The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas on March 3, 1922 · Page 3
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The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas · Page 3

Emporia, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1922
Page 3
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FAÍÍE A I L Y G A Z E T T E T HE E M P t Gives $50,000 to New Hospital READY FOR OPENING ! Two racks. On the west is a boiler room and coal room, large heating boilers, one ¡nil piVs.-uin.' steam i Dim-gallon storage room and office, t» 'he right Is'water, are ¡n tin K the waitin;- parlor, am' north oí i vacuum cleaner for that is a i onsiiltatioii room. The i a!*» i- located her" boiler, and a lank for hot room. The the building Two large islirnhherv. j which the building stands, an ad fjacent n acre tract to which the liouso which formerly occupied ' the site was movod, and the cost of moving and remodeling this house and connecting the two building* with city water and sewer, came to $i. r j.OOO. One huntlrod fifty thousand dollars was added by county tax levy to Mr. Newman's gift for the building. Tho ID-room house moved to the l i-acre tract was Included in tho purchase price of the origin») hospital Hltfi. s and is a part j of the hospital property. j Tho equipment for two patients' room», the superintendent's room and two beds in the men's' ward, remain unprovided for. Onn of the patients' rooms is a $ ¡¡Oil-room on the first floor, one a $200-nnini" on the second tloor. and the other a füfíO-room on the third floor. The two beds In the ward can bo provided for at a total cost of $200. Two diet kitchens, ono on thn first and one on Uie second floor, arc unprovided for. Thu cost of entilping these rooms is $345 each. Among the special gifts to tho hospital was $1,000 given by J. S. Ken yon, to be used on the- grounds or in tho purchase of equipment, as the board desires. The I^von County Medical Society has contributed $1,800, to bo used for equipment, according to the discretion of the board. ,/Al gift of $5.260 by the late S. H. Warren was used to.furnish tho. operating and sterilizing department, including all the equipment in the two operating rooms and the Htprilizing room." The contribution of tho Jimporia Qua Company amounted to $2.100. This was the cost to tho company of laying nearly one-half mile of new main necessary in order to sup-1 ply the hospital with gas. The | contribution of the Kansas lulec- trie Utilities Company was $1,100. tho cost to the company of extending Its high tension power line from Mechanic Streot west to the hospital in order that thp building would have power service. C. It. 1'hipps donated his services In planning tha landscape arrangements of the grounds, including driveways, garden, trees and Colored, citizens ;oí- ty, two colored wards. The children of Mr/ shtjv.Sifrs. S. A. Howard, one .room. •",'. Order of, .Hallway Conductors, one. rooni. :,'. Second Presbyterian ' Church, one room. Newman Dry .Goods Conipáiiy employees, one room. J. \V. Morgan, one room. Mrs. H. Dunlap and Mrs. E. K. Lord, two sun rooms. • ;: '•'«'. R. O! and G.. A. ,R.', one room: • '• ¡'',''-' M rs. ,J. D. Seegar, of Amencus, one room. ; Eastern Star, one room; ,•/. A. F. & A. M. iVo. 3.2, oneroom, (loyal Arch Macón» No. 12, ione room. ^ . Emporia Commandary No, 8, tone room.. ' . ' • "•.'.. Scottish' nite Club.'oiie rejoin. Shrine Club, one room.".:,' -í í Emporia Council No..: 7, .one room. . • ... .' y'.' ;•... Elks Club, one room. .<• Rotary Club, one room. ' H. M. llamer, one room. ..'.:• 17. C. T., one room. : •'.>.'•' Ladies of the 0. A. R. room. ' '-\. : : Lions Cl.ub, one room.-.-'• Old Settlors Association, sun -rooms. .I. J.- Morris,one room, .v F.-A. Hinshaw, one room C. S. Ijiwronco, oho xooiii Women's City Club, "One" Mrs... T. K. Welch, oiierOomj \ S. NivParkcr, one robim. • ; . ,'•'.; Mrs. Rebqcca • Jolnisori, ¿>r. :A. B. Lewis, Mrs. Carl Haywóod-íand Mrs. \V. B. .Telehgraeber; wi"**-""'-' ward. - '•' •'''' ' DEATHS ANQ * FUNERALS two ¡n t'.riig rilo!:i opens nff to 'tho south, and i tendunt's room ¡:drug room. The parlor will !.<> tunih-lled in liar!; wicker, ¡i|ilii)|H"n>i| ¡n si>i'.t biues and prays; s"¡'t blue and ¡-¡He curtains. (in tin- second tloor. tlii. v •with a capai ity of s j\ bods lire ;it the nurlb i-nd nf tiuildinp. the ii)"u'.i un Hi., ul th? corridur. anil llu? wo en tlii. cast. A post at tin? Of each bed is (uiufpped '.v signal light, so a nurse who rwers a ring frnin a ward. t"l! upon oinMiing tin- duor Vhii'h bed tin' call eanu-. T.-ard lias a balh. toilet, mid hirprj ClOfet witli slH'Ives. .<nntll of lhe ¡ e i>i'iu-e ' .• In ping rooms In the basement. siiperln-1 i-oiiiaiiiing twii beds each, will b<! tin; oi-ciijiied by WOIIKMI employees of i ho h')S3>ita!. iind two similar roimi." 11 ro provldeil for men em- Equlpmont for rooms and de- pi'rtmcntH has been given by tho I following individuals and organization!:: i , .,,, , , , .Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Warren, tho ,„£, | I'loyees. I He Imsoment contains ; „.,,,.. , Icpnrllncnl _ r :,., s ,|lwn li,r K ,. Hl,,r,, K .. rooms. Two I ^ ( , JJ _ Rydcv _ , wo ^^ with bntb. LadioH Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engini.'ors, 0m; room. Ladies Auxiliary to the Order of Hailwnv ConductorH ¡n the rooms in tin» basdiiPiil will bel l'tli'il un for temporary i|iiarters I i I'er insane patients awaiting en-1 I triinrr 1 to iti'it¡Iiiliiins for tho in- 'sinic. I Tin. l<itriien. wovl; pun try and dining nuiiM art; at (lie south i.Mid of the basement. Tlio kitchen equipment Incliiiles a douhli. 1 - i'ven i'niíl rangi 1 , g.-is plate. !!- f¡., mi ' aparlinent i-teain cuoker. aleelric |.- ;1 ,.]i j dish •washing mai'lilne. hirgu cook lalfle with lniol; racks above It. and uii'am t'ood-warmcr. A fruit «-bod wards are J-bed warn.-, for | ''''"•"' opens off tin; Ullcbeii on coaired patients, tli... men's on (lie! l! -'' s'.'iUh. und ¡i storage room for west side of the corridor, anil the i dishes adjoins it on tin; north, women's on the east. I Tl "' kitchen has an outside i;n- The operating department tin; north end of Hie third . It roiisisls oT a major and niiinir oporuting room, ciinnectril !,y a sfrili/'iiiR rnniii. The walls of the operating dv]iarliMeni ¡,i-|. finished ill pearl i:ray, to hn:il; the glare, of tin- lit;!it The are white tile. yet with gr:iy (I'lnent. South nf the minor openuiüi; reoiii i: an X ray room, funnelled liy ¡i silla"!! inner rorridor. with the X-ray dressing room! ' tho lahoralory. The r-'ii'i.-.;:" «I.- is net yet jirovided f.-ir ¡lie lulmratory. The X-ray room ".vjll no("-'.lic uiiuipiied now ri'USi> of lack of funds, hill til» rmrcliase of biMlside-iinit X-ray •'fiUipmeiit is contemplateil. South ot-^ the major operating room lir'tlio doctors' locker anil wish rooni. : The lavatories arc equipped 'lySt-li •faueots turned un ty knee. 'Action. Adjoining this room "Jon uic south and included an the operating department is the maternity room. The i-ntin' operating department is Mint <>tT from the main corridor by gla^s floors, to prevent odor'; from :ines- thej.ics reaching the oilier rooms. The baby departí. irní i:¡( liidv- a suit-*? of i.lir'"-' 1 lunrn^ the n;;;in baby room. <' ( iui¡¡jjei| wi;h a bassiiiet conciiniiiv 1 four remov" aT>le i>ask"t«: ti'e ¡(iriiii: room, on the east, (.'ti'.iippi-i'. iv':t!i three individual hass'r.'íls. :\".ñ ti!" liaiiy liath -rootn. T!;" l'a!h vj"::i i-u¡i- Láiált".a IjD'íll ."dryer an'l hlanket •wlíríliftr. both COUTH-, ted »'¡¡h the 'hljgh' pressure l.'iiii-r in t:i" lias". inenl.. so ti;ul ln-t! '••:•, ¡n 1 n-i-un-d at any t>u-,v. Tie- i,.:''y hath i;- provitlfcc! \v:t¡i i,r. "I •,.!'••! tank. C(?uip!'?d wiiii a (::•••".:• fac' 1 . • -!io«- iiig iiov/ mt;f f; '.'.oi^" •• ¡fi ¡i, and ^ tli'-r^iom-'-li-r ¡ii." • ¡T,:: i!-" ciícaífjd. ;i'íf supply i- -..IT ar¡¿ llx: water ¡« :;••••.:•••! gravity from !'.-•• !;.:iii ¡'•ii- ItnotilKT tup. fnsuiii.;; ;; :;:;i ! trance. Kitchen ¡i nd tho. : a work pantry i butchers' block, bench. vegetable : ¡nl>. ¡en mai bine, electric icc- ireain free/.i'r. i-nffee urn. work liible. sliMin talile, and large (Ml|)- 1'oanl I'liiinerting the pantry and dining '.'mini. The dining room will be provided with in table*, sealing four persons each. These tables. Including chairs and linen complete, COMÍ i:i."> each. Two have bleu provided for by Lynn County I),,- iiri:iini;:alion:<. ¡ The cost of erecting the build- in¡.-. exclusive of the eiiulpiuent. 1 which lias been given by organi- sations and individuals. was S1 Tfi.i'iKi. Th(> c.vpense for the piinliase nf the 1 .VaerC site on i one room. ihuiinuss ,and Professional U'omcn's Club, one room. Mrs. Florence D. Rayjiiond. double sun room on third tloor. \V. C. T. U.. one room. Mr. and Mrs. \V. Ji. Hughes, one room. . Fred Rctschlag, one room. Tho County Women's As.socia- i lion of C.ltihs, one, diet kitchen. I .1. A, McCoy, four rooms with nno bath. I'. W. Morria heirs, one room. I. O. O. F., one room. 10. M. Forde heirs, one room. Teachers of the, .city school», one. room. Miss Mary Herbert, olio room. Mrs. Sabrá Austin, one room. SI IKS Kiltie Whitloy, one room. Do you admire the new things or are you a stickler for antiques? \\'d can cunvi-rl \-nii:' plain v.eddii.f: ring into these l.i .niiifiii Hi.ral d<'sii;ns at a Come in and look over the new creations in platinum, white gold, green gold and regular color gold engraved wedding rings. BíísSd'íS ti!'- o;K-r;.t;j,g : - : Tity* <¡«'parijni-:it¡- :i:id ti:>- «vil'/. J- jiatStn's' rooms, i rtitioji to *.'•'•' larg-e uoiilii'- r-wnt. are <;:¡ top third fl'jfr in rlic imclii p rni of t!if H.P.TÍ ):- H ¡arpe laundry T ?vi'-iiif!h«id witii temporary" •• ',.ir;it. AH tin? Mtl'JiK/;. S. ;-:,'.: 'jr.M-r iiiieri for (•.*• lio ' ;. - -fiOii'iercd >^ 'iris ri-om .•'.-••.- -i-iort- Lei/jg store; ior lia- 1 h!« i' ; ' l u1iJ- t!,i-- -i;:--e. JEWELERS Siui'-: 1 . I 1 "'- \V;i!c!i Inspectors Church, ' ' Church, bed • Church, •' . Plymouth, Emporia, F'irst. Coiigregatlonai hod in men's" ward. .'', First Methodist Church, in men's ward. • '• First Preshyterian bed ¡n men's ward. Royal .Neighbors of table in iliningroom. Rebehab Lodge of table in diningroom. The furniture for the office, including desk, filing cabinet and office chairs, yhich was provided hy the City Club, has not yet arrived. Tho white iron bedside tables and the glass tops for -the dressers, provided with the other equipment for the patients' rooms, is not here, but is expect- Ptmorul of Mrg. Loomi.s. Funeral services for Mrs. John Loomis, who died • Tuesday morning: at her home'8 miles northwest of Emporiu, were held Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the Lang Church. Ilev. J. C. Brogan, pastor of the Grace Methodist Church, conducted the services. The pall-bearers were : Jlm Plumb, Clarence- DeLong, H. G. Jones, Lewis Langstaff, H. Ferris and Robert Lemerick. Burial was in Maplewood Cemetery.. Mrs. I-oomis's maiden name was Daisy Odeli Lockard. She was the dauKhter of Mr. and Mrs. B, F. Loukard. She was born January 10, 1881. 1% miles west of lim- poria. She moved to Chautauqua County with her parents, when-she was ¡t child. Mr. Lookard died in Clmutaiiqua County and Mrs. Mrs. Lockard and the children returned to Bmporia. Mrs. LoomiB was educated in ICmporia. 1 She : was married to John Looniis, February.. 28, 1901. Mrs. Loomis was a member of the Grace Methodist Church of Emporia. She also belonged to the Dadger Creek Club and the Lang Ladies' Mrs. Looniis is survived by her husband; her mother, Mrs. Tom Suddock; a sister, Mrs. Maggie Suddock: and three brothers, George Lockard, Frank Lockard and T. A. Lockard. Health In»|»««th>ii Tomorrow. ' Health. Iniípectíoñ': for children of pré-uchooi age will be: heíd at the Y. W.. C. A. tomorrow afternoon from:? to 4 o'clock under the auspices of the child welfare committee of the Women's City.Club. Miss Florence Newuyin will. examine the children. 'Mothers are invited to bring their children to be examined. Lost—Blue beaded handbag; finder phone 260;..-reward. .'. • • , •* í'liint Sitie Saturday, large" geraniums in bloom, . 25 cents. Riverside. Flower Shop. . . But" ; •'•'-'•.•.•". . The Bat!'-has played;, two return : engagements in Kansas City this year.. The. company which plays at tha.NorJual toniRht is the samp company which played in Chicago for bie'year and"a \yeek. It .is a play which has broken all box office records. .' . For tire Bervttfb, phona 100. NORTON CLEANS CLOTHES , 11 Weit Sixth Phone SO Wiitffir or Wmiur Funeral services for \Viiyne Rich. fi-niojiths-old son of Mr. and lira. W, \V, Rich, who died Wednesday .afternoon, were held Thursday afternoon at 1:00 o'clock in the \Voodiiiau Mull at Plymouth. Rev. Air.. Summers, ot Eaffordvllle. conducted the Ber- vices. Burial was in Toledo Cení; etery, , DciUh of Mrs. O. U'. Ji.-itlison. Mrs. C. \V. Madison died Feb- ntar 23 in Kansas City, Mo. She vas tile oldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Birdsall, of iVeosho Rapids. She was horn July 2 ISiMi in Emporia. Mrs. Madison ¡K survived liy Inr Inn-band; two children. Berhice ¡uid Eileen; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Birdsnll: a sister, .Airs. Arialine B. Cope, of Haviland. Kan.: a brother, -Walter M. Birdsail, of Casper, " \Vyo.. and a Only One More Day Buy notions noW in quantities for;the future for- .you will not be given an opportunity like this /'for several months. .The ¿savings are worth realizing" Sewing notions are . always needed and you might as well save the difference. ed lo be here soon. A parí 5 o'f'the «"«"'niotlier, Mrs. A. D. Birdsall. eiliiipmont for the operating' and uf Kmei'aon, Iowa, sterilizing rooms is still In shlp- MHMlt. tixcitcnient Tonlnlit All thciiter goers who 'nt'tend Tho Bat," at tho Normal tonight may oxpo:t to sit. on. tho cdgo of their scats, louse with eW cltcinnnt. It is such an excllint; play that you will forgot',to be blase. Have yon bought your ticket for K. H. S. foolball play, "Contrary! Mary," March 7 and S? Tickets, at .'iTi and .">0 cents, phone ÜS8. Exclusivo style In less expan- sivo apparrel In the bargain lia inen at Itorabaugh-Paxt oil's. The 1'olymiila Club will have a food sale Saturday a. m., at the .1. I'oiuty Company «Lore. Seed Onls. Texas rod seed oats rcclnaiicd. Cunningham Feed Store. Special music Sunday M It-Way. the .-Mury Frith l^inrraJ Saturday . Funeral services for Miss Mary Frith, who died Wednes- nay night in Roswell. N. Mex., will be .held tomorrow morning a,t. n o'clock In . the Catholic Church. Rev. Father Celestino will conduct*the services. Members of the American Lc'glon, of ¡which Miss Frith was u member, will attend in a body and a firing squad and a bugler from the J-u- wi " laltc P" rt In the service e grave in the Catholic cumc- lery. The American Legion post in •HoBwell held a special serviré for' MÍHS Frith last night. ••¿•Mr. and Mrs. .1. Harvey Frith •and Gilbert Frith are accompanying thu body to Emporia. . New spring apparel so'u for less in the bargain basement at Ilora- baugh-l'axton's. \V. li. today. Myur wuut to Oil IIIII n» for Corrpct Time! ; • Time ¿received c liy wirelee» o. imm & co. JEWELERS BIG REDUCTIONS IN Men's Overcoats AND Furnishings Prices have been deeply cut on several lines of Men's Furnishings, and two 'assortments of Men's Overcoats. It will pay to look these items up. Water heiitlng- equipment for lurjrc homes ¡mil small. All work guaranteed. HOT WATER in COLD WEATHER When the mercury's 'way down, and going further, and the furnace is overtaxed with heating the house alone, it often fails to supply the desired amount of hot water. That's the time you need an Instantaneous Hot Water Heater Mot water in abundance for the kitchen, laundry or bath, is an nil-year-round essential. At least as ¡in auxiliary heater, for the intonso cold months and the summertime, you need this, efficient gas equipment. Hot Water Heaters Installed on Short Notice. A year or more to pay. Phone 286 for free estimate of cost Emporia Gas Co. ! 'ftot your neighbor lo uso gas—it wil'l help lower your pas rato" Victrola Satisfaction There is great personal satisfaction in owning a Victrola. First—You know that you have the best machine that has been produced so far as the mechaa- ical part is concerned. Second—You have at your command the highest class artists that hape made records for any company. This satisfaction is yours when a Victrola goes into your home. Let us demonstrate the superiority of the Victrola. Prices from $25.00 to $275.00 / EASY PAYMENTS IF DESIRED THE REXALL STORES Specials 40c Rikers 4-oz. Pureteat Rosewater and glycerine 25c "9?" .himpbo paste FREE with r $1.00 "93" Hair Tonic; : -70c Ib. of Lord Baltimore paper and 50c package of en- fiftp velope», for _w>r___ Oi7t $1.75 Monogram guaranteed 2-qt. wa- tl 10 ter bottle-^— _ •**•**• 30c tubes Rexall 1 Q., •having cream ___J *•"• For FEBRUARY ONLY ^EAJHERBERRY'S ^ REXALll STORE? ~503 anfl 003 Commercial StÜ When in Need of Phone 791 Large or small orders given prompt attention Phon* 7t I Emporia Ice & Cold Storage Co. Wo ran nho\v yon rmil cslntc op- |i<irlunifies that you .should tnko «Ivantjtfin of ¡it. once., liock lK)t- loin prices for proper*¡CM Unit \vc inve invt«<Jj;iil(!(l ami rccoininciMl. For the Sake Of Your Hands and Face USE MORRIS' B0RO GLYCERIN the old relicblc, time- tried remedy for chapped hands and face. 30c-60c SATISFACTION CUAIIANTEEU on» is

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