The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1938
Page 4
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rot* \ THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIEB NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. B. W. KAINKS, Publllhtc •oJe National AtreiUstog Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class mater at tlio post afllce at Blyllievllle Arkansas, unOer act of Congress, October B, 1917. Bcri'ed by Uie United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City of Bly-theville, ISO per week, or 65o per month. By mall, within B radius of 50 miles, (3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 75c lor three months; by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year; In zones seven nncl eight ,$10.00 per year, payable in advance. The Razzbeny—Great- American Institution Won! conies from Germnny lluit (lie Nazis liavc finally achieved Uic happy objective'of neltiiiB (hat imU<m's press on a 100 .per cent war-time basis. So a couple 61' parlies thrown by American newspaper people take on a significance -thai probably never occurred, to their planners. In New York, the Inner Circle, a news men's club, put on its annual stunt dinner. The big shots of the bite city came in for a wcll-ilonc ronslhw accompanied by frequent basliiiij- "' Washington the same night the Women's Valioiml Press Club took a number of pot shots at t'overnniunlal bigwigs, male and female, from the President and Mrs. Roosevelt on down. Such parties are, praise be, neither novel nor unusual in America. They are just part of a good old custom of engaging in a general shirt unstiUTing every so often. American editors give readers the news and grouch or glory as Ihey please-in their editorial columns. The people who work for those editors answer to no one but (heir bosses, and outside the office they deport themselves just about as they, please. Now there is no justice in picking on the Nazis as far as ordinary censorship of the news goes—America I* about Die only place where people can still read news as if happened. But the German government, by7 operating its press as in war-time, leaves itself wide open as the bust (or worst) example of'suppression. Some of the recent "news" to which the German people have been treated, included these pronouncements: Everything is' paisy-walsy between the old-line army chiefs and Herr Hitler, the military shakeiip coming merely as ihc result of an epidemic of bad health among the deposed chiefs. Sympathetic Britishor.s ousted Anthony Eden as foreign secretary because he led a' Popular Front agitation for, war' on Germany and Italy. The Sud en to n Germans in Czechoslovakia are the object of a _ vigorous pogrom and must be rescued by the Fadicrlaml. The German - Italian-Japanese friendship is the bone of civilization. Kcichsfuchrcr Hitler h;is the re- OUT OUH WAY BLrfttEVlLUS, (AUK.)] COUfctfcll NEWS .sped and aclnrirntion of all right- thinking people. But the payoil came when Alfred Ingemar Berndf, assistant press chief of the Kcieh, announced 'that it-WHS an insult to the German government for a citizen too doubt what he reads in the papers. So if it gets about that some jolly old Herr Schmaltz chuckled over an account of the historical greatness of the Kuehrer, then the Gestapo —the secret police—will visit Herr Schmalt'/, anil make things very uncomfortable for him indeed In light of these facts, you might, (he next lime yon haven't anything more aimless to do, try to imagine the reporters' and copyroader.s on Dor Aiigrill', official Nazi organ, throwing a big parly at which they panned JJerr 'Miller and his cohorts quite somewhat—and in the presence of The Great Man himself! Democratic Triumph. There are people who believe that the roots of democracy push down just a little deeper in the heart of the great middle west. And their ra , s( > j s alrr.| )( r_ thened by a series of happenings during jh<> |;, s l live years ul Iowa State Teachers' College in Cedar Falls. Hack in 1<»33, when the college administration established a student cafeteria, campus social arbiters ruled Dial there would be no toothpicks available. A great cry went up, one group of revolutionary .students protesting that, while (.hey weren't advocating tooth- picking jis tip licst means oof making friends mid influencing people, they did believe that the • wooden implements should be offered in Ihe cafeteria. Tim; minority got nowhere at first with the manner-minded facultv. lint (he spark never went out. This vear • the minority had become a majoriU-. And today on the cashier's desk in the cafcteri;, at .Iowa State Teachers' College in Cedar ttills yon will find a Hide dish containing nothing but .toothpicks. . There is no place In Europe today where an iulisl, or any sensitive iierson for (hat malter. can fee) at case. The feeling of freedom r have licic can no! be described.—Thomas Mann, winner of the Nobel Prize. » * » Conservatism of American universities xhmikl be fcnrctl rallicr Hum radicalism.-!^. Alexander G. Ruihvci), president, University O f Miclii- C"n. * * r The uinltirc: nomiul male is the No. I offender In traffic »«l(lcnls..-Hnrry n. Griffith, sale- l.v rtlrcclor of Missouri slale Highway DcpaH- IHCIll. * * * Japan, fortunately is s(ron a enough to prepare lor the Olympic*. But if lhc B |liiaiiou K ™«.s worse, Japan may abandon the Olympics.-Ja- paii's home minister, Admiral Nobiiniasa SucL- 1 can't live without lending, but I'm Mck to ratli of politics.--Vickl Damn. • / OH, I'M JIST \ ( SEEIM' HOW I'LL \ \ LOOK WHEKl-I I "" J By Williams SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ,-MARCH 14, 193& CAST OK CHAllACTi:itK C'OKSTA.«l;|.i MA ; tin' Mtaud-Ijj. LAUGHS THE DOCTOR J. 'Gregory, ,,k,, Se try tp look more comfortable. You're ui)K(.|lm, f (he hostess." THIS CURIOUS WORLD % William ferguson JAPAN) is es PER CENTT >VOUNTAINOUS. WITH S4 ACTIVE VO1_- CAISJOES AND 1000 HOT SPRINGS AND IS SUBJECT TC> ABOUT FOUR EARTHQUAKES CVXIUV/ TJ'DAL. WAVES FOLLOW SEVERE SHOCKS, AMD TYPHOONS' ARE COMMON, WITH DISASTROUS FIRES AOGOMPANYING- THEA-V <^ic=j^g WERE AFFLICTED WITH . j THE SAAAE AS WE AKE _. TODA.V/ y ©HE IDEA, THAT THEV HAD PERfTECT TEETH AROSE FROM THE FACT ! THAT EAT=y_v ' ARCHEOLOG.ISTS I PICKED OUT THE MOST I - 3-1*. ^ way. is n veritable earthquake center. Thrpcoplc 'live 11 ",', 11 cm,st'anl „"'. "!.'!." "'' "". rt mm hccomc acc »^<"»e ( l to them, in spile of NEXT: How pin-,, ;^ M | [m? Only One Way of Keniovin" Hair I * . , m . • O WELL, PUT A LOT MORE DM —RUB rr GOOD, RIHSE AM' IT.SO WE CAN SEE HOW YOU LOOK WHILE VOU'RE VOUN&/ Some Means Dangerous (NO. 17^ nr int. sioiciiis -iHlor. .Iniiriinl nf (be vXiNrriraii \lv<lir:il Assnrialioii. und ,,r llypciii. Hie Ilrallh Mac:i-<inc Following a recent ditcm^inn ol air. in tlicsc columns. ...o ooplc wrote inniiiriUK as to trie emoval of snperfluoiK hair Ivom aiious portions of Ihc liixiy mat. liis would seem to be a faiilv common complaint. Not only 'wompn were concerned about exlr.-io,-fl(n- iiry amount!; of liair on tlin legs iin:l ocenslonnlly on Ilio fnco aiitl cliest, but men also. Many people seem In wony bn- they r.avc been told ti w t sing of Ihe skin with various creams, shaving of lhc hi>jr ,,;, various iwi-lioiw of ih,. | )0( | v , lll( | ctmtlar prosntlurrs will produce excessive Growth ot hair. As far as can rcasimnbly be determined from n qrcat ninnbcr of observalions oiirt experiments, there Is rv> ron?on to bchcre (hat cither the use of (lie orrtinai-y cold cream (n (he usual manner or the repeated shavine, of (he hair on various portions of |hp i^iv wl u be followed by excessive i;iou!l). For the removal of executive h.iir six rttllcrcnt methods are usiiallv considered. Shaving is i,' sll allv r armless but. of romw. lias to be repealed frequently vvhm the Growth of hair is stronp if die liair Is cMi-Ff. and Iliick, me presence of the hair will be visible on the skm unless (he skin is suitably ' treated with cream or powder Again it should be emphasized, however. lh;it shaving will not Pause the h ; ,ir lo grow more rapidly unr will it. make the hnn grow coarser. H Is possible to pull the linir mil. with Uvccwrs. Wt:en (line arc only n lew hairs Hiis can !::• done iiii-i ii. K usually five rr MS; weeks brfmc a new ua;r dciTloii;.. 'Ihis must be done frequently, however. r'iciiueiU p-Jllmg of Hit- hair \viib tweexrrs may set up an inflammation or irritation of lhc rkin nnd if the hairs happen in Sro\v mil o| moles such irrilations may be srrious. The hair may be rubbed nwny with variflii.s pieparalions contain- iiiK pumice or Blinding materials. Various wax prcparations mny be put on (he skin and allowed In When these are suddenly pulled oil. llio h(,i r comes with them. The r,tiK(, of this is Irc- qucntly an irritation. A similnr criticism applies (o Hie use of \-arious powders and creams winch arc supposed to b»rn off the i:aiv, making what is called a chemical shave. In many places there arc now institutes which claim (o remove superfluous hair safely by Die use of Ihe X-ray. There are. however, already a sufficient number of cases recorded of serious damage lo the skin by this mediod. The one rcrtaii) method of removing hair safely is the socnllcd electrolytic destruclion. This method properly performer) Is safe; tlir. fcarring is negligible and when the work is done by a skilled person, the results are permanent. A IHI,I>J:I;AHIII: •I'lieinvALii— nit. Ulici'us—bt;'mtl°kl» miul difficult tune. * # * fci Yc«tfrdayi So I»«rek M] Irft alone In hid HtudJo—to t^hlaik Ikloo orcr. 'the door rollle«. CiiAPTER IV JJUT it wasn't Derek at (lie door. It was a young man for (he pictures Derek was leaving with Louis Paul, a local art dealer. Constance had often met thc young man when s he had gone with Derek lo Ihe Paul gallery. "I hear you're going lo California for the- honeymoon," he offered us he handed Constance (he receipt for (he paintings, liather sudden, isn't it?" "Rather." Constance smiled nnghtly and watched him carry the canvases out of Ihe studio. It was hard to sit <|uii>lly waiting while Ihe clock on Ihe mantelpiece licked off the precioui seconds. To Constance, the passing of each minute was like the Joss-of a precious pearl. "1 mustn't go on like this, Constance thought. "1 must be wailing, quiet and reasonable when iic comes. Because he's got lo come back. llj s hags are slill , here." When, al last, qviick purposeful steps sounded in the corridor outside, Conslance stood up, her Hands pressed against her throat to stille her sob of relief . Only live or leu minutes, perhaps', for all the things left unsaid; but it would be something. * * * r jplE door opened, and Constance's hands dropped limply to her sides. A uniformed chauffeur slood in the door wiry, cap in hand. "Miss Maidwcll?" he asked; and when Constance only nodded si- lenlly, he went on, "Mr. Thorvald senl me for Mr. Mansion's bags, Miss. The lime was gelling sliorl; so Mr. and Miss Thorvald and Mr. Manlhon have gone ahead in another car. But Miss Thorvald asked me (o say, if you were still here, that if you wish lo come to lhc airporl to see Ihem oil', I am lo drive you out and bring you home later." "Please thnnlc Miss Thorvakl—" Conslance was amazed to hear her own voice, clear and steady in spite of the tears thai clutched "t her throat.' "Tell her that 1 appreciate her courtesy, but that ' Oh, Ihe door and flung herself face down on the couch, sobbing out her despair al the desolation her perverse anger had wrought for her. She had meant to be so reasonable and adult, and she had behaved like a spoiled brat, cutting oft her own nose to spite her '"-e. She had lain for a half hour or so when the telephone rang slinlly beside her. Constance !iad only to reach to a table at her Miss / Itifo^ / ?Q8AN I STQNJf voice said. County Airpon is calling Constance Maidweli," a "Jusl »»• ,, • , ,< ' M ' Mldw «" Hor^' * — "•i'--i» auc 11:11, uu successor nao: vni™ C.,;M „ • r part >'' 5ir ' tiic appeared, not even a passably elig- vuin, -,iilQ ufiSin. Jhlrt rt^-^-j.-^^ j _ /-* __•_.» .1 . . 1CS: I have an engagement . . . ^,,, yes—and wish them all a pleasant light for me." When he had gone, she locked said, Of course, Dcrelc ... Of course I waited. "It's all been utterly incredible " f WCrs to lhc barra E Derek rushed on ^"Connie it banter , lllat f» c k " doesn't seen, «JL «hST ,' ' ?™ ™ hcn Ehc aske 1 stated. , ~ •"'• l~t,lll]l<^, 11 docsn I seem possible that f have to go without seeing you again. c , I—you are there, aren't you dar- Slle maila E«l lo carry it off with ling?" ' ' just the light touch she had striven "Yes," Constance breathed Yes, Derek, I'm here." "What must you have been thinking all this time? But it's amazing how many things turned »P that we simply had to attend to ... You do understand, doirt you?" '.7 CS > of course," Constance said, or course I understand." lliat sounded reasonable. ~She must send him off happy and pleased with her. "I can't begin to explain now. Wo re taking off in a minute. But 111 be sending for you i n a week or so. And in the meantime, I want you to take a real vacation, Connie. I remember you told me you had saved a good deal; but if you need money, you must promise to lei me know at once • • . Yes, Miss Thorvald, I'm coming at once . . . It's a pr om- se, then? You're to^-oh, damn!" Over the wire came the roar of i powerful motor. "Goodby darling!" * * * HE receiver clicked and went dead. Constance stood for a moment hiring into Hie silent instrument. Then she laughed a little wildly A good rest! She had jusl remembered (lie one ten-dollar bill in her bag at lomc—the bag she was to have -nrricd on her honeymoon. Alone in her own rooms (hat afternoon, Constance was com- lelled to give some serious thought Yes, the Hildegarde . "Jealous? My dear, Yes, they had decided lo postpone (he wedding for a lev/ weeks ... Of course the girls had heard about the marvelous opportunity (hat had come to Derek? . . Thorvald . . . , have you seen her? Who wouldn't be? But oC course I'll have to get used to that if Derek will go on painting pretty women . . . course I'm going to be lonely w nothing to do but count stockings and step-ins. *,„„ s why I thought — if y ou needed someone to' fill in for a -week or skilled operator is necessary and it is frequently most expensive. Only six to 12 or 15 hairs can be removed each time. Kentucky Girl Revealed As "LoMeri," the Dancer NEW YORK (UP)—"LnMeri," the exotic dancer acclaimed in -..aiii, China. Italy. Japan and India, has disclosed that she is really Miss Russell Meiriwether Hughes of Louisville, Ky., author of one published bnot of poetry and a textbook on Hie rlance. She said she took (he name "LaMcii" 10 years ago during an or.pcarancc in Spain when native friends informed lipr Spaniards \\culd never accept an American. prior lo (he owning of the deer season. The hunters said that the bear season which opened before (be deer season spoiled the hunting Hist fall. Present regulations allov.' bear trailing with dogs before the deer season. Deer Hunters Ask Ban On Dogs in New Mexico ALBUQUERQUE. N. M. (UFI — New Mexico hunters have asked] dial dogs be banned from the stale forests for a 10-day period Vancouver Isle Called Port of Missing Men PORT ALBERNI. B. C. (UP) — This cily en the west coast of Vancouver island is fast becoming fcnowu among foreign-gom" seamen <is the port of missing men. ^Cargo ships generally stop here for two or three days before proceeding outbound.'Many a sailor who overstays his shore leave in Vancouver barely mnnasfes u> icacli his ship before! it heads for foreign shores. (o the problem presented by that lone ten-dollar bill. The rent for her apartment was paid until Hie end of Ihe month. She was not, she reflected with faint irony, likely lo be in serious need of-clothes for some time. But (here was the question of food, carfare, and laundry , . . Ten dollars would not go far. She must find some work again utilii—until Derek had arranged something ... "A week or so," The logical step, of coix, would be to go back lo \WV Museum. She had stayed there, getting lier desk ready for her successor (ill lafe last week; ami left, no successor had ible candidate. Going back would be a hitler pill after her high- leave-taking, but— - ..»...,.{, time, she; framed aiiy uncommunicative answers to (he barrage of friendly greet lo be roin- ion . . . Q£ >e lonely wilJiX aunt my iiicwj i-ins. ThaV-g But when Miss Tafl,.Constance's superior, and she were alone, Miss Toft said regretfully, "Sorry, Constance. The new girl checks in tomorrow—God help us! ... Now it you !irc to be here in a month or six weeks, I expect another vacancy Ihen." "Thanks just the same," Constance smiled with what she hoped was just the casual indifference of one who, after all, had merely been toying with the idea of gong back to work—"After.all, r suppose, what I ought to do is to fake a few weeks of complete rest as Derek begged me to do. I just thought — if you needed some one to mark time—" She thought, ,Welli.L-did put on a good act—but what, I'd like lo, know, am I going to use for;! money? (To Be Continued) The process l)y which the temperature of milk is raised high enough or maintained long enough to destroy nil germs and spores is known as sterilization. OUR BOARDING HOUSE 'Announcements the Courier News has been authorized to make formal announcement of the following candidates for public office, subject to tie Democratic primary August 3., For County Treasurer H. L. (BIUjY) GAINES . For Sheriff and CoHector HALE JACKSON County Court CJ«rk T. W. POTTER ' Fnr County Tax Assessor W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON BRYANT STEWART For County and Probate Judge DOYLE HENDERSON For Circuit Court clerk HARVEY MORRiS Tlw Courier News has been fau% thorizcd to make formal announce-/ ment of the following candidates for city offices at the Blythevillo municipal election April 5. For Cily CJertt MISS RUTH BLYTHE For City Attorney ' ROY E. NELSON With Major Hoople , .« RECALL THE T/ME WHEtj X (VAS A S/< 5 L£AGUB BATT/A/G AM? SOCKE& ~THE LOU6E-S.T CAW TOOT A a B6?rreR TUKJE WITH TH' MA3OR5 HORM -THAM HE EVER BLEW l( -Ar: -r/JE BALL. <f STRAIGHT POWAJ A FAVf=D J AfJD ROLLED SO FAR -THAT WHEfJ ~ SPisr-r COWPOUKJD ft( MAKIkJCa A PREVARICATOR OUT ME TH' PROFESSOR V COULU BLOW A HOT -DOS CASIMS UP TO THE SIZE OF A ( JT TJ-/S covers /VAC? -- ..• CPL OUT AA/C> MALL SOVs, W£RS YJITH SIR, THAT CALLS POP, PISTOLS ' ' ^L2£r^a W**"* ^MlRR-O*

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