The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on September 24, 1923 · Page 4
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Page 4

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Monday, September 24, 1923
Page 4
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" 63 13-13 68 12-12 68 14-14 6 seek, neck. Anthony HorderiuSonsLimited BRICKFIELD HILL Phone Cty 9440 .-pig f T,r imt M SYDNEY box 1712 C P O BY ARTHUE W. MARCHMOXT. Author of "By Right of Sword By Soar or lov." ate. ALL KIGBTS RUAVEO. CHAPTER II.-CoDlli.ut4 'Br til mMM;" and out ho wont. leafinc mo Infiiiilaly porplexed bjr tb riddl b bad propounded how on oarth It waa ooialblo lor my revolver to bavo boo found by ttaa alda 01 too murdtrtd man. Thero waro only threa oaoola who knaw that I bad taken It with ma to lha Manor Fcntllp, Borta, and Marion. Tha laat could do ruled out at once, for It waa linpoaelble tbat aha could bo In any way connected with 1L it waa acarce.T lesa Improbable that old Pentllp bimaelf could know anything about it, aitner; nor waa It in tba leaat likely tnat anyone alio at tba manor could nave got hold of tha rerolver. I knew tbat the cupboard in wnica aucn tningi were kept waa oiten left unlocked: and alio that the lock Itself waa a very common one, which anybody could pick ia a moment with a bit of bent wire. But I ruled tbat out aa an equal impossibility. So there remained only Boris. 1 had got tbua far and had resolved Dot to sy anything mora than 1 could help to BtaKoat, wnen be came back. "I'm perfectly satisfied, Mr. Warlug." he dd. "Aa It happens. Mr. Trevor waa at the Parslval that night and saw you there. Dutl trust you'll see It waa a matter which had to be cleared up.' Tbat'a all right I'm not worrying abdM It." Can you help me with a sugcestlon aa to how the revolver cama to be found In the wood" ' I affected to think. There was no reason why I should put him on tbe rljcht track until I knew more about It all myself. "Let me see. I bought It, of course, to take with me on my Journey and yes, X remember missing it when 1 was packing up at the last moment Or course I did. "Did you take It down to Rockstona that oayi" "Looks aa if I must have done, doesn't ttf But I'm going down there this afternoon and I'll make Inquiries. Let's think. If I took It. It would have been In my dispatch-case with my papers. I waa reading them In the train on tbe way down, and rather think I did In tha car on my way to tho Manor. In that cane, It's possible I might have dropped the revolver. Of course but I'll look Into It Rtamat I suppose there's no doubt tho Turk waa killed witn this revolver?" His hand went to hfa chin acain: ho looked rather sheepish at tha question and, after fidgeting a moment uneasily, he brought out a bullet. "Of course that waa tho Inference to be drawn, Mr. Waring; but there's a little! difficulty about the facts. This bullet seems a, little too large to have been fired from It" A careful measure of tha bullet showed; that it waa absolutely Impossible. "Why didn't you tell me tbltt at one?" I aeked with a show of great indignation. "Tou ought to know your job too well to try a trick of this fiort with me.' This made him angry, aa T had Intended. "I wasn't playing a trick, Mr. Waring," he aid sullenly. "Your revolver was found on the spot, tha Inference waa that you had feeen there, and It had to be explained." "Tha trick waa tbat you let ma to understand tba shot had been fired out of my weapon, when you knew tha contrary, and sought to trnp ma Into some admission. Well, If you like to arrest me after what I've in id. do so. If not, I'm too busy now to woiry any more about It. Oood morning, Stag-nat." As soon aa he had gone I set a couple of clerka to collect tha Press references to the murder -and make a precis of them; and when I had finished the report for Mr. Pent-II p, I went to tbe gunsmith who had sold jne tha revolver and obtained a bullet of the same caiiDre as tuat which the inspector had shown sic. I read tha newspaper accounts of the tragedy on the way down to Roclutone. The affair had made a considerable stir for a few days, but tbe Interest In It had npt.r out when the adjourned Inquest resulted In u wpeo vera ici. "r ound Dead. 8uch facta aa were known were simple enough. Boris was right about tho Turk having vlnited Mr. Leeson at tbe Grange; ha had left there at eight o'clock to walk to tha station and catch the eleht-thirtv to town; and It waa known that he would go by tha short cut through Clips tone Wood. About halt-paat nine a ploughman, named rf.cuBins, iuuna me aeaa noay lying Just off the path, at a spot about a quarter of an hour'a quick walk from tha Grange. This uti ma approximate time of the murder, If murder It wus, at about eight-fifteen. The doctors agreed that the Turk might have shot himself, tha bullet having entered tha head a little distance behind the rlaht ear; and aa the man's purse, watch, and other valuables had not been token, there was ground for tha suggestion of suicide. On this point, however, Mr. Leeson had grVen some significant evidence, atronely supporting the murder theory. Ho declared that when the Turk left the Grange be had a wallet containing some very important pApers, and neither wallet nor papers had been found. He was able to describe the wallet very minutely, but professed himself unnble to say more about the papers than that they referred to matters relating to the Bourkat succession. Only tbe most casual mention was made of tha discovery of the revolver, and at neltheri inquiry was the fact elicited that the bullet which caused death did not fit tho revolver found by his side. It was tbua an open guess that Stagnnt hsd purposely kept that back; It waa Just Ilka him; and that he had Intentionally manoeuvred the open verdict, so that he could Investigate the affair without rouelog alarm on the part of the murderer. Waa Boris at the bottom of It? That was the question uppermost In my mind. Aa he had known the Turk was at the Grange, he might also have known what time he would leave and which way he would walk, and was quite likely to know the nature of the missing papers. Wan he capable of It? He was a rotter of rotters, but murder called for some amount of pluck, even to fire a shot from behind, and I knew he waa a desperate coward. A raln. If he had done It. had ho taken my revolver In order to put the blame on me? Ha was quite capable of that, and he htvtcd mo, because I knew ao much about him. On the other hand, he must have taken two revolvers with him: mine, to lay the false trail with, and another for tho grim job to be done. And even this waa not Impossible, seeing how unreliable mine bad proved when ha tested it. It waa a merciful providence that he bad not taken tho precaution to aea that the bores of tbe two weapons were different. If ha bad, I should have been In a very ugly fix Indeed. It wan a most perplexing problem, and I waa at 111 worrying over It when my train reached Rockstnne; and there, tha unexpected happened. A Manor 'ar waa waiting for ma, and Marlon waa at the wheel. run t father with you. Mr. Waring?' aha asked aa we ahook bunds. "No, indeed. Hid you expect him?' 'Should I be here If I did not?" "Of course not." It was enouiih for me that she waa there, ao I did not worry about anything else. "Are you going to get In. or too afraid of my driving?" My answer waa practical. T lumped into the seat by her aide. "Good enouah!" I rallied. She started, and after running a couple of minutes on the road to the Manor, turned into a by-lane and slowed down to a crawl. "Why this way?" I asked. "Don't you know this Is a short cut?" aba aaked, with a lift of her brows. I know that Ita a mila or two longer.' What'a a mite or ao to a car? 1 haonened to ba out for a run, and when I found I waa near tbe station, and thought you mient come by tha express. It waa only neighbourly to wait and aea. There ara ao few taxla for thla train." Suspicion awoka. "And Mr. Pent Up?" She laughed aoftly and shot me a aide glance. "Ob, one baa to take rlaka aometlmea, you know; and of course I'm just dying to bear all about Bourkat' Suspicion strengthened. "Where la Mr. Pant- Up?" "Ha may he at home by thla time." aha re plied casually. out you said you vera expecting him by my train. Did IT I though I only aaked If he waa with you." 'That won't do. I asked you ir you vera expecting him. and your reply was, 'Bnouia i ba here If I weren't? That was a question, not a statement Mr. Lawyer." "Well where la h7" "How can 1 possibly know? It'a a coupla ot hours ainca I left the Manor." "Do you mean that ha waa there when yoa left?" She stopped tha ear. "That's tba footpath to tba Manor. If you're In such a hurry." and her deen blue eves challenred me. In view of my talk with blm about her. tbara waa, of courae, only one right thing to do- ihA mv rllMfi nr oval hv title In tha oath. But I didn't do lu I aat tight and laughed. 1 waa mere plastic clay. With a delicious ripple of a laugh, aha drove on. fTo ha continued.) WOMEN'S COLUMN. ''VARSITY FETE. STUDENTS TO THE FORE. Looking moet attractive In academic dri. numbers of ilrl students ot tbe Sydney Univer sity held a lete In the quadrangle ot the Uni versity on Saturday afternoon. Tbe stalls vere artistically decorated, and were In ebarge of student representing tbe various faeulites. Tbe proceeds will be given to tbe Untverilty Women's Social Service Society and tbe Christian Union. Lady Cullen, who performed tie opening ceremony, was received by Mrs. H. E. Barff (preuldent u.w.h.h.b.), mis. naier. ui.s nooa (president of tbe Christian Union), aod Hlssea W.lla. Grer. and Hall tsecretarles of tbe fete committee), and MIm A. Trludall (treasurer). Numerou. attractlous were arranged lor botb tbe afternoon and evening sessions. These Included danclnsr In the Great Hall, lecturettes, a play by members ot Messrs. Farmer and C'o.'s dramatic society, and a display ot Greek dancing by pupil of the Kortn Sydney uirn Ml eh School. Past.graduate students were In charge ol tbe "Book aad Art" stall (secretaries. Misses B. Harper and Hirst M'Mullen); lie fancy- work suit was conducted by women etudents In Arts, 11. and III. (secretaries. Misses wines. Carter, Tltmus, N. Holmes, M. Holmes, and Palfreyman). At the cake stall the women medical students did a brisk trade (secretaries. Misses M. Dslgarno. P. Anderson, and K. wil-coi). Evening students, with Misses Farrell and Woodcock as aecrerarlca, bad a Jumble stall. Sweete were sold by women students In science (secretaries. Misses Maclndoe. Solomons, Torr, and Goulston). Purple packets, which contained attractive prises, were arranged by women students in Arts. Members THE WHITE BREAD BOGEY For a number af yeara tha nutritive quantise ot wbtte bread have bean tinder discua- atoa. , Seeing tbat It forma such a large part of tba diet of most of ua, its value aa an article of food la of particular importance. Soma author! t lea condemn Ita nai absolutely, and try to prove that tha large consumption of whlta bread la tha eauaa of numerous Ills. Othera, however, ara mora discriminating In their Judgment Mora than ten yeara ago there waa a campaign conducted by ooma English newspapera against the eommon uaa of white bread, and some Interesting experiments were made by different aclentlsts. notably Ur. Hopkloa. of Cam bridae. Dr. Hopkins waa especially vehement In hla attacks, aad urged tha people to aat wholemeal and wholemeal bread only If they bid anr regard for their physical wall-being. However, Interest In the matter soon died out, and the people continued to aat tha maligned whlta bread, reckless of tha conse quences, whatever tbey mlgbt be. in matters of food, perhapa wore than In anything, tbe people are conservative, and look with suspicion on any Innovation. In tha United States tha discussion also arose, but there It baa continued to thla day, and tba attackers of tba whlta bread and denatured flour have, after much talk and demonstration, made a certain amount of progress. But It la wonderful how tha people cling to their beloved white loaf I Alfred W. McCann, a pure food expert, la tha most Inveterate ot the campaigners. For yeara ha haa argued against tba use of whlta bread an white flour products of all kinds. To him all such ara anathema. And while there la much truth In what ha saya, according to other autuorttlee be la too extravagant In hli condemnation. Tba crux ot tha whole BALLROOM DECORATIONS. HAVING PURCHASED THB BUSINESS' OF DARE AND SONS, DGOOBATOBS, Tl lUr-FLT ESTIMATES FOR EVERY DESCRIPTION Or DECORATIp.NS fOR WlD. KINGS, BALLS, ETC. 'PHONES. CITY (MT, t7i, S3 61. MARQUES, FLAGS', CHAIRS, TABLES, ELECTRIC LIGHTS. PLATFORMS. DANCING FLOORS!, DANCING CANVASES ON HIRE. ' LET OUR REPRESENTATIVE SUOOEST SOMETHING ARTISTIC FOR TOUR VEDDIXG OR BALL. S. WALDER. LTD.. 840 PITT-STREET, JTEAIt MVERPOOL-STRKrr. THREE MODEL CLOAKS. of tbe Christian Unions In Girls Secondary Schools had the produce stall. . The Uni ver ity Women Graduates Association ana me 'hrlFtian 1'n ion Auxiliary fMcbsrs. Etdershaw, Davles, and Foulton) conducted the refreshments In the Vnlon Hall. The lighting arrangements were carried out by engineering students (Messrs. M'Candless, Burrows, Thompson, and Millard). BTOiliiKiiailtiH .SaiUsUkAlS A eomprehenslva talk en Alsare-Utrraln was delivered by M. Bder Trade Commissioner for Prance, at tha Inatltut da Conversation Pranralsa last Monday. Members now meet at the Cafe Ecossate. Phlllln-street. Commun Ity singing. Interspersed with recitations by Mile. Sagaart and M. rranck, will k Included U Bast Monday programme. The modish cloaks of to-day are garments of rare beauty. In cut and trimming tbey are much more elaborate than the frocks over which they are worn. Hera are three fashionable models, two for evening wear and tha other suitable for wear-lag over an elaborate gown. "A" Is of French origin. The main part la ot fine cloth, with sleeves and rucked collar of soft satin. "B" la of black panne, with gathered cuffs and collar of cloth ot silver trimmed with primroses. The remaining coat la of brown crepe, trimmed with wide banda of leather, cut In small squares, and appliqued with coarse stitching. The skirt can be wide open, aa shown, or closed, and fastened by tho taba on the edges of tba drapery THE W.C.T.U. Mrs. John Macleod, Australasian president. ha vine recently returned from a visit to America, where she attended tha World's Convention, to Canada, where she acted as delegate to tbe International congress or tne World League against alcoholism, and to tha British Isles. Is now In Queensland in oonnec- tlon with the campaign In preparation for tha referendum on prohibition to ba taken throughout the northern State on October 6. Mrs. Macleod was tba principal speaker at many meetings last week during tha State Convention ot tbe Queensland Woman'o Christian Temperance Union, and she Is to be guest of honour at tne isew bouin vtaies Convention, from October 8 to 12, In St. Philip's Churrh Hall, Church Hill, near Wyn-rard square Sydney. On the war from Brisbane. Mrs. Macleod will address meetings at Glen Innes. Arml- , dale, and Tamwortb, In connection with local i unions. This week'a mall from U.S.A. brought news to Mrs. Strang, Australian vice-president, from the world'a president, Mlsa Anna Gor don, of tbe death of Mrs. uenoran Knox Livingston, one of the foremost workers and most girted apeaaerg oi ina worm s union. world's and national superintendent of tne department ot Christian Citizenship, of whom Anna Gordon writes;: "in tne prima or me, at tbe height of her remarkable power, and seemlnsTlv never more needed than to-day. Mrs. Livingston haa entered upon the activities that are not suuaeeded by weariness." She possessed superlative qualities of mind and heart, waa eloquent, logical and persuasive aa a speaker, superb In her friendliness, radiant In her personality, and abso lutely devoted to the promotion of tba tem-oerance cause and the solution of the great prohleroa which, aa a war-stricken world, we to-day ara lacing. our aensa or lose can not be described. Our enduring memorial to dear Deborah Knox Livingston must be our assurance to Ood and our pledge to one another that we ahall steadily push forward this vitally Important department which unatlnt- Ingly commanaea Mrs. LiivinKston a rare ana brilliant gifts." Mrs. Livingston had been Invited by tha Australasian executive to visit thla country at tha ooncluaton ot the Scottish no-llcenaa campaign In November, and to ba present at tha triennial convention In Hobarl at tne ana oi J ODruary. AFTER CAKE ASSOCIATION. A most successful ftl. optnsd br Mr. Scott F.1I. waa oraanlsod br Mlsa 8. F. IrTlns-Cum- mlnss sod tb commute of tb Nortb Syda.r branch of tb AItr-l'ar Association at uains-ford Lodr on Saturday afternoon. Tbe stall. wer all well stocked, and were In tbe ssrden, tha beaut, of which was furthor enhanced In tb evening by a brilliant schema of electric lighting. Among tno many aiau wer mo followlnc: Produce (Mrs. Beams and Mlsa Brodrldse): nower (Mrs. Bona ana Mise Brodrldae). tearoom (Miss Taranto and Mrs. Everett), sweets (Mrs. Moodle), Spinning jenny (Mr. Ad. creel, vegeiaoi (sirs, m uonaam, hoop-la (Mrs. Mills). Mrs. My wasy ww ner of the scon competition. NEAR AND FAR. cabaret will be Introduced (or tba first time In tha Sydney Town H11 at tha Golf Ball on October e. Artiste irom an tne leea-Ing theatres will glva their aervlces, and Mr. Hugh Ward ana Mr- KrI Dr wl" D 10 charge. Lady Forbes Robertson will eon-duct an auction of glfta In tba 'Winter garden of tha Australia on Friday, between I and p.m.. In aid of tba funds. Members of tha various golf clubs wishing ta attend tha ball are requested to purchase tickets aa Boon aa possible. ' Tha proceeds of tha danca will ba given to tha Prince Alfred H capital. Ibsen' "Ohosta will ha produced In tha Palace Theatre for a season of Tuesday and Thursday matinees, tha first of which, next Thursday, will ba In aid ot tha Warrlaoo Wander HM In OaiMraa. , matter appears to be this the grain of wheat, Itself a perfect food, while being converted Into whlta flour loses certain substances which are necessary for nutrition and pro per assimilation. These valuable substances are literally thrown away In order to pro duce a fine whlta flour, which may become fine white bread. We like the look of tba white loaf, we like the taste of it. there fore wa think the bread must be good for us, out tnat is false reasoning. For man. tha animal, haa lost the instinct, which the lower animals still possess, of nourishing nimseir. He doea not know what la good to eat, but, unfortunately, he thinks he doea. 4 r lliw. ;cillB us, lU"ir, VI IUJ eVdSVCI- pool School of Tropic Medicine, aada some experiments with groups of pigeons. He fed one group on white flour bread, and similar groups on whole wheat bread. Tbe pigeons fed on the white bread aoon de veloped symptoms of malnutrition and sari ous nerve derangements, while many went Into convulsions. On the other hand, the whole wheat pigeons continued healthy and ot normal weight In another series of experiments, pigeons which had developed grave nervous symptoms on a white bread diet, recovered completely when they were placed on an exclusive whole wheat diet. It waa proved beyond doubt In these and other experiments that In wheat, and In other cereals as well, such as barley and rice, there ara Important substances which are essential to tbe value of tbe ara In as a food. Sclen tints claim that their absence In tha diet will not only cause malnutrition, but will tend to set up active disease. Therefore. It seems that denatured food Is no food for either pueons or men. If we eat white hrm&A and refined cereals, wa ougftt also to consume large quantities of other food. Particularly greeo vegeiaoies. aofl tr-UK, in order to sup ply tha elements lack in a. It Is now stated that replacing tho white loaf with tha wholemeal loaf will not make ror perfection In diet, as the enthusiast ciaim. Man requires more than bread alnne. even though the staff of life be made of good materlnl. According to tha very latest experiments made in tha United States, white bread and white flour products In combination with certain other foods form a well- Da la need met, but whlta bread, meat, and potatoes form a very poor diet, which will not support growth . or maintain weight and vitality. Wholemeal bread and meat ara saia 10 raaKa a far better combination. In this controversy between "white" and "brown, It aeema tbat both are valuable as parts of a, balanced diet, but the evidence polnta to the wholemeal possessing: tha greater nutntlva value. However, the at. tacks on whlta bread seem to have a rather inauostantiai foundation when wa consider tbe outback Australian, with hla diet at whlta bread, meat, and tea. Ills physique is iusj !. m ia a worm, makjuhib wvinn. OLD SYDNEIANS' DANCE, Members of tb Old 8ydnlans' Club were careful to Keep everything "just school" at tb danc held lo the Sydney Grammar School on Baiuroay evening. Tne big schoolroom, wun its new nooring, waa usea for danclnl supper was served In on of the classrooms and the music waa supplied by the school Jai band. It was a very lolly evenlna. tbe at tendance being confined almost entirely to younger members of tb dancing et. Tbe neaamaster, Mr. H. 8. Dattmaa, was present, with Mra. uettman, whose gown of black georgette, trimmed with black and silver bro, cade, waa worn under a Palsleycloak with collar and bordering of fur. Mrs. H. 8. P, Storey wore a gown of black charmeus and georgette, beaded In wnit. Mrs. Hyna file-son's gown wa. of black ebarmeuee. Vr. Cnas. Ludowlcl wore black brocaded moro cam; Mrs. Stewart, black eharmeuse: Mrs Car. fra. aalmon morocaln; Mra E. Ludowlcl, black cnarmeuse and t; Miss M'Shane, powder-blue taneia; ansa st. Kose, lemon georgette; Miss Lorna Bull, heliotrope morocaln: Mlsa M Ludowlcl, jade green georgette; Miss Eleanor lonng, old rose crepe do Chine; Miss Muriel Merlin, whit satin; Miss Joan Ludowlcl, eau de nil, embossed crepe do Chin; Miss Yvonne Plttar, green brocaded taffeta; Mlsa Joyc Ludowlcl. green embossed morocaln: Mlse All, on Lamb, old rose charmause; Mis. Storey, oiu anu pina georgette; sirs. iNmaidsoa, black and silver lac gown; Mies Lillian Mar tin, pink and gold shot taffeta. Tb organising commute for tli dene In- rluded Messrs. C. O. Hill, C. H. Miller, O. Heston. and a. it. Herring, other "eld boys' present wer .Messrs. II. I. P. Storey, Mr. Hyn Gibson. -Mullens, jo Carrutbars. Symoads, M. M. Newman, Jock Roeeell. Go. leu, m. a. lufMlsl, seiUags, aad Cawdary. TO BUILD BEAUTY. VALAZE BEAUTIFYING SKIXFOOD will trsnsform the worst possible complexion, making It exquisitely clear, soft, and radiant. No other cream Is "Just aa good" as Valase which Is unique and Incomparable. Price 4, ". Helena Rubinstein Pty., Ltd., DEPT. "D," 274 COT.LIX8-STREET, MELBOURNE. VALAZE BEAUTY GRAINS, . sns.- tlooal akin rejut.nsnt. Used for washing In plae of aoap. Keeps the skin creamy white, safeguards Its texture, and guarantees against coarseness and oillnrss of tbe pores, blackheads, and other Impurities Should a household article In every home. Price and S. s. DISCOLOURED THROATS. HANDS AND ARMS gain a soft white loveliness aben VALAZK BLEACHING CREAM Is used. To the face It restores the sweet flesh tints and a supple smoothness. Price J and I i. FOB BAGGY, RELAXED. AND FLABBY SKIN. Valax Roman Jelly consolidates and strengthens loose and flabby muscles doea away with baggy throats, removes fulloese and heavy look from under the eyes, smooths out tbe skin above the temples. Price 6 and 10S. VALAZE CREME PROMENADE. A wonderful creme for daytime use. It forms a perfect foundation lor powder. Prlra 2,' and 47. VALAZE SKIN TONIC.-An antl-wrinkle lotion soothing, stimulating, and antiseptic. It tones and Invigorates the ekln preventa lines, wrinkles, and crowsfeat. and makes for perfect skin health. Price ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR BABY. ' THERE IS NO BETTER MILK THAN LIFEGUARD YOUR GROCER HAS IT! MILK CCOKDgNSKD). IT'S QUALITY. IS STILL THE BEST. That's became there is fifteen years' experience behind it fifteen years of laboratory search after the purest of waxes and other Ingredients fifteen years ot steady Improvement fifteen years of aathfactien to Australian housewives. USE IT ALWAYS. BEST FLOOR POLISH. ARNOTT'S LATEST BISCUIT. DAINTY. DELICATE. DELICIOUS. "THE PRINCESS." FOR ALL FUNCTIONS. v H) RIGHT ROYAL PRODUCTION. ASK YOUR pROCEB FOR THEM. MOLES AND WARTS. LADIES SHOULD TAKE WARNING. I HAVE HAD MANY LADIES COME TO MB OF LATE Ut finish treating Moles tbat bad previously been treated by Inexperienced girls, and they have told m that they had been going for months; the treatment they had received waa only service applications; the result is they Irritate the core of the Mole. Now, I warn you; It Is most dangerous to have these growth, treated on the surface. They should bs treated underneath at once, and the operation ahould only be on treatment, and the mole would on a healthy person disappear on tho tenth day. I UNDERTAKE TO REMOVE THEM IN ONE TREATMENT WITHOUT SCAR OR MARK. ' IT IS THE EXPERIENCE OF OPERATING AND MY PHENOMENAL PRACTICE THAT HAVE MADE ME AN EXPERT AT THIS WORK. I HAVE HAD MOST WONDERFUL RE8ULTS. COMB IN, ALL WHO ARE DUBIOUS. AND I WILL SHOW YOU MOLES THAT HAVE BEEN REMOVED, ALSO PIGMENTS OF THE SKIN. A LADY cam to me the other day, and she told me sb. went for advice, and was asked whst it was; and she replied, "That Is what I have eom to know myself." This Is where Inexperienced people sometime, ruin themselves; but make tha experienced successful. For tb brown patches are termed pigments. Tbey are simply caused through a accumulation of Iron under the ekln, aleo caused through other constitutional reactions. A personal Interview will allow m to explain more fully, and I guarantee removal. SUPERFLUOUS HAIRS. The cause of these abnormal growtba win also be explained, and I would be pisasid to give a free trial treatment when you call. , .1 HAVE PERSONALLY OPERATED FOR TWENTY-TWO YEARS. MISS MAUDE MADDOCKS, .MQEOROB-gTREET, SYDNEY. 4th FLOOR, SWISS STUDIOS. 'PHONE, 1l C1TY L. T. PIVER, PARIS. (ESTABLISHED 1774.) FACE CREAM DE LUXE.- TN TUBES OR MRS. LADIES! Guard your skin from Winter Wind by tb frequent application of L, T. Plvar'a FACE CREAM d Lux. A clear and beautiful Complexion can be ensured by tb systematic us ot tbese chole preparations In conjunction with tb tqulslt FACE POWDERS of this famous bou. Tb NAME Is th guarantee of quality, Obtainable at all Chemists snd Stereo. " Ths Fee Creams ar ear) light, non-greasy, snd spreeo with gnat facility. readily absorbed la tb skls-nd to which L. T. PI'" FACB POWDER adheres ft-fctlr. Ideal after wrlsl Motoring, Tennis. Golf, ste. Their sn I Hvglen'e. Supplled Hi tb pnP"' odouri. LB TREFLB. P". FLORAMT1. SAFRANOS rOMPEIA, E PERIS. St.

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