The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on January 7, 1914 · Page 2
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Page 2

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1914
Page 2
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I C -IB I Iran I I M7d m m GOOD KESOLUTION V, FOR JANUARY. KEVM DRINK ANYTHING BUT THE BEST WHISKY, 'AND HEMKMBKIt THAT ROBERTS' WHISKY ' . V. U THE BEST WHISKY AND TUB CHEAPESrN . s WHISKY, ; . gold onljr at ' BOBERT8' WINE find BPIHIT STORES, -.: .akct.(tiieet; next oeoroe strket. l aunts or the best liquors, at THE . ... uuirwr riuni, ROBERTS' PRICE LIST. ' , SnmUu?,11'8 SCHNAPPS, rt and '.a4. W'NB?0SM0MR04SN WH'8KY' W fJK.'-S.'i lyear-old DUB. WHISKY, 7. . i.Ki,U.'l?,OI.0Lli CHAMPAGNE. 67. IS. SSf:T.A.?D.L'"A!,D0N'S CHAMPAONE, , 1!. POMMERY 'IIIAMPAQNE. 0. 12. UfiS'.'"5", J,?,l,,iT CHAMPAGNE (1908 Vint.); . II, CI1A1I ,KS IIIKD8IECK CHAMPAGNE, 6, 12. Sm.u.'L .CHAMPAONE. The London Tonfc. tl, IV. ' ?' .IS 8J0BD0!' ROIJOE CHAMPAGNE, MS. "KOY ffUCIAIi CLUB CHAMPAGNE. t). hi. . ISSHEXlS STANDARD PALE ALE, M 6 8 per dos. , TOOHEY-9 NOURISHING STOUT. l S I pel dS ROBERTS' VERY PALE OLD SCOTCH . 222S5IS'. E.T1U SPECIAL WHISKY, ty. I ' ROBERTS' THREE-STAR 1. HISKY. 4. i ROBERTS' FINE OLD OLENLIVET, 4 - ', '' 'ROBERTS' SPECIAL OLD SCOTCH; 88 ' 1 -SHAMROCK WHISKY. Imp. Qu., iJ SOUTH AUSTRALIAN PORT, lit. ' HUNTER RIVER POBT. 28. ' CLARET, 1; Small Bottles. 8d, Id. PALE JAMAICA RUM. 8. tl, tl. 1 -ROBERTS-THREE-STAR W.I. BUM. 178, '4. B, AUSTRALIAN PORT. Ml. ' FINE OLD PALE BRANDY. 41 . FOREIGN PORTS AND SHERRIES, !, 88. ' ROBERTS' WINE and SPIRIT STORED, -. (DIRECT IMPORTERS), . MARKET-STREET, NEXT GEOBOE-STREETi GOVERNMENT BAlLWAta NEW SOUTH WALES UOVEKNMENT RAILWAYS AND TRAMWAYS. Office of the Chief Commissioner, Sydney, flth January. 1814. TENDERS will be received at this office until 12 0 clock noon on the dates specified for the undermen- Muueu Duppues, worxg, etc, via.: . WEDNESDAY. 7tl, .TINTTAnv inu THFj MANUFACTURE AND ERECTION Of'rEVOLV' BLnmsn lor Hie circulating water at White Day Powerhouse. Specification No. 488. price 5. obtainalile at the Electiical Ensin'eer'a' Office, 01 iiuitiEi -DiruL-t, avuney, ...... THE COXSTRUOTION OF THE F0U.0W1NO Ton lst-cluss Lavatory Carrlases. . Tcu Composite Lavatory Carriages. Twenty 2iid-class Luvatory Carrlaaea, Ton Express Brake Vans. Three Bogie Hearses. ' Four Suburban Car Trains, 7 cars each, rour lat-closs Loose Suburbsn Cars. Eight '2nd-class Loose Suburban Cars. 1 Tliret, Mail Vans Specinrations and 'drawings at the Chief Mechanical J-ngiueeis olBce, Wilson-street, Bcdfem. 'TUtJ?S?K 0F "VO 100 K.V.A. 8-PHASB TRANS- FORMERS, to specification No.. 144, price 2s ed. THE 81.1'I'LY OF ONE SOOOlb BATTERY LORRY CHASSIS, to specification No. 442, price' 2s ed. The . specifications sre obtainable at the Electrical a,uaivL'i a twice, ui siunier-sircet, rjyoncy. wl'nvmniv iivirmv.n ,n,. THE SUPPLY OF TWO ELECTRICALLY-DRIVEN TITR. r,,ji o, k"iiow per minute, to specification No. 4.12, price 2s Od, ohtslnable at the Elec- ...trir,ll Engineer's Office, fll Hunter-street, Sydney. THE RUPPLY OF WORM riKAn HUSinixtn'' En ' KEi'S, and BALL 11EAH1NOS for the White Bay iTf U'i"0' Specification No. 487, price 2a M, Hunter-street. Svdnev. THE MANUFACTURE AND SUPPLY OF 325 LONG and , ?" umiivwjwh. raniciuars, chief Mo- chsnical Engineer's Office, WIlHOn-streot. Redfern. THE SUPPLY DURING THE . YEAR ENP1NG 80th 71COMOTIVE ENGINE OIL, KK.OMOTIVE CYLINDER and VALVE OIL. CARRIAGE and WAOnnv AYT.I? nil. ' ' Tendfrers, if called upon, muat supply' Immediately 1 ' hulk Minnies of 100 cnllnns of th nil h... ...1 V take to supply, for the purpose of Analysis, machine t and syphon tests, and practical tests on various. i Z .! r, Hl serriccs. lender forms, etc, . at the ltnllu'av RIapab u.-iu...... vt ' - .iNii.,i,rr, . ncwunni, WEDNESDAY. MAJ1CH la. vni raKSl'JPI'Y OF 24 DIRECT-CURRENT MOTOR STABTERS. Specification No. 443, prM 2 8d" -Ma ilable at the Electrical Engineer'a Of8ce. ti Htinter-straAt. Svrinav . : '"' J Wednesday, march !,. ion. limn! JZ,.LV,? i000 K'W- SUB-STATION renders .to be endorsed '"Tender for Revolvfnr S-r-ena" or as the cud h. -wvoivinf a..i (ttl,'lnl1"l",l""' j!"", no1 bini Wwlf'to By "order, J. S. 9PURWAT. gecretarr. AJraSKKENTS. rpHE FIRE DIVER . THE GREAT WHITE CITY. THE GREAT WHITE CITY. THE GREAT WHITE CITY. A COLOSSAL FREE ATTRACTION. THE MOST THRILLING ACT EVER PRESENTED. THE MOST SPECTACULAR ACT EVER - WITNESSED. MARIE THELIN, MARIE THELIN, THE INCOMPARABLE SWEDISH DIVER, , , "THE LADY OF THE FLAMES." AT THE WHITE CITY. THE WHITE CITY. MARIE THELIN appears at the topmost window 01 a six-sioriea nousc. The house is in flames. Fire is above and behind her; the water far beneath. To ' escape the raging furnace at her back but one course is open. There is no alternative. She must dive or die. MARIE THELIN, THE LADY OF THE , MARIE THELIN. rLAH&g, her clothes all ablase flying through the air, covering a distance of 80 feet in half a second, leaving a trail of flame behind her plungea headlong into a . aea of living fire. Burning gaaoline covers the aurfaco of the water into which ahe dives, and fiery tongues of flame lick heavenward to ..- . embrace her. ' . MARIE THELIN THE WHITE CITY. THE WHITE CITY. TIER TWO SAVOLAS, ' ; , . Demons on the high wire. XHB WHITE CITY MILITARY BAND. Conductor, Mr. R. 11. HoAnall). ' ' ALL ' . . . GREAT FREE ATTRACTIONS. . OPEN TO-DAY, 8 to II P.M. " OPEN TO-DAY, 8 to 1I P.M.. .. " . . NIGHTLY; 8.80 to 11, (- INCLUSIVE ADMISSION SIXPENCE. ' , Children's Afternoons, Half-price until 8 p.m. Trams' from King-street, era from Mllaoa'a Point, or Sydney Ferry Oo.'s SMav via rort auoquarie. General Manager, T. H, E8UCK, O.E. KRRV ' SERVICE TO EVERY EVENING. SlMhufi Jrom. MILSON'S POINT, 7.11,' ., l.4; J ana inm FORT MACQUAR1E, I.SS, .U, .. ' Returning front Rushoutter Bay at ,0, 10.15, 11. H. Return Fares, Including sdmlsslon to WHITE tin. " - . ADUtTS lOd, CHILDREN fat ' , ; SYDNEY FERRIES Ltd. ; MATINEE OROAN RSOITAL. ' ,', THE USUAL WEDNESDAY MATINEE ORGAN RECITAL- will be hold at the Town Hall, 'Sydney, TODAY, WEDNESDAY, the Jlh JANUARY,' Wis, at 0.U p.m.. when the City Organist; Mr. ERMKST TRUMAN, A.n.CO., LE1PS1C, R.C.M., wilt render the following PROGRAMME:- ' ,., ' i. l.T-Walther's Pralsllerli Dla Melsterslnger ;.. , Wagner 5. Mmuetto In R Mat ................ Baathovn S,-"Kntrnnr of. IM Gods to Valhalla and . the Rheinmalden's Trio" ...... ....y.. . Wagnkt ' 1 GfJO BAVf! THE KINO; ' .; ..'.'.'; Town otttk. v,,mi. iwi week itara . .m. M .P!!l.u?ai, .1 BM tO t MS, Trtw anssai w a C. i WILLIAMSON'S THEATRES. ; , Direction! ' . i v, ' ' i, 0. WILLI AMSOK, LTD, ' , i Managing Directors: 1 Om, Tallla, lluarb J. Ward, Clrda MeynalL Ueneral.Manalar, K. J.Talt. Plana To-day at J'allng'a, a-m. to i p.m. - HER MAJESTY'S. ' 1 '.'"nmmi THE BIGGEST HIT THAT EVER STRUCK SYDNEY. Every Ereolng, at I.M. . . . .H!!'SRSN'8 MATINEE, TO-DAY AT CHILDREN'S MATINK.V, TODAY AT 1.40. . Rfirff.a than ah. IX........ , BEAUTIFUL SPECTACLES FOR THE CHILDBEN , J. ., run inc ClULUKKN At tha Matinees: A HARLEQUINADE. , , Among tha Many Other Nol Appeals. ' Tha Revua o( Reruea. OOMB OVER HERE. COME OVER HERE. ' Any Time, There'a Alwayi Bomethin( Dolnf, AhriilvMl Tin,, fr.t.1.. ?? F",,l.1 ' -26. Flowera ol Allah t .85. "On th MlaullRnf i. 8,8. Delay Jerome. ' let 9.35. The Mosqua "My Sumurun OlrL" (.88. Ragtime Sextette. 20. Take me In your Arma. 25. The Mllutrel fflim . . 9.40. Koscliuao. 20. Make Me Lav Vmt 8.48. 'Little Gcnnaa 4.81. BUck and White Band. Dance. !88. Farmer'iittnnf 9.49, The Spider! Web fl.51. Daisy "Jerome. ' 10.8. Daceyi-ille fltation, 10.12. tlineiiia. ' 10.21, Hulks. Leslies. ia33. "Row, Row. Row' 8,s. The MirtTi SOnt 8.45. 'Eaat Lynne." 8.50. Circular Quav . 57. The Slippery Tram-' 10.3s! Gown' Parade, uuhw , . iu.nv. irawn soutn. ine Venetian rete, 10.4S. The Tantro. rwimere March 10.47. The Wedding Glide ,4. ' The ladles of tha Lake. Bevue Produced by Frank Dla.. CHILDREN MATINEES," WED! and SATS., AT 1. CHILDREN ' MATINEF.S. WRnN. inn SSTa IT i . ,Ai. s"nceai i;riiLUKUr UAUT-1'RICE ta all parts, 1 nallarw ' ' PlanS To-dav at. Palimr'a frnn, DM ,a lll R v. n. and thereafter at Her Majesty's OfBce, Market-street, Ma nuil-B Hi VUIIOSeS. BOOKINO ANNOUNCEMENTS: So great is the de-mand for seats tor "Come Over Here" that Plans are open c rating's ipr a lortnignt ahead. THEATRE ROYAL. FINAL PERFORMANCE OF THE SEASON AT TO-DAY'S MATINEE, AT 2. TO-DAY'S MATINEE, AT 8. JCMTJB KNIGHT, , aupported by IRENE BROWNE, And a Specially Selected Company, la BERNARD SHAW'S GREATEST PLAY, MAN AND SUPERMAN. JULIUS KNiaHT Irene Browne . . ... John Tanner . . Ann Whitefleld A Comcdv to' set you Laughing and Thlnkinf. The 4050 aelMtartln- fifirtrin Ho-ht fli-trnt nirltn.n uncu in aci, x, auppiiea Dy Joan ucuratn, Ltd., Pitt-street. Plan at Palln'a till noon, and thereafter with Day Qala A Ul 11'.. 1a, 1 NEXT SATURDAY, JANUARY 10th. SHORT SHORT FAREWELL FAREWELL OF SEASON, SEASON, LEWIS WALLER AND MADGE . TITHEBADQE, FOR t NIGHTS AND MATINEE ONLY . -V ;- - fa 'IMISS ELIZABETH'S PBISONBa" A . Bomantio Drama of the American War of Independence, ( Br Robert Nellson Stenhens and E. Lyall 8wete. ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL PLAYS ' . IN MK. WALLER'S REPERTOIRE. EWIS WALLER as CAPTAIN PEYTON U1D0E TITHERADGE . . SB . ETvTEABETH FH1LUPSE (incir unginst rimj. , Preceded by "THE GREAT GAME," ..'A One-act Drama of Uaiisual Interest, . By W. Oronln Wilson, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 14. A MAItltlAUB OF (jONVENlENCE, ,- . , FOR S NIGHTS ONLY. SATURDAY. JANUARY 17. : MONSIEUR BEAUCA1RE. BOX PLAN FOR THE OPENING NIGHT NOW ON VIEW AT PALING'S. Permanent First Niahters will have their aeata allotted tor .-'Monsieur tseaucatro ' as usual. Appll. cation, front ' the general puhlio now being received, CRITERION. Lessee - Frank UuiaTo,. ANOTHER LAUGHING SUCCESS. ANOTHER LAUGHING SUCCESS. .. MATINEE TO-DAY AT ! MATINEE TO-DAY AT ! Thrills, Surprises, and Convulsions. Thrills. Surprises, and Convulsions. i1 Thrills, Surprises, and Oonvuleloiu, ' TO-NIGHT, TO-NIGHT. AT S.U. AT S.U. FRED. NIBLO and JOSEPHINE COHAN, WITH J. 0. WILLIAMSON'S CLEVER COMPANY OF COMEDIANS, . , OFFICER 686, . By Auatistln M'Hugh. EVERYBODY'S LAUGHING AT THE ORI. EVERYBODY'S LAUGIimO AT THE CRI. MATINEES WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. MATINEES WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. Plan at Pallna'a from 0.80 to 5 p.m.. thereafter, with Day Sale, at White Rose, Pitt-street. MATINEE SATURDAY NEXT, JANUARY 10. HAT1IS r.E aAlUliaJAY NEAT. JAAUAUY 10. I Chfldren Half-price to all parts, Uallery excepted. Doom open at 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock. Box Plan at Palitifc'e. ' No Booking Fee. In consequence of the Extraordinary DeirMnd for Scuta, patron are atronffly advUcd to reserve their neat and avoid Jitappolatnicnt. TJALACE THEATHiE. Under the Direction of William Anderson. -A DAY AT THE RACES. . Is just the Ideal Attraction. TO-NIOIIT, AND EVERY EVENING, TO-N10IIT, AND EVERY EVENING, WILIJAU ANDERSON lias plassure in announcing the return of these Popular ravountes, rue , AMERICAN BUHLl-VUK COMPANY, IN AN EVENINO OF SHEER DELIGHT. A DA ST AT THlii KAOo. It is nralsed bv Dress and nubile. It la the chief toplu of conversation everywhere. It is novel ami oriaiiiui. Nothing has yet been presented on tlie stage quite so captivating and faacinatlng aa this popular Musical Burlesque, y , A DAY AT IBM RACES. A Score of Captivating Musical Novelties. Oh, what Kun, .... A DAY AT THE RACES. Oh, what Roars. . A DAY AT THE RACES, Laiiahs by the Ton. A DAY AT THE RACES, THE CAN'T-STOP LAUGHING BURLESQUE. - THE CAN'T-STOP LAUGHING BURLESQUE. . REMARKABLE RAGTIME. REVUE. REMARKABLE RAGTIME REVUE. -ALL SYDNEY FLOCKING IN ' THEIR THOUSANDS. BURLESQUE BOOM IN PULL SWING. . IF YOU LAUGHED AT "THE GRAFTERS," You'll , SIMPLY SCREAM WITH DELIGHT at , . ' "A DAY AT THE RACES,"' a . NO STEMMING THE TIDE OF POPULAR ENTHUSIASM ' which has set In for this nnnulsr MERRY, AND JOVOIIS BURLESQUE, I ) , ORIGINAL MUSIOAL NOVELTIES. , ENCHANTING RAGTIME DtNUKS. BRILLIANT MAncilES AND, ENSEMBLES, .All Galetv, Sr.irkle, and Bright Coloilrlnr, , Produced under Stsga Direction of ,W. R, HUGHES. AtiTrtented Orchestra. Direction nf OEO. r.Rnnnr.n PRICES: p.C. and ft.S., 51 Stalls, lEarlv Door usiierr- is, ,,si,i-ry, lit, Day Sales at white Rose. ' - Business Manager, JOHN FANNINfl rpoi IURIST HARBOUR TRIP. EVERY THURSDAY. 8,d, KOOKARllRRAi from Fort Marquarlf, at 10.0 a.m. . and lis p,m., returnlnf about-0 p.m. ALL DAY. TRIP COVERS l MILES OF HARBOUR SCENERY. Fsresi Adults, all day IO, half-day 11, luncheon I. Ohlldran, all day I, half day Oct, luncheon 1, . Ha nre to aval), yourself of Dili dellghifuj tllp belort leaving Sydney. (, ' , RYDNRY FERRIES,, LTD. ; JOONLIGUT nARBOUR EXCURSION '.';'') VANLT BCACrT, What It better than beautiful trln .down the Rartwir aftor tm on one of the Splendid Saloon Steam-M, which Vtava So. Jty, Jrniler. Quay, Etaey Tro manlt-bV-thb-sea, . ; ' ' (WMhiy. ekaA . t sVya' lravlllat, for ta Od), t HAM M 1A0. Miss LltlAW ROSS gives tuition AMUSEMENTS. A DELPHI THKATHE PANTOMIME - -.i Tint TtU nl ih Town KATrXlSK, 10-DAV, WKUNEHUAY. ; ' MATIN KB, TCUAY. WK11NBSUAY. . . MATIN KM. TO.DAY. WKliNKHOAY. Vitltioe I'rlcw, 41, 9, tlt and , JSitrly Doom is1 A Wondtrful Army of Hood Tlttngi for tbo Children. Children Halt-price to nil 1'uiU except QWtTf. Uouih aonen l' I'l-rfonnance tt L, UAT1NEKS KVKltV All,KUAV AND WKDNR8DAY. MATlNKEti UVJ.KY bA'lUKDAY AND WEDNK8DAV. book now lot cm mien aim aquiu. "ALADDijN" AT Auivi.PHI THKAXKfci.- UOX PLAN AIMtANULUBN'ra. Thu 'Sov 1'lktn for "Aladdin" fantomime. li Available ALL THIS WKKK at NlcboUon'i tqr Matinee and Evening Performancei. Karlv Door llclteta obtainable all dav at Whlta Uoe. AaelDhi Tbeatro-buildinn. uniiuran nail rric omuk.iik, cAtcimu . EHu-uniaj-n A DELPHI THEATRE. GEORGE WILLOUOHBY. Ltd. Managing Director, Mr. GEORGE VtlLLOUUHBY. Telephone CITY am. COOLEST TliKATJIE IN SYDNEY. ' ' CONTINUOUS STREAM OF COOLED FRESH AIR. - THE EVENT OF THE THEATRICAL YEAR. EVERY EVEMNU AT 1.46 SHARP. EVERY EVERY EVENING AT 7.4G SHARP. , EVENING AT 1.45 SHARP. 1'ANTOM.IM WONDERFUL MUSICAL BOOM. -RAYS ARE 'MAKING EVERYBODY SYDNEY'S "ALADDIN" lArry. GEORGE WILLOUOHBY, LTD.'S ' STUPENDOUS PANTOMIME EXTRAVAGANZA . baaed on tha ever-popular and attractive story ol '' "ALjADD1N' PANTOMIME. . "ALADDIN" PANTOM1MW. . The flunerh Caist of Artista' fnr1iulM - GRACE PALOTTA. MABEL BATCHELOR, , NELLIE SNEDDON, PERCY - CLIFTON. r . The Bnaclalltiea imnortcd . for this Glnntle. Pro duction embrsces: 1 LEON MORRIS and HIS WRESTLING PONIES, with John Hedge, Comedian. Moat Wonderful Animal Act In the World. VALENTINE and -BELL. "A Jag on Wheels." Greatest Cycling Act Ever Seen a Hoc TINY TOT MAHJOltlE. MORRIS and BHAND. THIRTEEN GORGEOUS SCENES, EMBRACING THE . , i'OfU,AR FAIRY STOltY. SENSATIONAL RAGTIME REVTJE. Bpeeiaily Invented and Arranged by LESTER BROWN, Producer, from NEW YORK. , GRAND CHRVSANTHEMUM FETE, HOME OF SANTA CLAUB. A SUPERB COLLECTION OF AUSTRALIA'S BEAUTIFUL GIRLS. In the Latest and Most Infectious Song Successes. stnujijiAni aiAuunr-ei, nAUU&ia, anu EaSKMHLES. 100 PEOPLE ON THE STAGE. 900 . , A SIICOE8SION OF SCENES , AEWILDERINU IN THEIR BEAUTY. Music arranged und composed hy Mr. F. Wynne Jones. Hccnery ny J. rj. makn and Aaslsunts. POPULAR PRICES: 61. 41. SI. 21. and 1. Booked Seats. 6. dunuan nkvks, Business Manager. RATIONAL AMPHITHEATRE THE HOME OF CLEAN VAUDEVILLE. Fuller-Brenner, Vaudeville Circuit of Australia and Ijew Zealand. . . . Governing Director Ben. J. Fuller , , TO-NIGHT, AT I '. , VAUDEVILLE THE BEHT KIND Or . VAUDEVILLE is the 4 : NATIONAL . ' VAUDEVILLE. 1 ' THIRTEEN, THE LUCKY THIRTEEN,, la ins nu-aoE-n - , ' OF OUR , ACTS ON THE BILL. - .' NOT ONE DULL MOMENT DURING THE 160 MINUTES OF THE PERFORMANCE. ' IF YOU DON'T-WANT TO LAUGH DON'T COME. . ..DON'T LEAVE THE KIDDIES AT HOME. PLAht AT THEATRE. NO EARLY DOORS. PRICES; 61. 8, 18. and 1, PRINOESS 1 THEATRE. Location, George-street, opposite Railway Station. 3. C. BAIN'S VAUDEVILLE ENTERTAINERS. EVERY EVENIrlO, MATINEES SATURDAYS AND ., HOLIDAYS. ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW, ALWAYS GOOD BUSINESS. , , COMMENCING SATURDAY, JANUARY 10,. ' FOR SIX NIOHTS ONLY, AN ENORMOUS ATTRACTION. . . . The Highest Salary ever paid to any Vaudeville Artist In Australia, ' Special Engagement oft ; EDDIE McOOORTY, EDDIE McOOORTY, ' 1 ' P.DDIE McOOORTY, EDDIE McGOOHTY, . EDDIE McOOORTY, . EDDIE McOOORTY, Champloh Middleweight Boxer of the World. In his Boxing and Training Exhibitions. Box Plan at Theatre. ' 'Phoner Glebe 4S6. HE AMERICAN PICTURE PALACE, T L1M1-KD, 808 PITT-STnEET, Opp. Criterion Theatre. Direction MAIITIN OKfiOHAN. MinN.DC A U Tfl 11 P.M. OUR HIGH-CLASS PROGRAMME TO-DAY Includes the UDaUtlllll BI1U BeilSSTlOliai Linia, . "THE POWER OF I ONSCIENCE." .. . ' ii..,.. it nna full nf In- Also, iiio Angle mi : -;.., laraal- "Foi- the ItOllOUr 01 tOO HCUSC, m,"i. Urania: "Hago oi iiunaa, 71 J;i 'i, ina Pete." Keystone Comedv "Caught Napping aii immhtur: "Pimnle'e Inferno," Comic; The Shadow," lleaytlM . Dran;.. an..H, rw,lar!'liv 'larce Electric Funs, also too- rouablv cleaned and disinfected every dsy; " TOlON WAOE8 PAID TO ALL EMPLOYEES, gTATE CHAMPIONSHIP SWIMMING CARNIVALS. ' DOMAIN BATHS. TO-NIGHT, AT 8 O'CLOCK. SATURDAY NEXT, AT 3 P.M. 1 AND 1. HIGH AND FANCY DIVING DISPLAYS. BAND IN ATTENDANCE. PLAN AT PALINO'S. W. W. BCOTT, Bon. Seoretary N.8.W. A.8.A. nACfrJa. THIS (WEDNESDAY) ' AKTEKNOON, : SPECIAL TRAMS DIRECT TO RAOECOUR9E 0ATE1 TO-DAY, WEDNESDAY, TODAY. J, UNDEMIItl, BOSEBERY nAOUS. iJlaflkyHrtb hit, Uppe, I Ul stf. MS P.M. riwa. (Mm' rirrulsr rarsa, lli Oklldrw W. THE SYDNEY v MORNING HERALD. Axusuosn. rTHH PIOTt'RE BLOCK THBATRUS, "Cool Retreats from tbe Hest of the StreeU." wiiai's S'tlUUltAUIfl .j. , a'. CRYSTAL pal.Ann tuhst.-j -j' Tha Theatre wlthtia Wonderful Ventilation Plant. . UrtnciiAltJ ipt AAltultlivA," or "BREAKING INTO THE BIG LEAGUE." , MOO feet of Film, -by the .Ilalem Co. ol Ameriar. ManaBera Metlraw. and alakua,ann a,v.. rA ,1.. est men In the buMness, and other tnamlier of the .7 . , "- iiv oyuncy are nil snown in action, both at practice and during the progress of one of tbo big games at the Polo Grounds. Nsw York. i ins nne ivaiure, aunnoried ny;-Australian News Pictures, showing Wellington (N.Z.I, tome exciting ,Ltv.a inaill nc. AasiSESI DUBS, OyOI Highland Oathsrlag at the Agricultural Ground, the Chariot I ice. St , Start e oi me ssotor uycie HelUDlllty Trial from the Q.P-O, t,K, w.r.u., ana several arciouurno iiama. ... The Usual Varied Program 111 Addition, At! rncea. buiib, oo: ureal Ulroie, IS. , . LYRIC THEATRE. , ; "The Secret of the Ring," and other Picturee. , COLONIAL THEATRE, i "The Brldga of Terror," with a Full .Additional Program. . I EMPRESS THEATRE. ' ,' : -: Edison's Talking Plcturaa. srlth the Usual' Assortment of Varied Pletores, Trices! Stalls, Sd: Dress Circle, M. THE GREATER J. D. WILLIAMS AMUSEMENT CO. -. , . .. LTD. , W. BARR1NQTON MILLER, Otnatal Manager. fflPENCBR'S, LYCEUM. THE GREATEST PROGRAMME EVER. MATINEE TO-DAY, AT !.K.' . MATINEE. . MATINEE. MA'IJNKU lO-DAY- AT 2.110.' THE 'COOLEST AND BEST VENTILATED THEATRE .iw avnsiiev ' i TO-NIGHT, AT S. A REAL IRISH DRAMA, 1U-1UH1', AT 8. REAL IRISH AUTUHH. TO-NIGHT, AT S. , REAL IRISH SCENERY. A BEAUTIFUL ROMANCE OF, OLD IBKsjAIIU. "WIDOW MALONEY'S FAITH,". "WIDOW MALONEY'S FAITH," In Two AcU. bv Wllllsm H. Clifford. ' A STIRRING STORY SET IN THE BOLD, BAD DAYS O THE EMERALD 1SI.K. AND ENACTED AMIDST THE MOST GLORIOUS SCENERY IN THE WORLD. IRISH SENTIMENT RINGS THROUGHOUT THIS FINE FEATURE. "WIDOW MALONEY'S FAITH." An Irish Drama, depicting a Story that strikes home, ana will not leave a dry eye; in rpe auaieut-e. : In 'Audition. ' mm nntST mtA-cni- nv pnnnnAUME PATHE'S "AUSTRALIAN GAZETTE," Topical; "THE LOCKED ROOM CUPID V WOMAN'S RIGHTS," Dramatic: "HYPNOTISING MAMIE"; "JIM AND THE 8UN HELMET"; "THK TWO FATHERS"; "OH. WHAT A NmHT!" rAmMtlea- "THE MA- TORE8," Vaudeville; "FfXIWERS THAT LOOMl in this BfltlNU," Interesting. Box Plan at -Palina'a until B n.m.: thereafter at White Rose. Pitt-street. . rKicra: lo, l, M, friukh: lo, if, on. JEST'S GLACIAR1DM. WESTS. LAST NIGHTS ot : ;. "The Miracle." LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS Despite the Phenomenal Success of WEST'S GLORIOUS TRIUMPH. The Greatest Picture Boom of tha Oentury, MAX RELNHARDT'S Stupendous Spectacle. THE MIRACLE, THE MAGNET OF THE MULTITUDE, Harmontee'of Sight and Sound. A DRAMA OF LOVE AND DEATH, , fascinating , THOUSANDS-NIGHTLY. J From "Vertigo," a Story bv LOUIS TRACY, tna ' well-known English Author. "From tha, first moment Millie wss in complete eympsthy with the errant nun .Mcgildls. She understood that here was a fair and gracious woman, witb all a woman's capacity ror love ana pasuo. ' HUHFERDINCK'S GLORIOUS MUSIC ; Interpreted by De Green's Vice-Regal Orchestra. THE MIRACLE ' By arrangement with Beaumont Smith. BOOK ' NOW AND AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. plan at Nicholson's. Prices! J, 17. lo, if. end WEST'S OLYMPIA. WEST'S OLYMPIA. WEST'S OLYMPIA. WEST'S OLYMPIA. TO-NIGHT, OLYMPIA. OLYMPIA. TO-NIGHT. OLYMPIA'S STAR. VICTORY OR DEATH. OLYMPIA. OLYMPIA. TO-NIGHT. A Strong and Stirring Sea , . Sensation. TO-NIGHT. In Addition, A NEW LONDON STAR PROGRAMME. A NEW LONDON STAB PROGRAMME. , be Groen'a VIoe-Regal Orchestra. TO-NIGHT, rnO-NIOHT, AND EVERY EVENING, AT ., -a. '. ' EDEN UABDEN8, MANLY. . MRT EDWARD BRANSCOMBK'S English Costume Comedy Co. Music, Merriment, and Dancing. Box Plan at Carnegie's, S33 George-street; and Dole's. .Manly. nn Fee. fl" BhelteU from Wind and Rain, b T A D I TJ M. B A K B R NEXT SATURDAY NIUHT, JANUARY 10th.' WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE BRITISH TOM MoCOBMICK (England) ,i JOHNNY 'BUMMERS (England) Preceded by a 10 Two-minute Bound Contest at 8 p.m. sharp. GEOROE PRENTICE v JACK DUNLEAVY. ' PRICES: 1 (Bescrved), 10. . S. nnw onen at prouaiorn s, svr . w..i Knatwav Bro... 030 George-itreet anu A. A, Marsa, corner iving . , STADIUM MATINEE, TO MORROW 2280?'"''''' FIVE THREE-ROUND CONTESTS. fWOD TEN-ROUND CONTEST. ARTHUR LEE v HARRY BROWN. Eshlbltlon Spars hy Tom McCoimiok, Johnny Sum mers, and .otners. - Flrat-clsss Musical Programme. Afternoon Tea provided for Ladles. . ADMISSION; V and 1. . , , LADIES ACCOMPANIED MY GENTLEMEN FREE, TO COUNTRY VISITOBS. TO COUNTRY VISITORS. TO COUNTRY VISITORS. B GRrSAT ATTftAOTI.ONS ATTRACTION NO. 1. 12 "EMMA'' CABINET POIITRA1TS AND AN JEN- '".SKK... tl. svnnit Off EXPERTS TMBOIIOHOllT TOR TEN DEPAflTMKSTB THROUGH W1HCH IT HAS TO PABfil DEFOIIK IT 11EACHKS I THE HANDS OP "THE PUBMC. KACH DEPARTMENT IS X?D THE WHOLE ARK- UNDER T1IB IMHEDIATri CONTROl Tor OUR MR. HARK RlflW, THE WELL-KNOWN PHOTOORAPHER MANAGER. i ATTRACTION NO. 2. aivrv trH U.VK rtP.S!M IN SYDNEY WR HAVE MADE A SPECIAL OFFER FOR OUR CHRIST-MAS CUSTOMKIISl THEREFORE, WE NOW HAKE 8 OUR MTH SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OFFER, STRENGTH TO MAKE THIS rOSITIVKLY T,,g BEST OFKEII EVIili SSAUB .n,o,-v- "fMH hnzEN CABINET BROMIDE PORTRAITS MOUNTED ON OUR NEW ARTISTIC! MOUNT, F.V CLOSED IN OUR UNIQUE ART FOLDERS, AND AN 8 DAYS. 8 ... . j.. tLnntmrwrs ivn 2.1 JiVSoIliTrL; TiiA YfVim PHOTOS WILL WET OR CLOUDY WEATHER DOES NOT AFFECT OUR INSTANTANEOUS PROCESS. ' OT VICE-REGAL PHOTOGRAPHERS BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT. TO THE NAME OF THE CROWN BTUDI0S ON YOUR PHOTOGRAPH GIVES IT OREATER VALUE. THE SPECIAL NOTICE. We tsk Phofojrsphs In any wMfher. Wet or clowly weather makes no difference to our fnftantar.toliB process. We also send Photo-apsi.hcn to any address for Coinmerolal, In. frrlor, ot Rslerlor Photoirraphi. Portraits, Groupa, and Anlmnla. CROWN STUDIOS, lit OEORGE-STREET. NEXT ROBERT' HOTEL. ia, CUB STUDIOS (right Mlt M BliM.' HoUl) sMUMIBII WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7, . 1914. AKTJSEJCErrs. THEATRE : CasVeresgh street. OinotleaV'i , ll10H BUCBLEB, Ltd. : Rydney haa aaksd, and Is asking, for plays by ' V - V . w' Piucro. . . r bN .SATUBbAx, JANUARY W, ' '':;-',: hugh BU0KXka'S;iVv; . and . Mfati ttQLET PAGET 1 : , wlll-ioppVy thi want - ' .., ', proquclng . . !..;.. ' "H HOUSE iN ORDER." ' Mi A Great Play by a Oreat .Author. 'It ran at St. .'Jamas'. Theatra,' London, lor two ooncccuTtve years, ana unoounteaiy Hydney will endorse vuu vcmius ui ,oe woriQ s nietrapons. Remember the. date, SATURDAY, JANUARY ttth. The Management with to atate that the Tfeeatre ftiM bo carried on ii the tame complete manner aa during their prcvioua- fnmm, and the comfort vt patrons will iw ma pnt sunHiaeniiion, - ,'.. ikz COMFORTABLE OOFFEB LQUNQE. THK oooii sMokma ' BUtl, , TJJi; COSY AND ARTIffnO, TDEATBK, THE- SPECIALLY . BXLIOTBD OOMPANT, . . and, above jtlL - . - wie PlayTV,' " . The-Box Plana will be. on PaltoA , on MONDAY, JANUARY lfith. JOORErlELD BAOS - NOTICE TO BOOKMAKERR. BOOKMAKERS wishing to operate at Mborefleld for Half-year ending 80tb JUNE, 1914,- must pay fees at the office ol the Club by FRIDAY NEXT, tth Inst, Ho Fata will , be received on tha Oourss,. LAMROOK, ' ' Secretary. Belmont-bulldinga, lfi Castlereagh-street, JJOSEHHJ. BAOma i'- ; NOTICE TO BOOEMAESRR, APPLICATIONS FOR REGIRTRATTOSJ for tha half. year ending June SO, 1914, next, aro now due, and MUST BE MADE AT THE OrFICE OF THE CLUB. Under no circumstances will applications be received on the course. GEO. W. S. ROWE, Sec. IJIENTH ANNUAL MANLY ( REGATTA. SATURDAY. 17th JANUARY," 1914. SAILING EVENTS. 1. GENERAL HANDICAP. ALL BOATS OF MUNICIPALITY OF MANLY 8 months prior to Regatta. Sails limited to jib and mainsail. No booming out allowed. Entrance, 6. . t HANDICAP FOR ALL BOATS 10ft AND UNDER. Jib and mainsail and one extra. Entrance, 6. 8. GENERAL HANDICAP. Jib and mainsail and one extra. Entrance, 5. 4. ALL YACHTS' IIANDICAP.-Sest and Brat. First Prise, 676 and. Trophy; second, 81!; third, x2. Entrance,-. 3. 5. HANDICAP FOR BOATS, 28ft AND UNDER. .Mainsail, jib und topsail. Hands limited ac- . cording to the Sydney Amateur Bailing Club " Rules. Entrance, 61. ' 6. HANDICAP FOR SKIFFS, UNDER P.J.S.C. RULES. Entrance, 5. 7. HANDICAP FOR YAOHTS' DINOHYS, Post En-' tries, tit. . ROWING EVENTS. , 1. CHAMPIONSHIP SINGLE SCULLS. Residents of . Manly and District for twelve months prior to Regatta. Amateurs. Entrance, 80. - . I LADIES' SINGLE SCULLS, OPEN HANDICAP. TO ALL-COMERS. Entrance, 28. 8. GENTLEMEN'S DOUBLE SCULLS HANDICAP, WITH COXSWAIN- Residents of Manly and District for twelve months prior to Regatta, Amateurs. Entrance, 5 .per boat. 4. LADIES AND GEXT.'S DOUBLE SCUISLB HANDICAP, WITH t'OXSWAIN.-Open to AU-ooinera, . Hnlnnn, II nnr brat. 6. GENT.'S DOUBLE SCULLS HANDICAP, WITH COXSWAIN. For members of Surf Clubs. . -En- trtfYice. IU ner bait. ' A stesmcr will be nrovfded to' tow competlng'bosts to Mnnlv.- anil will leave Fort Dcnteoh at' i n.m. shsra. All rowing boats supplied by Committee and drawn for before , each race,-nut competitors may use thrlr own scuils. KNTIUKS CLOSE WIT ! SECRKTAuIKS VP TU O.SU P.Si., WITH HENRY MORRIS, Tobacconist, 17 MAC-OUA11IE PLACE, SYDNEY; oral at NEW BRIGHTON HOTEL, MANLY, UP TO 10 P.M. ON MONDAY, 12th JANUARY, 1014. A. A. Vt ATSUH, J. 1. WHSfl. ' " Joint Hon. Secretaries. XTOTIOB.-Tlio AMERICAN DANCINa ACADEjTf, -1 of m Oxford-street, .will bold an ASSEMBLE THIS EVENING, January 7, nt Oxford Hall, 175 Liver- ponl-slrtet, in place of Thursday,. January a. . uuncing, lo it. p.m, - .... Aiiinlloil, 211. Refreshments. ' T-VAXC1NO TAUGHT (ClasLea or Private Lesiona). J. LIDDY. . U Mr. and Mrs, ARTHUR J. Ir ( Tfu(lnl of DflnclniT. Ferndale Acaiiemy, 44 Oxford-at, W'lahra. J80Pad. DANUtnu TauKtit l-rivateiy anu iiiorouBnij, any hour. Mrs. Gould. (J. V. MriikeU.T,tC.2m, INSTITUTION OF SURVEYORS, N.S.W., ROYAL SOCIETY HOUSE, a EL1ZABETH-BT, TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, JM, AT 8 P.M., THE PRESIDENT, MR. L. A. CURTIS, will read a paper on TOWN PLANNING oa part of his Annual Presidential Addreaa to Hem hers, their Friends, and Invited Guesta. ' Members of the public who may be Interested, will be admitted at 8 o'clock, so far as accommodation will permit. Over 00 Lantern Slides will be exhibited in' illustration. J. B. rKUUffi, ncn. acc. MISS ALICE NHWLAND, Teacher of Voice Prodnc tioti, Sinffing, Piano, and Violin. PupIIh prepared for Concert Platform. , Interviews . Tliurnday morning 10 to 12, Jan. 8. Jersey-chambers, Otji floor, Room ' 3. Resuming Tuition, Janunry 12, 1014. VOICERRODUCTION, 8INOING. SIGNOR E. HOSsl, Professor. Teaching, . Resumed. Weak Voices Strengthened. Latest Italian Method. Write or will " ... naA.' Iiilrs, Vlasa'alt rtl Atn M. icrsey-cnPTi.. a-wrt wvi t?'v ,,""'.. -Hi: rzyii. STUDENTS OF VOICE. Madunte DON-ALDON has Resumed Teaching. Strength and beauty to smallest voice. Mon. or Thurs. at 4. 108 O.y. Market. B Sll ElaUON UKEiKr., ROPESSOR OF THE BANJO. . only composer. aanuoun iiuus Johnston-street, Annandalc. no 5iT Viftlin Htntfintr. te. Adgma-chanihcra, 48Z Heorgc-st..-fnonc. iiai .o. TTiTANTED, ood Soprano, shla r,ls nsrts. chorus JAKPEB, LelRh House, Castlcreaeli-BtrHt r r Iidics Rooa voicw. XXTfu.. SO banccrs, clthrr sea, over 14 yis. of aire,' W aSilea or palr. Rrtlmo. Tn' Thirk s Star Plcluras, HosaiV, from 11 o-ln. till p.m. 8 V D N E V HAIL, m H e The literary Department of the Sydney Mall m-. Mch Seek Sridlnal. Esays and Papers of the tha Sydney Hall con- "me tod and Usdsrette. deal with currant poll- fll anfl social wpii-b. FOR COUN1RY VISITORS. MOULDING. FOR 21s. SIHE OF FRAHh, ABOUT 30 x 24 lnohes, ; .-: . i . . ATTRACTION NO. 8. .A .nm UnriTn IT AND A t.lFE STKR KNI.AROFMENT IN A FIHBT-OLAS8 FRAMF. TIIR USUAL PRICE CHAHGKD AT OTHER STUDIOS IS AS FT1LI.OWH:- , '.,.. 12 i:oroco moinsis . Tlie-Enlarfrcnient x l'2 . Tho Frame .............t.... " 8 -B Total '' ..............-...all 11 .ttta nnirv. lo nvi.v -nKK.THlRn THIS PRICF. v s.. ins at . uiis'i ruimiii-unui u. uu, WHILE THIS SPECIAL CIllllhTMAS OFFER IS ON. rO.MJnJnnVn'Vft.a ST BOO? WORKMAN SHIP, AND IN SUCH VALUE AS CANNOT BE HAD ELSEWHERE IN SYDNEY. COME AND SEE. THE WOnO "ROCOCO WAS NEVER USED IN CONNECTION WITH PHOTOOHAFIIS UJiTlli WB INTRODUCED IT IN .1UNK, lSOI. WE NOW USE THE WORD "C'OROCO" INSTEAD, SEE ANY DICTIONARY DAYS. 8 DAYS. Innl.Tirnss TM TftF FTNfflllINn DEPARTMRN1 FINISHING DEPARTMENT, BE FINISHED IN HIOIIT DAYS AFTER ORDERING? THE CROWN STUDIOS, 44i OJEOROE-STRKEr. ItW TUt WORLD, .... jnnnoipat uxonosa i TRIENNIAL ELICTION OF ALDERMEN. , NOTICE is hereby given that, auhject' to the provl-sifns of tha Local Government Act,. 1KB, the TriannUl ."" w ""w m Aiaermenjor tha Municipality ol Burwood will take nlaca an tfaTiTniisv ylditluv J!"' ftlf1' U Uu following eooiUtioiaVvia.! ,1-iTI!f Aldermen are. to be elected lor tha North' waaw, li) ror tne Bouu ward, and Three (a) for the Cast Ward ot the said Munlelnallty. i ..L IS..d,'r. domination is FR1DAV, JANUARY s. inc. piaca or nomination Is the Owindl-ohambeH, Burwood, and Moinlnatlona will be uiaiie by me osi FKIDAY, JANUARY Wd,;lU4,aVU oclic njo" 4. Tile nlode of Nomination Is' tiat' every Canilldat must be propoiiadn writing, In the form of the Nomination Paper preicribeoXJn Ordlnaooa .No. 8, mads under the Local Government Act, 190S, cUohFormh. being obulnable at the CouiidI-chsiul!s, Burwood, 5. Nonilnatlotis Papers must be-dellverad to me at inc uouncii-cnamDers oeiora b 0 olock p.m. on THUItS-DAYJANUARY S2nd, 114, - 'a." . reraona uratxiaMl ithm h' niMltail HsatK by Put IX of the Local Oovarnment Act, lfcfl. i - Ubvivu(f MATCUIs, a i '. 1' BatunUnt Offlcer. Oourwrtl-chamberi, BarwtxxJ, ; , : t v.; ' fUNCBALv COUNCIL OF , LANE ". COVE. : .v';';;'-;.; TRIENNIAL ELEOnoet. ; ., '; NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN' that the TRIENNIAL' ElJiOTIofl of . Nine. (9) ALDERMEN (three (a) for NOMINATION, DA Yls FRIDAY, the iSrd JANUARY, J " ohca Of Nomination Is ta,TO!.HA.LL, ; NOMINATIONS'of Candidates Ipt Election, mada In .... ..u llu,lmer, IUUBC no. oeuversa or sent oy 5f.V,SS!?).L,,r',"o to reach me befar, 1 Kitf on TIIURSDAY. the Sftid JANUARY, 1914. T ' Each Candidate moat be laopoaed in wrftaig on nre-toribed, form, stating the candidates' names, abode, and ocoupauon, oy at leaat two eleotors of the ward for "nlfh . he is proposed. Each Candidate iraist'-ba mu .nainiier presoniNKl oyrjirt lA. ot the Local .Oovarnment Act. but he need not be enrolled In respect ol-the particular Wd for which, he,, la pro- Each CandMat 'mtut tu hmmu ' . o Nomination i Paper, and hla consent to nomination mutt "nomi;pXper ARTHUR C. MARSHALL, i" " ; . - Town Clerk and Returning OfJnr, Town Hall. Oore Hill, , . h January. 1911. JJ-UN1C1PAL COUNCIL Of? LANE "COVE. ELECTORAL OFFICEkR1' .' ' ' IT IS HEREBY NOTIFIED that tha underalgnad haa uniH Miisyuiitbcu ntnuriiuut uuiuer. ua , w. - unrjfSsa Jago aubatttute Hcturntng Oracer to 'coaduot the ttl- Minlaal Rliuvtinn nf tha nhnva nnimnll ' ' - , ', ARTHUB 0. MARSHALL, -' i . .. Town, Clerk. ' Town Hall, Oon Hift. . . , atn January, m, ,- M UNiciPAirre OF REDFERN. TRIENNIAL ' ELECTION OF ALDERMEN. NOTICE ir hereby aiven- that. In accordance with the provisions of 'the Local Government .Act, 1908-1908, and Ordinances thereunder, an ELECTION of TWELVE (12) ALDERMEN three ' (8) for each Surry Hills, Belmore, Bcdfern, and Golden Grove Ward.-win tair. niaM m satitrday. the aist dsv of Janu ary, 1914, between the houra ol 8 a.m. and t p.m., at Polling-places to be announced on the day of Noml-. nation, and that FRIDAY, tne xora nay or tfauuaiy, 1014, Is hereby appointed to be tha aay oi nomrna. tlon for the said election. ' . . Pioposals for nomination in uie pmwiuw must be delivered to the Betumlng Ofllcer, St .the Council-chambers, Pitt-street, Redfern, not lster than 0 o'clock p-m. on THURSDAY, the 22nd day of Janu- Tl 1?14'.. v,.., ....J. ,h. SSaam Nonunationa win no fuuu'-v """IT , " " Hall, Pitt-street, Redfern, at 18 o'clock noon on the day rt Nonanatlon. . . . . . . by aw elector upon application at tha Council-chambers, during office hou. . OBIEKS . Town Clerk and Returning OIBctT. OoonoU-clumberi, m - ... Heniem. uni ,.f , . VfUNIOIPAUTY . . . , ,ha. i ham this day an- nolnted Mr ARtIiUR JOHN HANIOAN a. Substitute r . nAaDDm anriTAV ORlEltSOK. Returnlnf Offlcer. rtvodl-chambera, " . ' T,-,Ha,m flth January, MU OF PADD1NGTOM. fVfUNIClPAUTt - di vrrtniaa ' . . . . ' j- ..iisi8nfw with the OTO- JESTS KW Ordinances made thereunder, that an r-i . he. Mid on. . ..Wiaf io. of Aldcmon to constitute the Courioil lor. the trien. n1al period WH-16-16. - mAV A. NonVination Day haa been teed for th 23rd lust, at 12 o'clock noon, at the Tn,,tVV1, dington. and Nominations, " " P"',K"I,"I! ahoSd he delivered iMo tny ihnda " 1 h. J". 6 I on THURSDAY, the 22nd day of JANUARY, P EverJ Nomination Paper should rtate the surname and other names of the Candidate, and ltU abode and occupation, if any; and bc-signed M PPOwrB by at -least two eleotors of the Ward for which he proposed. It should alto be noted , that Nomination Paper will not be valid uiUeas the person therein proposed for nomination -ha conaented thereto in writinir, attested by a witness. The , Nomination Papert miy b delivered to or tem by roRiitered letter so as to reach the Returning Officer as above stated. ' . . Nomijatlon forms may be obtained at. the office M the Town Clerk during office horns.. . A. WALQJJX, Town Clerk, Returning Offlcer. Town Hall, Pa'ddlngtoir,' ' - flth January, 1814. ITUNICIPALITY OF BANK8TOWN. TRIENNIAL ELEOTIONB-lP14-lg. Notice la hereby (riven that the TRIENNIAL ELEC- TlflNS nf AT.DKIIMKV for each of tho three 13) Wards of the abovcmentioneu Municipality will ne held on SA TUKPAi, jam u Ait i ai, . ss-ninw instant, ia tno if a i oi iiisii NA TION. Each Cnudidnte at itcb election munt he Rroposed for Nomination In writing on the prescribed rm (obtslnable from the undersigned), and same must contain the written, consent of the person bo proposed, whose signature to same must be attested by wiintis. Nominations must bo delivered, or aent by ngia- fptvt lottjsr. an oa to reach ine at the Town Hall. Uanktjtown. Uelore o o oiocx p.m., on imuiiouai, Q9nrl liitrrant. Nominations ao receivea win oe puDiiciy announced at 12 noon on the day.. oi .nomination, ana in tne mvmf nf there being a ireater number of diily mini. Ami i-ianHiVlatM nominated than the buinber of Aldermen to be elected, a POLL will be taken on the said 31st day ol January, ivis, oecween tne noura oi 8 o'clock In th forenoon, and 0 o'clock in the afternoon, at such Polling Placea as will be an nounced on-the day of Nomination, and publicly notified by advertisement. Returning Offlcer.'' Town Hall. Bankitown, ' January 8. 1014. M- ARRIOEVILLE, WEST WARD. ALD. J. T. NESS. 1 ALD. B. BARTON, ' ALD. A. A. BLACKWOOD. Vm, riMaant ALrdmsn ir. Csndlrlstss and rar-t- fu'.ly solicit jour Vota on Polling Day, SATURDAY, JAN. Mst. AUCTION SALES. ' (Continued from Pane. 18.) OOTTAOR PROPERTY AT GRANVILLE, ( ' Estate late FREDERICK MUMFORD. , ' SLCK and CO, have received Instructions from ins Kxeoutors to sell by auction, on the Premises, "MERRYHILL," HAKlUB-w.Mft.r.1, unAniiiiW, . I WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14, ' LAND liavlnt a frontal of about IMt to Harris-. street, by a depth of shout 160ft. On this Is mcotia a falthtully-TiuIlt Brick Cottage, J rooms, kitchen, and outofflcea, In ood order, and occupying a nice elevaUd position. JOaoe'-Krithe HOUSEHOLD rTTRNITURE, 'fJALB' NOTIOB ON PROPERTY. ' , ' SLAOK and iCO., Auctlonecri, ' -,' 1 Parramatta. : ; M088BKRRY ESTATE, . iUDBVil.tnwN. rCR'o1. ATO8'"0"1 roR AUCTION SALE. ON THE OROUND, . F0B gffiJiiDAY. January io, . uofHRERRY HOMESTEAD on the Estate, aubstan-?S VMQK and STONE ftraiDENCE. with garage and tteblti, with 8 acrea m ianouwm w v one lot, ', ' ' - Llthoa can hadt from Jh' Auotionem. ... Shurch and Argrlfl rtwts. Parramatta. " ' BIDDULPH'S ESTATE, , . r , ; . OASULA. ' '. . ; ' Over 0 acres' wlrtl-WcrT Into P'ni Bloelo), , EXTENSIVE IHONTAOE TMAIN SOUTIIERN ROAD Sy,K"" AND OEOnOE'S lUVBR. ' Beautiful cleared kml.tllvor flatl., " and timbered hlocks. , OASULA RAILWAY STATION ON PROPERTY, '. R AUCTl6rt SALE. ON THE OROUND, . SATURDAY, JANUARY IT, AT P.M. . LITH08 san be had from tha AucllolMHra. SLACK .' AND ' . - ' CO., Chiiroh and 'Arm-Is utreeli. psrmmitU. BTJIIDINO MATERIA 18. (Continued trom Pug -) inlCKS.-Brcks wonled.' Bamplo to is. rlnmore-rd. tpsTnsulfsio and couch 'iHirf tor Sols. DerT B anyrtciT. M. CollliiLlv..rd, Mill. low Kiimore. iieaj, ,, nvered Pet, m6tf f5ALErS"ATl!nrAWI"of HOUSE, standing In 4J Bl.nop-st, i-eiersnsiii. - . . , . RONMONOEUY. Blsnk Fitting., to Oln, m J Oslrd.. tfl P.O. off 111. Macintosh, 307 l ltt -TnWfiONnEnY. PatsST China, tass, Finger Plates, 1 Dow li.mlie..jlseliitosh's, HO? Pltt-sl. SijAOTitrBufldlng fiateflillor Bale, no mi i 'Jul rat, W. U. ioatar, Palm, Marrkkrllli rd, Mar'TUU. t MEDICAL, CHEMICALS, ETC, : c- r : DENYEB'- ; ? ' ELASTIC TftUBS la t' trua aaleguard to ruptured peraona. It fully wpporu without v undue eoQapreaaioD, having ho - Xr'-ateal bandi. Comfort fteoll. Wa ", ... aro Bpcviillitii, and enovre exact lit,' . ' Otheh from 8;0. -ABDOMINAL BKLT8 FOR ALL NEEDS. ! . 1 tjiln?rl(Mictl Lady if Attendance, . - 1 All Inqulriea carefully aniwerad,, ' DKNYEU BKOS., ' i Truaa and Abdominal Belt Maker, 281 OEOaOErSTREKT (o-. Uuntr-reet), DRUNKENNESS CUBED BY Dr. SHAW'S ANT1-' ALCOHOL. Voluntsry, Secret, Home Trestihont. Registered by Government. Writ, Dr. SHAW, Est., nuHseii-street. neioourna. . . ' MOTOB 0AB9, BICYCLES, ETC, HAVE YOU AN UNSUITABLE CAR YOU WISH TO DISPOSE OFf Oil DO YOU WANT A NEW CAR! We have some Of the latest Uodela nf tha Raat Kurn. pesh and American Cats, both Runabout and Touring Cars. We will make you a reasonable allowance on your psesent usr, anci supply you with a New car. Write to us, forwarding full particulars of your pre-sent Car, and -we will quote you a new Car,, leaj jionaiiw lor your ir. WE.CAN SUPPLY YOU WITH THE BEST OF CARS ABU 1AJKK4U9, ANII.U1VE ASSISTANCE TO PURCHASERS. - ', - ' ' Among the Cars we hare In stock are: ? 20-h.p. Spyker Cars, Europe's lilgliest-grada Can, 40-h.p. lnthfmder Cars. 1 i . Also, SPEEDWELL 1.0BRIES, t to 5 tons, '225. ' i TURNER BROS.' MOTOR STORE, Hear aa-40 oxfonl-atreet, city.. ' OT0R CARS. ; auction sales, this day, v p.m. ",' various" owner, "iutohell and mitchell. ' . GARAGE, 280 PITT-STREET. ; near Ha'tbiirst-street. M1 OTOR . TYRES AND "TUBES. vuui'ations for tho purchase or about 7cwt lqr 201b Discarded vHOTOR TYRES and lqr tllVTUBES win oe recciven at tne mores supply Department, It Young-street.' Sydney., un to 10.80 a.m. on FRIDAY. 9th JANUARY. 1914. Further particulars may be ob- laioea on application. .A. BERCKELHAN, - Executive Member, r (9b-87) Stores Supply Committee. ATAQNBTOS. All makes- repaired quickly,' cheaply, IU. aanil .W.ll tarn 111 O HAATKal every Mafneto repaired by ua to work equal to a new oae, or vre make no cbarre, Send ua youra now, and we will make II gtre that BIO, FAT, HEALTHY SPABK that will tnake your eiigine dnce with jov, MOODY and C0k 'ANY, Magneto and Electrical ppccusiiiu, mi noon irom aing-atmn, Sydney. . . , 'Phonea, City 17n and Pity 78TO. ' ' TTAHiJEU MHOS,, B0 Ooulburn atreet, the cheap Pro- tetitor. tvTfl maker, havn now nnd Hornmi.hanri Ti'RES and TUBES for 8 ALU. New H. Llghta, 470 the! l'ir, tyim, sou z izo, tsuo x 130, oio x iua, eiu x W. WO X 130. 870 X W. 82 x 31. 710 x. 70 x 100. 81 x 4. 700 x 66, 760 x SS-Tubt-i, BSU x 120. 936 X 135, 820 X 1HJ, VM X 1ZU, HZ X i, 700 X 1W, 710 X'OO, 700 X Buyen, ol old Tyres and Tubes in any quantity, . Tyres and Tubei repaired. : t pm worianni FOR SALE, Minerva MOTOR CAR, 1012 Model, 2C h.p, 611cnt Knisbt, fitted with deUchable wire wheels, Torpedo body. Thii car ia equal to new, and will guarantee same coat 850. .Will eell lor 600 Cash, terms 660. MUBt sell. - - MINERVA, k Herald Office. MOTOR . car Buyers. 1 am prepared to SUPPLY NEW or SECONDHAND CARS to ANY APPROVED PERSONS WITH FROM 60 to 100 DEPOSIT, ACCORDING TO THE PRICE ot CAR; BALANCE Spread Over 12 MONTHS, ALU MAKES UF UAHS DUlaU. SECRECY GUARANTEED; NO REGISTRATION. 11. M. SOUTHAN Tho Motor Specialist, Phone, 809 Vm.-st: 68 Oxford-at, near Crown-at. UN BEAM, 2I-H.P. to Wlnnpr nf tho '"IITttT IT Winner' of the SYDNEY-MELBOURNE Reliability Trio)-' In which all makes nf machiiiPii were reorescntef ien, and thtre were 65 starters, and the only machine., to climb ben NJ-.V1H, wjiRittim s nignest mountain. . MlLLcDUF, BROa., - li.a.A., SUNUUAM, anU A.J.B. 77'Oft SALE, two Arrol Johnson IOURIES. 1 Rcaal 0' -v . seatcr, 1 Cadillac Deltvery Car, 1 Stowcr, all. In Uret-clasa order and condition; also 1 Ural-class 1012 Cadillac. These Cars are guaranteed or I would not bell . them. Terms apply ARTHUR A. HERMAN, Motor uaragcy -Brisbane-street, on uxioro-atrect. tOR HIRE, Day or .Nisnr, 7 nrst-claEs lorpedo Tour a. UUC (Jars, lliiz-Ui ssoaeis, cutiui unrcn. MAY BI Leichhardt Motor Garage, ' Parramatta-road. 'Pbong, Pet. 007. TiTOH HAI.R. ao.h.n. WaRHEN CAR. seat 6. 30 built Torpedo Body, full accessories, in pcifevt order, tOM, caso or terms. 'rnonc, ow , wuiain street, u. M. jutjiaj. qa uxiom-streei. riAB. fi-scater. 1918 model, torpedo boiiy. practicalh- VJ new, 80-h.p. engine, fully equipped, guaranteed perfect order, any investigation, trial, open till 10th mat, pest oner. inspccuu'jnioen, uaragebiininetn-si. DAIMLER 'CAR, ctt 1800, will seat fl to"lO people, will Bucriflee for caah. or sell on temia. Guaran teed In flmt-cluas order. Only 'run 5 or 6 thousand miles. Write flret to Box 1262, General Post umce. M" OTOR LAMPS, Hadiatdrs, Motor Uorua. eto. lie- . nalnu w.,,.1 ,nu Patanl l-.nka mart, tn ftpHar. UOQ4 stocks Swedish usrbldc. UKANU'f IIH1.IB., Ltd., Lamp Manufacturers, 23fl Pttt;strect. TALBOT CAR. second-hand, 25-b.p. Vourlnt body. ! loose covers, complete, hood, five lamps, wind acreen, tools., good condition, price '270, PHlZAUttKKUSY'H, UAKAUC... KlUancUl-Btreei, F.N. MOTOn CAR, tcyl., in perfect running ordca. cost 976. Owner must sell promptly, and will accept reasonable cash offer, TURNER BKOS,, Motor Store, rear 28-iO Oxford;rtreet, city. ( SECOND-HAND MOTOR TYRES and TUBES, cheap. Protector Tyres, and all Accessories, Tyres and Tubes Repaireil by the latest process. Also buyers of oldjuilr.8ydnTyreRep., 169 C' City 7409. TpfJU 8ALIi,"8-10 n.P. ROVkR, strong, useful Car, 2. X;, soater, dual Ignition, complete, with wind screen. hood, lamps, tools, tyres aimosi new, in excei. condition. Tel., City 0727, or Box 71, O.P.O., Sydney. A USOLUTli BAIl(iAIN.-3i-h.p. SEW HUUSUS A- MOTOR CYCLE and TOKPEDO SIDEtCAH, al most new. anv test, coflt 08, any reasonanie . oner considered. Price and details from WOODBRIUOE and CO., Somerset House, 5 Moorc-street, Sydney. ATKUTINL 12. 4-oylinder, sigle-scater, collanslbic au.nt- ni- miv Ttnunli iiinirnoti.. fjlflinlfll rarUlltVtter. fast on hills, done about 6000 miles, Just overhauled, repainted . Impuct at KYSESHIIRY. Edgeclifl. S."C.A."f. CAR, 4-cyl.', 6-ieater, hood, shield, 5 lamps, generator, all tools, nparc wheal, speedometer, complete, lfi Awt-clawi running order, .u0. 1 ' ,uvNi:it, Box isoa, o.p.o. . TTlOR Sale, English Gent's Utcyclc, 241n frame, new t- tyres and inner tubes, Eudle coaster, good run ning order, 4. Bouahton and Co.t 17 Bond-street. T.H.O. MOTOR for Sale, good order, suit laundry or x any light ueuvery, ;iw; nan casu. .i., mntta-ril, Annaiidale. 'Phone. 11W2 retersnam. B,C.I ICYCLE COVERS. 7fl. 8. 12. 15. 20 ci.; Tube. MOTOR CAR (Ford), in first-class order. Seen at Messrs, Traeey nhd Simpson's Garage, Qlenmore- road, raililingtoii. TOR SALE, 30-horse-power Overland TOURING CAR, r seat five, 220. ; ...... FVK-SliATED TOURING CAR for private Hire, day or niaht. R. Chambprlain, MontRomcry-at, Kog- arah. Thone7B Kog. Veddings, Race or Theatre Part. TOR SAL?:, Motor. i5-scnter7liody, and hood, gcod or J? der, no1 reas. offer ref. tabvett. ,Mttchrll-rd, Bondl. (1AR8 for Prlv. Hire. Weddings, Theatres, Touring J Parties, etc. 23 Marlon-st. L'lslt. T.. l"qhqm 4.1!!. o .VERLAND, 45-)i. p., gd. as new, 20 miles to gallon, all ace, Dargain. uianavon, avtiiiej'-m, iYino0iiy FIVE-SE.-VTER Humbcr Car for Sale, in go. running order. Price t276 net cawh. Fjndlay.10 Himtcr-wt. ".N., 4-oyl., spl,. order, BobcIi Mag., control, tjxpsi priicew5jrjal,35 I0R SALE, Bicycle, almost new, muat sell, going away. Apply Mra., Carlton. ICYCLET B.8.A. parts, lamp, etc., cheap. Apply Kteel'S HlOre. rerouwe-rmni. nmiuwicn. BEIiSWE, torpedo body, painteil green, cape nooo, all' equipment, Including spare wheel, In thorough good running order. Trice, 275. nit Dl'L' tl lilrW- l O A flvrln OlJOLAS kotor Cycle, ex. cotid., lamp, horn, kit., D.pc tielt, nOW COVera, w ntmwiu-iin f, . T710R SALE, 15-h.p. Btoniiani,, ihi;i aiouci, wheels. x1 in perfeot orderSwimartjO. Marrlckvllle. DE DION. 4-cyl., specially built lor passenger service, scat fl or 8, bargain, 200. Jl. II., Central Motor Oaratp.. raimer-Bireei. Runabout, ao-n.n., mi fit 263. Bell, seat 2, suit' traveller or doctor,' 126. H. H., Central Motor Oaragef Palmer-strcct. - ; i..: FOR SALE, twin De .Dion uau, aingie-Bcaicr, ju : overhauled, ehcap. .atwlknn ktkM'AmU- XTHAT OFPERS.- iTnken Bad Dpbt. 4-cyllnder British Swift Car, seats 5, hood, acreen, lumps, Stepney, V B tools, clock, etc., aa new; any examination, ami Den l-Wr availed onen wk. 27 Woodbury-st, MairickvlUe. TOR SALE, "910,"Renault CAR,- Beat 8, milt doctor X' or commercial, run acccBBoricn, m tn-a . .i Waati oi 201 Kinistrect, Newtown. TT Model. Toose, 4 tj-Vj THEBE'B A GREAT BUSK BV MOTORISTS FOR OUR . ' -, ' OVKKl!il!j DUNLOP TYRES. ; If vour Car Is undertyred, here's tho opportunity of getting lietter tyra results. e leu vibration, longer wear, and VERY LITTLE EAlllA bum, "OVEltSIKES1 ' 760 X 166, . .for WO it TO and 100 rlma, , , . ' 810 X 120 for 815 x 105 rlma. , 811n x 41ln. lor DOin x 8,in rlmsi , THE DUNLOP RUBBER COMPANY OF AUSTRALASIA, . !60A CLARENCE-STREET, HYDNKY, i ' iJ PALMER . COll II TYIIK& PALMER CORD-TYRES. lit OEOROE-6TREET, tm2M MOTOB OAis, BICYCLES. Jp F . MxI- . oonpUte, in lrrt-elsaii ' , "IIU new tyros, iiever been licensed. Mil -.MOON TORPEDoVlUllINO (JAR, iSu,J Trt I Igned estate, only nad a few iMntba' 2L ti,w; f.50i will iell for 218. ' ""T WW . RENAULT, with aeml-torpedo touring bads' law cyl., complete, in llrst-clsss order, 200 m MITCHELL, blugle-svater. Itted out txnnDUa. 'i.' equipment, tools, etc., 178. wssa, ; nsBsuifl uaii, is-w, neautmil Oar, fuat-daa. nlng order; cost 700, sell for 828. ." MOLINE TOURING CAR, 4-cjl., liatUy' 'nsai a; nrst-olsss order, with all equipment, etc.. ttL LORRY, it ton, had a tew mo.Khs' uss oalr ' sw complete, in flrsl-clus order, 2800. - , ,' V I SINGLE-SEATED. FRENCH Pmua nsn 1218 h,p., 4-oyl hood, shield, lamps, tools. eteC arst-class order, 100. Also. CAUILLAO, HINEKVA,' F.T.A-Ti- DAIWaw BEIfllZE, Mil other Csra, Sttedwlth Norpk5 fore-door bodies, Jn first-class order, -ti aTT ;' S.SOU upwanjs.. Lasn, of Terms Arranged. ,',, " ' TURNER BROS., Motor Stores, BisonW ' ''. 28-40 Oxford-street, city. Entrance at resr.:-'vX rjSBB. HEART OF ' THE ' ' AtTTOMOWJ .' THE FAMOUS SOHKBLEg 0MtftisWai,i7M''; Tha Bast and Only Thorouglilr ffatstfactory Oareanaasst r LAND OB MARINE MOTORS, i.'.'.'V;' HIGHEST EfFlCIENCY, ' ' .' ' VI ' l.etta nwnwnv. 1 .'I Booklet and PtIm Mb. h, ' aursuusi u. owah ana uo. . . 804 PnT-STREET. " .SYDNEY. LTD.,':.v,'l'; ALL KINDS Or MOTOR ffflfTnnnnt0 nlw.a. STOCKED. :,..,'. .,7?;: BICYCLES. ' BICYCLES' ' ' BICYCUB. ' TURNER BROS., Head Office and Showroom' ' 89 Kinsstreet. Newtown. . 7 Our Bicycles Interchangeable with B.S.A., gf'glsk. Our Genuine B.S.A. BICYCLES at to if, d ciqan bo beaten In Australia.' , . ., OUr CataloguO Bicycles, . from 8 10s to 17. 'ass' beautifully flnlahcrl and built hv skilled tnak.nT LVc take any make of Bicyclca as part payment, - , r Wa want. good reliable Agcnta in. every Uountry.loaf.' we do Repairs to all makes of Bicycles. . 1 ,, . We sell Second-hand Bicycles from 4 to , wo sen Diinanes at tne very ijowest rrices. , t . Wo give -long. and extended Terms. . .. i'!-We require letters addressed to ' ' ' ' fi; . . . TURNER BROS,, 00 King-street, Kemiraa. ' JJINETEEN BUNDLED AND WTTK.. t SINCE THEN. I have .built up my Bualnca i& tW; basis of DOING GOOD WORK AND JX-INO IT IW8T Bid PROMPTLY, and 1 want to INCREASE MY BTJA . NES6 among tuoae who APPRECIATE SLKU' SE , My SpedaUties. Repair arid Manofacturt of ttM MeUl Motor Oomponenti. RADIATORS, MUDGUAU4 LAMPS, TANKS, ETC., ETC. Hote Addreast F. MULLER, 00 Crown-fltrett. "' Bast 9jtt; Teh.WiHlan.treet M. FIFTKEN-TW ENT Y-II. P. alnglc-itcater Torpedo BoJji Bosch dual lgnlt., elcc. lights, demounuble rim. spara tyres, all llttings as new, lias box .in btck ol body, auitable fOr traveller or doctor, any trial. vPrhi'- . Avocii-atrcet. Itandwiet Fi.; UXURIOUS 7-pa8senger"Touriwr Car, owner oalj.V J nnlcliia $&). in order tri exneditc tale, 'flik it high-grade Huglinh Car, with full foredoor towiia; , an excellont car lor family touring or private Mil,,'. We invite you to inspect tn cur ai ,"... itcu'na uauaua, - . 'ji.",' 172 acMnM-rtPKC '' T' HE OAR that alwa seorea full points ("or tiff ability is tne r.n., onven oy -.yni noinemm If vmi wntiC to Hire this Car. rilUt Ui) KditecDB SAc lvc been hundreds ot trips, and have always um ; through, in ali weatnera, ana nave covcreu uk um.- 4500 mileS , v.,.rr.,.r. wnmiur a runyiuns.. REX 8-h.p.a priic. new. call and. inspect. at Brad,. iion'B,40 and 42, Park-Bt. ' ,' MELBOURNE TRIiiL. Pope lost no poinU. CU nnd InMpcet. Henderson's, 40 awl 42 Pait-et IiOPl! MOTOR CYCLES, triumphaiit in trial. V . . deraon's. 40 and 42 Park-at. , SECOND-HAND MOTOR CYCLKS, several nftre, IN m,. Hemlewon'a. 40 anJ 12 Park-at. ' 2. 3. 4. 6. 1 tad tt Henderson's. 40 and 42 Park-it. . t r Ut.I.A.T., 1825, seat 0 or 8, suit passenger, . Jcrriia t II UtiLTl ni nsilr nttur. 11. II. i V-enirui muior jmu, Pa)nier-f.tfaat.v , SACRTPICE. Motor Bike and Side -Car, B-b.p.,'1 speeds, free engine, nearly new; spares, Mil, 70: rare bargain. 372 farK-ra, Lcnwnniai rju, TJICYCLE for Sale, cheap, coaster nun Eniliih Caahman, Asphaltern. Crown-Fituroy sts, Bunymil FORSALE, Magneto and bparr uni, "oiej l motor bike. . etc..' 2' 10s. . Voe, Hcstawsi, tmburyroad, Stanjmore-Pct 1410. v Ti.S.A. BICYCLE, Acccssonee, cost ' X offer. Owner leaving state, aoa uarung-, GAKAOE PLANT. English 84-ceiitre Iflthe, DrttftiJ Macliine, Tools, Vyces, Shaftuig, etc . change for liftht 4-cylinder Car., to, Yuie-itree IW sliam. Tel., UflO Pl- r , jVt.' BRADLEY BROS. 8tanmpre-rd, J?1 ; tioarbox. DilTercntlal, WhceU, Axles, etc., KADLEY BKOS., P'tiham. ltn.dli.tors, 7M I . r.nVi.T and Tubcfl. fa-t InmpH and jjcjicntaB .. BfAULKY BROS.',' Fflham.--Completej 'mtotJ . T1RADLEY BROS.. PMwm.-ue uion rr, J ault r.nffinc, r.,.it Knirinc. want ovci luiuung, 1-M.-NAI11.T CAR. 0-10 ENAULT CAR, 0-10 h.i., cyl., in and fo.tiinerolal bodies, lfi Id order, touring and quick sale. Annlv. Noondoo. Lang-toad, UHMi rarit. in, aai raoo. fTORSALE, new Bicycle, all iaeBi in"F'V; X' use, cheai'. t pnogn-ru. tHM-H.. .-- -t . . s::i.i - Dinii.u U to sSliV cash. i. MJJlaii50' HT OTOR CYCLE, . 3), Wa Tiindel. free 4las, i-rx. speeds. lainn. hom, speedometer, an ona, triaf, cheap. CYCLE. rK your" Cadillac Motor Car (any model) ttm iiron ine a . - . .iv satisfaction, no charge. B' M "i i MlBEB Imperial ..... in. to Sell: own" ". i .,'u. .nv nffcr. To see, . .' Anraallk' aos Aniianuic-.ii-.-..--"- --- F- OR Sole, 40-h.p. NAPIER. CAB, 6 Sylhj , order, anv trial, will sea t 7; or ., CHANGE for iOOO worth of land PR ' JJST lain Motor asragc.lA JpMht.jWU; TJIOR Sale, lnii Model CADILLAC RAH, sail 1 "( : Jl ' clsotril' lights, will take small Car at Pl ., ment, or 500" worth of land as J ; E. J. KEl,l-l'air.lijw"JL-'M '---'--rJM' r'TCcrMotbV'cyclb'. Owner buying laiger ft i sell cheap. Apply 02Bay3t, Sydney- : SPEEDWELL. 31, nearly new, all spar, -ttj, sell tM. Inmejjlajnij.' V.B.U., Si, lurtvcrliaukd. Must ' W"SJH; Xl car; any offer. uroe,iji y. B7Ca; BICYCLE "for Sole, a bargain. Apply, Simmons-st, Enmore. -3332 Xfioit Private Hire, Touring Car, shopping, nu E etc., 7s per hour; Wedd nss, from lis dr" rsces, etc. iw Commomyealth-st.'Phouj WW TorsALET'Ford M6t6r Car, to hold "V ? X condition, ra SorMdjJosol. TUTS ,i. ,,"tan ridden. Eadie Irnasas, sell to best offer. Toose, 84 Q-V.!" VITANTED to Sell, Bicycle. "" Dsns Holt, HUIJt,JV.Jo.r.. r,Tnin t. ..-a, fnmedo body. Htylecarjh or terms. t iniiT nELlVKRY. lo-ia n.p., oa to li 134nd 6 KniiiQrerd,Enniorc. . r-i jO,rdfti-.chcan. Clarcmont, CanibriB1 ) PKiVAiifi Hint, wc"'"-J-JU,,,l"::i o-ioaal ' Can. for weddings, tours, races, etc. Wf , ' ,im .. Ufa nnrlfnrn ' . - n nar8e.. Pponrletor. WTtV T, OR HALE, 8i-h.p. Motor Cycle perfect w.,-! -tHni. .- laiEabcth-st. Redfern. ,nJg SING LK-bE ATE k KngllsnT h..'Pfy , Spare piirta any time. Wi A. ettn M 4 TTANTED to Buy," new or a.-h. MOTOR CAB, w ... W to 7, deposit 25, balance W. wee..,5T.-,j tlculaw, and.wi.cro to oe see.., . MeVaAM w.. . .It J Wonted lo Duy!., i " ".. ,Ht7. Carl' anywhere. 8 O'BuillvaiiHtrectjrylUW WANTED to uy, wne". riiM sbd In good order and condition. .Prica a? particulars JoJv.,n:.i,,'v.,'' WANTED to Buy. go. Hunaooui n1"1 ,7r5 ffiff Rm-1- r hns. 804. HeraljW TANTED, Hood second-hann . v v irsme. :hep, 4H ff1"""'- i , WANTED. Motor cycle snd Sid. : Car. rjutt bS! ami clieBJarUailsrsl)onaWJIersio , muu- y r. 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