The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1930
Page 2
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Mr.'and_Mrs.'D. j. Hedge attend- carmval Rt.Gosnell Friday W*»y 'ah Kg Ion Auxillarjr 'with M«, ,R N Ware •o'clock^ OhrlsUsfc church ^111 , (Rational dinner meet ,the- hall at 1 gcloc* B0p|n's club will" have id, >« board mMJtnj and lunch- 'thb r "flub at 12:30,o'clock. |»1^»Tt, •'••"'-,' .' pirers, -of Ridgslay, Mr.--R.\R. Bishop, o! vwfcrei. married at the homo bridegroom: Tuesday ctrgnony at.four o'clock. is.hop are now nl «oh4 street t »t'Uw%e(14ing were: Mies • fyyMrs, p ; , p, McHal- Hoy. ;: H««d,']yIrs, Thur' 'I? ': i W Cfcirltt R«tfrand'John smith.; ••'g£-'ff '.- -.r-f-t'i'f?": •'•'• , .V ].'•'.;'A*IJ*»»:i'.- 1 lP.^i'.. 'Tt&Rev. -IfSJ.'i.Rorie, bu&r: ol l»t ;Mct)|io|jUt'6huroh''r«pa!se ? .5udburj' Paiont-; ,, r .$ v °n"the--tbem'e-''Th« .Spirit ot;f:.<^ristnjas" for, the feature of ,; :g'§t'L« b HslheJu fsesjjqn.'.^preslded - A*"^-: w- HraVfl^lf.-• Dtiucwj/.'it was -.Vrtrtito. p'wrcfeafie.'.ISO"wbrtjrti!of -: ^bitter the?»phdg'> llbraryV.-Mi»' ' W? f Wnn's. roolri'won tlie a'olinf WJg^.or. havln, gthe most mothers -, 1 ?> j <tt«ndsncE.,'Slx new members . II A..l' : *«.ut1_.3 . • .' " '. • ." .. . .., Wtrei enrolled. .•,:."..^,.:' ,fy.".-:- : :'.; . .." • "• • -"-,-; •' ''- was leader' of . chapter's'' prbgrart Wetefeday, • at; the .' Hotel ', ' Hqbls, - a -. business ^'U&BSXO. ' supple' ., : of p .lh'e , gimp ' voU-d to -partypr eath day to any eet liv.cooperatinK »'ith the lo- Cross thlj winter and to »5 health bond In tha ' ' -.• fT7r*r? "•-.-r» *«™-» up .the! thettie ; .:'Steneos and .Venetian Paintings," ,•. "Tfie^chool of Sieha/and atij' Pur. -r?o^c;ot Art'- 1 'were dlwtisaM'.by'-Mrs •• m-v-' ~ i - 1 ---jji-s.-i'M.arlon' Wllllani . . ' Otarjt'a iiibjtit for" Uie closing was ''y- pf, Pictures oi the Si - '' I;' ': dlMefXparty ! 'lasteyening --"-"-- Vr, ahaj-Mrs. C, H. _ ...r.;at. ; BU|theyJUib and iinfioI.For.t Wajjiei-lrisV;''.4-.-'..'. : . '.'i~.8$wai anall afia'lrs are. being -, 7-planned -\t<a Ithe. Wlndts during : - their "brief-stay. '."• ' : ." •:..-' '.-- ='-M*/;;."•• ..'.«.- ..?'•'-• .-....- -. .. Joe McfUll and Kitty Bel' and Clinton Ma-sey' \von for meniorliing the m6st selecilonv N S Taylor a graduate of II e •Lawrence Constrvalory of St. Louts an<J a student of 'other conservj- torles lif'Ne,* .York and- Stoljlar, Oklo., reii'dered two voice selectloni In closing the meeting. The members and these guesls, Mrs. O. G. Ssllba, Miss Luclle 81- llba, M.K..J. ; \V. Workman, Mr'a. John Brj r e«ns, Mrs. clarence Mis- eey,- Mrs. J. Z. Onnent and'.Mrs. JOQ MoPsll," were served refresh'- raents. : -•.-;.. .".' •-. ' . .'.-' " Social Strtlinj PMlnucd. ' .- -The sbclai meeting of I he Fidel Is Sunday sclreol class of the First Baptist church scheduled for Friday night has been postponed until the following Friday night. .* » » Club to Meet .-.The Kill Care club Is meeting at the . Woni»n's club this evening when th.ere will guests present. '.' ; . « Gives AdJreiB On Health. . be a number, of ' ' La VI .Uli C1114 jqlo. tj. LJ. VJUU1M ' - i, -' •'.'^••^*'« l the week-end; Thsy formerly . netl - nnd Mr£ - Bavnttl.-.-'•".J.f ? licrs - I -^ r3 ' ^ os ' c Harris .o(.-BaUn'«Ark. who is spending the-.-wtnter?'will) h«r daughter, Miss Hell Rarrli'. has gene to Osceola lor.t,'^fik,'I: Fred W,ectat?,,ofHtieiSi. i U ni- the v. A.-M.-Waslsburn, director ol ; MI(sU'5lpph Counly /-fcaltli Unlt/-spqk*'?on'7-"He»lth" for. tho j:rinelparattdres6 at the''.heeling of thei. Central '. Ward Parent-Teacher association Wednesday afternoon. OH "Chrisimas Cheer" , . . . read Irom the national president. ••-.•.'•'• Mrs. Nell Little Binnlsfii-'s CO.TI n-on the dollar pr^te for ha'v' ng the most mothers In attend. Bits ofNeios _ Mostly 'Personal . last liljhtMr, and Mrs. Mln- tcr 'Aldr!dgc, : 0f arccnvfood, Miss, Mr, 'Aldridje Is her. brother. ;: Mrs. Otto Korhtltsky has ROIJC ID 61. Louis for j,w«k or tne days.'.. C. C. Adams. &'.; who lins been 1)1 from typhoid f«¥er for six yceks, has bsen taken to his ho:nc at'Ca- ruthersvllle. He.Is; much Improved: Mr. and Mrs. t.. E, Gusrd anil family, of Cttuthewllle, were Buesls 6f Mi. end, Mrs. J. U Ouar4 for " ' '" lived .Mrs. I. n. Johnjon and Mrs. if. 6. Davis arc in Liixora tbts hf'tcr-! noon as giiesls bf Mrs. L.. L. Mc- D«annan. ... ;. -. . . .'-;• Miss Mary Hanhlh, of Memphis, will apend next Week here as ths gucsl of Mr. and Mrs. W. l. Osborn. Mrs. 'Osborn Is her sister. Miss Baltic Ayrld«e, rj Chicago, Is the gUKt of her 'sister, Mrs. May L. Aldrldgc, for sovjral days. Tnc Rev. nnd'Mrs. E,'2. l!ew- som arc In Purajouid lanla^.f to meet ihelr. <in«ghter,'Orace, who in- arriving home from »• tn'oith's vtoli In Wlnn^boro, Texas. ; . ' Mrs. J. J. Field and daughter. Miss Isabel, aliended. the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Charies Johnson at stcele this afternoon. . '•" ' J. A. Moran of St.. Louis, president of the southern .ulvltioi)" of file Frisco railroad; spent'yesterday In the city as tlio guest o! Mr. *hd. Mrs, j Roland Green. ' Otto Kcchtltzky Us' returnihi; day from a business trip to Hldg-: Isy, Tenn. • Mr, nnd Mrs. Roland Grceii will go to Osceola tonight for the party biven by Mr. and Mrs. Ben Duller; Kenneth Morris, of Maiden, will Sf and .the' week-end here. He will ho accompanied home by. Mrs. Hforrls *ho lias been visiting rel- uuves for a week, -. John Roberts has returned to . • . hlj'hprae In Newport- 1: iltejr Ing his sister, Mrs. T Mrs; J. Mell Brooks, Mr'j.'.T, II. . motored .over fofi hljrf t eiiJ days 030. .'.'.••/• '•'''>''' . iMrs. P. B. 1 Burnttt/and'' ifrs. w. M.-'Wrlghl; of Paragoul();' ; aft In the clly today. • .-. .-.. •;, ');- Mrj, H. M. BsriKtt;- : -p/- '-'s^lem, Aw., has arilved here -tq sp^nil the .winter with her son, :'W,'*Tv' : Bar___ --• _ j, •- v. -y - ": jlr.' and Mrs. Leland Hodge were M gussts of Mr.. and Mrs. Erby H 'ije. Sunday, '.-.-.,• M'-3s Alma Necdliam t-r(>nt sun- day night with Mis? Alvle Need- hajn of Gcsnell. . ; timmrct CNejl'r.r Parma, Mo., Is 'spending a month with relatives here. .. Ml.sos Altorta Walker and Vlr- .'•Mr. and -Mrs. Joslah Fort and two 'children hav« returned to Clarksvllle, Tenn;/ alter n yislt with Mr., and Mrs. T.--J. Mahan, par- 'enfs.of Mrs. F\irt. Mrs.. Fort and the children were here sever*! weeks while Mr. Port came over •lor 'Thanksgiving. Elton W. Klrby. rewhily underwent, an. operation at-th() Memphis 'Baptist. Kqspltal, Is toiprovlns Mrs. Klrby .Is with hlrii;: Miss Qrace Emboderi, : Btuden'. riurse of the Blythevllle hospital. Is at, Ynrbro -for .a brief visit with her parents/ v.:'. ''- ; ' .-': ', .Mr. Bnd;Mrs.-;Henry Hmtiphreys have mpyed froin the J. ji : lian-- cock ffesldence to'' the home' of Judge aid MM. G. E. Keck and •.. ... : (akin .the ^Hancock" home'.-' 1 . • i Mrs. May L. Aldrldge had as her By The Stars In 47 Just Read What:this Little Rock Lnd}- Says About New Medicine — Decide What You Will Do About ; Konjola , .'"•;itre. T..-E/ S Klng'-was ' leader of '' w^^fliial. program for" Nxe..v.eek,ol prater . f or.' ; 'f nrelgn . missSohs - VfcT .ttraajr afternoon at :Vhl( First Bap ; lurch. The- ' . . *iety .plans 'to!- contribate ap- nately $100 to '"the r flottie • fund I or foreign mUslons- >*»IX)yestjTh(Ki>Je" was -the theme . -.usied-.tor .Ihe-tinsi'nB prtgrarri ' " pfeeVrnimbers: "The Test Of Our l!ov£v Is: piir^phediencV . Mrs. R. -i'--'. Mahan; ': praye'ri' Mrs-.' J. %V/ - «-'=- i: - : '.'pcj(!ih'''Cinly'OnE Reason," "a... Purtle; ,,voice .number iyvaVifi'Nhie'," Mri. Paul S.T t5pton.: ncc'omponied by •" Mrs. Jj^T.'VHallj.-Jf.Ye live Me'-Keep Sfyi'.Comman'dments r V.'~Mrs. E. E. "'-' -' : : "A Moiher's tcve," Mrs. "if,.';'..Mrs! T. ;.g. : I Meetings • w|r.e heia MontteyJ Tiissday and : Wednesday after':- ipons/at the church nS,L r , the al 1 ijual custom for'otentag the week of; prayer for foreign missions. HJu Program. ' 7 J.Thi. McDowell -"Music club hscl .. Itilrnpnthly ineeiing yesterday-'at t(ie 5ioine of Mrs. Joe McFall when ^^Cflleen. Holland; Geraldlne Free^ njsn and Alice Joe/McPall were . Mstiesses. " - - ' •-• ; . >-Margaret Ozment, president, prc- How Old. Are You? The Siilrll Of Youlh Is In Mo Mllllohs of men and u-onien 'fhc woild over know that the Kriisciien Method of burning up fat and get- liiiS irelght doivn to a heal thy. a'ni! ;.:)apcly basis is n" safe nnd sensible one.. 1 arc millions more who ficm r;uts hre not fat v.ho ought to know that Kuischtn .Salts keeps the, body free '"• m iiiirriiful toxins "and :nclds-r into ycur internal organs', nerves, glands, and fibres • the six vitalizing minerals that nature says it ;;hould hnvc if you are to be vig- orovs, energetic and free from pelty ailments. If your weight Is normal and you have no fat to lose—eat anything you want and-take one-half a teaspoon of Kriischen Salts in-a glass of, hot tenter before breakfast every morning. - An. 85 cent bottle lasts four n-eek:;—and after the first bottle •you? will realize ^hat a \\or.derful •rejuvenating combln'ation Kriischen Is—You \yill probably ftcl younger than ( you have for j-ears with clearer Ekin, brlgliier eyes and keener mind. You can get Kruschen Salts, ni T : : the program.-In th,e v .roll ponse was made, with names t composers.- 1 Piano solos , i";-June -Workman, | •'•"-" Freeman, Clinton :Mas- • Haltord, Margaret Oz. a duet cy- Alice Joe Mc- 1 ; and June Workman. -?ilnS Sa'liba.told ot-.lhe life and . works".of 'Me'ridelssohrf ' and " Miss! :. Minnie'Lee'Jones', teacher, taughvj t^t'stVKly. course. • • > .•• i • .'„-<!&/lire.contest for defining mu- i i the puplls"''Jrcrc divided groups. -TP.-lafs went ID , f «-- -" »«i.Nii.\.ii kxino . m lilrby Drug store.i or any real drug store in the world-It's the Inex- psnslve way to have glorious health and to Icctp ](. MRS. ANNIE GATE. "My stomach hns troubled me for seven years. Gas formed after meals and I -bloated terribly," said Mrs. Aiinle^Cste, COO West Seventh Street, Blltle Rock. "I .became tired, hm down and sluggish. My heart action' was affected and I suffered with heart palpitation. Dieting and medicines did no good. I wqs constipated nnd my nerves became v.'eak nnd rogged.'- ."My mother and sister urged me to .try. Konjola because'-or what It had-'done for them. Konjola went right to work and -In ' six v/eeks my health was mucli improved. I certainly will continue with this medicine until I am altogether free .from poisons. I am glad to endorse so good a 'medicine.". :' '" \ - '. ' Not upon rosy promises or vain piirasos is the record of Konjola built. Seven mUllcn bottles of till' famous medicine were sold In tivo years because Konjola dors whal it la designed to do—It mnkes good Konjoh Is fold In uiythevillc Arliansas at Kirby Drug Stoics nhd by all the best druggists in ni towns, throughout (his entire sec- Adv. 11 tlo'n. . —Adv lending to :. bwirijiss . I. Rosenlhal, of 61.' Louis) is at. lendlne to. business l»re and" v!«- Iting his son, Paul H. Rojjemiial, a'KU fsmlly. ' - :• ; ' Edgar Boruiu Is attending :to business In Memphis today. . .' Mis. Betty Rfnlro has returned ' her homo in Memphis' after spending -two' .weeks with her grand daughter, 'Mrs. Clarence Voi:- i.. • ' •-,;?;. Clarence Vollmer' ' from a-business trip s returned ' spent Saturday ! night with -Sinfl Lloyd. ;.V:' -.;,. - ; w-.: Mr. BD«I Mrs. Eugene Prlchard cf, Steele, Mo., were the guest;: of Mr. and Mrs; :'8$n Prlchard. Saturday. Mat Hardiii,'- Mesdames Jesse and Boyd Hardlnjahd Earl Hardln vis- lied in Dell'Sunday. Miss Mattla Payn.3 was the guest of Miss Mildied Aycock, Tnursday night. - - .. niURSDAY. DECEMBER 4 Sunday .with' Mr. and Mrs. Farmer. / R * v /-£ Hughes of Rlpley filled hu appointment here Sunday. .Misses Hazel Randolph and Stella Power* entertained a'number'of .friends with a party last Sunday afternoon, Miss Joyce Sappington spent Saturday night with Miss Donr.le Powers. . . . . -Clear Lake E. A.-Austin, accompanied by R. L. FarmerVarid Jiles , _ . -. Sinla Blciiardsch-tpent Saturday L - Farmel " and Jiles Ramso mo- nieht wltli Mr. and'' Mrs. Erby' tc)red to Memphis Tuesday on bus- Hode. • '. •-••'.'• inets, . -. '..-.- > Hodge. . Samihy O'Neal and Ceorgs Light-! fool"cf Half Mcon atteh'ded" Sunday school at Lone Oak Sunday. Everyone Is 'Invited to Sunday school nnd chnrcSi services at Lone Oak 1 - iiach Sunday. BERLIN—Hen- ' Rcbcrt Mueller at the Dresden Munlctpol Theater has ttcn engaged as director and producer for the season of Ger- itan plays In the Argenlliw, Brazil aiid Uruguay. James Rambo and family s?:: 1 .'. New Liberty Mr. and ttt's. E. -H. -Crook and. family, the Mi-.s:s Vlck, and'Mr. and Mrs, Ra>Tncnd Turner visited In : MifsUislppl. .the pa:t week end. Walter MaiWell of,- Lone Oak Builds Sturdy Heal COLDS MAY DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA *^' : ' v ifei^i t : & ; » : (WC*WB' Pctscriptffjti for 4s $ftd Headaches | , TBE . MOST' SI't'EDV ! IYEHGDV KNOWN. ANNOUNCEMENT ', . '- "t.V .'••-'.•: Opening Our New Store in the Ingram Bldg. Jan. 1st We are ofTcriiiK our stock now at greatly reduced prices to avoid moving ; it. This is your opportunity to htij- incainparitblc merchandise at what it cost us. I'V example \ve offer: -'. $35 Coats For $19.75 $12.75 Dresses for 8.75 • • . .•'•"' The New Eeonpmy Sho]>, -.- AcroFc Prom Horn* ,flieatrc -.- -. ? Slipjj.;.Our-\VimI<»wi;' ' - -Ji-7ytft • - - Coughs from coldj m«y lead to se- lious (roublf. You «B-itop them now with Creomulslon, »n emulsified creosote that .'is pltttanl to take. Citooulsion >> a .medicil <)J;<:o«ry with two-fold action; !it soothes a*d heals tie inflamed membranes and ii- libiti gecm growth.':•'•'•'. v-. Of *ll inovrn : druis .sreosote ij reo: cgaized br m*h. medjci! lutbotities asone of toe greaiett'huUactgendes for; cou|h» from. eold> : and bronchial iiiiralioLi. .C&oinultion contains, in ailditibn . to creosote, 'other healing elements which soothe anJ heal iho inflamed membranes, and stop th« a- iltalion, while tlie cieowio goes on" to the tto"macti;-i3 absorbed into t the blood,-attiteV* the Beat of the Iroiile. tad 'checks tho growth of the gcrma. .' .CrMmulsion is guaranteed satisfactory In the treatment of counts from - coldsj bronchilit and minor forma of bronchial irritation?, and is eicellertt for.builiihg up the system jfter colds « flu. .Money refunded if not relieved after taking according todirec* nooj,- Ask .yosr druggijt. (adv.). ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^"^^^—"^— *» ••*"**' *>vj» .jvji v£u£4ji?«, \uur./ - /OR TH£ COUGH FROM COLDS THATHANGOH OUT Our Entire $tock$ of Winter Coats* Dresses, Suits angffiWnery at Drastic Reductions STARTLE FRIDAY, DEC. 5th rchFair At Catholic Hal I Ravioli,;";fancy goods, cakes and candies. 'fhunday night. Fruittrees This includes our entire stock of better coats of Coats at $9.95 I 1 1 Boys and Girls Reoul at ion Suits $ $12.5(yalues Now Only DRESSES Crepe, Velvets, Chiffon and Lace;Vi AH New Styles $37.75 and $35^75 Values for $22.75 $32.75 and $®J Values for $16.75 $16.75 and $$75. Values for JiO.75 $10,75 and $14.75 Values for $6.95. 1 SpecialGroup $2.95 to $6.95 All New Woql Dresses 516.75 L and' §19.75 Values for old — and a reeipe that grew up with tla - ' ' -:"••' :> . '':'/' * :• -; '- •. ''• -'- •! ..'TWERE iire fntit trees that old, right in tlicS v -"- quaint little old -.village of Middlelown, N. J.," where tltc woman lives who sent me this 'excellent'- Crisco recipe for Butch apple cake. " . K' - She told me, too, tliat the thrifty settlers used to!? mark tlicir boundary lines with' fruit trees, mostly.? apple, instead of fences. And the wives had to;' . dCyise,aU manner of .ways to use these apples'so'.: the husbands wouldn't turn 'Ihem.'all icto hardi ctder. This cake was one of their recipes. '. '; ;J> I don't know how good the original apple, e&f*. was, but it couldn't have been any better than thiH modern version of it, iffade with the modern short-* eruri£— Crisco — ivliose'delieate flavor allows ever^ little piece bf apple to 'assert itself in the finish cil deliciousness of the cake. This recipe is simple an< quick like all .Crisco retij>es.' -.v. •--,-. .-.,, • \-; - No matter what kind of food -I'm cooking, if th'6^ recipe calls for a shortening or a fat, I use Crisco— " . for I sort of grew iip on it. It's been in iny mother's:; kitchen for 18 years. We've both always found it..' . siyiet and frcsli-titsting just as' it came from tin'.; can. Crisco slays good-tasting, too. .And so:do. ; foods cooked with it. '. • : J / DUTCH APPLE CAKE { r 'lo)p flour - }^ cup milk • -•? 1JS teaspoons haking powder 4 apples - - ,;'« . 2 t.ibkj[>oon3 sugar .',••. ':.'• .. Ji dip sugar -':,'. •? J^|xx>]i salt ' :^ '. . i£ teaspoon rimummi .';•' - Z tabksjxioiis Criscov . •'". 1 teaspoon gralctl kh'.on~ .8 eg!; yolks (save whites for sauce) ""- rind '{- SIiT nnil sift together flour, Inking pon-rlcr, 2 fn!ilrapo<riis.(&' tli^siijpir nnd Kilt. Cut in Crtconnu a<Ul egg yolks mixnl Vrillf'T' mill;. Mix. Pour into sh allow .Criseoctt cakc.iian or.J tnp willjT; apples which have Iicen cut into wcil^c-sliapcd siiou. Si)rinffe a top with rest of sugar, nnd the cinnamon and lemon rind oatH dot with bits of Crisco. Rake in hot own (400° F.) nljout SJ;, minutes or until apples are tender. Serve liot or cold wiilr? lemon sauce. .- '4 ': '• " - ' ' ~' ••' Flufiy Lemon Sauce ,.;'[; Mix one ej(B, % Clip sugar, 2 labksjuxins TOrnslareli'aiiil \^ teaspoon salt. Add water and cook in double boiler nlnniL'3'; minutes or until thick, stirring constantly. Then -mix in' 12 , tntlcsiioon Crisco, 4 tablcsixxms lemon jnicc nnd % lensjrooA-;', - nutnieg and lastly fohl in 2 egg whites beaten still. This -auce'' iiuy be K7%-cd with altuost any dessert similar to the AppliC.' Cake. .. wixmiED 3. c.viiTE^i ALL MEASUREMENTS. LEVEL. Ticeipes tested nnd rip^ proved by Good I Jotzsekceptog Institute. Crisco is the rciji = -(vrc<r.- tratlc-nmrk of a shortening uianut'aclurcd by Ttic I'roctcr &'.' Gamble Co. '.' '•' $12.95 Knit Suits For Only $9.95 1ILLINERY * .Velvet Hals}-'-'; $10.75 to SI 5.75 valnei , . Tor Sa. $fi.75 (o SS.75 values for $2,95 'All Felts at Half Price. All Children's'Hals $1. HOSIERY Special Numbers 82.50 values for $2 82.00 values for SI SI.50 values for S1.25 SWEATERS Coat Sweaters Half Price Slip Over ' Sweater-; 20% Off Children's K n i I and ttrushcri Wool Suits S(i.75 values for §3.95 S5.50 valtlfs for §2.1)5 S4.00 values for S2.45 Rain Ctos At Exactly HALF PRICE Purses and Costume Jewelry 20% Off Hall Sisters Shopf* All'Sales.Strictly Cash—All Sales Final Taste Crisco—then any other short T j ening. Crisco's sweet, fresh flevcr will tell you why things made with Crisco taste so much better! CAKES PIES niSCUITS COOKIES lu tin HI IF airtight cum—an frcsk tiHtl xcrrfl ax IHc ifag it tr** it;fi<1f

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