The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 16, 1967 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1967
Page 13
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ANN-MARGRET AT ALGONA THEATRE STARTING SUNDAY HIGH SPIRITS are displayed by beautiful Ann-Margret and her handsome co-star Tony Franciosa in "The Swinger," a Technicolor production for Paramount Pictures which opens Sunday at the Algona Theatre. Produced and directed by George Sidney, "The Swinger" gives you the lowdown on what really goes on behind the doors of those "girlie" magazines and has dance, color, and sexy Ann-Margret. - OUTLOOK FOR RESULTS - The last Summit Conference of Pan American Presidents was held in Panama in 1956, just as President Eisenhower was recovering from an ileltis operation. It lasted only two days and consisted largely of pleasant conversation, so that many participants concluded that the chief purpose of the meeting had been to demonstrate that Ike was in good health. This time, it's reported that another quickie conference is planned. So if President Johnson allows only three days for this conference, some Latin American officials understandably may conclude that, as in Ike's case, it's only being held for LBJ's political benefit, not to seek answers to the difficulties they are struggling with. I The Washington ; Merry-Uo-Roiind DREW PEARSON'S \cetndid and revealing I column of a Texas conspiracy, they were quite interested in the claims being made by District Attorney Jim Garrison of New Orleans- and the fact that Garrison would like to run for governor of Louisiana. To Latin Americans sophisticated in the strategems of politics, Garrison's political ambitions spoke volumes. WASHINGTON - This writer has Just returned from a visit to a half dozen South American countries to find out how they view the forthcoming Pan- American Summit Conference with President Johnson. The fact is that right now they appear more interested in the controversy over the assassination of President Kennedy than what may happen at PuntadelEste In Uruguay next month. President Kennedy is venerated almost as a saint in Latin America. In many store windows only two pictures are displayed — one of Christ, one of John F. Kennedy. The same feeling and interest was displayed in Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. While most people we met were convinced that the President's assassination had to be the work •oooooooooooooooooo D I movie I clock Saoantiaco o OOP on a o qjtpj ALGONA THURS. - FRI. - SAT., MARCH 16-17-18 •a » C R PraMM • BUCUM PiMuclion TECHNICOLOR*/ TECHNISCOPf SATURDAY KIDDIE MATINEE MARCH 18 - 1:30 P.M. "THE TEXICAN" PLUS 4 CARTOONS MATRON ON DUTY All SEATS - 50c SUN. - MON. - TUES. - WED., MARCH 19 - 22 RECOMMENDED FOR MATINEE AUDIENCES - JEALOUS RIVALRIES- There are many nagging jealousies and rivalries in Latin America, and trying to work out some problems there might be likened to trying to solve interstate problems in this country without a federal government over the 50 states. For example, the northern desert of Chile, where it hasn't rained for 400 years, might be- THURSDAY thru SATURDAY- Complete program begins: 7 p. m. "Texlcan" - 7:03 - 10:32 p. m. "Seconds" — 8:46 p. m. SATURDAY KIDDIE MATINEE Complete program begins: 1:30 p. m. "Texican" - 2:06 p. m. SUNDAY — Complete program begins: 1:30 - 3:37 - 5:40 6:58-9:03 p. m. "The Swinger" - 2:19 - 4:22 5:40-7:45-9:56 p. m. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY- Complete program begins: 7:00— 9:08 p. m. "The Swinger" — 7:50-9:53 p. m. come a Garden of Eden with water from Bolivian rivers. And southern Peru, also a desert, could be irrigated by water from Lake Titicaca on the border with Bolivia. But old and bitter rivalries stand in the way of cooperation - rivalries that could be ironed out if either or both of the countries, jointly or singly, would give landlocked Bolivia access to the sea. Similarly, the headwaters of the Amazon River present a great challenge for development. But there is bitterness between Ecuador and Peru which control the headwaters, that precludes any cooperation even for their mutual benefit. Yet in these and other cases, if the nations of Latin America would work together for their own mutual benefit, they could achieve great prosperity for themselves and also help other nations of South America. - o - - BIRTH CONTROL FURORE - President Johnson is under severe criticism in Colombiafor aiding birth control. One magazine, "Catholicism," has blasted Johnson for spending money on planned parenthood in Colombia, which the magazine calls interfering in Colombian affairs. There have been speeches in the Colombian parliament calling Johnson a "cowherd" and telling him to mind his own business. What the critics forget is that the Colombian government officially asked the United States to supply birth control information. Johnson did not take the initiative. Furthermore, it is fact that Colombia has a growing population with meager food resources, and must either raise more crops or fewer children. - o - -LBJ PR AYS- INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE- President Johnson, though his moods vary like the weather, no longer broods over his low standing in the political polls. He has been polishing up his messages to Congress with a new relish, personally adding his own touches, simplifying the phrases that may be difficult for "plain folks'' to understand .... The president has also been talking more about religion lately, sometimes joking that his Catholic aides and daughter Luci are trying to make a Catholic out of him, sometimes speaking with sudden seriousness about his need for divine guidance. "I pray about the Viet Nam war," he told a friend, "but it is difficult to know what God wants you to do" . ...The president attends a different church almost every Sunday, gets a spiritual lift out of Baptist, Episcopalian, and Catholic services alike. He attends his own National City Christian Church about once a Algona month .... LBJ got a chuckle over a columnist's knowing assertion that Seven-Up is the most popular drink around the White House. He seldom touches the stuff, prefers dietetic root beer and Dr. Pepper. He gulps down several diet drinks in a day, partly to quench his thirst, partly to take the edge off his appetite .... The President, aware that Vice President Humphrey is not a rich man, in- sisted that he should stop paying for his speaking trips out of his own pocket. These were legitimate political engagements which should be paid by the Democratic National Committee, declared LBJ, After the committee started paying the bills, however, he complained about the committee's rising expenses. - o The World Press, including Cairo's leading papers, has de- nounced the killing of innocent civilians in North Viet Nam by American bombers. Notasingle protest has been heard, however, over the killing of civilians in Saudi Arabia by . Egyptian bombers. '' A wave of Egyptians planes struck Najran a week ago Friday, for example, on a Moslem holy day when the town was crowded. Some civilians were killed, including at least two children. "LISTEN TO LIFETIME" A PROGRAM FOR THE ENJOYMENT OF MUSIC SUNDAYS AT 7:05 A.M. 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