The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 16, 1967 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1967
Page 17
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8-Algono (la.) Upper Det Molnei Thursday, March 16, 1967 Evelyn March 8- "It's a BEAUTIFUL day in Chicago," alias Algona. Yet a slightly chilly breeze Is reported. But I am snug In my room and the sunshine looks springy to me. And Til repeat there was a robin lurking in my vicinity last week. 1 heard him, and you can't fool me on their chirp, Tve listened too many springs to be fooled. I can see my dad looking skyward with a welcoming smile and when he spaded our handkerchief-sized garden, he would remain still till the robins came to get the worms exposed to view. - o - We no longer have Nelson Eddy to enjoy. How we loved his programs with Jeanette McDonald who died about two years a«ro. A handsome, romantic couple with superb voices. Along with the old favorites are Gary Cooper, Eddie Cantor, Wallace Rsici, Grade Allen - and so rainy more. It was she who mads tee show — Burns and Alien, bat without her, Burns tc ms is not at all amusing witt Ms "prop'', a cigar he flaunts which isn't humor to me. Ysirs a^c, I aaije 2. scrap book ci ray favorite movie personalities. I psn a emit married coopiss, be: they divorced and re-Eirrisi sc frequently I gave ur the "family" idea. There wa5 Mir.' KcSrford, proclaiming herself a iaiicftil Catholic, yet see divorced Owen Moore to ourry Douglas Fairbanks and was divorced from him and mar- rlsc Buddy Rogers, 12 years her junior. <X course, it was said it was Fairbanks who asked for the divorce, and it was predicted her marriage to Buddy wouldn't last, but It has, and I saw a picture of them among those who attended the Jeanette McDonald final rites. Buddy has gray hair, Mary has grown very plumpish - I patted myself on the back by thinking I hadn't aged any more than she, a comforting thought. I've read she had her face lifted a few years ago, which of course may be hooey, but my old face will have to do me as is — whether I like it or not. I couldn't afford it for one thing - and I've reached the "who cares" stage. - o - I agree with Donald Kaul of "Over The Coffee"—Mark Twain was not a good show. It was a GREAT show." - o - When I heard of two of our prominent citizens getting together for a raw oyster supper, I chuckled to myself about an oyster story which happened many years ago. My date was having an evening snack with dad, mother and me and we were having oyster stew. Dad liked raw ones, just two or three, with vinegar, salt and pepper. When asked, my date said he too liked a few raw ones. So both men were served the raw ones, dad had stew too, but my date only wanted the raw ones. When he bade us goodnight, he thanked mother for the best oyster STEW he had had in a long time. After he was gone dad said, "Yes, sir - that was a GOOD raw oyster stew." Later when my date became better acquainted and was a very frequent visitor In our home, he was told the joke and agreed it was a good one on him. - o - One time a couple living in our apartment were going to have oyster stew but when he got home rather late for supper, his wife had the meal prepared and she said, "We'll have stew tomorrow." He insisted he wanted a few raw ones. She was equally insistant that they be saved for the next day and brought them In for mother to hide. The Irony of It was, a pearl was found In the oysters the next day, but alas, having been heated, was no good as a jewel. It was a small one but would have been very nice in a ring for the little daughter they had. It took a long time for the wife to live it down I Thank you for your letter, Mrs. Lorenz Gade of Whittemore. The subject between us is most controversial and we might argue a long time and not get anywhere. I will add this to my side. Many learned persons who have made a prolonged study of our topic have called some parts "folto lore". And many discrepancies in dates and actual facts have been discovered. However, don't picture me as an atheist. I'm not. - o - Talk about old times I Recently I heard via radio "Oh dear, what can the matter be? Dear, dear, what can the matter be f Johnnie's so long at the fair. He promised to buy me a pretty brown ribbon to tie up my bonnie brown hair." Many are the times my mother has sung that to me when I was a little tot and one about the girl who had a curl on her forehead. - o "Heinle" Stebritz can boast of a Christmas gift from Lawrence Welk whom he knows personally and from whom he receives a letter each year at Christmas. This year he sent Heinle a key- ring engraved with Lawrence's name. I told Heinle I knew it wasn't as cute as the one the Sherman Littles gave me. I wound it and put it close to the phone so he could hear the music. - o Yup - spring is on its way. I caught Mrs. Rex Taylor via phone, calling her from a painting job. How many women love small paint jobs - my mother and I among them, and Hazel Lusby has done quite a lot - and I could mention many more. - o To me, Bingo represented the best amusement at the fair. lam glad It is being legalized - and hope It covers fairs. Not that I expect to go to the fair anymore — but for the many who enjoy it, hurrah for its return. - o Mrs. Rena Cruikshank Is the latest addition to the Good Samaritan Home H family. She entered March 7 and I am sure she will find it a very pleasant place amid several friends. - o If you want something different on your menus, talk with Emma Knutson. She has some of the best sounding foods, things commonly made in the "old country." She Is Norwegian, I believe. Lizzie Post has some variations too - and while she has always lived in the U. S. and Emma hasn't, Lizzie gets many of her ideas from her mother, Mary Zlttritsch. Me, I'm just Irish so of course it has to be potatoes, pork hock, rutabaga, carrots and onions — not chopped up — just big wedges of cabbage, sliced rutabaga, whole carrots, onions and potatoes. A dish fit for a king. - o - My earliest recollections of the Methodist church go back to the red brick building on the corner west of the Congregational church. Rev. Frank Day is the first pastor I recall and years later when Rev. Spray was pastor. I was in the parsonage many times. It was the house now owned by the Erwin Wiltgens. Over the years, membership had grown up a point where a new church was necessary and under Rev. Day the present stone church was erected. It was so much larger and with so much more room for Sunday School classes it didn't seem as though a new church would ever be needed. But such is not the case. It Isn't a new church we need, It's space for classes and some time ago the Pettibone residence was purchased and classes held there. It has now reached a point where we need a center similar to the Congregational church and plans are underway to build this and it will of course be added in such a way it will be a connected part of the church. It is a big undertaking but where there is a will, there is a way. The First Lutheran Church has also out-grown its facilities and a new church is to be built. - o I listened to the talk via TV Tuesday about homo- sexualism and gathered it is more prevalent between men than women. In fact, I don't believe women were mentioned, though I've read a little on it in current magazines. It seems so odd to me that persons of the same sex can be so attracted to each other. I have girl friends of whom I am very fond, but to be demonstrative affectionately leaves me cold and unresponsive - that is IF such an occasion should arise. My friendships have always been on rather a cold basis. Linked arms strolling down the street was my limit and to be caressed by a girl friend would be unthinkable - and I am sure my girl friends are of the same nature. So much writing Is given to the seamy side. Why not write about nice, normal friendships ? Did I hear someone say "Amen"? - o - Tlllle Steinman says her tulips are peeping through the ground. Remember when we were young and would roam the hills near the north river to gather wild flowers ? And Dutchmen's Breeches and Jack-ln-the Pulpit? And it Is nearlng leeks time, too. Leeks I Oh, Melvin Henderson, how I miss you. I hope you know. The men are being shaved this morning by the nurses. Wednesday and Sundays they are taken care of by professional barbers. - o- So I'll stick to my black and white TV. "Roses are green, bluebonnets are pink, my color TV is on the blink." Buy a LeSabre. You'll get a Buick and 29 extras you never bargained for. Delcotron generator Reusable air cleaner Glove compartment light i Dual speed windshield wiper and windshield washer > Deluxe steering wheel . Crank-operated vent windows • Smoking set; rear seat ash trays • Magic-Mirror finish • Dual-key locking system • Carpeting • Outside rearview mirror • Finned brake drums • Self-adjusting brakes • Dual horns • Cross flow radiator 220 hp 340-2 V-8 Full-flow oil filter i Padded sun visors i Heater and defroster p Upper instrument panel pad > Plunger-type door lock . Seat belts front and rear • Back-up lights • Front door-operated courtesy light • Dual side armrest front and rear • Step-on parking • 15-inch wheels • 6000-mile lubed front suspension • Directional signals and lane change signal GET THE BEST NO-BARGAIN BARGAIN AT THE BUICK VALUE CARNIVAL. URU Of IMClUlNCt SCHULTZ BROS. South Phillips, Algona, Iowa TRUCKLOAD Modal TNC29II * 118" diagonal measure picture * Woiuui grained finish on metal * 26,060 veits Picture Power * This Sj*elei Price The Cascade ModelLK53lll • 270 sq. inch picture • Walnut grained finish on hardwood veneers • Color Fidelity Control The Burton Model LNS70I « CKoIee of Walnut or Mahogany finish • Automatic Degaussing Circuit • Lighted Channel selector • Tint CpntroF The Harper, Model LNS73I • 2 Admiral quality speakers • Walnut grained veneer • High Gain 3 stage amplifier • Deluxe Console $ 548 March 16-17-18 OPEN EVERY NIGHT OF SALE UNTIL 9 P.M. - COFFEE POT IS ALWAYS ON AT - CTRONIC SPECIALTIES DIAGONAL GENE FAULSTICH, OWNER

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