlnci'd demand for controls," Heimtor O'Mahoney (DWyo) lold n reporter. A-s chairman of (ho Joint Senalo- Itouse Economic Committee O'Mn- honoy previously had, urged Ihe nlnnilby authority for the rrosldent to Invoke selective price and even wage controls to mccL dangers of Inflation. Senator Democratic lx;iulov l.ucus, of Illinois, said tho nrnlilenllnl control bill Is not on n list of measures now bi?lng pushed. The.&cnn!u Diuiklim CuinnvUteo iUI any hearings on controls probably will be di>]ay«l for some (lino. Senator McClrllnn (D-Ark(, chairman of the Expenditures Committee-, sold In a .separate Interview: "Frankly 1 think Iho dungcr of Inflation Is passed." All four Dcmncrals attral with Secretary of Treasury Snyder's press conference csthimlo yratcrdaj that tho nation Is "undergoing healthy readjustment" mid the business outlook Is tor continued prosper! ly. osslblc cniisca a big Increase In dernl spending, big wage Increases r n Boilous crop (atlme. Chairman O'Mahoney of the oiiKrcs-slonal economic group snld 10 factors mentioned by Nouriui :lo cxccrclso Inflatory pressure" ,it ndclcd that If Congress wants peace-fill world It must continue o spend billions for European re- over y, [ruman Certain Of Pact Approval President Terms Alliance Necessary; Acheson, Bevin Meet Snydor snld the government could not lower Us tax revenue total That was nil apparent rebuff for Coiigrcssloiml suggestions of new lax rccluclloiis. lint nt the sumo time (lie secretary made; no men lion of PiTslilcnt Truman's carlle demands for $4.000,000,1)00 In now taxes. Dr. Edivln o. Nonrse. chnlnnnt of Ihc economic: ndvlscii's to It president, failed lo ping for govcrr mcnt controls yesterday nftcr a Whllo House talk with Iha Presi dcnl. Noursa snlcl Inflatory danger still nre "possible." Ho listed $75,0008/026 Destroys Five Lepanto Firms LEPANTO, Ark., Mar. (/PI— Plre which thrcntendcd lo wipe ol Ihe entire business district of 1,0 panto was brought under contra nt dawn today after five huslnp? ostablhhmetits had burned lo 11 ground. Damage was estimated con snrvatlvtly <u $7,000 by Mayor J. Bond, vho said llic tire was dli- covered at 3:45 a m. Deslnycd by Ihe blnze were II. Army-Navy Store, Johnny's Plac J. E. Murphy Hardware Co., ware house, cotton Bowl Cafe, nnd Jo Hall's used car agency. A Ihc truck from Marked Tre tisslslcd In curblnit Ihc names. Mayor Bond said the tiro bega ir. the Army-Navy Store or Johnny'* Place, both owned Johnny Splcer. Most of the damage was at t) warehouse where furniture, cnskel Mecl vaults and funeral cquipmen Murphy said h The other fo 1 Weather Arkansas forecast: Pilr this afternoon and tonight. Cooler this afternoon. Friday, partly cloudy and warmer. Missouri forecast: Mostly cloudy and colder this afternoon. Occasional light wet snow or light drizzle extreme north. Partly cloudy and colder tonight. Friday, partly cloudy except Increasing cloudiness west with showers beginning Friday night. Minimum this morning—53. Maximum yesterday—74. Sunset today—6:50. Sunrise tomorrow—6:47. Precipitation 24 hours to 7 a.m. today—.09. Total since Jan. 1—21.M. Mean temperature (midway between high nnd lowl—63.5. improvement program with construction under way on annex to Lange School and new high school for Negroes, and plans taking form for erection of new senior high school. Move launched to expand recreational facilities through adding of five playground areas. Development of plans for widening narrow streets. Plans for city-wide clean-up campaign. Building of new municipal library is planned with construction to get under way soon. Sleps are under way to prepare a new building and zoning ordinance and set up a building and zoning commission. Construction of public rcslrooms is planned. Continuation of a long-time project seeking to obtain natural gas as fuel. Airline Service Sought Ettorls to obtain an airline stop for Blythevllle. Conversion of Memorial Cemetery Into a memorial park. Launching of a program to control Johnson grass on farmlands. Formation of an association to obtain widening of State Highway 18 and build a new bridge at Big Lake. Development of plans for a recreational area at Big Lake. Date set for organization of a Community Service Council to coordinate undertakings of various civic, organizations participating In the community betterment program. Three private enterprise projects also were listed. Two were low-cost housing projects with about 40 homes were erected and some dilapidated structures removed, The other Is a open-air theater, which is under construction. were ,;tored. Mr oss was $50.000 buildings, all frame, were owned T L. Wccms of Lcpanlo. By John M. WASHINGTON, Mnrch 31—OT— "rcstdcnl Trumnn declared today 10 Is confident the Atlantic: Pnct .'III bo ratified by tho Senate. Ho said the defense alliance Is absolutely necessary. The President took this position ct n IICWH conference when he was .old tlmt Senator Tnft, <R-Ohlo) has liicstloncd tho advisability of going nlo the pact. Ho nnld he thought ho mnjnrlty of tho Senators would go nlong with him. Mr. .Trumnn restated his stand ns Secretary of State Acheron and British Foreign Secretary Bcvlns scheduled tho first of n scries of •nujor conferences to help line up the solid front of Western powers. Whllo the mnlii reason for Bevln'K t'lsll to this country IK the signing :if the North Atlantic Sccuralty Trcnty Monday, tho meetings were expected to cover the- whole prob- lin of reinforcing the unity of the West against Russia. licvin 'was due nt the State Department (it 2:30 p.m. (EST), Diplomatic authc^Kl* far the rnhjt M _ fnclnir Hcvln and Aclicsoii—M well ns French Foreign Minister Robert—concern Western Germany. To Dueling Clerman Government Schumnn probably will see Acheson tomorrow nnd the lliree foreign mlnlslcrs will make a determined effort to end policy differences preventing creation ol n single German government over the American, British Kones. President Says Request Helpefl, Halt Increases WASHINGTON, March 31. (/p>— President Truman declared today he otlll wants his anti-inflation program and higher taxes. He spoke of the recent drop In prices as only a temporary, let-up In Inflation pressure. At the name time, he said hl« request for stand-by price controls Ima been a factor in checking prfca rises. This administration program has noi been shelved, Mr. Trumnn asserted, certainly not on the basis ol uny consultation with him. A» for |a«j, the President uld a federal deficit would b« much more dangerou* to the country 1 ! economic health th.n * t»r Increase. Mr. Truman told a news confer, cnce he does not agree with Senator Ckorge (D-Oa>, chairman ot tho Senate Finance Committee, that n tux Increase at this time might bring about a depression. 'By these remarks, Mr. Truman wo.1 prodding Congress Indirectly once again to follow his advice and Increase taxes by 14.000.000,000. George's vlow Is that taking that much money out of the hands of tho people would mean less spending for consumer goods and BO contribute to a slackening of business. What Mr. Truman argues IB that U would be worse for the government to spend more than It takes In through taxes, creating a deficit In Its accounts. In Ills messages to Congress last and French occupation Bevln takes the sland there will lie no trouble settling this Issue. Oilier questions which may come up In the dlscurvUoils, particularly between Bcvcn and Achcson, Include: (l)The security of tne Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey, Greece and Iran; (2) the possibility of forming a Mediterranean defense treaty; nnd (3) how to block the spread of Communism In south- cast Asia. On his arrival ycslcrday from New York, Rcvln snld the Atlantic Pact, which he and II other foreign ministers arc to sign, will mean "pence for a long time." District Bar Association Meeting Opens Tlie proposed reorganization of the Arkansas Court system was sthcctu.ed to be discussed today at the meeting of Ihe Northeast Ark- nnsns Bar Association, nt (he Country Club In Wynne. Approximately 12 attorneys from the Blyihcvlllc liar A.woclntlott, In- I'luding tho President Oscar Fendler, were among those attending the conference. Lamm Williams of Montlcello, past president ot the Arkansas Bar Association, one of the lirst to recommend the proposed change In the courts nnrt under whose adminls- Rites Scheduled In St. Louis for Blytheville Man Walter a. Webster of 815 South Luke Street was notified today that the body of his son, PvL. Walter O. Webster, Jr., had arrived In the United States for re-burial. Military rites for the returned ser- viccmnii will be conducted In the National Cemetery at St. Louis, April 18 at 1 p.m. Private Webster, 22, ivns killed while serving with n tnnk dcslroy- cr unit In France, Aug. 17, 1944, after ho left for overseas service In April. At the time of his death he wns the holder of the Purple Heart and Bronze Star mednls. Private Webster was born In Dlytheville, Dec. 22, 1D22, and completed school at the Blythvllle High School shortly before Joining the service In January. 1943. He was a January, Mr. Trumnn proposed • 4,000.000,000 Increase In taxes to coma chiefly from corporations and perhaps from Individuals In higher-income brnckcts. At a later news conference, he Indicated he felt personal income taxes could be Increased on people enrnlng (6,000 or more a year. Wants Otand-Ry Powers i ' The President's tax remarks wer» conference """ <& 1. He Is still-sticking by his re- lucst that Congress give, him standby power to put lii rationing arid price controls—tlmt the Idea has not been shelved. HI'! request lor such anti-Inflation legislation, he declared, Is one of the main reasons that Inflation has been temporarily held off. The Proposed program, he added, has had a good effect already. 2. Dr. Ewln O. Nourse is not resigning AS chairman ol his Council of Economic Advisors That was In response to a question. Noiirse has been reported at odds with other members of th« council—Leon Kcyserllng and John D. Clark. For one thing, Nourse Is reported to bo less Inclined to favor anti-Inflation controls. Despite Mr. Truman's contention that his prlce-rntlonlng program has not been shelved, there are strong indications at the capital that support for It there Is weakening. Several key Democratic Senators In Interviews prior to the President's news conference thnt they believed the nation Is In for a period of "healthy readjustment" that probably has removed any great need nt present for the controls. nation the Arkansas Association! member of the First Baptist htgnn research on the proposal was ~ sccheduicd lo attend the meeting and lc\d the discussion. Attorney General Ike Murry was scheduled to sp"ak nt the evening session. Wallc! Klllough of Wynne Is prcsldenl of the Northeast. Arkansas group. Britain to Loan Reds $36 Million to Purchase 'Non-Military' Supplies LONDON, March 31. W'y—Britain disclosed today It Is planning to loan Russia 0,000,000 pounds ($36,- COO.OOO* so-that Russia can buy ron-mlllUry supplies from Britain m the next 12 months. The disclosure came in budget estimate.' presented to the House of Commons. The advance to Russia, the estimates said, was for "non-military supplies under wartime arrangements 'or which final contracts arc being concluded," Church. Private Wcbslcr is survived by his father, two sisters. Mrs. C. H. Bryant and Mrs. Harry White; and three brothers, Homer and Dcleron Webster, all of Blythevllle, and Edward Webster of Durham, N. C. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Mar. 31—1:30 p.m. quotations: Open High Low Close Mar. (1050) . 2806 2807 May July Oct.. Dec. 3230 3123 -,... 2846 2820 3231 3122 2849 2821 2802 3223 3117 2842 2816 2805 3227 3120 2845 2816 Soybeans Ma Juyl (F.O.B. Chlcafo) Open High Low .. 21614 217',4 208% 210'.i 209U-U Bodies of Six Sought After Crash of C-47 EDGAR SPRINGS, Mo., March 31. (/P)—An Air Force C-47 plane with perhaps six men aboard dropped out of a storm cloud last night and dived straight Into a cattle pond near here. Nobody survived the crash, and so far ns could be learned today nobody had parachuted beforehand. The pond was blasted with dynamite this morning to drain It so Air Force men could get at the wreckage nnd remove the bodies. Two bodies were taken out before the draining began. In a driving rainstorm about 7 o'clock last night, the big plane hit the little body of water like a bullet on a bnllscye. Contrary to previous accounts, given by witnesses last night. Air Force men at the scene said there was no explosion and no fire. One wing stuck out of the water. The plane was going from Dayton, Ohio, to Oklahoma city—from Patterson Air Force Base to Tinker Air Force B- e. Officers from another base, Scott, at Belleville, m., took charge at the scene of the" crash and kept civilians away. McMath Signs Fund Bill For State Medic Center LITTLE Rock, March 31. Governor McMath has signed a bill making a $6,200,000 appropriation for Arkansas' proposed medical c'.nter. - ; It WHS one of several he approved before eavlng yesterday on a trip, to Texas. Another signed gives the firemen's pension fund the two per cent collected on fire Insurance. premiums.

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